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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 13, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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rolling in right now but since we don't have that, how about a little sunshine? plenty of that today. chilly in spots. 39 napa. 48 san jose. 54 san francisco. we'll talk about your weather coming up. >> and hitting the roads right now, there was some overnight roadwork in livermore so we are seeing a little bit of slowdowns now eastbound. we'll talk about the westbound coming up. in the meantime, a quick check of your bridges shows everything is at the limit. there's a lot of overnight roadwork right now so we'll show you where some of it is. >> thank you. new this morning, a fiery crash knocked out power to the newly opened graton resort and casino. the car hit a utility pole at 101 and roberts lake road and caught fire around 11 p.m. the driver took off. hundreds of people lost power in the area for hours. a building on leyte island collapsed as thousands of filipinos in need of food and
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water rushed the building. two americans were killed. marlie hall has the situation in the philippines is getting more and more desperate. reporter: soldiers with guns are stepping up security in tacloban city trying prevent looting in the philippines. panicked survivors are in dire need of food and water. children line the streets begging for anything they can get. residents are digging up water pipes and smashing them to find water. this man says, we don't know if it's safe. we need to boil it but at least we have something. officials say typhoon haiyan destroyed tens of thousands of homes and buildings and killed more than 2200 people. many bodies pulled from the rubble lay uncollected on the side of the road. airports are re-opening. survivors in tacloban city are lining up for miles waiting for a flight out.
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>> the goal our family to leave the city so that we can start a new life. >> reporter: a massive international relief effort is under way. communication is difficult so teams of experts like this one from the united states are traveling to devastated areas to assess the situation. >> we provide medical aid, search-and-rescue, and assessments in communities that we can better inform the government and military what's needed. >> reporter: while some supplies are arriving, there is still much more that is needed. marlie hall for cbs news. the mayor of tacloban rode out the storm in a ceiling. this used to be the family's beach resort just a shell left now. storm surge crumpled the building's 6" concrete walls as waves hit the roof. when the water started rising, the mayor and his family climbed to the ceiling space. >> we have to go all the way in there where -- we climbed all
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the way up here, here, no, we had to move over there. >> reporter: up here? >> over there. almost to the ceiling here. >> amazing. people have started calling the mayor the ghost. they are so surprised he survived the storm. kpix 5 is partnering up with the red cross to raise money in the relief effort. we are going to have a phone bank tomorrow from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. details are at parts of the bay area shook a bit yesterday afternoon. a 2.9 earthquake struck near san ramon around 3:30. five minutes later there was a 2.1 quake near broadmoor and daly city quickly followed by a 2.8 in the same area. there have been at least three small quakes in san ramon in the past week. we asked the usgs, is this a swarm? the answer, not exactly. you would need 7 or 8 quakes in a week for that. well, it's so dry in northern california, islands are popping up in reservoirs where water levels are at their
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lowest point in years. only on kpix 5, andria borba reports those islands are a familiar sight at the san luis reservoir. >> reporter: at the edge of santa clara county is the san lewis reservoir. with a storage capacity of more than 2 million-acre feet of water. this year, not so much. >> it's baked dry. >> reporter: this is a what drought physically looks like, islands emerging from the center of a 500-foot-deep lake. that's only a quarter full. >> well, it looks fun to kayak on because there are islands that weren't here before. >> reporter: stretches of land that haven't seen sunlight in decades exposed. so what does 24% of capacity really mean? our live truck right behind me should be completedly drowned. no water story in california is crystal clear.
