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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 18, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and resisted arrest. >> reporter: word spread like wildfire through the complex now with many more residents and police in a face-off. that's when things went from bad to worse. >> that's what really got the crowd riled up. nobody tried to hit the police, nothing. >> reporter: toward the end of the tape dj women's the 21-year- old city college student was cuffed and carted to jail his face bloody mess earbuds handling from his neck. four others were arrested including another man with a bloody face and then the video is over. we still don't know if dj williams heard police order him off the sidewalk. since this is private property back here, we really don't know if the no bikes on sidewalks rules still apply. we know dj williams and one other man are still in custody for that fight with police. live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix 5. >> a group of residents plans a protest march tomorrow. new at 5:00 oakland fire
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crews recover the body of a crane operator who died after an incident at the oakland inner harbor. firefighters were called to the area near the schnitzer steel company this afternoon after coworkers reported that the man was unresponsive. we are still checking conflicting reports of a medical emergency or that he was involved in an industrial incident. the crane operator was aboard a ship at the oakland inner harbor. about an hour ago the alameda county coroner confirmed one of the two victims in a deadly crash in oakland early this morning was a former oakland raiders linebacker. 30-year-old thomas howard was killed just before 1 a.m. he was on northbound 880 near 5th street. chp says it was howard going more than 100 miles per hour when he lost control of his car and hit a truck. howard's car then went over the median hitting two cars in the southbound lanes. the 65-year-old driver of one of those cars was also killed.
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howard was drafted by the raiders back in 2006. he spent five seasons in oakland. most recently he played for the atlanta falcons until the team released him last week. it turns out a fender- bender in a san francisco parking lot led to a deadly shooting over the weekend. 23-year-old woman pictured in the middle was shot to death around 2 a.m. on sunday near 6th and jesse streets. warren grew up in oakland and graduated last year from california state university in sacramento. police say she and a friend were sitting in their parked car when two men backed into them. when the women got out to look at the damage, there was a confrontation that led to both men shooting at them. warren was killed and her friend has life-threatening injuries. no arrests have been made. it may mean a break with tradition. but a bay area school district is talking about retiring its apache mascot. it's part of a trend when it comes to indian mascots. kpix 5's ann notarangelo on the
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spirited debate at vallejo high school. ann. >> reporter: elizabeth, the vast majority of students identify themselves as apaches but what's happening here is happening in the country a growing trend to drop the mascots who may be offensive. >> indian peoples like all people's are not mascots. we shouldn't be categorized in the sports or entertainment arena as a mascot. >> reporter: for years, antonio gonzalez has been making that argument. that's him in 1989 making a case against another mascot but for the first time in years, more people seem to agree with him. >> the term apache is a derogatory term. another name given to us by cowboys. >> reporter: the vallejo city unified school district administration is recommending the apache mascot be dropped from vallejo high. the school board may vote on it this week. no one from the district or school commented today but the students have lots to say. >> it's like a family thing.
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we should be an apache. it's like that's us! and i want to graduate to be an apache. it's like the thing to do. >> the word is going around that they want to change it. >> my grandparents were native american and i think they wouldn't be mad if we keep the apache name because it's a representation of my background. >> reporter: the latest movement to remove mascots with native american reference gained momentum with the washington redskins. many refuse to call them instead referring to the team in washington. in california, there are more than 180 schools with similar mascots. and change has come long before. in 1792, stanford changed -- in 1972 stanford changed its mascot from a indian to a tree but the ground spell and support stopped with the students who believe it overshadowed more pressing problems. >> they should talking about marijuana on campus and the grades and overall school issues rather than what we're called. >> reporter: the school board meeting is this wednesday.
