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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 13, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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connected to some recent holdups. in the last week we have seen several carjacks in the downtown oakland area some associated with some of our street robberies. >> reporter: oakland and berkeley police are seeing a trend where people are stealing cars to use for armed robberies. they say the suspect's age is concerning. >> typically, we do not see suspects this young. 13 is a very young age. >> it blows my mind just -- but it's really sad, too, that that's what it's coming down to. >> reporter: police are not releasing the suspect's name and identity, given his age. and they are working with the district attorney's office to see how prosecutors should charge this minor. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> now, the 78-year-old owner and driver of that car was not hurt. fortunately, there were no other injuries related to the chase or the crash. new at 5:00 a bizarre ending to an argument between a
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couple this afternoon that blocked one lane of traffic on the san mateo bridge. chp says at some point, the couple's car crashed on the bridge during their fight. but it didn't stop there. the two people got out and the disagreement kept going! somehow, the driver, the man, ended up in the water. he was rescued and apparently is okay. an explosion caused by a gas leak at house in hayward sent a man flying across the room. you can see just how badly it damaged the home on fairview avenue. debris is all over the yard. the blast was so powerful, windows in nearby houses and cars blew out. and the front door was found 70 feet away. a man in his 50s who lives there is being treated for minor injuries. firefighters say the blast was caused by a gas leak and a dryer. new at 5:00 fbi agents are going door to door in the north bay searching for one of their most wanted terrorists. the berkeley man has been on the run for more than 10 years. linda yee is in san rafael to
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explain why they think he may be here. linda? >> reporter: well, liz, they are looking for daniel san diego. he is 35 years old, considered armed and dangerous. a suspected bombmaker who eluded the fbi for 10 years. this afternoon, they did circulate this poster asking anyone if they have seen this man in this san rafael neighborhood. >> do you live here? >> no. >> reporter: fbi agents went door to door in this affluent san rafael neighborhood. they are looking for their most wanted domestic terrorist daniel san diego. investigators believe he could be hiding in the neighborhood where he has family ties. san diego is charged in the bombing of the chiron office building in emeryville 10 years ago. surveillance video shows a lone figure walking through the complex. then a bomb goes off in an entrance. >> intended to cause damage to physical property and it would have been easy for an innocent bystander to be caught by these powerful destructive bombs. >> reporter: a second bomb went off an hour later.
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the fbi believes it was intended to hurt police and emergency crews responding to that first bomb. a month later another bomb exploded at the shaklee corporation in pleasanton. agents say san diego is a member of extreme animal rights groups and targeted the biotech companies for their connections with an animal testing lab. the fbi released photos of how san diego may look today and described several of his tatoos an image of burning hillsides on his close and burning and collapsing buildings on his back and sides. an agency profiler believes he may be overseas in europe or possibly in bolivia or costa rica teaching or translating english. >> routinely using prepaid cell phones or calling cards and changing his email address. he has skills in computers, cooks vegan and has an interest in sailing. >> reporter: after the bombings, the fbi put san diego under surveillance but he was able to give them the slip in
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san francisco ten years ago. over the years, he has been sighted in novato, san rafael as well as massachusetts. reporting live in san rafael, linda yee, kpix 5. >> san diego was the first domestic fugitive on the fbi's most wanted trivet list. -- terrorist list. a millbrae homeowner had a mountain lion prowling around his backyard and he has the video to prove it. the home surveillance footage grainy but sure enough there is the mountain lion on the right hanging out around the family's koy pond. it then jumped over a 6-foot fence into the neighbor's yard. we caught up with the shaken homeowner. >> i was really surprised because i was just wondering how it came over into our backyard. but once i saw the video i was -- i seen it there, so it was kind of scary. >> fence was no problem. the mountain lion took off but if you do happen to encounter one, wildlife experts say it's
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best to face the animal, make yourself look big by waving your arms. we learned today that the man killed in a fiery crash yesterday on 580 worked as an emt, identified as 29-year-old reed whittaker of livermore. royal ambulance posted a con lens message along with reed's picture. he was a supervisor in san leandro. it happened yesterday morning near north livermore avenue. his jeep was rammed from behind by a man in a hummer. the collision caused the jeep to catch fire with whitaker stuck inside. the hummer driver is arrested. the 53-year-old man will be changed. he had minor injuries. developing story out of colorado. a student may have had a grudge against a teacher, walked into his high school and opened fire injuring two students before then shooting himself. the shooting took place at
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arapaho high school in centennial, colorado a few miles from columbine. shooter was looking for a specific teacher who was warned by other teachers and left the building. one student confronted the armed student and was shot. she is in serious condition. as the chaos unfolded students raised their arms over their heads as police officers rushed them to the school's athletic field. >> everybody is pretty much pulled out their phones and started texting their parents and telling them that like they loved them and stuff. >> did you? >> yeah. >> many students texted family members as the shooting began. the names of the shooter and injured have not yet been released. today shooting in colorado cages a day before the one-year anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school massacre. but tomorrow, at least publicly, will be just like any other day in newtown, connecticut. the town has decided not to hold a public memorial in order to avoid any reminders of the
