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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  November 29, 2013 5:00am-6:01am PST

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30 in livermore and 43 in concord. towards the afternoon, we will see sunshine and temperatures in the 60s and low 70s. more on your weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check out the roads. >> it has been a relatively busy start in the silicon valley where we have an accident on the guadalupe parkway. it happened in the northbound direction of highway 87 near taylor. a car hit a light pole. it is off to the right-hand side. and in milpitas that accident is still in the clearing stages. southbound 880, a car went off the embankment near the interchange. traffic is light for both 880 and 237. the bridge commute still holding steady with no delays at the bay bridge toll plaza b.a.r.t. is offering regular service today with no delays ton system. that's a look at kcbs traffic. this morning's commute has different destinations than most days. we have team coverage of black
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friday shopping. mark kelly is checking out the scene in dublin but first to ryan in fremont. >> reporter: this is a different scene from black fridays past. you can see the lines, there is not much of them here at the target here in fremont. it opened at 8:00 last night. now, we just ran into a couple of these shoppers, kim and denise and -- you just woke up and got here. you chose not to take advantage of the big deals last night. you refused to come until black friday. why is that? >> because it is black friday. we enjoy our thursdays with our family and we will rather come as what, 18 years now? >> 18 years we have been coming on black friday. >> you two are sisters and chose to spend the day with family. why did you not come out last night? >> i just thought if nobody came, then they would stop diagnose that. but obviously, we weren't -- there weren't very many of us but we just put a statement --
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put our foot down. refused. >> reporter: denise as far as what you expect from today, and the deals you want to get, what do you expect? >> well, i'm hoping there is still stuff we're looking for available but, you know, the way it looked like there were crowds today, i'm just not sure if we're going to get anything but it is still fun. it is a thing we do together. >> reporter: keep that tradition going. you have the pamphlet already of the door busters? anything you really want? >> there is nothing real major so -- you know my kids are all growing so, you know, all the toys that you get the really good deals on i don't need so much anymore. >> reporter: there is good news for you. this is one of the selected target stores that is offering 40% off all merchandise throughout the day. right now actually they have some folks that are restocking their shelves. they expect more of a crush later this afternoon. that is it from here in fremont. we will send it over to the best buy in dublin where mark kelly joins us. >> reporter: good morning, ryan. we're here at the best buy in dublin. not that typical stampede we're sometimes used to seeing on black friday but they
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definitely got a good amount of customers inside. joining me is kevin rose, store manager here at best buy. how do you think black friday 2013 is going so far? is it all right? >> yeah, it has been a great year. we're having a lot of fun. giving us a great opportunity to take care of customers and help them shop when and how they want whether it is during the dot com channel or shopping in stores. >> reporter: things are changing in a lot of stores opening on thanksgiving. we're not seeing that typical rush. do you like that? does it make it easier on you and your staff? >> it gives us an opportunity to take care of customers how they want to shop whether it is via the dot com channel or the door busters that we have, it is another opportunity to take care of more customers. >> reporter: what are you seeing so far? what that is hot item? what are people asking about? >> everything from tablets. so definitely a lot of tablets, idevices, television, great promotions through there. the vendors and the company has done a great job helping us with that ability to take care of customers. >> reporter: is it still worth coming out on black friday?
