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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  December 29, 2013 6:30pm-7:01pm PST

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for the 13-year- old. children's hospital oakland could take her off life sup as soon as tomorrow. . a family with just hours left to decide what is next for the 13-year-old: children's
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hospital oakland could take her off life support as soon as tomorrow. >> brian webb is at the hospital, and it sounds as if the family is not only running out of time but also options. >> reporter: yeah, and today began with a fundraiser at a local church, but it ended abruptly because they don't have any money to give the money to. the court order to keep her on a ventilator will expire tomorrow at 5:00 a.m. what started as a tonsillectomy turned tragic. hospital staff said they would transfer her to another facility, but there's no takers at this point. unless something unforseen happens tonight or tomorrow, at 5:00 p.m. on monday it will be time for the family to let her go.
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>> there is unfortunately no amount of hope or prayer. everyone in this hospital and this community, all the friends of the family are grieving. it's a very sad situation. >> reporter: there was talk of a couple of facilities in california and one in new york being willing to take her, but it doesn't seem like that is going to happen. i got a text from the family's attorney, christopher doland saying the family is together in prayer and consideration of the future. we will have updates tonight, tomorrow morning, and as always on two people were hurt when a car collided with a fire truck this is the aftermath. one passenger in the mercedes was hurt, and one firefighter had to be taken to the hospital. the injuries are not life threatening. police are investigating, but it looks like the mercedes driver is at fault.
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>> the fire department was going to an emergency vehicle with their lights and sirens on. the other vehicle was going westbound on howard, and apparently they failed to yield to the fire truck. >> there's no word on what kind of incident the fire crew was responding to when it happened. an overnight shooting left one man dead. it happened near closing time outside of a club on the 1800 block of post street. the victim was standing in a group outside of the club when he was shot and killed. it's not clear if gillford was specifically targeted. police want any witnesses to come forward. a pedestrian is dead after being hit by a car near the 4th street onramp to 80 at 2:30 in the morning. the driver stopped, and so far no charges have been filed. an abandoned building in
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east oakland went up in flames this morning. the building was near the fremont memorial pool. no word on what caused the fire or if anyone was hurt. this time of the year salmon are usually making their pay to spawn in the north bay streams, but problems have led to the lowest fish count in years. >> reporter: riverado was looking for a big fish. >> the last one i saw was like this big. >> reporter: how big is a cohost salmon. this. >> reporter: wouldn't it be something to see the fish like that today? >> oh my god. >> reporter: in a good year you may see the endangered fish swimming upstream to where they were born and around their gravel nests where they will spawn and die. but this dry year, the nature show has been delayed, if not canceled. >> reporter: you didn't see any
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fish, worth coming? >> yes. >> i would have liked to see fish. i have never seen the fish spawning before. it would have been nice. >> reporter: the number returning from the sea is the smallest in years even though they have been releasing water from the damns, keeping the creek flowing from here to the ocean, but there's only a handful of nests. >> i knew it was the season. unfortunately the fact that you guys are here, that's not a good sign. >> reporter: the shortage of water is only part of the problem. the other part is how the water smells. to the fish out at sea, it may not smell like home. it takes a good rain and runoff to collect the aroma. water from the dam is not the same. >> they are imprinted on the water quality cig that jury, and they use it at the cue to say this is my home stream and where i'm going to go and spawn. >> reporter: they will release
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more water from the dam on new year's day, and the following 2 days. hopefully it will smell right to the fish waiting for the chemical signal to come home. still ahead, californians will greet the new year with the huge list of dos and don'ts. the new laws you need to know about. the behind-the-scenes look at getting the rose bowl floats ready to roll. rain, and its return to the bay area, the details as the news continues here on kpix 5.
