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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 18, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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at the oak street exit and kpix 5's kiet do is on the scene. he joins us now with the very latest. kiet. >> reporter: good morning, frank. let's take a look at the scene out here. the traffic that you see heading towards us in our direction, that is 880 southbound just south of oak street. they have the far right lane open. it looks like the street sweepers are just finishing up the last bit of work here as they clear out some of the debris from the accident that happened today. now, just before 1:00 this morning, a bmw was heading northbound just south of oak street in excess of 100 miles when it hit a semi truck sending it dhaka careening into the air and hit a honda on the other side of the freeway. there was a male driver in each vehicle, both killed. the cars were totaled. it took chp and the crews sometime to cut out the bodies. the coroner removed the remains and the street sweepers are
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just getting ready to open up here. we have heard reports of sometime between 4:30 and 5:00 so it looks like they are still finishing it up. but we'll keep an eye on this. looks like they are opening up a couple of more lanes of the freeway so gene a double fatal accident -- so again, a double fatal accident in oakland had the potential to really snarl the traffic but looks like chp is getting the upper hand on it. as kiet mentioned, still no official eto. they had hoped by 5:00 but that deadline is passed. three of four lanes are closed southbound. the accident happened around 16th. the lanes are blocked between broadway and 16th so we are seeing good sized delays from downtown oakland. if you want an alternate, 580 probably the best bet. southbound nimitz freeway, right now up to 21 minutes between the maze and 238. it hasn't changed much in the
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last 10, 15 minutes. but if they re-open lanes, that will help the commute across that stretch of freeway. bart is also another great option. so far, they got all trains on time. that is your latest "kcbs traffic" update. here's lawrence with the weather. >> go. go. go. >> first developing right now, as many as 40 tornadoes ripped through the midwest killing at least 6 people and injuring dozens more and now kpix 5 meteorologist lawrence karnow is here with more on yesterday's deadly storms. >> yeah, guys. terrible storms breaking out across the midwest. this is something more typically that you would see in springtime where you have that big transition of temperatures as we move into spring but now we have seen a secondary match in the other direction and we have storms rolling across the country. looks like now they are headed toward the eastern seaboard. still could break out into severe weather but doesn't look like conditions are as ripe as yesterday. still, the storms were very scary and very deadly across
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the midwest. >> reporter: this town of about 10,000 people nearly destroyed as the storm ripped through washington illinois. >> a lot of people have a pile of rubble. i don't have anything. my whole -- it's gone! i don't know where it went! >> reporter: taken away by this tornado. the man recording this video prays as the twister engulfs houses not far from his. illinois emergency management says in just two communities the storms destroyed at least 70 homes. rescuers worked sunday to reach people trapped under the rubble hiding in their basements. >> did sound like a freight train. we heard it. and i looked over my backwoods, i saw a debris field coming at me. >> reporter: mid broadcast in peoria, these news anchors had to cut their coverage and evacuate. >> we need to take shelter right now. >> we do. >> we need to go off the air. we'll be back when we can. >> reporter: in lebanon, indiana, the wind flipped a car into the patio of the starbucks and blew out the windows of the building. the high winds from st. louis
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to wisconsin to ohio knocked out power for hundreds of thousands of homes and businesses. most notably, 390,000 in michigan alone. for the numerous people who have lost their homes, the focus now will be on recovering what they can and rebuilding. and this is a hard time of year for this to happen, of course, because now the colder temperatures a lot of these folks are without homes, without power, it is going to be a very, very messy time for them to clean everything up. going to take some time. >> thank you, lawrence. the deadly weather had an impact on travel across the country, as well. we talked with some airline passengers who landed at sfo after being delayed. >> we got caught as the storm was coming in so we had to sit on the runway for about 45 minutes. >> supposed to be in hawaii hours ago so we are going to make the best of it. my fiancee has never been to san francisco. >> some passengers tell us they were delayed by eight hours or more because of all that bad
