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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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story is an immigrant story. >> immigration reform will be the hot topic when president obama touches down in the bay area today. >> the weather is just in sane. >> thanksgiving travel is off to a rough start as a severe storm makes its way across the country. from across the bay, to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. good morning, everyone. monday, it's here, the weekend is so quick. november 25th, i'm frank mallicoat. >> it does go by quick and i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. developing right now at 6:00, wintry weather across the midwest killed at least eight people and the ice, snow and floods have already gotten in the way of thanksgiving travel plans. >> and a man is being hailed as a hero after he saves another womans life who tries to jump to her death at a raiders game. we've got that story straight ahead. i'm live in san francisco. the president will be back in
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the bay area to tap into some of that campaign atm, his first stop is at chinatown to talk immigration reform why some experts say his supporters might be reluctant to open their wallets. it is a frosty start to the day in some parts of the bay area, if you're headed out the door, these temperatures running into the 30s in spots inland right now, chilly temperatures in the fairfield, 34 degrees, 36 with the napa valley, 34 in santa rosa and 38 in san raphael so you'll likely see patchy frost in those areas. as we head toward the afternoon should be a mild finish to the day. temperatures will be running above the average as high as 66 in san jose, 63 san francisco and 63 mostly sunny in concord. okay let's check out your kcbs traffic with elizabeth. >> we've got slowdowns if traveling richmond there was a multi-cash crash blocking two lanes of traffic, the freeway already a busy spot this time of the morning and look we've got a good sized back up, a
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live look at cntonis right ther approaching central looks like right around central and cutting westbound 80 so you can see the delays. a couple red sensors means some speeds are below 25 miles per hour as you approach the accident scene. and heading towards the bay bridge toll plaza still no metering lights awaiting them to be activated. you can see the middle lanes get by okay, so when the middle lanes fill in as well but the cash lanes are backed up towards the overcrossings, the acex train will be delayed about 25 minutes today impacting all ace train lines now, there's signal issues, that's your latest, back to you guys. >> liz thanks. 6:02. happening today air force one will touchdown at sfo this morning as president obama makes a quick trip to the bay area and kpix 5 is live in chinatown now where the president will try to put the focus on immigration this morning. good morning, kate. >> reporter: good morning, frank. we're live at the betty ong recreation center where the president is expected to make
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remarks on immigration reform not to mention tap into the bay areas atm, but some of his supporters are not too excited to dig deep in their pockets. a steady stream of supporters line up 24 hours early for a chance to hear president obama speak. the presidents bay area public appearance is at the betty ong recreation center in chinatown today. the president will use this neighborhood of immigrants as a back drop for his renewed push on immigration reform. josh wolf says the chinatown location is perfect. >> our country is really built on immigrants and everyone's story is an immigrant story. >> it's a quick visit but some political pundants say it's sending one clear message, the two term president is losing political capital. take the price to wine and dine with the president at the jazz centersa we get closer to the event organizers slashed the ticket price from $1000 to just $500. >> he's been here nine times, people are tired of writing
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those checks to obama even in the democratic bay. >> scott kraner will not be watching the presidents speech. he's not impressed the president is choosing to talk immigration while obamacare in many states still finds itself on life support. >> this is one of the problems i have with politics. it's kind of a bait and switch a lot of the times. it's like oh, this is going bad so let's look here at this other thing that may be a problem. >> again this is supposed to be a very quick trip. the president is expected to be in the bay area for only five hours before he heads to long and less for his next round of events. kpix 5. >> one more time air force one due in at 10:30 at sfo. the president will deliver his remarks at the betty ong center an hour later in the city, head to a fundraiser at the sf jazz center, back in the aaron his way down to la by 3:30. a woman jumped from the death of the oakland colosseum and landed on a man who broke her fall . this morning both are in the hospital.