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do they still have those deals that, you know, they are just so known for? >> absolutely. we have had a lot of customers wrapped around the building suspect having fun. >> reporter: very good, investen. you have been going since 2:00 yesterday? >> yeah. >> we appreciate you coming out this morning and talking to us. that is what it looks like here at the best buy in dublin for black friday 2013. back to you guys in the studio. protesters will greet shoppers outside wal-mart stores today. demonstrations are planned about 1500 stores across the country, including wal-marts in san leandro, and antioch. the employees demand better wages and want to end retaliation against workers who participate in legally protected labor actions. a suspect dead after a thanksgiving crime spree that ended with him being shot by police. the chain of events started yesterday morning when police say the man stabbed three people, ran across the street to a senior complex, and
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carjacked a van. two miles away he rammed the van into a patrol car and that's when an officer opened fire. >> the gunshots took place you know, bang bang bang bang, real fast. then there was the crash. >> like four or five shots and, you know, and the guy comes -- >> reporter: the ban stopped short of a house where family was getting ready for thanksgiving. an oakland teenager who was set on fire aboard a transit bus says he's glad to be home. he spoke reporters yesterday for the first time. he was wearing a skirt and fell asleep on the bus when his skirt was set on fire. 16-year-old richard thomas admittedded to the crime. thomas' attorney said it was intended as a prank. >> you should really know better than to light someones' clothing on fire and i think you should be able to realize that that's not just a funny
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prank. >> a judge is expected to rule late month on whether thomas should be charged as a juvenile or adult. there are thousands of surveillance cameras around the bay area. now you can go online and find maps that show where those cameras are. it is called community cam. from videovideo. video-- >> we have seen users plot safe running, walking and biking routes using community cam. we have also seen users research activities or areas where they -- where something has occurred. >> in addition to big brother issues, some people are also concerned that criminals will use the site to find out where they are not likely to be caught on camera. new this morning, a suspected serial killer has died before going on trial in
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southern california. 25-year-old former marine elcam po was accused of six murders. he got sick in his cell before he died. he killed four homeless men as well as the mother and brother of a school friend. some people are still not allowed back in their homes after a train derailment in ohio. it led to a chemical spill tuesday night in the town of willard. 425 families had to eevacuate. some finally got home late last night. but about three dozen houses close to the spill are still off limits. g a newly clai tensions are running high today in the east china sea. china says that it is patrolling a newly claimed air defense zone with fighter jets and early warning air craft. a defensive measure after south korea, japan and the u.s. flew through the zone without warning. beijing is demanding all air craft identify themselves before entering the area. cation zone. it touches
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>> how do you enforce it? what do you do, shoot somebody down if they don't report? if setting up the zone was provocative, then shooting down their plane is clearly an act of war. >> last would be beijing announced the new air defense identification zone that touches air space claimed by south korea, taiwan and japan. the united nations will be asking for more money for victims of typhoon haiyun. this is on top of almost 350 million they sought for immediate relief. nearly 5600 people were killed by the super typhoon and more than 1700 are missing. time now is 5:08. black friday is underway but it may not be your only chance to get the deals. a breakdown of how the rest of the holiday shopping season will go. one airline is about to change the way you fly with fido. for some it may mean leaving the dogs with a sitter. ' abo :02 clear and chilly to start out the day. will we see more sunshine today? and for the weekend?
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we will talk about that coming up. and bracing for big delays later this morning along 580 near el charro outside the livermore premium outlets. so far this morning, things looking good for 580 and 680 at the dublin interchange. i will have more traffic for you in just a few minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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brooks' one- man show in las vegas, you have one more ch. it's toni well, you get the crowd going that's for sure. if you haven't seen garth brooks in las vegas you have one more chance tonight on kpix 5. garth has been playing sold- out concerts in vegas the past three years. tonight he's doing the final one live on tv. >> i'm going to show you how the music i was raised on influenced my stuff. >> garth brooks live from las vegas will be on at 9:00 tonight. t ison... after its jason kidd the brooklyn nets coach faces a $50,000 fine for dropping a drink on the court during the game.
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you can follow us on twitter at cbs sf. thanksgiving turned out to be a turkey [ audio difficulty ] nine" rocket was to carry t satellite into space. musk says it'll be at least a few days until the next attempt. so inspectors can pinpoint e problem. toss traffic toss traffic ts traffic southwest is increasing its 5:13. let's get a check on holiday lights? >> on south bay, we will start off with the guadalupe parkway where a car hit the light pole in downtown san jose. northbound 87 near taylor. you will see it off to the right-hand side. but so far, traffic seems to be doing okay approaching the scene. you will see delays later on this morning. we have got the big san jose -- san jose state playing fresno football, 12:30 this afternoon.