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weather. in the philippines, some communities hit hard by typhoon haiyan appear to be shifting from survival mode to early recovery. but every time the government releases new numbers, the disaster just seems to get worse. nearly 4,000 people are confirmed dead, almost 1600 are missing, more than 18,000 people are injured, and more than 4 million have been displaced and are in need of food, shelter and water. and generosity in the bay area is not letting up as people continue to donate food and supplies to help survivors of the typhoon. one of the biggest volunteer events was yesterday in san jose. the national federation of filipino-americans association held a drive at the north side community center. volunteered collected food, clothing and other items. >> i know we have had a lot of drives this week and last week. that needs to keep going and this is our part to add one
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more drop-off place for folks ready to donate. >> congressman mike honda of campbell was among many dignitaries at the event. he brought t-shirts. the latest figures show more than 4 million survivors of the typhoon have been displaced. happening today, growing concern about another bay area transit strike now that bart says a contract agreement contains a clause that should not have been included. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran joins you live from walnut creek with details on a new round of negotiations all set to begin today. here we go again, cate. >> reporter: here we go again is right, frank. you know, you're right. the negotiations between bart and its unions are set for today and commuters more than any other key player in this dispute are hoping that today's session is not like ones we have seen in the past because as far as this new contract is concerned, we heard the two sides agreed on it. the unions ratified it but when it came down to that bart management vote, a mysterious provision is now putting a stop to implementing the new contract. the provision allows bart workers to take 6 weeks paid
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family leave and bart management says it's a clause that could cost the transit agency an extra $44 million over four years. >> some miscommunications and misunderstandings between staff and contracted parties resulted in this inadvertently being typed into the ta. >> we are absolutely disappointed, disgusted and put off by the board's actions. >> reporter: the unions say it's closer to 5 million and the provision was meant to be included and there is no word if the unions are considering another strike. after the two sides meet today we do know that the bart board will meet thursday to consider its next move. live from walnut creek, bart, back to you in the studio. >> 5:07. bart has the option of absorbing the could see or offering the unions something in exchange. and there's no word on any movement regarding the ac transit's labor situation. unions and management are about
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halfway through their 60-day cooling-off period ordered by governor brown. ac transit mainly serves alameda and contra costa counties. san francisco police are trying to find a hit-and-run driver who injured a bicyclist about 7:00 last night at 7th and mission. there is no information on the condition of the bicyclist. it was a white van that hit the bike rider. the van probably has front end damage and possibly a shattered window. san francisco police are also searching for a killer. two women were shot inside a car in a parking lot at 6th and jesse south of market. it was a little after 2 a.m. yesterday. one of the women was killed. the victim's name hasn't been released. doppler going to be busy? >> finally. looks like we have a chance of showers in the bay area, not today. cloudy skies later on. but yeah, looks like things starting out quietly just
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partly cloudy skies now. chilly in spots though. hi-def doppler radar looking for rain but none just yet. i think by this time tomorrow morning we'll probably be talking about rain at least in the north bay. here we go. you can see the cold front off the coastline. it is going to be a slow mover getting here. we'll see clouds on the increase throughout the day today. out the door we go, partly cloudy skies over the bay right now. the temperatures getting cold especially in the north bay valleys, just above freezing at 33 degrees in santa rosa right now, 44 livermore, 50 in san francisco. temperatures this afternoon will be cooler. plan on highs only in the 60s. 50s at the coastline. and low 60s inside the bay. we'll have more on the prospects for rain coming up in a couple of minutes. back to you. >> thank you. 5:09. nurses at the university of california student health facilities and the uc hospitals won't be part of a one-day strike wednesday. those nurses have a tentative contract agreement that calls for a 4% raise each year through 2017.
