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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  November 30, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

7:00 am friday fightt way out of hand this year. this scene is all too familiar around the holidays. black friday fights out way out of hand this year. new video of a palo alto man who never made it back from his tr to north korea. what the country is now admitting. i love this man. he's working hard and doing the best he can. >> the first lady takes on the critics. it's 7:00 a.m. on this saturdays morning, november 30th. good morning. i'm mark kelly. ann has the mog off. ro
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berta gonzales is with us. >> we have nothing but clear skies into the city of san francisco. good morning. this is it. fog lines the coast and into the bay. above it a stream of high clouds. visibility restricted along the immediate seashore. in an inland areas taking a live at our live kpix 5 weather camera just stop and go awe. we'll have your complete forecast coming up. we begin the mayhem from black friday. year after year black friday madness seems to escalate. this is in pennsylvania where a woman used a taser on another shopper during an all out brawl inside a mall outside philadelphia. >> [screaming] >> in texas more trampling over $78 tvs at a wal-mart. the pushing turned to shoving and then police had to pin down one
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woman. the customer who shot this video was buying cough drops when she captured the commotion. before you hop online for cyber monday there's a new push to shop locally today. >> alice sells crafts by local artists in palo alto. it's the first time the city's downtown businesses are organizing to promote small business saturday. >> people start thinking, where am i spending my money. they know if you shop local it stays local. >> small business saturday started in 2010 by american express as a way of drumming up holiday sales for local businesses. small retailers in the rock away beach district have organized for small business saturday. christmas by the codes owner said it puts their stores on the map. >> definitely one of our better days of the year.
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we've been here for 18 christmas's. >> next door the owner hoffman's said she hopes it's a gift that keeping giving. >> that's what i'm hoping for is they'll come back because they will remember us as a small unique little area. >> this year merchants marketed saturday with special reusable bags. palo alto promotion was news to this couple. >> we haven't heard about it. >> i think it's a good thing . >> participants merchants have special discounts for people who mention small business saturday. >> oaklanders didn't have to wait until today to shop local. from jack london square to downtown stores were celebrating
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what they call flag friday yesterday. it urges oak landers to ditch the door busters and make a same by shopping local and independent. >> it's a statement that you support your city, the people here working every day to try to bring some positive attention to the city of oakland. >> today is the kind of foot traffic that a retail store would want, non-stop people coming in. >> local per mants -- merchants say they were busier yesterday. oakland will provide free parking at the meters and at four city-owned parking lots through christmas. the next big sales day coming up is cyber monday. they are predicting a record $2 billion in online sales. that of course nothing compared to those in store sales where last
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year people spend more than $59 billion just over thanksgiving weekend. developing this morning, north korea admits to detaining a palo alto veteran saying he committed war crimes. new video shows 85-year-old meryl newman reading an apology. >> i collected information and attacked communication systems and killed three innocent operators. >> north korea's state-run news agency said newman apologized for killing civilians during the korean war and for trying to meet with surviving soldiers he trained to fight the north. the airing of the apology may be an indication that he's about to be released. the crash of a police helicopter in scotland. last night the 40 foot long helicopter hit the roof causing part of it to collapse. at least one person was killed. 32 people were taken to hospitals. at the time of the crash more
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than 100 people were in the public watching a band perform. >> it stopped me in my tracks. i stopped to see where it came from. a few moments later there was a loud explode and smoke and dust. >> the helicopter had two police officers and a pilot on board. this morning emergency workers are still searching for any survivors who might be trapped inside. in your bay area watch, a concord homeowner is pleading for the return of two statutes he said has sent mental value. he had two gnomes on his lawn that were made by his daughter who died in a motorcycle crash. he put up a sign appealing thieves. he said he's not looking to prosecute, he just wants the statutes back. a fremont neighborhood is on the look out for a brazen burglar. here is a surveillance
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photo of the suspect. he broke into a warm spring's home tuesday entering through a sliding glass door. the homeowner was notified his surveillance system had been triggered. detectives have not released that video. police are searching for a suspected bank robber who walk intoed eded into -- who walked into the bank of america and walked out with cash. there's no sign the man was armed. long time san francisco registered nurse and community leader jane sandavol is headed to the philippines. she will leave tonight. this is a latest on the ongoing deployment. volunteer nurses from the bay area have been on the grounds in the philippines for two weeks now providing much needed help after they were devastated by typhoon haiyan.
