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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 15, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's friday, november 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. let's get you out the door with a little weather because it's the weekend. >> we are getting ready for it. not as much fog around the bay area today. yesterday was calm conditions but the winds have kicked up overnight and that's helped enough to mix out the low clouds and the fog in most spots although we still have a couple of patches of fog in the napa valley. still, winds out of the west at 13 miles per hour. calm in the napa valley where they are seeing fog but breezy conditions from time to time over the next couple of days. mostly clear over the bay now, numbers in the 40s and 50s. i think by this afternoon we are enjoying some sunshine and a couple of passing clouds but temperatures will be cooler again, plan on upper 60s in the warmest spots inland, a lot of 60s inside the bay and cool 50s and breezy toward the coastline. more on your weekend forecast in a moment. let's check the roads now with your "kcbs traffic" with
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elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. and everything looks good. yesterday with the fog that's thick enough to show you down. this morning clear in the traffic cameras so everywhere is moving "friday light" traffic conditions no big hot spots since we have been on the air at 4:30. they canceled a wind advisory for the san mateo bridge. this is the altamont pass and the livermore valley. drive time in the clear, 14 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. more "kcbs traffic" coming up. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, a man was shot and killed in an unincorporated area of santa clara county. it happened at about 11:30 last night at south white road and woodhaven drive near san jose. it appears the victim was shot once. police are not releasing any information about the shooter. >> here we go again. a new snag could cause problems for the new bart contract. the bart board meets in private to trying to work out their difference. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran
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is in daly city this morning with the issue. >> reporter: commuters watching this are probably rolling their eyes. this time, bart management says they found a provision in the contract that shouldn't have been there and this could send negotiations back to square one. just when riders thought it was over, the bart labor dispute is back. remember the tentative contract that ended the strike? management now says there is a glitch in it that could derail the labor agreement. >> stuff happens is alls i can say. things slip by. >> reporter: the bart board director told us buried in the contract, hundreds of pages long, is a provision that gives workers six weeks of paid family leave. bart management says that provision should not have been in the contract. >> we don't know how it got in there and we are trying to figure that out and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the
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contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement, atu said bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. >> reporter: is there any possibility that worst-case scenario we could be looking at another bart strike? >> uhm, i -- i -- i don't think that has much potential, but, of course, anything is possible. >> reporter: next step is to figure out how much this mistake will cost them meaning how much it will be to give each employee six weeks of paid family leave. live in daly city, back to you. >> we just heard that bart officials say he doesn't think there will be a bart strike but if there is one, don't you think the ridership would just go on strike themselves? they can't do this again. >> reporter: i know. really at the end of the day, you know, we say all the time there are two key players here management and the unions. but there's that third party, the commuters. they are the ones who will
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going to get so riled up t this and really the faith in both of them is shaky for commuters at this point in time. >> i'm not sure they can handle another. cate caugiran live for us in daly city on this friday, thanks. developing from the philippines, shipments of food and medical supplies are streaming in to victims of the typhoon. helicopters from a u.s. aircraft carrier started making the deliveries today. survivors still jamming the airport to get out on flights out of the hard hit areas. authorities say more than 3600 people have died. cbs correspondent alfonso van marsh with more on relief efforts. reporter: typhoon haiyan flattened the philippine city of tacloban a week ago. survivors say they still haven't received the help the government promised, crates of aid sitting at the town's airport. the president of the philippines is facing growing pressure to speed things up. >> we are working on it. >> reporter: but he defends relief efforts saying they are doing everything they can considering the magnitude of
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the devastation. much of the aid is coming from america. the uss george washington is in the region with 5,000 sailors and more than 80 aircraft on board. >> they have dozens of helicopters and they can make water, hundreds of thousands of gallons a day, package it up and they can get it out into the stricken areas. >> reporter: there are signs of improvements. a gas station in tacloban reopened under heavy security. people are anxious to fill up cars and motorbikes but getting around the streets clogged with debris will be difficult. alfonso van marsh, cbs news. >> aid from the bay area is arriving in the philippines today, too. >> yes. it is. a group of registered nurses left sfo last night. and they should be touching down shortly all part of the first time of bay area nurses who will support local doctors and assess some medical needs in the hardest hit areas. and more groups will be deployed later depending on the need and the funding. their trip was largely paid for through donations to the registered nurses response network. >> i think it's likely that we'll see some very difficult
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things but registered nurses are used to dealing with difficult things so we think we can get on the ground and make a difference very quickly. >> that group will get back next saturday. and a big thank you for helping us raise $376,000 for the philippines during our 13-hour telethon yesterday. and, of course, the money will go a long way helping the folks down in the south pacific. if you missed the phone lines during the telethon, go to president obama promises to veto a bill expected to pass the house today. the republican backed measure would allow insurance companies to continue selling policies that don't meet the legal standards laid out in the affordable care act. not only to those who lost their policies but to new customers, as well. yesterday president obama said canceled policies would be extended for only one year.
