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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 26, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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up just a few degrees with the high clouds. still some 30s in the interior valleys and 40s elsewhere and even 351? san francisco. chance of rain still in the forecast. we'll talk about that coming up. early this morning and so far no major hot spots in terms of accidents. there's some overnight road work out there. specifically northbound 880 between 16th and broadway. three lanes are blocked until about 5:00 this morning. all right elizabeth. thank you. >> sure. >> thank you liz. and we begin with a barrage of gunfire it sent seven men to the hospital in the east bay. it happened in east oakland a little after 6:00 last night. the gunman sprayed bullets all over the neighborhood. one woman was just about to go into a store when she heard the gunshots. she dove tot ground and the bullets -- to the ground and the bullets flew through her pony actually -- tail. >> i hit the ground and bullet went straight through my ponytail. >> right through your hair?
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>> yeah. >> murders are significantly down this year. so there's signs of progress. but obviously stuff like this shows we still have work to do. >> victims all in their 3020s and 30s. two of them are in critical condition at this hour. they don't have any suspects or a motive in the case. a vietnam war veteran is telling his story of how he broke the fall of a woman who jumped from the third deck of the oakland coliseum. as andria borba reports, donny that vie dad is recovering from injuries at his home. >> reporter: the on field doctor mat on sunday pailed in comparison to what happened in the stands. 15 minutes after the raiders titans game from time to time the top of section -- game. from the top of section 301 a woman threatening to jump. >> don't do it. don't do it. >> i even yelled up to her not to do it. >> reporter: then in the split second it takes to make a decision she jumped and fell 50
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feet. 51-year-old vietnam vet donny navidad of stockton tried to catch her and stop her from plummeting to certain death. >> because i'm concerned with her. and like i said she's a young lady that's still got a whole lot of life left in her. >> reporter: but the force of the petite victim falling simply too much. >> what i tried to do was grab her so she wouldn't bounce. my co-worker said that she had bounced maybe six yards from me. >> reporter: covered in bruises, donny didn't want anyone to see the woman die and it was marine instincts that kicked in to use his body as a human shield to break her fall. his wife laura thinks she's a hero. a scaried confused young lady lived. >> he could have died. i told him i'm going to slap. you could have died. >> andria borba, kpix 5. >> among the people who visit
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him yesterday was will hee brown. the -- willie brown. the woman remains in the hospital. president obama down in southern california today wrapping up his three day west coast tour. his schedule stops today include dreamworks animation in glendale and a fundraiser at the home of mar that kaufman the creator of "friends." this follows a stop right here in san francisco that was not completely friendly. >> what i'd like to do -- [ people chanting ] how about -- these guys don't need to go. >> an immigration activist heckled the president during a speech yesterday. 22-year-old juthhong is an undocumented immigrant from san francisco. he told kpix 5's joel vasquez why he confronted president obama. >> we'll venten our families. -- strengthen our families and
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most importantly -- most importantly, we will live up -- most importantly we will live up to our character as a nation. >> i said mr. president. i need your help. i cannot celebrate thanksgiving week with my family members because of my immigration status. i told him please, use your executive authority to halt deportation for all undocumented emigrant family members a-- immigrant family members across the country. you have the power to stop -- >> actually i don't. >> you've heard from some people you were saying, what did people say? >> it was very overwhelming positive response. at the same time, some people think that i shouldn't have done it. because it was very rude and embarrassing. >> so some people said hey that was rude. >> some people said that was rude but i don't think it was rude at all. i think speak out the truth. >> you interrupted the president. there are people who might say wait a minute that's not the right place to do that. not the right way.
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you're interrupting the president and -- during one of his speeches. >> i mean i don't see it that way because i mean i -- president obama and congress have always ignored our stories. and i felt like that was the only avenue for me to speak out the truth. latest cbs news poll shows president obama's approval rating has plunged to 37%. activists are demanding more serious charges against four san jose state university students accused of hate crimes. those students are accused of harassing a black roommate at campus village. the allegations include corralling the victim with a bicycle lock. locking him in his room and taunting him with racial slurs. the naacp took part in a campus rally yesterday at the tommy smith john carlos statue. and activists want the misdemeanor charges increased to felonies and want the suspects tossed out of sjsu.
