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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 15, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning. it's friday, november 15. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. the weekend is almost here. it's 6:00. we're following developing news right now at 6:00. santa clara sheriff's deputies are looking for a suspect who shot and killed a man in an unincorporated area of the county. it happened at about 11:30 last night at south white road and woodhaven drive near san jose. it appears the victim was shot once. police are not releasing any information about the shooter. >> and i'm cate caugiran live at daly city. the battle between bart management and its unions isn't over yet. no, i'm not kidding! the latest chapter involves a new provision in the new contract that bart management says should have been dropped. and i'm anne makovec live in san francisco or gotham city you may want to call it today
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where a 5-year-old leukemia patient's dream is about to come true. and we have a couple of transit alerts. we are just getting word of major delays on several muni lines, specifically the k, the l and the n. the k ingleside, l taraval and m oceanview running shuttle bus service from west portal to church and market. also delays due to some overhead wire issues on one vta line, the santa teresa to alum rock. we'll watch the problems. in the meantime, outside hitting the roads we'll show you what it looks like over at the bay bridge toll plaza. they just switched on the metering lights shortly before 6:00. so delays are building now in all the lanes. the cash and the fastrak towards that first overcrossing. you can see there in the distance the far end of the parking lot and your other east bay travel times westbound 580 only our slow one right now through the altamont pass and the livermore valley. that's your traffic update. here's lawrence with your forecast. thick fog yesterday around the bay area and winds were calm. well, today the winds are
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picking up a little bit. so we have mixed out the low clouds and fog. a little breezy in spots this morning if you stepping outside. mountains windy, skies clear, northwesterly at 7 miles per hour half moon bay, 14 at sfo, west-northwesterly at 9 miles per hour into san francisco. up to the northwest it's 7 miles per hour in san rafael. this is just enough to help to mix out the low clouds and fog and keep you nice and clear and a beautiful shot over the bay this morning with clear skies. the temperatures a little chilly in spots. we have dropped down to the 30s in some of the north bay valleys but 44 in santa rosa. 44 in concord. and 51 degrees in san francisco. by the a lot of sunshine, breezy, cooler, 60s inside the bay and 50s at the coastline. we'll have a complete look at your weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. plus a very special gotham city forecast, too, guys. don't want to miss that. >> thank you. a new snag could cause problems for the new bart contract. the bart board meets in private
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today to talk about it. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in daly city with the issue that could nix the contract. cate. >> reporter: michelle, commuters are probably rolling their ayes as they're watching this. this -- their eyes as they are watching this. this time bart said they found a provision in the new contract that should have been dropped and negotiations could go back to square one. just when riders thought it was over, the bart labor dispute is back. remember the tentative contract that ended the bart strike? management now says there is a glitch in it one that could derail the labor agreement. >> stuff happens is all i can say. things slip by. >> reporter: bart board director zachary mallet told us that buried in the contract which is hundreds of pages long is a provision that gives workers 6 weeks of paid family leave. bart management says that provision should not have been in the contract. >> we do not know how it got in there. and we are trying to figure out
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that and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement atu's president said, quote, bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were the paffet final deal. this is uncon -- that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. >> reporter: bart board members plan to meet at 3:30 today. the next step is to figure out how much this will cost them. they have to figure how much it will be to give each employee six weeks of paid family leave. live in daly city, michelle, back to you. >> worst-case scenario we could see another strike. >> reporter: well, we asked bart management that and they don't think that has potential but as we have seen in the past you know anything is possible. >> anything can happen. all right, cate caugiran live in daly city, thank you. san francisco is about to become gotham city and a young caped crusader is about to save us from the likes of the riddler and the penguin. no lie. our hero, the batkid, anne
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makovec live in union square with more on this action packed day that's a boy's wish come true. what a day, anne. >> reporter: it really is going to be. i feel very safe right now near union square which is going to be part of a transformed gotham city in just a few hours. this whole project has captured the city's heart. >> it's going to be mayhem and wonderful mayhem and love. >> reporter: love for a little boy who spent most of his five years battling leukemia and today will be battling evil on the gotham city streets. san francisco will be transformed with thousands of volunteers. >> i never thought it would be possible. >> reporter: batkid has a sidekick. >> it does in crime-fighting is secret. >> reporter: inventor and acrobat eric johnston will play a full-sized batman encourage miles along the way and he might have some tricks up his sleeve.