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it happened after yesterdays raiders/titans game. kpix 5 is live and this morning we're learning more about the man being called a hero. >> reporter: absolutely. deputies say without a doubt, 100% this man saved that womans life and that he went way above and beyond what anyone should have done in the situation. the incident happened after the game yesterday when fans noticed that the woman had climbed to the top of section 301, it was blocked off and cover in tarps. the good samaritan plead with the woman over and over, don't do it. the standoff was brief, she jumped and fell 45 feet. the good samaritan actually tried to catch her and then broke her fall. she was knocked unconscious and was in very critical condition. he was still alert and taking with paramedics and in stable condition and expected to survive his injuries. the man is a 61 year and marine corps reserveist. stadium authorities are trying to figure out how the got into the closed off section. >> the individual had to go
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through an area that wasn't open to the public and we're investigating how they actually ended up in that section, because it wasn't a public accessible area for the game. >> the stadium believes the woman jumped and was not pushed and they say their employees followed protocol and blocked off that section correctly. michelle? >> okay, live in oakland, thank you. 6:06 now, santa rosa teenager is in a coma this morning after possibly falling through the roof of a high school gym up in the north bay. a passer-by the know used 17 year old lying on his back with a major head wound outside the montgomery high school gym yesterday. he was rushed to the hospital where he's in critical condition in santa rosa, judging from hisinjury police believe the teen was assaulted or fell from the gyms roof. >> through the investigation detectives talking to his family member and friends, discovered that he had engaged in the extreme sport of park core in the past and actually had been here on the same campus with some other young friends of his where one of the
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young men had fell and broken his leg. >> as seen in this video those that take part in it use their bodies and things around them to propel themselves over obsticles, the teen remains in a medically induced coma but is expected to survive. happening today, the naacp plans t hold a rally at san jose state after the recent suspension of four white students accused of racial harassment against an african american freshman. the students used racial slurs and put a bike lock around the victims neck. naacp says the incidents add up to racially based terrorism and should be considered felonies. developing news, a deadly winter storm is moving east after hammering the southwest, at least eight deaths are being blamed on this storm. it dropped about a foot of snow in parts of oklahoma over the weekend. white out conditions made things very difficult in santa fe and people in texas were caught off guard by heavy
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snowfall. >> this is not texas weather, man. this is alaska or idaho. >> it's kind of dangerous. >> the storm is expected to cause even more problems as it goes east, hundreds of flights have already been cancelled, just days before thanksgiving. and we've been tracking the system, lawrence what's the latest? >> this is actually all part of the same system that came through the bay area, a few days ago. now it's making its way across the united states as modified picking up some very cold air, you can see the snow developing on the back side of the system all the way into texas. you can pick up humidity and moisture out of the gulf now so that will tend to amplify the storm system that pushes further to the east, but wow what a mess today, you've got rain to the south but just north of dallas looking at sleet and snow in that direction, and all of this expected to make its way toward the eastern seaboard on the busiest travel day of the year. okay, for today, no delays expected out of sfo, but if headed across the country, you're looking at cold temperatures or freezing
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numbers into chicago at 32, light snowfall into denver at 41, and houston looking at rain there, and of course we've got snow up to the north but boy, as we head toward the busiest day travel day of the year on wednesday a nor'easter could be developing along the eastern seaboard. that's the latest, back to you. >> lawrence thank you. few of us are traveling this year for thanksgiving. triple a says more than 5 million californiaans plan to travel 50 miles or more this week. that's a 4% decrease from last year. of the californiaans who are traveling more than 4 million people will go by car, about 500,000 plan to fly. well right now a charity group in the south bay is asking for some help. this is the scene at the sacred heart community service group in san jose. a live picture inside their pantry. it's thanksgiving distribution, and it's under way but there's a big problem there running low on turkey donations about an hour ago we learned the group has just enough turkeys to handout today, but still needs about 1000 turkeys to continue to give away for the rest of
