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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 15, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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we're going to see some great weather, i think, coming our way. a little breezy in spots and chilly, too. 37 degrees, some patchy fog in the napa valley. 45 in livermore. 51 in san francisco. more on your weekend forecast coming up. >> taking a live look outside there are a few delays in the far right cash lane but for the most part no stalls, no accidents. your friday morning commute, we're crossing our fingers, "friday light," so far, so good. but it is 4:30. >> it will change, i'm sure. >> yeah. >> thank you. well, to all the villains lurking in the shadows of san francisco, beware because batman is here! today the city by the bay will become gotham city to make a boy's wish come true. joe vazquez with more on san francisco's transformation. >> this is going to be pretty epic. it's, uhm, it's batkid eve. >> reporter: turning san francisco into gotham city for a 5-year-old batkid, that's one challenge. but the amount of interest, the
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sheer number of people wanting to help make it happen is off the charts! >> our goal was to have 200 volunteers. i think we've overshot that a little bit. >> reporter: how many do you have now? >> over 13,000. >> reporter: little miles from siskiyou county in far northern california has already won a big battle against leukemia. he is now in remission. [ theme from "batman" ] >> reporter: when he goes to battle tomorrow as the batkid he will take on the riddler, penguin and joker and he will have eric johnston by his side. he gave the batkid a lesson just this evening. >> he went up there. >> reporter: he went all the way up there. >> yes. and owe did flying trapeze. he flew out over the whole room, really, and then came down into the net. he went wow! everyone was clapping. >> reporter: people from all over the world are applauding the batkid, celebrating miles' inspiring story with pictures
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and posters. >> this outpouring of love is incredible. and it's inspired by miles. i hope it will help us to serve a lot more children. i hope it helps make miles' day incredible. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> and the batkid is making headlines. check out today's gotham city "chronicle." also, adam west, tv's batman, did call to check how things are going and sent a gift for the batkid. so that's cool. the adventure starts this morning at 10:00. >> such a great story. love it. 4:32. the bart board has closed-door meeting today and it could be "here we go again" on getting a contract agreement. kpix 5 reporter christin ayers reports bart management has found a surprise in their contract. >> reporter: just when riders thought it was over, the bart labor dispute is back. remember the tentative contract that ended the bart strike? management now says there's a
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glitch in it. >> stuff happens, is all i can say. things slip by. >> reporter: the bart board director told us buried in the contract which is hundreds of pages long is a provision that gives workers six weeks of paid family leave. bart management said that provision should not have been in the contract. >> we do not know how it got in there and we are trying to figure out that and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract. and in a statement, atu's president said, bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable." bart board members plan to meet to talk about the problem. is there any possibility that worst-case scenario we could be looking at another bart strike? >> i don't think that has much potential, but, of course, anything is possible. >> reporter: christin ayers,
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kpix 5. >> the bart board is scheduled to vote on the contract next thursday. a transgender teen was involved in a brutal fight at an east bay school and it was caught on camera. investigators say it could be a hate crime. as kpix 5's andria borba reports, this follows another attack against a transgender teen. reporter: >> i heard -- i just heard screaming and then everybody ran out of my class. [ screaming ] >> reporter: this is what hercules high sophomoricky moreno heard yesterday afternoon between 6th and 7th period a fight between a group of girls and i transgender teen. >> there's like a bunch of people tried to stop it. >> reporter: administrators tell kpix 5 the transgender teen initiated the fight after being taunted and just two days earlier told administrators she was being harassed. all over campus there are signs like this warning disruptive conduct could lead to fines and jail time. none of the teens involved was in class today.