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>> the suspension of those students must be converted into expulsion. >> district attorney jeff rosen says the misdemeanor charges reflect the severity of the crimes not the degree of the suspect's racism. sjsu president mo kaomi spoke yesterday taking responsibility for the university not intervening sooner. it is 4:36. we got a big holiday coming up thursday. >> yeah we sure do. we've got a cut off low spinning our way and that kind of has us on edge right now. not much but we're watching it closely. still out the door today got the high clouds cruising in overhead. the temperatures not as cold this morning. you can see the ridge of high pressure beginning to break down somewhat and that's going to eventually lead to the cut off low spinning off the coastline. you can see it there in the distance. still we are in for a nice day ahead. some hazy sunshine. and a few of those high clouds continue to track overhead. not quite as cold because of the clouds. still chilly in the valleys. 46 in san jose and 51 in san francisco. this afternoon though temperatures back up in the 60s
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all around the bay area including the valleys and even towards the coastline. we've got some changes coming toward thanksgiving though and we'll talk more about that in a moment. right now the kcbs traffic with elizabeth. here's a live look at the nimitz freeway where once you get closer to the downtown oakland exits that's where we start to see some lanes blocked specifically three approaching broadway. just a heads-up. more road work this time out in the east bay as well. eastbound lanes of highway 4 countercommute between harper and love ridge. three right lanes closed until 6:00. and also eastbound 580 year the dublin interchange. 6:00 a.m. that's when they're expected to wrap that up. in the meantime though things look pretty good so far for the commute out of the altamonte pass on the westbound lanes of 580. bay bridge there's road work on the upper and lower decks coming in and out of san francisco. and b.a.r.t. so far looks pretty good. eing is on time -- everything is on time. that's your kcbs traffic. back to you guys.
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california's bullet train apparently going nowhere fast. the sacramento county judge is blocking the sale of bonds needed to build the high speed rail system and also rejected the funding plan putting the project in limbo now. and some ferry passengers suffered minor bumps and bruises after an accident at fishermen's wharf in san francisco. the harbor princess had a breakdown and crashed into pier 43 a little after noon yesterday. witnesses actually saw passengers putting on the emergency vests just in case. but everyone is fine. well, it's the youtube video that millions have watched and just a week. >> now the oakland bay start-up that created it is dealing with more than just internet fame and may be headed to court. kpix 5's betty yu report it's a battle between bay area girls and the beastie boys. ♪ >> reporter: it's the charming youtube video that sells girl power and toys for future engineers. the viral video takes on gender
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stereotypes. a company is now taking on its first real opponent which happens to be boys. the beastie boys. ♪ oakland based start-up goldie blox rewrote "gills" changing lyrics to girls building spaceships and coding. today the beastie boys responded in an open letter to the company saying -- they filed a preemptive lawsuit against the boys, the complaint says that because its lyrics poke fun at the original song it's a parody making it fare use. >> i think it's ultimate lick unlikely to be -- unlikely to be considered fair use. >> reporter: the court may not rule in the company's favor because the video is an ad. >> the court's going to look and say this is something that
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where they could have gotten a license from the copyright owner to use the music. and/or to use it with altered lyrics in order to make their point. >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> the letter also says the band members made a conscious decision not to use their music to sell products? we reached out the company, the company was not available for comment. time now is 4:40. a winter storm is causing more headaches for those trying to reach their thanksgiving destinations. more on the impacts of holiday travel. >> and a new report out gives a clearer picture of the teenager at sandy hook elementary school. what we're learning now about adam lanza when we come back. ,,
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led to last year's deadly a new report answers some questions but not all about what led to last year's deadly shooting spree at a connecticut elementary school. kpix 5's allen martin has more on what was found in adam lanza's home. >> reporter: this is adam lanza's bedroom. the windows covered with black
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trash bags. a closet full of khaki pants, in lanza's computer room you can see the hard drive has been smashed and there are also newspaper stories from the 1800s about shooting school children. in his mother's bedroom, police found the gun that lanza used to kill her. right next to the book "train your brain to get happy." lanza killed 20 first graders and six adults at sandy hook. this is the window he shot out to get inside the locked school. also new details about his life including a preoccupation with mass shootings in particular the columbine shootings. before the shooting, lanza's mother nancy became concerned that her son hadn't gone anywhere in three months. and would only communicate with her by e-mail. lanza was diagnosed with asperger's. doctors described him as presenting with significant social impairment and extreme anxiety. he was also noted that he
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lacked empathy. but those doctors did not see anything that would have predicted his future behavior. allen martin, kpix 5. >> a report from the connecticut state attorney does not draw any conclusion about a motive. well, much of the nation has experienced or will experience snowy icy conditions. leading up to the big holiday thursday. wintery weather is blamed for hundreds of wrecks and at least 11 deaths half of them are in texas. major flight delays expected on several metro areas new york, dc, philadelphia and up in boston as well. hundreds were canceled over the weekend at dallas/ft. worth. >> we look forward to thanksgiving all year long and having a day cut off this trip is not the best thing in the world to me. >> people don't realize that when they cross the bridges they have ice on them and they lose it when they cross them. >> a lot of ice. on the positive side, the same weather system was a welcome boost for ski areas of course in colorado. well the weather could put a damper on the macy's thanksgiving day parade.