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>> riddler and penguin are watching right now. we can't tip our hand. >> reporter: it starts at the grand hyatt this morning when the police chief calls miles asking for help and the batmobile is off! there's a damsel in distress on the hyde street cable car line at union and green and as soon as batkid saves her life, there's another crime in progress, the evil riddler robbing a vault on montgomery street. batkid will hopefully arrive just in time to help load him into paddy wagon and send him to the clink. then during a quick lunch at union square the next crime unfolds before our hero. the evil pink win kidnapping giants mascot lou-seal. batkid will chase them down and with any luck save the seal tied up at at&t park. that will land batkid a special honor from the san francisco mayor at city hall this afternoon. >> it's going to be some wacky fun that san francisco hasn't seen before. and may never see again. >> reporter: miles' leukemia is in remission by the way. today will be a celebration, and organizers hope he'll walk
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away with a gift. >> some new skills to face things that are changing too fast that you're not sure how it's going to go and just charge into it doing backflips. >> reporter: they have 11,000 volunteers signed up to help with this today all through the help of social media. this thing has been on fire for weeks. a local business is playing a prominent role in this whole escapade. we'll hear from them coming up in the next half hour. right now live in san francisco, or gotham city, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> of course. gotham city. how about miles? has he ever been to san francisco before? >> reporter: he is from a very tiny town right near the oregon border, siskiyou county. and he has been to san francisco before but it's been a couple of years and he has never seen anything like san francisco like it's going to be. >> well, it's gotham city now, right? [ laughter ] >> reporter: exactly. >> all right. anne makovec live in union square, thank you. check out today's gotham city "chronicle." the batkid saving the city. tv's batman, adam west, called
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to check how things were going and sent a gifted to the batkid. the -- a gift to the batkid. in the philippines shipments of food and medical supplies are streaming in to victims of the typhoon. helicopters from a u.s. aircraft carrier started making the deliveries today. survivors are still jamming the airport to get on flights out of the hardest-hit areas. authorities say more than 3600 people have died. a big thank you to everyone who donated during our all-day telethon yesterday to raise money for the red cross typhoon relief efforts. we raised $376,792. that money will go to the philippines and will go a long way. if you missed the phone lines during yesterday's telethon, you can still give at 6:08. happening today more talks on raising the toll on the golden gate bridge. one possible scenario is calling for an 8-dollar fee by 2018 for some users. today's meeting will be held at
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the golden gate bridge toll plaza's administration building here in the city. that starts at 10:00. safeway will replace all stolen laptops and ipads stolen from river glen san jose but since then two other schools have been struck. on monday 19 computers went missing from a storage room at galarza elementary school. a day later more computers were stolen from an elementary school in the almaden valley. >> it's horrible. it affects the whole school. >> every day she came home wondering who did it, why, is it somebody from the neighborhood? somebody from the community? why would they do this? >> as for river glen elementary school, safeway will replace all 31 laptops and 31 ipads that were stolen. president obama is promising to veto a healthcare bill expected to pass the house
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today. the republican backed measure would allow insurance companies to continue selling policies that don't meet the legal standards laid out in the affordable care act. not only do those who lost their policies but to new customers, as well. yesterday, president obama said canceled policies would be extended for one year. >> this fix won't solve every problem for every person. but it's going to help a lot of people. >> i would encourage every member to help keep that promise and vote for this important bill. >> so far nearly 5 million americans have been told their insurance plan would be canceled because they don't meet the standards of the new law. some other headlines now on this friday around the bay. the golden gate bridge committee has approved charging for parking at the larkspur ferry terminal. parking spots that used to be free will now cost you $2 a day. the board is expected to give final approval on that plan today. and for the second time in the past week fire safety drills are taking place in the caldecott tunnel's new fourth bore. it's all in preparation for the board's big opening which could
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come as soon as next week. it will take place from 10 a.m. to 4:00 today. drivers on highway 24 expected to see flashing emergency lights. firefighters in full gear of some other unusual activity but are advised to remain focused while they are driving. time now 6:11. it's officially crab season in the bay area. so far the crabs are looking bigger and better than ever. the new rules for fishermen that could affect what ends up on your plate. >> the victoria secret fashion show appears every year in december. why the internet is already buzzing. >> and looking forward to the weekend. will we see sunshine or more clouds headed in our direction? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are watching some mass transit trouble major delays for muni this morning and some vta problems, as well. your "kcbs traffic" report after this break. ,,,,,,
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also trending now... p-s-4. new sony playstation went on sale at midnight. trending now. tgif. i think we're just tweeting that right now. >> that trends every friday. >> yes. also trending, ps4, the new sony playstation went on sale at midnight. mariah carey says she hated working on "american idol." vs fashion show. the victoria's secret fashion show doesn't air until december 10, but it filmed last night in new york. pictures are already on the web. sf batkid is trending because in a few hours a brave 5-year- old will save san francisco from evil villains! follow us on twitter at #cbssf. is traffic trending? >> well, we have a traffic alert now. we are getting some new information about these major muni delays. turns out it was a muni derailment near the west portal station. and that's what's led to delays on the k, l and the m line.
