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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  November 14, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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today, kpix is hosting a telethon to raise money to help yphoon haiyan. the people in the philippines are in desperate need of help and today kpix is hosting a telethon to raise money to help the victims of typhoon haiyan. right now desperately needed aid is starting to reach some of the hundreds and thousands of people, all displaced by last weeks deadly typhoon in the philippines, more than 2000 are confirmed dead so far, 600,000 people are homeless,
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and those numbers are expected to rise as information begins to come in from other areas of that disaster zone. getting the relief there has also been a big obsticle with rows that are in as diagnose saysable and covered in debris. we are joined live from our phone bank where we are raising money to help the victims of the typhoon in the philippines. how's it going guys? hope the phones are ringing. >> frank so far its been great. we're hearing chatter behind us. >> this front row is really busy all the time and the phones rollover to the second row, we have a couple people on the phones back there. we want the top tier working, don't we? >> yes. >> come on, top guys. >> okay guys let's hear it. get enthusiasm here. remember the phone number 888-5- help you. >> we've got a new number, a new tally, $95, 108 so far, since 6:00 this morning. >> i'd say we challenge them a little bit and get to the $100,000 mark in the next 10 minutes? >> let's do it. these guys are busy, energy is hopping, it's really great.
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>> obviously this helps the victims of typhoon haiyan who were just devastated by this storm, it came in quick, came in fast, and completely devastated the town, that was one of the towns now they discussed before the basics. >> everything, the infrastructure is totally shot so what they need is money. they need donations because they know how to spend it and can get the best things to the best places at the best time. >> we've been saying this all morning long. any amount will help out. any amount. even if you're sitting at home and saying all i can donate is $10, $20. >> it helps. it goes a long long way. one of the things about the storm was there was so much rain, it hit the exact part of land where it funneled in and it flooded so much territory, and the winds almost 200 miles an hour so it was really devastating. >> it was devastating and we talked to a lot of people who have family in the philippines saying a lot of those people didn't even start off with much and now they really have nothing so they do need your help, bay area. we're watching, we were just watching some video of some of the relief coming in.
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its been hard for them because of all of the debris to get to the victims. >> the communication is tough too and what the red cross is telling me is that a lot of money is spent up to set up temporary communications because people here and all over the world but here in the bay area they want to get in touch with tear family members. >> and we know people in the bay area are very giving so there you go. 1-888-5-helps you. 1-888-543-5 # 778 and we want to get that right because we have a lot of volunteers waiting for you so let's check in with kate. >> she's with a group of students who have their own little relief effort going. >> michelle, $95,000 that sounds wonderful and i can add to that by saying that so many organizations here in the bay area are answering the call to help and we'll show you here at san jose state university the donations have been coming in non-stop since the group has opened basically or set up camp here about an hour ago, take a
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look now a lot of non- parishable items, we've got rice, water, everything and the students here have been hosting this collection drive all week. their focus though is on monetary donations and survival items like canned goods, baby formula and basic hygiene products, people are encouraged to bring things like non- parishable items, toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo. all things we take for granted on a day-to-day basis and things victims don't have enough of and this has been a collective effort by student organizations and bay area non- profit, project pearls. we spoke with one san jose man earlier who had family living in the area where the typhoon hit. he said they are okay, but he still wanted to donate as a tribute to his homeland. >> we have family there. we have friends, friends that have lost some of their families and you know it's just something that we need to do. i mean every little bit helps.
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>> copy that. >> and collection drives are going on throughout several college campuses right now students at cal state eastbay and hayward also hosting their own drive at university union on campus so you can take a look at how much money they've collected here so far quite a bit in just an hour so if you're in the area and have time to stop by a grocery store, pick up a few items or pull things from your pantry please come and stop by. the one thing they are not collecting right now is clothing. we've seen a couple people offer to do that but they are focusing on those non- parishable items and money right here so they want to get those essential items out first. reporting live in san jose, frank back to you. >> great job, kate. everyone pitching in, thanks. another reminder we are here all day taking your donations, call us at 888-5- helps you, to make donations for the victims of typhoon haiyan. we'll continue that until 7:00 tonight. some developing news in the eastbay now, things are getting back to normal in lafayette after a bank robbery that happened at the west america bank around 10 this morning,
