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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 19, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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satellite image on its search engine after the father says it shows the image of his son shot in an unsolved murder four years ago. >> bro, let me put your face on camera. >> relatives of the man arrested in san francisco are accusing police of excessive force. today dj williams' family will hold a rally at the mission police station. >> terrifying. [ crying ] >> you just don't think that things like this will happen. you just don't think, you know? >> it's been two days since massive storms hit the midwest bringing wind, rain and 76 reported tornadoes. today folks began to pick up the pieces. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, november 19. it is good to be here. [ laughter ] >> i'm frank mallicoat. >> it's good to have you here, frank. >> good to be aboard. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:00. after nearly two months without it, rain is finally moving into
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the bay area today and meteorologist lawrence karnow is tracking the wet weather. >> yeah. great to see the raindrops falling around the bay area. most of that confined north of the golden gate bridge. that's where we have seen the showers almost .10" of rain so far but plenty more to come. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking the storm system as it slides through. let's go in for a closer look. you can see moderate rainfall toward this part of the north bay. sonoma along 116 you are seeing good rainfall there right now. more is moving in off the coastline. so it's going to stay unsettled throughout the day likely to pick up into the middle of the day and then spread to the south as we head in toward the afternoon. so the commute ride especially on the ride home probably very wet around the rest of the bay area. over at sfo right now we have mostly cloudy skies. temperatures are running into the 50s. i think as we look toward the afternoon going to keep things cool and a bit wet. the numbers are going to be running mainly in the 50s and the 60s outside this afternoon. well below the average but some
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much-needed rainfall heading to the bay area. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. a "kcbs traffic" alert still in effect. this is out in milpitas. they were hoping to clear this accident scene right around now. tow crews are out there but as of now the off-ramp and one right lane of northbound 680 before montague expressway remain closed and you can see some backups growing behind it. we do have a crew on scene now so we will be bringing you some live pictures here very shortly. all right. westbound 580 also a little slow this morning. there was that accident now cleared to the right shoulder approaching north flynn. traffic is pretty backed up behind it through the altamont pass and out towards the bay bridge toll plaza now at 5:59 so just a few minutes ago they turned on the metering lights so now you are stacking up towards the first overcrossing about 10 minutes to get you on the bay bridge. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. new this morning, tesla's model s cars are now officially under a federal investigation. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran with the new information coming into the newsroom this morning. the feds are looking into the
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battery fires. >> reporter: two incidents that happened last month and this new investigation could lead to a recall but the company's ceo says not so fast. tesla's model s a plug-in electric sedan was once marketed as the safest car in america. now it's the subject of a u.s. safety investigation. this comes after two cars in washington state and tennessee caught fire after they ran over debris piercing the battery compartment igniting the flames. the national highway traffic safety administration says it wants to examine risks from the undercarriage getting hit. >> i do think it's does seem to be i think honestly just a bit too much attention paid to tesla good or bad. >> reporter: hours before the investigation announcement, ceo elon musk posted in a blog, the company sought out the probe to show how safe these cars are. musk also highlighted changes as a result of the fires.
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tesla's electric cars will have a higher ground clearance so they are less likely to hit debris and the car's warranty will coverage damage due to fire. since the incidents, the company's stock has taken a nosedive dropping 37% since its peak in september. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> a third model s fire happened in mexico last month when a car crashed after a high- speed chase. in all the fires so far, the drivers have escaped without injury. happening today, dozens are expected to rally against san francisco police department after a video has surfaced sparking claims of excessive force by the police force. kpix 5's mark kelly is live in san francisco now and mark, a bicyclist says officer choked him after he was caught i will really riding his bike on a sidewalk. >> reporter: and frank, authorities have released williams from custody. but the family is still very upset about this and they are planning a rally today at 5:00 here in the mission in front of san francisco pd.