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>> this fix won't solve every problem for every person. but it's going to help some people. >> i would encourage every member to help keep that promise and vote for this important bill. >> so far, nearly 5 million americans have been told their insurance plan would be canceled because they don't meet the standards of the new law. what do we want? >> pediatrics! >> when do we want it? >> now! >> protestors at kaiser's hayward hospital are upset about plans to close the pediatrics unit at the end of the week. those who would normally use the hospital would have to go to oakland for care. kaiser says it's due to low patient count plus by consolidating, it is improving the care children receive. happening today, san francisco becomes gotham city as the riddler, penguin and joker wreak havoc. they are here in san francisco! but fear not because batkid will save the day today. kpix 5's anne makovec joins us live with more on this little hero who has already fought and
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won one of the biggest battles of his life. >> reporter: this project has taken on a life of its own thanks to social media and this plan which has captured the city's collective hearts. citizens of gotham city, have no fear for today miles is here. the 5-year-old has been fighting leukemia since he was 1 but today he fights for justice on our city streets. >> it's wonderful to be able to celebrate and to cheer him on. >> reporter: the make-a-wish foundation is making miles' wish of becoming a caped crusader come true on the grandest of scales. >> i can't believe this city just embraced it with as much love as they have. >> reporter: with more than 11,000 volunteers, san francisco will be transformed. it all starts at the grand hyatt this morning when the police chief called miles asking for help and the batmobile is off. there's a damsel in distress on the hyde street cable car line at union and green and as soon as batkid saves her life there's another crime in
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progress the evil riddler robbing a vault on montgomery street. batkid will hopefully arrive just in time to help load them into a paddy wagon and send him to the clink. then a strategic stop at the burger bar chosen for its view over union square. >> nobody knows what's going to happen how this kid is going to react so i think it's going to be fun. >> reporter: this is a perfect place to spot the next dastardly crime, the evil penguin kidnapping giant mascot lou-seal. batkid will save the seal tied up at at&t park, landing him an honor from mayor lee this afternoon. a day no one could have ever imagined for a 5-year-old boy. >> he had this to look forward to during treatment, is in remission and gets to celebrate that with us as a superhero with us here in san francisco.
