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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 21, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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big bank is limiting spendi- fo holiday shop new fallout tonight from the target security breach. now a big bank is limiting spending for millions of last- minute holiday shoppers. good evening, i'm brian hackney. >> and i'm juliette goodrich in for ann notarangelo. our don knapp is at a target store in fremont talking to shoppers about this new
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development. don? >> reporter: jewel yet, shoppers are in the store. they are shopping and it is after all the christmas shopping season but they are concerned and hoping that target will fix the problems. jp morgan chase in an effort to protect customers and its own southwests moved to limit -- interests moved to limit debit card purchasing power. customers calling chase heard this -- >> we are aware of the data breach at target stores and we're monitoring our debit and credit cards to help protect you. >> reporter: chase customers who shopped at target between november 27th and december 15th have debit card daily limits of $300 for purchases and just $100 for cash withdrawals. >> through the credit union they said we don't have any particular problems. not really worried right now. >> reporter: it turned out to be a shopping boon for sally. >> i was here during that time. but when they did say 10% i came to target. >> reporter: 10% for being a good loyal customer and coming back. but you didn't bring a credit
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card. >> i brought cash because i'm still not sure. >> reporter: earlier in the week target announced that thieves had stolen card data from as many as 40 million shoppers. the company ceo on the company's website said there was no indication that pin numbers had been compromised but urged shoppers to watch for suspicious charges. >> if you see that contact your card provider or call us and we'll walk you through that. >> reporter: but some the shoppers we talked with decided to forego the cards and just use cash. >> i actually used cash today specifically because i heard about this and i needed to buy some things, i didn't want to risk using my card. >> reporter: chase says the purchase limits and cash withdrawal limits will end as soon as new cards are issued. reporting live in fremont, don knapp, kpix 5. >> all right, thank you don. b.a.r.t. and its unions may have cleared the last hurdle in their labor talks this morning they came to an agreement on the family leave provision. here's a look at what's included in the tentative deal.
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a bereavement leave policy expands the list of relatives. they would now get paid time off for the death of a grandchild or the stepparent of a spouse. break rooms get upgrades at three stations and a third feature allows workers more flexibility in paying for family medical leave. the unions will take the deal to the members. >> we have a general agreement with b.a.r.t. on some issues that were in the contract. >> b.a.r.t.'s general manager put out a statement saying that after eight months this deal will guarantee that every ounce of the agency's focus will be dedicated to the peak holiday period and beyond. transit and its bus drivers have an agreement but there are questions whether the union will ratify it. this is the third time the union and transit agency have had a deal in place. members voted down the two previous versions. leaders are cautiously optimistic. the third time is the charm. and they are hanging their hats on a pay raise and improvements
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to medical coverage. >> there's always going to be some who you know, are not happy for one reason or another. and you know, with respect to them, we still think this is a good agreement. >> a vote could take place next friday and it's possible the union could have the results that night. well the crews at candlestick park are getting ready for the last 49ers' regular season home game and you can watch it right here on monday night on kpix 5. brian webb shows us the final preparations for what could be the last game at the stick. >> reporter: monday night football is fast approaching. one last time in the national spotlight and candlestick needs to look good. >> what a beautiful job. pipe down. >> reporter: jose alvarez has been painting by numbers there for more than 30 years, and he has the pants to prove it. and he's proud of the work he does. >> if they can see it all over the world. my work but they don't know it's me. they don't know who does it. but now they do. >> reporter: a crew of only six grooms the bermuda grass from end zone to end zone and with a little help from the sun, they
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make this 50-year-old field look new again for every home game. >> prepare the field like -- like it was a championship game. every time. we didn't do it -- we don't do anything any different. >> reporter: but this isn't just another game. it might be the very last game. so everything is checked and double checked. from the stadium lights above to the toilets down below. >> 20 restrooms and we go through and kind of do a white glove test on everything. >> reporter: so it's the end of an era. all these hours and gallons of paint and career full of memories, jose is just a few stripes away from finishing for good. he's retiring right along with candlestick. >> you know i'm getting older so -- it's time for me to stop too you know. >> reporter: jose won't miss the stadium near as much as the guys who kept the stick looking sharp all these years. brian webb, kpix 5. >> there will be other events at candlestick after monday
