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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 28, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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>> and he scores! captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >> good morning, it's thursday, november 28. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm frank mallicoat. happy thanksgiving. good to have you here on this holiday. let's get you out the door with a holiday forecast. >> looks like a very nice holiday, no rain expected in the forecast today. a lot of clouds streaming across our skies right now. you can see that area of low pressure spinning off the coastline. we thought it might bring us showers a couple of days ago. doesn't look like that's going to happen. chilly in spots in the valleys. temperatures dropping down into the 30s into santa rosa now. 47 though in san jose. and 51 degrees in san francisco. this afternoon we'll see a mix of sun and clouds and some clouds and some mild temperatures. slightly above the average of about 66 in san jose. about 66 degrees in livermore. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> still no big accidents out there. traffic light for the entire bay area. and if you plan on catching a
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bart train anytime today just keep in mind that they are operating on a sunday schedule bart trains will only be running every 30 minutes. amended schedules also for golden gate ferries, caltrain, no service today from the altamont commuter express, no service thursday and friday. 880 commute everything is light leaving oakland bound for the hayward area no delays heading into fremont. and also silicon valley freeways are also moving at the speed limit. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." now to frank. 5:01. shopping on thanksgiving it's the new way apparently to spend the holiday and it's starting in just an hour from now. right now kpix 5's mark kelly at redwood city store that's getting ready to open its doors. i bet you have company. >> reporter: it's quiet. doors open in an hour at the kmart in redwood city at 6 a.m. still no one out here. the manager and some of the
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employees are starting to go inside. now, kmart isn't the only store opening on thanksgiving day. here's a full list. kmart at 6 a.m. best buy at 6 p.m. walmart at 6 p.m. macy's at 8 p.m. target at 8 p.m. so a good amount of stores trying to beat black friday. now, here's video from the best buy in pleasant hill last night. many there eager to be the first ones to snatch up an ipad before the shopping season gets going. last night shoppers were setting up tents there and those best buy doors won't even open until this evening. >> then they turn and go, hey, can you buy me something? so they all want a piece of the action even though they are laughing at you. it's funny. >> just hang out, reading and eating snacks. >> reporter: so it's kind of like thanksgiving. >> pretty much, yeah, without the turk. -- without the turkey.
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>> reporter: the best buy manager there says he is not worried about christmas interfering with thanksgiving but he does say the more and more of these stores that start opening on thanksgiving, he says black friday could be a thing of the past. live in redwood city, at kmart, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thank you. i'm shocked there is nobody there. that's a good thing. kmart will stay through friday and close at 11 p.m., 41 straight hours. sounds like they need some customers. in some new england states the shopping craziness will just have to wait until tomorrow. in new hampshire, massachusetts, in maine, they have what's called blue laws which ban large supermarkets big box stores and department stores from opening on thanksgiving day. some retailers have been trying to get those laws changed but a lot of retail workers and traditionalists up in the northeast are pleased. happening today glide memorial in san francisco is getting ready to serve thousands a full thanksgiving dinner. our ryan takeo is there as the
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final preps are happening this morning. >> reporter: good morning. happy thanksgiving. they plan to feed 5,000 people at glide memorial today. several hundred hands will be used to prep for today. this will be a carving station. we are in th prep kitchen. you see the vegetables on the table over there. volunteers will be here in an hour. i'm going to show you some video from last night. we were here last night. there were about 50 volunteers that were prepping for today's meal. later on 500 volunteers are going to be here today. glide leaders say there is always a waiting list of volunteers on thanksgiving day. here's the thing. if you have not signed up to volunteer, they would rather have you when they really need help. that's the other days of the
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year. >> we would like for you to come any other day of the year. so please, think about that. and come when we really need you which would not be on thanksgiving day. >> reporter: that's cecil williams the founder of the glide foundation right there. he started this organization 50 years ago. he really is a very impactful insightful person. he has seen a lot. they have been doing this thanksgiving dinner 32 years but the organization has been around for 50. it starts at 9:00. >> they are talking with volunteers the rest of the year. what kind of programs are they running? >> reporter: anne, there are more than 100 programs that are run throughout the year and they definitely need volunteers the other days of the year. but mr. williams said this is one of the more important ones.