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>> reporter: every good superhero has a sidekick and miles will be accompanied by a life-sized batman, a trained acrobat. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> check out today's gotham city "chronicle." batkid saves the city and tv's batman adam west called to see how things are going and sent a gift for the batkid. the adventure starts this morning. raising tolls on the golden gate bridge, one possible scenario $8 a trip for users. a meeting will be held at the golden gate toll plaza administration building this morning. let the console wars begin. sony launches the playstation 4 overnight. the one thing gamers should know before they buy. plus -- >> it's horrible
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it affects the whole school. >> a bay area school targeted by thieves. why it's a frustrating case of deja vu and who is stepping in now to help out. >> and the first commercial boats of the season go to sea. we are live to find out what kind of crab season we're in for. >> and the winds kicking up, the skies clearing out. what about the weekend? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and you can expect some delays this weekend through the caldecott tunnel. we'll explain more on why that's going to happen, plus the rest of your morning drive. we'll help you get to work on time, after this break. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by: ,, ,,
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guaranteed. d-con. get out. pilot: i have a door ajar a passenger that fell down that was the radio exchange between the pilot of a small plane and air traffic controllers in the i have a door ajar. >> you have a door open? >> i have a door ajar and a passenger that fell down. >> that was the radio exchange between the pilot of a small train and air traffic controller in miami shortly after take-off yesterday flying at 2,000 feet. the pilot said his only passenger just opened the door and fell out of the plane. the coast guard is using helicopters and boats to search for the man in biscayne bay but don't expect to find him alive. plane search is trending on twitter this morning. also trending, toronto mayor. controversial mayor rob ford is
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getting his own reality tv show. we should have seen that one coming. huh? mariah carey said she hated working on "american idol." and sf batkid in just a few hours a brave 5-year-old will save san francisco from evil villains. also trending ps4. take a look at these lines outside the san francisco gamestop in san francisco. hundreds stood in line to get a hot item. we talked to fans in san jose where the store decided to hand out vouchers earlier in the day to prevent massive lines. so how mainstream is gaming? >> it's mainstream. it's like people doing facebook, right? back in the day it was college, same thing college students were the only ones playing, games and kids. now everybody. >> the new model starts at $400. it features upgraded hardware and a blu-ray player but it won't work with older playstation games so you have
5:16 am
to get new games. >> yes. >> that's how that works. happening today, commercial crab fishing season is officially under way just in time for the holiday season. >> how about that? and for the first time in a long time there won't be any pricing issues. we are live from pier 45 here in san francisco with a commercial crab fisherman. how is this season? >> well, for this year, frank, we're looking at probably less crab. crabs tend to go is that cyclical pattern and we think we're on the down cycle now but the good news is, is that they have settled the price so there's no strike even with this problem with the weather right now. we will have fresh crab for thank. and the crab that we've seen thus far look big. they're fast, full of meat. -- fat, full of meat. so there may be less crab but certainly the crab that we will be seeing will be accident quality. >> i think that makes a lot of people around here happy.
5:17 am
>> and hungry. [ laughter ] >> and hungry. a new law caps the number to 500. what's the effect on fishermen? >> right now, we are just having a hard time hearing you there, michelle, but right now, we're just, you know, encountering a bit of a weather problem. this is normal at the beginning of a lot of seasons. we see it in the beginning of salmon season, beginning of crab. so we may see a couple delays delay here or just not as much crab coming in at the beginning. we had hoped there would be crab over the weekend. serge if not this weekend, this next week and for sure for thanksgiving. >> all right. zeke raider commercial crab fisherman in san francisco, all the best on your boat and we look forward to seeing it in the stores very soon. thanks. >> thank you. 5:17 right now. let's check the roads. are you a big crab fan, elizabeth?