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we're expecting delays as early as 10:00 this morning on 280 as fans head out towards spartan stadium. an earlier accident involving a car going down an embankment has been cleared. the bridge commute is wide open. we're expecting a pretty easy commute day for the bridges. some delays just outside of the shopping centers with all of that black friday shopping. and you can take b.a.r.t. today. they are offering full service. no delays on the system. and, in fact, most transit agencies are operating today on some type of either full service or modified schedule. no service today on the ace train. and they do expect to resume service on monday. that's a look at kcbs traffic. now to lawrence. big changes in the weather coming up. so far so good though, mostly clear start to the day. that area of low pressure that brought us clouds yesterday moving to southern california, bringing clouds and showers in that direction this morning. but we will keep things dry here and nice and clear all around the bay area this morning. by the afternoon, plenty of
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sunshine and some very mild temperatures over. over the weekend more sunshine to come and enjoy it. we have big changes coming up as we head towards this next week. so right now low pressure continues off the coast southern california. high pressure going to build in ever so slightly the next couple of days. that means the temperatures may be warming up a degree or two. not by much but will still be a nice weekend. around northern california, a nice day. 68 degrees in sacramento. about 70 in fresno and hazy. 55 degrees, partly cloudy in yosemite and 50 degrees in lake tahoe. we will see plenty of sunshine this afternoon around our bay. a lot of those numbers moving in the 60s and low 70s towards morgan hill. 65 in hayward and 62, mostly sunny in pacifica. east bay temperatures in the 60s and low 70s into livermore. 69 in pleasanton and 65 in antioch. 67, hazy sunshine into the napa valley. as you head inside the temperatures moving into the 60s. cooler coast side but still pleasant weather. high pressure tries to build in
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over the next couple of days. that may warm the temperatures up through sunday. but look what happens into monday and tuesday. really the bottom just dropping out of the system as we're going to see a cold arctic air mass settle in. that will send temperatures plummeting down probably struggling to get to the 50s and low 60s, maybe. not even close to that by wednesday. even a slight chance of showers on tuesday and wednesday. doesn't look like a major rain maker but we will feel it. it is going to be cold. cold, cold, cold. but this weekend looks great. >> it will be fantastic. thank you, lawrence. southwest is increasing pet fare by $20 starting january 15. they will charge $95 per pet carrier. and that charge is for a trip in each direction. so round trip, applying the calkulus, will be $90. holiday sales have started. >> they last through the end of
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the year. we have a look at the rush now underway. >> reporter: shoppers made a mad dash at the macy's flagship store in new york city thanksgiving night. more than a dozen national retail chains opened earlier than ever, giving bargain hunters a jump start on traditional black friday door buster deals. >> got a train set. arts and crafts and marbles and stuff. >> reporter: analysts say you no long ver to brave the madness to get deep discounts. >> no need to be a desperate shopper. the deals will carry through the holiday season. >> reporter: consumers are driven by prices and promotions. 35% of shoppers survey say sales help determine where they will shop. and it is not just in stores. >> retailers are being of much more aggressive at offering deals online. it is not just those door buster specials. >> reporter: some shoppers are willing to wait for the best
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price. >> i go shopping on december 26th. everybody is home enjoying christmas, and only a few people are returning gifts and then, guess what, the stores are all yours. >> reporter: analysts think retail will stop $602 billion this year. those devices can help give analysts say more people will be shopping online this year with the help of tablets and apps and those devices can help give shoppers a heads up on deals. now 18 minutes after 5:00. if you can't wait any longer for tickets to see the giants play next season, you don't have to. consider it an early christmas gift for fans. next. jason kidd won't be stopping at the soda machine any time soon. and the raiders were all smiles early. would they be able to get the big win in big d? sports is next. ,,,,
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on this black friday, b.a.r.t. has been doing a good job getting people to where they need to be this morning. no delays on the b.a.r.t. system. they are offering regular service today. no delays for any of our local transit systems. just remember, there will be no ace train service. they will resume on monday. more kcbs traffic for you in
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just a few minutes. good morning, everyone. the raiders have not finished with a winning season since 2002. unfortunately, that streak will continue for at least another year. matt mcgloin and the raiders had plenty to cheer about in the first half. oakland had a 21-7 lead. but dallas would score right before -- before the half and take control in the second half. demarko murray scored three touchdown. the cowboys win 34-24. the packers remain winless since aaron rodgers broke his collar bone. matt flynn was sacked seven times. the annual turkey game for the city championship could not stop gallileo's offense. tyler nelson to dontell jackson for the touchdown. thely ons win 34-30 for the first city title since 2009.