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the fight with the transgender teen comes days after an agender teen was set on fire on an ac transit bus in oakland. it's leaving parents to tackle tough conversation about morals. >> that's the world we live in. >> reporter: in hercules, andria borba, kpix 5. >> school officials and hercules police are investigating the fight. and this is a sketch of a man police say sexually assaulted a woman at de anza college, early 20s, 5'9", 200 pounds, brown hair and acne on his chin. the attack happened last week in the women's bathroom in the media learning center. the man was also a de anza student. a big thank you to everyone who donated during our telethon to raise money for the red cross typhoon haiyan relief effort. we raised $376,792 for the philippines and that money is going a long way. more than 2300 people donated. a viewer in fremont, that woman
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right there in the pink sweater, she saw the telethon, so she drove in to help answer the phones. a san jose city councilman also stopped by. >> filipino-americans are so active with veterans affairs. they are so active in service. in the nursing field it this is the time for all of to us get together and take care of those in the philippines that are suffering. >> major military aid is finally reaching the philippines. the uss george washington aircraft carrier has arrived and that triples the number of helicopters available to deliver supplies. more than 5,000 crewmembers are on board. medical clinics like this one, they are overcrowded with patients and there's hardly enough medicine and doctors to treat them. thousands are in need of medical care but doctors say the biggest need now is food and water. if you missed the phone lines
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during yesterday's telethon, you can still give. go to 4:36. president obama is promising to veto a healthcare bill expected to pass the house. it would allow insurance companies to continue selling policies that don't meet the legal standards that was laid out by the affordable care act. yesterday, the president said cancelled policies would be extended for one year. >> that's on me. i mean, uhm, we fumbled the rollout on this healthcare law. >> house speaker john boehner says the only solution to the problem with the healthcare law is to scrap it completely. what do we want? when do we want it? >> now. >> this is a protest at kaiser permanente's hayward hospital. the pediatric unit is about to be closed. people will now have to go to oakland for care. kaiser says the closure is due to the low patient count at the hospital. and by consolidating, it's improving the care of the
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children. 4:37 right now. can you believe that, more than $375,000 raised? >> that's incredible. congratulations, bay area! you did a great job. >> very good. >> so good to be part of it for all of us. it's the weekend. >> almost. >> i guess. we're close now. we can feel it. looking good. we have some mostly clear skies although a couple of patches of fog and breezy in spots. temperatures also dropping off out there right now. mostly clear out over the bay bridge as we speak. the temperatures 51 degrees in concord but a cool 45 in livermore 49 in santa rosa and 30s with patchy fog in the napa valley. by the afternoon lots of sunshine. the temperatures cooler breezy again at times numbers in the upper 60s well inland, sunny inside the bay, passing clouds, 50s and breezy at the coastline. more on the weekend forecast in a moment. let's check the "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> we'll go out for a live look at san mateo bridge conditions. they just canceled a high wind advisory for the span.
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so that's good news if you are about to start off your morning drive. westbound 92 so far in the clear as you can see coming out of hayward. eastbound traffic looks good. bay bridge, there is still that deck roadwork from the incline out towards treasure island. but behind the pay gates no longer seeing that slowing in the far right cash lane. like i said, no big accidents out there right now. still some overnight roadwork eastbound 580. this is counter-commute approaching north greenville we have been seeing that for a while, many months in fact. westbound 580 looks good all the way out through tracy coming from 205. and bart also on this friday morning commute so far they have all their trains about 20 or so all on time. back to you. >> thank you. earlier we told you about a massive recall of prepackaged salads and sandwiches because of e. coli. now the first lawsuit. a sonoma county woman is suing richmond-based glass onion catering after she says she got sick and had to go to the hospital. she was only there for a day,
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but she says she is still feeling symptoms of the infection. crab season officially kicks off this morning. things will be a little different this year. a new state law caps the total number of traps a boater can set to 500 and that helps level the playing field for smaller boaters. first word from early catches, it's going to be a good season and expect to pay about $5 a pound. workers at the oakland airport are threatening to strike over the holidays. but it won't impact flights. workers at restaurants actually in the shops have been without a contract now for more than a year. they are claiming unfair labor practices. their employer host international says the offer on the table is based on a decline of passenger traffic at the airport. lockheed martin is slashing 4,000 jobs across the country including 200 jobs at its sunnyvale campus. also four of the buildings there will be closed. the defense contractor says cuts are due to reduced government spending. lockheed plans to cut another 2,000 jobs by the end of the
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year. 4:40. thieves make off with expensive laptops and ipads meant to help elementary school students learn. now a local business is helping to make things right. >> and outrage after a blind man and his guide dog are kicked off a plane leaving philadelphia. why the airline says he was in the wrong. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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of the hottest items of the computers to a san jose schl where dozens of laptops and i-pads were stolen. but that school welcome back. 4:43 now. happening today, safeway's donating computers to a san jose school where dozens of laptops and ipads were stolen but that school wasn't the only one targeted by thieves. len ramirez now on another $90,000 heist. reporter: it's a tough lesson to learn for kids in elementary school that someone would break into their classrooms. >> i think that's just -- i don't know, just mean. >> reporter: and steal the computers and tablets that helped them learn. >> it's horrible. it affects the whole school. >> it is the same m.o. they are going in over the
