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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  December 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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purchase for the tuesday deadline. it's kind of last-minute. some people would say it's your own fault. >> i decided on sunday to order it because, you know, christmas can be costly so i just, you know, i was trying to watch my pennies and then i decided last minute oh, it's going to be worth it. we'll have a great time. >> reporter: they are lucky actually. >> i got a gift card. >> reporter: the two girls still had presents to open this morning. >> a starbucks gift card. >> reporter: more than some families can say. >> santa was way more organized this year than, you know, u.p.s. >> reporter: u.p.s. says packages should arrive by friday. the gallaghers want a refund. >> a lot of people must be upset over this. are any getting their money back? >> reporter: no word from fedex or u.p.s. amazon is offering some upset customers some sort of peace offering, whether thatk waiving delivery fees or some sort of refund. maybe 20 bucks on their next
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purchase. >> all right. thank you, ryan. of course, most businesses are closed on christmas before the take it all back madness begins tomorrow. but don ford found a few places that are open and they are quite popular. reporter: christmas day, streets empty, businesses closed, except for the classics -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- just around the corner from the berkeley synagogue, saul's deli and restaurant is booming. >> 59 minute wait for a table. >> reporter: must be good because folks are waiting that long. they are dancing in the streets. this couple are treating their family from new york. across town, i know it's a cliche but yes, of course 7- eleven is open. >> we never, ever close. this is my 18th year and i don't remember that i have closed for a single day. >> reporter: today it's a family affair. he and his son are working so
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the other employees have some time off. local customers are glad, too. >> we are getting champagne for some more mimosas. >> come get gas for christmas. >> reporter: the shell station is another business that never closes. ever. >> we are very glad that this gas station is open at this very moment because we needed it. >> reporter: if you are looking to stretch your legs a little, the san francisco zoo is open. usually cold and windy, today it is rm. at muir woods, they are open. the forest makes a great break from the tree in your living room. lastly, there's one more business that runs 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year for the past 60-plus years. >> don ford, call the desk. >> reporter: the kpix 5 tv newsroom. in berkeley, don ford, kpix 5. >> by the way, don says there's no reason to feel bad for him
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that he had to work on christmas. he says he's happy to get the overtime. we all know that feeling. well, right now, several san francisco firefighters are passing through underserved areas to spread some holiday cheer. mark kelly caught up with them today. mark, they ended up collecting a ton of toys. any idea of how many? >> they did, liz. hundreds of toys. they put all those toys on a fire truck and then drove that truck all around the tenderloin handing him out to kids who would really appreciate that. just like santa's sleigh, it's colored red and crammed with gifts. but santa is not driving this. san francisco firefighters are. and they are eager to spread a little joy. >> you like it? >> yes. >> reporter: and they surely did. >> you like your gift? >> yes. >> thought it was an emergency but then they came out with gifts. they are giving out gifts! so it really touched me. >> reporter: the magical part of this gift-giving is that it
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wasn't planned at all. the fire truck pulls up and hands out gifts to the kids they see. completely spontaneous giving caught this person and his daughter off guard. >> this has never happened before. >> that's what i like about doing it because they don't expect anything and they are just roaming the streets and then, you know, just pull over and give them the biggest toy you can find and get the brightest eyes and the biggest smiles. >> reporter: this truck is stuffed with 400 toys. firefighters will spend their entire christmas a 24-hour shift handing these out. san francisco supervisor mark farrell thought this toy drive would be a valuable lesson for his own kids to experience. >> this is a family tradition for the farrell family. we have done it three years in a row. it's a great thing we're going to keep doing for years to come. >> reporter: in a neighborhood in need of some cheering up the tenderloin firefighters made an impact on this christmas day. >> it's an ugly area that we're in but, you know, there's still some sunshine right here in this area. that's what this is.
