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tv   Face the Nation  CBS  November 24, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> schieffer: welcome back to "face the nation," we're also joined by wall street journal columnist and our own john dickerson. kimberly, let me start with you. you heard the analysis of the day what is your take on it? >> this intelligence official think -- i think the fear here, this is the here you're seeing express asked that this buys the iranian time. they have done this in the past. whenever international anger grows they come out say their willing to do some sort of negotiation, the sanctions come back down he'll loud them to proceed with their program. it seems to be happening again, they knew they had facing increasing new sanction, another round here ip congress they look
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like they're willing to do something with the hope that the united states stands down on that. it gives then the chance to get some relief, have some money again maybe restart this -- some of their ambitions without going forward able to continue at any time. they're still going to be enriching. >> schieffer: what is going to happen among congress? i see even before this agreement was finally reached you had somebody like chuck schumer who is one of the strongest administration backers expressing some reservations. >> that's right. the president met this week with senators in both parties saying, wait, just don't create new sanctions while i'm trying to work this out. the white house thinks that they have about six months to work on this bigger deal they think they will be able to hold support together without new sanctions. it's not going to be easy. they're going to have tending to do. one thing that strikes me we look at this president and how he's pinned down on the domestic front. but president still have power when you look what they did this week, there's a security deal
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with afghanistan one of the promises in tuwaitha senator obama made get us out of the of those two wars and negotiate with iran and some of america's enemies. we're seeing that come to fruition. though the president is taking some pounding on the domestic front he is still adding influence that goes all the way back to the things he said in his exam pain in 2008. >> schieffer: david, you think that this -- we heard steny hoyer pass different sanctions, he's saying that he would like to see the senate go ahead do this but put in proviso that they won't go in to affect for six months. do you think it will than easy? >> i don't think so it will than easy. i expect in the end they will probably let the president play out. the gamble is exactly what him and john were discussing. the two options here, bob, are to relax the sanctions a bit and
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hope that it creates enough of a hunger inside iran that there's appetite for more sanctions relief which are only going to get by dismantling part of the system. versus the approach that you see from mr. netanyahu. which is raise the sanctions, and just hope that iran will crumble and give up the whole program. i think that is a really tough gamble for the president either way. he's making the bet that he can push along this sort of reform movement. now, if he's wrong then it's going to be very easy to put more sanctions on. if he's right i think this problem in congress will be getting the vote, particularly before the mid term election to get people to take sanctions away, that's pretty difficult. >> schieffer: david, there's no question that this administration looking for some good news. but with netanyahu coming out so
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strongly against this, how do you see that playing out in this country? israelis when they have a mind can generate a little opposition they can do a pretty good job of lobbying. >> it's a real issue for the administration. it's unusual here the president and netanyahu have always had a watt relationship. when kerry took this job he played up the good relationship. they will have real problem selling this deal. kerry is, i think, some case deserves some praise he's brought some risk taking to this administration. what i've seen that sort of giving up his dream of becoming president maybe potentially made him a better secretary of state. he's got something very rare and uncalculating and nothing to lose politically. but he's got to deliver. he has to deliver an actual deal or it's not going to really -- he won't be delivering on the promise of diplomacy. >> israeli argument here which is very powerful that the only
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reason the iranians have felt -- that the pressure is huge. you take any of that away even small, kerry was trying to suggest this is just a small dimming auction of the sanctions regime. do they still feel obliged to continue doing anything that is the argument against -- the argument has been if you're going to crease your nuclear program do it immediately and without any preconditions. >> the question about what is going on inside iran. there's a very strong hard line there. the revolutionary guard they want to go nuclear. is really present a liberal movement. can they help moderates in iran. >> if part of this, bob, is a question of what your ultimate end game is. for president obama we heard him say, he said again last night that his end game is to top iran from getting a nuclear weapon. the israeli, saudi, arab end