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it also gets glide's name out there. they do great work throughout the day. >> you'll have a fun day. it's an experience on thanksgiving. check in with you later. how much exercise does it take to burn off the average thanksgiving dinner? these are things i don't like to think about. [ laughter ] >> before you have eaten it? here's some estimate from a coach up a service that matches athletes with private coaches. 20.6 hours of bowling. >> not happening. >> 7.7 hours of running. oh, talk about not happening. or playing basketball or football. 15 hours of cycling, 10.3 hours of rowing or 10.6 hours of swimming. how much are you eating for that? quite a meal. take it slow. 5:06. the bay area teenager who was severely burned on a bus is home from the hospital on this holiday just in time for his thanksgiving dinner. 18-year-old sasha fleischman arrived at his oakland home yesterday afternoon spending
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three weeks at saint francis burn center. earlier this month 13-year-old richard thomas set the teen's skirt on fire on a bus. sasha's father took this photo of him in his bedroom, both his legs in bandages. >> sasha is really excited to be at home. he just walked you up the stairs. sasha is tired in general just physically and emotionally. >> family says the attack won't stop sasha from wearing skirts again. sasha hopes to be back at school in berkeley on monday. new this morning in the north bay two people have major injuries after a high-speed crash in santa rosa. police tried to stop a car from a traffic violation last night but the driver sped away on steele lane. police say he was doing about 100 miles an hour. he lost patrol trying to turn on to marlowe road and slammed into a pole, fence and then part of a house. also new this morning a car goes over the side of the road on 92 in san mateo. four people had been to be
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rescued one with a broken leg. the vehicle fell 200 feet. rescuers pulled one of the passengers up the cliff safely. hoyt 92 at 35 closed in both directions for a couple of hours but highway 92 is back open now. yet another setback for the troubled affordable care act website. as cbs news' tara mergener reports, small businesses will not be able to sign up for insurance plans online this year. >> reporter: small businesses will have to wait a year before they can use the federal website to purchase health insurance plans for their employees. they were supposed to start signing up through this monday. the obama administration says the delay will allow its tech "timesaver traffic" to make fixes so individuals can successfully navigate the site. >> it was important for us to prioritize the functionality that would enable consumers individually to shop and enroll online. >> reporter: in a statement, republican speaker of the house
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john boehner said the president bit off more than he can chew with this new healthcare law and small businesses are now forced to bear the consequences. the announcement comes as the administration rushes to meet its own deadline to build capacity on by sunday. white house officials want the site to handle 50,000 users at once. but there is still a question about what happens if more people log on. the white house has been pushing consumers to use the thanksgiving weekend to get signed up for health insurance. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> even though small businesses can't use the website, they can buy plans through agents, brokers or directly with insurance companies. president obama's approval ratings have been down. but he is still able to raise money for democrats like he proved in the bay area this week. he appeared at 13 events in eight cities over the past month raising up to $21.6 million for democratic campaign
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groups. during this week's west coast swing alone, he raised up to $12.8 million. those callations are based on estimated guest counts and ticket price franks various democratic officials. time now 5:10. a pizza hut manager refusing to open on thanksgiving is forced to resign. but now the company is eating its words. >> will they or won't they float? the fate of the balloons in the macy's thanksgiving day parade is up in the air. >> plus, why is it so much fun? >> because they help you. >> yeah? and you're learning? >> yes. >> this isn't your average p.e. class. inside the gym they are tackling real life problems and it's what makes this pleasanton elementary school cool, coming up next. >> and cool in spots around the bay area this morning a lot of clouds moving in overhead. we'll have your holiday forecast coming up. >> and traffic "holiday light" in both directions of 880 if
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you plan to catch a flight today for thanksgiving, traffic very light just outside of the oakland airport. i'll have more "kcbs traffic" for you in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,
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due to windy conditions, t's been concern about whether e