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night's game including corporate events and concerts before the stick is finally torn down. kpix 5's coverage begins at 4:30 on monday. dennis o'donnell and allen martin will be at the stick. still ahead, a gift giveaway. special effort to get needy children new toys for christmas. >> and it's a bay area version of bethlehem. where organizers created a living nativity complete with animals. >> and will it ever rain again? it's not looking good. we'll have the forecast after a break. ,, ,,,,,,
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[son] all right,she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams]
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the annual toy giveaway for time well, santa's got a busy day at christmas and he arrived a few days earlier at the church. the annual toy giveaway for families in need is a longtime family tradition at clyde. this year helped fund the cost of the event and joined in to help distribute the toys, this year they're handing out about 8,000 toys to needy kids. >> it's the most gratifying time of the year for me because i think christmas is all about the children and being able to help families who perhaps can't
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afford to buy toys for their children. pay their rent and pay for their groceries. >> members and others from the community also helped with toy donations. the largest living nativity in california goes on display tonight in redwood city. ♪ more than 450 community members take part in the living nativity. they bring to life the birth of jesus in a manger. -- jesus in a manger complete with 85 animals if sheep to camel -- from sheep to camels. >> i think we're spreading the word about jesus in a funner way instead of sitting in church and listening to it. >> the nativity is on display tonight through monday night. 6:00 to 9:30 at the tappestry church in redwood city. today in his first christmas message to vatican administrators, the pope told the administrators to be humble professionals. pope francis also advised them to ignore the gossip surrounding the church. in march the vatican was dealing with leaking of
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documents that allege corruption and infighting. the pontiff wants to turn the page saying that gossip is harmful to the church's work. travelers hoping to get a jump on the holidays may have to wait. >> the storm system already keeping planes on the ground and frustrating fliers. >> and the discounts may be tempting but find out which items you should avoid bying before chris -- buying before christmas. ,,,,
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online sales are up nine-pet so well, this is probably not
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a surprise. more americans are now doing their holiday shopping online. online sales are up 9% so far this season. while shopping at stores is only up 2%. and one of the reasons may be that retailers have improved their websites. but it doesn't mean that shoppers do all their buying online. experts say there are still problems with online shopping like website crashes and running out of items. well, four shopping days left before christmas and you might be feeling the pressure. but a little last-minute advice lee watts with the -- julie watts with the six things you should not buy before christmas. >> reporter: the countdown to christmas is on. and sale signs everywhere are luring last-minute shoppers searching for gifts for loved ones. >> my dad wants a chrome cast. spy gear for my nephew. >> reporter: a little something for the themselves. >> a small flat screen for the bedroom. >> a new tv for the kitchen would be awesome too. >> reporter: flat screens ron the list of things you shouldn't buy before christmas.
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>> better deals in january and february than you do in december. >> reporter: mark of deal news says you should try to hold off on consumer lectronics too. that's because the consumer electronics show is held in january. dropping the value and the price of many tech gadgets on sale now. what else should you wait on? >> clothing that is a tricky category. because there are sales. but they're not the best of the year. >> reporter: for the absolute lowest price on clothes? accessories, wait until december 26th. last year deal news says stores like banana republic and gap and french connection offered discounts of more than 75%. >> up for a gift card at a clothing retailer so that it forces that recipient to shop on the afterchristmas sales. >> reporter: also hold off on fitness gear. stores like rei slashed prices on equipment and apparel by 50% last january. and furniture manufacturers
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offer deep discounts to make room in the showrooms for new collections released in february. and finally, it may go without saying but christmas decorations are a steal after christmas. >> yes. >> reporter: with a little patience can pay off. julie watts, kpix 5. >> well, if that pretty much exhausts the list what should you buy now? okay. toys, and last year's gaming systems. you'll find great toy deals this weekend and apparently big discounts on previous generation gaming system bundles. >> okay. well, an icy blast in the midwest is being blamed for at least two deaths. it's made for dangerous road conditions in oklahoma causing fatal car crashes. the ice has been building up on trees and had caused limbs to come down damaging cars and houses. the storm is working its way to the east and parts of illinois have a winter storm warning tonight. freezing rain and already moved into the peoria area and to the north up to foot of snow is expected. the weather could cause problems for those heading out