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day. 20 first graders and six adults were killed by 20-year-old adam lanza but a vigil was held in san francisco this afternoon to mark the sandy hook anniversary. mayor lee and other local leaders came together to remember those victims. they also rang a bell for the 44 people who were murdered in san francisco this year. police say he was planning to set off a car full of explosives at an airport. the fbi sting that uncovered a homegrown terror plot. >> we are the luckiest in california. >> $425 million up for grabs tonight. but here's a lottery buzz kill. why your odds of winning are worst than ever. >> almost as bad as the odds of it raining around here. see that red color over my shoulder just to our south and to our east? that is an extreme drought not just severe drought that we're in now but the worst of the worst is getting closer to us. here's a live look outside. we have the sunshine. we have a nice weekend forecast. we'll talk about if or when any rain is on the way. >> it's the best place to hunt for christmas deals but it's
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also a mine field for thieves. the biggest trap to shopping online. ,,
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today. the city's anti- trus san jose's fighted to become the home of the a's moved to a federal appeals court today. thigh antitrust lawsuit against major league baseball is headed to the ninth circuit. a judge had dismissed the city's arguments that baseball has violated the law in preventing the a's from relocating. the city has been pushing for a decision since 2009. >> the whole issue here whether or not they can willy-nilly avoid the law when no one else can. >> san jose might have to refile some of its claims in a state court. mlb lawyers say the case is moot because commissioner bud selig sent a letter to the a's owner lew wolff apparently rejecting the relocation bid. bart and its unions just wrapped up their second day at the bargaining table. they are staying tight-lipped about the progress in hopes of
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working out a deal. this dispute if you haven't heard is over family leave which bart says should never have been added to the final contract. a federal mediator is helping with the talks. union leaders have filed a lawsuit over the issue but say they don't plan to strike not right now at least. things are heating up in ac transit's latest dispute. just as its 60-day cooling-off period is coming to an end the new issue is over changes to bus routes beginning sunday. the union members say those changes violate the cooling off agreement and threaten to boycott. a judge denied the union's request for an injunction. both sides negotiating as i say right now, but the strike ban is in effect until midnight december 22. the unions aren't getting sympathy from the public. newly released results of a field poll reveal 45% of registered california voters think unions do more harm than good. the poll also found 52% of bay area voters believe public transit workers should not be
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allowed to strike. 41% say they should have that right. the poll was taken in the weeks following that second bart strike. leaders of california's three public higher education systems met today to talk about how to improve them. topics were money, making higher education more accessible, and make the system work better for the students. racial equality was also brought up in the wake of an incident at san jose state in which a black student was allegedly abused by his white roommates. >> problems arise we catch them sooner rather than later turn them need occasional moments until they are criminal moments and go forward. we'll never be perfect. we can't guarantee success. >> the incident at san jose state is being investigated as a hate crime. fake sign language may be the least of their concerns. the disturbing discovery about the interpreter's past that's raising major red flags. >> he survived a horrible case of animal cruelty. now the puppy whose mouth was
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sealed shut is bouncing back. how you can help give him a good home. ,, ,,,, ,,,,,,,,
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the f-b-i arrested 58-year d terry lee loewen ( ' kansas man is under arrest accused of planning to blow up a car at a kansas
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airport. that fbi arrested the 58-year- old man he tried to carry out the plot at an airport. he had been tracked for six months. he faces one count each of attempting to use a weapon of mass destruction, attempting to damage property and to provide support to al qaeda. police in south africa struggled to control crowds who wanted to see nelson mandela's body one last time before his burial on sunday. [ yelling ] >> now, at one point officers had to lock arms to stop people from getting into the building. south african officials say about 100,000 people showed up and half were turned away. chilling new allegations about the fake interpreter at mandela's memorial. the south african governor revealed he was accused of murder 10 years ago. his rap sheet also includes charges of rape and kidnapping. many of the charges were later dropped because he was mentally unfit to stand trial. officials are still unable to
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explain how the interpreter was able to get within arm's length of president obama and other world leaders. >> just turn him loose? i don't get it. if you want to wake up a multimillionaire tomorrow, you have a couple of hours left. ryan takeo joining us live in san lorenzo to tell us the mega millions jackpot continues to grow. we play, but our chances are worse than ever? >> reporter: that's right, allen. hi there. the jackpot is up to $425 million. we're here at cavanaugh liquors a lucky store. you see the multi-million dollar winners that have been here but it's just 5. you see that's why all these people are waiting in line. the line stretches around this line and around the store. but even if you buy here, the odds of hitting the mega millions are worse than ever. >> it's 425 million. >> reporter: mega millions added more numbers to choose from two months ago. since then, no one has hit the big one. >> you want all this on mega?