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other workers are expected to strike wednesday. tonight palo alto is expected to consider expanding its outdoor smoking ban. earlier this year smoking was banned in parks and within 25 feet of building entrances. now city council members want to include the downtown area and california avenue. a memo says extending the ban would reduce secondhand smoke and litter. >> it's safer for me and people with kids who can be affected by secondhand smoke in public. >> the next step would be to send the proposal to committee. vallejo high school may be forced to get a new mascot. the school may be asked to drop the school name apache. it's been the name for decades but some indians find it offensive. the recommendation will be presented to the vallejo city unified school district board at a meeting on wednesday. tomorrow voters in the town of sonoma will decide whether
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to put limits on big hotels. measure b would put a 25-room limit on new hotels and prohibit existing hotels from expanding beyond 25 rooms. supporters say it would preserve sonoma's small town character. opponents say it would damage sonoma's reputation as a tourist destination. currently five sonoma hotels with 26 rooms or more, the largest has 182. time now 5:11. a rare meningitis outbreak hits a school. >> a ban falling from the upper deck at a buffalo bills game and -- a fan falling from the upper deck at a buffalo bills game and he survives. caught on cam. >> a new mission to mars nasa's goal behind this latest trip. ,, ,,,,
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mission to mars, for nasa. it happening at cape canave florida... where the robotic scout "maven" is set to lauh at 10: happening today another mission to mars for nasa at cape canaveral, florida, where the robotic scout maven set to launch at 10:28 pacific time this morning. the journey will take 10 months, 21st mission to the red
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planet. maven will orbit for a year to understand how the planet is cold and dry. mars is trending on twitter this morning. also trending now, nelson mandela, according to family members, the leader is unable to speak and uses facial expressions to communicate. dubai airshow boeing announces a huge $95 billion haul at the airshow. broncos, the denver broncos hand the chiefs the first loss of the season. and breaking bad an alternate ending to the hit tv series leaked online over the week. remember, you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. >> broncos played last night? i bet you watched that. >> no. but i saw michelle facebooking quite a bit late into the evening in fact. >> who me? >> yeah. [ laughter ] we have a pretty serious situation going on in oakland. only one lane is open right now the far right lane southbound
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880 on the nimitz freeway. you a double fatal collision overnight. sweepers are on the scene and emergency crews. the car hit a big rig went over the center divide and hit another car head on in the southbound lanes. let's check the maps and live traffic sensors to show you gridlock, right around 980 interchange. so avoid this. traffic is slow. speeds below 25 miles an hour. chp says that big rigs can use 580 until 6:00 this morning. so it sounds like they expect those lanes to be closed a little while longer. in the meantime, the drive time southbound 880 the maze to 238 still around 21 minutes so bart is also another good option. we checked in with them, so far all trains including those through oakland are on time. here's a look at the bay
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bridge. the commute hasn't started at the toll plaza, no big problems into san francisco. westbound 580 looks good so far but just seeing a few tapping of the brake lights as you leave tracy towards the altamont pass. that's your also "kcbs traffic." for your forecast, a rainy one, here's lawrence. >> got some showers in the forecast. think we'll hold off on that today. right now our hi-def doppler radar is checking out your skies. so far, it is clear of any rain but we have a couple of clouds out there. in fact, some fog showing up in the napa and santa rosa area this morning so watch out for that early on. temperature-wise a little chilly in spots. numbers in the 30s, 40s and 50s. partly cloudy skies. this afternoon, we are going to see some cooler temperatures maybe some mid-60s but increasing clouds late in the day. you will see temperatures in the 50s at the coast and low 60s inside the bay. high pressure scooting out of the way here and you have the cold front off the coastline. going to take 24 hours before we really see it move onshore to bring rain. so with that in mind, rain arriving early tomorrow morning
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probably about the time we'll be looking at doppler radar with showers on the monitor. all right. throughout the day today, we are going to see an increase in some of the clouds from the cold front approaching the bay area but wait until tomorrow morning, this is 7 a.m. tomorrow morning we'll see rainfall. then unsettled through tuesday and maybe some leftover showers right into wednesday, as well. so with that in mind, we have the storm moving in, not going to be the biggest one we have ever seen, maybe a 10th inch in pacifica, quarter inch in san francisco and the further north you go the more you get. maybe as much as an inch of rain towards santa rosa. so around the bay area, dry today, 50s and 60s, mid-60s in the warmest spots. and then looking out over the next couple of days, haven't seen much of this but a chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. dry weather thursday. by the weekend, offshore winds kick in those temperatures back up into the low 70s inland.
