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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 6, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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survival kits in case they decide to stay. >> it's hard to speak on that because i have seen a lot of them pass away. >> reporter: mm-hm. [ pause ] >> reporter: john, a homeless man who camps near here was overcome with emotion weather we told him that the cold has claimed lives. three people died in homeless camps last night and a fourth died sleeping in a garage. all victims of hypothermia, according to the santa clara county coroner. >> your heart stops. and when nobody's there, they don't even know you're dead yet until the morning. >> when the weather gets like this, we're going to lose people and this isn't over. so we have got to as a community say this must stop. >> reporter: the life builder says the people didn't have to die. the three shelters opened in san jose, sunnyvale and gilroy this week have not been full to capacity. as word spreads about the deaths, they will be filling up. >> for folks who make the
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decision to come in or not, there's a lot of factors, will i lose my freedom, if they have pets they are worried about what will happen to their pets. it's complicated and a life-or- death issue. >> reporter: this person is coming into the shelter tonight after braving the last four nights under a tarp. >> it's real bad. and if you are not young and strong, you won't make it especially the older like 70, 80-year-old people. they couldn't make it out here. >> reporter: it is going to be another very cold and wet night here in san jose. rain is on the way. it is estimated that there are about 7,000 people who sleep outside in san jose on any given night. and last year, 40 people died while sleeping on the streets of san jose. reporting live, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> right now, hundreds of people are still without power in benicia which means they are not only without electricity they are without heat. the outage started this morning and initially more than 4,000
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homes were without power but pg&e has gradually restored it throughout the day. it's not clear what caused it. if it's not the electricity, it's water giving homeowners fits. plumbers have been busy fixing pipes as they burst because of our frigid temperatures. we caught up to one plummer making a repair today in pleasant hill. one thing you can do, let a faucet slowly drip overnight. another thing, run the furnace at a low temperature. it should help keep the pipes from freezing up. we are not done with the bitter cold. more to come. >> that's right. on top of the cold, wind, rain, even snow, kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno is at the foot of mount diablo for a preview of what's to dom. >> reporter: at 2500 feet and above it will be snowing tonight and may be right now. it just started raining here 10 minutes ago. temperature not that bad, 46 degrees. we had clear skies overnight hard freeze once again. then i want to show you some video of the ominous looking
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clouds that moved in after the lunch hour. rain moves in overnight tonight. here's kpix 5 high-def doppler radar. you see the showers working their way in from the north. we are going to zoom on down to mount diablo. guess what, already at the base of the mountain we are seeing rain showers and at the peak of the mountain we're seeing a rain-snow mixes and a winter weather advisory is in effect saturday tomorrow 1:00 a.m. to 10 a.m. above 25 hutch feet. we likely will see two to four inches of new snowfall. so get out tomorrow afternoon. you will see white on top of mount hamilton, mount st. helena and mount diablo. full forecast to talk about when more rain is going to move in and when we'll see another freeze coming up in 10 minutes. >> track the rain coming in with our live hi-def doppler radar at crystal clear security pictures have helped capture a home burglary suspect. 28-year-old richard andres banuelos is facing charges
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tonight. fremont police posted the home surveillance video on youtube and tips started pouring in. kpix 5's brian webb talk to fremont neighbors who explain how security cameras are key to protecting their homes. brian. >> reporter: the city of fremont is on the verge of putting up an entire network of security cameras across the city. one of the test cameras is above my head here on central avenue part of a growing number of communities and neighborhoods keeping close watch over would-be criminals. reporter: in fremont's scott creek neighborhood the good old family dog is being outdone by a higher tech security. >> it's a deterrent. >> reporter: after battling break-ins about every other month, neighbors pitched in for these two security cameras that capture every car coming and going. >> we put up cameras at both entrances that are hi-def so as the cars come in, we catch their license numbers. >> reporter: in another fremont neighborhood, a security camera
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led cops to an alleged crook in 24 hours. police posted the video to youtube and within hours, they had more tips than they knew what to do with. this is the man rummaging through things inside the house's every move being recorded. it played out next door to this man's house. he also has a security camera. >> keep those thieves away from your house. kind of give them second thoughts before they come into your house. >> reporter: over the past year in scott creek, daytime crime is down to just about nothing thanks to two well placed cameras with a little credit still going to the family dog. and fremont police plan to ask city leaders for the network of cameras sometime in the next couple of months hoping to get some grant money to pay for a big chunk of it. live in fremont, brian webb, kpix 5. >> security experts think that there may be as many as 30 million more security cameras in use here in the united states since the september 11th attacks. a hotel security guard is being credited for helping nab
