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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 29, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> at least final pounds heavier, i am brian hackney. >> i think we all feel that way today. >> can you gain 20 pounds in a day? >> i did my best to get there. >> now we have all those leftovers. but we have a great day to do it. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way. looks like these temperatures will be warming up. we will have a complete look at your weekend forecast coming up. lots of folks gearing up for their black friday shopping. just know that traffic so far is very light no matter where you're headed. b.a.r.t, is resuming regular service today. they are reporting no delays but no service on the ace train. >> it sounds good. that is handy because this will come as a shock but even at this moment shoppers are in line getting ready to head out for what is likely to be the biggest shopping day of the year. black friday. has that name because a lot of retailers will start turning a profit today for the first time this year. last year americans spent $11.2 billion on black friday. that was actually down almost 2% from the year before because more stores are opening now on
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thanksgiving. it had to happen. yesterday stores opened even earlier on thanksgiving than they did last year. kpix 5's sharon chin found long lines last night but she talked to people who were against shopping on the holiday. >> reporter: we found many people bicycling, jogging and walking. >> yes, i'm walking my meal off now. >> reporter: some who walked away from shopping. >> in the end it is all about corporate america wanting to destroy the holiday. this special time for people just to make money. >> reporter: of those planning to shop this holiday weekend, a quarter of them or 33 million people say they are shopping on thanksgiving day, according to the national retail fed ration. but only 13% of americans say they prefer the stores open. these ladies feel strongly against thanksgiving day sales. they are visiting from reno. >> my daughter has to work tonight at 8:00 because she has to work she can't come down here and be with my brother, her uncle and, you know, have
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fun down here and be with family. >> everything should be closed. it is a time for god. it is a time for family. it is a time for friends. >> reporter: on, 240,000 signatures on seven pentagons demanded retailers not open on thanksgiving day. on facebook, more than 57,000 people pledged not to shop today. >> i am reserve this day for friends and family. there will be plenty of shopping between now and christmas. >> reporter: some of the major stores refused to open on thanksgiving. they include the burlington coat factory. costco, tj maxx, and ross. >> there are laws in rhode island and massachusetts that have laws that say it is illegal to shop on thanksgiving and christmas. shoppers will be greeted by protesters today at 1500 stores across the country including
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wal-marts and san leandro. >> the group is call "our wal- mart" made up of employees demanding better wages. they also want to end retaliation against workers who engage in legally protected labor action. a man unhappy with the way a sale was being run at wal- mart is under arrest. authorities in new jersey say 23-year-old richard ramos raised his voice inside the store. a manager asked him to leave and he refused. that's when the manager called police and ramos attacked an officer. >> he struck him in the chest. and went to grab hum to what appeared to be like a tackle. >> he's an idiot. he shouldn't have done that. it is a tv for chrissakes. another incident at a wal- mart in san bernardino county ended with two people arrested. a fight erupted just before 7:00 yesterday evening amongst shoppers who were lined up outside the store in rialto. a police officer who attempted
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to intervene suffered minor injuries. police killed a suspect in a crime spree that included three stabbings, a carjacks and a high-speed chase. betty yu has the developing story. >> reporter: this flood-stained minivan is only part of while thanksgiving day crime spree that spanned two miles and crossed three neighborhoods. san jose police say an officer shot and killed the driver after he rammed into a patrol car on kirkland drive. >> the gunshots took place you know bang bang bang bang real fast and then there was the cash. >> four or five shots and the guy comes, boom. >> reporter: the car stopped short of crashing into michael phan's house. his family was getting ready for thanksgiving. next door neighbor serina orda who is deaf was doing the same when she witnessed the drama. >> he drove over to the cop's car and the cop started shooting him and he didn't stop. he crashed into the tree. >> reporter: the violence began
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when police say the man stabbed three people, ran across the street to a senior complex and stole van. darren fuller saw the carjacking. >> there was a little bit of tustling going on once the vehicle -- but before that there was just arguing more like what are you doing type stuff. >> reporter: the crook then led police on a wrong-way high- speed chase on interstate 680 before he drove into this cul- de-sac. >> now i can take the whole family and go and have a happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: police reopened the street after blocking it off for eight hours thanksgiving day. they still haven't released the suspect's name and we know the three stabbing victims suffered serious but knot nonlife- threatening injuries. the elderly man who was carjacked thankfully wasn't injured. in san jose, betty yu. let's get another check on the weather. >> it was a nice thanksgiving around the bay area. today it will stay that way as well.