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the week. sake receipt heart will feed 4000 families over the holiday. developing news concerning iran's nuclear program, an agreement signed over the weekend in geneva had been in the works now for months with secret meetings between the united states and iran. >> we will now be able to have greater inspection, greater knowledge, greater restraint and that will expand the amount of time it would take for them to break out and create a nuclear weapon. >> the agreement requires iran to destroy its stockpile of weapons grade uranium restrict its production of nuclear fuel, give inspectors daily access to select nuclear facilities and exchange iran will get $7 million in finance relief, most of that through limited oil sales. coming up at 6:10, the warning to airlines about a problem with some planes that could derail thanksgiving travel plans. another outrageous performance from miley cyrus, how she surprised the audience
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this time around. and we've got mostly clear skies, some patchy frost outside now, but could we really see a little rain for thanksgiving? we'll talk about it coming up. we've got a couple of traffic alerts right now, one along the peninsula and 101 and more problems in richmond so a very busy morning drive. i'll have that coming up but first we want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. you can ask us a question or share by e-mailing or tweet me. watch to see if your question gets answered on the air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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to determine if the shooting death of a developing story from nashville, where police are trying to determine if the shooting death of a country
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singer was in self-defense. wayne mills was in a closed bar early saturday morning when the 44-year-old got into an argument with the bar owner. the bar owner shot mills in the head. he told police he was protecting himself. mills never became a house local name but shared the stage with big names like blake shelton. days before miley cyrus' american music award performance someone broke into our la home and stole jewelry and this morning everyone is talking about her somewhat strange performance at the ama's. she's saying wrecking ball in front of a recorded kitten that lip synced with the star. okay, at the end, the kitten cried and stuck out his tongue at the crowd, and the crowd just went wild. >> know etwerking involved. >> well the kitten is trending. so is miley cyrus and bruce stringstein, it's available on itunes today. the rest comes out in january. the patriots how about that. the team rallied from behind, the stunned the denver wrong ross in overtime, just a sweet
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sweep win. president obama in a brand new cnn international poll 53% of americans say they believe the president is not honest and trustworthy, some new numbers there and severe weather a massive storm expected to snarl thanks giving travel across the country, follow us at twitter. i think i threw an opinion there. i could be wrong. >> yeah, i think so. this morning airliners about a potential problem with some of its planes. boeing says their 747-8 planes and their 787 dreamliner model should avoid certain storms while flying due to possible icing problems on the engines. the aircraft manufacturer said only a small number of engines have had a problem with ice crystals forming in their engines. 6:16 right now. let's get a check on the roads with elizabeth. >> suddenly things got really busy and now started to quiet down. traffic alert issued just quickly cancelled so we're talking about richmond. there was a traffic alert issued because they had been blocking up to three lanes
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westbound 80 approaching cutting boulevard, still slow in the area even though they just reopened lanes within literally the last few minutes, so all the way down westbound it's still pretty stacked up but again they've reopened lanes and cleared everything to the right hand shoulder hopefully we'll begin to see a bigger improvement very shortly. a traffic alert was issued from caltran, southbound 101 grand avenue this is south san francisco, a couple of the lanes blocked here, so both of those accidents just popping up, and both causing some slowdowns. we're waiting for word when the metering lights can be turn on at the bay bridge, still looks like the middle lanes get by with no big delay once you get past the mcarthur maze so the cash lanes, they're obviously backing up looks like jamming up towards the overcrossings and that east shore freeway, because of that earlier traffic alert already up to 36 minutes on westbound 80, to the maze, and just a quick note the president is in town, heads to san francisco later this morning, should be hitting
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chinatown, since first stop between 11 and 11:30. that is your kcbs traffic report. here is more with your forecast. quiet start to the day around the bay area. we've got patchy frost developing in some of the interior valleys over at sfo right now looks like a quiet start there as well. mostly clear skies, temperatures a little chilly in spots this morning, as we head throughout the day though becoming a mild day with plenty of sunshine and looks like it will stay dry now through mid week, now that may change as we get into thanksgiving. high pressure holding on though right now, but you can see a couple of systems off the coastline, one here, another weak one right here bringing us a few more clouds as we head toward the next couple days but for today, dry, mild weather continues and then things change with the cutoff low as we head toward thanksgiving. around the state you'll see 60s into the central valley, sunshine there, 63 inment the monterey bay as we look toward the next couple days things will start to shift gears, a few more clouds coming our direction but today plenty of sunshine, mild temperatures, 67 campbell, 67 morgan hill and 66 in san jose, we'll see
