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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  November 27, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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undisclosed location not something the locals like to hear. >> people are harm the environment as well as themselves and others. >> reporter: the likely floating meth lab was found in the back waters and sloughs that break off in the delta. the two missing fishermen found dead inside, fishing lines still cast in the water and what deputies believe was a small meth cooking operation in the galley. >> it's dangerous anywhere. >> reporter: the delta is a great getaway for boating and fishing. but with all its nooks and crannies it could be a good hideout for illegal activity but authorities say they will eventually find the bad guys dead or alive. >> no place is perfect. perfect is not having a lab at all. >> reporter: on board they smelled an odd odor and hopped off fearing the fumes or a possible explosion. the boat and the area being
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checked for possible toxic leftovers. >> harms the natural beauty of the area that we live in. it's something that we, you know, hope we see very little of. >> reporter: for people who truly love the delta, it's a place for boating, fishing and strolling not for cooking. deputies aren't sure if they died from breathing toxic fumes. an autopsy scheduled for next week. as for the boat, it's up in the air. if it's ever considered safe again it could go back to the owner's family. live in pittsburg, brian webb, kpix 5. >> the men on the body are 72- year-old gary cooper of concord and 49-year-old james mcrae of martinez. a family member reported them missing on monday. a teen set on fire on an a.c. transit bus is home today just in time for thanksgiving. luke "sasha" fleischman got out of the hospital this afternoon. our da lin on his road to recovery. >> reporter: luke "sasha" fleischman sits in the front passenger seat of the family car pulling into the garage.
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he is back home after spending three weeks at the st. francis burn center. his father karl says the 18- year-old is making a speedy recovery. >> sasha is really excited to be at home. he just walked up the stairs. >> reporter: sasha is able to walk now. his father took this photo of him smiling in his bedroom. you can see both of his legs are wrapped with bandages. >> he is a little tired in general, just physically and emotionally. >> reporter: earlier this month, 16-year-old richard thomas set the teen's skirt on fire aboard a bus causing second- and third-degree burns to his legs. police say the suspect did it because he is homophobic. but sasha's family says the attack won't stop him from wearing skirts. in fact, he wore one today. >> people will realize that you can wear unusual clothing and it doesn't mean that you have a right to attack them.
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>> reporter: what will change is sasha probably won't be riding the bus alone. >> i'm sure sasha will ride the bus again, probably with friends. >> reporter: both parents say it's been a tiring ordeal juggling between work and hospital visits. they are just glad he can slowly go back to his normal life. >> smiling a lot on the ride home. >> reporter: sasha could return to his high school as early as next monday. he did not talk to reporters today but he will have a one-on- one interview with me tomorrow morning. live here in oklahoma, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> despite the allegations in the recent case attorney general kamala harris says hate crimes in california are actually declining. for the first time, california has penalized an oil company over the drilling practice known as fracking or hydraulic fracturing. now allen martin reports the state is investigating nearly 80 other companies.