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we will see a lot of sunshine and it looks like a nice day ahead. these temperatures will be warming up the next couple of days. low pressure continues to spin off the coast line of southern california, bringing showers in that direction but locally we're looking good. starting out mostly clear around the bay area. now that will be a chilly start to the morning in some spots. down to 38 degrees right now in santa rosa. 34 in san jose. 49 in san francisco and 45 degrees in oakland. this afternoon we will see sunshine. how about some 60s, maybe low 70s. 60s inside the bay and low sitting towards the coast line. what about the weekend? we will talk about the traffic? >> good morning everybody. we have this accident in the milpitas area. southbound 880 on approach to the 237 interchange. we are expecting light traffic for the most part except for just outside the shopping malls with those black friday deals. right now all is well for 880
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and 237. an accident in a clearing stage. bridge commutes also looking good. westbound traffic is wide open at the bay bridge bay bridge pay gates. no delays getting into san francisco at this area. our first b.a.r.t, trains are report nothing delays on the system and they are offering a regular schedule today. just remember there will be no ace train. they will resume regular service on monday. that's a look at kcbs traffic. weeks after a boy was set on fire on board a transit bus, he speaks with us. >> it is sasha fleischmann's second day home after being three weeks in the hospital. he misses school, friends and most of all a sense of normalcy. >> nice to be home in my own house. >> especially on thanksgiving. the recovery both mentally and physically will take time. three surgeries so far. the bandages on his legs make it hard to walk. >> i can't walk as fast and --
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i need to be more careful. just -- physically. >> the teen suffered second and third degree burns after someone lit his skirt on fire aboard a bus. >> i looked down and my skirt is on fire and -- and i freaked out. >> tell us why you did it sir. >> 16-year-old richard thomas admits did he it. he is homophobic but his attorney says it was a prank. >> you should know better than to light someone's clothing on fire and i think you should be able to realize that that is not just a funny prank. >> sasha is not ready to forgive the 16-year-old but he should be in juvenile court. >> i don't want too harsh just because people do dumb things. >> whether or not it was a hate crime sasha says it was a hateful thing to set someone on fire. he is glad the attack brought
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awareness about people who don't identify as male or female. >> i'm going to keep wearing a skirt. that is something i'm not going to give up. it is a big part of who i am. >> he's thankful for the ability to express himself and so much more. >> i'm really glad to be home for thanksgiving. >> sasha won't be riding the bus by himself any time soon. in oakland, i am da lin, kpix 5. a judge is expected to rule next month as to whether he should be tried as a juvenile or adult. a dump truck crashed into a whop's house. this is what it looked like after the crash happened last night. a elderly woman was in the home but was not injured. the chp is investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the crash. on this day after thanksgiving it is 21 minutes before 5:00. a new tool designed to make you feel safer in your neighborhood maybe a little too accessible.
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the concern, it could become a road map for criminals. a feast for bay area car buffs. the chance to climb inside your dream ride.
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a new web site where you can learn where there are surveillance cameras in several bay area neighbors meant to deter crime. kristin ayerss says it could lead criminals straight to you. >> reporter: she knows what it is like to stare down the barrel of a gun. >> i got robbed with a revolver. he had a revolver and a hoody on. >> the man who robbed her in east oakland last year was never caught and she wonders if the new mapping web site we showed her could have protected her. >> community cam is a free service for residents of the bay area to research the location of security cameras in their area. >> reporter: josh daniels is the ceo of community cam. users can go online and
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pinpoint the location of every security camera they come across. >> we have seen users safe running walking and biking routes using community cam and we have seen users research activities or areas where they -- where something has occurred. >> reporter: already they have mapped 2,000 cameras in san francisco and the east bay. >> i think it is a good idea. >> if something is going to help you, i'm all for it. >> reporter: community cam users have identified about a dozen surveillance cameras along this stretch of international alone. one of them right here. but critics say the site is nothing more than a road map for criminals. >> i don't think it is a good idea. >> reporter: he worries that community cam could backfire. if criminals use it to target areas with little surveillance. the same concern oakland city
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council members had. >> reporter: one more potential safety measure in an area that could use it. in oakland, kristin ayers, kpix 5. so far community cam users have mapped about 10,000 surveillance cameras nationwide. one of the bay area's biggest holiday traditions kicks into gear this evening. christmas in the park begins at 6:00 p.m. in san jose with the official city tree-lighting ceremony at the plaza de cesar chavez. it will be open 9:00 a.m. to midnight through new year's day. this morning, glide memorial church will serve breakfast. 500 volunteers are helping out.