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we have cell phone video of the arrest. but it was the moments before the arrest where what police have to say and what the williams family have to say are two different stories. this is cell phone video of dj williams. san francisco police arrested the 20-year-old friday. you can see his face covered in blood. both police and the williams family agree, williams was riding his bicycle on the sidewalk friday afternoon. and when officers told williams to ride on the street, williams ignored them. but it's the next part where we get two very different stories. >> a lady over there trying to put the handcuffs on him. >> hurt him bad? >> yeah. he started beating on him for no reason. >> they attempted to detain him. however, he became combative and resisted arrest. >> reporter: the williams family says dj was listening to music and couldn't hear officers when they told him to get off the sidewalk. but police say undercover officers identified themselves
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flashed badges and ordered dj off the sidewalk. when he did not obey, police made this arrest. this address drew a crowd. they are yelling at the officers to just let williams go. in the end, in addition to williams, the officers arrested three other individuals. live in the mission, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> a friend of williams says he is a student at city college of san francisco. privacy advocates are planning a protest this afternoon at frank ogawa plaza in oakland. they are upset about the city's plan to develop a domain awareness center with the port of oakland. the center would include numerous screens allowing police to monitor feeds from street cameras, gunshot sensors and other surveillance tools. tonight the city council is expected to discuss the project, which would be partially funded by federal grants. chp says drunk driving was a factor in this accident that caused a chemical spill in concord around 8 p.m. last night at concord and john
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glenn drive near buchanan field. chp says a ford taurus collided with a pickup carrying swimming pool chemicals. the driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital. he was arrested on suspicion of dui. google is taking an unprecedented step because of a story we had on kpix 5 last week. the internet giant is now replacing satellite images after a bay area father found his murdered son's crime scene online. 14-year-old kevin barrera was shot to death in richmond four years ago. his family learned satellite images on google maps show the crime scenes including the boy's body. now google says it's changing the maps. >> it's really hard and painful for my family because like i say, you know, all the memories coming back. >> in a statement to kpix 5, google says, "google has never accelerated the replacement of updated satellite imagery from our maps before, but given the circumstances, we wanted to
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make an exception in this case." developing this morning, communities torn apart by this weekend's tornado outbreak are coming together to clean up their neighborhoods. more than 80 tornadoes hit the midwest on sunday. the storms killed at least 8 people, six in illinois and two in michigan. hundreds of homes have been destroyed. many of them in the town of washington, illinois. >> there's nothing here, unreal. [ crying ] >> just terrifying. you just don't think that things like this will happen, you just don't think, you know? >> officials say early warning systems and accurate forecasts helped save lives. the mayor of washington says a lot of people were in church when the tornado hit and he says no churches were damaged. california man and his two four-legged companions will soon be on the way to the midwest to help bring a little comfort to those devastated by the storms. daniel's two golden retrievers jake and emerson are both comfort dogs. they will be headed to the
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midwest and staying for quite a bit of time. the dogs also visited boston after the marathon bombings and arizona after the devastating wildfires down there. hayward police looking for the person who shot and killed a teen at a city park. officers went to centennial park about 3:30 yesterday afternoon after a caller reported hearing gunshots found a 17-year-old boy unconscious near the baseball field there. he died a short time later at a nearby hospital. and today dozens will gather to remember mikaela garecht on the 25th anniversary of her disappearance. the 9-year-old girl was kidnapped from a grocery store in hayward. she has never been found. this morning's memorial will happen at 10:00 outside the store where she was last seen on mission boulevard and lafayette. bay area news. the psychiatric evaluation has been ordered for a 10-year-old boy who was caught walking around school with a knife. police say the boy grabbed the 8" knife from a faculty lounge yesterday morning at hillview crest elementary school. classmates reportedly overheard him mumbling that he was tired
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of getting picked on by some girls. a parent was able to take the knife away but did suffer a minor cut. several san francisco supervisors are working to get a measure on the ballot to impose a tax on sugary drinks. a couple of different proposals would add two cents per ounce to sodas and other sugary drinks sold in the city. supervisors say they expect the two proposals to merge into one and go before voters in november 2014. health experts have linked sugary drinks to diabetes and obesity. developing news now out of lebanon. an al qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings today in beirut. lebanese authorities say the suicide bombers struck just moments apart. the authenticity of the claim hasn't been independently verified. 23 people were killed outside the iranian embassy, including an iranian diplomat. time now is 6:10. it beat out words like twerking and showrooming. why selfie has been coined the word of the year.