6:16 am
essentially it is blocking the inbound service on all those lines. there are bullets from west portal -- buses from west portal to market. mass transit seems to be our problem spot so far this morning. if you hit the roads, everything is typical. we are left with delays backing up toward the first overcrossing probably towards 880 now. live look at our sensors, altamont pass to 680, 24 minutes kind of "friday light" looking good down the nimitz freeway. westbound 80 carquinez bridge to the maze 20 minutes and here's a live look at the nimitz. 880 in oakland cruising past
6:17 am
the coliseum. here's lawrence with the forecast. >> you're cruising around the studio. >> i was about to go to the camera. >> looking good. we are starting out with mostly clear skies early on the winds kicked up a bit enough to mix out the low clouds and fog. out the door we have mostly clear skies and it looks chilly in spots breezy at the coastline. and then this afternoon we'll see sunshine breezy conditions out toward the beaches and inside the bay. and then it looks like it will be a dry weekend but a little cooler. high pressure trying to build into the bay area but low pressure sliding to the east now and that's helping to kick up the winds and another one dropping in over the weekend so we'll see some cool air pouring into our skies again breezy at times especially through saturday. then looks like things begin to settle down a bit into sunday. a clear start to the day no delays at sfo for today sunshine into the afternoon too. around the country, a few clouds floating on through. 50 degrees and dry in chicago. 6 3-partly cloudy in denver. 77 warm in houston 57 cool and partly cloudy skies in new york. all right.
6:18 am
if you plan to head around the bay today, plenty of sunshine this afternoon. a lot of 60s in the south bay 50s coastside but breezy there. east bay temperatures in the 60s this afternoon. then inside the bay you will feel the winds into san francisco about 62 degrees. 59 in daly city. and 69 degrees in santa rosa. as we look toward the next couple of days, we'll cool things down for the weekend but keeping things dry. that could change though as we head in toward tuesday. there's a slight chance of some showers. and by the way, a sunrise today 6:50, sunset actually happening this afternoon at 4:58. could you believe it? >> happens every afternoon. >> i know, it's getting earlier and earlier. thank you. happening today, commercial crab fishing season is officially under way just in time for the holiday season. >> and for the first time in a long time, there won't be any pricing issues. zeke a commercial crab fisherman joins us now from pier 45 in san francisco. good morning, zeke. >> good morning, michelle. >> well, last season was one of
6:19 am
the best years in a long time. what can we expect this year? >> this year, we are actually expecting to see less crab. that's part of the natural cycle of the crab. it runs in 4- to 7-year patterns of peaks and valleys. last year we were expecting it to go down and ended up with a record season. but i think we'll see less crab this year but still quite a bit. the good news is the quality is just spectacular. people buying crab will see some really nice product. >> they look delicious. you had some pricing issues last year but not so much this year. what can we expect to pay at the store? >> reporter: well, i think the prices will probably be anywhere from depending on the stores if they are doing price leaders or not anywhere from $5.99 up to $8.99 a pound.
