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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> it >> hi guys, right now we've got cold temperatures in spots, some patchy frost will be showing up in the valley. 35 degrees right now in nappa, 36 in santa rosa. 48 san francisco. i'll have more on your weather coming up. the start of the holiday week, some folks have to get to work. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. some slight delays in those far right cash lanes but no big hotspots so far at 4:30 and 18 seconds. >> [laughter] thank you, elizabeth. raiders fans sprang into action to save a woman who jumped from the top of the colosseum. kpix5 reports a man is being called a hero for his action to save the womans live. >> reporter: this is the restricted vehicle where the alameda county sheriffs office says a woman jumped off the ledge and landed on a fan. >> apparently a good samaritan saw something was happening above him and he stopped and tried to convince this individual not to jump and tried to break her fall. >> that man is a 61 year old
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marine corps reserveist. the sheriffs office says he was able to break her 45-foot fall and sent both of them to the hospital. the good samaritan is likely to survive his injuries. the woman is badly hurt. >> our thoughts are with all of the individuals affected by today. the two injured, anybody that may have happened to see it, it safety and security of our guests is ut most important. >> meanwhile investigators are looking into how and why her woman made her way to section 301. they believe she deliberately jumped. >> the individual had to go through an area that wasn't open to the public and we're investigating how they ended up in that section, because it wasn't a public accessible area for this game. >> kpix5. >> the names of the woman and man who saved her have not been released. it is 4:31 now. santa rosa teenagers in a coma this morning after possibly falling from the roof of a high school gym. it's kpix5 shows us this may have something to do with an
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extreme sport. >> santa rosa investigators examine what looks like blood on the wall of the montgomery high gym where an unconscious teen was found. a doctor came across the boy saturday afternoon, administered first aid and called 911. the 17 year old was flown by helicopter to oakland children's hospital and remains in a medically induced coma. now investigators are trying to determine if the boy may have fallen from the roof or was the victim of an assault. another theory is he may have been involved in a high disc game. >> through the investigation detectives discovered he had engaged in the extreme sport of park core in the past and actually had been here on the same campus with some other young friends of his where one of the young men had fell and broken his leg. >> as seen in this video, park core practitioners use their bodies and things around them to propel themselves over obsticles but because of where the teen was found police are not ruling out an assault. they say the gym roof has a three to five foot overhang, but the boy was found leaning against the building, not three
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to five feet from it. >> we're really concerned because this is a 15 year old young man who lives nearby that has these rather serious injuries and we want to put all resources that we have into determining if he was the victim of a crime or it was a tragic accident that occurred. >> sargent cregan says the victim remains in critical condition but is expected to survive. in santa rosa, kpix5. happening today, president obama is coming to the bay area. air force one touches down at 10:30 this morning. the president spent the night in seattle where he took part in at least two fundraisers for democrats in the upcoming midterm election. he will continue his fund raising efforts here and as can p pi ask 5 mark kelly reports, mr. obama will also focus on immigration. >> reporter: a steady stream of supporters line up 24 hours early for a chance to hear president obama speak. the president's bay area public appearance is at the betty ohm
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recreation center in chinatown monday. the president will use this neighborhood of immigrants as a back drop for his renewed push on immigration reform. josh wolf says that chinatown location is perfect. >> our country is really built on immigrants and everyone's story is an immigrant story. >> it's a quick visit but political fund aunts say it's sending one clear message, the two term president is losing his political capitol but take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz center, as we get closer to the event, organizers slash the ticket price from $1000 to just $500. >> look, he's been here nine times. people are tired of writing those checks to obama even if the democratic bay area. >> scott kraner won't be watching the presidents speech. he's not impressed the president is choosing to talk immigration while obamacare in many states still finds itself on life support. >> this is one of the problems