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temperatures as high as 67 in pleasanton, 63 in brentwood, about 63 in the napa valley and inside the bay hazy sunshine, 66 in oakland, 65 in berkeley and 63 degrees in san francisco. looking out over the next couple days a few more high clouds come our way and a slight chance for the cutoff low brushing by the coastline, then we could see showers on thanksgiving, dry weather returns, warmer temperatures on friday, saturday and sunday, sunrise times, well looking at 7:01 sunset tonight at 4:53 but a chance of showers. >> good day to put a log on the fire there. >> i think it sure would be, yes. >> well thanks. >> you're welcome. we got a little picture to share with you don't we? >> yeah. >> we had quite a weekend on friday. we hosted the lighting ceremony on friday and what's that about 30 minutes after they lit them all up? >> they lit them up with the fireworks, there was disney on ice was there, it was great. great night. >> 17,000 lights. and someone had to screw all those bulbs in. >> i know it's--
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>> hard work. beautiful though. coming up, he's flipping into history, the new world record set by a colorado cheerleader. another wild day in the national football league, could tom brady and the patriots come from a 24-0 hold to beat denver and so go the raiders, coming up. and what's cool about your school, you could e-mail your nomination to us at we may come and feature your school, right here on our show. ,,,,
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woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you! soft-close drawers, farm sink! where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. because your kitchen dreams can be big. ikea has it all. okay, check it out your holiday forecast on this thanksgiving, yes, there is a chance of showers, going to have to wait and see though, temperatures expected mainly in the 60s. checking bay area bridges right now, still no metering
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lights at the bay bridge. this is pretty late. there's that accident on the east shore freeway causing a bottleneck through richmond so not as many cars are coming through. over at the san mateo bridge and golden gate bridge traffic still moving at the speed limit. we'll have your full kcbs traffic report in about 10 minutes. good morning everybody. in the off season of the raiders decided not to resign long time punter and field goal holder shayne leckler. it looks like that move has backfired a little bit. sea bass perfect last year from inside 50, not so this year. against the titans, he missed from 30 yesterday and then from 48, and he was blaming the holder on that one, clinging to a three point lead in the final seconds, ryan fitzpatrick to kendall right, the go ahead touchdown raiders lose a heart breaker 23-19, had they won they would be in a playoff spot this morning. >> phillip rivers anchored a last minute game winning touchdown drive in kansas city. his pass was two two wins it
6:25 am
for the chargers 41-38 but kansas city now lost two straight football games and it was brady versus manning bowl last night. i told our producers just cut the highlights, but tom brady brought them from 24 points down, julian edelman, and this game goes into overtime with three minutes to go, patriots caught a break. the punt hit tony carter and new england recovers the football, and set up steven gokowski to win it 34-31 is the final, the patriots being down 24-0, the denver loses, kansas city loses, two best football teams go down. >> 49ers first is the washington redskins tonight on kpix 5, we will see you beginning at 5:00. have a great day everybody. dennis, thanks. doing one back flip can be challenging enough. imagine doing them all the way down a football field like this guy. here he goes. odell williams setting a world record saturday.
6:26 am
you'll get dizzy counting them but there's 57 consecutive back flips traveling 105-yards, he is a cheerleader at the university of colorado. he flips his way all the way to our play of the day. >> that's pretty good, right? >> impressive. >> i can't even do one backflip i bet he's not feeling too good today. 6:26, the a's may not be leaving oakland so fast. what could keep them for another two years. a woman tries to jump to her death at a raiders game, but a fan saves her life. a live report is coming up. ,,
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we're live in san francisco where the president will be back to tap into the bay area atm, why some experts say he might not be welcomed the same way. and its been nearly a year since a gunman killed 20 children and six adults at sandy hook elementary. what we could learn today about that tragic day in a new report. it's a frosty start around the bay area. temperatures plunging well into the 30s but a mild afternoon, we'll talk about that coming up. all lanes are back open on 101 after this crash in south san francisco but now we've got a new one, to the eastbay blocking lanes. full kcbs traffic report coming up. good morning, it is monday, monday is here november 25th. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:30. kpix 5 is at the oakland colosseum where a man is hurt breaking the fall of a woman who jumped from the upper deck after the raiders game. >> reporter: investigators say
6:31 am