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a hit-and-run driver who collided with a police cruiser. it's unclear how fast the suspect was driving but the force of the impact pushed the stay police car into the middle of the intersection this morning at san carlos street and almaden boulevard. without hesitation, a security guard who saw the whole thing happen tackled the suspect and held him until help arrived. >> doesn't surprise you? >> no, he is a hero every day in all ways so it wouldn't surprise me to find out that this is actually what happened. >> the officer suffered moderate injuries and went to the hospital complaining of back pain. the suspect is also being treated for his injuries and will likely face hit-and-run charges. in other bay area headlines, three teenaged boys in richmond are facing rape charges for alleged assaults on two girls. one who is 14 one who is 17. police say it happened last friday night in wildcat canyon regional park. the victims say they were given
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alcohol until they passed out. when they woke up they called police to say they had been raped. san francisco police will have extra officers on hand at sunday's 49ers big game against the seattle seahawks. some of those officers will be dressed up as seahawks fans patrolling the parking lots and stands because of the heated rivalry. tickets for the second-to-last regular season game at candlestick selling up to $4,000. from kings to commoners the world stops to mourn the death of nelson mandela. what we're learning about the funeral that will attract world leaders. >> fewer days for holiday shopping creating more opportunities for stress. what retailers are doing to literally ease your burden.
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nelson mandela in south afr people have been right now the mountain of flowers and candles continues to grow outside the home of nelson mandela in south africa. people every people having going to the site since the announcement of his death. and the crowds continue to pay
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their respects to the leader. sunday has been declared a national day of prayer and a public memorial service is set for tuesday. mandela's body will then lie in state for three days. the funeral will take place in his hometown next sunday. it can be said martin luther king, jr. had a dream. but it was nelson mandela who lived it. tara mergener tells us about his legacy and the countless people he inspired around the world. reporter: outside nelson mandela's johannesburg home, south africans are celebrating his life. at his former home in soweto, mourners praised him with song and dance. they are remembering the man who led the struggle against apartheid, became the country's first black president then fought for peace. in cape town, thousands gathered for an for a service. >> someone that's done the country a great service. >> reporter: across the world, tributes are pouring in. in paris, the french president
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stood in silence with african leaders including south africa's first lady. the memorial is growing in washington. >> after 27 years of imprisonment, he comes out better, not bitter. >> reporter: former secretary of state hillary clinton shared her memories of attending mandela's presidential inauguration. >> nelson mandela will be remembered for many things. he will certainly remembered for the way he led. >> reporter: the clintons, former president george w. bush and president obama are all expected to travel to south africa to honor him. tara mergener for cbs news, washington. >> the bay area has a special connection with nelson mandela and the anti-apartheid movement. the human rights leader visited here in 1990 just after his release from prison.
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during that visit, he met with cecil williams. >> you can tell that he was above the divisions, he was above anything that occurred that would take away from being with people and making sure that people understood he was going to be different, different because that was mantra, that was who he was. >> mandela's appearance at the oakland coliseum was the final stop on his u.s. freedom tour. 58,000 people packed the stadium to hear the iconic leader speak. pulling up stakes after decades in the east bay. >> every year, business deteriorates. there's no business down here except for the night life. >> the changing face of a neighborhood that's costing one businessman his livelihood. >> and a landing that almost goes sideways. incredible pictures of how the pilot held it together. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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month. that's the lowest its been 5 years.. some promising news about jobs. the nation's unemployment rate dropped to 7% last month. that's the lowest it's been in five years. another sign the labor market is strengthening: u.s. employers added more than 200,000 jobs. the department of labor attributes last month's gains to increased hiring in transportation, warehousing and
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healthcare. the jobs report was music to the ears of traders with the dow soaring nearly 200 points. in fact, one analyst said it seems good news means good news this week on wall street. an east bay neighborhood known for its trendy bars, music venues and restaurants comes alive when the sun goes down. we're talking about the uptown in the heart of oakland. but a bustling night life comes at a price. kpix 5's da lin on how this evolving neighborhood is leaving out long-time businesses. reporter: people come and go. but this corner shoe store? >> the neighborhood staple. >> reporter: 35 years and it, too, will go. closing at the end of the month. >> some days i have nobody coming in. absolutely nobody. >> reporter: some are even surprised he lasted this long. he credits his niche business, selling hard-to-find sizes. long-time customer elaine sampson drove from sacramento. >> very sad. this is the only shoe store in the bay area that i can get shoes at that i know of.