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>> reporter: so i just got off the phone with one of the volunteers organizing this. he says it's going well and that truck is still driving around the tenderloin. it's going to be going into tonight handing out these gifts. live in san francisco, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> many of those toys came from the lefty o'doul toy bar. they collected more than 11,000 toys for its 13th annual christmas toy drive. police and firefighters dropped off donated gifts to children who might otherwise have gone without. and check this out. byu's football team prepared and served thousands of meals at st. anthony that's san francisco today. they were joined by several other community volunteers. the team is in town for a bowl game against washington which airs friday night here on kpix 5. and new at 5:00, a barge for people who ate at a san francisco restaurant. they may have been exposed to hepatitis "a." one of the workers at comstock saloon had been diagnosed with the illness and the warning is for people who visited the
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north beach restaurant between december 12 and 15 or on december 19. the health department says so far no cases of hepatitis "a" have been reported among customers. checking other bay area headlines, a man and woman from watsonville are now in custody accused of creeping into people's homes in san jose and stealing christmas gifts. police say on the same night last week, thieves broke into six houses in the rose garden area. they reportedly got in through windows, garages and an unlocked door while residents were asleep. doors and windows are black and debris is on the sidewalk after an early-morning fire in san francisco's potrero hill around midnight near 23rd street. they got it under control in 45 minutes but ten people are now displaced. and they are still investigating the causes. pope francis celebrated his first christmas since becoming head of the catholic church. >> father and son and holy
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ghost. >> at the vatican today, he told the worshippers he hopes for a better world with peace for the land of jesus christ's birth. he also singed out syria, sudan, nigeria and iraq as places hit by conflict. the pontiff's message is resonating with a much broader audience. >> there's clearly people from all over the world all different ideologies, religions, so that's definitely a change that has to do with this new pope. >> pope francis also prayed for refugees and victims of human trafficking and natural disasters. he expressed hope that peace talks between palestinians and israelis would be successful. still coming up families all over the bay area are spending the day lending a hand to those in need. how one group of volunteers is making sure thousands of homeless don't go hungry this christmas. >> and sure those waves may look inviting but the weather service says and brian says you may want to skip the surf.
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at least for the next few days. >> well, if brian says it. so the surf's up. so are the temperatures. what's coming down? certainly not any rain. the forecast still ahead. we knocked on some doors and asked folks to share their favorite and least favorite gifts. that's coming up in a live report. ,,,,,,
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little ones opened their and early, after happy faces lit up like christmas trees all around the bay area this morning. >> little ones opened their presents bright and early after santa made his rounds. kpix 5's da lin joins us live in emeryville. we hear someone got a special package. >> reporter: yeah. it's a very special priceless package and i don't care anyone can top that gift that you're about to see. but christmastime as you know is a special favorite time for the little ones, especially, even adults. so we knocked on some doors here in the east bay and they were more than happy to show us
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their favorite gifts. reporter: a busy morning for the garcia kids unwrapping and testing out new toys. >> i do not know how to do that. >> joke book that you put stuff in it. and it can only open to your voice. >> please enter your password. >> password doesn't match. >> it's a hockey table. >> big cheese. >> password doesn't match. [ sirens ] >> i need a pen. >> reporter: yes, plenty of shoes and clothes. >> i got two pairs of jeans p two pairs of jeans, pajamas, sweater. this one. this one. jordans. >> reporter: not too far down the street more happy faces. >> my favorite gift is a
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football. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: for this family, their favorite present doesn't come in any wrapping paper. it was a large package. >> he was 8 pounds, 12 ounces and he was 20.8" long. >> reporter: mom heather morgan gave birth to a boy christmas eve. older sister says the gift of a sibling is priceless. well, both mom and baby are doing great. they are set to go home tonight. liz, i know it's hard to top but hopefully you got some favorite great gifts, as well. >> i don't think anything can top a new little baby, new member of the family. that is just incredible. >> if she got mad, i think we would have heard about it. >> da, i'm curious, you talked about some of the best gifts, clothes and fun toys and a baby. but what were some of the kind of more interesting ones, the not so great gifts? >> reporter: yeah. the least favorite and by the way, liz, i got to do some homework not just today but