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will bring hundreds of new to california. kpix 5's mark kelly has some of the highlights: tougher gun regulations to the new rules on the road for texting teens, the new year will bring hundreds of new laws to california. mark kelly with some of the highlights. >> remington 870. >> reporter: in 2014, but inners will see new gun regulations on long guns, handguns, and shotguns that will also be tracked. the department of justice will store the make, model, and serial number of your law it fired up some gun owners. >> they are law-abiding citizens, not people trying to beat the system or anything
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like that. they just don't want to be tracked. >> reporter: for california's workers, more rights in 2014. july1 starts the minimum wage bump to $9, $10 by 2016. those in agriculture will have required rest breaks for the hot sun. for young a drivers, a crackdown. teenagers can no longer text and drive, no exceptions, not even with hands free, voice- activated technology. only adult drivers can use that. >> when you're under the age of 18, you need to learn to drive first before you can introduce distractions into your sphere. >> reporter: one of the headline grabbing laws accommodating transgender children in public schools allowing them to choose which restroom they would like to use and whether to play on the boys or girls sports teams. another law making it easier for a transgender person to update their birth certificate
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following a sex change operation, just a sample of the hundreds of new laws facing californians in 20214. mark kelly, kpix5. in all the governor signed 805 bills into law in 2013. the mystery remains who is the bay area's mega millionaire. the ticket was purchased at the san jose gift shop, one of two jackpot winners for the december 17th drawing. it's worth $173 million. the other winner in georgia has come forward to claim the cash, but the san jose ticketholder, whoever it is, has up to a year to claim the prize. better have some of this handy when the winner steps forward. coming up, why spiderman is all over times square today. no snow? no problem! kind of. how one tahoe resort town is make the best of a really bad winter. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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is on in new york city. spiderman helped conduct 3, 2, 1, happy new year! >> it's only a test. the countdown to new year's eve is on in new york city, and spiderman helped to con duct the annual confetti test today. a ton of confetti will be released on tuesday night, and apparently it's behaving the way it should. spiderman is the official superhero of new year's eve. the floats are getting the final test for the tournament of roses parade. the last-minute prep. >> reporter: thousands of volunteers are putting finishing touches on the 45 different floats being
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showcased this year under the theme dreams come true. all the materials on the parade floats have to be natural. we are using seaweed right now to add to it the leaves? >> yeah. >> reporter: it will be part of the exotic theme designed by dole. >> our theme is sunrise at the oasis. we love nature, and we want to show the bounty. >> reporter: real mandarin trees, a water fall, wild animals, and it will be finished off with 40,000 hot pink roses. >> the possibilities are endless. >> keep your eye out for mateo's dream. after the game's stanford will take on michigan state in the rose bowl. there isn't much snow in the sierra, but there's plenty of ice.
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this weekend heavenly village had a fear no ice weekend. sculptors didn't find the dry weather. they said it's easier to work without fighting the elements. >> a lot of snow is too much because there's organizing trying to move the ice into place, but we like the snow because it's a nice winter wonderland feel to it like we are in dr. savagos's world. >> the exhibition is running through tomorrow. >> i love it. >> i thought he was going to say one more day because it's going to melt. >> that's also true. >> will it be that warm up there? >> it certainly is. i was driving through the mountains today, and no snow in big bear, just a lot of wind. santa ana winds at 65 miles an hour. we had a breeze today. as a direct result, we will not have a spare the air day tomorrow. yay! [ applause ] live kpix5 weather camera, looking to the bay
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bridge. temperatures currently 50 to 60 degrees. oakland topping off at 73 degrees. we will experience on your monday another high and certainly dry day. here's a look at some of our micro climate high for monday into the 60s. typically should be into the 50s. we are averaging 5 to 10 degrees above normal for this time of the year, and what we can all anticipate, above normal temperatures with near or record warmth again for monday. the better air quality is due to the southeast breeze at 15 miles an hour. it will certainly be dry through the end of 2013, even though i am putting a couple of clouds into the forecast, i will share the 7-day forecast with you. this is it. plenty of storms out there. just bumping up against the ridge of high pressure, diverting the storm activity to the pacific northwest, north of the canadian border as well. that's leaving always with the
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dry weather pattern, and also the vigorous offshore winds in southern california. the clouds will be returning due to the storm to the north of us. certainly not the rain. 60s the forecasted high. through the central valley tomorrow, minus the fog, 67 and back to pebble beach, 54 degrees on the south shore, and the sierra snow pack, 22%, and right now, last year if you're keeping track, we were at 80% higher than this. a couple of blizzard rolling in, that's not the case. the monday forecast high for tahoe, 54 degrees, and it's getting cold enough at night, dropping into the teens. they are certainly firing up the snow guns and making the snow into the overnight hours, it's not impacted any kind of travel. u.s. 50 or i-80 headed up to tahoe, just enjoy the mountains. tomorrow f you're anticipating people to visit or flying out, a lot of clear skies, into the