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>> reporter: fracking is when they drill down sometimes more than 10,000 feet and break up the shale with this high pressure mixture of water and chemicals. this penalty is because of one farmer who caught an international oil giant red handed. just north of bakersfield, the al monday orchards grove pretty much as they have for four generations. that's how long tom francis' family farmed here with almonds. >> this is harder than the other tree on the other road. >> reporter: but about a year ago, tom couldn't help notice an oil company's huge operation in an orchard near town. >> my intent was to take a movie if i saw anything interesting. >> reporter: his movie showed vintage production a quicks of occidental petroleum -- a division of occidental petroleum drilling and fracking one every several wells that tap into the monterey shale oilfield, the monterey shale holding more than 15 billion barrels or two-thirds of the nation's recoverable shale oil reserves. but it's what came out of the vintage well and was being
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dumped into an unlined hole in the ground that really caught tom frantz's attention. >> the guy comes over here that man and opens the valve with that wrench he has in his hand and this black liquid starts coming out. >> reporter: a smoking gun as far as the regional water quality board was concerned. >> without the video, i don't know that we would have ever have known that that activity took place. >> reporter: clay rodgers heads up the state's water quality control board in the central valley. the board found vintage had for 12 days illegally discharged unapproved fluids into the ground. on november 15, vintage production agreed to pay the maximum fine of $60,000. but all that gunk is still in the ground. this is what the property looks like today, carved out of this orchard, that open sludge pit that you saw part of it right underneath me. now, there are five working wells on the property today. and each one of them had one of those open pits. they have all been buried under about three feet of dirt. vintage production declined to be interviewed for the story but in a written statement to
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kpix 5, it said, it has voluntarily analyzed soil samples and the data indicates compounds have not impacted the soil beneath. but the water board says there will be more testing and if it's determined chemicals ra leaching into the soil vintage will have to remove them. >> we issued order to 78 oil companies because of this for information about their drilling activities for the past two years. >> this is the actual wellhead. >> reporter: tom frantz realizes the $60,000 fine is barely a slap on the wrist to occidental and vintage but it's not going to stop him from being outspoken and keeping his video camera with him. >> a big international oil come is breaking the law because nobody is looking. taking economic advantage of the law by cheating. >> reporter: now, on the same day that vintage production agreed to pay the $60,000 penalty for water quality
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violations, the state released its first regulations concerning the fracking process itself and the chemicals they use. but those rules won't go into effect until 2015. >> wow. i get the fact they want the oil. everybody wants cheaper gas prices, no question about that. but, you know, are we looking 20, 30, 40 years down the road and saying, oh, my gosh, we have completely ruined our ground water? >> reporter: that's why environmentalists and farmers are concerned. >> thank you. don't expect our prolonged dry spell to come to an end anytime soon. department of water resources released a winter forecast saying 2014 could be another dry year. forecasters say there's hope in early spring when el nino conditions could bring more rain. about half the state's precipitation happens from december to february. bay area headlines. people jumped from balconies to escape this alameda apartment building after it caught fire this morning. tonight, a man who lived in the
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apartment is under arrest suspected of arson. neighbors say 45-year-old david prado suffered from mental issues. dozens of truckers in the port of oakland staged a strike this morning pushing for more money and are upset about state air pollution regulations set to take effect on january 1st. they want help upgrading their trucks to meet those new requirement. the company that makes the popular sriracha chili sauce is feeling the heat. a judge ordered the southern california plant to stop any operations that emit strong odors after complaints from neighbors in irwindale. it's unclear whether the company plans to appeal, but it does say there's no reason to close now because it's done grinding peppers for the season. now it's just mixing and bottling. on this thanksgiving eve, our ryan takeo shows us how east bay volunteers are preparing meals for thousands of people in need. >> reporter: today, like most days, line cooks at a
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restaurant are preparing italian food but also prepping for a holiday feast. >> we are serving traditional thanksgiving dinner. >> reporter: and they are ready to feed an army. >> 1300 people. >> reporter: she says the homeless thanksgiving guests here will dine on white tablecloths. >> not a buffet. we serve them. >> reporter: for her, it's all about dining with dignity. >> well, i care about them because i was one of them. 1984 i was homeless. >> reporter: back then, she was homeless and pregnant. now she is able to help restore hope. >> i know the feeling. i know when somebody think about you, it feels good. >> reporter: salute is one of richmond's 8 options for free turkey dinners. the bay area rescue mission is another. >> every night in the bay area the counties that touch the bay area there's over 30,000 people that are homeless. >> reporter: perez has been here since september. >> one point in my life -- [ indiscernible ] >> out of control.
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>> reporter: today he was helping put together the meal he and others will enjoy tomorrow. >> i do feel emotional at this moment. it's kind of sad for me because i do miss my family. but at the same time, i'm finding the journey of mine i'm finding new people, new connections. >> reporter: it's good to be optimistic. it helps when your dinner is served with dignity. in richard, ryan takeo, kpix 5. >> and salute says the doctors will also be on hand to help give the homeless some flu shots. coming up, how the fight against aids has transformed over the last quarter century. >> amid the growing tech backlash we look at how bay area history is in a sense repeating itself. >> weather kind of repeated itself today. it was chilly outside and mainly cloudy outside but no rainfall. looked like it was going to but it didn't. time lapse from berkeley we'll take a live look outside. we'll talk about the potential for rain coming up in the seven- day forecast. your holiday forecast.