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it all begins at 7:30. six astronauts are orbiting earth on the space station. they had plenty to eat. they had thermo stabilized yams, freeze dried green beans. >> those on board are like their second family say the astronauts. >> we're happy to be up here orbiting above the earth. if we can't be at home with our families during the holidays this is the next best place any of us would like to be. >> the food can be difficult to eat in space. they have to cut an x into their plastic wrapped food so the food doesn't fly out of the container. >> speaking of not flying out of his container, mark? >> i tried yams for years. my mom tried to give them to me. >> i am the same way. i can't stand them. >> i don't either. >> we should mention, too, the
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comet did not make it around the sun. it broke up and disappeared. >> breaking up is hard to do unless you're flying really close to the sun. >> then it is all over. folks around the bay area today, we're going to see plenty of sunshine coming our way. a chilly start if you're headed out the door. that area of low pressure that brought us clouds yesterday bringing some showers into southern california today. but for us, not going to have to worry about that. we will see mostly clear skies. a little chilly outside this morning. and plenty of sunshine into the afternoon with some mild temperatures and more sunshine and beautiful weather to come for the weekend. high pressure going to start to build in ever so slightly over the weekend so the temperatures going to warm up maybe a couple more degrees. if you're traveling in northern california, should be pretty good. about 68 degrees in sacramento. 67 in sunny in the monterrey bay. i think around the bay today we will see temperatures in the 60s and low 70s into morgan hill. 69 in san jose. 66 in fremont. sunny skies in the east bay with temperatures in the 60s and low 70s.
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then inside the bay we will see hazy sunshine and 66 degrees now. 65 in san francisco. by the way, spare the air has been chaired by the bay area quality management so watch out for that. next couple of days we will see sunshine. but things really begin to change on monday and by tuesday, some of these temperatures struggling to get out of the 50s and there is a chance we could see cold showers, too. all right. let's check on your kcbs traffic report. good morning everybody. chp still working on this accident. it happened in the milpitas area involving a car going down an embankment. this is southbound 880 just beyond the 237 interchange. you will find chp on scene but still lots of room on the freeways. very light drive approaching and passing the accident scene. the bridge commutes are still holding steady and we are expecting holiday light traffic today with this friday after thanksgiving. we aren't expecting too much action on the roadways except just outside of the shopping areas. we are expecting some days for
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i- 80 and 580 in livermore outside the new outlets. no problems for . b.a.r.t. remember, no ace train service today. they will resume on monday morning. back outside to check on the san mateo bridge. westbound traffic looking good. that is a good option. if you plan on making the drive approaching the altamont pass, no delays approaching 680. the nimitz also a good option with no problems just outside of hagenburger road. some folks who aren't shopping are watch -- or watching football this weekend are checking out shiny new cars. >> so is don knapp with a tour of san francisco's auto show. >> reporter: forget about the turkey. this is the thanksgiving feast for car buffs. hundreds of new ones from 38
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manufacturers'. you can climb right inside without a salesman getting in with you. >> is this how you check out a car? one stop window shopping. >> you have the hybrids, suvs. the exotic cars are the eye candy. >> none much sweeter than this lamborghini. >> $400,000 for this one. they make a roadster version that goes from 450 to $500,000. >> this one is on sale for about half that. >> they won't let us drive this lamborghini here but we can tell you what it feels like. when you get into it it feels like it fits you like a glove. a $200,000 glove. >> these folks try out a jaguar convertible. and mary and ted ploff got behind the we'll of a mercedes 250. >> i'm looking at new and exciting stuff. i want to look at the tesla,
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the mazerati. >> i'm leaning on dreaming. >> bob hornung and wife liz were curious about the feel of a $100,000 maserati. >> we're a chevy family been driving them for 40 years plus, since high school. >> about to jump into a maserati. >> probably not. >> but you can dream. >> reporter: in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. it runs through monday. if you can't make that, the silicon valley auto show will be in downtown san jose in january. the time is 4:50. the beach may sound lick a good idea for the holiday weekend but there is a warning you need to know about before diving in.