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>> wow. >> so one extreme to another. >> looks like it. all right, lawrence. thanks. 5:18 now. a colorado mine is closed this morning after two workers died in a mining accident yesterday. it appears the employees died from carbon monoxide poisoning. 20 others were injured. >> some of miners are trying to save the others and had to leave. >> investigators are trying to figure out what may have caused the gas leak. they have ruled out an explosion and mine collapse as the cause. some terrifying moments in yesterday's buffalo bills-new york jets game when a man fell from the stadium's third deck and lands on a filo fan below. the accident was captured on cell phone video. the man landed on the second deck. he suffered a shoulder injury. one sustained a head injury.
5:20 am
both are expected to be okay. an emergency vaccine might be brought to the united states to fight a health problem at one of the ivy league colleges. princeton university officials are considering whether to offer students a vaccine that's available in europe and australia. seven people are diagnosed with meningitis b at princeton. the only vaccine for the disease bexsero is the only one for the disease. >> i'm confident it will work. i probably wouldn't get it though. i'm not too worried about the outbreak. so if princeton starts vaccinating students, i wouldn't be first in line. >> the fda says the cdc may import it because of the outbreak because of the symptoms. we have a video coming up. >> i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, the raiders do they
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have a quarterback controversy? and would the trip back to new orleans be better than the last one for the 49ers? sports in a couple of minutes. ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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helped up after this play..e jag's defensive end, jason babin, comes up a hairy situation lawed out in the jaguars cardinals game last night. as they get helped up after
5:24 am
this play, the jags defensive end comes up with an unexpected prize. a handful of runningback andre ellington's hair. bab bins shows us the locks and then throws them to the turf. ouch. good morning, everybody. the last time the 49ers were in new orleans, it was super bowl 47. san francisco hoping for a better result yesterday. and it was a superdome that was loud all day for colin kaepernick who struggled. but down 14-10, 3rd quarter he has vernon davis and the 49ers go up by three. then tied at 20 under a minute to go, drew brees marches new orleans into field goal rain. hartley up and good. the saints win 23-20. the 49ers have lost two straight, they are now 6-4. raiders texans, the bushes
5:25 am
made an appearance. fourth string quarterback threw three touchdowns and no interceptions. jennings puts the game away by running over the safety, 80- yard score. raiders win 28-23. they are 4-6 and they are one game out of a play-off spot. sharks finishing a road trip in chicago tied at one, krueger stops on a dime to sharpe for the one timer. the sharks lose to the defending champ 5-1. so who is the raider quarterback? do you stay with the hot hand mcgloin on go back to terrelle pryor? we'll have a news conference today at raider headquarters and we'll have the answer for you tonight in the 6:00 news. have a great day. player of the day. that would be jack taylor out of a division three school in iowa. this guy is amazing. he scored 109 points in a weekend game against crossroads
5:26 am
college. the pioneers won 173-123. you may remember he broke an ncaa record last year by scoring 138 points in a game. your player of the day. which magazine is for sale and why sony is celebrating. i'm jennifer mclogan at the new york stock exchange. that and more in your report. >> we may need to take shelter ourselves right now. >> anchors forced to evacuate during a tornado outbreak in the midwest. dramatic video in a live report from the worst hit areas coming up. >> an iconic san francisco landmark will be shutting its doors but for just a few months. coming up, we'll tell you which one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. tornadoes rip through the midwest... wiping out
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entire neighborhoods. we're live... from one of th .. as neighbors si a deadly outbreak as tornadoes rip through the midwest wiping out entire neighborhoods along the way. we're live from one of the hardest hit towns as neighbors sift through the rubble. >> a cold front headed to the bay area, yes, we're talking about the possibility of some rain. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and a double fatal crash on the nimitz freeway in oakland already causing major gridlock. for the latest on the commute there live from the scene, let's go live to kiet do. >> reporter: you're looking at traffic on 880 southbound. this is just south of oak street. street sweepers some of them have moved out so we should see some movement here in a little bit. this whole incident started around 1 a.m. when the chp says a bmw was heading in excess of 100 miles an hour northbound on 880. that's when it clipped the semi trailer.
