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tv   CBS Evening News With Scott Pelley  CBS  November 21, 2013 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, how far can the markets go? wall street makes history with a new high, but can the rally last? anthony mason on what is stampeding the bulls. >> this is a sad day. >> pelley: washington makes history with a new low. in a showdown democrats sweep away 100 years of tradition. republicans vow to make them pay. three women are freed after being held as slaves for 30 years. mark phillips is on the story. and bob schieffer finds the man who faced lee harvey oswald in the moment after oswald shot the president 50 years ago. >> he didn't appear stressed in any way. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.
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>> pelley: good evening. the stock market is sailing in uncharted territory. interest rates are low, corporate earnings are high, and there is no end in sight for the federal reserve stimulus program. that added up to the dow hitting another record, heading for its best year in the a decade. anthony mason looks at how we got here and maybe where we're going. ( cheers and applause ) >> reporter: for the first time ever, the dow has broken through three 1,000-point milestones in just one year. >> it's funny to see how this market has become and how it shakes off any negative data that's there. >> reporter: trader jonathan corpina, with meridian equity partners, says even the government shutdown didn't make the markets flinch. >> our economy is getting better. and we see that translated in our market. and, also, there hasn't been any real earth-shattering news that's taken our market off the track that it's been on.
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>> reporter: the dow, which started the year just above 13,000, broke 14,000 in february, and 15,000 in may. in crossing 16,000 today, it's now up 22% for the year. the rally's been helped by janet yellin, whose nomination to be the next head of the federal reserve was approved by the senate banking committee today and now heads to the senate floor. yellin has assured congress the fed will continue to support the economy and won't ease up on stimulus yet. >> i consider it imperative that we do what we can to promote a very strong recovery. >> reporter: among the leaders of the rally, young tech stocks- - like yelp, up 239% just this year, groupon, up 96%, and linkedin, up 92%. those huge gains have some analysts warning of another tech bubble. $76 billion has poured into
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stock mutual funds this year, scott. that's most since 2004. >> pelley: so, anthony, the question is, does the market have the momentum to continue? >> reporter: well, the momentum right now is still up, and it will be until janet yellin signals a change in course at the fed. and most analysts believe, scott, that's not going to happen at least until the spring of next year. >> pelley: anthony mason. thank you, anthony. there was a historic breach in the u.s. senate today, where republicans have been holding up nominations that president obama has made to federal judgeships. democrats accused republicans of abusing the filibuster rule to hold up these appointments. and they point out that half of all filibusters against presidential nominations in u.s. history have happened just in the obama administration. well, today, democrats pushed through a change in the filibuster rule that was so unthinkable, it was nicknamed "the nuclear option." nancy cordes has the fallout on capitol hill. >> reporter: leaders from both
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parties have threatened to deploy this nuclear option for decades, but until now, they have never followed through because it fundamentally altered the way the senate works. the senate's democratic leader harry reid said the final straw came when the republicans blocked the pretty three nominees will to the u.s. circuit court in washington, d.c. >> the obstruction we have seen from republicans against president obama has reached new heights never dreamed of. >> reporter: so he called all 100 senators to the floor and announced he was changing a 96- year-old rule, lowering the hurdle for confirming appointees from 60 votes to a simple majority of 51 votes. all but three democrats voted to change the rule. >> the yeas are 52, the nays are 48. >> the furious republican leader, mitch mcconnell, argued the democrats were simply trying to shift attention away from obamacare's disastrous roll out. >> i would probably be running
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for the exit, too, if i was supporting this law. i would be looking to change the subject. >> reporter: the new rule only applies to executive branch and lower court nominees, not supreme court picks or legislation. but republicans say it's a slippery slope. leader reid, won't this come back to bite you when you're in the minority? what if they have a nominee you don't approve of? >> i sit on the floor, and i said this is the way it has to be. the senate has changed. >> reporter: reid came close to deploying the nuclear option this summer until a bipartisan group, led by senator john mccain, cut a deal to let some long-standing nominations go through. was there any talk of a similar deal this time? >> yes, i tried, i tried. i tried, i did. they basically said there was too much pressure from many of their members. >> reporter: there are 76 nominees awaiting confirmation, but the senate didn't exactly get to work voting on them, scott. instead, they took a two-week recess so they won't be back
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until december under a cloud of bad feelings. >> pelley: more to come on this one, nancy. thank you very much. late today, the state of california said it will not let president obama make good on a broken promise. last week, mr. obama reversed himself, saying that he would allow americans to keep health insurance policies that they like, even if that policy does not meet new higher standards. well, california officials said this afternoon that reinstating those policies after they've already been canceled would only make matters worse. so hundreds of thousands of californians will lose their substandard health policies, whether they liked them or not. kennedy cousin michael skakel walked out of court today a free man after more than a decade in prison. he was released on $1.2 million bail. skakel was convicted in the 1975 murder of a neighbor in connecticut when both were teenagers. but a judge threw out the conviction and granted him a new trial.