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>> no. i'm not. i'm like the only one in the bay area who doesn't like seafood. and you. we should be living in iowa. all right. let's go out live towards the caldecott tunnel. westbound 24 things are cruising along but they are preparing to open the fourth bore. so what does that mean? it means some traffic tie-ups are definitely possible this weekend. friday and saturday night they are also doing some safety tests throughout the day today so they are saying don't be surprised if you see some smoke around the caldecott tunnel. they are just preparing to open that fourth bore possibly as early as next week. san mateo bridge traffic at the speed limit. high wind advisory canceled by chp early this morning. bay bridge no delay and they should have picked up that roadwork that was on the deck between the incline and treasure island. now, some easy ride from san francisco to oakland. westbound 237 -- westbound 238 and the nimitz freeway look good and we are just beginning to see some delays now actually both directions. the roadwork and the regular commute traffic slowing you
5:19 am
down through the livermore valley. that is "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence with your forecast. >> i don't know, iowa, the bay area -- boy, tough choice. [ laughter ] >> tough choice. [ laughter ] >> hey, folks, and the bay area today, we are going to see some changes mostly clear to start the day. couple of patches of fog in some of the interior valleys and the temperatures a little more chilly and the breezy wind starting to kick up outside. 40s and 50s in most spots now. by the afternoon we'll see sunshine and the winds kicking up especially coastside. 50s there. you will see 60s and sunny skies inside the bay and upper 60s near seasonal temperatures in the valleys. high pressure kind of breaking down a little bit. we have low pressure kicking to the east helping to bring us some of the wind and another one over the weekend will bring us a few clouds, some cooler temperatures and it will be breezy at times especially the first part of the weekend. sfo looking good though today clear start no delays are expected there sunshine in the afternoon about 61 degrees and as we head in toward the afternoon hours around the u.s. you're looking at 50 in chicago partly cloudy. partly cloudy in denver at 63. 77 in houston. and 57 degrees and partly
5:20 am
cloudy in new york. around the bay today, we'll see some sunshine and 65 degrees in milpitas. 65 in redwood city. and a cool 58 and breezy in half moon bay. east bay numbers up as high as 66 in brentwood. 67 fairfield. 68 degrees in the napa valley. 50s and 60s inside the bay and the north bay looking good with mostly sunny skies. a little breezy over the next couple of days. looks like the weekend going to be rain-free but that could change. there's at least a slight chance of showers as we head in toward next tuesday. but even that storm system doesn't look like very much. we'll see what happens when we get closer. >> thank you. it is 5:20 now. happening today a san jose school where dozens of laptops and ipads were stolen now getting a big donation from safeway. 31 laptops and 31 ipads stolen and two other schools struck. monday 19 computers were stolen
5:21 am
from gallon raza elementary school. another school and several others from another school in the almaden valley. >> i think that's just mean. >> it is the same m.o. they are going in over the weekend and they are taking large amounts of electronic equipment so we are trying to determine is this one group of people committing these crimes? is it random? >> well, now the good news. safeway is replacing all of the stolen items at the river glen elementary school. 5:21. a trooper is dragged 100 feet in 10 seconds. the dramatic video that played out in court. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, don't go anywhere. we have two incredible finishes one for the warriors, one for the sharks. see them in a moment. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, you got to love the weekend.
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state trooper with his car. a missouri man was sentenced to 30 years in prison for dragging a state trooper with his car. alan hamden dragged a trooper several hundred feet until he shot him in order to get him to stop. the trooper pulled hamden over for speeding but the driver was carrying a loaded gun on meth. hamden claimed it was not his intention to hurt the officer but to get away so he could get rid of the drugs. good morning, everybody. the warriors 3-0 at homecoming into last night, winning by an
5:25 am
average of 20 points in those games, but not against oklahoma city where there were 16 lead changes. it came down to this. russell westbrook with seconds to go, pushed okc in front but there were 2.3 left and it all came down to this for golden stated. >> he got it! >> andre iguodala wins it and the warriors win 116-115 with the incredible shot as time expires. warriors undefeated on the home court. how about hockey? sharks held scoreless for 58 minutes until tomas hertl tied it before the end of regularlation and danny boyle nets the game winner overtime. the ref by the goal had no idea it went in. sharks win 2-1. the colts back from a 14- point first half deficit. colts bee the titans. >> andrew mccutchen of the
5:26 am
pirates is the national league mvp. miguel cabrera on the american side for the second season. and three-time indy 500 winner and champion and husband of ashley judd has been told by doctors that he can no longer race following last month's crash that left him with a fractured spine broken ankle and concussion. don't forget "49er preview" tomorrow night at 7:30 on kpix 5. 49ers traveling to new orleans where they hope to beat the saints for the second straight year. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day a new world record full court shot by thunder law with the harlem globetrotters 109 feet 9" away. nothing but net! u.s. airways center in phoenix is where he pulled off this feat that puts him in the guinness book of world records and look at that baby slide right in. it's your play of the day. >> awesome. 5:26 right now. what's supposed to be an all but done deal, the snag that has bart riders facing another