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strong winds are forecasted for new york and that could be a big problem for those big giant balloons that pass through the parade. emergency officials are going to make the call based on actual conditions from thursday morning in the big apple but wouldn't be the parade without the big balloons. >> i had forgotten about that. the winds going to be whipping on the backside of that storm. >> i guess we can't complain about a little rain here? >> that's even iffy right now. i think a slight chance of a few showers on thanksgiving day. out the door this morning, we have mostly clear skies except for high clouds drifting overhead. and the temperatures are running in the 40s generally. although we've had a couple of 30s showing up in the interior valleys. this afternoon a mix of sun and clouds and the temperatures generally in the 60s. so a mild afternoon again around the bay area with some hazy sunshine. high pressure now breaking down and sliding a little bit further to the east. you see the first system starting to work that ridge further east and bringing with it a few high clouds for today but it's rather weak system. behind that we've got what's
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going to become a cutoff low that's doing to spin off the coastline and move near the coast near the bay area maybe enough to bring us a few showers. then that will sweep down into southern california. in the meantime around the state, about 53 degrees and partly cloudy in lake tahoe and 63-degrees in yosemite. around the bay today we'll see the temperatures generally in the 60s and the south bay. keep you in the low 60s toward the coastline and into the 60s mid 60s in some spots in ther into yore valleys and then hazy sunshine and about 64 in alameda and 62 in sausalito. next couple of days, just a few clouds drifting on through. slight chance just a slight chance of showers on thanksgiving. dry weather returns and warmer temperatures adds we look toward the weekend. all right let's check on the traffic now with elizabeth. outside we go, the morning commute, here's a live look at the golden gate bridge. i almost forgot what i put up first. golden gate bridge traffic. everything looks really good coming out of marin county. in fact it's a nice smooth
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ride. from san rafael. member you're going out of town for the thanksgiving weekend coming up and thanksgiving thursday and right now things are pretty good. in delays along 101 through san bruno. and out towards the dublin interchange still that overnight roadwork in lanes and this time it is countercommute between hacienda and santa rita that isn't scheduled to be done until 6:00 this morning. in the meantime we're hoping to see lighter traffic obviously a lot of folks are starting to head out of town. so right now westbound 580 through the altamonte pass looks really good. with all green sensors popping up. there's some roadwork still on both spans of the bay bridge westbound and eastbound. that should be picked up here pretty shortly. and we're just getting word now of more ace train problems and they were super delayed yesterday due to switching issues and now ace train number one again signal problems out of stockton causing about a 15 to 20 minute delay. again that's train number one out of the central valley.
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everything else though mass transit, so far reporting no problems. got any questions about your morning drive? tune to kcbs. that's traffic. back to you. all right thank you. there's a new report spelling out the dangers firefighters face and the problem highlighted in that study is probably not what you would expect. kpix 5's elizabeth cook explains. [ sirens ] >> reporter: firefighters ride into danger every day. and ben flake a veteran of the livermore pleasanton fire department knows the risks. flames and smoke are the obvious threats. but another more silent killer, cancer, just took the life of ben's fire firefighterring partner of 17 years. captain paul. >> it's hard to explain unless you're doing the job that it just puts a bond with all of us over the years. >> reporter: while standing in honor 24 hour watch over paul's body, a lot of thoughts went through ben's mind. >> it used to be the biggest
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thing you were concerned about was fires, hopefully nothing happens to you in a fire. so now it's that plus now it's the cancer. >> reporter: cancer is such a known threat to firefighters that in california, it's treated as a workers' comp related illness. now the threat is confirmed by a just released study. researchers with the national institute of safety and health looked at the medical records of over 30,000 firefighters over 60 years. in new york, chicago, and here in san francisco. >> it appears to be substantially increased risk. >> reporter: uc davis professor jay beaumont is one of the study's researchers. >> can you imagine the smoldering rubble of a building all the different chemicals that are given off. >> reporter: foam stuffing in couches, fire retardants in curtains and upholstery and asbestos in older structures all produce known car sense jeans when they -- car sen jeans when they burn.