this good samaritan actually led at the woman as she fell from 45 feet up above. they are not hesitating in calling him a hero. this is the restricted section where the sheriffs office says the woman yuped off the ledge and landed on a fan after the game. >> apparently the good samaritan saw there was something happening above him and he stopped and tried to convince this individual not to jump and tried to break her fall. >> that man is a 61 year old marine corps reserveist, deputies say he was able to break her 45-foot fall that sent them both to the hospital. she's in very critical condition. he will likely survive his injuries. >> our thoughts were with all of the individuals that error affected, the two injured, anybody that may have happened to see it. safety and security of our guests is most important. >> investigators are trying to figure out how that woman made it into the section. >> the individual had to go through an area that wasn't open to the public and we're investigating how they actually ended up in that section, because it wasn't a public
6:32 am
accessible area for this game. >> and we're learning a little bit more about this man, apparently along with being an ex-marine, from stockton, a grandfather and he recently bought season tickets for raiders games live in oakland, kpix 5. decisions could come today on how much longer the athletics and raiders might play at the odot co colosseum in oakland. stadium officials are considering two year lease extensions for the a's and a one year for the raiders. the a's current lease runs out at the end of this year. their new one could give the team more control over concessions at the stadium. it is a busy week of course big holiday on thursday and i guess we're kicking off pretty well today. >> not a bad day on tap. little chilly in spot, patchy frost show up in some of the interior valleys temperatures dropping off in the 30s overnight where we sit this morning, if you are headed out the door. 34 degrees getting cold in fairfield, 36 in napa valley, 34 in santa rosa and 38 in san raphael so a cold start to the day, i think by the afternoon
6:33 am
though mild sunshine as high pressure still sits overhead, these temperatures actually are going to be running a little bit above the average as high as 66 degrees in san jose, 66 concordant 63 san francisco. let's check on the kcbs traffic now. >> we have a lot to update you on. first to oakland, southbound 88 oh, approaching 98 there is a crash blocking the two middle lanes so where sensors haven't picked up any slowing yet but they likely will in a minute and this is going to look a little farther south closer towards the oakland colosseum. ace train just tweeted that everything is back on schedule. no longer seeing delays, there was some signal issues earlier so they feared there could be up to 25 minute delays on all trains this moring. that problem has been resolved. the bridge she just switched on the metering lights pretty late so it's now backing up towards the overcrossing, it took awhile because we think traffic was jammed up on the east shore freeway, starting to move a little better now in richmond. this is the scene of earlier traffic alert, approaching
6:34 am
cutting boulevard and our sensors are just picking up good size delays from san pablo, that's your latest kcbs traffic back to you guys. beloved member of fremont high school killed in a car crash over the weekend. 76 year old john web died early saturday morning on interstate 680. chp says web was trying to direct traffic after a crash but was hit by another car on the freeway. web coached football at john f. kennedy high school for 46 years and was considered an institution at the school. two drivers died along the northern sonoma coast, a 57 year old oakland man was found in responsive in the water on sunday and a 67 year old san francisco man found floating in gerstal cove saturday. the location is very popular diving spots. happening today a report on the massacre at sandy hook elementary school is schedule to be released and it will offer a clear timeline as last december's tragic day in newtown, connecticut. the gunman adam lanza entered
6:35 am
the school, opened fire, killed 20 children and six adults before turning the gun on himself. nearly certain weeks after lynn spaldings body was found in a hospital stairwell her family is still waiting to find out how she died . the 57 year old was discovered in the remote stairwell at san francisco general more than two weeks after reported missing from her hospital room. the chronicle discovered more than 600 cases have been waiting more than three months for a cause of death. a spokesman for the spalding family is holding the head of the medical examiners office responsible for the backlog. >> dr. heart needs to work faster. not only on behalf of lynn spalding but frankly on behalf of the citizens of san francisco who are demanding better and faster help than this. it's outrageous. >> medical examiner dr. amy heart tells kpix 5 her department is dealing with staffing issues right now and that's the reason for the delays. truckers at the port of oakland plan on striking the day before thanksgiving. they want more money to upgrade
6:36 am
their trucks to meet new state air polution regulations. 804 workers will lose their jobs on january 1 if they don't upgrade. >> we got to keep working here, we love the port. this is our economy, our lives, this is our port, this is our city, so we cannot, and also they can't afford to lose 800 drivers. >> the group last walked off the job in august. governor california is unveiling a new and improved website the enrollment feature was taken off line friday for software upgrades, the site will now have healthcare options for small businesses, consumers will also see faster page loading speeds, smoother navigation and changes in the text to make it easier to understand. happening today, president obama is making a stop right here in san francisco to talk about immigration and hopefully raise a little money along the way. kpix 5 is in chinatown now where the president will make his first stop later this