5:23 am
and jason kidd still has a few things to learn as a head coach. he was fined $50,000 for intentionally spilling his soda on the side line so the nets could get an extra timeout while they cleaned the floor. and that's a look at sports. have a great day. a big college football game today in san jose. the spartans host their longtime rivals undefeated fresno state state. the bulldogs are 16 in the country according to bcs standings. thetime game will be on the cbs sports network. the game time today is 12:30. college football, play of the day. texas tech at texas -- with the red raid bers to punt. >> going to punt from the 35. high snap, and a fake. erxleben is still going. the punter, touchdown, texas tech! >> he faked it and ran right in? >> why don't they do that more
5:24 am
often? >> dazzling as that was they lost, but they made our play of the day. today the san francisco giants are putting tickets on sale for the first half of the 2014 season. the sale starts this morning at 8:00 a.m. start of the season is still more than four months away. but the giants are offering tickets now so that they are available as potential gifts during the christmas season. >> unhappy with the manager and the way the store was running the sale. black friday shopping gets way out of hand and lands one anxious buyer behind bars. why police say he tackled a store clerk. what do you get when you mix personal training with technology? you will see why the web cam workout is catching on. good morning. we're live at the target in fremont here for black friday. it is a lot different than years past. we will tell you about the line that is no longer. that is coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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out. the thanksgiving nightmare that good morning. we're live at the fremont target. it has been open for a little bit more than 9 hours. some folks have even made a second trip back to the store. we will talk to them coming up. a stabbing, carjacking and shootout. the thanksgiving nightmare that played out in a bay area neighborhood. and we are looking at mostly clear skies now. but will it be sunny and bright for the weekend? and looks like most folks are sleeping off their food coma from yesterday. no delays on the bay area freeways. i will have more traffic in a
5:29 am
few minutes. among those sleeping off their comas, frank. >> i am brian hackney filling in. first, let's go to fremont to check in on the shoppers. >> reporter: good morning. here at the target in fremont, it has been open since 8:00 last night. they still are offering 40% off on clothing. all clothing here that is at the store. that is only at selected stores though. i don't think that will happen at every tart but there are -- target but there are others where that is happening. it has been open since 8:00 last night. in fact, we have a couple shoppers here for the second time. we have june and jennifer here. so what was the line like when you got here last night and what time did you have to get here? >> we got here probably around 6:30 and the line was awful. >> reporter: how that is from
5:30 am
years past? >> it is basically pretty much the same. >> just moves ahead a couple hours earlier. >> just opened earlier. >> reporter: so, you went back and rested up, june, and you're back here a second time? >> yes, i badge with my cousin for the second time -- i am back with my cousin for the second time. >> reporter: why did you come back? >> we came back for the memory foam but there is no more. but now she bought some dishes which are not even a gift. >> reporter: i guess that is what happens when you run on low sleep? >> yeah, you can get a deal even if you have to return it. it is worth it, right? >> reporter: you guys are shopping for yourselves and? >> children. a little bit of both. >> reporter: holiday shopping, too? >> yes. >> reporter: thank you for your time. and get some sleep out there. all right that's it from here at the fremont target. we will send it over to dublin at the best buy that is where we join mark kelly. >> yeah, mark kelly is in dublin rit now, ryan, thank you so much. and mark, are shoppers getting what they want? >> reporter: yeah, michelle. it is not the typical black friday here.