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of town for the holidays, there was a steady flow of passengers at the oakland airport today. but outside of a few delays, most of the travelers had no issues with their flights. >> i think everything went smooth. it wasn't too hard getting here. on the freeways. and there aren't long lines so that's good. >> aaa estimates starting today, nearly 95 million americans will travel at least 50 miles from home for christmas. well, it will be a cinch traveling in the next few days because there's nothing but dry weather as far as the eye can see. right now unusually balmy readings for mid-december. right now concord at 51 degrees and here in the city, 53 degrees. and in san jose it's 51. with clear skies, we'll be looking for temperatures to cool right down into the low 50s and upper 40s inland by 8:00 tonight. so if you're heading out, bundle up it will be a little bit chilly out there. tomorrow numbers recover nicely. to 64 degrees around the bay
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and 62 inland and at the beach, only maybe nudging 60 degrees upper 50s. in that territory anyway. and christmas looks sunny and mild. poor santa might have to wear some sun block, we're going to have temperatures ranging from the upper 50s to the mid 60s around the bay and clear skies. here's what's happening. high pressure is just parked over the eastern pacific and there's some minor fluctuations in the next two weeks. but as far as we see, it could be dry until 2014. which i realize is coming up on january 1st. but still, it just looks like things are not going to be changing too terribly much with plenty of sun over the west coast and winter solstice which happened at 9:11 this morning. this was the shortest daylight hours of the year. the northern hemisphere we got longer daylight hours tomorrow. tomorrow a few seconds longer than today for daylight and no rain? sight. tomorrow it's going to be very chilly up in the north dakota. 5 below. 20 in minneapolis. the twin cities, and 37 all the way down to st. louis.
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dallas only hits 45 tomorrow and just below that jet stream, the numbers are still in the 70s in the southeast. pinpoint forecast for the bay. 35 in santa rosa and 36 for overnight lows at fairfield tonight. 36 for livermore. and 41 in san jose. you can see we're a little bit above average in san francisco, 61. we'll be four degrees above what is average for this time of the year. and livermore 62 degrees. about six degrees above average and we're about three to six degrees above average. with 62 at santa clara. 63 for campbell and 61 at palo alto. 62 for milpitas. in east bay numbers in the low 60s and 59 though at brentwood. and up in the north bay, santa rosa in the upper 60s today. so it's warm up in the north bay. 65 tomorrow for petaluma. 64 at kent field and 64 at mill valley. 57 along the coast at the bay. far north yucaipa is nice at 66 and at clear lake the numbers will be in the low to mid-60s and plenty of sunshine for
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everybody. in fact, as we look ahead with that high pressure persisting offshore, there's nothing but fried eggs as far as the eye can see. it's sunny side up through next weekend and numbers remain in the mid 60s inland through friday and saturday. the low to mid-60s around the bay. there's just not going to be much variation and there's certainly not much in the way of rain coming into the west coast. sorry about that. >> all right we do need the rain. so hopefully -- all right brian. stanford women. >> yes. >> what can i say? let's talk them up. >> well bowl season began today but there was nothing bigger that was going on down at the farm of course tara said if they rebound they would win the game. boy was she right. the stanford women take on one of the nation's top teams and there's no love lost when the usa and canada hit the ice. sports is next. ,,,,,,,,,, good. good answer.
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simple according to head coh tara vanderveer. the stanford hosted third ranked tennessee this afternoon. and the difference was simple according to head coach tara van deer veer. the cardinal had chiney ogwumike and the vols didn't. the cardinal looking to stay perfect at home this season. first half, sarah james with the back door cut. roof finds her and stanford jumped out to the early nine point lead. but the vols had no answer for chiney ogwumike. she was unstoppable on the glass. here is she going to work again. stanford had an eight point halftime lead. second half, it's ogwumike again and she finishes with 32 points and a season high 20 rebounds. stanford hands number three tennessee their first loss 76-7
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#. high school football now. and sacred heart prep blew out el cerrito last saturday but today they were once again the underdogs as they squared off with unbeaten corona del mar in the state title game. the pride of ratherton down in carson. a rough start for the gators, the quarterback randall gets picked off by bar bay doe who returns it for a pick 6 and sacred heart prep down 21-0 after one. late in the second. he squeezes through the line. and check out his moves. gets a little help and he runs it in from 47 yards out for the touchdown. shp trailed by six at the half. the gators had a chance to take the lead in the third. randall rolls out on the scramble but gets stripped from behind. one of three second half fumbles by sacred heart prep. they lose to corona 27-15. bowl season is underway.