6:20 am
>> how soon can we expect the fresh crab to hit the market? >> i think a lot of this will depend on just the supply. if there's a lot of crab, then obviously, the stores are going to be anxious to move them. and the price will be lower. if there's not many, the price will likely be higher. it's traditional supply and demand. >> bring it on, ze ke, thank you. >> you're welcome. thank you. suspended miami dolphins player richie incognito accused of bullying his teammate says it all came from a place of love. the steps he is taking to get back on the field and recoup the money he on the sidelines. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, don't go anywhere. we have two incredible finishes one for the warriors, one for the sharks. see them in a moment. ,,
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day is a new world record... it's a full court shot by good morning, everybody. the warriors 3-0 at homecoming into last night, winning by an average of 20 points in those games, but not against oklahoma city where there were 16 lead changes. it came down to this. russell westbrook with seconds to go, pushed okc in front but there were 2.3 left and it all came down to this for golden stated. -- golden state. >> he got it! >> he got it! >> andre iguodala wins it and the warriors win 116-115 with the incredible shot as time expires. warriors undefeated on the home court. how about hockey? sharks held scoreless for 58 minutes until tomas hertl tied it before the end of regularlation and danny boyle nets the game winner overtime. the ref by the goal had no idea it went in. sharks win 2-1. the colts back from a 14- point first half deficit. colts bee the titans.
6:25 am
donald brown with two touchdowns. colts beat the titans. >> andrew mccutchen of the pirates is the national league mvp. miguel cabrera on the american side for the second season. and three-time indy 500 winner dario franchitti and champion and husband of ashley judd has been told by doctors that he can no longer race following last month's crash that left him with a fractured spine broken ankle and concussion. don't forget "49er preview" tomorrow night at 7:30 on kpix 5. 49ers traveling to new orleans where they hope to beat the saints for the second straight year. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day a new world record full court shot by thunder law with the harlem globetrotters 109 feet 9" away. nothing but net! u.s. airways center in phoenix is where he pulled off this feat that puts him in the guinness book of world records and look at that baby slide right in. it's your play of the day. >> awesome.
6:26 am
>> you should try that, frank. >> think you can do it? >> maybe one in 100. the miami dolphins player at the center of a bullying scandal has filed a grievance against his team. richie incognito wants an expedited hearing on his suspension so he can return to the playing field. he feels suspended from the dolphins for allegedly bullying his teammate jonathan martin former stanford alum. he is losing $235,000 for every game he suspended from. 6:26. seems like it gets worse for disgraced toronto mayor rob ford. coming up next, his new gig. i have this weird feeling there might be a bizarre crime wave today in san francisco. but i'm not worried. i have a feeling there's a hero in our midst! hear about our wish coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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hernandez died two weeks ag ago, when a gunman opened fe at l-a-x. why he laid wounded for more than 30 minutes before help arrived and tsa agent geraldo hernandez died at l.a.x. why he lay wounded 30 minutes before help arrived. >> a worldwide child porn ring busted. the surprising professionals arrested. >> skies mostly clear around the bay area a little chilly in spots. what about the weekend forecast? we'll talk about it coming up. >> and an update muni is back on track after a derailment. we still have vta delays. more coming up. friday, it has arrived finally. it's november 15.
