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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  November 27, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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but sasha's family says the attack won't stop him from wearing skirts. in fact, he wore a black one today. >> people realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them. >> reporter: what will change is sasha probably won't be riding the bus alone. >> i'm sure sasha will ride the bus again, probably with friends. >> reporter: both parents say it's been a tiring ordeal juggling between work and hospital visits. they are just glad he can slowly go back to his normal life. >> sasha has been smiling a lot on the ride home. >> reporter: sasha could return to his high school as early as next monday. he did not talk to reporters today. but he will talk tomorrow. tomorrow i will be meeting with him around 10:00. live here in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. tonight there are some encouraging numbers on hate
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crime in california. attorney general harris says that last year reported hate crimes were down nearly 13% from 2011. new video just into our newsroom. the sheriff's boat is towing a floating meth lab that was found monday with two bodies on board. this was taken a little more than an hour ago on the delta near pittsburg. the houseboat first turned up about six miles south of rio vista where those bodies were removed yesterday. they are identified as 72-year- old gary cooper of concord and 49-year-old james mcrae of martinez. so far, it's unclear exactly what killed them. but the dea seized the lab. alameda police arrested a man they think set his own apartment building on fire this morning. flames engulfed the units just before 3 a.m. on briggs avenue. some people jumped from balconies to escape the flames. firefighters rescued 45-year- old david prado from his balcony then arrested him on suspicion of arson. neighbors say prada was having
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mental issues over the last few days. everyone else got out okay. >> i realize the house is on fire. we jumped out over the balcony. we couldn't get down the stairs. too much smoke. >> authorities say four apartments are a total loss, leaving seven people homeless tonight. the day before thanksgiving always one of the busier travel days of the year, but today that massive storm on the east coast adding to that equation. travelers there hitting the roads, the rails, the skies, but this is what they faced. lots of stormy weather, some snow, long lines at airports, east coast hubs hardest hit including philadelphia's rainy airport. but thankfully for us in the bay area, the ripple effect not too bad. this is live look at sfo. they tell us 92% of flights are on time. they have only had one cancellation so far today. right now delays are running about 15 to 30 minutes. our mark sayre is at the amtrak station in emeryville with an overall look at today's
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getaway. mark. >> reporter: well, allen, no matter which way you slice it will will take longer to get from here to there on this thanksgiving eve. for people leaving town for the holiday weekend, 40% of those trips began today on planes, trains and automobiles. the thanksgiving getaway is under way. but for many, that trek begins with the need to first get out of downtown san francisco. the approach to the bay bridge at midafternoon looked more like a usual 5 p.m. rush hour as people left town early. but not everyone was opting for a car. at the downtown greyhound station, gregory still had another bus ride to go on his way from reno to sonoma county. >> i wanted to go to pasadena to family for thanksgiving. >> reporter: mary just arrived from idaho on a journey which started two days ago. >> to salt lake to reno to winnemucca.
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>> reporter: at the airports it was also another busy day. travelers at sfo were keeping an eye on the weather for possible storm-related delays on the east coast. >> check to see if the flights were on time. and so far, you know, watching the doppler radar on tv and the newscasts. >> reporter: mineta san jose international airport projects a 5% increase in holiday travel over the same period last year. as usual, the advice is to arrive early. >> it's just so important. there's more passengers traveling this time of year. they are traveling with more bags, cold weather clothing, holiday packages and food. >> reporter: and some people are skipping cars and planes altogether and opting for the train. madeline is heading from emeryville to sacramento to visit her family. why take the train as opposed to drive? >> i don't have a car and it's
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easier and i know everyone driving is leaving later and it's cheaper and less carbon footprint. >> reporter: back to a live picture here in emeryville, amtrak is adding 700 seats on the capitol corridor route between san jose, oakland and sacramento. another 600 seats on the san joaquin valley line service. amtrak says this thanksgiving week is the busiest time of the year for it nationwide on its rails. allen, they are expecting another peak day on sunday as soon as this holiday season is over. no surprise there. but. >> no. >> be ready for it. >> all right. thanks, mark. chief meteorologist paul deanno in the weather center. paul, you have some good news back east. the worst is over there? >> it's been a drenching rainfall lots of snowfall away from the atlantic ocean. but things are beginning to wind down. i know most folks have gotten from point a to point b but the rain is racing up the eastern seaboard. the actual low is off the carolina coastline. we see snow for rochester, new york down to atlanta. but the heaviest rain is done and this is our futurecast
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showing you the entire lower 48. we still will see some significant rainfall for upstate new york, vermont, new hampshire and maine but the big cities, including new york city, philadelphia and boston, the worst of the rainfall has moved out. look at the west coast nary a drop of rain between now and friday evening when you'll be shopping instead of eating. if you want to check the latest travel delays maybe check traffic around here, you can do that by heading to our website at that is your forecast. we'll have our full wrap-up for the bay area forecast coming up in a few minutes. thank you. if high-speed rail falls apart it could derail a lot more than just the bullet train. caltrain was counting on a huge cash infusion to electrify its aging fleet. if that doesn't happen, phil matier says the domino effect could be painful and pricy. phil. >> reporter: that's right, because this money wasn't just for high-speed rail. it's for one of our primary commuter systems, as well. here's the story. for years, caltrans the busy