5:31 am
shoppers say they are definitely getting a good deal but let me show what you is a little different. not as many people ',you know, standing, waiting to get in the door at 6:00 a.m. it is not that typical black friday feel [ audio difficulty ] to get people in and out throughout the day. here is a peek inside the best buy from earlier this morning. some people got up at 4:30 just to get a deal. there are about 50 customers in there at 4:30. but what makes this year so different, with more and more stores, you don't have to get up at the crack of dawn because, well, they have been open since thanksgiving. in best buy opened at 6:00 last night. they were open all through the night and they are not going to close until 10:00 tonight. the other newer trend to prevent a rush, staggered deals throughout the day. >> lots of customers coming up out. lots of door busters and lots of opportunity to take care of customers. whether it has been on the dot com channel or coming in in person and having fun with my staff
5:32 am
>> reporter: but not everyone is celebrating black friday. in fact, consumer reports did a little poll and they found more than half of americans will not shop over this four-day holiday weekend. live in dublin, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> i don't know, mark. you may see lawrence there later on. best buy is his favorite store so there you go. >> reporter: we will look for him. man, on the other hand it was -- man was unhappy with the way a sale was being run at wal- mart and is now under arrest. authorities in new jersey say 23-year-old richard ramos raised his voice inside the store. manager asked him to leave. he refused. that's when the manager called police and ramos attacked an officer. >> he struck him in the chest and went to grab him to what appeared to be like a tackle. >> he's an idiot. he shouldn't have done that. it is a tv for chrissake's. >> police used pepper spray and. >> he: surrendered. another incident at a wal- mart in san bernardino county
5:33 am
ended with two people being arrested. a fight erupted just before 7:00 yesterday evening. among some shoppers lined up outside the store in rialto. a police officer who attempted to intervene suffered minor injuries. developing news in the east bay where a deadly accident is under investigation. it happened about 12:30 in richmond. a man was apparently hit by several cars near solano avenue. the freeway was blocked shortly after the accident and two lanes remain closed until about a quarter after 2:00. and developing news this morning, in san jose, crews have doused a fire that forced a treat closure in the city's midtown area. the fire was reported early this morning at the party time store in san carlos street just west of meridien avenue. a stretch of san carlos street is closed both east and westbound at the fire scene. there is some downed power lines to complicate things. there are no reports of injuries, though. causes of the fire are unclear. investigators think it is electrical in nature. police killed a suspect in
5:34 am
a crime spree that included three stabbings, a carjacking, and a high-speed chase. kpix 5's betty yu has the story from an east san jose neighborhood. >> reporter: this blood stained minivan is part of a crime spree that spanned two miles and crossed three neighborhoods. san jose police say an officer shot and killed the driver after he rammed into a patrol car on kirkland drive. >> the gunshots took place. you know, bang bang bang bang, real fast. and then there was the crash. >> like four or five shots and, you know, the guy comes, boom. hit in the street. >> reporter: the car stopped short of crashing into michael phan's house. his family was getting ready for thanksgiving. next door neighbor serina ordda who is deaf was doing the same when she witnessed the drama. >> he drove over to the cop's car and he went over to the cop and the cop started shooting him. >> reporter: police say the man
5:35 am
stabbed three people, ran across the street to a senior complex on north jackson and stole a van. darren fuller saw the carjacking. >> there was definitely like a little bit of a tustling going on. but before that they were just arguing more like what are you doing type stuff. >> reporter: the crook then led police on a wrong-way high- speed chase chase on interstate 680. >> now i can take the family and go have happy thanksgiving. >> reporter: police reopened the street after blocking it off for about eight hours thanksgiving day. they still haven't released the suspect's name. we know three stabbing victims suffered serious but nonlife- threatening injuries. the elderly man who was carjacked thankfully wasn't injured. all right. let's switch gears. last weekend, when i heard the network anchor on a network evening show, may even have been this one, say this could be the comet of the century, i said okay that's it.
5:36 am
nothing is going to happen. nothing is going to happen. >> those are fraught with danger those forecasts. >> that is what did happen. nothing. >> yeah, it seems to have evaporates. >> which is too bad. i was getting juiced up about it. >> i was excited but yeah, just not going to happen. torn apart. so here we go. we go on and wait for the next one. folks around the bay area today, we have sunshine coming our way. a chilly start to the morning. we have got some mostly clear skies early on. see that area of low pressure, now, sitting off southern california. that brought us clouds yesterday but now, i think that is long gone for us. we will see a lot of sunshine coming our way today. but if you're stepping outside, especially inland, north bay valley down to 37 degrees. a little chilly into santa rosa. 34 in san jose and 50 degrees in san francisco. well, if you're headed out and about today you will see temperatures in the 60s and low 70s as you head to the east bay. those temperatures also up in the 60s and low 70s. then inside the bay a little cooler but very pleasant. hazy sunshine, 65 degrees in san francisco.