6:37 am
morning. kate? >> reporter: frank, his first stop will be at the betty ong recreation center where he's expected to make remarks on immigration reform. this trip to the bay area is part of a west coast fund raising swing for the democratic party and political rehabilitation after a crippling two months following problems with the governments healthcare website. president obama's visit comes as the healthcare law approaches a crucial november 30th deadline for an improved enrollment website . experts say the president is shifting its focus to immigrations to help build momentum. >> our country is really built on immigrants and everyone's story is an immigrant story. >> he's been here nine times, people are tired of writing those checks to obama even in the democratic bay area. >> organizers of the wine and dine event with the president at the sf jazz center say they had a tough time selling tickets, originally priced at
6:38 am
$1000 a piece. well, prices were slashed in half. but tickets for some vip's to meet the president as salesforce ceo still going for top dollar at about $32000. reporting live in san francisco, kpix 5. >> again a recap of the presidents agenda, arriving at 10:30 at sfo deliver his remarks about an hour later, and then the president will head to a fundraiser at the sf jazz center, back in the air and on his way to los angeles by 3:30. new this morning the three women kidnapped and held captive for more than a decade by ariel castro will be sharing their store us on what they endured and how they escaped in new book deals. michelle knight, amanda berry and gina dejesus are all working with publishers and recognized writers to tell their experiences. knights will be released next spring. the latest silicon valley partnership is with of all places, san quentin, a training program is preparing inmates
6:39 am
for tech jobs when they're released. it's a six-month course at the prison launched from silicon valley big wigs. experts from the tech sector come in and help teach prisoners to create and launch their own technology. so far five graduates landed jobs at dot com companies. it's 6:39. bay area airports are going to be inundated with turkeys. the thousands of turkeys taken to the skies as people all over country start their thanksgiving dinner preparations. plus, we are banking on the fact that some of us don't check our receipts. >> coming up, why you may be leaving restaurants with a bigger bill than you even realized. and the market just opened about 10 minutes ago. it's a short trading week with the holiday thursday. the early numbers are good. could be another record setting day. jason brooks coming up next to talk all about it when we come back. ,,,,,,
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based willie bird turkeys a happening today, thousands of turkeys at sonoma county will begin their thanksgiving migration. the santa rosa based willie bird turkeys are sold through williams sonoma, a 14-pound free range bird goes for $75 and organic 26 pounder sells for $185. 11,000 of those turkeys will be shipped out today so they can make it to their destination by dinner time thursday. >> that's an expensive gobbler. capitol christmas tree arriving in washington d.c. today. this is video of last years lighting ceremony . it's beautiful. this years tree is 88 football spruce, comes from washington state, been on a cross country journey since the beginning of november. official lighting ceremony is december 3rd in front of the capitol. we're getting close. >> we are. over the weekend a new deal to keep iran from getting
6:44 am
nuclear weapons. wall start is starting to react to the agreement. let's check in with jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank, michelle. this is a ground baking deal if it goes through a six-month agreement in which iran would allow closer inspections of its nuclear program, the intention to move it more towards civilian purposes rather than military in exchange, the west ratcheting back sanctions on iran but not all sanctions including on its crude supply, still a lot of opposition to this deal in the u.s. and with u.s. allies in the middle east, but it is providing a little bit of a boost to stocks and also bringing oil prices down again, below $94 a barrel that is also going to impact gas price which is could put a little bit more money in peoples pockets for the holiday shopping season, could be a boom for retailers. also this morning apple confirming its bought an israeli motion sensor company, that's still been reported for a couple weeks, apple confirming its happened still won't say the price on it, its reported to be around $360 million, prime sense's motion sensor technology was found in
6:45 am
the first xbox connect device, not in its successor though. motion sensor technology getting more popular with mobile divides and game consoles. wall street off to a good start after another record close friday. let's look at the numbers, now the dow up 11 points, nasdac up 12 and over 4000 for the first time in 13 years, s & p is up by two points at over 1800. michelle and frank, back to you. >> jason brooks and kcbs news, thank you. >> thank you, jason. san mateo solar city expected to announce a big expansion today. the company plans to open 10 operation centers all across the state. the bay area solar cities home has a total of seven warehouses, new locations all expected to be in northern california, solar city says this will create at least 90 jobs for california. customers at some bay area restaurants will be paying more than they think. diners have discovered that their tips were increased after they had signed their receipt. it's called tip padding and food critics say it's a scam