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if it is anything like the november 6 meeting, it is going to be packed. and it will be emotional. in vallejo, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. it looks like cociella valley high's mascot the arab will stay for opportunity. a group recently urged the southern california school district to get rid of it claiming it promoted stereotypes. at a board meeting today the district said it will keep the name but will be open to discussing other options. dust off the umbrella. the bay area's dry spell finally ending. chopper 5 showing some clouds forming over the east bay right now. chief meteorologist paul deanno tracking where and when the first drops are going to fall. >> allen, i think some folks sold their umbrellas on ebay, it's been that long. kpix 5 hi-def doppler dry now. but things are changing. we'll show you what's brewing up to the north and not only is there rain just a few hours to the north, this time it's heading in our direction. it's not going to be a near miss. we'll get a hit and everybody
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from ukaih south to gilroy is going to get wet starting tonight. because the track is heading right into northern california. that's the path of least resistance. that's where storm also follow. the rain is building to the north. how much rain will we get? not enough for flooding so low to moderate impact there. wind will not be an issue. the timing for travel your morning commute tomorrow will be a soggy and slow one because of that rain moving in. we'll talk about how much rain we'll get in the bay area and when it moves out coming up. tonight thousands of people are trying to salvage what's left of their homes after dozens of deadly tornadoes ripped through the midwest. in fact, you can hardly make out what the structures used to look like. was there a structure there at all? hundreds of homes reduced to piles of wood, roofs completely ripped off, at least 8 people confirmed killed in the storms. one of the hardest-hit areas was washington, illinois. a town of about 15,000 people,
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it's about 150 miles southwest of chicago. that's where cbs reporter ko im is live with the closer look at the devastation and slow recovery. ko. >> reporter: it will be a slow recovery and rebuilding process after strong lines of storms hit small towns like this one. as you can see, there is a lot of damage and people are in shelters tonight because they are without power and homes. reporter: from the sky you can see the massive path of destruction the twister carved through washington, illinois. several driveways now lead to empty foundations where large suburban homes used to stand. joey davidson was in the basement of his new home when it hit. now he is in the hospital with a cracked vertebrae and shoulder damage. >> i could feel everything that was hitting me. i knew it was cinder blocks and trusses. it was surreal. at one point, i thought i was a goner. >> reporter: illinois is one of the 12 states twisters ripped through on sunday. in kokomo, indiana, a tornado
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flipped this car upside-down. in ohio people are picking through what remains of their homes. but illinois was the hardest hit. this pile of rubble used to be an auto shop. police say despite the damage, employees were able to crawl out unhurt. >> go, go, go, go, go! >> reporter: the storms left hundreds in the midwest homeless. john dempsey and his wife are now in a shelter after losing their home of 44 years. >> i don't know what we'll do. we'll just -- devastated. we have no clue what we're going to do. >> reporter: the national weather service surveyed the damage and says the tornado in washington was an ef-4, the second most powerful. officials credit local forecasts, sirens and text messages for saving lives. the mayor of washington, illinois saying that it's amazing that people survived despite the death toll of eight people. >> it is amazing, ko, especially looking at what's behind you there and the stories you're telling us. there are always these
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incredible survival stories that come out of these things. >> reporter: yeah. we hear with people that were gathered in church on sunday and they decided to stick together and head down to the basement because they heard tone after tone and people, you know, who were listening to the radio and had just moments before they had to rush to safety. then there are sad stories, like the elderly man and his sister didn't survive in southern rural illinois and the 21-year-old victim crushed in his car when a tree fell on him. back to you. >> thank you, ko im. it started with the mom getting a speeding ticket and ended in a wild confrontation with police. >> get out of the vehicle! get out of the vehicle right now! >> the chaos that led to officers opening fire on a minivan full of children. >> ignition and liftoff of the atlas five with maven. >> a first-of-its-kind mission
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to mars. the robot that could uncover some of the biggest mysteries about the red planet. >> and a nationwide turkey shortage could change your thanksgiving menu plans. ,,,,,,,,
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tentative contract that end bart and its unions continue to go back and forth over what bart says is a mistake in the tentative contract that ended last month's strike. it's a provision allowing employees to take six weeks of paid family leave. today, union analysts held a costing meeting. they dispute bart's estimate that the paid family leave would cost $44 million over the next four years. the unions say it would be closer to $5 million. >> it was a stretch to be able to support the contract of $67 million which was what was agreed on, on october 21st, that anything that costs beyond that is not tolerable by the people that i represent. >> we are dismayed, disappointed. we're, you know, very disturbed by this. it is putting us in uncharted
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territory. >> bart's board of directors plans a meeting on thursday to determine its next step. our mobile5 checking the new fourth bore of the caldecott tunnel on the first week night commute. this is westbound. the fourth bore opened on saturday. this morning's commute was smooth. two continues carrying direction in both directions the biggest direction for counter-commuters who had to squeeze down to one tunnel. nasa's spacecraft is on the way to unravel a mystery in space. did life ever exist on mars? >> ignition and liftoff of the atlas 5 with maven. >> the robotic scout maven blasted off today from cape canaveral on a 10 month journey to the red planet. this will be nasa's 21st mission to mars. scientists believed mars may have once supported life. now they hope maven can uncover how it is dry.