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-- carcinogens when they burn. and brain cancer, which is what captain paul died of. fire chief jim miguel says it's been wakeup call. >> he was a friends to all. had a beautiful young family. the organization had a hard time with this. >> reporter: miguel says new practices like air monitoring after a fire is out have made a big difference. >> it's not just about the fire being out now. it's about the products of combustion being eliminated before we tech off the masks and breathe. >> reporter: his firefighters now wash equipment and gear after every fire. and when an engine gears up to leave the fire house fumes are exhausted through a hose. for now though it's all about the cap pain. >> we carried him through livermore. probably 40 to 50 emergency vehicles in the procession. we had 2,000 people along the procession route that were there with american flags. this certainly certainly brought us together as a family. >> reporter: elizabeth cook,
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kpix 5. >> the cancer study is in the second phase and researchers are gathering employment records from the three fire departments to piece together more information. 4:51 now. checking futures trading on the tuesday, not much movement ahead of the opening bell for the morning. coming up cbs money watch alexis christoforous has more. >> reporter: another quiet day of trading in the holiday shortened week. yesterday the dow jones industrial average rose nearly 8 points and briefly topped 4,000 for the nasdaq for the first time since 13 years ago. the price of oil dropped in the wake of a deal with iran over the nuclear arms program. crude oil fell on monday. the temporary agreement does in the call for sanctions to be loosened on iranian oil ebb ports but -- exports but investors the believe that's not works. for the second time, the government is delaying the release of its monthly report on home construction. today, we were supposed to get
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information about how quickly builders started and completed homes in october and september. the commerce department is blaming the 15 day government shutdown for the delay and says that report will now be released december 18th. and gym clothing has become the new hot fashion item. spending on high end workout gear jumped 7% over $31 billion over the last year. that compares to a 1% rise in other clothing. that's your money watch, for the latest business news, follow me on twitter@alexis cbs news. at the new york stock exchange, i'm alexis christoforous. the manager of the indiana pizza hut says he was fired for refusing to open his store on thanksgiving. tony roar was told it was mandatory year. he stood up for his employees and then lost his job. >> thanksgiving and christmas are the only two days that they're closed. in the whole year and there are only two days that those people are guaranteed to have off to spend with their families. >> a pizza hut exec denies that roar was fired and he claims
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the manager quit. 4:52. coming up president obama gets a frosty reception from some audience members during a speech here in san francisco. now, meet the heckler who caused all that commotion. >> but first, a new york couple celebrates their 81st wedding anniversary. this morning, they reveal their secret for success. ,,,,,,
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all right, checking out your thanksgiving forecast, there's still a slight chance of showers doesn't look like a rainout. but could be a little bit wet on thanksgiving day. and if you still have to head to work today. this is what the bridges look like. things look really good actually on the golden gate. the bay bridge and the san mateo bridge. we have some ace train delays and full traffic report coming
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up. can't believe rudolph is on tonight. >> i know. >> on thanksgiving. well it was a big weekend for a new york couple. >> that's right. john and anne batard celebrated their 81st wedding anniversary. the recipe for the longest marriage in america? >> just contentment. be contented. with what you have and what you're doing. >> if you think a little bit, about what you're doing, and if it's wrong, tries to straighten it out. we straighten it out. >> i'm listening. i am listening. >> there you go. be content. they eloped back in 1932 to avoid her father's plan to marry her off to someone else. john is now 102 years old and ann is 98. they raised five children and have 14 grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren. >> he married a younger woman.
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>> he did. >> good for them. that is awesome. it is will:57 now. -- 4:57 now. it is easy to tell. why the feds are now cracking down on this at home in a dna test. we've got it your way. >> we're live at sfo where a wave of nasty weather is threatening to be a travel nightmare for millions of americans, we have tips for travelers to get you home in time for that turkey.
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shootings are significantly down this year. murders are significantly down this year. so there is signs of progress but obviously stuff like this shows we still have work to do. >> seven men recovering this morning after a shooting at oakland. the gunman still on the loose. and police have no motive. i'm fine with her. she's a young lady that's still got a whole lot of life left in her. >> all to save a perfect
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stranger at the raiders' game sunday. he broke the fall of a young lady after she jumped and fell nearly 50 feet. >> even though you're going from say florida to california and the weather's fine in both places, you may be suffering big time delays. >> it's one of the biggest travel weeks of the year but getting to your destination may not be easy. where weather is causing some pretty major problems on the roads and in the skies. from across the bay to around the world. the stories that matter on cbs kpix 5 news this morning. >> it's tuesday, november 26th. i'm michelle griego. >> and hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. it's 5:00 on the nose and developing right now the east coast getting hit by a winter storm already blamed for deaths in texas and elsewhere. got live pictures now, this is at laguardia. actually no that's our -- to pay koa goren live in sfo


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