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and when snow levels are going to drop significantly. that's coming up. >> and a warning if you shop for holiday gift bargains online. why you might not get the deal you paid for.
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year. and it's going pretty good. airport officials say almost all flights are on ... with only a live look at sfo tonight on one of the busiest travel evenings of the year and, well, there's the airport. it's going pretty well. airport officials say almost all flights are on time with only a handful of minor delays. from the airport to the roadways, here's 880 in oakland. oops, yeah, traffic moving along but it is moving very slowly. you can see how many cars are on the road tonight. san jose, here's 101. it's moving okay. mark sayre is at the amtrak station in emeryville with a look at all the ways people are
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on the move this thanksgiving eve. mark. >> reporter: well, ken, let's bring you some developing news. there's been an accident involving a capitol corridor train number 542, according to alameda county fire dispatch that train apparently hit a vehicle on the tracks around 37th avenue and east 9th street, that in oakland. we don't have any word at this point on any injuries to the vehicle, occupants of the vehicle or possibly on the train. no word on any of that. the northbound train from san jose to oakland emeryville on to sacramento is now delayed here at least 20 minutes so far coming up on half hour. just the latest bit of information as people try to make the holiday getaway today. the thanksgiving getaway is under way but for many that trek begins with the need to first get out of downtown san francisco. the approach to the bay bridge at midafternoon looked more like a usual 5 p.m. rush hour as people left town early. but not everyone was opting for
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a car. at the downtown greyhound station, gregory barocio still had another bus ride to go on his way from reno to sonoma county. >> i want to go to see my family in petaluma to pass thanksgiving in the house of my family. >> reporter: marian kay jones had just arrived from pocatello, idaho, on a journey with started two days ago. >> from pocatello to salt lake to reno to winnemucca. >> reporter: at the airports, it was also another busy day, travelers at sfo keeping an eye on the weather for possible storm-related delays on the east coast. >> i was looking at the board to check to see if the flights were on time and so far, of course watching the doppler radar on tv and the newscasts. >> reporter: mineta san jose international airport is projecting a 5% increase in holiday travel over the same period last year. as usual, the advice is to arrive early. >> it's just so important. there are more passengers traveling this time of year.
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they are traveling with more bags, cold weather clothing, holiday packages and food. >> reporter: and some people are skipping cars an planes altogether and opting for the train. madeline is heading from emeryville to sacramento to visit her family. why take the train as opposed to drive? >> i don't have a car and it's easier and i know that, uhm, everyone driving is leaving later so i'm going to avoid all the traffic and it's cheaper and less carbon footprint. >> reporter: and as far as amtrak goes, they are trying to keep up with all this holiday demand. they are adding about 700 seats on the run between here and the bay area and sacramento on the capitol corridor train to keep up with all of the demand. reporting live from the emeryville amtrak station, i'm mark sayre, kpix 5. >> everybody heading home. an estimated 1.2 million travelers will pass through sfo throughout the entire week. everybody heading out for the holiday going to wake up tomorrow with some dry
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conditions at least. >> between going to be dry. not sunniest thanksgiving. no record of sunshine but it's going to be rain-free good for travelers tonight and for those of you who are going to be traveling tomorrow. a lot of folks hit the road on thanksgiving as well and the first full day of chanukah. coit tower closed still looks beautiful though. we have mostly cloudy skies over the city where you hit a high of 63 today. sonoma almost hit 70. san jose 65. redwood city 64. we had a lot of folks tied at 63 including half moon bay, san francisco, livermore. the kpix 5 mobile weather lab out earlier showing you some video of the menorah outside of union square. beautiful sight right there. of course the candle will be lit one for each day and there is some of the festivities going on not only thanksgiving folks we have tomorrow chanukah, as well. it won't happen again for 70,000 years so enjoy it now because we won't see it again in our lifetime. kpix 5 hi-def doppler there it is. dry for your driving and dry for your time with your family. hope you enjoy the day coming