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>> and sin city is going green. how the iconic welcome to las vegas sign will stay lit from here on out. and finally the rain making a return to the bay area, if it hasn't reached your neighborhood yesterday it's coming. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we are getting our first live look of this traffic alert and big rig crash in milpitas. this is northbound 680 where the off-ramp remains closed approaching montague. we'll have the latest on the damage done to the guardrail and the drive to work coming up. in the meantime, we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or you can tweet me at #wengerelizabeth and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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green. the sign that proclaims "welcome to fabuls las vegas" will soon be pow he sun. solar pane a familiar landmark is going green. the sign that proclaims welcome
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to fabulous las vegas will soon be powered by the sun. why not? solar panels are now being installed in three fake trees nearby. officials say they won't show up in the background of tourist snapshots. the consumer electronics association is footing part of the bill. big trees, going green. it started on instagram and twitter and now selfie is the oxford university press word of the year. >> we just took a selfie, too. >> we did, it's on twitter. >> every year oxford chooses the word or expression that best reflects the mood of the times. the smartphone self-portrait is even popular with world leaders like hillary clinton and her daughter chelsea and here's first lady michelle obama with the first dog beau. previous words of the year include unfriend in 2009, and credit crunch in 2008. as you can imagine, selfie is trending now. also trending, patriots. frank? panthers [ indiscernible ] >> no kidding.
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>> 20-24. >> that was a tough game. >> walmart one store in ohio is holding a food drive for its own workers. smoking age, new york city is set to ban tobacco sales to anyone under 21 today. brittany murphy is also trending citing a new toxicology report the father of the late actress claims his daughter was killed by rat poison. you can follow us on twitter at #cbssf. . our "kcbs traffic" alert continues in milpitas. northbound 680, it is a slow crawl. we have been waiting to get a new eto from chp for when they are going to be able to re-open the off-ramp but obviously it remains blocked northbound 680 that montague expressway off- ramp remains closed. traffic is jammed into san jose. it's right on the milpitas-san jose border where the accident happened. a big rig slammed into the guardrail and the sound wall and you can see investigators are out there now. it did a lot of damage and there's debris on the road taking so long to clean up and traffic is backed up for at
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least one exit. we can see it on the maps. southbound not impacted but northbound is very slow going and that traffic alert obviously still in effect. westbound 580 also pretty slow- and-go heavy this morning out of tracy on 205 and continuing past north flynn where there was an accident there. it is on the right-hand shoulder. once you get past vasco, though, sky one flew over and says that everything is free and clear towards the dublin interchange. if you are heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza this is what it looks like. it is pretty stacked up behind the pay gates. not going to take long for traffic to back up into the macarthur maze if it isn't there already. about 20 minutes already to get you on to the bay bridge. you can see some slowing now on the deck itself heading towards treasure island. there was a four-car crash reported on the western span coming into san francisco approaching fremont street. nothing there though and chp says no lanes are blocked so whatever it was, it was cleared pretty quickly or the drivers just left the scene because obviously things look good
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heading towards the skyway. bart a great option on time and mass transit might be a better option because of the wet commute. here's lawrence. >> showers in the bay area mostly located north of the golden gate bridge. nice to have our hi-def doppler radar up and running checking out of the rainfall right now. the folks though still to the north will shift further south throughout the day. you can see pockets of moderate amounts of rainfall into the north bay. we'll take you in for a closer look now and you can see the showers popping up there first seen in sonoma just making its way out of there towards napa more rainfall in the morning just showers now but i think picking up toward the middle of the day and the afternoon rain will be heavy at times in some spots. so a cloudy start to the day the north bay showers rain likely developing around the rest of the bay area this afternoon. and then some unsettled weather possibly some thunderstorms into tomorrow. we have a lot of cold air coming in on the back side of the storm system. so the cold front slow to work its way into the bay area this morning. but looks like the jet stream finally dipping far enough south to allow the storm system to move in. so the rain will be picking up throughout the day if it's not
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raining in your neighborhood just yet it likely will as we head through. let's time it out. showers early on this morning, then the bulk of the cold front drops further south in the middle of the day showers beginning to pick up along the peninsula and through the central bay and in the afternoon, for the commute, here this comes. looks like bringing the heavier amounts of rainfall toward the evening hours. so a very slick ride with those roadways. the oil is coming up off of the roads and probably making for a very slick commute. now, behind that we have some more scattered showers. and the possibility of some thunderstorms. around the state we are looking at showers continuing of course watch out for snow in the high country. numbers 50s and 60s around the bay area, the temperatures are going to stay cool the next couple of days and we have a chance of more rain maybe even a lingering shower into thursday. then by friday and saturday, we dry things out with some much warmer weather and by the way, sunrise time 6:55, sunset 4:56. but it's nice to see the rain finally returning to the bay area. >> i know. we were looking forward to it. >> we needed it. >> thanks, lawrence. 6:19 now. happening today, supervisors in san francisco will hold a