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games are different. they don't want iran to have nuclear capability. ability to actually go up and just be a few screwdriver turns away from. this and that's why if you're obama, this preliminary deal is a good deal. and if you're israel or the arab states, it doesn't do anything to get at that capability and might -- >> schieffer: how far are say the saudis from having nuclear weapons? >> we don't thine have a nuclear weapons program. but they under wrote the pakistani program. which was put together more than a decade ago. there's always been an assumption if they needed a weapon they could make a deal with the pakistanis to get one. you can imagine -- >> schieffer: just buy it? >> they already paid for it under that theory the question is how would you get it delivered. this is something that u.s. intelligence watches like a hawk as you can imagine. and various moments when saudis want to turn up the heat they keep saying, lookf we think iran
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is too close we're not going to let be there a shia bomb we'll make sure that there is a sunni alternative. >> john, the president has the lowest ratings of his presidency, his signature program now opposed by 61% of the people. does this have any impact on any of that? i consider the politics of this the least significant part when we're talking about prevent somebody from getting a nuclear weapon. politics does play a role. >> well, kennedy used to say politics can get politically but in foreign policy can kill you. more important on foreign policy. to see ken mccarthy say he would hope the politics didn't get involved. senator from texas on the republican side said his first reaction on twitter was, it's amazing what the administration will do to deflect from obamacare which gives you some sense of the super charged
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nature of this feeding in to the original domestic debate over the president's health care plan. the approval rating is low and on the question of question there's been a case in the past where president's approval rating has gone very low like during 2011 debt ceiling debate they still trusted him. that's not the case here. in our poll last september, now only 49% of the country say they trust him. that makes everything harder for him. the big date to watch of course he's got one more week to deliver on this promise health care website will work. that's important not only they need to get people out there and signed up but also another promise and another test of his credibility. white house says it's going to be working as promised in a week. not many people outside of the administration think that's going to be true. >> schieffer: do you think that this will snap. >> i thought he put his tippinger right on the question, he said, democrats want this to be about claiming that only problem here is a failure of access to obamacare. the interesting question increasingly why you see more
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democrats nervous that there's beginning to be fear that in fact obamacare is the problem. in that isn't that the law working exactly the way it was set up to work? if you're going to cover a lot of uninsured people and people who are sick, the way the mechanics works only thing you can do is make a lot of people who are healthy and younger and who like their plans pay a lot more. you're going to continue seeing those cancellation notices come in, continue seeing people lose their doctors. that's even people who are getting in to the exchange. that is what their finding. >> schieffer: john, we don't have much time left, to our viewers out there who don't know, john's mother was nancy dickerson who was very well-known white house correspondent for cbs way back here. and you talked this week about, we're getting ready to talk to clint hill, jackie kennedy's secret service agency. you talked about amazing dinner that your mother had been the johnson, the day after they came
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back to washington from dallas. >> it was amazing. she'd known john since she worked up on the hill they had been friends. he'd been watching tv in addition to all of his other dues tee saw her talking about whether house speaker rayburn had supported johnson ever joining the ticket. she said, he might have. there's a lot of debate about that. johnson liked the idea that she said that rayburn looked it, he wanted nobody to any that there was not a close relationship between johnson and kennedy. he said, come on over. when he got over there, this was -- >> schieffer: the day after he got back from dallas. >> the 23rd. first full day as president. they arrived late at night, he was -- he was trying to get in touch with the white house and phones wouldn't work. he said, we could go under attack which he thought might be possible. he thought there was another stage in this what might be a -- >> schieffer: an attack? >> i couldn't gets the secretary of state on the phone. the next minute he's on the known with his speech writer's