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up tomorrow. there is a storm close by. it's just off to our west. if it was a normal pattern this thing would be sliding right through, we get some rain tonight and tomorrow. it's not a normal pattern because we have the jet stream dipping well to the south. it is los angeles, even portions of northern mexico and the gulf of california. they are going to see rainfall but we'll miss it. thanksgiving will be rain-free as that guy scoots down to the south and after that, here comes another ridge of high pressure meaning a dry northwest flow of air that's going to be a dry end to a dry month, another month below normal, november about half of our normal rainfall. we'll be sunny and dry for the next several days starting friday. tomorrow, pretty cloudy, but your thanksgiving highs will be close to normal if not a couple of degrees above. concord 64, oakland 66. 63 in san francisco. santa rosa 64. mostly cloudy skies in mountain view with a high of 65. sunshine back on friday, sunshine around all weekend long, put out those christmas lights this weekend because next week look what's coming. cooler cloudier wetter -- not a huge storm but it's going to be
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chilly. snow level dropping to 3500 feet by next tuesday. mid-50s for highs. coldest weather since last march. >> a lot of lights going up this weekend. >> big light hanging. >> thank you. 35 years ago today, a terrible day in san francisco's history. the assassinations of marriage george moscone and harvey milk. this day is being marred with the march for leaders. linda yee says this week also marks another dark time that captivated the attention of the gay community. linda. >> reporter: liz, 25 years ago, this week, there was a lawsuit filed in san francisco courts asking if doctors who care for specific patients can refuse to help aids patients. very different times then. there was a lot of hysteria and there was a lot of anxiety over the fatal disease that the doctors who cared for people some of them were afraid to help. they were scary times. a new infectious disease was
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attacking gay men. >> i was terrified. my wife and why were both doctors in the early epidemic and we had a lot of concerns about getting infected without knowing it. >> reporter: it was aids, a virus that shut down immune systems causing patients to suffer from a rare cancer or pneumonia with no known cures. >> people were downright scared and afraid of dying. >> reporter: the death rate was doubling every year. and the fear caused some doctors and dentists to refuse care to aids patients. >> i'm sympathetic to people who are afraid and would rather not take care of aids patients back then. but as healthcare professionals, that's what we do. >> reporter: that's what dr. paul volberding did. he cofounded the aids clinic at san francisco general in 1981. the clinic and hospital eventually became the model for aids care. the doctor remembers how even media at the time was scared.
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one time, he brought a patient to a local tv studio for an interview. >> and the sound person wouldn't put the microphone on. and it was a highly embarrassing thing. really instructive because it showed the fear that was so out there at the time. >> reporter: health officials and the san francisco aids foundation worked hard to educate the public that aids does not spread by casual contact. >> the fear really made sense. the more we understood it was true knowledge is power. >> reporter: the doctor still treats aids patients at the veterans hospital in san francisco. the battle against fear is over. treatments are better and there's hope. >> we're talking about a cure again. yeah. if we treat enough people like everyone infected in san franciscan we stop the epidemic by stopping transmission? that's a real possibility. >> reporter: well, today aids patients are protected under the americans with disabilities act and lately there have been
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no cases of doctors refusing to treat aids patients. live in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> tonight's march in memory of milk and moscone starts at 7 p.m. still ahead how a bay area transit system is suffering a setback because of the ruling over high-speed rail. >> instead of waiting in line, are you considering going online to try to score a black friday door buster? coming up on the consumerwatch, what you need to know the warning just because you purchase it doesn't mean you will get to keep it. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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get the deal you want. same goes for thos getting in line early for the door buster deals is no guarantee you will actually get the deal that you want. the same goes for those shopping online. on the consumerwatch, julie watts is live in san jose to
6:25 pm