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second vote on closing city parks overnight. the proposal from supervisor scott weiner would close parks from midnight to 5 a.m. the idea already passed an initial vote 6-5 earlier in the month. and slow cats for the homeless are owe -- advocates for the homeless are opposed saying it will force more people to sleep in other parts of the city. the city's rec and parks department is pushing for the change. it says it's spending an average of $1 million a year just to clean up graffiti and dumping. park officials believe the closure times will curb vandalism and free up resources to improve the entire city park system. they say the savings would likely be in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. an oklahoma city thunder fan makes a lucky shot and walks away with more than just bragging rights. you will see it next. and i'm dennis o'donnell. the giants land a free agent pitcher who made his name as an oakland athletics. and you think the 49ers got robbed ? wait until you see the ending of monday night football coming up. ,, ,
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checking out your hi-def doppler radar, we have some rain outside, mostly in the north bay. more is coming. we'll talk about that coming up. >> bart just tweeted about 10 to 15-minute delays at the bay fair station in the dublin and fremont directions. traffic coming up. good morning, everyone. tim hudson made a name for himself in the bay area as a member of the a's big three. well, today he is returning to join the giants big four. hudson agreed to a two-year deal worth $23 million. he was 8-7 with the braves last year and 3.97 e.r.a. before he broke his ankle on that play. i'd be laughing too if i was
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playing the utah jazz. steph curry a pass behind the back to klay thompson for the three. thompson had 17. the warriors made 12 threes in the game. rough moment in garbage time when marvin williams landed on curry's head reaching for a loose ball. curry left the game with a headache. but he said he should be fine. warriors win 98-87. the jazz have won one game all year. cam newton a panther trying up to set the bates down three about a minute to go. newton to the former 49 ted gi florida n shakes the defender and panthers lead on ted's touchdown. but! brady and the patriots marched down field three seconds to go. his pass is picked off. a flag goes out for pass interference. but it was picked up. take a look! gone from counsel ski was held in the end zone by luke. but the official decided it was not a penalty. game over. brady wants an answer. he doesn't get one. and the panthers win the football game. so for bag back-to-back days teams feel they got robbed but
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technically by rule, the refs make the right decision. that's it everybody. i'm dennis o'donnell. we'll see you tonight. play of the day, nba halftime extravaganza. it's a shot. cameron rodriguez from oklahoma city a thunder fan, the old heave-ho and it's good! what a sweet shot for him. he won $20,000. not to mention the play of the day. i think he likes the money more. >> $20,000. >> huge in the bay area. 6:26 right now. bob filner resigned from his position as san diego mayor amid . today they elect a new mayor. >> the man accusing police of police brutality released from custody. the moments before the arrest coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald george lucas' crusade to build a museum at crissy field getting closer to reality. the big names now backing the plan. and -- >> we're all healthy. we're alive. so we made it. so that's what's important. . >> the midwest sifting through the destruction of tornadoes over the weekend. >> storm clouds are back as well as the rain. we'll talk about it coming up. >> and the bay bridge toll plaza back up extends almost to the macarthur maze after an early-morning fender-bender. we'll have all your traffic hot spots coming up. >> good morning, everyone. tuesday, november 19. good to have you on board. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego.
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time now 6:30. happening today, the family of a bicyclist plans a protest accusing san francisco police of excessive force. kpix 5's mark kelly has more on the video that's prompting cries of police brutality. mark. >> reporter: michelle, we also learned this morning that police have released dj williams from custody. still, the williams family is so upset about this, they are planning a rally today at 5:00 here in front of sfpd in the mission. here's cell phone video of the arrest made friday afternoon. it's the moments leading up to the arrest though when police and williams tell two very different story. both sides agree williams was rides his bicycle on the sidewalk friday afternoon. and when officers told williams to ride on the street, he ignored them. but williams' family says dj was listening to music and simply couldn't hear officers when they told him to get off the sidewalk. police say undercover officers identified themselves, ordered dj off the sidewalk, and when
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he didn't obey, they made that arrest. as you can see in the video there, the arrest drew quite a crowd. bystanders even yelling at officers to let him go. in the end, officers made three additional arrests in addition to williams. a total of four. and two of those officers while making the arrests suffered none life-threatening injurieses. live in the mission, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> all right, mark thanks. the storm wears out, the mock turtleneck is here and so is the rain. >> it's that time of year finally seeing the storm clouds rolling into the bay area. the main focus so far has been north of the golden gate bridge. and it continues to be that way this morning. you can see some of the downpours happening there right now. in fact, let's take you in for a closer look. you can see that near vallejo to the north. strong storms making their way through to bring you plenty of rainfall and more on the way. in fact, it's likely to pick up toward the middle of the day and the afternoon. the main cold front still off
6:33 am
the coastline. and that not pushing onshore until later on so the main focus of the north bay early and then we'll see that start to shift. sfo delays being reported of an 1 hour 45 minutes-plus. so people will be late due to clouds. temperatures in the 50s. i think toward the afternoon, rain spreading to the south throughout the day. the temperatures are going to stay cool and numbers running well below average for this time of year but that's okay. about 60 degrees in san francisco. 63 in san jose. and a cool 58 and rain in santa rosa. all right. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. it's taking a long time to clear out the traffic alert in milpitas. northbound 680 approaching montague expressway the off- ramp closed right lane of the freeway northbound also remains closed after a big rig slammed into the sound wall and it looks like the guardrail in that area. debris out there so sweeper crews are trying to clear up some of the mess.