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ually in less than an hour the macy's thanksgiving day parade will kick offer on the streets of new york city. it's been windy there so that's been some concern about whether the iconic balloons will actually fly. they can't fly in winds of 24 miles per hour or a gust at 34 miles per hour. for now it looks like the wind should be under that threshold. so it looks like they are going to be flying. >> they have to be up to make that fun. macy's parade is trending now. so is "thanksgivukkah." it will be 80,000 years before thanksgiving and chanukah are on the same day again. comet ison is headed toward the sun. if it survives it will create a light show. beastie boys and an oakland- based business backed down from using the group's song in an ad and, of course, black friday coming up tomorrow. follow us at twitter at #cbssf. and check it out. the owner of a sears outlet in new england could lose a lot of money for her decision to stay closed on thanksgiving
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day. she says family is more important but her corporate bosses are now threatening to take away her bonus for the year. the manager of an indiana pizza hut has his job back after he was fired for refusing to open the restaurant on thanksgiving day. tony was told opening on thanksgiving this year was mandatory. so at a meeting with his supervisors, he decided to take a stand. >> i said, why can't be the company that stands up because we care about our employees and you can have the day off? >> pizza hut later backed off and offered him back his job. >> that's good. okay. are we thankful for traffic today? i would imagine. >> because it is really light out there. that is the good news. we do have a couple of hot spots, though. let's check in with liza battalones. >> good morning. earlier hotspot would be highway 92 which was shut down overnight in both directions. this is in san mateo county. there was a major injury accident involving a car going over an embankment. that's been cleared so highway 92 is now open in both
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directions and with that gone, traffic looking good for the entire bay area. westbound traffic moving well approaching the bay bridge toll plaza and remember, on this thanksgiving day, parking meters will not be enforced in san francisco. so you can park along the city streets and not have to worry about bringing quarters with you. the 580/680 commute leaving the altamont pass bound for the dublin interchange, still looking good. no ace train service today and tomorrow. bart service they will be operating on a sunday schedule. and if you plan to catch a flight at any of our local airports today, just know that traffic looking good for 101 outside of sfo. 880 right here moving well just outside of the oakland airport. san mateo bridge has been trouble-free all morning and still very light traffic for the drive leaving the hayward area bound for foster city. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's lawrence. >> all right. liza, we have a lot of clouds streaming across our skies this morning. looks like it's going to stay dry though out the door. very quiet start to the day
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winds fairly calm this morning. couple of clouds moving overhead. the temperatures chilly in some of the valleys down into the 30s in santa rosa right now. 47 in san jose. 42 in concord. and 50 degrees in oakland. i think throughout the day today we'll see a mix of sun and clouds. otherwise, some mild temperatures maybe slightly above the average for this time of year. and then more sunshine and dry weather. in fact, some of these temperatures may be near 70 over the weekend. look at all the clouds working their way across our skies now and you can see the direction they are coming from up from the south because that low is anchored off the coastline. so that's going to bring with it more clouds today, then the system drags south and it's gone and we'll see sunshine over the weekend. 60s and 70s in the central valley. clouds in the skies across the area today but staying dry so nice weather on this thanksgiving. temperatures should be mainly in the 60s in the south bay, 67 in morgan hill. 63 in half moon bay. about 66 in livermore.
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and 64 in vallejo. inside the bay hazy sunshine and high clouds, about 65 degrees in oakland. next couple of days, we are going to see more sun as high pressure builds in. those temperatures soaring over the weekend but look what happens toward tuesday and wednesdays of next week, the bottom drops out of those temperatures. i think we struggle to get near 60. >> wow. >> and there's a slight chance of showers. haven't been able to say that very often. >> and you're loving it. >> i am, every bit of it. >> we'll be thankful for it because we need it thanks, lawrence. if i told you some young students in pleasanton were learning more in p.e. than in many of their other classes, would you believe me? it's true. but it's not all about pushups and situps. these kids are learning real- life lessons. it's a very special program that caught our eyes and that's why the elementary school is this week's "cool school"." >> reporter: special education students in pleasanton are mainstreaming twice a week at