5:31 am
it hit a truck, then flipped over the center divider, hit another car and both drivers were killed. the chp had to use the "jaws of life" to remove the drivers. the street sweepers are removing debris. the far light rain is open at this hour. we are seeing a lot of movement with these directional trucks and street sweepers. so i'll let you know when it opens back up. in oakland, kiet do, kpix 5. i know a lot of people that livedded behind me that got hit the worst were at church. the reaction when they saw their houses for the first time it was really heartbreaking. >> a heartbreaking sunday in the midwest. violent weather ripped through several states. at least 6 people are dead from the storms all of them in illinois. entire neighborhoods disappeared when the storms
5:32 am
roared through the midwest. you're looking live at new minden, illinois. the search for victims and survivors continues this morning. cbs news reporter bigad shaban joins us from one of the hardest hit communities, washington illinois. only residents and emergency workers are being allowed into the town today. >> reporter: michelle, good to be with you. as the sun came up through washington, it's revealing some of the destruction just one of those tornadoes left behind. this used to be an automotive shop. here's a broken seatbelt we found that came from one of the nearby vehicles or one of the store shelves. debris stretches down the block. reporter: firefighters in washington, illinois, searched through rubble looking for survivors of a massive tornado that leveled the town. spray-painted xs signify a car or home has been searched and is clear. >> go, go, go. >> reporter: this was just one
5:33 am
of an estimated 80 twisters reported in the midwest sunday. most were in illinois. michael perdun saw a twisted headed for his home. >> grabbed my daughter and ran, everybody is safe. the rest is replaceable. >> reporter: hundreds of homes were destroyed and officials instituted a dusk-to-dawn curfew because of gas leaks and downed power lines. the same tornado that hit washington also struck the town of pekin 18 miles away. jeff lehman says he barely escaped. >> my son said, there it is. and i mean, in a matter of seconds we turned around and it was right on top of us. we hustled in the house and before we knew it, it was gone. it was that fast. >> reporter: the national weather service estimates a tornado with winds of 166 miles per hour hit the town of new minden, illinois. an elderly man and his sister died when the twister hit their farmhouse. heavy rain, hail and high winds
5:34 am
contributed to damage in at least 7 states. illinois certainly saw the brunt of those storms but because of poor cell service and blocked roads, it's unclear how many people may have been injured and whether that death toll, michelle, might continue to rise. >> bigad, you can see all that debris right behind you. describe the instruction where you're standing. >> reporter: well, it's hard to imagine what this actually used to be. just behind this area right here, were a number of mobile home parks that were demolished and destroyed. but as you might imagine, people right now are trying to figure out how to recover and what to do next. >> all right. bigad shaban live in washington, illinois, thank you. a deadly weather chased the news anchors out of their studio at a tv station in peoria, illinois yesterday. they were warning viewers to take shelter when they discovered that they had better
5:35 am
take cover, too. >> i'm hearing things right now, chuck. i think we, uhm, we may need to take shelter right now. >> yes. >> ourselves. >> we do. >> we need to go off the air. we'll be back when we can. >> right. we'll be right back. >> there you go. the tv station in peoria did make it through the storm okay. but there's still a threat of severe weather. and kind of late in the season for this, isn't it? >> it is. usually we'll get something like this or something terrible like this happening more in spring but this one kind of a secondary round of the tornadoes developing outside and, well, looks like we're not done with the severe weather just yet. you can see that fierce line of thunderstorms on our doppler radar. look at all reds and orange as that line stretches all the way across st. louis down into missouri and, well, making its way across toward the eastern seaboard but you can see, kind of losing some of the punch with the storm system but still a lot of yellows and some oranges to the north. so we're not done with the storm system just yet. one last gasp today before it makes its way out to the atlantic. in the meantime, a cold
5:36 am
front approaching the west coast. here it is, see those clouds in the bay area will be increasing throughout the bay area today. chilly in spots. thick fog in the north bay valleys. 39 napa. 40s and 50s elsewhere. by the afternoon, it's going to be cool. we are seeing some temperatures running below average into the afternoon. plan on about 64 degrees in livermore. 59 in san francisco. and checking in at 62, some partly cloudy skies in san jose. all right.let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. in oakland they just reopened all lanes within the last few minutes. of course, the fatal collision we have been watching since very early this morning. southbound 880 by 16th, now they have been able to re-open the remaining three lanes. it is taking a while though for traffic to recover. right here past the accident scene, it looks okay. but let's get a check of our maps and our live traffic sensors and you will notice still gridlock it looks like still backed up in the 980