6:31 am
i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. happening today batkid will save san francisco from evil villains. anne makovec is live in union square with more on our little heroes wish to save gotham city. anne. >> reporter: i have to say i feel very safe right now here at union square. that is because i know batkid is nearby. this is a huge project that's taken off through social media and captured the city's collective heart. citizens of gotham city, have no fear for today, miles is here! the 5-year-old has been fighting leukemia since he was a year old but today, he fights for justice on our city streets. >> it's wonderful to be able to celebrate and to cheer him on. >> reporter: the make-a-wish foundation is making miles' wish of becoming a caped crusader come true on the grandest of scales. >> can't believe this city is just embraced it with as much love as they have. >> with more than 11,000 volunteers, san francisco will be transformed. it all starts at the grand hyatt this morning when the
6:32 am
police chief called miles asking for help and the batmobile is off. there's a damsel in distress on the hyde street cable car line at union and green. and as soon as batkid saves her life, there's another crime in progress the evil riddler robbing a vault on montgomery street. batkid will hopefully arrive just in time to help load him into a paddy wagon and send him to the clink. then it's time for our superhero to recharge but it's a strategic stop at the burger bar chosen for its view over union square. >> nobody really knows what's going to happen. nobody knows how this kid is going to react so i think it's going to be a lot of fun. >> reporter: this is the perfect place to spot the next dastardly crime the evil penguin kidnapping giant mascots lou-seal. batkid will chase them down and with any luck save the seal tied up at at&t park. that will land batkid a special honor from the san francisco mayor at city hall this afternoon. a day no one could have ever imagined for a 5-year-old boy. >> he has had this to look
6:33 am
forward to during some of the darkest of his treatments and now he is through with treatment in remission and gets to celebrate that with us as superhero in san francisco. >> reporter: and he is going to have a mentor. batkid will be accompanied by a full-sized batman to encourage him along the way. and that is a professional acrobat. so i think we are going to see quite a show. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> like you said earlier, ann, every hero needs a sidekick, right? >> that is true. and he certainly has one. the whole thing is just amazing how this has come together with the help of 11,000 volunteers. everything down to the san francisco opera tailoring the costumes for this. so there will be a lot of surprises. >> anne, we know miles is in town right now. does he know all of this is happening or is he going to just get this sprung on him this morning? >> he has been told that he is on a batman trip. he has no idea what he is in store for. >> whatever that is. >> yeah. he has a busy day ahead of him. all right.
6:34 am
anne makovec, live in san francisco, thank you. 6:33 now. new details now on that deadly shooting inside l.a.x. that happened a couple of weeks ago. authorities doing surveillance footage said it took more than a half hour before a wounded tsa agent was wheeled out to the paramedics. police had to wait 33 minutes to finally declare the terminal safe to enter. that agent gerardo hernandez later died. the suspected gunman was arrested within five minutes after that attack had started. new this morning, canadian police say they busted a worldwide child porn ring and rescued nearly 400 kids. the operation dubbed project spade led to the arrest of hundreds including 76 here in the united states. among the people arrested were school employees, attorneys it police officers and registered sex offenders. police say the ringleader told people how to create videos featuring children aged 5 to 12. more controversy for toronto's mayor this time for his language on live television.
6:35 am
that mayor rob ford used graphic sexual language while denying reports about his advances towards a former staff member. that came just hours after fresh allegations of drug use from former staffers. ford still isn't shying away from the spotlight. he will reportedly begin hosting a tv show on monday with his brother doug a toronto city councilman. a student was attacked in a bay area high school possibly for her sexual orientation. just two days ago, a transgender teen at hercules high school complained to school officials she was being harassed by students and now administrators say the teen initiated a fight with the group of girls after being taunted on campus. >> i just heard screaming and then everybody ran out of my class and then there was like a bunch of teachers that tried to stop it. >> none of the teens involved was in class yesterday. earlier this week, an "agender"
6:36 am
teen was set on fire on an ac transit bus in oakland. luke sasha fleischman from berkeley was asleep when a 16- year-old allegedly set his skirt on fire. he suffered burns to his leg. the suspect is expected in court today. he faces assault and hate crime charges. developing a week after the super typhoon hit, international relief efforts are finally getting food and water to some of the survivors. the carrier uss george washington is there with naval helicopters making multiple deliveries. along with food, water and medicine, aid groups will prioritize the distribution of equipment to allow people to rebuild their homes. the number of known dead has passed 3600 now. and our kpix 5 telethon for the red cross raised more than $376,000 for the typhoon victims. so hats off to the bay area. thank you for giving. and if you didn't get a chance to call yesterday during the telethon, you can still give.