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weekend taking large amounts of electronic equipment. so we're trying to determine, is this one group of people committing these crimes? is it random? >> reporter: river glen elementary school was hit first losing 31 laptops and 31 ipads, then on monday 19 computers were discovered missing from a storage room at galarza elementary school. a day later more computers were found to be stolen from simons elementary school in the almaden valley. in at least two of the three cases, there were no signs of forced entry into the rooms where the computers were stolen. >> that could mean that the door wasn't locked. we don't know. >> reporter: the theft of technology hurt river glen especially hard where parents and students held several fundraisers to buy the ipads themselves. >> to see my daughter's face and every day she come home after school wondering, why would they do such a thing? who would it have been? is it somebody from the neighborhood, somebody from the community? why would they do this? >> reporter: in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. here we come, it's time for weather, are you ready? >> it is! of course i'm ready for you guys! hey, you know what? looks like it's going to be a
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great day ahead but some changes coming our way. outside no dense fog like before so looking like great weather today as, well, looks like high pressure holding on, although some chilly temperatures. if you are stepping outside this morning, you heading on out, mostly clear skies, patchy fog early on, breezy too. temperatures in the 40s and 50s although the napa valley down to the 30s. by the afternoon we'll find some sunshine breezy toward the coastline. sunny inside the bay and temperatures in the 60s and near normal right around the upper 60s in some of the paul vallas. now, we have another area of low pressure that's passing just to our east and then another one dropping in over to the north. that means we're going to watch these systems move through from time to time. it will keep us cool on the weekend and it will be breezy at times too. we may see some occasional clouds passing on through. but no rain for the weekend. temperatures around the state today, 60s and 70s into the central valley. 48 degrees, partly cloudy into lake tahoe. 60 into monterey bay. around the bay temperatures into the 60s in the south bay a
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comfortable 65 in san jose. breezy 58 in half moon bay. 62 in hayward. east bay temperatures as high as 66 degrees in san ramon. 66 in vallejo. 68 in the napa valley. inside the bay, we'll see 59 degrees in daly city. 62 but sunny in san francisco. next couple of days, we are going to see a dry weekend a little cooler though in spots maybe occasional passing clouds and then there's a slight chance of showers as we head in toward tuesday of this next week. let's check the roads now with your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. it is not as foggy this morning so we can see the golden gate bridge. that's our biggest difference. so visibility is not going to slow you down much. overall, the commute actually looks really good. a few more cars on the road than we're probably used to seeing at 4:46 but everything is at the speed limit up and down the nimitz freeway in the east bay similar store. as you can see by the oakland coliseum, 15 minutes 238 to the maze. we had an earlier high wind advisory issued by chp but it was canceled around 4:30.
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so now everything is good to go between hayward and foster city. bay bridge still some lanes blocked from the incline towards treasure island that should be wrapping up in the next 15, 20 minutes. in the meantime, coming through the altamont pass, it's some of the only slowing we are seeing on the sensors is eastbound 580 ride through the livermore valley. they are doing ongoing roadwork so various lanes blocked. in the commute direction out of tracy. bart still on time. if you have any questions about your morning commute once you hit the ruins, tune to 740-am and 106.9-fm kcbs. that is "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. san francisco's chinatown is the oldest chinatown in the country and home to one of the largest asian communities outside of china but the chinese population is shrinking. only on kpix 5, linda yee found out why that threatens chinatown's future. reporter: chinatown has
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been a gateway for immigrants since the gold rush. a community where they live together, shop for familiar foods, and socialize. >> hi. >> reporter: but something is happening that threatens the survival of this asian community. the 2010 census found on average, a 17% drop in the chinese population in the neighborhoods in and around chinatown in the past 10 years. >> the main reason we're seeing people leave is because they are being forced out. >> reporter: san francisco property values have shot up because of the tech boom. so landlords are getting out of the rental business using the ellis act provision to evict tenants so they can sell their apartment units. on this street in north beach, there are two apartment buildings being converted by speculators. that means at least a half dozen more chinese families will disappear on this one block alone including 92-year- old [ non-english language ]
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and his wife 88-year-old lo ching. they have lived in the neighborhood for 30 years. they have until february to move out. [ non-english language ] >> it has been really stressful for me. nights when i can't sleep over this. i really don't know where to go and as seniors that are so old, i really worry whether or not any landlord will actually rent to me. >> reporter: the lees can't afford another city apartment anyway. they live on social security checks and get subsidized for their $1,500 a month unit. their share, just under $500. a one bedroom in their neighborhood is now going for $3,000 a month. housing counselors believe that will be disastrous for the lees and others like them because they depend on their chinatown community to survive. >> medical needs, they can go to a doctor on their own. they rely a lot of the services here in language and culturally competent services. >> reporter: protestors have rallied against the evictions but the law is on the side of