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yesterday, helping santa drop off some gifts yesterday, as well. and the research information i got from the kids, ages 3 to 11, they all said that clothes, they are not so hot on. they are not crazy about clothes. but as you expect, toys, electronics, those are great gifts. >> yeah. it's amazing how it changes. the older you get the more you appreciate the clothes. but it's hard to play with them christmas morning. it's like oh, great. jeans. you know? [ laughter ] >> exactly. >> reporter: you can't play around, you can't explore with them. so that's why. >> well, they will be looking good at least. all right,da, thank you. well, assuming you're not already burnt out on shopping, there's always the day after christmas where you can find the biggest markdowns tomorrow and what's worth waiting for. >> good morning, merry christmas. >> and a bay area christmas tradition continues to grow. how a san francisco organization is satisfying stomachs and hearts this holiday next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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k-p-i-x 5's cate cauguiran t to glide memorial church in francisco.. where volunteers se the spirit on christmas day is still going strong. kpix 5's cate caugiran went to glide memorial in san francisco where volunteers served up thousands of warm christmas meals. reporter: daniel maxwell is glide memorial's resident holiday ham slicer. we first met him last year at glide where he spent his
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christmas morning volunteering as he has done for more than a decade. >> how many places like this, there's always hope for the future. we can bring ourselves together as people and cecil preaches god's love, we'll be able to overcome this. >> reporter: hundreds of volunteers like maxwell dedicated their christmas not for themselves but for the thousands of homeless in san francisco. >> this place shares with everyone. you don't have to be a particular type of individual to come here and everyone can come in and get a warm meal, enjoy some camaraderie, enjoy a good time with the people that are here. >> good morning. merry christmas. >> reporter: what glide does is a well-known story in the city, a story so many volunteers love being part of every year. for more than 40 years, the organization has helped the needy 364 days a year feeding them three meals a day. >> merry christmas. >> a lot of our folks come every year every holiday. so you will see the same faces
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every morning at 6:30 in the morning. hi. you become family. i see them more than my own family for the holidays. >> reporter: today menu was turkey, ham, sweet potatoes and stuffing everything you want in a holiday meal, satisfying a need that's growing every year. >> we are seeing more and more people who don't have the cash flow if you will to purchase food throughout the month so they come to see us. >> reporter: glide says they don't have problem with volunteers during the holidays. it's the days after christmas where they could really use the help. in san francisco, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> as cate said, glide memorial says even after the holidays are over, there's still a need to volunteers and donations. and so if you are interested in giving a hand, you can go by their website, some homeless people near san francisco civic center woke up this christmas morning to a pile of presents. for the last 12 years the nonprofit organization wednesday's gift has been distributing essential items on christmas day to those who live on the streets.
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today they handed out food, clothes, socks and toiletries. >> it's basically kind of a black friday on christmas morning. people -- it's like we're in a changing room sort of. people are shopping for what fits them. >> wednesday's gift was created by him after he almost lost his home. the organization is asking for more weather-appropriate donations like gloves, hats, blankets and sleeping bags. well, if a little christmas stroll is on your list, you might want to avoid wading into the water. the national weather service is warning people to watch out for riptides and so-called sneaker waves that can pull people out to sea. advisory is for beaches from sonoma county all the way down to monterey. the system responsible for churning up the surf is near alaska. but that system will make it nowhere near here. and that's why we continue with just persistent high pressure and offshore winds and temperatures above average and no rain. it looks like it's going to stay that way for a while. temperatures right now are in
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the upper 50s and low 60s. san jose 61. santa rosa at 59. and san francisco has 61 degrees. we're looking down toward milpitas, wind speeds now look at the direction, many of the wind directions are out of the east-northeast a very dry direction. it's a dirty direction because it's bringing a lot of the -- i mean frankly the not really great air from the central valley out toward the coast and that's one of the reasons why air quality suffers at this time of the year when we get offshore winds and visibilities bad, as well. east-northeasterlies at vallejo right now and the same for san rafael. 8 p.m. temperatures tonight, low 50s along the shoreline and the bay. inland will be in the upper 40s. and that doesn't look too bad. neither does tomorrow. we have hazy sunshine and temperatures will mostly be in the mid-60s around the bay area. we could use some rain. we're not going to get it. you want the cold temperatures, they are out in new england and around the great lakes. 28 for detroit tomorrow. and just 2 in chicago. but that's bet -- 25 in chicago. that's better than 18 of a few days ago in chicago.
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here's how it looks for us. high pressure dome, massive dome of high pressure is built in over the eastern pacific. as long as this stays in place, we continue with dry and mild weather. not only all week, it looks like certainly for the rest of the year. so we get sunny and relatively warm conditions tomorrow. sunshine through the weekend. and it looks dry through at least january 6. there's just nothing on the horizon in the extended forecast. pinpoint forecast though shows sunshine for the central valley, 71 up at redding and 53 degrees at lake tahoe. heading out of the bay area tomorrow, sunny and mild at sfo. and elsewhere around the country, los angeles has sun. chicago snow. and 27 degrees for a forecast high in chicago. overnight lows will be mostly in the low 30s and mid-40s. san jose tomorrow 68. we'll be 68 at santa clara so the south bay in the mid-60s, east bay in the low to mid-60s. and up in the north bay in the central bay san francisco tomorrow 65 degrees. oakland hits 68. balmy weather continues right into the weekend. a few clouds move in by saturday. clouds but no rain.