explain why. julie. >> reporter: yeah, liz. you know, this year most stores are offering those door busters in store and online, which begs the question, why are people like this actually waiting in line? jackie has been here since 9:00 this morning. your brother was here since 9:00 yesterday morning. why not just shop online? >> for the pure adventure and the good deals. >> reporter: well for those of you who want to skip the adventure and want the door busters online, a warning tonight: just because you buy a door buster doesn't mean you get to keep it. every year about a week before christmas -- >> i was livid. >> reporter: -- we get flooded with complaints about online black friday deals. >> i went online thanksgiving night. it was there. i grabbed it. >> i put my credit card information. >> got an order confirmation and i thought, i'm good to go. i don't have to look for any other tvs. >> reporter: but then days later after all the other black friday deals expires -- >> they sent an email saying the item is no longer available. >> they supposedly had some type of technical error which
6:26 pm
allowed more tvs to be purchased than they had in inventory and they would not be honoring those orders. >> reporter: mark lo acastro from deal news says it's a common problem and pitfall of the black friday shopping frenzy. >> the action is happening so fast that sometimes the online resource cannot keep up the inventory. sometimes it could be technical glitches. >> reporter: that was a problem in 2010 when target, and frye's oversold limited online door buster deals meaning many a missing present under the christmas tree but eventually all three stores made good on the offers and honored the sales prices. but when the same thing happened to best buy customers in 2011, the retailer refused to honor any oversold deals citing the website's condition of use which says the company can cancel any order for any reason. >> by the time they alerted me i had missed all the black friday sales. >> reporter: words to live by
6:27 pm
this season. the only way to be sure you're going home with a door buster is to be the first in line when the doors open. now, under california law, you would have the right to sue if the store prevented you from seeking that same deal elsewhere. but you're looking at a long complicated small claims court process. good news is, each year the stores say they are getting better at this whole online black friday thing and they promise this year will be different. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. >> people want to know why? for the adventure. >> pure adventure. coming up in the next half hour, how the hurdle that puts high-speed rail in jeopardy also has consequences for our own bay area system. >> the techies facing backlash these days. see how the bay area's gripe of gentrification has been going on for decades. >> and why bay area drivers who rely on gps to get around often get the wrong information. ,,
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female announcer: sunday's your last chance sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts
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with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ spill over effects for travp and down the peninsula. we've l now at 6:30 bad news for caltrain a judge's rule on high- speed rail serious effects on travel on the peninsula. slamming the brakes on the
6:31 pm
bullet train could derail transit upgrades all over the bay area. phil matier is at the san francisco caltrain station to explain. >> reporter: domino effect that we could be seeing all across northern california including one of the main transit lines right here in the bay area. here's the story. for years, caltrain, the busy peninsula commuter line that carries some 50,000 people a day, has been banking on converting its aging diesel fleet into a more cost efficient sleek and speedy electric line to handle its growing ridership. >> it is absolutely critical. we simply can't accommodate any additional passengers with the current infrastructure. >> reporter: upgrading the old to the new, however, will cost about $600 million the system doesn't have money that caltrans was hoping to get by becoming part of the high-speed rail line being planned from
6:32 pm
san francisco to los angeles. >> for the peninsula and silicon valley this is our bart. we depend on it we need it. you couldn't drive in this area. we would have total congestion without it. >> reporter: but now a judge put the brakes on high-speed rail citing concerns that the current plan is it not the same package of promises sold to voters. and that in turn has put the brakes on much of the high- speed rail money and left caltrain's electrification in doubt. >> without identifying any other funding source, i don't know how electricification would go forward. >> reporter: it's not just caltrain. bart and san francisco's central subway project are also taking a big hit. >> the court determines it we have to go to plan b. >> reporter: what is plan b? >> plan b may be to go back to the voters. i don't know. certainly not very popular at this point. >> reporter: here's another twist. san francisco is already in the middle of building a $400 million underground train station for the new high-speed rail line but it's designed for
6:33 pm