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p.e. and the results are incredible. why is it so much fun? >> because they help you. >> and you're learning? >> yes. >> reporter: and are you having fun? >> yes. >> a lot of fun? >> yes. >> how much fun? >> i'm having this much fun. >> reporter: that's good. it's been working now for over 15 years. first through fifth grade special needs kids are paired up with fifth grade mentors and in between all the running and the building they begin to blossom gaining confidence and self-esteem and more importantly, they love it. and they are not alone. >> that's one of the great things about this program. something i didn't really realize was going to happen when we started was that it was going to be such a great lesson for fifth graders. the older kids are benefitting and you don't find these lessons in most classrooms. >> compassion, how to lead, how to teach, how to work with others. >> i'm thankful i can be helping these kids and then
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just having a fun time. >> reporter: so you get both. >> yes. >> i like building the spaceships. >> and meet new friends? >> yes. >> everybody who is excited to be out of school for 10 days. >> go. >> reporter: what's even more amazing lydiksen is nearly 99% bully free and their special day classes are a big reason why. it's no wonder that lydiksen is this week's "cool school." >> that's really cool. >> they were happy. the special needs and fifth graders are all the better for it. they all learn so much. >> that should be expanded. >> what's cool about your school? email your nomination to us at and we may feature your school on the show. i'm dennis o'donnell coming up, the warriors take on monta ellis and the san jose sharks go eight rounds of a shootout against the hated l.a. kings. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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good morning. i'm liza battalones. very light traffic on bay area roads. and do keep in mind for the thanksgiving day holiday no ace
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train service today and tomorrow. all other local transits running on limited schedules. i'll have details on your thanksgiving day drive in a few minutes. good morning, everybody. bay area has a lot to be thankful for. namely, the stanford women's basketball coach. tara vandaveer the stanford women beat gold coast last night 83-59 in mexico. her 900th career win. vandaveer is only theth division one coach 8th division one coach both women and men basketball to reach that 900 club. monta ellis hosting the warriors down by as many as 17 but steph curry's bucket cut the lead to 4 but ellis comes through at the other end. had only four points but had 10 assists. the warriors lose 103-99. richard solomon out for the second day in a row. cal could have used him, too. kyle davis dayton takes one right down the middle. dayton wins 82-64, cal's second loss in as many days in hawaii.
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too many mai tais. there's darrell sutter the kings taking on the san jose sharks. the 8th round of the shootout and san jose wins in a shootout against the kings. and don't forget this is a big day of football. right here on kpix 5, 1:30 kickoff, the raiders at the dallas cowboys. we'll see you after the game for the fifth quarter. enjoy the turkey! don't overindulge. stick around for football. have a great one, everybody. >> thank you, dennis. play of the day. we go to the nba. brooklyn nets coach jason kidd the bay area native dropped a cup of ice on the court while the lakers jody meeks was attempting a free throw. the clean-up disrupted the game. you see kids there. the lakers and the officials steamed about it. the kid insists, hey, it was just an accident. lakers did end up winning the game. but we are going to give jason kidd the play of the day out of alameda. there you go. it is 5:25. a driver hits a man and just keeps going. a surveillance camera picks up everything. you're going to hear the victim describe the few seconds before impact. >> and struggling bay area
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families have something to be thankful for this morning. a hot meal with all the fixings. we're live with the team making it all possible this morning. i'm mark kelly live at kmart in redwood city. we are waiting for the doors to open and the christmas shopping season to begin. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald they are getting ready to serve thousands of people today. the thanksgiving dinner preparations today happening at glide memorial. [ gunshots ] >> and a hostage situation turns into a wild shootout in l.a. then things got really out of
5:30 am