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>> it's going to change the fabric a little bit, the whole fabric has already started changing. >> reporter: fred's leasing his store to a brewery. >> it's going to go from shoes to booze record an uptown oakland has gone in that direction, more hip and young. restaurants, bars, and nightclubs have transformed telegraph avenue and broadway. the "new york times" even named oakland one of the top places to visit because of the new eateries. >> booming and booming and it's lovely and it's wonderful. >> reporter: wonderful for some. bad for others. >> the city has just gone down. i think oakland seems to have lost its soul. >> reporter: fred says the city overpromoted the new businesses. >> there's no viability in this city for daytime retail. i don't know what the people are thinking down at city hall. >> reporter: it's not the store but the people and relationships fred will miss the most. and he will miss singing to them. in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5.
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>> now, we reached out to the mayor and the councilwoman who oversees the uptown district for comment. no response so far. well, the battle between same-day delivery services is really starting to heat up. julie watts on the consumerwatch joining us from the stonestown galleria in a strategic move by malls to compete with online retailers. julie. >> reporter: that's right. here we are at ground zero in the same-day delivery wars. and yeah, these brick and mortar stores are throwing down the gauntlet. reporter: this isn't a sleigh and this guy is no elf but he is delivering goods to those naughty and nice. it's same-day delivery for stuff you pick out at the mall allowing brick and mortar to compete in the battle for the almighty consumer dollar. >> i am a fan of amazon but i can still try things on here. >> reporter: perfect for those who like the tangible shopping
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experience and the convenience of same-day delivery. lounges like these are popping up at malls across the state where shoppers can drop off their purchases and have them delivered to their door. >> you take public transportation, mom with two kids, you have the stroller, you get to that point that you're done. and this again allows it to be a little more pleasant experience. >> reporter: and cynthia of san francisco's stonestown mall points to the added security. no more risking a break-in in your car. your purchases are under lock and key until your scheduled delivery something amazon just can't deliver. year after year, we see this, packages stolen in broad daylight. luna, a delivery app for online purchases. instead of having them delivered to your hour, ship them to luna and schedule luna to deliver once you're home for the day. back at the mall, shoppers are scheduling their deliveries to the same day lounge freeing them up for a little more shopping. >> i have eight bags so now i
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can drop this off and do more damage on my credit card. >> reporter: now, the same-day delivery service is actually free until christmas. so here and at eastridge malls. after that it will be $5. ebay is now offering a similar service for select stores at the ferry building in san francisco. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. the mega millions jackpot has been growing for two weeks. tonight the wins are at a new record. tomorrow's jackpot is $297 million, the second biggest in more than 2 years. people are picking up last- minute tickets. the drawing is tonight at 8:00. how about this new video toothpicks newsroom? snowing decently up in calistoga today along highway 29 towards napa valley. there was enough snow the plows were out to keep the roads clear. snow? we might get some.
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paul deanno is up at mount diablo. >> reporter: i'll tell you what snow is going to be in the forecast in a lot of spots. just go up in elevation. anytime you get that surge of cold air then a couple of days later a cold storm comes in from the north. we get this a couple of times a year mount diablo, mount hamilton, mount st. helena. if you were to go up the road a couple of miles overnight tonight early tomorrow morning it will be snowing anywhere above 2500 feet where we have a winter wind advisory in effect. how high did we get? milder for some of you 54 degrees in oakland, san jose 54. san francisco 51. still only highs in the 40s for three straight days in concord and napa with a high of 48. because of the moisture tonight, we will not see another widespread freeze. vallejo 37. san jose 38. san francisco 44. livermore 36. napa 34 degrees. kpix 5 hi-def doppler radar here's the stage i want to set for you with scattered showers wide, we are going to zoom down to mount hamilton. there's a mix of precipitation
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or all snow at the highest elevations there. and we'll also take you up toward calistoga highway 29 where we have showers many of those snow showers right now. cold air and moisture combining right over top of the bay area. here's what's going to be happening over the next day or so. that cold storm will continue to work from the north to the south. it arrives overnight tonight and already getting windy outside south wind at 16 miles per hour at san francisco. when the low moves out more cold air will move in for the weekend. so we are done with the freeze for tonight. but tomorrow night we'll have another freeze once the storm passes by. futurecast showing you those scattered showers overnight tonight. you see the white and pink in the higher elevations anywhere above 2500 feet it won't be rain it will be snow. that rain will quickly end on saturday morning and you will have sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. so a breezy rain eve night tonight. it will be a mainly dry weekend but a cold weekend with another freeze tomorrow night and a slow warming trend. back up towards 60 degrees next week. high temperatures tomorrow running about 10 degrees below average only the upper 40s
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widespread union city 47. morgan hill 46. antioch 46. benicia 48 tomorrow. berkeley high of 49. only 49 chilly degrees in san francisco. and chick out at lakeport with a high tomorrow of only 40 degrees. extended forecast, on sunday another sunny day. but another cold day highs around 50. low 50s on monday. upper 50s tuesday. and finally we get back to the 60s next wednesday and thursday with a chance of showers next thursday. it is raining at the base of mount diablo. but go up in elevation, anywhere in the bay area, above 2500 feet, we are talking about snow. the first snowfall of the season in the bay area. meteorologist paul deanno reporting live from clayton. back to you. >> thank you. you know people are going to be out there with their cameras hiking. they want to see that. >> absolutely. thanks, paul. losing the glow many women don't want. >> very self-conscious about your face all the time. >> the newly approved treatment for the skin condition called rosacea. ,,,,,,
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[ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients.