electric trains. so without the electricity -- >> they would have to be redesigned in order to accommodate diesel. >> reporter: how much would that cost? >> i couldn't even begin to estimate. >> reporter: or can't begin to estimate how long it would take to make those adjustments. in the meantime, we are going to be staying right here in downtown san francisco or at least at 4th and townsend with the current station until they figure it out. live in san francisco, phil matier, kpix 5. >> since voters approved high- speed rail in 2008 the projected cost has more than doubled from $33 billion to $68 billion. so new york has-something to say about san francisco this week. well, the "new york times" anyways. a cover story on what they call a tech backlash describing the many ways san francisco's young tech crowd is angering some older city residents. chief among them, rising rents. as allen martin shows us, backlash and rent complaints
6:34 pm
are something of a san francisco tradition. >> the tech backlash isn't news especially here. i was a little surprised to see it on the front page. >> reporter: for this man, the so-called tech backlash has been making headlines for over a year now from rent rage to going the bus bark. >> it's been hitting the radar for a while. it came close to the center a few months ago probably in the spring of this year with all the ipos and the rental crisis. >> reporter: but the times story with the photo heralding the gentrification of the mission isn't just a few months old. let's take you back to a story we filed in the 1990s. >> gentstryification in the mission is driving lots of working class people out of what used to be a vibrant community and is increasingly a sterile playground for yuppies. >> reporter: yes, it was a dot- com invasion which was said to be whitewashing the mission. then like now there was backlash. but this story isn't specific
6:35 pm
to the mission. or even the 90s 90s. next stop cal hollow the land known of julie store, yoga clothes, even a sotheby's. but union street wasn't always a long procession of high-end boutiques. just ask the man who has been cutting hair here since the '60s. >> my first shop was across the street in 1969. i was paying $135 a month. >> the area is filled with generations like three or four generations of the people who live here all families. >> reporter: then '80s happened. >> the '80s changed and that's when the yuppies came in and so that was -- i'm not trying to say that in a derogatory sense but they were the yuppies back then. >> reporter: spiraling housing costs, clogged traffic and exodus of middle class and poor families, that's not from this ek wes a"new york times" article. that was a quote from the "l.a. times" in 1985. >> it's a generational thing that happens every 10 years. >> reporter: step inside this restaurant and find an older union street preserved on the wall.
6:36 pm
the photo shows a gathering of shop owners and the article talks about the challenge of soaring rents. the year, 1970. over it's similar to what happened in the castro in the 70s. an irish community was kicked out. >> reporter: but now there are members of the straight community who are challenging that progress. wondering if the gays haven't gone too far. if their behavior is outrageous if they aren't taking over san francisco. >> reporter: and before there was angst over homosexuals, it was the hippies who famously took over the city in the '60s. so while the technology may be cutting edge the notion that san francisco is under siege is not. >> very small apartment for $750. >> reporter: what's new is old, what's old is gone. stick around long enough, you'll see it happen again. >> there will be another young group of people coming in making more money that this group coming in and hopefully we'll all still be here.
6:37 pm
hopefully. we'll see. >> reporter: in san francisco, allen martin, kpix 5. >> well, if you rely on gps maps to get around, there's a good chance you're getting the wrong information. how bay area drivers are relying on a broken system. >> how a bay area student learned a key life lesson in a horse arena. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6:38 pm
6:39 pm
but cbs reporter bobby kaple found out: the arrival times they give aren't always accurate. you ever wonde bobby kapel found out the arrival times they give aren't always accurate. >> reporter: you ever wonder why the drive times on your gps and the time it takes to get somewhere don't always match? >> it's wrong. it took me double the amount of time. >> reporter: the reason has to do with these, loop sensors. the freeway sensors send data back to caltrans and then forwards that information to apps and won't like google
6:40 pm
maps. >> the detection loops are important. >> reporter: lauren wonders of the 27,000 freeway loop sensors in the state, 9,000 of them don't work. there are multiple reasons. also, unfortunately, have theft of copper. it commands a lot of money. people are stealing it. >> reporter: the problem is best illustrated here at the transportation management center. the green means traffic is moving smooth and yellow slowed down and red means it's all but stopped. then look at this. all these gray spots that's where the sensors don't work. the cost to fix them is high. officials estimate it would set the state back $50 million. the irony is that california was the first state in the country to set up the loop sensor system and now more than a third of them are offline. >> it's important to get good data.