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60s no anticipation of delays locally. denver, mild. chicago, dropping into the teens, and new york city at 39 degrees, and the abundance of sunshine. today at 9:00 a.m., anticipating patchy frost around nassau, and towards the delta as well. san jose into the valley, 30s common around the peninsula. here's the daytime highs for tomorrow. i want to point something out. the asterisk there and that one there. at least two cities should have record mild temperatures again right here in the bay area. i increased the cloud cover on tuesday. partly cloudy, and mostly cloudy welcoming in 2014, and that's minus the rain showers. the temperatures mild through the period. an area of low pressure through the weekend nicking the north eastern quadrant of the state of california. next saturday and sunday. at this particular time, we are not putting any chances of rain
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in the forecast. brian and i have been arm wrestling about this. i am saying a chance of rain january 10th. a chance. i wrote it down. >> as you were eluding to earlier this is the rainiest month in january. >> it has to start raining. i'm worried once it starts raining, it will not stop. >> that's when we will see the small stream flood advisories and there we go. >> we will go to the weather office later. >> rivers day. hello! 49 for the future and clearer. >> no playoff games at candlestick, i'm sorry to say that we know where the 49ers stand for the postseason. and boldin, with a big day against his former team. we will tell you what is ahead for the scarlet and gold. ,,,,,,,,
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...had play-off implication including arizona...the all right, it's all about the second season now, the nfl playoffs, and the 49ers, playing for position today. in fact, the start of the day, nfc west title in its sights at the start of business, and in arizona, we have got it jim harbaugh. his team coming out on fire in the 1st quarter. arizona driving, and here's carson palmer, turning the ball over, stepping in front, and picking up where he left off last week, huh? >> yeah, the 49ers knew what to
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do with it. cappernick, antawn boldin. bold in's first time back in arizona since playing there. he catches this, and it's off for a 53-yard run to the 1- regard line. 6 catches, 106 yards from the 1st quarter alone. they couldn't be stopped. the next play, vernon davis, to the back of the end zone. 17-0, and cappernick, 310, 2 touchdowns, was not intercepted, and the cardinals responded, with a nice long drive, and the 4th and goal, carson palmer to jake ballard. they come back for the 10-point game at the half. when san francisco's offense stalled, arizona took the shot. andre roberts on the receiving end of this grab. the closing seconds of the game. the amazing grab that sets us
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up with 2 seconds left on the clock. bill dawson, 40 yards away, and he nails it. 49ers win 29-20, and they finish at 12-4. they are the fifth seed in the playoffs, and going to aaron rogers and the green bay packer was a they were done -- packers after they were done with the bears today. the play is dead, and it's for live football. and taking off with that one son, the packers lead 10-7. you can see the replay there. you thought it was an incomplete pass, but it's a fumble. a lob to brandon marshall. here came aaron rogers. the backers down by a point. airing it out to hit randall cobb. 48-yard play, and the backers
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go on to win 33-28. or philly in the other wild game this is a rematch of week 1 date, won by the 49ers. dallas to philadelphia, and the other wild card game. the raiders, a loss, hosting the broncos would secure the second straight 4-12 season. prior, that was good. a bad day to face peyton manning. a one-man wrecking machine. hitting thomas here, and that's four touchdown pass in the 1st half, and 55 for the season, and he became the single season yardage king, and they took care of the raiders. andy reid, sat down alex smith, charles, 22 of 20 starts in san
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diego and the chargers take advantage? not so fast. nyles davis brings it in. tied with 8 seconds left. brian succub misses the field goal. that would have won it. but no, no, no, in overtime. novak from 36 yards out, and that's the ball game. the chargers win it, and they are headed to the playoffs. the final of 27-24. san diego sneaks in, traveling to cincinnati next weekend, and the chiefs head to indy to face andrew luck and the colts, and how about the warriors? taking on the former teammate, jarrett jack and the cleveland cavaliers. 3 seconds left. irving with the 3. sending it into overtime. in the extra period, green showed up big.
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green and the warriors beat the cavs. 108-104. the warriors get it done on the road, winning the games they just have to win. a huge home stand coming up in the next couple of weeks. >> the raiders have a very uncertain offseason. >> we don't even know if the head coach will be around. a lot of questions left to be answered. >> what an exciting day for football though. >> you got it. >> good night. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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captioning funded by cbs and ford >> kroft: tonight, on this special edition of "60 minutes presents: going to extremes." >> three, two, one. one to base. >> kroft: here he goes. a small group of extreme sportsmen wearing specially made wing suits have come about as close to flying as you can get outside the confines of an airplane, at least for a minute or two. we can hear them already. >> yeah. that was probably about 140, 150 mile-an-hour fly-by. >> simon: you may have seen polar bears shot like this before, but have you ever seen them like this-- close up, intimate, just doing what polar bears do, sometimes even treading on


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