hand. coming up. >> low pressure off the coast, could is send showers in our direction? we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we have the turkey 5k scheduled for this morning in san francisco. i'll tell you what streets will be closed in just a few minutes. >> good morning. it's thursday, thanksgiving day, november 28. i'm anne makovec. michelle has the morning off. >> happy thanksgiving, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:30 is your time. and right now, kpix 5's mark kelly outside a redwood city kmart. >> it looks like things are a little underwhelming there, mark. in about 30 minutes those doors will open for black thursday deals. but no real lines? >> reporter: happy thanksgiving, guys. you're right. no lines just yet. we had one shopper literally just show up in the last few minutes. but honestly, it's quiet here right now in redwood city. but still, it's hard to believe thanksgiving morning and we're getting ready to open that door. it's hard to believe. but kmart not the only store doing this today. we are still hours away from
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black friday but this is best buy in pleasant hill people pitching tents to be the first in the store when doors open thanksgiving night. >> all these rubber band things and these dvds. >> probably an i fad. >> an ipod. >> reporter: with a shortened shopping season and down economy, many stores are squeezing out every shopping hour they can get. some are crying "fowl," saying consumerism is taking over time at the family table while others are jumping in no shame. >> been here since last night. >> reporter: the worry is with the christmas shopping season getting longer and longer, thanksgiving could soon be no more. >> just hang out here, read and eating snacks, kind of like thanksgiving without the turkey. >> reporter: so that best buy manager, he says he is not
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worried about christmas taking over the thanksgiving holiday. but he does say with more and more stores opening on thanksgiving day, like kmart here, black friday that could become a thing of the past. live in redwood city, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> thanks, mark. kmart's store one of the earliest opening at 6 a.m. stores ope o'clock tonight. happening today -- hu will serve dinner to those who need a tha meal. salu h-loo- tay) ristorante in richmond will be serving traditional dinn also happening today hundreds will serve dinner to those who need a thanksgiving meal. salute restaurante dinner in richmond will serving dinner to 1300. the eatery's owner says she feels a special connection with her homeless guests. >> well, i care about them because i was one of them. 1984, i was homeless. >> salute is one of eight places in richmond offering free turkey dinners today. an estimated 28,000 people will jam downtown san jose
5:33 am
later this morning to see annual silicon valley turkey trot. it's only the ninth time around for the road race but it's already a thanksgiving day tradition in the valley. the event benefits several local charities there. it all begins at 7 a.m. nice and early at market and santa clara streets. well, charities all across the bay area are making sure the less fortunate get thanksgiving meals today. ryan takeo joins us now live from san francisco where thousands will be served at glide. ryan, good morning. >> reporter: hi, frank. good morning. happy thanksgiving. this is glide's 50th anniversary and they are getting ready to feed 5,000 people throughout the day. you see the carving station right here. the hands are all ready for volunteers to cut up. soon this prep room will be full of volunteers. 50 years ago, cecil williams founded glide. today the organization offers san francisco's homeless more than 100 programs. ham, turkey and plenty of fixings are on today's menu.
5:34 am
last night, we were here as about 50 volunteers prepped for today's meal. later today, 500 volunteers will be here. >> they come, they gather, they work, they sweat, and they feel like they have done something that matters. >> reporter: glide leaders say there's a waiting list to volunteer on thanksgiving day. if you have not signed up so far, they would rather have you volunteer when they really need the help. >> we would like for you to come any other day of the year. so please think about that. and come when we really need you, which would not be on thanksgiving. >> reporter: here's some numbers for you. besides the several hundred happens and turkeys that are going to be here today, 1500 pounds of potatoes, 950 pounds of fresh vegetables, and 312 gallons of stuffing. frank, when have you ever seen anyone measure stuffing by the gallon? >> not very often. when do they start serving? >> reporter: 9:00 a.m.
5:35 am
until 2 p.m. >> very good. ryan takeo live for us at glide, thank you. throughout the year glide memorial offers more than 100 programs for san francisco's homeless population. unless of people are lining the streets in new york city getting ready for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. here's a live look at preparations for one of the nation's favorite traditions. ko im reports that wind may keep the balloons grounded. >> reporter: before dawn, people were making last-minute touches to floats for the 87th annual thanksgiving day parade in new york. >> this is my 25th year. so i'm always excited every year. >> reporter: wednesday crews filled the famous balloons with helium. crowds gathered to watch ash snoopy, spongebob and other characters became larger than life. >> the balloons are cool where's but the weather could -- >> reporter: but the weather could ground the famed attractions. they can't fly in winds of 23 miles per hour or if gusts top 34 miles per hour.