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real estate owners. still, as asian families disappear, there's an impact on chinatown's economy. >> as we see the neighborhoods around chinatown changing, there may be a little bit of a different kind of demand for products, commercial displacement. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: lee asks why a law would allow anyone to evict an old woman like her for profit. >> always have this feeling in my heart of wondering what would happen. >> reporter: advocates wonder, is the cultural fabric that makes up chinatown endangered? in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> rising property prices are also being blamed for the decline in the chinese population in new york and philadelphia chinatowns. u.s. airways is reviewing an incident involving a blind man and his guide dog on board a plane. albert rizzi says he and his dog were kicked off a plane that was leaving philadelphia. he says the flight had been delayed for over an hour so he let his dog out to stretch his legs on the plane. but the airline claims rizzi
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let his dog run amok and caused a scene. >> i was not really abusive at all. i also heard that the dog was supposedly running up and down the aisle. now, that plane can't be more than 25 feet long. there's not even enough room for this dog to run up and down the aisle. >> the plane never left the ground. flight was canceled after passengers got upset about how rizzi was treated. time now 4:51. hundreds of thousands of people in the philippines remain in desperate need of supplies and medical attention. coming up at 4:00, meet a team of nurses from the bay area who are on the way to help. >> but first, a judge tells a woman to stop breast-feeding her baby. why he ordered the issue. ,,,,,,,,,,
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. let's check this special evented the holiday ice rink at the embarcadero in san francisco, should be mostly sunny chilly on the ice but 62 degrees. >> ice rink already open. all right. taking a live look outside at some of your bridges, overall it is "friday light" still across the bay area. no major problem spots. also mass transit on time. 29 bart trains all good to go. your latest "kcbs traffic" a full report coming up. a pennsylvania mother is ordered to stop breast-feeding. a judge recently told her she had to stop breast-feeding her 10-month-old daughter so the girl could stay with her father for two days a week. it's part of a custody agreement. but the mother says there's nothing agreeable about it. >> he did say something along the lines like, well, she should be on formula or why isn't she on formula? she should be able to have formula at 10 months old. i'm feeling frustrated, hurt. trying to keep myself from crying. it's very emotional. >> the mother says she can't
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pump enough milk to feed her daughter for two days and she won't take a bottle. if she doesn't follow the court order, her daughter could be taken away from her. janet yellen plans to keep up stimulus efforts as the head of the federal reserve. cbs moneywatch reporter alexis christoforous reports. >> reporter: janet yellen says she is going to carry on the stimulus program. at her confirmation hearing, she supported the low interest rate policies. she is expected to be confirmed by the senate next week. she would become the first woman to lead the federal reserve. lockheed martin is cutting more than 4,000 jobs in four states. the lockheed plant that produces advanced military radar systems near phoenix will close by the end of 2015. lockheed is also closing plants in three other states. it was another one for the record books on wall street yesterday. the dow jones industrial average gained 54 points to an all-time high while the nasdaq
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inched up 7. the new playstation 4 finally went on sale at midnight. people celebrated when they got the world's most powerful gaming console. fans lined up for hours to pay $400 for the ps4 which has a clickable touchpad and a share function that lets gamers post video and screen shots of their play to social media. sony playstation's main rival, microsoft's xbox 1 hits stores next week for $500. that's your moneywatch. for the latest business news follow me on twitter at #alexiscbsnews. i'm alexis christoforous. it's 4:56. president obama takes blame for the affordable care act. what's changing for millions of americans with existing health plans. >> reporter: commuters brace yourself. another bart dispute could be on the horizon. we'll tell you what the fight is about this time. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my wish for this is that he come out of this the best day of his life ever and just charge into it doing backflips. >> today is the day san francisco transforms into gotham city and one little boy's dream to be a superhero comes true. >> every day she comes home after school wondering why would they do such a thing? who would it have been? >> burglars have stolen a fortune from the san jose unified school district. but today, the community is giving back. >> we do not know how it got in there and we are trying to figure out that and work with the unions. >> just when you thought the whole bart saga was over, it's not. bart management now says there's a glitch that could derail the labor agreement. >> it's officially crab season. this year probably won't match up to last year's record catch, but so far the crabs have been big and full of meat. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning."
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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's friday, november 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. let's get you out the door with a little weather because it's the weekend. >> we are getting ready for it. not as much fog around the bay area today. yesterday was calm conditions but the winds have kicked up overnight and that's helped enough to mix out the low clouds and the fog in most spots although we still have a couple of patches of fog in the napa valley. still, winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. calm in the napa valley where they are seeing fog but breezy conditions from time to time over the next couple of days. mostly clear over the bay now, numbers in the 40s and 50s. i think by this afternoon we are enjoying some sunshine and a couple of passing clouds but temperatures will be cooler again, plan on upper 60s in the warmest spots inland, a lot of 60s inside the bay and cool 50s and breezy toward the coastline. more on your weekend forecast in a moment. let's check the roads now with your


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