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peninsula commuter line that carries 50,000 people a day has been banking on converting its aging diesel fleet into a more cost efficient sleek and speedy electric line to handle its growing ridership. >> it is absolutely critical. we simply can't accommodate any additional passengers with the current infrastructure. >> reporter: upgrading the old to the new, however, will cost about $600 million the system doesn't have, money that caltrans was hoping to get by becoming part of the high-speed rail line being planned from san francisco to los angeles. >> for the peninsula and the silicon valley, this is our bart. we depend on it. we need it. you couldn't drive in this area. we would have total congestion without it. >> reporter: but now a judge has put the brakes on high- speed rail citing concerns that the current plan is not the same package of promises that was sold to voters. and that in turn has put the brakes on much of the high- speed rail money and left
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caltrans' electricification plans very much in doubt. >> at this point, without identifying any other funding source, i don't know how electricification would go forward. >> reporter: and it's not just caltrain. bart and san francisco's central subway project will also taking a big hit. >> the court determines we have to go to plan b. >> reporter: do you have any idea what plan b is? >> it may be to go back to the voters. i don't know -- certainly not very popular at this point. >> reporter: and i'm not sure when it would be popular. remember that this was supposed to not only be a transportation project but a big job project. the economy has change. it will be really questionable if the voters want to go for it again especially considering the cost. >> all right, phil. thank you. since voters approved high- speed rail in 2008 the projected cost has more than doubled from 33 to $68 billion. locked up and living in filth three sisters escape a
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house of horrors. >> there appear to be 24/7 type of video surveillance system set up on the girls' bedrooms. >> the dungeon-like setup that get them cut off from the world and the details of their escape. >> wow, like a whale on a beach or -- it's huge! >> a massive tree down, now it's a bay area tourist attraction. why the city isn't rushing to move it. ,,,,,,
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giant menorah was lit in san francisco's union square. ts is the first of eight night the jewish holiday. the bill graham me tonight is the first night of chanukah. a menorah is about to be lit in union square. this is the first of eight nights of the holiday. it's been shining light on san francisco every chanukah since 1975. it will be lit every night until next week. a little earlier another menorah was lit at the nation's capital. it's near the washington monument. tomorrow is unique because the
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first full day of chanukah coincides with thanksgiving. that won't happen again for more than 70,000 years. tonight a crowd has gathered to honor two san francisco city leaders who were assassinated 35 years ago. supervisor milk and mayor moscone were gunned down at city hall in 1978 by supervisor dan white. this is a live look at a march that's going to begin at city hall. the gay men's chorus will perform on the steps before the crowd will walk to harvey milk plaza in the castro district. at least 6 people were cited as dozens of truck drivers formed picket lines at the port of oakland this morning. they are pushing for better pay and help in complying with new air emissions standards set to take effect january 1st. the port of oakland truckers association says 800 drivers could lose their jobs if they don't upgrade their trucks to meet the new standards. arizona police rescued three sisters allegedly held captive by their parents for
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two years. the girls, ages 12, 13 and 17, were locked in their bedrooms. their mother and stepfather sophia and fernando richter are under arrest for kidnapping and child abuse charges. the two younger sisters jumped out of a bedroom window after the stepfather tried to attack them with a knife. the sisters said they were fed once a day and hadn't taken a bath in months. they are now in state custody. well, it is becoming as much of a thanksgiving tradition as the turkey. but don't worry, you don't have to get out there and snag a spot like these campers are doing right now in san jose. we have three black friday deals you can find online. right now. >> and it's girls against the beastie boys. were a bay area toymaker is backing -- why a bay area toymaker is backing down with its viral hit. female announcer:
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police officer scott krissi rescues an unconscious driv burning truck. yo so. a heroic moment in new jersey is captured on tape. police officer rescues an anonymous driver from a burning truck. you can see him pulling the driver out. the flames engulf the vehicle. the driver is hospitalized in critical but stable condition. a veteran san jose police
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officer faces felony charges after writing bogus tickets against people he tangled with in an old lawsuit. 51-year-old george chavez allegedly used his police computer to find information about his two victims. authorities say he then wrote several fake tickets, targeting a man he had sued five years ago as well as chavez's own attorney in the case. if convicted, chavez could spend more than 6 years in prison. well, it may be thanksgiving eve, but shoppers are already gearing up for black friday. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts reports. >> reporter: i'm here with jackie. your brother was in line yesterday morning at 8:00. you have been here since 8:00 this morning. >> correct. >> reporter: doors open tomorrow. what are you in line for? >> two fire chain candles, a 42 "plasma tv and camera for my brother. >> reporter: all awesome door busters but there's a limited quantity.