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that i have with politics. it's kind of a bait and switch a lot of the times. it's like oh, you know this is going bad so let's look here at this other thing that may be a problem. >> heading into 2014 the president faces many challenges. cementing his legacy is one of them. if successful, that legacy could be immigration reform and a speech right here in san francisco. in chinatown, mark kelly, kpix5. once again air force one is due in at 10:30 this morning. the president will deliver his remarks at the betty ohm center about and hour later and then head to the fundraiser at the ss jazz center and back in the air and on his way to los angeles by 3:30. we are rolling out the red carpet he's got a good day in the bay area. >> a little chilly to start in spots. we may see patchy frost out there early on. temperature dropping down in the 30s and 40s outside right now. we do have a couple patches of fog out there as well. still looks like out over the
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bay not to the day. lights up on the bay bridge and we'll see a very nice afternoon ahead but right now down to 36 in santa rosa. 39 concordant 43 degrees in san jose. i think as we look toward the afternoon though, we'll find sunshine and chilly start to the day but really a mild finish, average temperatures usually in the 60s we'll be a little bit above that about 66 degrees in livermore, 63 in san francisco and sunny and 63 degrees in concord. okay, let's check out your kcbs travel network. >> we've got a good commute shaping up so far. it is still early of course, but no big problems on the road. mass transit on time. there is overnight road work, we didn't see that with last weeks rain so northbound 880 between 23rd and broadway, various lanes blocked still at least 5:00 this morning, bay bridge toll plaza more lanes blocked from the incline and that should be picked up by about 5 and it's a live look at the golden gate bridge, a few headlights making their way
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southbound, coming into san francisco through the altamonte pass traffic is exceptionally light for the livermore valley and that won't last forever so you can beat the rush. san matteo bridge traffic moving well out of hayward, no delay about a 14 minute drive time between hayward and the peninsula and bart we have to check in with them, all trains more than 20 running on time. that's kcbs traffic. 4:37 now. nearly seven weeks after a body was found in a hospital stairwell her family is waiting to find out the cause of her death. the 57 year old discovered in a remote stairwell at san francisco general on october 8, more than two weeks after she was reported missing from her hospital room. spaldings family just one of hundreds waiting for information now on loved one whose have passed away. the chronicle discovered more than 600 cases have been waiting more than three months for a cause of death. there are 80 that have been open for more than a year now. spokesman for the spalding family is holding the head of
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the medical examine turpitudes office responsible for that backlog. >> dr. heart needs to work faster not only on behalf of lynn spalding but frankly the citizens of san francisco who are demanding better and faster help than that. it's outrageous >> medical examiner dr. ann heartell says her department is dealing with staffing issues right now and that the the reason for the delay. at least one bart board member is talking about a move to keep bart workers from walking. bart and its unions are fighting over disputed family leave provision that made it into the tentative contract unions approved. the unions are threatening legal action and another strike is now possible but here is what one bart director told kpix5 insider phil matier. >> if you're an essential employee you don't have the right to strike but you have the right to fact finding and-- >> it sounds to me like you're
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talking about no strike law? >> in a brief summary that might be something we need to take a look at. >> some lawmakers called for a no strike clause but this is the first time a bart board member talked about it in public. truckers at the port of oakland are planning to walk off the job on wednesday. they want more money to upgrade their trucks, to meet new state air polution regulations. 804 truckers will lose their jobs january 1 if they do not upgrade those trucks. >> we got to keep working here. this is our economy. this is our life. this is our port. this is our city, so we cannot and also they can afford to lose 800 drivers. >> that group last walked off the job back in august. san jose police officers are set to vote this week on a new contract. the deal would raise their salary by 11% over the next two and a half years. this essentially restores the pay cut officer took two years ago. the san jose city council is
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supposed to review the offers tomorrow. officers had been leaving the department because of issues with pay and pension. it is the latest silicon valley partnership san quentin inmates are learn the tech sector from silicon valley pros. its trained program preparing inmates for tech jobs when they are released. it's a six-month course at the prison launched with the help from big wigs down in the silicon valley. experts from the tech sector come in and help teach prisoners to create and launch their own technology, so far five graduates have landed jobs at dot com companies. cinema pay o solar city is expected to announce a big expansion. the company plans to open up 10 operation centers across the bay, bay area and solar cities home base with a total of seven warehouses here. the new locations are expected to be here in northern california, solar city says this will create at least 90 jobs. time now is 4:40. some customers at local restaurants are being secretly overcharged. why so often goes unnoticed.