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northbound 680, right around capital, that's where the delays begin. you can see unusual amounts of traffic right now heading northbound into san jose. also westbound 580 we have had a couple of different crashes including a new one just reported around that north flynn exit. traffic is extra busy now coming out of tracy. once you get past vasco, sky 101 flew over a little earlier and said traffic is moving better towards pleasanton. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. happening today a husband and wife from richmond accused of stealing from travelers are expected in san mateo county court this morning. sean crudup and his wife are accused of stealing luggage at sfo and returning clothing from the bags to nordstrom for refunds. crudup worked for united
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airlines. filmmaker george lucas is getting big name support for his plan to build an art museum at san francisco's crissy field. investor ron conway sent an email to the presidio trust a group reviews lucas' proposal and two others today. the email of support for lucas' plan includes more than 30 cosigners including yahoo's ceo marissa mayer, steve jobs' widow and veteran rap performers mc hammer. a view from above shows entire neighborhoods splintered apart. the recovery now under way after more than 80 tornadoes hit the region on sunday. at least eight people were killed, hundreds of homes flattened. one woman was rescued from under a large chunk of concrete in her collapsed home. her daughter-in-law found her. >> she was my angel. i don't know how long i would have been there. [ crying ] >> because i couldn't have moved that concrete block myself. >> officials say a number of factors kept the casualties down including early warnings, accurate forecasts and the fact that storms happened during the
6:36 am
day when people were awake. well, some palo alto police officers will soon be equipped with videocameras mounted on their bodies. city council unanimously approved $350,000 last night for the cameras. the money will mostly pay to replace 18 cameras and police cruisers but also calls for cameras that nine motorcycle officers will actually wear. >> the goal of all of this is that it will allow us to have an independent accurate record of what happened and what our officers do. >> police department says those cameras will protect the officers from the public and vice versa. alcohol may have played a role in a traffic accident that caused a chemical spill in concord. it happened just after 8:00 last night at concord and john glenn drive near buchanan field. the chp says a ford taurus hit a pickup carrying swimming pool chemicals. the driver of the taurus and two of his passengers were taken to hospitals. he was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence.
6:37 am
a former raiders linebacker was among two men killed in a crash on the nimitz in oakland. a mangled mess was all that was left near 5th street around 1a the chp says 30-year-old thomas howard was driving more than 1 00 miles per hour when he lost control. he hit a big rig and two other cars killing another man. howard was released by the atlanta falcons last week. the raiders drafted him in 2006. he spent five seasons as a linebacker with the team. today a jury in san jose will begin deliberating on how much samsung owes to apple for violating patents for iphones and ipads. the trial has been going on for a week to determine the damages. a previous jury already found samsung cop width key features but then a judge ruled the jury miscalculated the damages. apple is demanding $380 million. today san diego will vote for a new mayor to replace disgraced form mayorer bob filner who resigned in august
6:38 am
after nearly 20 women accused him of sexual harassment. voters will clues between 11 candidates today. if no one wins a majority, the top two will go to a runoff. and today a preliminary hearing gets under way for a man whose alleged driving rampage killed a tourist at l.a.'s venice beach boardwalk. this happened back in august. a judge is deciding whether nathan campbell should stand trial on several counts. a woman on her honeymoon from italy was killed. 16 others were injured. 6:38 now. 'tis the season for holiday shopping. a new technology is changing the way we all shop. the new device allowing apple to track what catches your eye. >> and how a nationwide shortage could change your thanksgiving menu plans. >> and how about the market? just opened. a record day yesterday. it slipped below 16,000. it's still there, up 17 and change. we'll crunch the numbers with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks when we come back.