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great weekend to check out a football game. how about this? the niners and the rams. hazy sunshine, mild temperatures about 65 degrees. speaking of football games. we have got a san jose state versus fresno state at 12:30 today. we are expecting delays about 10:00 this morning. bay bridge bay bridge community wide open at the toll plaza. a marine biologist is hoping to make a three dimensional of an orr fish. they recently washed to shore on the coast of california. not clear how either died but now the biologist plans to scan one of the fish to provide a better idea of its internal anatomy. scientists are trying to get an idea of how they move through the water. >> like a big snail. to continue this theme, surfers are excited about the potential for big waves along bay area beaches this weekend. but kpix 5's linda yee reports
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beach goers had better watch their backs. >> reporter: majestic waveses, a pounding surf, and optimum conditions for larger than normal coastal waves that appear from nowhere and can sweep people out to sea. >> today the waves are bigger than i have ever seen them. >> there is a sneaker wave warning and large rip tides? >> wow, i wondered about that. my dog really like to go in the water and today she is kind of like hanging back. >> reporter: it is especially dangerous for anyone walking, standing or playing on beaches. >> always be careful. as they say, respect. >> reporter: they range from 8 to 10 feet and surfers crowded the waters. the warning extends from sonoma to the monterey county coast line. >> i looked at conditions and i guess like thanksgiving is like the best day of the year every year for some reason. there are a lot of people out today actually. it is kind of annoying. >> reporter: in terms of other
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surfers out there? it is pretty crowded? >> really crowded. but like the waves were barreling. >> reporter: dream conditions with a little danger on the side because of rogue waves. >> you can see it out there today. you just need to know what you're doing. >> the current is strong. the waves are good though. >> reporter: like the man said, respect nature. rip currents are always a danger out here in ocean beach. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. caltrans is not taking any chances with the projected high tides. the agency will close marin county's park for one week starting on sunday. following breaking news this morning in san jose where fire has forced a street closure in the city's midtown area. the fire is burning at the party time store on can carlos store west of meridien avenue. a stretch of san carlos street
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is closed east and westbound of the fire scene. there are reports of downed power lines there. protesters are adding to the frenzy outside wal-mart stores around the country. find out what they are warning shoppers. and i'm mark kelly at the best buy in dublin. coming up we will talk to a store manager with how black friday is going. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's friday november 29th. m michelle griego. the holiday season is here. black friday shoppers across the country are making a mad dash to get their hands on deals. right here in the bay area things are just getting started. >> the gunshots took place, you know bang bang bang bang real fast and then there was the crash. >> four or five shots and the guy comes, boom. >> a wild high-speed chase turns deadly after a violent crime spree in the south bay turns into a shootout between
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the suspect and police. setting up the zone was provocative, then shooting down their plane is clearly an act of war. tensions running high in the east chinasey sea today as china and japan continue a war of words over a disputed territory. now the u.s. is getting involved. from across the bay around the world, the stories that matter on kpix news this morning. and i'm brian hackney. frans the morning off. let's get a look at weatherd good morning everyone. it is friday november 28th. i am michelle griego. >> i am brian hackney. lawrence karnow? >> we will see more sunshine around the bay area today. the area of low pressure moving into southern california. we will keep things dry here. mostly clear outside. a little chilly in spots opinion that will be the big concern this morning. some of the temperatures dropping off in the 30s in some of the enter valleys. 37 in santa rossa.
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30 in livermore and 43 in concord. towards the afternoon, we will see sunshine and temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. more on your weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check out the roads. >> it has been a relatively busy start in the silicon valley where we have an accident on the guadalupe parkway. it happened in the northbound direction of highway 87 near taylor. a car hit a light pole. it is off to the right-hand side. and in milpitas that accident is still in the clearing stages. southbound 880, a car went off the embankment near the interchange. traffic is light for both 880 and 237. the bridge commute still holding steady with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza b.a.r.t. is offering regular service today with no delays ton system. that's a look at kcbs traffic. this morning's commute has different destinations than most d


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