5:27 am
strike. >> a high school fight caught on camera. what happened days before the fight that has police looking into whether it may have been a hate crime. >> it's a sign batkid is here! wait until you see what's in store tomorrow to make this mini caped crusader's wish come true. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. "cate ad-libs" "cate ad-libs" > >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald citizens of gotham city, or san francisco, have no fear! batkid is here! coming up, we are going to "chronicle" the journey he will be taking today. >> and commuters just when you thought the bart saga was over, think again! the glitch that could derail the entire labor agreement. >> skies mostly clear around
5:31 am
the bay area today but will that be that way for the weekend? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and one more workday left to go and we'll help you get to work on time. delays are already building on the 880 freeway. traffic coming up. good morning, it's friday, november 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:31. >> happening today, san francisco is turning into gotham city. >> kpix 5's anne makovec live in union square where batkid will save the city from the penguin and the riddler. he has a busy day, anne. >> reporter: that's right. i smell a crime wave in the air here in san francisco, or gotham city, however you're seeing it today. but i'm not concerned because batkid is waking up near union square here. this is a project that has captured the city's collective heart. citizens of gotham city, have no fear! for today, miles is here. the 5-year-old has been fighting leukemia since he was a year old but today, he fights
5:32 am
for justice on our city streets. >> it's wonderful to be able to celebrate and to cheer him on. >> reporter: the make-a-wish foundation is making miles' wish of becoming a caped crusader come through on a grand scale. >> i can't believe this city embraced it with as much love as it has. >> reporter: with 13,000 volunteers san francisco will be transformed starting at the grand hyatt this morning when the police chief called miles asking for help and the batmobile is off. there's a damsel in distress on the hyde street cable car line at union and green and as soon as batkid saves her life, there's another crime in progress the evil riddler robbing a vault on montgomery street. batkid will hopefully arrive just in time to help load him into a paddy wagon and send him to jail. and then it's time for our superhero to recharge but it's a strategic stop at the burger bar chosen for its view over union square. >> nobody really knows what's going to happen, nobody knows how this kid's going to react, so i think it's going to be fun. >> reporter: this is the
5:33 am
perfect place to spot the next dastardly crime the evil penguin kidnapping giant mascot lou-seal. batkid will chase them down and save the seal tied up at at&t park. that will land bat boy a special honor from the san francisco mayor at city hall this afternoon, a day no one could have ever imagined for a 5-year-old boy. >> kid's had this to look forward to during the darkest times of his treatment and now he is through with treatment, in remission and gets to celebrate that with us as a superhero here in san francisco. >> reporter: this project has taken off with social media picked up worldwide in some cases. we have volunteers coming in from across the country to take part in this heartwarming project. coming up at 6:00 we'll hear from the life-sized batman who will be helping miles along his journey today. back to you. >> almost like a movie, anne. has miles ever been to san francisco before? >> you know, he is from
5:34 am
siskiyou county closing to the oregon border, a very small town of i think about 1,000 people. he has been to san francisco before but i'm sure this is going to be a mind-blowing experience for him. >> should be fun. anne makovec live for us in san francisco, thank you. he may want to stop at a starbucks or pete's too, to reload. >> needs the energy. >> i'm glad he is a superhero. otherwise he would be exhausted! i want to go check that out today. that would be fun to watch. good for him, exciting memories. around the bay area today, we are going to see some sunshine. winds kicking up from time to time and that will continue into the first part of the weekend at least. seeing some of the breezes now and that's one of the reasons we mixed out the low clouds and fog. it's calm in san jose but northwesterly out of the west at 13 at sfo north-northwest at 7 miles per hour in novato right now. as we head throughout the day today we'll see these temperatures warming up nicely. 40s and 50s in most spots although the napa valley down
5:35 am
to 36 degrees with some calm conditions there. by the afternoon, though, these numbers running up more seasonal today mainly up into the 60s in most spots. 68 degrees in livermore. 62 and a little breezy into san francisco. 69 in san francisco. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thank you. still, early. this is the quietest commute we feel seen. no trouble getting to work on time no trouble on the golden gate bridge no visibility issues like yesterday where that thick dense fog blanketed many of our freeways causing some slowdowns. 880 in oakland moving well towards downtown oakland exits. still getting more crowded out there as you can see in our san mateo bridge cam, as well. flat section of the bridge looking good toward the high-