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it's hard to imagine how pee can even get in and out of r houses through all t tumbleweeds living up to their namesake in one neighborhood in cheyenne, wyoming. hard to imagine how people can get in and out of their homes through all the weeds. they piled up practically to the roof of this home. the iconic weeds have inspired stocks, sorries, even sonnets. cheyenne residents say it's just part of the experience of living on the prairie in wyoming. time is running out in 2013 and most americans are leaving vacation days on the table. who are these people?! a new survey from says the average worker failed to take four days away from work that they had earned. one in four americans says they like to keep their days piled up to be ready for trips they could take in the future. many others say it's just too difficult to schedule vacation. who are these guys? >> you earned the time. so take it. >> using it! you think the turkeys may
6:43 am
have figured it out? they may have. butterball says there's a shortage of big birds this year because the toms aren't eating so they won't be plump enough by thanksgiving. butterball expects to ship only half its usual supply of fresh turkeys over 16 pounds. you can, however, get a frozen one of the butterball is the nation's biggest turkey supplier. >> getting smart. >> yeah. home ownsers could be in for some relief from the settlement involving the mortgage meltdown. >> let's chat. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks on this tuesday morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, michelle. this would be the biggest settlement of its kind involving the biggest bank if the country jpmorgan chase. they are expecting an announcement with the justice department that jpmorgan chase agreed to a $13 billion settlement. this had been worked on for quite some time. we are starting to get more information on the various pieces of this settlement. the latest being a $4 billion chunk of that, that will go towards consumer relief. of course, we don't know the details of how that will be broken down and which consumers will be relieved by that. another $4 billion going to
6:44 am
freddie mac and fannie mae because they bought billions of dollars in mortgages from jpmorgan chase leading up to the financial crisis that were worthless at the time. jpmorgan chase has plenty of money for this. they have set aside $23 billion so they won't feel it despite the big number of this. and investors just want to see this done with and jpmorgan chase shares are up slightly this morning. tesla being investigated by federal regulators over those model s fires. stock is really hit hard over the past couple of weeks on that. fell another 10% yesterday. but this morning tesla shares are up by about 1%. stock market trying to hang on to a couple of benchmarks yesterday was unable to do so. the dow making another run this morning at 16,000. let's look at the big board. the dow is down by 1 after coming close again and the nasdaq is lower by 8 points. s&p above 1800 a bit yesterday now it's down by 3 points at under 1790. frank and michelle back to you.
6:45 am
>> jason brooks from kcbs news, thank you. 6:44. time for traffic on this tuesday. liz, take it away. >> lawrence's hi-def doppler has been tracking some light rain in parts of marin county including along 101. we are actually seeing a number of accidents now pop up. this one is in corte madera southbound 101 approaching tamalpais drive. chp tells us just minor injuries. but five cars are involved. maybe blocking lanes. our sensors haven't picked up any slowing yet but, of course, that could change if you are heading southbound just a heads up there. otherwise in the south bay also some problems northbound 101 approaching alum rock. still working to clear that accident to the right-hand shoulder in the meantime look at those delays. very big backups right now coming into san jose from morgan hill. also, westbound 580 we have seen a couple of different accidents both by that north flynn exhibit so the delays continue out of tracy on 205. once you get past vasco road things improve toward the dublin-pleasanton area. here's a live look at the bay
6:46 am
bridge toll plaza. we had one either minor fender- bender or stall. whatever it was, it was cleared quickly on the western side of the span approaching the fremont street exit. it's still backed up traffic significantly into the macarthur maze. the metering lights were also turned on just before 6:00. bart continues to recover on the fremont line. about 10- to 15-minute delays is what they are tweeting right now in all directions. there was an equipment problem on a train. we called them, they had to take a train out of service so that's what's the deal there. hopefully they will get things back on track here shortly. muni caltrain and ace train one and three both look good. and a quick note about our traffic alert. still remains in effect in milpitas, northbound 680, approaching montague. and we can actually take you out live. we have our photographer showing us that right lane continues to be blocked and the montague expressway off-ramp also remains closed a big rig struck that guardrail you see there did some damage, debris and a fuel spill in the roadway taking a while to clean up that mess. that's your latest "kcbs traffic" update. with more on your wet weather, here's lawrence. >> yeah. the rain falling around the bay
6:47 am
area now. there's more to come. the focus has been north of the golden gate bridge so far. but that's likely to shift further south throughout the day today. let's check your hi-def doppler radar. and indeed, we have some moderate amounts of rain falling in parts of the north bay right now taking you in for a closer look you can see some cells rotating on through. so yeah, we are going to see more rain on and off and pockets of moderate rain. it hasn't rained for a while so roads picking up oil off the surface so it will be slick out there on the roads. looks like as you make your way in along the 101, you can see where we're talking about some of the accidents. you have that rain already falling there. and there's still more to come off the coastline. we are just getting into the storm system it's going to be pushing south. cloudy elsewhere rain likely for everyone toward the afternoon. could be a rough commute ride on the way home as we'll see the front moving through. then unsettled weather through tomorrow with the possibility of some isolated thunderstorms. a cold front the jet stream finally supporting it working its way through the bay area bringing that rain but likely to pick up especially toward the afternoon.