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if you aren't hanging out with jackie you probably won't get one of those door busters but before you ditch thanksgiving dinner for a door buster buyer beware. many of the other so-called black friday deals are duds. it was the night before thanksgiving and all through the store, deals, sales and door busters plastered from ceiling to floor. but for those not already camped out in line, door busters are unlikely and the remaining deals not always so fine. >> just because something has a 50% off sticker on it does not mean it's the lowest price. >> reporter: mark locastro from deal news analyzes some sales. >> some retailers mark up the price high and put a discount on it. >> reporter: but you would notice the savings were lackluster if you gave the price a true audit. for instance, this ipad 2 at best buy for $299 seems like a steal but it was actually $20
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cheaper in may a better summer deal. in fact, you can skim black friday and score an ipad mini deal now online. both frye's and target offer the 16 gig for 479. looking for a washer dryer? skip the lines. home depot and lowe's discounted these maytags for $599. this singing giggle is a great find selling at kohl's for $17.49. but if you shop in store, make a list and check it twice. and don't buy something just because it has a sale price. >> they want you to come to their store and make an impulse buy. they literally bank off that. >> reporter: hoping you don't ask why. for instance, hdmi cables and camera cases may seem like necessities but retailers make money by boosting prices on accessories. while the tv and camera may have been a steal, you can get things like these online for a much better deal. and back to that ipad mini
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deal. target black friday door busters an absolute steal beginning tomorrow both in store and online they are offering a $100 gift card plus a sale price of $479. but keep in mind, with door busters there are limited quantities. allen, do you have a rhyme for quantity? >> i don't know. >> great job, julie. bottom line, pays to do your homework. shop around to save money. >> reporter: don't get sucked into the fake sales. >> thank you. if you can't bear to face the retail jungle, how about this urban jungle? toppled tree drawing big crowds to lake merritt in oakland. don ford shows us the city is in no rush to cut it up and haul it away. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: it's a party atmosphere here at oakland's latest attraction. this giant eucalyptus tree that was blown down near lake merritt during last week's windstorm. folks are coming from all over
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the bay area to see it, smell it and climb it. >> we came out from union city on bart today. i took the day off and i was hoping we could come and see this magnificent fallen tree. >> reporter: dozens of kids and adults too are all climbing over the massive trunk. the stump is nearly 30 feet across. this photo taken from a nearby rooftop shows how big this monster really is. >> wow. it's like a whale on april beach. >> reporter: his brother gregory admired this tree so much he made this video three weeks ago when it was still standing. >> this is one of my favorite eucalyptus trees. >> i grew up here in oakland all my life. and to see this tree come down, it's really -- you know, it's like a friend. i lost a friend when this tree came down. >> reporter: the jack russell terrier is in the stump and not coming out except to get his chance to climb the tree too.