5:36 am
rise. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." developing now, one week after the super typhoon hit international relief efforts are finally getting food and water to some of the survivors. the carrier uss george washington is there with navy helicopters making the deliveries. thousands of people are still trying to get out of the devastated area the number of known dead is past 3600. the telethon for the red cross at kpix 5 raised $376,792 for the typhoon victims. thank you for donating all of that money. if you didn't get a chance to call during the telethon you can still give at a big contract snag at bart. directors have found something they didn't know was part of the deal. cate caugiran is in daly city on the possibility that the contract talks will start up once again. here we go again, right? >> it's like a joke without a
5:37 am
punch line except commuters, they are not laughing. just when we thought we were close to the finish line with all of this bart management says they found a provision that should have been dropped. reporter: it's a glitch that could derail the entire labor agreement. six months of negotiations and two strikes later bart and its unions were a vote away from the end of the saga. but there could be one more chapter because of a little oversight. >> stuff happens, things slipped by. >> reporter: he says management missed one provision that shouldn't have been in the contract. it's a provision that gives bart workers 6 weeks of paid family leave. >> we do not know how it got in there and we are trying to figure out that and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement, the union said bart management is
5:38 am
attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: the meeting will be at 3:30 today and we don't know what can be done because the unions say they will not withdraw that provision. >> cate, any idea how much this will cost them? >> reporter: that's what bart management -- they have their work cut out for them. they have to figure out how much it will cost to give each employee six weeks of paid time off. and the clock is ticking because they are set to vote on this contract next week. >> thank you, cate caugiran. the peninsula humane society is offering a $1,500 reward for information in a brutal attack on a pit bull puppy. according to the mercury, the dog was found at the corner of cooley avenue and bell street in east palo alto. it had cuts and bite wounds from other dogs all over its body a sign that there may be a link to dogfighting. the puppy later died from its injuries. in other headlines around
5:39 am
the bay, some palo alto police officers could soon be strapping on a camera. nine officers would test the body mounted cameras as part of a $300,000 project to replace the police department's camera system. the city council will consider the plan monday night. a puc hearing is expected today on whether pg&e can restore a natural gas line to its maximum level of pressure. an administrative law judge will question several executives and engineers from the utility. they want to bring pressure in the line in san carlos back up to 330 pounds per square inch. but city officials are concerned the line is vulnerable to leaks with potentially catastrophic results. 5:39 now. a student was attacked at a bay area high school possibly for her sexual orientation. [ screaming ] here's a video here just two days ago a transgender teen at hercules high school complaining to school officials she was being harassed by
5:40 am
students and now administrators say the teen iniated a fight with a group -- initiated a fight with a group of girls after being taunted on campus. >> i just heard screaming and then everybody ran out of my class. there's like a bunch of teachers tried to stop me. >> none of the teens involved was in class yesterday. earlier this week an "agender" teen was set on fire on an ac transit bus in oakland. luke "sasha" fleischman from berkeley was asleep when police say a 16-year-old set his-her skirt on fire on the bus. he/she had burned on the legs. richard thomas is expected in court facing assault and hate crime charges in that case. earlier this week, we told but a massive recall of prepackaged salads and sandwiches because of e. coli. now the first lawsuit has been filed. a sonoma county woman is suing richmond-base the glass onion catering after she says she got sick and went to the hospital. she was there for a day and
5:41 am
still feels symptoms of the e. coli infection. some oakland airport workers could go on strike during the holidays but won't impact flights. workers of restaurants and shops have been without a contract for more than a year claiming unfair labor practices. their employer, host international, says the offer on the table is based on a decline in passenger traffic at the airport. your house probably isn't worth as much as a few years ago. cbs moneywatch reporter alexis christoforous live in new york with more. >> reporter: good morning, frank and michelle. home values dropped in 43 of the 50 largest counties in the past five years. a new s&p case schiller report finds eight of the top ten price drops were in california counties. contra costa county saw the largest decline. the average home price fell about 26% to just under $393,000. that compares with a nationwide drop of just 9%. of course, california has numerous communities that were