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the moment of truth has come for the government's healthcare website. today is the president's self-imposed deadline to get the site running again for users. went offline over night for 11 hours of maintenance. it launched back on october 1st but it's been plagued by problems. technicians are making software and hardware upgrades but even after the fixes it's uncertain how well it will work. >> if i had to place a bet i would say that i'm betting that they're going to get it done. there's no way for sure to know. >> the obama administration says the website should be able to handle 800,000 applicants every day starting sunday but the white house is hoping people do not flood the site right away. president and mrs. obama said they developed a thicker skin about criticism. they gave an interview to barbara walters. >> the truth is we have a lot
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more cheers. this is an example of sort of a narrative. >> i'm popular and i've gotten boos. >> your numbers are better than his numbers. >> absolutely. i think that's always been the . >> and lesson for young people in this is that you're going to get booed. you're going to have people who don't like what you do. you better have your own vision. >> the obamas also say they may stay in washington dc after the president leaves office until their younger daughter gets through high school. a warning if you're buying gift cards for christmas. the way crooks are making them worthless. two passengers on a thanksgiving flight go back and forth passing just nasty messages and then everything escalates as soon as they step off the plane. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a giant gingerbread house officially opens at the fait hotel in san francisco. it took the hotel's entire culy team to create the delicious happening today, a giant gingerbread house officially opens at the fairmont hotel in san francisco. it took the hotel's entire culinary team just to create the delicious masterpiece. the two story gingerbread house measures 22 feet high by 23 feet wide. it
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has 12,000 pounds of icing, 650 pounds of candy. as the video from 2 years ago is shown, you can check out the real thing from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 today. today it's another spare the air day around the bay area. the alert from the air quality management district bans the burning of wood and manufactured fire logs. several alerts have been called because of a high pressure weather system and a cold snap. those conditions trend to trap wood smoke close to the ground and alone fine pollution to rise to unhealthy levels. a look at the rest of your weekend weather forecast. >> the bottom line is we will have hazy sunshine. >> it looks like that this morning. >> what a glorious start to our day. our sun up was at 7:06. highs averages a good 10 degreer mal for this time of the year. it's live, it's our kpix weather camera looking out towards the bay bridge.
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notice the fog and high thin clouds. we're down in the upper 30s through out the tri valley. this is the scene towards mount diablo. these clouds, you will see them on our visible satellite. first things first, stats for the tri valley, 41 is degrees, east wind at 3. today will be similar to yesterday and a carbon copy for your sunday. rain chances back in the 7 day forecast. it's a cooler air mass. here's your future cast. fog will be out by lunch hour and so will the high thin clouds. we will enjoy sunshine and temperatures are going to go up again. now, the bottom line is we do have an area of low pressure well to the north of us. that pressure continues to
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big past southern california after dumping nearly a half an inch of rain in san diego. central valley today, sunny skies, the mid 60s. 50 degrees after a morning low of 20 on the south shore. now today highs anywhere from 62 in pacifica to the upper 60s across the bay up to the low 70s away from the bay. in breeze, therefore some hazy sunshine north of the golden gate bridge. this is our five day forecast. a repeat performance sunday and monday. on tuesday we're talking about changes in the forecast. while we will have that big dip in our temperatures we do have freezing temperatures expected by wednesday night into thursday morning. so that's a good note to start planning ahead. wrap those plants and take care of
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them. >> looking more like winter every single day. >> it's that time. a feud 30,000 feet goes vir. it started out with a woman throws a fit about flight delays. she was worried about missing thanksgiving dinner in sacramento. another passenger decided to take her own. nick jane with play by play of s high flying drama. >> we can get all inpatient at a airport from time to time, myself included. you might think twice about acting out on a plane after you hear about this one. >> it's crazy. the flights are full. >> no holiday cheer from one passenger, throwing a tantrum. elan started tweeting from his seat, our flight is delayed, a woman is upset because she has thanksgiving plans. she's the only one obviously. praying for her. >> she's not the only one waiting to get home. >> she was losing it over
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missing her connection to sacramento, saying today is thanksgiving, i'm supposed to be with my family, not with you people i barely know. they finally took off from new york but this feud was just getting started. elan send her a little present, dear lady in 7a, it must be hard not to be with your family. please accept this glass of wine. it's a gift from you to me. hopefully if you drink it you won't be able to use your mouth to talk. >> she needed to chill out. i think the glass of wine might have helped. >> she dropped off two travel size bottles of vodka. it made her even madder as she tired back, deer elan, the wine and vodka wasn't funny, you're an awful person with no compassion. i'm sorry for you family. >> she was rude. he was trying to be nice. >> his response, the person with last compassion is you and we all want to get home, familiarly the nice men and
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women who fly you around. i hate you very much. he ended it with something we can't repeat. she shot back, this is inappropriate. when they touched down in phoenix things escalated. she walked right up to me and slapped me immediately in the face. >> she should have had her medicine before she left home. >> dianne, allow me to introduce myself, look me up online, read every tweet, read every response and maybe next time you will be nice to people who are just trying to help. >> apparently he has lots of supporters. he went from 35,000 followers to more than 96,000 literally over night. >> a blog about the incident elan admits he can come across as abrasive but wanted to make a simple point. don't be rude to people doing their jobs, especially on a holiday. how criminals are getting crafty and making a lot of gift cards sold at stores worthless.