5:36 am
it will be a last-minute decision. >> we have our own wind reporting along the parade route. we are collecting data and will be able to get the full picture. >> reporter: organizers expect about 3.5 million people will line the city streets to watch the parade in person. another 50 million will catch the show on tv. >> the parade is traditional. everybody looks forward to it. across the country, around the world, people come here to it. >> reporter: arriving to see their favorite characters fly by city skyscrapers. ko im for cbs news, new york. >> the parade route is 2.5 miles long. balloons have only been grounded once in that 87-year history. there is one sergeant and about 100 handlers assigned to each balloon. maybe the "great karnow" can do something about that. >> the winds are well within
5:37 am
the limits but gusts may pick up throughout the morning. we hope they fly. around the bay area today, we have some clouds floating through. clouds in our direction but otherwise passing clouds and fair weather. 30s in the interior valleys. santa rosa mid-30s. 40s and 50s elsewhere. as we head throughout the day, though, here comes the sunshine. about 67 degrees and partly cloudy skies into morgan hill. 66 in san jose. east bay temperatures running up into the mid-60s, as well. then inside the bay you will find some hazy sunshine and a few clouds. and the temperatures in the 60s. all right. let's check on your "kcbs traffic" with liza battalones. >> good morning, everyone. if you are looking for some guilt-free eating today you may want to think about doing the turkey day 5k in san francisco. streets will be closed, the
5:38 am
race starts at 8:00 this morning. they will begin shutting down streets around 7:45 and those streets will be closed until 9:00. start at at&t park, by the waterfront ending up at city hall streets closed until 9 a.m. parking meters will not be enforce today in san francisco. getting into the city is not a problem at the bay bridge toll plaza still wide open at the bay gates. the metering lights are still off. bart is operating on a sunday schedule today. no service on the ace train. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. developing news from southern california, where a nine-hour hostage standoff is finally over. [ gunshots and sirens ] >> we hear the pow, pow, automatic fire shots. >> those shot came as police in inglewood went in to check a domestic disturbance call. one shot hit an officer's bulletproof vest. he is expected to survive.
5:39 am
the 45-year-old suspect surrendered last night. his girlfriend and her 14-year- old daughter were freed unharmed. surveillance video captured a hit-and-run in oakland. a dark porsche cayenne making a turn here on the 13th street early sunday morning when it hit bryant mendoza who was leaving his job at the shadow lounge. the crash left bryant with a fractured pelvis, broken femur and a lot of pain. police are still looking for the driver. >> i just can't believe they don't have enough, you know, love for their human brother to go out and see if they're okay if he's even alive. >> mendoza will be off the job for months. as a bartender, he doesn't have medical insurance and he hopes the person behind the wheel will step forward. a veteran san jose police officer is facing felony charges after prosecutors say he wrote bogus tickets. 51-year-old george chavez allegedly used his police computer to find information about his two victims. authorities say he then wrote
5:40 am
several fake tickets targeting a man he sued five years ago and chavez's own attorney in the case. if convicted, he could spend more than 6 years in prison. 5:40 on this thanksgiving day morning. millions don't have a choice. they have to work today. but we found a way around it. how workers can make sure they get the holiday and a little quality time with the family. >> and it is said women worry too much about how we look. research finally proves it. and you won't believe what attribute drives women crazy the most. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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shoppers this holiday weeke. that's the situation across the country today. gas prices are down. the "national retail federation" says the average shopper is expected to spend 47 dollars lower gas prices across the country this holiday weekend. gas prices are down. the average shopper is expected to spend $47 more over the holidays because of those lower gas prices. so when we figure all the shoppers, that's $15 billion more for the malls. i don't know how they figure that out. despite the holiday, people will be working. kiet do explains what people can legally do when they have to work on the holiday. >> reporter: a million retail workers will go to work and they don't have a choice. >> any employee says i can refuse to work on a holiday
5:44 am
that's been designated for them. but the consequences are that the employer is allowed to terminate the employee for refusing to work. >> reporter: richard is one of the top employment lawyers in the state. he says it would count as a missed day. too many of those and you can get fired. the only thing workers can do now to get try to get holidays off is organize into a labor union and start collective bargaining. >> once they collectively get together and bargain with the employer and say we want our working conditions this way, then they are covered by the national labor relations act. so that is a protected activity. and they have more protections when they collectively get together and say, we don't want to do this or we do want to do that. >> reporter: you could lie and call in sick but you could get fired and lose unemployment benefits. tom plante says calling in sick on a holiday will give you a bad reputation. >> it's an integrity issue in the sense that they may not be honest. they may not be respectful to
5:45 am