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a powerful storm system sweeping across the midwest again. the problems caused by this wintry blast when we come back. ,,,, ,,,,
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rength... as they the strong winds we recently felt in the bay area are gaining strength as they go east. the storm system turned arctic across north texas. the crews are bringing out the de frosters at dfw airport yesterday. 300 flights were cancelled. the wintry mix has also lead to a ton of wrecks. watch as this suv slides on ice and then rolls over. a storm chaser caught it on camera when he was driving through oklahoma city. >> it was 38 degrees in the eastbay this morning, had a little ice on the windshield. it was cold. >> park in the garage. >> there you go, see. us without a garage have to do that. folks around the bay area, if headed out the door a chilly
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start in parts of the valley early on maybe a couple patches of fog and low temperatures dipping down into the 30s. we've got 30s and 40s elsewhere outside so yeah patchy frost, likely in some of the valleys and then by the afternoon, really a mild afternoon, some hazy sunshine, temperatures will be mild inside the bay in the mid 60s and then mid to upper 60s in the valley so here we go. high pressure holding on here. you see a couple high clouds beginning to creep closer to the bay area with more of that as we head in toward the next couple days so today should be a nice day, dry, mild weather continuing but as we head into the holiday things could change. more in a moment. around the state though you'll find a nice day too, 60s into the central valley, 51 in lake tahoe and 64 in yosemite, around the bay very comfortable in the 60s into morgan hill, 74 redwood city, spots like pleasanton, about 66 in livermore and 63 in the nap a valley and 66 and hazy sunshine and oakland and 63 degrees in
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san francisco. next couple days a few more clouds come our way and on thanksgiving there's at least a slight chance of showers, doesn't look like a rain out but could get wet on thanksgiving and friday return to dry weather and warmer conditions, next weekend. let's check on your kcbs traffic with elizabeth. >> people are getting a head start on their thanksgiving holiday. traffic is a touch lighter than we typically see when usually things are moving along okay so here is a live look through the altamonte pass and the dublin interchange. not seeing brake lights, smooth ride from tracy through towards 680, 14 minutes from the altamonte pass to the dublin interchange and there you go, all green on the traffic centers as well. for silicon valley commuters this is what it looks like at 880 and 237 interchange. this looks pretty good out towards sunnyvale, and all of your bridges we aren't seeing major weather advisories, no chain control in the sierra so
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this is a great time to hit the road or bart in fact they've got 23 trains on time and one just left the central valley. that is your kpix traffic, back to you guys. more people tip their waiters about 15% or 20% if the service is really good but as julie watts shows us you may be going home with a bigger tab than you signed up for. >> reporter: some of san francisco's best restaurants are leaving a bad taste in the mouth of diners. >> i felt ripped off. >> it wasn't the meal or even the bill that upset her after dining at chia while on a business trip in the city. it's what she found days later when she checked her corporate credit card statement. >> i took my credit card receipt home with me and when i was filling out my expense report i noticed a discrepancy. >> her credit card had been charged $5 more than she had written on the receipt, something she says she wouldn't have noticed if she hadn't been required to reconcile her corporate card. but she wasn't exactly surprised. >> so a friend of mine who also works and actually lives in the
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city had this happen to her and her husband repeatedly over time. restaurants were upcharging a dollar or $5 in one case, $18 on their bill. >> it's called tip padding. increasing your tip after you've signed it, and it's not isolated to restaurants in san francisco. >> that isn't what i put on the receipt. >> matthew had his $9 tip increased to 20 at a restaurant outside of sacramento. >> you're banking on the fact that some of us font check our receipts. >> we've hidden his face but long time food critic add columnist michael bower says he first heard complaints about tip padding 10 years ago. >> i think what you're dealing with are individuals doing it, not a big conspiracy among restaurants. i can't imagine management condoning that. >> in fact, management says it considers tip padding a major crime and theft and says the server noted on lindsay's receipt is no longer an employee. when lindsay called her credit card company it immediately corrected the charge.
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time, particularly in big l the cities, san francisco is one of the worst offenders. >> while they couldn't provide statistics each of the major credit card companies tells us it has a protocol in place to deal with tip padding but lindsay points out you have to notice it first. >> i definitely think you need to keep your receipts and reconcile them with your statement and i should probably start doing that with my personal card. >> good advice, julie watts reporting. visa suggests snapping a cell phone photo of your receipt after you signed it to help you keep track and if you notice a discrepancy call your credit card company in the restaurant, so management will take action against any rogue servers. the stock market rally has no end in sight. futures trading ports toward more gains on wall street today. cbs money wap reporter has the numbers. >> reporter: asian stocks finished mostly higher today buoyed by seven straight weeks of gains on wall street. on friday the dow closed above 16,000 for the second day in a row adding nearly 55. e sdac ga
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the s & p 500 also hit a record high friday, closing above 1800 for the first time. this will be a short week on wall street and the markets will be closed for thanksgiving and only be a half day of trading on friday. as holiday travelers hit the roads this week they are paying more for gas. after nine weeks of falling gas prices, the lundberg survey says the ample price nationally of a regular gallon of gas rose to $3.25. apple has bought an israeli 3d sensing company called crime sense. it's unclear how apple will use the technology. apple reportedly paid up to $365 million for the company. microsoft says it sold more man 1 million xbox1 consoles in the first 24 hours. the new console launched friday and sold out at most retailers. the sales figures match those for sony's playstation 4 which was released a little off a week ago. that's your money watch for
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more, log on to cbs money at the new york stock exchange, windy go. the vegas strip on your plate, it's a new kind of meat that promises to be good to your taste buds. reporter dean reynolds shows us who has the patent on this steak. >> reporter: to the multitude of meat eaters salivating for a new steak, tony mata is ready- to-serve. >> i'm the bull. where is this on me? >> this is located on your shoulder. >> mata has a phd in meat science and a business consulting the culinary industry, after several years of trial and error, and support from the meat researchers at oklahoma state university, a brand new discovery, what mata calls the vegas strip. it comes from an uninspiring area of the cashing us that butchers tended to turn into ground chuck, but mata insisted there was a jewel in all that fat cartilage and gristle.