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you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. an hour winds. the emirates airlines 777 w
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trying to touch down in all right. watch this plane trying to take the landing in uk in 80-mile-an- hour winds. check it out. the emirates airlines 777 was trying to touch down in birmingham yesterday. the strong gusts appear to push the jet almost sideways. incredibly the pilot kept it together and after two aborted landings, he headed for another airport. the holiday express is about to arrive. caltrain's holiday express will be making stops this weekend between santa clara and san francisco at dusk. the christmas train decorated with 60,000 glittering lights and at each stop the train will be loading up toy donations for local children. and the batkid returns to san francisco tomorrow!! 5-year-old miles scott won our hearts last month when he saved the city from evil villains. that was his dream as he battled cancer. miles will be back tomorrow to help with a make-a-wish fundraiser. he is going to lead a 5k
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walk/run that starts at the aquatic park at jefferson and hyde streets at 8:30. i think you can get batkid t- shirts there too. >> yeah. we have one. my kids have them. >> i have to order mine. it afflicts some 16 million americans mostly women between the ages of 30 and 60 and now, a new treatment has been given fda approval for rosacea. reporter: rosemary suffers from rosacea, a chronic inflammatory disorder that affects the face. >> it's embarrassing when you go out. you're very self-conscious about your face all the time. >> reporter: to deal with the redness, her doctor prescribed mervaso a topical gel recently approved by the food and drug administration. >> what the gel is doing is constricting the vessels so you don't see the redness. >> reporter: the exact cause of rosacea is unclear but some things make it better or worse.
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>> with rosacea, the triggers are stress, alcohol, extremes in temperatures and different spices for different people. >> reporter: mirvaso reduces the redness for up to 12 hours. rosemary applies it in the morning and night i feel much better. i feel like a whole different person. >> and mirvaso can trigger adverse reactions including headaches and more skin redness and it's not recommended for people with depression and cardiovascular disease. now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." scott pelley is in new york. scott. >> - >> reporter: high, allen and liz, great to be with you in the bay area. celebrating mandela, south africans pay tribute to the father of their country as the government announces the plans for his services. we'll have reports from south africa and the remarkable news today on jobs in america. all of that tonight on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right after kpix 5 news. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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a green makeover - or a money making scheme? ton ask if a i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, a green makeover, or a money making scheme? tonight we ask if a bay area plan to ease rainstorm runoff is really a city's cover to rake in some extra cash. plus -- >> we have had so many people come in and they think they have a flat. >> why our cold snap is causing so many bay area drivers to ask, what's wrong with their cars? including my wife. [ laughter ] >> thinks she has a flat tire.
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>> including me. i got that same symbol on my jeep. [ laughter ] >> i'm going to watch at 6:00. captions by: caption colorado south africans pay tribute to the father of their country as the government announces plans for his services. a delegation of u.s. presidents will attend. reports from debora patta, mark phillips, and michelle miller. anthony mason on the best jobs report since the great recession. but what kind of jobs is the economy creating? an ice storm causes havoc t middle of the country. manuel bojorquez is there. and allen pizzey on the years that made the man. >> for 18 of the 27 years he spent in prison, nelson mandela walked down this corridor everyday and at the end of that walk there was no freedom, there was this. >> reporter: with bob simon on the moment he was free. >> after 27 years, his head was high and his fist was clenched.


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