6:37 am
go to our website, a lot of generous folks out there. >> i think by noon we had to $100,000. >> they were giving up to $1,000 but they came together to make it happen. thank you, bay area, fantastic. outside today we have some mostly clear skies early on a little chilly in some spots. temperatures generally in the 40s and the 50s although we have seen the napa valley creep down into the 30s. winds have kicked up and that's helped to mix out the low clouds and fog like we had yesterday. moving out of the west now at 10 miles per hour at sfo, west- northwesterly at 9 miles per hour into san francisco. and 12 miles per hour the north- northwest in novato. so the winds blowing just enough to clear out your skies. the temperatures now mainly in the 40s and the 50s although you can see napa down to a chilly 37 degrees right now. by the afternoon, we'll see more sunshine. the temperatures more seasonal today. maybe just slightly above that into concord you're looking at 68 degrees, about 62 in san francisco and sunny and breezy
6:38 am
and 65 degrees in san jose. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth good news for muni riders is that everything is back on time. we are actually just got off the phone with muni with an update about what happened. it was a muni train derailment happened about 5:30 this morning near the west portal station. a two-car train and the front wheels on the second trail derailed about 15 people on board no one hurt. for a while they used shuttle buses on the k, l and n lines but right now, everything is back on track with no delay. still some delays however due to overhead wire issues on vta. outside here's a live look at the guadalupe parkway some of our sensors anyway. northbound 87 approaching curtner there was an accident there blocking a couple of lanes. everything was just cleared to the right-hand shoulder but we are still seeing delays from at least capitol expressway. and out to the bay bridge now the metering lights were turned on about 40 minutes ago so it is stacking up towards the overcrossings, about 15 minutes to get you on the bay bridge. that's your latest "kcbs traffic" update. back to you. >> thank you. 6:38 on your friday. get your burger, fries, a
6:39 am
little bit faster. how mcdonald's is fast forwarding its drive through service coming up. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's get a quick look at the early numbers here. a mixed bag this morning. coming up, we get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. [ female announcer ] welcome one and all to a tastier festive feast. so much to sip and savor, toa feeding frenzyve feast. to say the least. a turkey from safeway is just what they crave. a hero of the table, "so delicious" they'll rave. fresh, natural, frozen. it's the best selection around. spend $30 and a frozen safeway turkey is just 59 cents a pound. so raise your glass, pull up a chair, grab a plate. this tastier thanksgiving is well worth the wait. safeway. ingredients for life.
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adding a third drive-thru ww to speed up service. the chn is now testing a "fast forward drive- thru". the ia is to let customer mcdonald's is adding a third drive-through window to speed up service. the chain is testing a fast forward drive-through. the idea is to let customers drive to a third window if their orders are not ready. they fast forward drive throughs will be featured at new renovated golden arches next year. a bid to buy a well-known clothing company is taken off the table.
6:43 am
an investor apparently don't like it at all. let's talk with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> reporter: good morning. this was a big deal in the retail world when joseph a banks offered a hostile takeover of $2.3 billion for men's warehouse which is a bigger company than joseph bank. today joseph a bank took that offer off of the table. men's warehouse rejected it earlier calling it inadequate. there had been speculation though that perhaps a bigger deal could come along that they would accept. bank says even though it's taking the offer off the table it still thinks a deal would be the best interest of their shareholders of both companies. wall street coming off another record close yesterday based off of testimony at the senate banking committee and the senate confirmation hearing for janet yellen the federal reserve prospective head. most of her nomination is based on the fact that she would maintain stimulus policies. also today investors liking son
6:44 am
news coming out of china' leadership saying they are going to liberalize foreign investment in the country in particular when it comes to ecommerce. we'll see if the market can continue strong gains we have had this week. right now the dow is up by 16. nasdaq is down by 1. s&p up by 1. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. time for traffic now. liz, what's going on? >> it is friday! and we're hopping for good traffic conditions. so far that appears to be the case up and down the nimitz freeway. we had an earlier accident northbound 880 by 29th. it is cleared to gore point so everything looks good past the coliseum. san mateo bridge at the limit this morning. all bridges except for maybe the bay bridge where there's a backup behind the pay gates look good. south bay guadalupe parkway northbound 87 at curtner an accident there, also out of lanes. but it's still backing up. looks like towards highway 85. and mass transit muni once again no delay any longer. but vta still having some problems due to overhead wire
6:45 am
issues on the santa teresa to alum rock line. all right. we have been getting a big response over email and twitter. what drives you crazy on your commute? well, this is what phil says makes him crazy: we hear you, phil. we often see folks texting behind the wheel even though it was banned in 2009. the law says doesn't matter if you are on the move or at a traffic light. whatever you're texting of course it can wait. or pull over to a safe place. so everyone can get to their destinations on time. all right. we want to know what drives you crazy. you can contact us by asking a question or sharing a gripe. email as you the or you can tweet me at #wengerelizabeth and watch right here to see if your question gets answered on our air. all right.