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troy roberts of "48 hours" is covering the case. >> reporter: relatives and supporters applauded when the judge approved bail. michael skakel did not speak to reporters but his lawyer, hubert santos did. >> there were two tragedies that occurred in greenwich, connecticut, in 1975. the first was, of course, the murder of martha moxley. the second great tragedy occurred in a courthouse in norwalk, connecticut, in 2002 when michael was convicted of the murder of martha moxley, a murder he did not commit. >> reporter: skakel was serving 20 years for bludgeoning martha moxley with a golf club. a connecticut judge set aside the conviction last month, after skakel argued his trial attorney, mickey sherman, failed to properly defend him. martha's mother, dorothy, and her brother john. >> we stand behind the state. we know the state will appeal, and we're confident judge bishop's decision will be
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overturned. >> reporter: skakel is the 53- year-old nephew of robert f. kennedy's widow, ethel kennedy. his father, rucheton, had made a fortune in the coal business. martha moxley lived next door. she was last seen alive going to a halloween party with a group that included michael skakel. the 15-year-old's body was found outside her home the next morning. it took decades for prosecutors to build their case against skakel. the 2002 trial focused on testimony that skakel had made incriminating statements over the years. one witness testified skakel boasted he would get away with murder because he was a kennedy. at today's hearing, hubert santos argued the evidence was circumstantial. >> no d.n.a. evidence, your honor, no fingerprints, no trace evidence, no eyewitnesses. >> reporter: skakel was released with an ankle bracelet and barred from leaving the state of connecticut without permission. 81-year-old dorothy moxley says
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she will attend the next trial in a couple of years. scott. >> pelley: troy roberts outside the courthouse in stamford for us. troy, thank you very much. today, alabama's parole board closed the book on an infamous case of racial injustice involving nine black teenagers who became known as want "scottsboro boys." in 1931, they were falsely convicted of raping two white women. most had their convictions overturned, but today, alabama's parole board approved posthumous pardons for the last three of the men in the case. today, the u.s. navy suspended a captain in a growing corruption scandal. he is the sixth naval official named in the case. it involves a company based in singapore that's accused of bribing navy officers with cash and prostitutes. today, the head of that company appeared in federal court in san diego, and carter evans is there. >> reporter: those in the navy
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associated with leonard francis knew him as "fat leonard" for his physical size and for the size of the lavish gifts he allegedly showered naval officers-- cash, prostitutes, expensive cuban cigars, and luxury trips overseas. even tickets to a lady gaga concert. what francis got in return, according to prosecutors, was u.s. navy warships redirected to asian ports he ran. francis allegedly overcharged the u.s. to supply those ships with food, fuel, and security services. rear admiral john kirby is a navy spokesman. >> we've been in business with this company for... since about 1997, so hundreds of millions of dollars' worth of contracts. >> reporter: today, francis pleaded not guilty to charges of conspiracy and bribery. in september, navy investigators lured the malaysian tycoon to a meeting in this san diego hotel, where he was arrested. and two navy commanders have been charged with accepting
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bribes that reached $100,000. >> we believe that there will be more naval officers, and perhaps even some navy civilians, implicated in this scandal as the investigation unfolds. >> reporter: a naval investigator is also accused of giving francis classified information about the case. according to court documents, the travel arrangements francis made for the investigator included prostitutes. in an e-mail, francis sent a woman's picture and asked, "joyce your kind of babe?"ned to comment. >> pelley: carter, thanks very much. overseas, police in london today arrested two people at a home where three women claimed they were held captive as slaves for 30 years.