5:42 am
hit especially hard when the housing bubble burst. well, it was another one for the record books here on wall street yesterday. the dow climbed 54 points to another all-time high and the nasdaq inched up 7 and we have stocks futures pointing to a higher open here for our friday. videogame alert! sony's playstation 4 officially went on sale at midnight. thousands weighed in long lines for their chance to plunk down $400 for the first new sony gaming system in 7 years. its rival xbox 1 hits stores next week setting you back about $500. well, derek jeter is entering the game of publishing. the new york yankees superstar is teaming up with simon and schuster to publish a wide range of sports-themed and pop culture books for adults. the shortstop is expected to draw upon his many friendships in the sports world to attract authors to join his jeter publishing team. and here's some good holiday news for you. the cost of that thanksgiving dinner is down at least
5:43 am
slightly from last year. the average turkey dinner will cost $49.04. that's a whole 44 cents less than last year. the usda says overall, grocery prices are down about 1/10th of a percent since january. so i guess we should be thankful for any pennies saved but don't spend it all in one place. >> one penny. all right. >> no kidding. alexis christoforous with, thank you. have a great weekend. >> 5:43 now. the government says more kids are smoking but not traditional cigarettes. >> plus, left to bleed for more than 30 minutes. why paramedics didn't step in right away to help an injured tsa agent at l.a.x. also ahead -- >> i think it's an absolute disgrace to the community. i think whoever did this is a very ignorant person. >> and a car vandalized in the night. the shocking reason why this man thinks he was targeted. coming up. ,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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surveillance footage say itk more than a half new details on the deadly shooting at l.a.x. two weeks ago. authorities viewing surveillance footage say it took more than a half hour before a wounded tsa agent was wield out to paramedics. police waited that long to declare the terminal safe to enter. the agent gerardo hernandez later died. the suspected gunman was arrested within five minutes after the attack started. canadian police say they busted a worldwide child porn
5:47 am
ring and rescued nearly 400 children. the operation dubbed project spade led to the arrest of hundreds including 76 here in the united states. among the people busted were school employees, attorneys, police officers and registered sex offenders. police say the ringleader told people how to create the videos featuring children ranging in ages from 5 to 12. time now 5:47. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> things look good so far on this friday morning commute. just one more workday left to go hopefully if you don't work on the weekends and here's a live look at drive times. westbound 580 getting slow through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. no metering lights at the bay bridge so just the usual backups beginning in the cash lanes and the middle lanes look good. westbound highway 4 and eastbound 4 slow, probably the slowest drive out there right now. and mass transit including all your bart trains all reporting no delays. we want to know what drives you
5:48 am
crazy on your commute. this is what phil says makes him crazy. texting while driving bothers me and it's against the law. but the people who think texting at every stop light is okay, they drive me crazy. their delay often makes you and several other cars miss the light. we hear you, phil. we often see folks texting behind the wheel even though it was banned in 2009. and the law says it doesn't matter if you are on the move or stopped at the light. whatever you're texting, it can wait or you can pull over to a safe place, so everyone can get to their destinations safely and on time. well, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask us a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or you can tweet me on twitter at #wengerelizabeth and watch right here on kpix 5 to see if your question gets answered on our air. all right. speaking of crazy, let's go over to lawrence with a check of your forecast. >> hey! >> hey. >> that was totally uncalled
5:49 am
for! [ laughter ] >> hey, folks, and the bay area today, we have some mostly clear skies early on, chilly in spots, napa valley down in the 30s now. 40s and 50s elsewhere. breezy in spots, as well. toward the afternoon we'll see a lot of sunshine, breezy toward the coastline. temperatures going to be cooler today. sunny skies inside the bay. high pressure weakening and low pressure to the east kicks up the wind and then another one drops down over the weekend. breezy through saturday. and temperatures will be cooler. numbers around the state today. 68 in sacramento and redding, partly cloudy, cool, 48 degrees in lake tahoe. around the bay today temperatures in the 50s toward the coastline. you will see some 60s and mid- 60s into the san jose and some upper 60s into the valleys. as we look toward the weekend we'll see a lot of sunshine just a couple of passing clouds and those winds will blow from