6:46 am
that's been going on for a number of years. >> i think what you're dealing with are individuals who are doing it, not a big conspiracy among restaurants. i can't imagine management condoning that. it would put them out of business. >> visa suggests snapping a cell phone photo of your receipt after you signed it and as you notice the discrepancy, give your credit card company a call and call the restaurant as well. time now is 6:46. let's get a check on traffic with elizabeth. >> yeah, it looks like some commutes are going to take you longer than you may be used to, including down the east shore freeway, all because of that earlier accident, traffic alert at richmond. this is what it looks like right now as you approach the carlson boulevard exit. so obviously, a very slow crawl and our sensors are picking up the delays now. it looks like yeah, backed up towards highway 4 so it is jammed up now, even until you get past that earlier accident scene around central. also in oakland, it was actually may have been two reported accidents, hard to tell if it's the same thing or
6:47 am
different. it was one at 98 and anyway, they reported the two middle lanes are blocked so we're seeing a little bit of slowing now in that area. if you're heading toward the bay bridge finally they turned the metering lights on about half hour later than usual around 6:30 so now you're stacking up towards the mcarthur maze and obviously that drive time down the east shore freeway in that heavy category about 40 minutes right now to the maze. here is a live look, it's also beginning to fill in through the altamonte pass. i checked the sensors, the slowest commute is beginning on 205 out of tracy to air way boulevard and then things improve a little bit out towards the dublin interchange but a very busy commute. in san jose we have this crash northbound 101 story road incenter divide. better news for mass transit, the single issues ace train was dealing with, resolved and everything back on schedule and bart has had no problems system wide no delay. that is your kcbs traffic for your forecast here is lawrence. >> we're starting out with a cold beginning to the day as the temperatures dropping down
6:48 am
in the 30s in many of the valleys right now. out the door we go with some hazy skies again with the over sfo, looks like things going well if you're catching a flight, as you head out toward the afternoon temperatures will be mild, looks like more sunshine, numbers shooting up into the 60s in many spots and dry through about the middle of the week, after that it begins to change. high pressure holding on for right now, but you will see a couple systems off the coastline, starting to encroach on that ridge going to see a few more high clouds drift across our skies but dry and mild weather for today. then as we get into tomorrow we'll see a few more clouds and maybe by thanksgiving a few showers temperatures around the state 60s into the central valley high country not bad. 51 if headed in that direct, 64 in yosemite, 63 in the monterey bay. looks like our temperatures in the south bay will be very mild, 67 degrees in morgan hills, 65 sunnyvale and 67 degrees in cuppertino, as we head toward the eastbay temperatures running up into the 60s under sunny skies,
6:49 am
you'll find hazy sunshine, 66 in oakland and 63 in san francisco. looking out over the next couple of days a few more high clouds begin to drift in our direction, looks like we'll stay dry through wednesday but on thursday, there's a slight chance of showers, by friday and saturday looks like we turned to warmer and dryer weather may be back into sunday but so far a cutoff low dropping toward the bay area, on thanksgiving if it wiggles one way or the other could see a chance of showers or might completely miss it, we'll leave a slight chance of showers and fine tune the fear cast as we get closer. >> makes it more festive. >> it does. >> thanks lawrence. well for the first time ever, the vatican publicly unveiled a handful of bone fragments from st. peter. the sacred relics were taken to the alter at a mass to mark the end of the year of the faithful. the nine fragments were nestled in a july el box inside a bronze display case, hope
6:50 am
francis prayed before the bones at the start of the service and clutched the case for several minutes after his homily. >> we believe that when we venerate the relics what we really do is we honor the saints to help us grow in living the christian virtues. >> no pope has ever definitively declared the fragments to belong to the apostle peter. in 1968, pope paul the 6th said bones found under st. peters basilica will identify in a we we believe to be convincing. archeologists dispute the findings. time for a look at what's coming up later. >> monday charlie rose is in the big chair joining us now with more on that. good morning. >> good morning, frank and michelle. ahead only on cbs this morning house majority leader eric cantor on the iran nuclear deal he calls dangerous but steve croft in studio 57 with new
6:51 am
detail from the 60 minutes report on the tricks mobster bolger used to hide for 60 years and this morning a massive storm system is already forcing airlines to in extra eflights, travel on what you can do if heading out of town. the news is being a in the morning, see you at 7:00. >> charlie, thank you. we will see you at 7:00. >> we sure will thanks charlie. 6:51 here now. secret talks lead to big forward steps in relations between the u.s. and iran. the nuclear agreement signed over the weekend. details coming up. a woman tries to jump to her death at a raiders game, but a fan saves her life. we've got a live report straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:52 am