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the home is in a quiet neighborhood not far from the river thames and buckingham palace. >> reporter: well, scott, just an ordinary house on an ordinary street is the way it was described today. but extraordinary and deeply shocking events took place inside it for three decades. police said they moved in on a house in a neighborhood in london after they discovered a tip that three women had been held there against their will for 30 years. a woman's protection charity had arranged for the three to escape, and the police arrested a man and a woman, both in their 60s. the trapped women had apparently been allowed out occasionally, but only under strict supervision. detective inspector kevin hyland of the police human trafficking unit said the women had been tyrannized by their captors. >> three women, a 69-year-old from malaysia. a 57-year-old from ireland. and a 30-year-old british woman,
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were all rescued. all three women were highly traumatized and were taken to a place of safety where they remain. >> reporter: police say there's no evidence of sexual abuse at this stage, but more on th--warrant the investigation it over. scott if you break down the numbers it seemed the 30-year-old woman may have been held as a domestic slave all her life. >> pelley: mark phillips, thank you, mark. one of america's great retailers faces a tough future. how did a jumbo jet end up at the wrong airport? and a new island is born when the cbs evening news continues. my feet felt so heavy at the end of the day. they used to get really tired. until i started gellin'. i got dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles. when they're in my shoes, my feet and legs feel less tired. i'm a believer. dr. scholl's massaging gel insoles.
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upper belly pain, dark urine, or yellowing of skin or eyes. these could be signs of rare but serious side effects. crestor! yes! [ female announcer ] ask your doctor about crestor. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> pelley: we're just a week away from the holiday shopping season, and for one retailer, sears, the stakes could not be higher. today, sears reported it lost more than half a billion dollars just between august and october. we asked dean reynolds to look into why sears is hemorrhaging money. >> reporter: the sears store nearest corporate headquarters in hoffman estates, illinois, is a showcase of goods, from tv sets to easy chairs, apparel to appliances. what we didn't see, though, were many customers, and farther from the mothership in some of its 799 other stores, there are
5:47 pm
barren shelves and dark, uninviting spaces. retail analyst brian sozzi took these photos. >> there are supposed to be people in charge making sure inventory and sneakers and underwear and undergarments is in stock, and from the pictures we took, sears is not doing that. >> reporter: along with the 1,200 k-marts it owns, sears has lost more than $4 billion since 2010. the company that helped create the american consumer culture with its iconic catalog and anchored malls from coast to coast has had a very hard time courting the middle class shoppers it depends on, a predicament shared by rivals j.c. penney and kohl's. >> our financial performance is not what it needs to be. >> reporter: leena mungal is a sears vice president. >> our focus is looking ahead. how do we change our strategy to be able to react to the things that are happening, not just in retail but transformation generally happening all around us. >> reporter: sears is rushing to
5:48 pm
go online big time, and ease in-store shopping with the newest technology, like mobile checkout scanners. but still, the losses keep piling up, scott, and the company is now seriously considering spinning off its land's end clothing line, as well as its automotive stores, to save money. >> pelley: dean reynolds in our chicago news room. thank you, dean. federal investigators would like to know what caused a cargo jet to land at the wrong airport. the massive boeing jet is used to carry parts for the 787 dreamliner. it was supposed to land at mcconnell air force base near wichita, kansas, but it ended up nine miles away at a tiny airport with a runway that was technically too short for it to take off again. >> pelley: today, after towing the plane to the far end of a
5:49 pm
runway, a replacement crew got it airborne again, speeding down the runway at full throttle for the short flight to the intended airport. today, the new chairman of the federal communications decision said it is time to change the rules against making cell phone calls on airlines. the commission voted to allow the calls at altitudes over 10,000 feet, but not during takeoffs or landings. the proposal will be considered at the f.c.c.'s meeting next month. three female marines have marched into history, proving that they're ready for battle. that story's ahead.
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>> pelley: early today, five children were pulled alive from a frigid pond near minneapolis. their car was in the water for 45 minutes. it had veered off a highway ramp into nine feet of water. the children, ages one through seven, are in serious condition. it's not clear how they survived. the driver, who is the mother of at least three of them, escaped unhurt. for the first time, three enlisted women have passed the marine corps' grueling infantry course. they graduated today at camp geiger in north carolina. the women endured eight weeks of tough training that included hiking for miles, carrying 87- pound packs and assault rifles, same as the men. but they will not be headed for combat, not yet. the military is still developing standards for women in the infantry.