6:41 pm
>> reporter: bobby kapel, kpix 5. >> and in the bay area area and fresno alone caltrans plans to spend $35 million to fix the sensors. a bay area high school student learned a key life lesson in, of all places, a horse arena. >> what i'm hoping other people -- helping other people, it makes my life so much richer. >> the many things this jefferson award winner now does for young riders with special needs. >> sfo as well as oakland and san jose airports pretty busy tonight. we are rain-free and problem- free right now. mostly cloudy skies over sfo. beale talk about when our next rain chance is and get you through your holiday season that's coming up in 6 minutes. and i'm dennis o'donnell. a raider running back has plenty to be thankful for. >> he deserves the right. >> why drew brees won't be coming to a 49ers house for dinner. >> can't take a hit. >> if you don't like turkey, how about this? >> gobble gobble turkey. >> that's just an appetizer. the entree is coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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6:44 pm
peninsula teenager made a discovery that would change life white taking some afternoon school horse -- while taking some afternoon horse riding
6:45 pm
lessons a peninsula teenager made a discovery that would change her life forever. sharon chin has been profiling the jefferson award winners since 2008 and has this week's story. >> reporter: rachel bisaillon knew she had a passion for horses. then she discovered a special place in her heart for their young riders. riding lessons first drew 17- year-old rachel bisaillon to the square peg foundation a horse rescue center in half moon bay. >> if there was no school i would be here all the time. >> reporter: then the burlingame high school senior fell in love with square peg's adaptive riding program. it serves dozens of kids with autism and other developmental challenges. >> the kids here are just so special that i wouldn't want to not be here. >> that is much better, don't you think? >> reporter: throughout high school, rachel has volunteered as a teacher every weekend. in the summer, she is helps lead camp six days a week.
6:46 pm
she gets emotional talking about its impact. >> autism kids and kids with special needs are judged so hard in the outside world that when they come here, it is an hour and a half that they can do whatever they want. >> reporter: to students like 17-year-old carolyn, rachael is a compassionate friend. >> she makes me happy. >> reporter: carolyn's mother calls rachel a role model. >> carolyn has said to me in the past, maybe when i groupie can help other children learn how to ride horses. >> reporter: trainer sigourney jellins says rachael is invaluable in all areas. >> as she has progressed through high school, i really have seen her leadership skills -- it just blows me out of the water. >> reporter: she is also the cochair of the american cancer society's rely for life event at her school. >> when i'm helping other people, it just makes my life
6:47 pm
so much richer. >> reporter: with rachel's help, more than 450 participants at burlingame high school raised $45,000 at this year's relay event for the energetic teenager volunteering is simply a way of life. >> i go home at the end of the day and i'm really happy. >> reporter: so for her leadership as teacher and fundraiser, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to rachel bisaillon. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> rachel says volunteering keeps her grounded and thankful for her life and it's helped her decide that she definitely wants a career that allows her to work with horses and children with autism. >> you know, you look at these stories and we feature a lot of adults. she is 17 years old and accomplished this already. >> hard to believe. she actually started volunteering in grade school serving the humane society and the homeless, foster children and food banks, even assisting the coach of a girls softball team so she is no stranger to
6:48 pm
giving. >> fantastic young woman. sharon, thank you. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at paul, a lot of folks still on the road trying to get to grandma's house for thanksgiving or just trying to get home. but it's going tore worth it. sounds like it's going to be a nice day tomorrow. a lot of folks like to go for a walk. >> playing tackle, touch football. getting outdoors after the holiday meal will be fine, no rain in the area, it will be south and west. not many folks trying to get into the city. it's a mass exodus out of it as is often the case for the holidays. right now the oakland touchdown of the bay bridge, we had clouds, it looked like it was going to rain but it won't. mainly cloudy at sfo, as well. current temperatures outside maybe now you're leaving, mid- 50s in santa rosa, livermore and concord, 61 the warm spot oakland. san francisco 59 and san jose
6:49 pm
58. we can look out 300 miles in all directions. no rainfall. the drive will be rain-free throughout northern california. here's a look at the holiday forecast for tomorrow. actually the more sunshine you will receive the farther north you go eureka 61 with sunshine, redding partly sunny 67. sacramento, el dorado hills, 66 degrees. fresno 67 with clouds. the only chance of a slight chance of a shower it's a minimal one at that will be monterey at a high of 56 with a chance of shower because that's the farthest west or closest to the storm which will skirt by to our south. a lot of cloud cover on the eastern side of the low. if it was a normal pattern west to east we would get some rainfall but it's not. we are going to get another miss because the storm will dive south and move inland over southern california not over us. your thursday through sunday rain-free. rain will not be an impediment to outdoor activities because high pressure builds in. starting friday sunshine is back and a northwest flow of
6:50 pm
air this time of year is a mild one for us. some of you may be pushing 70 degrees coming up for the holiday weekend. next week a different story a taste of winter. from up near 70 to barely above 50 and highs in the mid-50s. snow level will drop and we finally bring in a chance of rain next week. we'll be dry through the weekend. these are your thanksgiving and chanukah highs. san francisco 63 tomorrow. san jose 66. south bay los gatos 67. mountain view 65. hayward 63. pittsburg high of 65. danville 65. vallejo 64. mill valley, san rafael, san anselmo mid-60s with sunshine and ukiah one of the few spots which may hit 70 tomorrow. extended forecast sunshine is back on friday. should be a beautiful weekend to get outside maybe hang up the christmas lights because next week you might not want to be outside. we have rain moving in on tuesday just some showers but much cooler with that snow level perhaps down to below mount diablo level may see some snow in the hills coming up next week.