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>> we expect to learn how modern mars works really in detail to see its climate state to understand how the atmosphere is, how mars may have lost a magnetic field. >> maven set to arrive next september. the price tag of the mission $671 million. a minivan traffic stop turns into mayhem. a mom tries to escape with her children. what happens next that has two police officers under investigation. >> from smoking crack to clobbering a councilwoman? things are going from bad to worse for toronto, canada's, mayor. ,,,,,,,,,,
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a . toronto's mayor is stripped of his remaining powers in the wake of his admission to once smoking crack cocaine. >> shame you shame, shame! >> spectators shouted at mayor rob ford during today's heated debate. he then suddenly ran through the council chamber knocking over a woman. he later apologized saying it was an accident. he rejected calls to resign even after admitting smoking crack, driving drunk and buying illegal drugs. george zimmerman was arrested again. his girlfriend claims he point a shotgun at her during an argument at his home. he is now facing charges at aggravated assault, battery and
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criminal mischief. this is his latest run-in with the law since he was acquitted in the shooting death of trayvon martin back in july. newly released dashcam video shows police officers shooting at a minivan with a woman and five children. >> doing 71 back there in 55. reporter: 39-year-old mother of five is pulled over for speeding by a new mexico state police officer just north of santa fe. the officer's dash camera captures the encounter. she drives off and the officer pursues and pulls her over again. emotions escalate. >> get out of the vehicle. get out of the vehicle right now. [ screaming ] >> reporter: farrell doesn't budge. but her 14-year-old son jumps out. but he retreats when the officer pulls out his taser. >> you're already facing evading charges right now. you ran away from me, okay?
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>> reporter: she finally gets out. >> turn around and face the vehicle. >> reporter: then appears to ignore the officer and struggles to get back inside [ screaming ] >> reporter: outcomes her son again. this time, he scuffles with the officer. he runs back to the car and the family is locked inside. the officer smashes the window with his baton. as farrell drives off again, another officer arrives and fires at least three shots at the van with the five children inside!! after a 10-minute high-speed chase, farrell finally stops. she and her son are arrested. [ screaming ] >> reporter: farrell is charged with child endangerment, resisting arrest and reckless driving. her son was charged with battery. farrell's attorney says she drove off because she was scared. and the officers are under investigation. other bay area headlines. friends and family of the victims of the jonestown massacre gathered this morning at an oakland memorial to the mass murder-suicide. today marks the 35th anniversary of when more than
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900 people died in guyana after cult leader jim jones convinced them to drink poison. many of the victims were from the bay area. the massacre came hours after jones' followers killed san mateo county congressman leo ryan and four others who were investigating jonestown. emergency responders got to freshen up their skills today along san francisco's waterfront. it's a drill. divers inspected piers as part of this disaster drill meant to simulate a response to a catastrophic earthquake. the drill originally was scheduled to take place during fleet week but do you remember? it was postponed because of the federal goverment shutdown. paul, we have been waiting for this moment which seems like forever and it's finally really going to happen. >> it's the first time during the week this it's rained the entire season. >> crazy! >> it's like a month of christmas we're talking about this. it's not going to be a huge deal other than it's the first time in 60 days and it's rain, not a large amount. it's not going to be a gully-
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washer but it is going to be the first significant rainfall in two months. ahead of that we had some beautiful clouds forming before sunset from our san jose camera, good evening to you in the santa clara valley. you're getting the rainfall, too. and there's a look over the city toward the golden gate with mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are dropping. really didn't get that warm today. san francisco, santa rosa, 55. livermore, san jose, 56. oakland at 60 currently. and concord 54. there it is, the rain that will finally work its way down here picked up by kpix 5 hi-def doppler. for most of us it will be around midnight before the rain gets here. things are changing. here's how dry we have been. we could do a .25" of rainfall every day starting today and not ending until new year's eve and we would still end up the year below normal rainfall- wise. we are 13" below normal in san francisco. you are 20" below normal for the year in santa rosa and the north bay but changes are coming. this is a sign things will beginning to be what they should be for mid-november.