6:48 am
let's time it out starting with showers in the north bay early on. then that cold front starts to sag south. as we get to 12:00, 1:00, along the peninsula in the central bay and parts of the south because, but toward the evening hours you see that rain picking up. the commute on the way home could be stretch us are because it hasn't rained for quite a while. it breaks off into more scattered showers with the possibility of isolated thunderstorms into tomorrow. temperatures expected to be in the 50s and the 60s. rainy and wet toward the afternoon. next couple of days some unsettled weather continuing maybe a lingering shower into thursday then we dry out and get other way as we head in toward the weekend above-normal temperatures with an offshore wind. checking the schoolcast for today ruby bridges elementary school in alameda morning bell cloudy, showers likely toward lunch, when you get the rain continuing. if you would like to nominate your school, go to and you can enter it there. that's the latest from here, guys. back to you. >> all right, lawrence. thanks. 6:ing 4.
6:49 am
holiday shopping season well under way at 6:47. sharon shows us the new technology that's changing how we shop. >> so imagine walking into a store, you're shopping, and suddenly you get a smartphone alert letting you know more information about the very product you're looking for. we may not be too far away from that technology. apple is reportedly installing transmitters in their stores that would track their customers. so for example, you're looking at a macbook and suddenly in comes a notification giving you more product information, maybe a video or maybe even an invitation to a workshop to learn more about it. >> and ding, a customer service rep says can i interest you in a macbook? >> though could use it for the genius bar to know that you walked into the store and you're waiting for your appointment. we don't know how much context they will use. so do they know that you have not purchased a macbook in four years and you're overdue? so that they will push it a
6:50 am
little bit harder? well, so with retailers online cutting into the sales of brick and mortar stores, lots of retailers are finding ways to encourage in-store purchases. we have seen a startup called indoor atlas that maps large stores like macy's and target. and it uses that technology to pinpoint your location and even give you walking directions to a specific product. >> wow. >> so i mean, obviously, we can only expect that they will also push advertisements and coupons relevant to what you're looking at. >> i like that because you no longer have to search for somebody to help you out. >> aisle 7, go. >> i was at michael's yesterday and it took me 20 minutes to find magnets. [ laughter ] >> what other information are they gleaning? you like i books or iphones or whatever? >> so they -- again, we don't know what kind of context it will be in if they will know your purchase history. and we also don't know if they
6:51 am
will be storing that data, what will they be doing with the data they collect about customer behavior? obviously, in the case of apple they might be using it to improve in store layouts. quickly we don't have much time. eye beacons? >> eye beacon is the apple that using in their stores. >> that's what's it's called. >> thank you so much. you can find more tech watch seg men's on >> thanks, sharon. 6:51. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning,. >> reporter: i have been waiting for you guys. where you been? hello, frank and michelle. good to see you both. ahead he rode out a tornado in his home in his rocking chair. we'll speak with the man 76 years old who was pulled from the wreckage in illinois. quite a story plus billionaire warren buffett on the stock market hitting 16,000 for the first time and what he thinks
6:52 am
about the strengths of our economy. and only on "cbs this morning," you will hear from a photographer who witnessed president kennedy's final minutes and then captured the moment his assassin was shot. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. frank and michelle, back to you. >> sounds like a great show. thank you so much. we'll see you at 7:00. right now, though, 6:52. george zimmerman facing legal troubles once again. what's next for him today as he sits in jail accused of threatening his girlfriend with a shotgun. >> and tesla's model s the safest car in america will be put to the test. the feds announce they are investigating the company's recent electric car fires. could this lead to a israel? we'll tell you coming up. -- could this lead to a recall? we'll tell you coming up. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow.