the peers and that can create trouble. their manipulation becomes somebody else's real problem. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> xbox putting the lid on foul language starting on monday gamers who share videos that include cursing will be forced to go dark on the network for 24 hours. microsoft says it wants a clean safe and fun environment for everyone in its online community. 5:45. traffic has been a highlight this morning. >> it has been a highlight, more so than weather this morning, i think so, personally. [ laughter ] >> let's talk about the turkey trot today. if you plan on driving in san francisco or just gorging on the big feast later today, you may want to think about burning some calories first with a bunch of other runners going to be out in first turkey day 5k at stant park starts at 8:00 this morning -- at at&t park starts at 8:00 this morning. streets closed 7:45 a.m. to 9 a.m. so expect the streets just outside at&t park to be shut
5:46 am
down along the waterfront and the race ends at city hall. sounds like a fun time to me. the bay bridge commute leaving oakland heading into san francisco it is wide open at the bay bridge toll plaza. no problems getting into the city and once you're in the city remember, parking meters will not be enforced that's a look at "kcbs traffic." the highlights. here's lawrence. >> you have to stop now, liza? [ laughter ] >> i wish you could just keep going! >> oh, i love ya! [ laughter ] >> hey, guys, around the bay area today. a lot of clouds streaming overhead. happy thanksgiving. looks like we are in for a very nice day ahead weather-wise. we'll see a few clouds continuing to move across our skies. temperatures a little chilly in some of the valleys down to 42 in concord, 36 degrees in santa rosa. and san jose checking in at 47 this morning. high clouds throughout the day, plenty of sunshine in between and then more sunshine and some dry weather coming our way with much warmer temperatures over the weekend but look at all the
5:47 am
clouds wrapping up from the south making their way back into the bay area but right now just a lot of high clouds moving in overhead all from that cutoff low that we were worried about originally could possibly bring us some rain. i don't think that's going to happen. we'll just see some passing clouds for today. so northern california looking like a good travel day if you are going to do that 60s and 70s into the central valley. 66 degrees into the monterey bay. sunshine in between and temperatures are going to stay mild. highs today running into the 60s in the south bay as high as 67 degrees. 65 degrees east bay temperatures. temperatures into the 60s as well and then as you get inside the bay you will see hazy sunshine this afternoon and mix of sun and clouds. about 63 in san francisco. next couple of days, we are going to see more sunshine on the way. those temperatures pushing near 70 degrees by sunday. but then the bottom drops out as we head into next tuesday. some of the temperatures struggling to get out of the 50s and yeah, we could see some cold showers as we head in toward the beginning of the
5:48 am
next week. and guys, i talked a little earlier having turkey cookies. i wasn't actually eating turkey cookies. these are the turkey cookies by the way. oh, yeah, don't want to forget this, folks. we can't forget the sunrise and the sunset. this morning if you are just getting up 7:04. yes, it will rise. an sunset 4:52. that's the most accurate part of the forecast. >> we want the cookies! >> your daughter made those. >> my little girl made these cute little cookies. >> and they are delicious. >> this is something liza would never do for you. >> we have a little traffic- weather thing going today. [ laughter ] we're talking about people being worried about their appearance, they know these cookie probably have plenty of calories. if you spend time in front of the mirror, women, you are not alone. women spend more than 600 hours a year worrying about their appearances according to a new study by invista. women spend an average of 50
5:49 am
minutes every week trying to figure out what to wear, almost two hours worrying about being overweight. cue the cookies. and the average woman also spends about an hour each week worrying about her hair. >> okay. researchers have a new technique if you are looking to avoid overeating. got a theme going here, over the holiday. teresa garcia has more in this morning's healthwatch. >> reporter: if you don't want to stuff yourself at the thanksgiving table, chew on this. researchers at iowa state university did a study involving almost 50 people and found the more people chewed their food before swallowing, the less they ate. researchers said people in the study ate smaller portions when they chewed more regardless of their weight. new research shows that pre- existing diabetes in pregnant women greatly increases the risk of death for their babies. british researchers looked at nearly 1500 women with diabetes
5:50 am
who gave birth in 1996 and found that they were more than 4 times more likely to lose their babies before birth and twice as likely after birth. doctors say their study emphasizes the need for diabetic women to get special prenatal care. and another new study underscores the importance of geriatric care for older people who get hurt in a car accident or a serious fall. researchers at the university of michigan and ucla found that older trauma patients who received extra care were more independent and able to care for themselves a year after their accidents than those who did not. those are the day's top health stories. teresa garcia, cbs news, los angeles. a bug museum in new orleans is serving up a traditional thanksgiving feast with a real twist. the cornbread has mealworms. the cranberry sauce has wax worms. and instead of whipped cream,
5:51 am
the audubon insectarium tops it off with crickets. people are eating it. no comment. time 5:51. someone left a giant trunk in one of russia's top tourist spots. why designer louis vuitton is on the hook for it. >> a feast for the eyes and tummy. this culinary creation is making its way into the record books. coming up. ,,,,,, 3q
5:52 am
i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine.