6:51 pm
that's your forecast. sports is next. >> sports! ,,
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
the right deicison when she ignored her father's advice years ago i'm going to go out on a limb and say tara vandaveer made the right decision when
6:54 pm
she ignored her father's advice years ago. >> he would be amazed by this evening because he once told me tara, come in and do your homework. do your algebra. basketball will never take you anywhere. i knew algebra would never take me anywhere. [ laughter ] >> she added up all her wins. stanford beat florida gulf coast 83-59 today in mexico for her 900th win. she is the first to reach the 900 club. congratulations. big man richard solomon out for the second day in a row with n aeye injury. the bears missed him inside. dayton robinson spins around david and finishes the flyers led by 10 at the half. kyle davis takes it right down the middle of the lane. dayton wins 82-64. too many mai tais for the bears in hawaii. they come back to the mainland with two straight losses. nfl the raiders have activated left tackle jared
6:55 pm
veldheer who missed the season after suffering a triceps injury during training camp and mcfadden is also expected to return after missing the last three weeks with a hamstring injury. but he won't be the starting runningback any longer. jennings has taken the job and run with it averaging 103 yards per game in mcfadden's absence. >> you can't deny the fact that, you know, rashad jennings over the last month of seasons led the entire nfl in yards from scrimmage so, you know, i think he has earned the right and deserves the right to continue to get list carries, continue to get his -- his carries and touches and we'll still do that. >> mcfad zen a free agent after the year. you can see the raiders and cowboys tomorrow at 1:30 here on kpix 5. stay tuned for the special holiday edition of the fifth quarter at 5:00. 49ers had a dominating performance monday night at d.c. but they are still not over the one that got away the
6:56 pm
week before in new orleans. saying that the nfl needs to put an instant replay for unnecessary roughness on calls like this one on ahmad brooks. >> can't take a hit. ahmad is what, 260 pounds? he is what, 6 feet, 190? just because it looks bad because this guy is in the weight room and does his job drew brees and those guys are celebrating but we have a formula against those guys and hopefully we'll see them again in the play-offs. we look at him as being one of the greats but come and beat us. come and win a football game. don't take that one. they didn't earn that football game. >> oh, oh, oh. >> let it go! >> here's the problem. >> let it go. >> the saints were off. so no response from drew brees. but i'm guessing that's not the kind of material that jim harbaugh wants hanging on the saints locker room wall especially if they meet again. few people know that patriots coach bill belichick actually moonlights as a comedian. he was using some of his new
6:57 pm
material on the media today, have a look. >> whatever is on the plate. i have turned down a lot of food, thanksgiving, lifetime. [ laughter ] >> obviously. >> whatever is on there, make sure you leave room for pumpkin pie. we don't want to fill up on everything and not be able to eat that pie. [ laughter ] [ canned laughter ] >> stop it. >> i'm sorry. we put in the laughter. [ laughter ] >> oh. >> wow. >> i mean, bill belichick -- >> there's a lot of media back here looking for special attention. >> how many media guys laugh at coach's jokes sometimes? >> i know. >> all right. coming up tonight at 11:00, we look at the purple people. a commune that exists in the hills east of the caldecott tunnel. that's for the pleasure of women. tonight at 11. ,,,,,,,, female announcer:
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