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>> reporter: the chances someone wins has gotten slimmer which means it rolls over and the alluring prizes grow larger. there's a steady stream of dreamers at san lorenzo's cavanaugh liquor. >> we are the luckiest in california. >> reporter: even here the chances are slim. some have already spent the money in their minds. >> this is your college fund here. >> reporter: the truth, the reality is upsetting. [ baby cries ] >> he doesn't like the chances. [ laughter ] [ baby cries ] >> more likely to have huge jackpots. >> reporter: a stats professor says the odds are now 259 million:1. others have a less scientific probability. >> they said it would be like meeting a supermodel today as to when they -- [ laughter ] >> reporter: the odds of winning something like a buck or two is now one in 10. for that you just need to match the meganumber.
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>> that's good. anything helps, you know? [ laughter ] >> this is about getting rich. >> reporter: the long line shows even with the long shot even the slimmest of chances can't get in the way of dreaming. >> maybe we'll meet a supermodel. i don't know. [ laughter ] >> reporter: here are a couple of things more likely to happen than you winning the big one. death by vending machine. having identical quadruplets. and dying in an asteroid -- sorry -- apocalypse. by the way, he is not playing tonight. i am. this has your name on it. i'll split it with you 50/50. >> as it has been point out you win the lotto, your odds of dating a supermodel goes way up. [ laughter ] >> amazing how that works. >> the one thing we never say the odds of winning if you don't play?
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even worse than if you do. >> true. >> not advocating the lottery. do you what you want to do out there. but hey, you know, there it is. >> some people think they have won the lottery by living here in california but sometimes looks can be deceiving. it is. they are kind of coming from the same thing. big ridge of high pressure means sunshine in december, lack of rainfall good stuff to get outside but a big ridge of high pressure takes all the pollution in the atmosphere and condenses it down to where we live. that causes "spare the air" alerts. look at the video from today. we'll take you outside to san francisco. air quality moderate today but you probably saw haze driving in from the east or north haze over the peninsula and city, san mateo county. we'll take you also to the south bay where the air quality was at its worst, unhealthy air quality. see that film right over top of the santa clara valley? that is the bad air and guess what, we are going to have it tomorrow. here's a peek outside with just a little bit of high cloud cover out there. the pollution helped scattered the light right around sunset gives us beautiful sunsets although i would rather the pollution go away. there is a live look outside
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from the oakland camera. currently oakland 57. also 57 for san francisco and santa rosa. san jose 55, livermore 55. no freezes tonight. but it certainly was chilly out there this morning. we'll do it again tomorrow. mid-30s for napa starting your weekend in fairfield at 35. redwood city 37. san jose 39. so cold. just not a freeze. speaking of "spare the air," a record-setting 6th straight day today we are going to do it again tomorrow. unhealthy air quality especially in the south bay 7 straight "spare the air" days. we have been doing it since last sunday. we'll do it again tomorrow. here's the reason why. that big ridge of high pressure and an offshore wind sometimes that flow from the pacific ocean takes the pollution and shoves it into the central valley. not the case now. if anything, we are getting some of their pollution. but this big ridge of high pressure will keep us dry and keep the storm track hundreds of miles away. the jet stream goes up, it has to come down somewhere. big-time storms back east, snow and rain, lots of moisture. so it's an active pattern not for us. that ridge will be with us for
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five days as it sits over northern and central california. we'll be quite mild and quite dry for mid-december and it's really not going to change until the middle of next week. so the bad air quality will continue. the dry weather and sunshine will also continue. if you are looking for warm days, maybe you have a vacation day to burn before the end of the year, next monday and tuesday highs near 70. tomorrow 62 livermore. sunnyvale 61 los gatos in the low 60s, as well. upper 50s for concord, low 60s up and down 680 from dublin to danville and al mope. mill valley 59 for you tomorrow. 60s in alamo. clearlake tomorrow sunshine 60 degrees. milder sunday. next week cloud cover. we still are talking about 7 straight dry days. this is exceedingly rare to go this deep into the season with just about an inch of rain so
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far. >> means trouble. >> we could use some rain but enjoy the sunshine this weekend. >> will do. a happy ending for a bay area puppy after he was a victim of terrible case of animal cruelty. this is finney. he came into the contra costa humane shelter as a stray in september. he was beaten so badly over time that his jawbones fused together and couldn't open. but with the help of the finney's first kiss campaign, the society raised enough money to get his jaw fixed. >> finley craves attention. and he wants to be the only dog in your world. and he would i think live a better life knowing that he was the only dog. >> after all that surgery finney is ready for a new home. you can find out how to adopt and donate on our website, >> amazing comeback. make somebody a great companion. the deals are often better than the stores but there is a