5:37 am
interchange so it may take a while to recover. it took a long time for this accident to completely clear because it was a pretty horrific crash with two people killed. there was a lot of debris in the road. so again southbound 880 is going to be slow-and-go for a while even though all lanes are open. in fact, it's up to a half hour right now between the maze and 238. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza, the delays are just beginning in the far right cash lanes. that's your "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. bart is going back to the bargaining table today again with unions that represent the transit agency workers. the two sides will try to work out a problem with the contract deals that were already agreed upon by negotiators on both sides. bart's board won't sign off on it. they say a clause that would allow workers six weeks of paid family leave mistakenly made it into those new contracts. they say the clause will cost bart an extra $44 million over four years. the unions say it's closer to 5 million an insist it was no mistake. also today state lawmakers
5:38 am
will try to figure out how to better regulate and enforce policies on pg&e and other utilities. senate subcommittees on gas and electric infrastructure safety will hold a hearing today at 10:00 at the milton marks conference center in san francisco. a man was shot and killed overnight in san jose. officers say it happened around 3:00 this morning on golden rain drive near monterey road. the victim died at the scene. officers are not releasing any information. some bay area news. a ceremony is planned for 11 a.m. at oakland's evergreen cemetery to honor those who died in the 1978 jonestown massacre in guyana. 35 years ago today, more than 900 people were convinced to consume a poison-laced grape flavored drink. the victims were member of the people's temple, a san francisco-based cult. it could be the biggest convention this year in san francisco. is hosting its
5:39 am
annual dream force conference next week. 120,000 people are expected for the event and it's expected to pump $100 million into the san francisco economy. coit tower is now off limits for visitors for now. it's shutting down for renovations. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly joins us live with more on the big makeover. good morning. >> good morning, frank. coit tower closed today. it's going to stay closed for the next five months in order to get a face-lift. it's definitely an iconic landmark here in the city with a long history that staff hope to preserve. reporter: of all the buildings on the san francisco skyline, coit tower stands high and proud and it should. it has a very interesting history. >> it's living history. it's one of those few structures that's still standing in the same way it was intended when it was built. >> reporter: when she died, lily hitchcock coit donated a third of her state to beautify san francisco. city leaders debated what to do with the $100,000. >> in fact, originally, the
5:40 am
city fathers tried to build a road with her $100,000. but her friends, luckily, and others said, well, i think she wanted something different and unique. >> reporter: in 1933, they settled on coit tower. but after 80 years of wear and tear, this landmark needs some work. through the next five months crews will fix cracks on the outside walls and repair windows to keep out moisture. inside they will put up new protective barriers and artists will touch up what time has torn away. these art-deco frescoes were the first publicly sponsored art in the country and those who love the tower hope to keep them intact. >> with the works of art it's also become a museum, and that's really what in part has motivated all of us to push the city harder to treat it like a museum. >> reporter: so this renovation is going to cost $1.7 million. that money was approved through last year's measure b. the hope is if everything goes according to plan to open coit tower back up in the spring. live in san francisco, mark
5:41 am
kelly, kpix 5. >> some might not know, but lily coit died in 1929. it took four years before city leaders agreed on building what is now known as our coit tower. wall street stands at an all-time high with a new week of trading about to start in an hour. we get the numbers from wendy gillette from >> reporter: stock futures indicate the market could open up today and that means the dow could hit the never-before-seen level of 16,000 today. overseas, asian markets got a big kick after beijing announced a massive economic social reform plan on friday. hong kong's hang seng jumped 2.7%. on friday u.s. markets once again hit record-breaking highs. the dow was up 85, nasdaq up 13. forbes magazine is for sale. forbes media the family-owned company that publishes the magazine says it's exploring options after several potential buyers expressed interest.