6:46 am
that is a check of your "kcbs traffic." with more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. we're getting ready for the weekend now. looking good outside. we take you out there, we have mostly clear skies, although couple of clouds passing on by 800 feet at sfo. a great day ahead breezy in spots. looks like we are going to see lots of sunshine into the afternoon hours. temperatures going to be a little cooler and dry weather expected for the all important weekend but those temperatures will be dropping off too. so we have low pressure now slipping to the east helping to kick up winds and then another one making its way out of the gulf of alaska bringing some cooler temperatures, some clouds and it will be breezy at times through at least saturday then looks like things settle down into sunday. if you plan to travel around the state you will season 60s and 70s into the central -- see some 60s and 70s into the central valley. partly cloudy in monterey bay. around our bay 68 livermore one of the warmer spots there the same in the napa valley. mid-60s inside the bay but as you approach the coastline, the winds will be kicking up a little breezy toward the
6:47 am
beaches, high of only about 58 degrees in pacifica. next couple of days, the weekend included, should be a dre weekend although a little cool and then toward monday a few more clouds come our way, slight chance of some showers into tuesday. return to some dry weather by wednesday. all right. let's check your schoolcast for today. this one comes wagner ranch elementary school in orinda. starting out this morning you may need to grab a jacket if you are headed out to school. the temperatures there in the 40s. 60s though by lunchtime and plenty of sunshine. mid-60s when he get out on this friday. to nominate your school for a schoolcast go to love the forecasts on fridays. >> i know. they're great. lawrence, thanks. all right. this may be the feel-good story at least of the year. a boy's wish about to come true right here in san francisco. >> right. today parts of san francisco are being transformed into gotham city so five-year-old miles can be batman for a day. kpix 5's phil matier is live in union square with police chief greg suhr to find out what role
6:48 am
he will be playing today. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so what are you going to be doing today. we made a series of videos since this literally went bat nuts and that is going to move his day along. >> so what are we doing? we are shutting down parts of the city? >> no, no, no. i mean, this really started off at i think it would have been just a here and gone thing right up until 200,000 people went wild on social media and we started getting calls from australia. >> originally this wasn't supposed to be this big deal? >> no, no. we do things with make a wish all the time. this was supposed to just be -- it was going to start off -- they put the itinerary in the paper. it was going to start up the block come down here damsel in distress and batman prevails. save the city's money in the financial district. lunch upstairs here at the burger bar where he will see lou-seal getting kidnapped off to at&t park. but it was going to move. now if it doesn't it will be because of the crowds! >> that doesn't sound like
6:49 am
something small. you say you do this all the time? >> yeah. twice a year we jump into the bay to raise money for make a wish, we do a lot of things for special olympics. people come and sometimes we get to 1,000 but this is crazy. >> reporter: how many people are you expecting? >> 7,000 people tried to make a reservation to have lunch at the burger bar so they could be in the restaurant. i don't think it holds 7,000. pretty sure it doesn't. >> reporter: so you're expecting crowds of 20,000 or 30,000? >> i don't know how many it's going to be but we're expecting at least 7,000, 10,000 in civic center for the big finish. >> reporter: so -- >> i was going to ask, have you met miles or been in touch with the family? >> our whole connection to this thing so far has been through make-a-wish foundation other than we made sure that miles got a batkid t-shirt on thursday so i'm looking forward
6:50 am
to meeting him this afternoon. >> out of his own pocket he went out and he has put these together. [ laughter ] >> awesome! >> i'll bring some to the station. >> i have to give credit where credit is due. my son has a t-shirt business. he designed. this all the proceeds are going to make a wish every nickel. >> there we go. >> terrific. >> finally a good story out of you. >> yeah. [ laughter ] >> i'll take it. back to you guys. >> all right. chief and phil, great works, thanks, guys. it is 6:50. coming up next, there is a lot of unanswered questions this morning about a man who allegedly fell from a small plane near miami. up next, the only witness investigators have to work with to piece it all together and how it happened. >> and commuters just when you thought the bart saga was over, think again. we'll tell you about the new glitch that could derail the entire labor department. ,, ,,
6:51 am
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive