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and san luis' is equally murky, upstream protection for delta smelt and salmon combined with federally mandated water delivery contracts in los angeles and santa clara counties and to farmers in the central valley have left san luis the lowest it's been in years. i'm at the dinosaur boat launch now. i'm sitting on the dock and the dock is sitting on grass right now. despite guaranteed water deliveries, the main problem is mother nature. >> we have some rain probably about three weeks ago it rained maybe all of four seconds? >> reporter: no rain, no snowpack. and a dwindling supply of water to feed and nourish a thirsty state. andria borba, kpix 5. well, we need rain in a big way. >> yeah, we do. but i have seen it quite a few times, you know, the state so dry and all of a sudden the skies open up and here we go. so we get what we get. today we have some sunshine coming your way and it looks
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warm in spots especially inland. these temperatures going to be heating up maybe in the mid-70s in some spots in the valleys. mostly clear over the bay right now looking good as we are going to see a little cool start to the day in spots this morning. some 40s and 50s although we have seen some 30s showing up in the north bay valleys so chilly in spots early on, lots of sunshine by the afternoon. 76 livermore. 72 livermore. 71 oakland. 68 degrees and sunny in san francisco. time now to check out your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> we are going to try to help you get to work on time. there's not a lot of slow spots now. we have a live look at the south bay. here's 101 near trimble. and as you can see, there is not much traffic out there right now. so everything is good heading towards santa clara. let's go to our maps and talk overnight roadwork. northbound 680 through pleasant hill, various lanes blocked right now as well as the deck of the bay bridge heading
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westbound into san francisco. the incline towards the tunnel various lanes blocked. should be picked up by 5:00 in the morning. a lot of this will be picked up here shortly including this connector ramp in the south bay. northbound 17 to northbound 280 shut down. they have been doing an ongoing roadwork near the interchange. live look outside towards the golden gate bridge, a few more cars on the roads since we last showed you that camera. right now, bart has all trains more than 20 all running on time. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. a loud crowd showed up to shout out opposition to a proposed teen curfew in the city of oakland. >> i'm going to remove you from the chamber. >> oakland's public safety committee decided against sending the curfew plan to the full city council. even the interim police chief
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sean whent isn't on board. he has been interim chief for several months. christin ayers reports on the search for a permanent chief. reporter: >> you've talked about what a chief needs to do. >> reporter: the meeting at oakland city hall is unlike any this person has ever seen. >> the city administrator wanted a public input process for what people want to see in the chief of police. >> reporter: eight meetings in a month asking oaklanders what them in their next chief. >> charisma. >> okay. >> i think oakland needs a police chief it can like. >> reporter: their feedback will go to recruiters. at this meeting, only three people showed although the administrator's office insists many more weighed in online. >> it absolutely says that people don't necessarily trust that it's going to help. >> reporter: it's unclear how much the public voice will matter. last december, a federal judge handed power over the police department to this man, compliance director thomas frazier. in court documents, the judge specified that frazier has ultimate control over the
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discipline, demotion or removal of the chief of police. we asked oakland's current chief about that. isn't it his word that will rule as opposed to the public's when it comes to hiring the chief? >> well, no, hiring and authorities rests with the city so the city can appoint who they so choose. >> reporter: can't he overturn that? >> i imagine he will have input. >> reporter: that may be an understatement. he famously bootedded anthony that rib i don't appointed chief by the city then forced to step down after a day and a half on the job. but oaklanders still have hope that what they say here will make a difference. >> it doesn't mean it's feud toll look for the right police chief. >> reporter: in oakland, christin ayers, kpix 5. >> interim chief whent says he plans to apply for the position of chief. the city or the federal overseer should choose a chief by march. san francisco police are searching for a student missing for nearly a week.
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derek chow disappeared last thursday after he left his home in san francisco. he was trying to catch the 29 sunset bus to san francisco city college but never made it. if you see him, call police. there's still no sign of paulo netto. he was last seen in the mission area more than a week ago. he had called his sister saying someone was after him and to call for help. 4:40. demolition under way on the old bay bridge. the danger it could eventually pose to drivers on the new span. >> more americans are finding out their insurance is being canceled under the new federal healthcare law. now former president clinton is addressing the problem. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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from september when he was arrested on suspicion of drk driving, after he cr le done smith looks like a changed man. this is smith's booking photo from september when he was arrested on suspicion of drunk driving after crashing into a tree in san jose. a clean-shaven smith was in court yesterday in a black suit