5:37 am
all right. let's check out your kcbs traffic. we're just getting word of a big problem in san francisco. chp is checking on reports of a garbage truck, possibly hitting a pedestrian along i-80. this is eastbound 80 on your approach to the bay bridge near 7th street. we will keep a close eye on that area and have the latest in my next traffic report. in the meantime, live pictures of 580 as it rolls through the livermore valley. and so far there is still some respect out there. we do have some commuters heading in that westbound direction. certainly we are bracing for big-time black friday delays near el charro where the livermore outlets are. but no big delays outside any of the local shopping centers. that is a look at kcbs traffic, brian. surf is up in your bay area watch. big waves expected to continue on bay area beaches this weekend. while that is stirring up excitement among surfers there is a potential danger. rip tide warnings in effect. swells ranged from 8 to 10 feet
5:38 am
yesterday. thanksgiving continues this morning at a church that serves 5,000 turkey meals yesterday to homeless people in san francisco. at 7:30, glide memorial church will serve breakfast. about 500 volunteers have been helping out. traders are going back to work after the holiday. >> a brief session today. kcbs money watch has the latest. it will be a shortened day on wall street. the mark" markets will reopen after the thanksgiving break. it is black friday which means it is time to shop. according to a survey by the national retail federation up to 140 million people will shop over this holiday weekend. more than a dozen major retailers opened their doors yesterday. some earlier than ever before. but black friday is expected to be biggest shopping day of the weekend with approximately 97 million people hitting the
5:39 am
stores. consumer reports analysts say there is no need to rush out today to get those traditional door buster deals. they say big sales will last the entire holiday shopping season. stores are trying to give shoppers a push to buy because there are six fewer shopping days between thanksgiving and christmas this year. all right. well, we hear kids will make out pretty well this holiday season? >> yeah, according to a survey by urban, 32% of parents surveyed plan to spend up to spending $200 on each child. 21% say they will be shelling out as much as $500 per kid. and 3% of parents will spend more than $500. and that's on each child. brian, michelle? >> i have two kids. my kids will love to hear that. but i don't know yet. >> i hope they are not watching. >> no kidding. all right, marley hall, thank you so much.
5:40 am
personal training using the latest technology. i will explain coming up. and a disabled bay area woman was stuck at her own home for weeks. happened after a consumer watch unit got involved. coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,, [ male announcer ] some things are simply better at home.
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ports... one bay a you know, it is a challenge for most people in their 90s to stay mobile. >> but as kpix 5's julie watts reports, one bay area woman was housebound for weeks until she called consumer watch. >> there won't be anyone here to lift the wheelchair into the car. >> for maxine strickland getting out to go to church, see friends, even buy a gallon of milk is no easy task. >> you have to start from here on the side. >> reporter: that's because this 94-year-old retired school teacher is a double-a mputee, and for the last decade she has relied on tri-delta transit's ada bus program to get around. like every transit agency in the u.s., tri-delta is required to offer special door-to-door services for the disabled. but lately maxine has been housebound. >> i feel so lonely. >> reporter: tri-delta transit
5:44 am
says it gives 188,000ada compliant rides a year but federal law requires all ada drift riders to reapply for bus service every three years. about three months ago, the agency says it contacted maxine to get her application process going, and that's where the wheels on this bus fell off, so to speak. >> i want to know what is going on. >> reporter: maxine filled out the forms and they got sent back and she filled them out again. then she and her friend sharon greer both made calls to tri- delta trying to get maxine back on board. when that didn't work, sharon called consumer watch. >> the first person i thought of was kpix channel 5. consumer watch. >> reporter: after consumer watch contacted the agency, tri- delta delivered curbside service, sending an ada officer directly to maxine's house. now maxine has her wheels back, but as for the processing delay, this sassy former school teacher doesn't hesitate to
5:45 am
offer up a grade. >> f. because they should be smarter than that. >> reporter: julie watts, kpix 5. if you have a consumer complaint call 8885 health view. a quarter to 6:00. trouble on the road ahead. lisa has the latest on that. this is my last report. chp is now confirming that a pedestrian has been hit by a garbage truck. this is along eastbound 80 at 7th street in san francisco. there are major injuries reported with this accident. and at this time, it is a left lane that is shut down. so you will see this accident as you make your way towards the lower deck of the bay bridge, eastbound 80, at 7th street. chp has issued a traffic alert advising commuters to steer clear of the area. you can see some of our yellow sensors there. it is already beginning to back up traffic in the area. we will let you know once they are able to make some progress with this accident. unfortunately, again, a major injury accident being reported there in san francisco.