5:50 am
time to time. things settling down sunday and monday. but the possibility at least of a few showers moving in tuesday, partly cloudy wednesday. checking out your schoolcast, this one from wagner ranch elementary school in orinda. if you are headed out this morning you may need a jacket temperatures in the 40s. by lunch recess, in the low 60s and by the time you get out of school, up into the mid-60s and looking good. if you would like to nominate your school for a schoolcast, go to we would love to get that on the air. by the way, sunrise time today, 6:50 a.m. sunset just keeps getting shorter and shorter and shorter, 4:58. can you believe it? 4:58 in the afternoon. >> it's okay. it's friday. >> i know. >> it's friday. >> yeah. >> we love those days. all right, lawrence, thanks. >> welcome. thank you, lawrence. 5:50 now. the cdc says the number of kids using ecigarettes nearly doubled in one year. there was almost a major boost in the number of middle schools and high school kids who smoked
5:51 am
tobacco using a hookah. the use of cigarettes among teens and adolescents has stayed about the same. a man woke up to find his car and his wife's car vandalized saying no kids. he believes someone in his 55 and over community doesn't like her spending so many time there. >> i think it's like a hate crime or they don't want the kids around. i don't know why they are doing it. but it's not right. i moved here after my heart transplant to be in peace. my grandbabies are my life. >> the police department has now assigned a detective to find the person responsible. men and women, who do people prefer to work for? the results of a survey might surprise you. >> plus -- >> i'm feeling frustrated,
5:52 am
hurt. i'm trying to keep myself from crying. it's very emotional. >> a mother is told to stop breast-feeding or else she will lose her daughter. the custody battle that's sparked the judge's order. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:53 am
5:54 am
beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. what a new gallup survey fo it seems more people prefer to work for a male boss over a female boston according to a new survey. more than 2,000 americans were asked which gender they preferred working for. 35% said they prefer men. less than 25% preferred women. it's the highest number ever recorded in favor of women bosses. it should be in favor of male bosses since they started asking the question in 1953. >> we got it. a pennsylvania judge is telling a woman she can't
5:55 am
breast-feed her baby. the judge recently ordered the pennsylvania mother to stop breast-feeding her 10-month-old daughter so the girl could stay with her father two days a week part of a custody agreement. but she says there's nothing agreeable about it. >> he did say something along the lines like, well, she should be on formula or why isn't she on formula, she should be able to have formula at 10 months old. i'm feeling frustrated. hurt. i'm trying to keep from crying. it's very emotional. >> the mother says she can't pump enough milk to feed her daughter for two days and won't take a bottle yet. if she doesn't follow the court order, her daughter could be taken away from her. citizens of gotham city, have no fear! because batkid is here. coming up, we'll outline the leukemia survivor's fantasy journey around san francisco. >> reporter: commuters brace yourself another bart dispute could be on the horizon. we'll tell you what the fight
5:56 am
is about coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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my wish for this is he comes out of it with the best day of his life ever and just charge into it doing backflips. >> today is the day san francisco transforms into gotham city and one little boy's dream to be a superhero comes true. >> every day she comes home after school wondering why would they do such a thing? who would it have been? >> burglars have stolen a fortune from the san jose unified school district. but today, the community is giving back. >> we do not know how it got in there and we are trying to figure out that and work with the unions. >> just when you thought the whole bart saga was over, it's not. bart management now says there's a glitch that could derail the labor agreement. >> it's officially crab season. this year probably won't match up to last year's record catch, but so far the crabs have been big and full of meat. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning."
6:00 am
captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's friday, november 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the weekend is almost here. it's 6:00. we're following developing news right now at 6:00. santa clara sheriff's deputies are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man in an unincorporated area of the county. it happened at about 11:30 last night at south white road and woodhaven drive near san jose. it appears the victim was shot once. police are not releasing any information about the shooter. >> and i'm cate caugiran live at daly city. the battle between bart management and its unions isn't over yet. no, i'm not kidding! the latest chapter involves a new provision in the new contract that bart management says should have been dropped. and i'm anne makovec live in san francisco or gotham city u


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