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like the enticing aroma and distinctive taste of nespresso. elegant capsules meet masterfully crafted machines, and one touch creates the perfect coffee, cappuccino, and latte. ♪ tempt all your senses with one extraordinary coffee. [ penélope cruz ] nespresso. what else? [ male announcer ] discover the world of nespresso on grant avenue and how about this? the embarcadero you can go to the holiday ice rink. s of down there checking it out. it's very cool. i was down there checking it out the other day. mild temperatures, parentally cloudy, 64 degrees today. >> i think i saw you there,
5:54 am
lawrence. you were wearing your skating tights? awesome! bay bridge, no delays there. bart system running on a sunday schedule meaning they will be running trains only every 30 minutes. no delays on the caltrain -- on caltrain or the ferry system. i'll have more traffic in just a few minutes. louis vuitton has created a suitcase that definitely won't fit in the overhead compartment. the fashion house put up a giant pavilion in the shape of its signature trunk in moscow's red square. it is 98 feet long and 28 feet high. not everyone is a fan, though. the russian government says they didn't give permission to build it and ordered it moved to another location. >> big, cool. a feast is on display in new york. we have a look at the world's largest edible gingerbread exhibit. >> reporter: it's breathtaking and mouth-watering, the size of three city apartments. gingerbread lane is an edible exhibit at the new york hall of
5:55 am
science in queens. >> you want to eat it. it's so big and beautiful. >> reporter: chef john is behind this labor of love. s making a second one in greenwich village. >> it takes special ingredients. >> time, patience and understanding wife. >> reporter: the village features 164 gingerbread houses and 65 trees. he began making it back in february on his own time spending a few thousand dollars of his own money. more than 2,000 pounds of icing went into the colossal confection along with 400 pounds of candy and 500 pounds of dough. >> they make me hungry! >> you question your sanity, you question whether you're going to finish. you question whether you're ever going to do it again. hundreds of thousands of people over the course of two months walking past it pointing ooing, aaing, smiling. i just enjoy that reaction they give me. >> reporter: gingerbread lane
5:56 am
will be on display until mid- january when visitors can get a piece to take home. cbs news, new york. good morning. happy thanksgiving. i'm ryan takeo live in san francisco. the glide foundation, they are all ready to feed 5,000 people there, the hands are all ready, they are on these cutting boards. volunteers are getting ready to show up. we'll have the preps coming up. >> and i'm mark kelly live at a kmart in redwood city. check it out. we already got lines forming getting ready for the holiday shopping season. it's only thanksgiving! coming up, we'll talk to the manager. ,, ,,,,,,
5:57 am
female announcer: sunday's your last chance sunday's your last chance to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. through sunday, thanksgiving weekend, save hundreds on beautyrest and posturepedic. or choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular tempur-pedic mattresses. you can even choose 48 months interest-free financing on the new tempur-choice with head-to-toe customization. the triple choice sale ends sunday, thanksgiving weekend. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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thanksgiving is that day that provides a new kind of getting together of loving, of sharing, of caring and being with each other. >> each year glide memorial serves a full thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings to thousands of people.
6:00 am
>> getting all these rubber band things and these dvds. >> i really want an ipad. >> skipping the turkey and stuffing, the deals that have these people camped out. >> stores are getting ready to open with black friday turning into thursday. >> i just do spur of the moment whatever works and it always works just fine. >> it's down to the wire but for those who put off making their big thanksgiving dinner, don't worry. many grocery stores will be open today. >> across the country, around the world, people come here for it. >> it's the annual tradition, the macy's thanksgiving day parade. people are already lining the streets of new york city. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> and he scores! >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. and good morning, happy thanksgiving. it's thursday, november 28. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm anne makovec. it is 6:00 and just in time for thanksgiving, it looks like that winter storm that blanketed much of the east coast is slowing down. the nation's airports and highways are getting back to normal and after


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