5:46 am
as we move on to the 586-80 commute, so far the drive leaving the altamont pass bound for livermore valley is doing okay. still room on westbound 580 with no problems heading down the dublin grade. that is a look at kcbs traffic. mostly clear skies around the bay area this morning. a little chilly if you're just gelling up and headed out the door. that system that brought us clouds yesterday now heading to southern california, bringing them some showers in towards the los angeles area. but still, we are going to see a very nice day outside. a lot of sunshine coming up our way and mostly clear skies. the temperatures are going to be warming up this afternoon with plenty of sunshine. and it will be mild. in fact, those mild temperatures continuing right into the weekend. should be beautiful. but enjoy it. we have major changes after that. high pressure going to build in ever so slightly over the next couple days. that may be warping up the temperatures a few degrees today and through the weekend. nice around northern california. 68 degrees and sunny in sacramento. partly cloudy and 55 in
5:47 am
yosemite. 67 and mostly sunny in the monterey bay. around our bay today, plenty of sunshine this afternoon. as high as 70 degrees in morgan hill. 69 in san jose. about 66 in fremont and 68 degrees in redwood city. east bay temperatures very comfortable today. a little hazy. 69 degrees in pleasanton and 70 degrees in livermore. this is spare the air day. as you head inside the bay, 65 in oakland. 67 in berkeley and 65 degrees in sausalito. next couple of days, warmerrer weather on the way through saturday and sunday but come monday and tuesday the clouds start to roll back in and some much colder temperatures expected on tuesday and wednesday. even a slight chance of scattered showers. by the way, your sunrise time today is 7:05. sunset is at 4:51 p.m. but guys, next few days will be very nice. i think next we can you will have the breck out all that arctic gear. it will be chilly outside.
5:48 am
>> going to be cold. >> brisk and windy, too. >> i like sweater weather. >> spoken like someone from colorado. after eating thanksgiving dinner many people complain about being sleepy but contrary to popular belief eating turkey isn't the main reason. often repeated reason that is turkey contains the ami no acid tryptophan. but heavy consumption of carbs and alcohol may be the real factors. imagine being able to workout if i time you want in the comfort of your own home. for a growing number of people this type of exercise is a reality. >> personal trainer ryan george is meeting one of his clients in new york city. just not the way you might expect. >> so, you ready to work out? >> yeah. >> we will start with the warm-
5:49 am
up. get up start jogging in place. >> he's on the other side of town watching george in realtime on his smart phone. >> straight down, straight back up keep moving. >> this new kind of virtual workout lets trainers connect with people who don't have a lot of time or don't like the gym. online workouts aren't new but advances in technology including skype and facetime are making it easier for more people. trainers don't have to rent space or travel. many make it more affordable for clients. george charges $35 for a 30 minute session. >> you know, it is a lot more convenient for everybody involved. >> george admits not being with his clients in person can make it harder to see and correct mistakes. >> straighten out the legs more. >> but far better than an exercise video or app. >> you don't know if you're doing something right or wrong
5:50 am
with an app. >> darica duncan, cbs news, new york. group exercise instructors are also using the web in realtime to teach classes to multiple students at once. time now is 10 announce 6:00. the deals don't come hotter -- time now is 10 minutes until 6:00. 1 dollar for a used car? there is no catch. getting behind the wheel of these sweet rides from sporty to even funny. what you can check out at this year's international auto show. ,,,,,,,,,,
5:51 am
5:52 am
,, 3q i can't stand these spots. those spots are actually leftover food and detergent residue that can redeposit on your dishware during the rinse cycle. gross. jet-dry rinse agent helps wash them away so the only thing left behind is the shine. jet-dry rinses away residues for a sparkling shine. good morning everybody. big traffic problems in san
5:53 am