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the head coach steve car seize january watching the men of -- sarkisian watching the men. touch pass to open up the scoring against fresno state. it was all trojans still in the first half, kessler to lee again. this time lee does the heavy lifting. he runs in his second touchdown. lee is eligible for the nfl draft so he's likely played his final game as a trojan. kessler had four touchdowns and usc beats fresno state in the las vegas bowl 45-20. candlestick park has left players and fans with plenty to complain about. but as the old park gets ready to turn out the lights for the final time, it will be are remembered more for all the iconic moments it was home to over the last six decades. >> young almost falls down. throws to the end zone. caught! caught! >> what was your reaction when seattle had the catch too against your packers? >> that haunted me for a lot of years. >> alex looking -- at the post and he's got it! a touchdown!
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touchdown 49ers! >> lot of memories it's tough off the top of my head. certainly you know some of the playoff games there. you know certainly the saints' one stands out in my mind but you moe historic place. in football. >> my first playoff win. you know -- just how -- how we came out fast and you know, how we finished. everybody thought you know the game was over and you know brandon made the big catch. so i played on the stadium that a lot of great guys, a lot of hall of fame guys did great things before us. like jay rice, joe montana, steve young. i'm happy i had the opportunity to play on the same field. >> well said. and you can see the finale monday night right here on kpix 5 followed by the fifth quarter and then the special good-bye to candlestick. even with the recent struggles. the warriors are a game above .500. one-half of the slash brothers hasn't seen his shots slashed much lately. clay thompson is just 35% from
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the field in the last five games. he like the roast of the team will look to bounce back tonight against the key lee- less lake -- kobe-less lakers. >> that should never affect how you play the rest of the game and that's what i've been doing the last three games. >> i take it personal. i played bad it's not like my biggest downfall and i've learned a lot the past with years. i've had my slumps. it's just a humbling to have a few bad games. lebron james, they make socks with his image on it now you know. good christmas gift for you the look at. he can dunk all over mackle more last night in south beach. king james just jumped over him. the heat beat the kings by 19. from north dakota usa versus canada hockey. huge check in the corner triggers a huge fight. of course you have to stick up for your teammates. who says there's no fighting in women's hockey? tempers were flaring for the entire game.
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ten fighting majors were assessed. every skater on the ice received one except for the two goalies and team usa won the exhibition 4-1. >> bring it and female referees as well. they were having to break it up. >> it should be fun when they face each other in the olympics. >> yeah. okay so the one thing the stick won't have on monday is cold weather right? >> it's going to be warming on monday night than it is when the giants played there. and some summer nights. not going to be bad. pretty good weather. >> all right that's it for us at 6:30. we'll see you back here at 11:00. >> your latest news and weather always on really appreciate you watching. have a good night. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: ] ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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'tis the season for giving. and we found people and companies around the bay area that are doing their part to end hunger. >> for many of of these
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families, second harvest food bank is their only choice for regular nutrition meals. >> it's our "food for bay area families" edition of "eye on the bay." we're your "got to get away for the day" guide, your "let's try a new place to eat" guide, even your "hey, it really happened here" guide. we're the tour guide with you in mind. "eye on the bay." >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald from san jose, hello, welcome to "eye on the bay." i'm liam mayclem. it's our "food for bay area families" edition of the show. it's the season of giving. the season of sharing. tonight, we'll meet some high- tech companies who are giving not just around the holidays but all year round. but we begin with a tour of second harvest food bank. >> second harvest food bank is providing food to the low income people in san mateo and santa cl


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