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security risk when you shop online. what you should know before you click. ,,
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cyber-shoppers type the web name directly into their more of us choosing to shop online but only half of cyber shoppers type the actual website into the web browser and that is a much safer thing to do. on the consumerwatch, julie watts tells us that clicking on links is just one of the many identity theft dangers lurking this holiday season. reporter: there's a luxury item on a lot of christmas lists. problem is they are pricy and while you may be able to snag a better deal online, security expert neil o'farrell warns be careful when searching the word cheap. >> a big problem are counterfeit websites. >> reporter: like these selling fake tiffany, coach and others for a fraction of the cost for the real thing and while you may not mind a knockoff -- >> the people selling them are criminals so if they get your credit card number and your personal information, they are going to do something with it.
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>> reporter: another no, no? shopping online in public places like public transit or a coffee shop where crooks can shoulder surf and in some case look at your private information via unsecured wi- fi. >> you're safer is to browse rather than buy. >> reporter: and watch out for fake receipts. scammers are sending emails that appear to come from popular retailers. but when you click on the attachment that is supposed to be a receipt -- >> just installed a piece of malware on your computer. >> reporter: and it's not just online where you need to keep up your guard. beware of signing up for credit cards at the store. >> it's not a safe place because someone is going to be taking down your information in a public place. you don't really know who this someone is. could be someone that was hired the day before. >> and when heading to the mall security experts say only bring the cards you will actually use. 'tis the season also for pickpockets. >> ho ho ho! merry christmas! >> reporter: now, nearly 30% of
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people according to experion say they carry their social security number in their wallet or purse a huge id theft risk and nearly half admit they write their social security number on credit card and job applications even medical forms. >> oh, no. >> that gets stolen, everything is gone. >> major no, no. >> if you are filling out those cards at, say, you know, a grocery store or, you know, some big box retailer who knows where they end up. >> absolutely. >> good advice. >> we try. >> have a good weekend. well, now for a look at what's ahead on the "cbs evening news." we of course have scott pelley in new york. scott. reports. >> reporter: hi, great to be with you in the bay area. we have new details on the high school shooting attack in colorado that happened today in a town near columbine on the eve of the newtown tragedy. we are going to take you to the scene. plus, for 7 years the u.s. disavowed american robert levinson who disappeared in iran. john miller will report tonight on levinson, the cia and how a
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mission went wrong. those stories on the "cbs evening news" at 5:30 right off kpix 5 news. ,, wouldn't it be nice if there was a wireless company that put you on their gift list? well say hello to aio! at aio wireless you can get an android smartphone free with activation. free android phone?!?! yes please. plus, aio has a reliable nationwide network and no annual contracts. it's like the presents just keep coming! a wireless company that puts me at the top of their list? i'm in! stop by your neighborhood aio store or visit
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and the rules are clear: d't burn! why some firefighters under scrutiny. why a botanical mira bitter bay are the longest winter "spare the air" stretch and the rules are clear don't burn. why some firefighters are under scrutiny though. and why a botanical miracle is at the root of a bitter bay area battle. that and more at 6:00. >> thank you for watching. the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, see you in 30 minutes.
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captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, gu >> pelley: tonight, gunfire in a high school. a gunman attacks in a colorado town near columbine on the eve of the anniversary of newtown. >> we heard two more shots and we ran to a sprinkler room and just kind of hid in there. >> pelley: barry petersen is at the scene. for seven years, the u.s. disavowed american robert levinson who disappeared in iran. john miller reports on levinson, the i.a., and how a mission went wrong. a kansas man is arrested on charges he planned to bomb an american airport. bob orr is on the story. and steve hartman goes "on the road" with secret santas proving once and for all -- >> santa is real. (laughs) he's very real. captioning sponsored by cbs


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