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several schools in the area were put on lockdown, as officers searchedded for the suspect who did manage to get away. the lock down has been lifted. president obama is changing a key provision in the affordable care act after widespread criticism he misled americans about how the law would work. under the change americans will now be able to keep their individual plans for one more year. the idea is to help the millions who have been finding out their policies have been cancelled. >> the bottom line is insurers can extend current plans that would otherwise be cancelled into 2014. >> there is some confusion about how this extension would work. the companies would not be required to renewal plans. presidents tweeked to the healthcare law comes one day after numbers showing enrollment was even lower than they expected. secret service supervisors been removed from the presidents detail. the washington post first reported the agent tried to reenter a womans hotel room after accidentally leaving behind a bullet. that same agent and his senior
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supervisor being investigated right now for allegedly sending suggestive e-mails to a female subordinate. these incidents follow a prostitution scandall in columbia just last year. former boston mob boss bolger was sentenced to life in prison this morning. he received two consecutive life sentences plus five years for 11 killings and a string of other charges including extortion, and money laundering, the judge called his crime heinous and all about money. his attorney says he is planning to appeal. some other headlines around the bay area. magnitude 3.3 earthquake shook the area in the north bay overnight. quake struck shortly before 1:00 a.m. quickly followed by a 2.6 quake there and yesterday, a 3.3 quake was felt in the san ramone area. no damage was reported. tesla ceo visited three factory workers at a hospital, those employees suffered second degree burns after an accident at the automakers freemont
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factory yesterday. an a hume numb casting press malfunctioned. there was no fire but the workers were scalded by some hot metal. a suspected drunk driver crashed a van into a utility pole in hayward, knocked out power to thousands this morning. it happened earlier this morning on a street and hathaway avenue. 5,000 people were in the dark for hours . there's the van. the drivers did run from the scene but officers finally caught up with them a short time later. the typhoon relief fund, the top tier is working, i love that. the top tier is working. >> it's great. keep those phones ringing. we had some celebrity volunteers here. we'll tell you about some exciting give aways when we come back. high eye meterologist lawrence carter on the kpix 5 weather center. that fog begins to break up in spots and a little bit of sunshine but things are changing toward the weekend. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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the philippines.. live from our cbs phone bank we are raising money to help victims of typhoon haiyan in the philippines. >> we are raising money for the victims, 888-5-helps you, you can call and hundreds of thousands of people have been devastated by this typhoon especially in the town, a lot of people just need the basics, food, water, and also medical supplies and the devastation we've seen this video coming in, it's absolutely heart breaking. >> it really is. >> more than 600,000 people have been left homeless because of the storm. >> and they also don't have hospitals, water, they don't have a lot of things they really need. the medical care is really really important. the relief is starting to trickle in. we saw more arrive today. a lot of the planes are
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arriving it's a 24/7 operation from what we have seen, so this is going to help and go a long way to help the red cross get the money there and spend it the way they need to spend it. >> right now we are challenging the bay area right now. >> you love to challenge them. >> i love to challenge anyone. the bay area, come on. bring in that money for the victims especially because such a huge phillipine community in the bay area, so many people are connected to the philippines and it's exciting we have celebrity volunteers. >> we have chefs behind us donating a gracious package each of them, and do we want to start, joanne is on the phone but i understand her package includes not only the books and the cookware which by the way i know that is pricey and also the bottle of wine. >> and then a $50 gift certificate to her restaurant for the first person who calls in a $1500 donation, so come on, guys, keep those coming in. >> well worth it. >> and look at this. hi! how are you doing? >> you know, i mean, there's a
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big part of me wants to help the philippines and all of the people over there because i think that it's so important to get together to really help, when you saw the image on television, it's absolutely heart breaking. >> so the bay area always seems to step forward and do the generous gracious thing, always. >> that's what we are there for and we love to help and what i like to do is to cook so what i like to do myself is to give a dinner for six people and instead of doing it, of course they can come to the store but i'd like to do it on a day where i go to the farmers market and take them to the farmers market and we are going to do it at my house and guess whose going to be the server? >> oh, tell me. right there to your left? >> mr. liam makeland? really? >> going to be dishwasher and everything else and we are
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going to-- it ghosting to be at my house. >> did you know that? >> i just learned i'm going to be server and dishwasher at your house? >> okay, i'll be there. >> so for the first donation of what, of how much? >> i think this is priceless, so i think we should probably try to raise as much money as possible, i think it should be a minimum of $1000. >> okay, there you go. minimum of $1000. >> well worth it. >> just to see him clean up, are you kidding? >> take a look at our tally. >> okay, let's do our tally what is it? >> it is $96, 500. >> wait i'm saying no. andy, oh, i see. do you see? >> i try to dot math there. >> we're well over $100,000. >> we are? >> we are just under. >> sorry about that. we are $2500 from $100,000. but come on, bay area. >> i read that wrong.
