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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  November 17, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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illinois-- killing at least person in that town, and leg behind in . violent weather ravaging the midwest. this weather tore through washington, illinois killing at least one person and leaving behind extensive damage.
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in the background, you could hear someone praying. this is the town of gifford, illinois after a tornado swept through there. at least 50 homes were destroyed or severely damaged. at least five people have died and dozens more injured during the severe weather outbreak at one point, stretched over 26 states. more than 70 tornadoes were reported sips this morning. the system is still matching eastward tonight. >> i heard some glass. we don't have any windows into the house. my husband came back and i said, i don't know what to do. we just stood in the hallway, where there are no windows and held each other. >> the tornado that is hit peoria illinois did major damage to at least 20 homes there. are no reports of injuries. east peoria is 1 a miles southwest of chick -- chicago. ominous clouds quickly covered the sun and ended up dumping heavy rain. a tornado warning forced
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officials to halt the game for nearly two hours and asked everyone to a concourse area. and the bears won by the way in overtime. >> paul is keeping an eye on the storm. what's happening now? >> battling places like missouri, indiana. next up is pennsylvania, new york, west virginia and kentucky. already today, 80 tornado reports much this is a weak tornado season, especially in the fall. things are getting active quickly. with cold can canadian air behind it. we have ourselves a big severe weather outbreak for the eastern part of the country. here, we can't buy a drop of rain. high dep doppler, is dry again. there are significant changes and not one but two days, as coming in the forecast.
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rescue workers, making slow progress bogs of electricity, water supply. nearly 4,000 people are confirmed dead. 1200 hours are missing. nearly two weeks after the storm, the bay area is still pitching in to help. don? >> that's right, anne. the effort around the bay area continues to gather supplies for the philippines. we're in san jose. in the north side community center, this effort was supposed to stop at 6:30. the goods keep coming. the gathering of volunteers may be one of the high powered bay area events to generate aid. u.s., with a box of clean shirts. cindy chafes and david court easy were on hand. jaime ascar. >> i know we've had a lot of drives this week and last week. this is the small part of adding one more drop-off donations for folks who are ready, willing and looking for
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ways to help. >> our efforts, trying to help organize the community for the big tragic event that happened to our our communities home country. >> most of the first shipments of food, medical supplies have been stuck at airports, getting to where it needs to be has been a challenge. it left debris in bad shape. >> first problem medical volunteers have faced. left san francisco international. >> finding a way to the area. >> emergency room doctor, doctor reyes. >> and so to be able to go back now, needs to provide the care they need, is special to me. >> in daly city, united methodist church, members of the united unitedhealthcare
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unit west, pledging 100,000 in aid. >> we're connected in one way or another. >> volunteers here say before the night is over, they will have the supplies on a truck or trucks, headed for a ship bound for the philippines. live in san jose, don knapp, kpix5. police are searching for a suspect that killed one woman. the shooting happened a little after 2:00 a.m. in a parking lot outside a nightclub at 6th and jesse street in the city south of market neighborhood. malls across the country are beefing up security as we head into the holiday shopping season. part of it has to do with recent shootings. this one in new jersey. newly-released video shows the gunman calmly strolling through the mall. he fired several shots before killing himself. no one elogist was hurt. security guards are practicing in case they are to come face- to-face with an active shooter.