5:42 am
forbes magazine has covered finance and wealth since 1917. boeing is flying high after the first day of the dubai airshow. the airplane maker says it got more than 340 orders for aircraft totaling more than $100 billion in orders. its big seller the 777-x long haul airliner. boeing intends to deliver the first one by the end of the decade. and a delegation from the u.s. olympic committee is expected to take quick trips to more than a half dozen cities including san francisco that are interested in hosting the 2024 games. the other cities are philadelphia, boston, dallas, l.a. and washington. the federation must decide if it will bid by the end of next year and then the host will be chosen in 2017. frank and michelle, that has a really nice ring to it, doesn't? >> we like it. we'll take it. i understand sony did a little celebrating over the weekend, too. >> reporter: yeah. sony reported big sales on its
5:43 am
playstation 4 videogame consoles. they went on sale friday in the u.s. and canada. and more than 1 million were sold in the first 24 hours. microsoft's new xbox 1 goes on sale this week. >> she is the gamer, right? >> i am a gamer. so i don't know. maybe. maybe it will be on my wish list this year. wendy gillette,, thank you. 5:43 right now. coming up, risky removal. nearly three years after a destructive earthquake and deadly tsunami, a delicate operation gets under way at a damaged japanese nuclear power plant. >> and mother nature putting on a fireworks display the world's most active volcano at it one more time. >> critical seconds. the skill you can learn in a minute that could save lives. ,,,,
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removing fuel rods from a damaged nuclear reactor in japan. a massive earthquake happening today crews started the dangerous process of removing fuel rods from a damaged nuclear reactor in japan. a massive earthquake followed by a tsunami crippled the fukushima two years ago causing the reactors to melt down. clean-up is expected to cost about $50 billion. toronto's mayor could be hit hard again today. the city council will take up a motion to strip rob ford of
5:47 am
most of his remaining powers. ford would become mayor of toronto in name only without any real powers. the council cannot actually remove ford from office unless he is convicted of a crime. ford promises to fight back with legal action and a re- election campaign. and russian investigators are looking into what may have caused the crash of a passenger plane that killed 50 people on board. the boeing 737 belonged to tatter son airlines. it went down yesterday in kazan 450 miles east of moscow. russian authorities released this blurry cell phone video of the crash. the pilot was trying to land, but it hit the runway and caught fire. in italy mount etna put on a display in sicily. the eruption lasted about five hours but lava spewed hundreds of feet in all directions. it is the 16th time aetna has
5:48 am
erupted this year although et any is active. it's eruptions active. -- although etna is very active. >> my dad brought my a souvenir. >> i would appreciate something like that. we have better news for the morning commute if you are traveling on the nimitz. they were able to re-open before 6:00 before the commute heated up but bad news is it's stacked up in the area. this is the map southbound 880 by 16th. it was a double fatal collision. it was a horrific crash that happened overnight. for a while all but one lane were closed. it's still seeing jamups from the 980 interchange so if you have an option leaving now, 580 is still probably your best bet. it's not the length of the closure, it's how slow cars are going. speeds still 20 miles per hour in some spots through downtown oakland. in fact the drive time is still almost a half hour between the maze and 238. typically at this time of the
5:49 am
morning, it's only about 15 minutes. so about a 20-minute delay there. on the peninsula, southbound 101 near poplar a crash was cleared to the right-hand shoulder near ralston. bay bridge, the usual delays in the far right cash lanes. no metering lights yet. so the middle lanes still get by okay. san mateo bridge traffic looks good out of hayward no problems and golden gate bridge traffic at the limit this morning with four southbound lanes in the commute direction. 740-am and 106.9-fm. that's the latest from here. lawrence has the forecast. things beginning to change. we have partly cloudy skies out the door. a cold front coming in our direction. right now hi-def doppler radar is looking for rain. none there just yet. but i think as we head in toward late tonight and tomorrow, we have some rain on the way. some much-needed rain toward the bay area. but for today, partly cloudy skies likely see the clouds on
5:50 am