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and you could save hundreds." call or click today. insurance companies to cont licies that don't 5 things to know at 6:55 on your friday. a healthcare bill expected to pass the house today to allow insurance companies to continue selling policies that don't meet the legal standards in the affordable care act. not only to those who lost their policies but to new customers, as well. yesterday, the president said he would cancel policies -- would be extended actually for the year. shipments of food and medical supplies are streaming into the philippines. more than 3600 people are confirmed dead a week after a devastating typhoon. but the exact death toll remains unknown as recovery efforts are still under way. >> investigators in florida still trying to figure out how a passenger fell out of a small plane near miami. authorities don't expect to find the unidentified passenger
6:55 am
alive only the pilot and the passenger on board at the time. investigators are trying to piece together what happened. >> people were lining up for sony playstation 4 at midnight. the new model starts at $399. it features upgraded hardware and a blu-ray player. however, it won't work with older playstation games. >> a new snag could cause problems for the new bart c the bart board meets in private to talk about it. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran live in daly city with the issue that could nix the contract. >> reporter: this is like a joke without a punch line. just as we thought we were at the finish line bart management says there is a provision in the new contract that should have been dropped. it's a glitch that could derail the entire labor agreement. six months of negotiations and two strikes later bart and its
6:56 am
unions were a voted away from the end of the saga but bart management says there could be one more chapter all because of an oversight. >> stuff happens is all i can say. things slip by. >> reporter: bart's board director says management missed one provision that should not have been in the contract. it's a provision that gives bart workers six weeks of paid family leave. >> we do not know how it got in there. and we are trying to figure out that and work with the unions to resolve this isolated element of the contract. >> reporter: but the unions already ratified the contract and in a statement, atu's president said, quote, bart management is attempting to go back on agreements that were part of the final deal. this is unconscionable. >> reporter: now, that meeting will be at 3:30 today. we don't know what can be done because the unions have already said they wouldn't withdraw that provision. cate caugiran, kpix 5.
6:57 am
i'm anne makovec live in san francisco, or gotham city as you might want to call it because this city will be transformed in a matter of hours all thanks to a hero who is waking up in our midst this morning, a 5-year-old boy named miles. he is from siskiyou county up near the oregon border. he has been battling leukemia for most of his life but today, he is going to be battling comic book villains on our city streets. all with the help of the make-a- wish foundation. it all starts at the grand hyatt this morning when the police chief called miles asking for help and the batmobile is off. there's a damsel in distress at union and green and as soon as he saves her, there's another crime in progress the evil riddler robbing a vault on montgomery street. batkid will hopefully arrive just in time to help load him into a paddy wagon and send him to jail. then during a quick lunch near union square, the next
6:58 am
dastardly crime unfolds before our hero' eyes. the evil penguin kidnapping giants mascot lou-seal. batkid will chase them down and with any luck save the seal tied up at at&t park. that will land batkid a special honor from the san francisco mayor at city hall this afternoon. so you can see this is going to be quite a production with the help of 11,000 volunteers. this thing is really taking off with the help of social media and captured the city's collective heart. we'll be covering it all for you. right now live in san francisco, or gotham city, anne makovec, kpix 5. holy trouble, batkid! look what we're seeing over the city of gotham, the villains are on the loose and gotham city needs you, time to get up and get going this morning! tell you what we are expecting to have some pretty nice weather here in the city of gotham today. beautiful shot over the bay as we have mostly clear skies, the winds kicking up a little bit.
6:59 am
44 degrees in concord. 51 degrees in gotham. i have never had to do a gotham city forecast but this is the day to do it! a very, very important day. temperatures around the bay area today moving well into the 60s. you will see 50s out toward the coastline. and mid-60s into the bay only 62 degrees in gotham city today! hey, out over the weekend we should keep things dry but that may change on tuesday. a chance of a few showers coming our way. but yup, the bat signal is up. batkid get readied to go. the city needs you today. >> he is going to need a coat. a quick mass transit check. bart systemwide on time. muni and vta no longer reporting any delays. at the bay bridge it is backed up to the maze and just a quick note about traffic today. save us batkid from the joker and the riddler, trouble in gotham means delays around union square, at&t park, san francisco city hall beginning around the cable car tracks at hyde and green. >> breaking news! the batmobile around the bay bridge right now! captions by: caption colorado
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