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going into black friday, what specifically are malls and shopping centers doing to insure the security of their shoppers. >> during the holiday season, malls will increase the number of security officers on the floor. it will usually take supervisors. and the big thing, they coordinate with the local police departments. >> the national retail federation projects 97,000 people will head to the nation's malls on black friday. it's not over until it is over. what happens tomorrow to solve the bart snafu and get it signed, sealed and delivered, adding to already no spokesperson policy. the next public place one bay area city wants people to ban from lighting up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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at its medical and student-health facilities. that means there will be *no one day tatively . university is reaching a tentative agreement. and that means there will be no one day strike that is tentatively scheduled for wednesday. preliminary deal calls for an annual 4 percent pay increases toward 2017. more than 11,000 nursing units
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have to vote on it. both sides have to work tomorrow to prevent the latest snag. one particular provision in the contract could throw a rempleg -- wrench made. after months of bitter battles on bart's wages and work rules, bart leaders realized there was a clause that negotiators signed, six weeks of paid time off from family leave. >> misunderstandings between staff and contracted parties resulted in this inadvertently typed into theta. >> bart board members, on k picks sunday morning. >> 44 million more over four years, according to bart. the unions say it's closer to $5 million this was no mistake. >> to represent it that way,
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it's disengenius. >> the bay area has endured two strikes this year. could it happen again. the unions won't talk about it. the anger is clear. >> we are absolutely disappointed, disgusted and put off by the board to actions. >> the board has the option of sucking up the cost and offering the union something in exchange. he plans on rejecting any deal sweetners, he thought the original deals he thought so much. >> i'm still voting no. i can't speak to my colleagues on how much more he has to give. >> after negotiations on mopped, full bart meets again on thursday to decide its first move. anne, k picks news 5. >> no contract between the unions. so far no word on any movement. it could soon be illegal to
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light newspaper downtown palo at oa. team counselors are proposing a city ban on the main district's. this is few months after the council adopted a ban in local parks. preserving a piece of bay area history. the work being done in court tower. if you take the rainfall in san francisco, doubled it and added another inch, we still won't beat the record for drought in 1976 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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makeover. john ramos takes us inside the landmark-- and shares the story behind the famous murals that a . iconic koit tower is about to close for five months for a make over. john joins us for the landmark and shares the story for the landmark that's about to be restored. >> koit tower is unique because that's all it was supposed to be. when lilly donated a third of the state to beautify the city she loved, she left it to others to decide how to spend it. >> originally. the city fathers tried to mr. a road with her 100,000. friends and luckily, others said she wanted something different and unique. >> in 1933, years after her death, the city decided to build the familiar art deco tower with an elevator ride up with spectacular views of the day. because it was a depression and
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people needed jobs, government commissioned artist to create the fresco mirrors. the scenes of life in california became the first publicly sponsored art in the country, giving koit towers stunning views both inside and out. >> with the works of art, it's become a museum. that's in part, motivated all of us to push the city, harder to treat it like a museum. we hope from forward, it will be. >> monday, the next five months, coit tower will be closed as crews renovate the structure. windows will be replaced to keep out moisture. inside protective barriers will be installed. art i haves will repair any scrapes or scratches on the delicate murals. jonah peoples lived here her whole life and visited for the first time with her grandson. >> wanted to get the original
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feeling. that's why i came today. >> not going to lie. it's boring for me. it's always nice to see the mural or get to ride in it. >> it may be an acquired taste but the living art is here. >> it's the unusual structures standing when it was built. >> the intentional renovation is to keep it that way for the next 30 years. john ramboss, kpix5. the tower is set to reopen march 18th. hopefully by then we'll talk about the rain we've had the rainy season. right now, baby steps. >> we're starting to crawl right now. we can use the rainfall. it's early. we have a lot of time to make this up, this being a rainfall deficit. we didn't do it today but it's sunday. it wasn't warm but it was mild. mid-60s in los altos.
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the warmest part, livermore had 67. novato topped at 63. the weather was aok with a high of 59. nothing on the radar. of the last time we had something, the second day of fall. fall has one more molest. dry pu not tomorrow night. change is coming and will get some rainfall. in the north bay, will be chilly for the kids going to school. napa down to 40. livermore, down to 43. the warm spot will be the city of san francisco coming in at 50. we have another storm. pu for the past two or three weeks, i've told you, there are plenty of storms. they are not coming here. what makes this guy different. it's big and has a lot of moisture. here's the deal. it will make it to the bay area. the plooking ridge of high pressure has been with us september 27th, is moving.