francisco. a fatal accident has shut down all lanes of eastbound 80 approaching 7th street. this accident involving a garbage truck hitting a pedestrian that was out on the freeway. chp has again shut down all lanes of eastbound eat. they have also shout down the north 101 connector ramp to east 80. they are cutting off all traffic at vermont street as they work to clear up this accident. i will have details on this and give you alternates in just a few minutes. all right. this weekend if you want to head out and do something fun how about the holiday ice rink in san francisco in union square. a car dealership is offering a black friday deal that is hard to pass up. a houston dealership is marking three used cars down to 1 dollar each. but there is no way to know ahead of time which three cars will go for dollar. this morning, consumers can lay
5:54 am
claim to any car by sitting in the driver's seat. the manager will walk around and mark down the price on the windshield. >> i better read the fine print. >> a lost nifty new cars are far, far more expensive than dollar on display in the bay area this weekend. here is don knapp with a look at the san francisco auto show. >> reporter: forget about the turkey. this is the thanksgiving feast for car buffs. hundreds of new ones from 38 manufacturers. you can climb right outside with without a salesman getting in with you. >> reporter: i notice all three of you got into this one. is that how you check out car? >> definitely. >> reporter: one stop window shopping for just about every car. >> you have the hybrids. you have electric cars. tough suvs. you have the crossovers. certainly the exotic cars are the eye candy. >> reporter: none much sweeter than this lamborghini. >> about $400,000 for this one right here. they do make a roadster version. that one goes from 450 up to
5:55 am
$500,000. >> reporter: this one is on sale for about half that. since they won't let us drive this lamborghini here, we can only tell you what it feels like. when you get into it it feels like it fits you like a glove. a $200,000 glove. >> this jaguar convertible, the spongebob toyota highlander. and this nice mercedes. >> i am looking at new and exciting stuff. i want to look at the tesla, porsche, the maserati. >> which way are you leaning? >> i'm leaning towards dream. >> caller: they were curious about the feel of the $100,000 maserati. >> we have been driving chevies for -- >> 40 years. >> 40 years plus, since high school. so -- >> reporter: about to jump into a maserati? >> probably not. >> but you can dream. >> reporter: in san francisco, don knapp, kpix 5. the auto show runs through
5:56 am
monday. if you want make that the silicon valley international auto show will be in downtown san jose in january. 5:56. the next half hour, the teenager set on fire on a bus is home from the hospital and this morning he speaks to kpix 5 about the attack. happy black friday everyone. we're live at a best buy in dublin. coming up we will talk to two shoppers to see if they got any good deals. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
some arts and crafts and some marble stuff. >> the holiday season is here. black friday shoppers are make a mad dash to get their hands on -- are making a mad dash to get their hands on the deals. the gunshots took place, you know bang bang bang bang real fast. and then there was the crash. >> four or five shots and, you know, and the guy comes, boom. hit in the street. >> a wild high-speed police
6:00 am
chase turns deadly after a violent crime spree in the south bay turns into a shootout between the suspect and police. if setting up the zone was provocative then shooting down the plane was an agent of war. >> tensions running high in the east china sea as china and japan continue a war of words over a disputed territory. now the u.s. is getting involved in the situation. from across the bay to around the world. the stories that matter on kpix news this morning. good morning everyone. it is friday november 29. i am michelle griego. >> and i am brian hackney. frank is off this morning. >> that's right frank is off and you're in which is great. we're doing some post thanksgiving shopping. chopper 5 is up this morning taking a look, flying over a best buy store in dublin. doesn't look too bad, though, right? but earlier, last night i guess, the lines were out the door. and if you look a little closer you might be able to see


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