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this storm is slamming into the same spot but this time the ridge of high pressure is farther to the south and the storm track is being carried into northern california as opposed to the pacific northwest. so the past 15 or 20 storms there have been plenty but they have all missed us because of that blocking ridge of high pressure. that is sagging to the south. so this time, we get a hit. the storm track heads toward us and we'll see some much-needed rainfall not only tomorrow but also wednesday. we have two days of solid rain chance. pick the town closest to you. this is our computer's representation of how much rainfall is going to come down. let's start with the least amount about .25" of rain in redwood city and hayward and concord and san francisco. in pleasanton tonight, nearly half inch. almost half inch in san rafael. look at the north bay. santa rosa you may see an inch of rain, more than that for ukiah and towards santa cruz and capitola banking up against the mountains may see an inch of rainfall. it starts after midnight tonight. very slick for you driving to work on school tomorrow. watch out for slick roads because the oil comes out of the road when it hasn't rained
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in a while. wet all day tomorrow through wednesday night. it is going to be soggy for two straight days. tomorrow with rain likely livermore 63, san jose 62, sunnyvale 61. and hayward, 60. walnut creek will hit 62. antioch 62. in the city tomorrow a soggy 60. rain hitting first up in ukiah your high on tuesday 60. we're wet for two days. that's nice. it's nice, too, the sunshine is going to come back on thursday. through the weekend making plans for saturday and sunday, do it outside mainly sunny skies highs around 70. so a huge pattern change, no. but it's a start. we have to start somewhere. >> open the door. >> yes. >> thanks. stocks ending the day mixed after the market reached two major milestones early-morning in the day. the s&p crossed 1800 for the first time and the dow hit 16,000 but neither index could hold those gains. the s&p fell more than 6.5.
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the dow was up 14. nasdaq down 37. turkey trouble! ahead of thanksgiving, the shortage that could change how you shop for your main course.
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you might want to make a few extra side dishes this year a warning to anyone cooking thanksgiving dinner. not about your cooking. it's about what you're going to cook. you might want to have a few extra side dishes this year. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains, there is talk of a turkey shortage! >> reporter: it's the main dish at most thanksgiving meals. >> the turkey. it's the centerpiece. >> the and the dressing. >> the turkey. >> reporter: more people want them fresh. >> i like the taste. >> it tastes better. >> reporter: fresh turkeys may be harder to find especially large. >> 10 to 16 pounds. >> reporter: manuel rodriguez of lucky's supermarket says butterball the nation's largest turkey producer is advising markets around the country to expect fewer fresh birds. >> we won't know until this week how many we're getting. >> reporter: butterball says it expects to ship about half its
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usual supply of big birds between now and thanksgiving. the reason? the company says it's tom turkeys, those that are supposed to weigh between 16 and 20 pounds aren't eating. in a statement, it says, we experienced a decline in weight gains at some of our farms. we are continuing to evaluate the causes. some grocers are crying "fowl" > this is the super bowl of the turkey season. >> reporter: not to worry other suppliers saying they have their usual fresh stock but butterball does make up 25% of the market and there should still be plenty of frozen birds out there. just remember, large turkeys take three to four days to defrost so buy them soon. it's not too soon to buy a fresh turkey. if kept refrigerator, it should stay fresh until thanksgiving. >> there is an expiration date as long as they stay sealed, no problem. >> reporter: don't wait too long or you may be out of luck and that has some thanksgiving cooks pondering some new
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recipes. >> probably get another poultry, like roasted duck. >> reporter: so how big a problem is this really? well, today we actually saw fresh turkeys on sale for less than the frozen ones. and by the way, butterball says its fresh turkey supply should be back to normal by christmas. >> turkeys are on a hunger strike? they know something. >> not taking it anymore. >> they know something is going on. >> can't blame 'em. [ laughter ] now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott? >> reporter: hi, allen and liz. great to be with you in the bay area. tonight, we are going to take you to the scenes of those deadly tornadoes that mowed down whole communities. plus there may be a serious flaw in those new guidelines for lower cholesterol. dr. john lapook will be here to tell us what you need to know. that and more on the "cbs evening news with scott pelley." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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ip, being i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. coming up at 6:00 tonight, raising the red flag on a ship being used as a workplace for bay area startups. how entrepreneurs paying rent to use the former ferry are sailing into an unexpected challenge. >> and why a bay area tourist town is trying to make it almost impossible for developers to build another hotel in the area. we'll have those stories and a look at the rain that's coming tonight at 6:00. >> we're talking about. thanks, ken. appreciate it. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is coming up next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website,
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captions by: caption colorado y: tonight, disaster in the middle of americ homes are mowed down by a battalion of deadly tornadoes. dean reynolds and don dahler have the destruction and stories of survival. >> i had just grabbed my baby out of the crib and we jumped into the bathtub. >> pelley: dr. jon lapook report there is may be a flaw in those new guidelines for cholesterol. a traffic stop ends with police firing at a minivan fillith children. john miller investigates. and bob schieffer with a doctor who treated the wounded president kennedy. why he believes what kennedy was wearing may have cost him his life. >> schieffer: doctor, just tell me what's happened here now. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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