5:53 pm
japan has gained a patch of new territory today. it was created by an undersea volcano 600 miles south of tokyo. the volcano pushed lava and rock up to the surface of the pacific ocean. the new island is about 650 feet in diameter and growing. japan has not yet named it. half a century ago, this man came face to face with an assassin. his story next. coughequence #5. the sleepless night. [ coughing ] [ crying ] sorry. [ male announcer ] new robitussin dm max nighttime. fast, powerful cough relief that helps you sleep like a baby. robitussin nighttime. don't suffer the coughequences. i remember thinking there's a lot i have to do... check my blood sugar, eat better. start insulin. today i learned there's something i don't have to do anymore. my doctor said with levemir® flexpen... i don't have to use a syringe and a vial. levemir® flexpen comes prefilled
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and south bay police. next at six. weather talent appears at wx center with generic pinpoint filling monitor then we take special >> pelley: 50 years ago today, president kennedy and his wife, jackie, flew to texas on air force one. the president was shot the next day in dallas. bob schieffer met a man who ran into the assassin, as lee harvey oswald fled the scene. >> i will never forget that first look. >> schieffer: 50 years ago, pierce allman, a young newsman, came to this corner of elm street directly across from the texas school book depository to see the young first couple. >> they turned the corner, and-- boom. >> there were three loud reverberating explosions. >> schieffer: allman looked up at the red brick building. >> there were three guys in the fifth floor window, and they were literally hanging out of
5:57 pm
the window and looking up and pointing up. and i thought, "i need to get to a phone and call." so i ran down to the sidewalk and up the steps and into the doorway of the depository building. >> schieffer: where he had a chance encounter. >> there was a guy standing in the doorway, and i said, "where's a phone?" he jerked his thumb and said, "in there." i said, "thank you." >> schieffer: moments later allman filed a live report, unaware he had just become face to face with the president's assassin. allman would not learn the man's identity until three weeks later when the secret service paid him a visit. >> they said, "are you familiar with the testimony of lee oswald after his arrest?" and i said, "no." and they said, "well, he states, as he was leaving the depository building, a young man with a crewcut rushed up, identified himself as a newsman, and asked where a phone was. so this is, very obviously, you."
5:58 pm
>> schieffer: that must have come as something of a shock, when you realized the guy you'd asked for directions was the person who had just shot the president. >> it did. he didn't appear stressed in any way. >> schieffer: just minutes earlier, oswald shot the president from the sixth floor corner window of the building. >> the president has been shot. >> schieffer: to allman, it's as if it happened yesterday. >> if i go to the site, it's forever 1963. i can hear it. i can see it. it's a memory that stays with you forever. >> schieffer: 50 years later, a day still frozen in time. bob schieffer, cbs news, dallas. >> pelley: and we will be in dallas tomorrow for the ceremonies marking the 50th anniversary of the assassination. that's the cbs evening news for tonight. for all of us at cbs news all around the world, good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald well, it looked like ordinary bay area coffee shops but the feds say there's something much more scandalous brewing behind the scenes. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. new at 6:00 our kiet do is in san jose where the feds and local police busted an illegal gambling ring. kiet. >> reporter: liz, we are live outside the ozone cafe on center road near tully road in east san jose. ozone was raided early this morning by the fbi and the dea agents and was shut down. we have videos of the interior. they are still open and serving customers. witnesses say the raid happened at 8 a.m. before opening for business. a locksmith opened the doors and agents seized gaming machines and evidence of gambling and extortion.
6:00 pm
sources say the business owners were being forced to give up large percentages of the winnings from the machines. 10 locations were raided simultaneously throughout the bay area. of those 10, 6 were in san jose. agent arrested 7 people. some of them had local ties to games here in san jose. they all now face federal charges. we confronted the manager of ozone tonight who denied everything. was there illegal gambling happening here? >> no. [ indiscernible ] >> i think the bottom line is it's very profitable for these coffee shops to have the illegal gaming devices inside their businesses and it brings in a lot of money for these businesses. >> reporter: and cops say gambling is just part of the problem. you're looking at hidden camera footage of the illegal activity going on in these so-called bikini bars in san jose. the vice cops say it's turning san jose into the bay