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terry rivers has his plans. >> probably take some of the sticks. >> reporter: photos are being taken, too. lots of them. it's not often that a 100-year- old tree this size comes down without hurting anybody. that is something we can all be thankful for. oakland's public works department says that since the tree isn't blocking anything, they are in no big rush to get it out. looks like it's going to be here for a while. in oakland, don ford, kpix 5. makes a great jungle gym. >> now that you mention it the jack russell terrier will drag it off and take it home as far as he can. >> a stick, play fetch! >> that's a big tree. thankfully no one was hurt. >> it's not going to be the sunniest thanksgiving we have ever had but no rainfall. it's the mass holiday exodus out of san francisco. and it's looking more like a friday commute than a wednesday commute. but lots of folks hitting the road and the weather is
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cooperating. there's a live look from our oakland cam looking at i-880 the nimitz. currently 57 cloudy in concord. livermore 57. san francisco one of the milder spots 60. san jose and santa rosa in the upper 50s. hi-def doppler radar showing you a dry two holidays, thanksgiving and this evening is the first evening of chanukah. so we are talking about chanukah and also thanksgiving. actually tomorrow is the first day of chanukah. redding for tomorrow, 67 degrees but partly sunny skies. if you are heading toward the state capital sacramento 66. fresno 67. yosemite cloudy but dry 45. tahoe 48. the one spot that may see a few sprinkles will be monterey coming in with a high of 57 degrees right on the peninsula there. you may see a couple of showers. that's because the storm system that's spinning off to our west feeding us cloud cover we had it once again today we'll have it again tomorrow the rainfall will scoot down to our south. los angeles, san diego, arrange county, getting some rainfall but not us. we will miss that, thanksgiving
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will be rain-free. now, as that low moves out something new is going to move in. it's another big strong ridge of high pressure. it will be with us through the weekend. a lot of you have four days off from work and the kids likely more than that from school. weather from friday through sunday will be dry. the dry end to a dry november. but the sunshine will be back friday, saturday, sunday each day looking mainly sunny. next week, big changes. much cooler and cloudier a chance of rain. it will be a little taste of winter for early december. but enjoy the dry weather that we'll have for the next several days. tomorrow cloudy, sunshine is back on friday. highs for your thanksgiving, mid-60s really close to where we were today. san jos 66. fremont 63. pittsburg 65. late-day sunshine for dublin in the tri-valley mid-60s for you. san francisco tomorrow 63. novato 64. mendocino county lake county mid-60s to near 70 with afternoon sunshine. sunshine back for all of us on friday. look at the weekend. first weekend of december, saturday and sunday mid- to
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upper 60s with mainly sunny skies. next week, though, it's going to get chilly around here highs in the 50s and the snow levels dropping to about 3500 feet. it's about time we not only get the rain but we get some cold with it. it's going to be coming next week. >> thank you. girls, girls, girls -- >> oh, yeah, they stood up to the beastie boys but now they are waving the white flag. why a bay area toy maker is changing its tune over this parody video.
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its iral video ad looks like the beastie boys won their fight against the girls. oakland-based toy company goldieblox has agreed to pull its remake of girls from its viral video ad. >> girls -- you think now what we want, girls. >> goldieblox said it was fair use because of a parody but the founder specifically barred the
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use of his music in advertising. you could call this two turkeys off the hook this thanksgiving. >> generally speaking thanksgiving is a bad day to be a turkey so i salute our two guests of honor caramel and popcorn for their bravery coming from outside badger, minnesota, to be with us. >> maybe his last year in office he will change his mind. popcorn turkey number one went head to head with the title caramel for america's top gobbler but as you heard caramel got the pardon, too. >> do you think they know how lucky they are? >> no idea. they are turkeys. for a look at what's ahead on the evening news, margaret brennan is in new york. >> reporter: americans are hitting the slippery roads and
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packing airline terminals as nasty were cancels or delays hundreds of flights on the busiest day of the year. we'll tell you where the traffic is the worst and where the storm is headed next tonight on the "cbs evening news." ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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if you rely on g-p-s maps w i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, if you rely on gps maps while you drive, there's a good chance you're getting bogus information. how bay area drivers are relying on a broken system. we'll take a look at that and much more tonight at 6:00. >> see you then. captions by: caption colorado
5:30 pm >> brennan: tonight, the holiday get away. americans hit slippery roads and pack airline terminals as nasty weather cancels or delays hundreds of flights on the busiest travel day of the year. reports from jeff pegues and terrell brown. eric fisher has the thanksgiving forecast. sharyl attkisson reports the administration is trying to head off a traffic jam on and delaying another part of obamacare. after the state puts out its final report on shooter adam lanza and the newtown massacre, elaine quijano talks to the parents of sandy hook. how responsible do you hold nancy lanza for what happened that day? >> oh, my god! >> and ben tracy with the whales who came to dinner and won't leave. >> this is phenomenal.


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