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>> we are journalism majors. >> he can do the math, lauren? >> guys i think we'll hit that number here very very shortly. especially if you could liam doing the dishes for $1000. he's a heck of a cleaner. folks throughout the bay area the fog is beginning to break up outside. we'll see more sunshine in the afternoon but staying a bit on the hazy side as it looks like the high pressure weakening somewhat. we're seeing more sun though now in some of the valley. 65 degrees in concord, 56 degrees and still cool in oakland, 64 in livermore, 55 degrees in san francisco. as we head throughout the afternoon we'll see a little more sunshine, not as warm as yesterday and staying hazy, and then tonight, low clouds and fog going to make return again tonight and a cooling trend likely to continue right into the weekend, so doesn't look like we'll see any rain, high pressure still holding the jet stream a little bit to the north, so that's where most of the storm systems will move but they creep a little bit closer an as they do we'll see cooler air working its way in our direction, a few more clouds and it will be breezy at times
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on friday into the weekend as well. with that in mind i think if you're headed around the state you'll see sunshine in the central valley. 74 in fresno, 72 sacramento and 59 in lake tahoe, and around the bay we'll see the temperatures up in the 60s maybe low 70s well inland, out toward the coastline still a little fog and low clouds and mixture of sun there and temperatures mainly in the 50s and low 60s. now overnight tonight it will be chilly in spots especially in the north bay valley just hovering above the 30s there about 40 in santa rosa, 41 in the nappa valley and 45 in san jose so getting a little chilly tonight. by day tomorrow again the temperatures will be down a few more degrees, and it looks like we'll see more clouds and breezy conditions on saturday, by sunday though looks like the temperatures will warm up a few more degrees and more clouds start to work their way back in our direction on tuesday and wednesday. by the way, sunsets tonight at 4:59. sunrise tomorrow 6:50 in the morning. okay, let's send it back to michelle, she's in our phone
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bank michelle are the phones ringing? are we going to get to $100,000? >> i hope so, lawrence. we're very close. we just did the math and checked it twice at $98, 183 so come on, we want to get to that $100,000 mark very soon, keep those phones ringing 1-888-5- helps-u. okay, so remember, that all of this money is going to the victims of the typhoon. these victims really need your help and we're going to talk about survivor right now. of course that's the hit cbs show. i did talk to the host and he was telling us about some of the people there he met. he absolutely loves the people in the philippines, they actually filmed several seasons there and he said he was talking about how little they had and now, that is just all gone. >> however bad you think we might have it here and certainly we have people in the u.s. that need support. it's know where close to what
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is, what most of these island communities are like. like i said earlier i'm not kidding when i say it's a tin roof, some wood and then a clothes line with five shirts and i would see, i would drive past the same little areas. it's the same five shirts day after day. on one hand you could argue they don't need a lot to live a happy life but on the other hand, when what little they have is wiped out, now you have a big problem. >> and a popular survivor contestant is also helping cbs raise money today for the victims. >> we see the tears and the kids and the bodies, so what can i do to give back, to help with that situation and for me? this is it. if i could ask people to pick up the phone, make a donation, contribute, that's the least of what i can do. >> and that is survivor contestant phillip shepherd talking about why he's standing up and helping the victims of typhoon haiyan and remember, you can help the victims too.
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we need these volunteers to be busy here, just pick up the phone, 1-888-5-helps-u. please pick up the phone and call. we will be right back. is,,
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hundreds and thousands of people displaced by last week's deadly typhoon in the phillipines. -thousand are confir desperately needed aid is starting to reach hundreds of thousands of people displaced
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by last weeks deadly typhoon in the philippines. 2000 are confirmed dead, 600,000 are confirmed dead, those numbers come in from some of the other disaster zones in the south pacific, and getting the relief there has also been a big obsticle because the roads are in accessible and literred with a lot of debris. kpix is live at san jose state university where folks are holding a big collection drive for the victims of the typhoon, kate? >> we do have good news for you, frank the students already raised close to $500, hasn't even been an hour yet since they've set up shop. i'm joined live with one of the organizers. thank you so much, this has got to be something personal for you. >> it's very rewarding even though a lot of our families weren't affected we want to do as much as we can to help those in the philippines, it's more than enough. i keep telling everyone that. >> so what do you want people to know what things they should bring and are you looking for? >> we're actually taking anything but we're trying to focus on monetary because we
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actually have projects there in the philippines and they are just focusing on buying supplies, we are trying to stray away from clothes and things that need water like rice and pasta but we're taking canned goods a much as we can, anything is fine. >> thank you so much for your efforts. if you want to come by, come by and the students will be here until 4:00 this evening. reporting live in san jose, back to you, frank. >> kate great stuff. let's have the drum roll. there it is, we made it, it's a new show. our goal was to hit $100,000 and we're $58 over, but we can use more. those phone lines are opal day long, taking your donations, give us a call at 888-5-helps-u to make a donation. we'll be right back. black ,,,,,,,,
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the typhoon relief fund, you issued the word challenge and we have done it. the tally now as the bellevue rings, $1 o 0, 508. >> we're getting there. it's a start. >> but don't stop calling. remember the number. >> we're going to be here all afternoon. keep the phones ringing.
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>> okay guys thanks very much. those phone lines are open until 7:00 tonight so please please give. >> absolutely. because i hate dial tones. >> we've got a few people out there right now that need to answer that phone. that us it for kpix5 news at noon folks. have a great afternoon and if you can, give. thank you so much. take care. ,,,,,,,,
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>> justin: ah, katie. i'm your office. >> katie: no, not my office anymore. it's bill's office. >> justin: no reflection on you. >> katie: i'm not offended. i know you've always been loyal to bill. >> justin: gonna miss the chair? >> katie: i liked being c.e.o., but nothing compares to having my family back. >> brooke: you had katie sign papers? >> bill: giving me equal custody of will for the rest of my life and reinstating me as c.e.o. of spencer. >> brooke: so, you lied? you lied to katie. you lied to me. >> bill: i knew she would question you about the breakup.


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