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daughter who has her boyfriend there. assures the young man everything is going to be okay. he was comforting the nation one person at a time. he gets off the phone, puts that down, starts talking to the television worried they're going to insight a riot if they amp up the talk of conspiracy and it was just tumultuous evening which the president is trying to take control of his office. but also trying to just figure out the new situation he was in. >> schieffer: he really had this innate sense. from the moment he got on that air force plane to come back to when he took the oath he took charge. >> did he. he was worried about how everything would look in terms that have question of continuity. when the phones didn't work he said, i want to change that. but i don't want to change anything else. i don't want to change anything from the kennedy administration i want that continuity to be there. a caretaker of the previous thing. he was always thinking how it would look even in private dinner party with a few people how it would look that
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continuity with the slain president keeping in mind already that night he was thinking about what his plans would be in 1965 after he won re-election. he was thinking long way out. >> schieffer: all right. thank you all for being with us this morning on this historic weekend. we'll be back. thrusters at 30%! i can't get her to warp. losing thrusters. i need more power. give me more power! [ mainframe ] located. ge deep-sea fuel technology. a 50,000-pound, ingeniously wired machine that optimizes raw data to help safely discover and maximize resources in extreme conditions. our current situation seems rather extreme. why can't we maximize our... ready. ♪ brilliant. let's get out of here. warp speed. ♪
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>> schieffer: as we conclude our special coverage of the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john kennedy, we want to go back to what happened exactly 50 years ago today. >> this is a basement floor of the dallas city hall that's a scuffle on the basement floor. >> he's been shot. oswald has been shot. >> lee oswald -- >> schieffer: joining us now jackie kennedy's secret service agent, clint hill, author of the
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new book "five days in november" mr. hill, thank you so much for being with us. when that happened, when jack ruby shot lee harvey oswald that sunday you were already back in washington, because president johnson, mrs. kennedy all had gone back on air force one. when you got back to washington, what did the secret service, what was your reaction to hearing that lee harvey oswald had been killed? >> we didn't find that out until somewhat later that day because just as he was being killed we were in the process of accompanying mrs. kennedy and the children and the president, johnson, taking the president's body up to the u.s. capital. some time later, then we were found out this had happened because we really wanted to interrogate him. wanted to find out why. wanted to see what his motivation was. we never had that chance. >> schieffer: you know, we now know especially through the
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reporting of bill shennan it had been well-known that lee harvey oswald had gone to mexico in the weeks before this had happened, we knew that he had gone to the soviet embassy there where he was politely turned away and the cuban became see tried to get a passport or visa to go to cuba. they said, thanks, but no thanks. sent him on his way. we know from sheenan's reporting that the cia and fbi knew that as he stormed out of the cuban embassy he said i'm going to kill president kennedy. as if it was kennedy's fault he couldn't get a visa to to go cuba. did any of you on the president's protective detail know any of that when you came to balances? >> we had no knowledge of oswald in any sense. nobody had told us anything. >> schieffer: do you have any idea why? you must have wondered about as the years went by, why this was
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never passed on. as a matter of fact it's my understanding that this information was never passed on to the warren commission. >> i doubt that it was. i never heard that he made that statement. we had a good relationship with the cia, we had fairly good relationship, but we didn't receive any information about that whatsoever. >> schieffer: i still find it very hard to believe, in fact we now know through the reporting of the dallas times herald and their publisher at the time, tom johnson, who ran across information in the senate, he was in the 1970s when he found out that the fbi had actually gotten threatening note from lee harvey oswald which he dropped off at their office. he had been offended as it were because they had come to check on his wife, who of course was a soviet citizen, he had defected to the soviet union. it seems to me if you all had
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known that, that oswald made these statements in mexico, wouldn't it have changed the way you protected -- >> it would have changed everything. the least thing he would have been put under protective surveillance. had somebody watching him all the time. but we had no knowledge that he had any interest in the president whatsoever. >> schieffer: ever get to a point in america where these various agencies, which do such a great job, would do a better job of sharing what they know and cooperating with one another? >> i think it has improved. i think but even through 2011. up in new york. at that time information was not being shared. always been a problem. just hopefully it will get better. >> schieffer: i want to show you an iconic photo that we all know it's what we all remember from the funeral that day, that is little john-john standing next to his mom saluting the flag. there it is.