6:53 am
so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can
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to communities devastated by
6:56 am
dozens of tornadoes that hie midwest sunday. twisters destroyed as many as 500 ho but five things to know at 6:55. president obama is helping communities devastated by the tornadoes sunday. twisters destroyed 500 hopes. eight people died but officials say it could have been worse. accurate forecasting and early warnings helped save lives. george zimmerman is in a florida jail this morning waiting to find out if a judge will give him bail today. the former neighborhood watchman acquitted in the death of trayvon martin is accused of threatening his girlfriend with a gun. when officers arrived he had barricaded the front door. he eventually surrendered. disgraced trend mayor rob ford is vowing to fight after the city council stripped him of most of his executive powers yesterday. ford says he won't step aside and will pursue legal action against council. he knocked down a councilwoman at the meeting yesterday and then apologized. ford recently admitted to smoking crack and other bizarre behavior. an al qaeda-linked group has claimed responsibility for
6:57 am
two suicide bombings today in beirut. the authenticity of the claim isn't independently verified. 23 people were killed outside the iranian embassy including a diplomat. and president obama will meet with key senators from both sides of the aisle today. the president is urging congress to hold off on passing new sanctions against iran. u.s. and iranian representatives will meet tomorrow to continue negotiations over that country's nuclear program. the u.s. wants to limit iran's ability to enrich uranium while iran wants relief from economic sanctions already in place. i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. u.s. safety agencies said today they are launching a formal investigation into bay area- based tesla. this comes after fires broke out in two of the cars battery. the national highway safety administration says they want to examine risks from the undercarriage getting hit. the investigation will affect 13,000 cars in the u.s. two recent incidents in washington state and tennessee happen after the electric cars hit
6:58 am
debris that pierced the battery compartment causing those fires. the company's ceo elon musk wrote in a blog that tesla asked for the investigation and hours before the feds made their announcement, musk said there would be changes coming to the model s. tesla will change the warranty to cover damage from fires, and it will also increase ground clearance on these electric cars to make it less likely to hit road debris. this investigation could lead to a recall but no decision has been made. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. and one last "kcbs traffic" update. southbound 101 in marin county approaching east blithedale avenue an multicar crash a couple of lanes blocked. you can see the delays are growing right now. just minor injuries so hopefully, it won't take a long time to clear but there is some rain reported. lawrence will have the latest with our hi-def doppler. but again, be extra careful on the roads this morning. they are slick. we have seen a number of traffic accidents including the
6:59 am
traffic alert in milpitas. actually in the milpitas-san jose border northbound 680 by montague. a big rig slammed into the guardrail. the right lane of the freeway and the off-ramp remain blocked. there's a lot of debris to clean up. and the bay bridge, the backups now extend fully into the macarthur maze. about 20 to 25 minutes just to get you on the bay bridge and the metering lights remain on. that is your latest "kcbs traffic" update. for more on your wet forecast, here's lawrence. >> finally getting rain back into the bay area. mostly cloudy outside right now. you can see the rain, the heaviest amounts showing up in the north bay that's going to slowly slide south throughout the day today so yeah, everybody is going to see some rainfall. delays at sfo of about an hour and 45 minutes on arriving flights. that's due to low cloud cover. the temperatures mainly in the 50s right now although livermore sneaking down to 48. expect a stormy afternoon around the bay area and the commute, the ride on the way home very, very slick roads. maybe some thunderstorms even tomorrow, guys. >> take it slow. >> this show went by fast didn't it? >> sure did. >> you were only here for
7:00 am
around hour. sure. captions by: caption colorado ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, november 19th, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." how did so many people survive tornadoes packing 190-mile-per-hour winds? you'll meet the 76-year-old man who rode out the storm from his rocking air. >> cbs news obtained documents that show how cell phone companies could be blocking a solution to stop sexts. >> and toronto's crack-smoking mayor goes on the offensive in more ways than one. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> it's unreal. the most important thing is that i can move on because i'm still here. >> the heartland rises from the rubble. >> the death toll stands


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