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not much. 200 miles to the south. as it moves to the south, sphere of influence will move to the south, allowing something to come along and skirt to the top of the ridge and bring some rainfall further to the south. likely it will rain to santa barbara. the bay area for the first time in a long time will see a widespread soaking rainfall beginning tomorrow night. let's time it with future cast. clouds move in tonight. tomorrow, it will be a cloudy day. you could see rain entering mendocino county. showers will be around by tuesday evening. we're looking at steady rainfall for the north bay. showers are likely for all of us beginning tuesday. rain moves in north and south. it will be here monday night after sunset. tuesday, looking wet, here's some bonus much wednesday, also looking wet. in the north bay, likely see the rainfall with more than a half an inch, by the time the rain wraps up monday evening. highs tomorrow, last friday for a few. san jose, hit 64.
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campbell, 65. los at os. haywood, 61. low 60s, afternoon cloud cover. hewlett, 63. san rafael, 62. oakland 64. get rain by tomorrow night. high of 64 degrees. there it is. it's been two months. we can say it. rain likely on tuesday. rain likely on wednesday. here's the best news. rain is not there, back to 70 with sunshine. >> good timing. middle of the week. we've got rainfall. >> we like that. >> we need it. >> new face in the raiders, making news. >> and it's stirring a little bit of controversy. raiders got a quarterback controversy on their hands. big controversy in the big easy. did the hit cost the 49ers a game? ,,,,
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hoping for a better result y against the saints the su in . last time 49ers were in new orleans. super goal crowd, caused kaepernick to pull a chris webber. they are down 7-0 in the second quarter. and reverend ref and kaepernick turned that into point. nice shoulder throw to antoine for the first touch down pass in six games. 49ers trail 14-10. that one by ahmad groups. and that set up this.
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kaepernick to vernon davis. >> and patrick willits coming up with it. ref ruled, and hit it in the -- tim harbaugh can't believe it. saints kept the ball and tied it with a field goal. drew brees marches new orleans from down field. and beats the 49ers. 23-20 the final much afterwards, ahmad group disagree with a penalty against them. >> trying to the players. and defensive line, we still
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get shocked. we still get -- if you're going to protect everybody, why not change the rules. and that's a big play in the game. we've lost the game, man and that's a reason why. >> carson palmer with the 49ers at the west. former radar, corner back, huge chunk here. michael floyd, takes a few defenders and he goes 91 yards for the touchdown. cardinals beat the jags, 27-14. they are tied with the 49ers in the west. raiders called undrafted ricky, started training. and you know you're in texas when the bushes make a combo appearance. gary coaching from the box
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after suffering a mild stroke two weeks ago. this was not exactly the welcome wagon. they hit -- for the first career touchdown. raiders up 7-0. after the case, interception-- it was 14-0. how about this. 14-7. oakland 2nd quarter. and hits martin. this would tie the game at 14. a huge special team, momentum and in favor of the texans. 17-14, houston in the prd 3 -- 3rd. over the linebacker's head, in the lines, and raiders lead 21- 17. later in the 3rd, jennings puts the game away by literally running in. he goes 80 yards for a touchdown. 28-17 lead. jennings finishes with 150
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yards. mcgown had 197 yards and three touchdown. >> and a battle in the 4th quarter. try to change the culter. >> it was a long week, long week of preparations, you know. getting it better, was kind of good. >> what happens when the preparations, prepared for a while to get in there. my team, really supported me. and one of the reasons i prepared as hard as i could. >> and nascar sprint card championship. jimmy johnson looking for a 6th title in eight years. scary moment, and comes in the pit row with a rear tire fire. with the crew working on it, pressure blows in. and hanland crosses, for the first place finish. story of the day, jimmy
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johnson. finishes 9th today. upwards 6 prince cup championship in eight years much tonight on game day, will look into the kind of hit that was made that might have cost the 49ers the game. the rules protecting players, concussions ab how it's trickling down to pop warner football. >> 11:00 right here on k picks 5. that's it for us. a60 minutes is next. you could always find us on ,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> stahl: with congress having barred any guantanamo bay detainee from setting foot on u.s. soil, and president obama vowing to shut the prison down, life at gitmo grinds on. we were given a tour of camp five echo block, where detainees began to protest the moment we arrived. it was the first time video cameras were allowed inside this wing of the facility where detainees who have attacked military guards are held. we were told to move as fast as possible. >> rose: billionaires don't usually like to talk about their wealth, but this group has. they and others like them have all pledged to give at least half of their incredible


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