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>> if i was to use standard butchering procedures, this is what i would get. >> it doesn't look pretty. >> it doesn't look pretty and when you were told-- >> it's like a wound. >> mata's patented procedure which he's trained butchers to perform in as little as 25 seconds trims the bad from the good. >> i cleaned this area, removed this part right here, and i'm going to square it off here at this end to get rid of this thing. take a look. see? this is the las vegas strip steak. >> how big a deal is it when somebody comes up with a new cutoff steak? >> i think it's a pretty huge deal, especially since the last time a steak was invented was probably like 10 years ago. >> rick gresh is the executive chef at david burke's prime house in chicago. he's talking about the flat iron steak which coincidentally
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tony mata also discovered. dean reynolds, cbs news, chicago. >> the vegas strip is relatively inexpensive cutoff meat. one chef says he sold as many as 400 in one day so i guess they taste good too. >> i guess so. time is 4:52. president obama comes to san francisco today. what to expect from his visit. >> the new topped by the basketball star turned diplomat when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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i can't believe it, thanksgiving this week, already and yes there is a chance of showers. temperatures mainly in the 60s. in the meantime got to get to work on time today. so far so good. the golden gate bridge, the bay bridge and san mateo bridge
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where everything is going along at the speed limit. we'll have a full traffic report coming up. thank you, liz. a comment racing towards the sun could be a bright light in the sky later this week. on thursday the comet will pass within 730,000 miles of the sun. if it survives that close call the comet could put on a pretty good show for us here or could completely fizzle out, like so many hype comets have in the past. we'll just have to wait and see, best time to look for it pre-dawn skies on thursday, later in the week. moviegoers had quite an appetite for the hunger games over the weekend. >> the sequel catching fire took in more than $161 million in its opening, it's the biggest november debut ever. you went to go see it, frank? >> it's a great movie! >> i hope to see it in the next couple days. well it is more than four times
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what the next four films earned combined, are you surprised? hunger games is back to a distant second place, the best man holiday delivery man and free birds rounded out the top five. >> a few seats available but it was packed. >> oh, i'm sure. >> yeah, we need to go. well dennis rodman pay be pals in north korea but friends don't count so much on this next part. >> it didn't fare too well. the worm is the least influential celebrity this year and some of the other names on gq's list? kind of surprised you a little bit. president obama, how could he be on the list along with justin bieber, lady gaga, miley cyrus i could see who of course created that little betweening incident. >> that's a little strange list, right? >> it is. their q rating is through the roof so i guess they aren't influential. 4:56 right now. wicked weather pounds much of the country, coming up how it's likely going to snarl thanksgiving travel plans for millions. the president will be back
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in the bay area this morning, why some experts say that this visit shows the president is losing political ground. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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our thoughts are with all of the individuals affected by the few that are injured, anybody that may have happened to see it, the safety and security of our guest is the ut most importance. >> one woman is lucky to be alive this morning after jumping from the third deck of the colosseum and landing on another fan. a huge backlog at the medical examiners office means hundreds of families have been waiting for months to find out their loved ones died. out four include is built on immigrants. >> immigration reform will be the hot topic when president obama touches down in the bay area today. >> the weather is just in sane. >> thanksgiving travel is off to a rough start as the severe storm makes its way across the
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country. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. it's monday, november 25, i'm michelle griego. >> monday is here, eye everyone i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 and we've got a pretty good day shaping up as well. >> should be a great day ahead. still cold in spots if you're headed out the door this morning, temperatures hovering just above freezing in some of the north bay valley down to 35 degrees in santa rosa, 37 in napa. we may have some patchy frost showing up in the interior valley this morning, by the afternoon mild sunshine and the temperature probably a little bit above the average, in fact about 66 in san jose, 63 degrees in concordant 63 in san francisco. we'll have more on your weather, right now let's check out the road and kcbs traffic with elizabeth. >> we have


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