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good morning, everyone. remember when andre igalada beat the thunder with a last second shot. what goes around comes around. >> miss fire, big rebound. for the win, he got it. >> russell westbrook hits the
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game winner with .10 left on the clock. the sharks are now 11-0-1. burns scored three goals as the sharks beat the blues. ryan voglesong will be back with the giants. he appeared to be set. san jose state is bowl eligible with an update of fresno state in a game where both defenses decided to take the day off. the spartans win 62-52. spz -- marsel jackson is gone with their fourth straight title. that's a look at sports. make it a great day. a gift card seems like the perfect present by but buyer be
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aware. >> she said there's zero balance on this card. >> whether they're trying to redeem a holiday gift card or give one as a gift. >> the other one went straight to me and said it didn't work. >> we hear similar stories about gift cards purchased here. >> i was surprised it was hanging on the rack without security. >> the problem with scammers copying down the pin number and registering the card so once it was purchased they could use the money before the person who purchased it. >> so manufactures changed the card, adding the silver security panel and scammers changed their ammo. >> this card most likely was in the store for a period of time, stolen, compromised and then placed back in the store by the unknown suspect. >> earlier this year the foster city police captain explained
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there's a new gift card fraud. they are removing and replacing the silver security panel so you have no way to know it's been tampered with. as soon as you activate it they spend the money. >> we would like the retail store s to remove the cards. >> whether they're giving or receiving -- >> it's embarrassing. >> -- customers don't like deah worthless gift cards. >> the safety -- the safetiest -- safest way to buy a gift card is to buy it from behind the counter and check for signs of tampering carefully. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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"michter's celebration sourh whiskey" is being sold as a a rare bottle of whisky is going for $4,000. the sour mash whisky is being sold as a limited edition. there's less than 300 out there. it's made from a blend of barrels, some of which are aged up to 30 years. shots are not going to come cheap either. they are $350 each. that story is trending. also trending now, ford nation. it's the name of toronto mayor
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rob ford's online series. north korea admitting to detaining a palo alto man. obama care fixes is later t. small business saturday, the day set aside to buy from mom and pop stores is today. you can follow us on twitter. time for one more look at the forecast. >> it's going to be a glorious day across the bay area if you like sunshine. people are saying where's the rain. we have a chance of that by tuesday. today pretty similar to yesterday. tomorrow will be the warmest day of the weekend. the numbers begin to go down. most notably by thursday, outside number is 50 degrees. >> that is something. beautiful. a crook is kauln caught on camera. he walks into a florida gas stak sticks a gun in the clerk's face and gives them
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money. the clerk complies and kills the thief with kindness. >> i gave him the money. i was like let me bag it for you. we start bagging it. i was like , you should double bag it. i'm just stalling. >> the clerk suggests if robber grab some beer. the robber drops his bag and gun and picks its up and runs and then fullables the beer outside. the cops were there to get him and the money. >> this morning he's wearing silver bracelets. time for us to call it a morning. thank you for watching kpix news 5 this morning. we will be back here tomorrow morning starting at 7:30 a.m. >> what a pleasure working with you today. >> it was. >> let's do it again. >> sounds good. we'll do it next saturday. d joy the rest of your weekend. ,,,,,,,,
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