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6:55 am
blamed for at least 8 death the west is moving across t u-s. it's alread five things to know at the 55, the storm blamed for at least eight deaths in the west is moving across the u.s. , its already dumped more than a foot of snow in someplaces and forced airlines to cancel more than 300 flights at dallas fort worth international airport. the storm is expect today bring rain to the south before turning north and east possibly disrupting travel through wednesday, the busiest travel day of the year. the iran nuclear a growment signed sunday in genevaxe is the result of a year of secret talks between the u.s. and iran. the nuclear court is designed to force iran to slow the enrichment of uranium, in exchange the united states is lifting economic sanctions worth billions of dollars on that country. the connecticut state attorney will release a new report today on the shooting at sandy hook elementary school. its been nearly a year since a gunman killed 20 children and
6:56 am
six adults. the report is expected to give a clear timeline of events. it will not include transcripts of the 911 calls which the associated press has sued to obtain. 15,000 people are evacuated as a volcano in indonesia continues to erupt and spewing hot ash and gravel, more than 60,000 feet into the air, the government there has increased the alert status to its highest of levels, indonesia has nearly 130 active volcanos more than any other country. this morning air force 1 will touchdown at sfo. president obama's bay area public appearance is at betty ong recreation center in chinatown monday. the president will use this neighborhood of immigrants as a back drop for his renewed push on immigration reform. and kpix 5 is over at the oakland colosseum this morning where a woman jumped and a hero stepped into catch her after the raider/titans game yesterday. >> reporter: yeah, the deputies say this man, a good samaritan,
6:57 am
100% without a doubt saved his womans life. they say he went way above and beyond what anyone could have been expected to do. the incident happened after the game when fans noticed this woman climbed to the top of section 301. it was blocked off and covered in tarps, the woman was pleading, i'm so i should say the good samaritan was pleading with the woman over and over again saying don't do it. now the standoff was brief. she jumped and fell 45 feet, the good samaritan actually lunged in her direction, tried to catch her when he broke her fall. she was knocked unconscious and was in "very critical condition." he was still alert and talking with paramedics and was in stable condition and is expected to survive. the man is a 61 year old marine corps reserve it's and a life long raiders fan. stadium authorities are still trying to figure out how that woman got into the closed section. >> the individual had to go through an area that wasn't open to the public and we're investigating how they actually ended up in that section because it wasn't a public
6:58 am
accessible area for the game. >> now the colosseum people say that they believe the woman jumped and she was not pushed, that their employees followed proper protocol and blocked off that section of her. live in oakland, kpix 5. another kcbs traffic check before you leave your house, a live look southbound 101 university avenue, the sensors are not picking up any major delays yet but reports of an overturn accident on the off ramp, again approaching university avenue in palo alto. also much bigger dallies than you're used to seeing if traveling the east shore freeway westbound 80 with the earlier crash in richmond, back ups extend past highway 4 now and over the bay bridge the metering lights were turned on about a half hour ago but it is backed up towards the foot of the maze. that's traffic here is lawrence. it's a chilly start to the day if headed outside. mostly clear skies, a little hazy over san jose. an alert has been issued by the bay area air quality management but other wise looking at nice weather ahead as we'll see a
6:59 am
whole lot of sunshine, chilly start though 34 in about santa rosa, 38 concord, could see patchy frost in the valley, 40s elsewhere. as we look toward the afternoon about 66 in mostly sunny in livermore, 63 degrees in san francisco and 61 in pacifica. next couple days a few more clouds coming in our direction and by thursday, thanksgiving day, there is a slight chance we could see showers, dry weather to return as we head in toward the very important holiday shopping day on friday. >> oh, yes, that. >> that's right. >> okay, well we had a fun weekend, friday night, frank and i got to see the lighting ceremony, so the buildings are officially lit now. >> yeah. >> fireworks. >> they opened up the ice arena, disney on ice was there, your two little girls showed up. >> they had a good time. >> hawaiian airlines was there. >> don't ask me to say the name
7:00 am
of those dancers. >> [laughter] >> have a great day. (wfts.ecl) good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, november 25, 2013. welcome to "cbs this morning." if you are flying east, you could be one of millions facing a thanksgiving mess. we'll take you where a massive storm is already hitting. >> the wteouse defends its nuclear deal with iran. house majority leader eric cantor calls it dangerous. he's with us this morning. >> a break through for airline security inside the american company that could help you take liquids on board. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener, your world in 90 seconds. >> this is alaska or idaho. >> a preseason storm plows


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