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to me that is the thing that sums it up. but you have quite a story about that. >> it just didn't happen out of the blue. when the casket was but out placed in the caisson all the military out there absolute the president. mrs. kennedy leaned over whispered in to john's ear, i saw john throw his shoulders back and salute his father. how that developed was early in november mrs. kennedy came to me said, the president is going to go on national cemetery on november 11. to lay a wreath at the tombs of the unknown soldiers. and all military going to salute the president at that time i'd like john to go with him and learn how to salute and salute his father. do you think the agents can teach him that? i sudden, sure, that's not a problem. agents started working with him, day after day, he would only do it with his left hand. finally on that date november 11 he came with his father he did it properly.
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then from that point on it was back to the left hand. the day of the services at st. matthew's cathedral. took him to the agents, took him to a side room, trying to keep his busy they did have him salute. right back to left-handed. the marine colonel at the doorway, he saw what was happening, he walked in to the room he said, john, this is how you salute. he saluted. all be darned it stuck. took that colonel 15 seconds to teach him what we'd been trying to teach him for a missouri his worked, ours didn't. >> schieffer: semper phi. you're an american hero. we'll be back with the "face the nation" flashback.
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even before air force one returned to washington from dallas. and he began by trying to console the president's family. that is our "face the nation" flashback. >> it's one of the most icon in this case photographs in american history. johnson being sworn in aboard air force one with jacqueline kennedy at his side. after the plane departed dallas he called the late president's mother, rose kennedy. >> mrs. kennedy. i wish to god there were something that i could say to you. >> schieffer: in the weeks that followed johnson reached tout to many members of the kennedy family but the kennedy who showed up most often on the new president's call sheet was jackie. this conversation took place ten days after the assassination.
5:23 pm
>> i just wanted you to know that you are loved by so many and so much. let's take a walk. let's walk around the back yard. let me tell you how much you mean to all of us. >> schieffer: johnson offered similar words of comfort to the american people in a thanksgiving address he called upon the country to honor kennedy through forward process. >> all of us have lived through seven days that none of us will ever forget. we're not given the divine wisdom to answer why this has been. but we are given the human duty of determining what is to be. >> schieffer: the kennedy family's well being still weighed heavily on the president's mind. he called jackie just before christmas.
5:24 pm
>> schieffer: last sunday 50 years later his daughter, lucy baines johnson recalled for us her father's relationship with the kennedy family. >> there's extraordinary letter that is in the library from mrs. kennedy to my father. it speaks about other people assessing what that relationship was like. but she says that it must have been difficult for senator who had actually mentored her young husband to find himself in the position of having to take second police in the ticket. but how grateful he had been and she remained for his being
5:25 pm
willing to do so because president kennedy felt that the country needed lyndon johnson to serve with the president and she was so grateful for that. and how much it had meant to her that he had tried to reach out in every way humanly possible after the assess nation and that's what i would hope that the country would recall. because it was two people who loved this country with all their heart trying to do the best as they knew how to, one very young and vibrant and handsome with a small family. another much more seasoned with older children but together they were trying to leave the world a better place than they found it. >> schieffer: we'll be right backment ♪ [ male announcer ] let's go places. but let's be ready. ♪ let's do our homework. ♪
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>> schieffer: happy thanksgiving everyone. and thanks for watching. ,, ,,
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found unconscious outside t gym. but no one knows what happened. good evening... i'm brian hackney. notarangelo. mystery at north bay high school. a teenage boy found unconscious outside of the gym but nobody knows what happened. good evening. we begin with breaking news. a fan at the raiders game in oakland fallen from the deck and landed on someone below. fell from section 301 at 4:30 this afternoon. not clear how far the person fell. the two people were taken to the hospital. the one who fell is reportedly in critical condition. the condition of the other person is unknown. now to don knapp is where the police are looking for witnesses. >> reporter: the question is was it a