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and even as we look ahead toward new year's eve, there is nothing coming in for the bay area. so it's high and dry as far as the eye can see. >> thank you. well, today is the black friday of app downloads. every year christmas day is the heaviest download day of the year for tablet and smartphone apps. it comes as no surprise really. it's because a lot of people who get the devices for christmas end up spending all day loading them up with apps. while christmas is just about over, the shopping season isn't. expect to see lots of steep discounts starting tomorrow with clothes. experts say december 31 is the ideal day to buy a car because dealers want to meet year-end goals. still waiting to get a new tv? well, wait a little longer. new models get announced in january and a couple of weeks later is the super bowl. the perfect time for retailers to clear out the old stuff. it's no secret pet care is a billion-dollar industry and on the consumerwatch, julie watts shows us how some pet owners are turning to
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alternative medicine to help their furry friends. reporter: it's not your normal housecall. >> i got the snacks. >> reporter: and she isn't the typical chiropractic patient. >> a little tight and uncomfortable. >> reporter: but dr. kelly is adjusting lucky a 12-year-old dog with back problems. >> let's take a look and see. >> reporter: as she works her way along lucky's lower back, she gently is palpatating the vertebrae and the owner herself a doctor said she knew the dog needed chiropractic care. >> she would growl when we touched her back and she wouldn't get up and down very well. >> reporter: lydia is one of a growing number of pet owners turning to alternative medical treatments like hydrotherapy, sky practical particular care and even accupicture in animals used to treat everything from anxiety to a torn acl. >> it allows them to feel that muscle back in their legs so they can improve strength.
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>> reporter: alternative animal care is not new and not cheap. treatments start at 50 bucks and can run up to hundreds per session. usually paid out of pocket. >> good, lola. good charlie. >> reporter: but for those who doubt the effectiveness of treatments like acupuncture in humans, the canine version lends credibility to the treatments since critics can't claim a placebo effect in dogs and many veterinarians swear these therapies do work. the proof they say is in the pooch. >> there you go. >> reporter: as for lucky, lydia says she thinks it's clear her four-legged friend is happy for the treats and the treatments. on the consumerwatch, julie watts, kpix 5. >> great if it works. you want to know what the dog is thinking when they getting treated. >> what are you doing to me. >> what is this? interesting. he feels better so that's good. coming up a 70-year-old korean war vet gets the shock of his life for christmas. >> it felt funny. next thing i knew i was in the hospital. >> how a special vest granted
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him the gift of time. that's coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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family's christmas miracle.n to a live saving vest gave one man the gift of time this christmas. alison harmelin reports. >> reporter: doreen devlin almost loves her father on the day before thanksgiving. while waiting for a life-saving heart surgery, don devlin went into cardiac arrest at home. >> he was doing fine before that and then his eyes rolled and he dropped and he coded. that was it. >> reporter: fortunately the 70- year-old korean war veteran was wearing a device called life vest. the vest has sensors that can detect heart failure. >> it detects dangerous heart rythyms and delivers a shock externally through the jacket for patients who need it. >> it felt funny and i was in the hospital. >> reporter: two shocks kept him alive. >> that's my big christmas
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present. >> reporter: devlin had surgery at stony brook hospital two weeks ago and has a defibrillator in his chest. 100,000 patients have used the vest which made it possible for devlin to celebrate this christmas with his 10 grandchildren and 16 great- grandchildren. >> we are happy to have you back. i'm glad you're here with us. >> me, too, daughter. >> reporter: alison harmelin, kpix 5. we'll be right back. new at six: why a bay area shelter that's helped youngs for years.. is being female announcer: get beautyrest, posturepedic, ,,,,,,
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forced to close for good ons christmas night. plus: "i didn't raise this for myf it for the home new at 6:00 why a bay area shelter that helped youngsters for years is being forced to close for good on this christmas night. plus -- >> i how a very creative 6- year-old boy is taking on a very grownup issue. >> in the meantime thank you for watching the "cbs evening news with scott pelley" is next. >> and remember, the latest news and weather are always on our website, merry christmas. >> yeah, merry christmas. captions by: caption colorado
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>> axelrod: tonight: christmas in the dark. hundreds of thousands have no power after a vicious ice storm that snapped utility lines. terrell brown reports. record numbers of americans are signing up for health care-- but wyatt andrews says many still don't know if they have insurance. >> will i be denied coverage? will i be denied access? >> axelrod: mark strassmann on the high tech surgery that lets doctors give hands on assistance from miles away. >> merry christmas! >> axelrod: and elaine quijano with the christmas surprise delivered to more than a thousand kids. >> this is part of my journey. this is what i'm supposed to do. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley. >> axelrod: good evening and merry christmas. scott's off


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