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pleading not guilty to three counts of possessing illegal firearms. prosecutors say the weapons were found in smith's home in the east san jose foothills last year. >> aldon is very interested in answering to these charges. and you have to understand that this is a process. at today's court appearance, it was the first step in that process. >> prosecutors say the weapons are legal in arizona where smith purchased them but illegal in california. smith took a leave of absence from the team in september. he played in last sunday's loss to the carolinas. now that the new eastern span of the bay bridge is up and return it's time to start getting rid of the old one. demolition began yesterday in fact on the 77-year-old original eastern span. the first part to go a 1400- foot section of the upper deck roadway. caltrans says there won't be much for people to see driving along the new span that will
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change as the demolition project goes on. >> when they cut it in half next year, there will be something to see. >> the concern then will be potential for drivers to be distracted by the sideshow. the project is delicate because the old span is so close to the new one especially by treasure island. it's expected to take three years. we thought we would be distracted when the new one went up. i think we'll be all right. >> i wanted to see an implosion! that would be fabulous. got great weather coming our way today. we have more sunshine as we are going to see high pressure taking over again. of course we had those scattered light showers yesterday. today not a threat at all. out the door we go, we have some mostly clear skies. temperatures mainly in the 40s and the 50s although we have seen some 30s in some of the north bay valleys. by this afternoon, nothing but sunshine all the way to the coastline moving well into the 70s inland very mild there. 60s and 70s around the bay. and sunny at the coastline into
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the low 60s. high pressure now taking over again. that low rapidly making its way eastward that brought us scattered light showers. looks like the ridge will continue to build and strengthen and we'll see offshore winds so more sunshine and above average temperatures staying dry for now. looks like around the state seeing plenty of sunshine as high as 78 degrees today in redding, 75 fresno, and a nice 63 and sunny into monterey bay. around our bay today we'll see those numbers in the 70s in the south bay, 60s at the coastline. east bay temperatures in the 70s in many spots. sunshine inside the bay. you will see comes numbers. 71 oakland, 68 in san francisco. next couple day, we'll start to cool things down on thursday. more clouds come our way on friday and saturday. temperatures warming up just a little bit come sunday and monday. let's check the roads now with your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. outside now no big accidents or stalls. all your travel times this
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morning at 4:45 a.m. all clear, no major hot spots. it's a typical early-morning commute through the altamont pass and livermore valley, 14 minutes down the eastshore freeway 18 or 19 minutes. for silicon valley drivers, 880/237, still at the speed limit out towards sunnyvale. further north of the nimitz freeway we are not seeing a lot of the roadwork we had been seeing at high street towards the downtown oakland exits. everything is open from hayward and 238. live look at san mateo bridge. still at the limit. bay bridge with upper deck roadwork heading towards san francisco going on various lanes blocked incline out towards the treasure island tunnel. and here's a live look at some of the sensors. eastbound towards livermore valley sluggish. all mass transit on time. remember our radio partners, kcbs 740-am and 106.9-fm.
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that's traffic, back to you. more than a million californians are finding out their health insurance is being canceled. state insurance commissioner dave jones says insurers are canceling the policies because they don't meet federal requirements under the new healthcare reform laws and now former president clinton is chiming in saying the obama administration has to make adjustments to keep its promise. >> so i personally believe even if it takes a change in the law that the president should honor the commitment the federal government made to those people and let them keep what they got. >> president obama has apologized to people who lost coverage and says his team is looking at a number of options to fix the problem. a major airline merger is another step closer to happening. details now from cbs moneywatch reporter alexis christoforous. reporter: it could be another good day for airlines stocks. most rallied yesterday after the justice department finally gave its blessing to the american airlines-us airways
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merger but they first agreed to conception. the two carriers must give -- concessions. the two carriers must give uplanding spots in some big seats. a federal judge has to approve the creation of the world's largest airline. stocks pointing to a lower open on wall street. yesterday the dow was down. nasdaq flat. netflix is getting a makeover. starting today the streaming video service will display movies and tv shows in a format including blurbs about the selections and why they might appeal to you and why your selection has won oscars and emmys and whether or not your friends have watched that particular show. netflix' new look will appear for viewers using an xbox 360, playstation, roku and other players. a painting by francis bacon sold for a record $142 million. the three studies of lucy and freud depicts his friend, sold at christie's in new york. the previous record for an
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auction painting was $120 million for "the scream." for the latest business news, following me on twitter. at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. when you sign up for an email address you may assume it's yours forever. it turns out that's not the case. julie watts shows us why you should think twice about those old email accounts you haven't checked in years. reporter: >> it says you have the user name of your dream. >> reporter: when yahoo recycled a batch of abandoned email addresses this year, leslie jumped at the chance to request her childhood nickname for her email address. >> >> reporter: with you she realized it was someone else's security nightmare. >> i started getting personal emails, phone bills, emails from a child's school with private information. >> reporter: her new in box quickly filled up with mail intended for the old rosebud includes password resets ebills, even emails regarding obamacare accounts.