the increase this afternoon. a little chilly to start this morning. some of the north bay temperatures down in the low 30s. increasing clouds in the afternoon. the numbers are going to be cooler and then wet weather returns later on tonight and into tomorrow. may stick around for a couple of days. you can see why. high pressure now giving way. we have a cold front off the coastline. it will be encroaching toward the bay area throughout the day today although we'll hold off on the rain for the better part of the day. really not arriving until early tomorrow morning. so with that in mind, it will be cool. bring a sweater with you. but the rain, yeah, looks like it could be a soaker in some parts of the bay area up to an inch of rain north of the golden gate. about a half inch along the peninsula and up to the santa cruz mountains about .25" into the south bay. so some much-needed showers coming our way but not just yet. 60s and 70s in the central valley. 55 lake tahoe. 58 monterey bay. our temperatures today 50s at the coastline, low 60s inside the bay with increasing clouds and maybe mid-60s in the warmer
5:51 am
spots inland. next couple of days showers tomorrow and wednesday. dry thursday and friday. much warmer on the weekend. time for your kpix 5 schoolcast. this one for sonoma. morning bell a chilly start to the day. grab your jacket out the door. slow cooling and final bell 60 degrees. go to to get your forecast on the air. sunrise today 6:54. sunset at 4:56 in the afternoon. prestwood, home of the panthers. >> thank you. there's increasing concern about prescribing antibiotics for children. here's ko im with that story and more news from the medical world. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics is offering new guidelines to cut down on unneeded prescriptions
5:52 am
of antibiotics for children with respiratory infections. the report urges physicians to carefully distinguish between viral and bacterial infections. other studies have shown as many as 10 million antibiotics prescriptions are written every year that are unnecessary. researchers at johns hopkins university school of medicine have found higher levels of physical fitness can lower the risk of heart attack in patients with heart disease. the authors encourage doctors to recommend exercise in addition to medication to increase survival after coronary artery disease. and just one minute of cpr training could help in an emergency. the american heart association studied response to a simulated sudden collapse. researchers found those who watched a short teaching video beforehand were faster to respond and start chest compressions. and those are some of the day's top health stories. i'm ko im for cbs news, new york. time now is 5:52. coming up, talk about a room
5:53 am
with a view here! the latest hotel feature that gives new meaning to sleeping with the fishes. >> adorable nap time snaps. the pictures that have gone viral and their bay area connections. ,,,,,,,,
5:54 am
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tanzania. the hotel has a room... sleeping under the sea, check out this hotel room at the manta resort off the coast of tanzania. they have a rooftop deck, bathroom and lounge area at sea level. but the bedroom is downstairs among the fish. it's going to cost you $1,500 a night for two people. $900 for singles. >> kind of cool. okay. for adorable moment of the morning here it is. >> here we go. this picture went viral online
5:56 am
for a good reason. that's beau from santa cruz. the dog took this is young member of the family. the favorite thing to do nap time. about two hours daily and apparently it can't separate these two. cute. coming up on kpix 5, it's back to the bargaining table for bart and its unions. two sides separated by a provision management said could cost millions of dollars. >> reporter: and traffic is finally getting back to normal in oakland after a nasty double fatal crash. i'm kiet do. we have a live report coming up. ings are simply better at home. like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso
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a deadly crash on 880 after a car flips over hitting a semi truck before landing on another car. >> driving alongside a funnel cloud and heavy hailstorm chasers capture one of the deadly tornadoes that ripped through the midwest. >> six people are dead and
6:00 am
dozens injured in those storms. >> we stood in the hallway and just held each other. it was that quick. >> to represent it that way is totally disingenuous. >> bart and the unions are going back to the bargaining table. a clause allowing family leave mistakenly made it into the tentative agreement, according to bart, and the difference adds up to millions of dollars. >> living history. >> coit tower is closed for the next five months as crews renovate the structure. from across from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." good morning, monday has arrived. november 18. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego michelle griego. time now 6:00. developing right now as many as 40 tornado ripped through the midwest killing six and injuring dozens more. the national guard is helping local search-and-rescue workers to look for more victims


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