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>> here's one that says only to be opened by her. >> it's a major privacy problem. >> reporter: the electronic frontier foundation says is people assume it's theirs forever. >> the recycling of email addresses creates a high risk that personal information will end up in somebody else's hands. >> reporter: yahoo isn't alone. microsoft has been quietly recycling email addresses for years and it's becoming standard practice for many college issued emails. yahoo tried to notify users their emails would be recycled if they hadn't logged in, in over a year and said it took many precautions sending bouncebacks for 30 to 60 days and unsubscribing the accounts for mailing lists. >> we have the full account number. >> reporter: but yahoo won't say how many addresses were reassigned or how many complaints like leslie's it's received. >> they are changing the price on their home that they are selling. >> reporter: yahoo compares recycling email addresses to moving. when you move, you get mail
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sent to your old house and the new resident either forwards that mail or disposes of it. >> when you move, you know they moved. when they take your email address and recycle it, it's because you usually didn't know anything about it. >> reporter: the old rosebud clearly wasn't aware her email address was recycled as she was still using it for password recovery. >> user name and password, i didn't have to reset it. it just gave it to me. >> reporter: she just said forgot my password and facebook would allow her to log into someone else' account. >> password reset option i could access. >> reporter: while she wouldn't, lee says this demonstrates why websites should rethink using email for password authentication. she is now thinking her decision to use a recycled
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email address. julie watts, kpix 5. >> yahoo won't comment on the rosebud case but leslie says she will never use that email address ever again. 4:52. an entire town is up for sale in northern california. how much it might set you back coming up. >> two bay area kids are putting their own spin on burning man. how they came up with the idea for this two-year long project. ,,,,,,,,,,
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three cabins, some scenic grounds along the feather river. the deal also includes a working gin distillery and a liquor license of all things. the drawbacks, there are no utilities, the buildings are pretty rundown. they need work and the property is basically impossible to get to if the weather is bad. >> always a catch. >> details. well, one bay area community is about to do its own take on the burning man. something that's never been done before and as kpix 5's kiet do shows us, the idea came from two curious kids. reporter: it all started when julia and sam herschman, now 9 and 11, saw photos of aurora the tree taken at burning man and told their dad they wanted to see it for themselves. >> can we go see it? he said, well, it doesn't have a place to stay. it's in crates in san francisco. so then we just said, why can't we bring it to palo alto? and that's how it got started. >> very simple question. >> reporter: so began a two- year long process where the kids themselves pitched sponsors and tried to convince
4:56 am
the palo alto art commission a 35-foot tree in front of city hall with 40,000 lights would be a good idea. whatever they said, it worked. you guys pretty proud of yourselves? >> yeah. >> extremely. >> this is really big. >> reporter: aurora is a metal sculpture of a weeping willow complete with 4,000 copper leaves. when it's done anyone with a smartphone cast go to a website and change the colors and so on. for the creator, putting a vulnerable piece of art out in the public is a leap of faith. >> it's like believing that society is not, you know, here to be destructive and that they are willing to be respectful and allow this thing to live. >> reporter: if for some reason you don't like the tree -- >> that's the beauty of temporary public art that you can do things that are really bold and outside the box and it will come down in a year. so wait it out. [ laughter ] >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> looks cool. the public tree lighting ceremony is this saturday
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afternoon starting at 3:00 in downtown palo alto. >> pretty simple question. >> yeah. it is 4:57. gamblers all left in the dark overnight. what caused a major power outage in the new graton casino coming up. >> and widespread death and debris crippling the central philippines. we'll show you the latest on the relief effort and the aftermath of super typhoon haiyan. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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i'm michelle griego. i didn't know what was going on but nobody did. that was kind of the biggest upset. >> reporter: gamblers are taken by surprise when the power goes out at the bay area's newest casino after a car crashes into a power pole. >> that's oneleave the city to start a new life. >> it's been five days since typhoon haiyan destroyed everything in its past in the philippines and the need for food, water and medical supplies is only growing. >> janet napolitano! >> reporter: students make their voices heard demanding
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the removal of the new uc president janet napolitano. >> including the edge of santa clara county is the san luis reservoir with the storage capacity of more than 2 million- acre feet of water. this year, not so much. >> it's just dry, it's baked. >> reporter: from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> what a thunderous shot! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, it's wednesday, november 13. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 now. let's get you out the door with a little weather and traffic. lawrence, more of the same? >> going to heat up around the bay area, a little more sunshine. we had a few showers yesterday but not today. that's moved on by. mostly clear skies out the door a little chilly in spots especially in some of the north bay valleys. they have dropped down into the upper 30s there but 42 and chilly into santa rosa. 48 in san jose. and 46 degrees in livermore. this afternoon, these temperatures going to be running above average. normally in the 60s for this time of


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