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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  December 31, 2013 6:00am-7:01am PST

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of midnight. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado >> your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. >> they are celebrating somewhere right now. good morning, it's tuesday, the last day of the year. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. it may be bone dry, but the bay area could see some flooding in the next few days. this is a time of year when tides are especially high. >> i'm mark kelly live in san francisco where late night high- speed crash ended in a crash right here at golden gate park. coming up, where the suspect is this morning. >> i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. the family of jahi mcmath rejoicing after a last-minute reprieve. today what's next for the family now that the judge extended a restraining order to keep the teen on a ventilator.
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>> hard to believe 2013 almost over. today we will see a few clouds, unfortunately no rain coming our way. but starting out with more clouds around the bay area this morning if you are headed out the door. some fog too. by the afternoon a mix of sun and clouds. these temperatures may be just slightly cooler, 50s, low 60s coastside. we'll see 60s in the bay and mid-60s in some of the valleys. out the door now, a lot of clouds and mild temperatures. 40 san jose, 42 san francisco, 35 concord. this afternoon high of 63 in concord, 64 oakland, about 60 degrees in san francisco. let's check your "kcbs traffic" with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we want to take you out live towards the bay bridge toll plaza. no sign of any metering lights anywhere you go. so obviously no delay right now in the cash or the fastrak lanes. it is new year's eve so a lot of folks deciding to take the day off and it's a nice ride all across the span into and out of san francisco.
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bart systemwide on time trains running until 3:00 this morning for new year's partiers. some golden gate ferries operating on a holiday schedule this morning. so you can check their website for the latest information of when ferries are set to leave larkspur and sausalito. muni metro and caltrain are both offering free rides after 8:00 tonight. and we'll show you a live look quickly at the highway 4 commute off to a great start from antioch into concord. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> thank you. kpix 5's mark kelly is gathering the latest developments after a high-speed chase ended in a crash at golden gate park and mark, i understand hours later police are still trying to clear up a number of crime scenes related to that overnight pursuit. >> reporter: still an ongoing investigation this morning. but the chase began a little before 9:00 last night and it ended a short time later right here near golden gate park at the southeast corner. this is a small skate park. you can see the mess left behind. we have fluid and debris from the car all over the road.
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the chase started when a patrol car tried stopping the suspect in potrero hill. the driver sped off winding through several neighborhoods: during the chase one officer fired a shot that hit the suspect car. the suspect eventually tried to run after he crashed. but he was quickly caught. >> there's so many crime scenes that we have to look at. the vehicle accident or collision scenes, the officer- involved shooting scene and here where the vehicle collided. >> reporter: so the suspect in custody this morning with nonlife-threatening injuries but one other thing, we still don't know at this time if that suspect had a gun. >> mark, i understand one of the officers was injured. any news on him? >> reporter: one of the officers involved in the pursuit we're told was injured. we don't know exactly the
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nature of those injuries. but fortunately we do know that they are nonlife-threatening. we're waiting for an update hopefully later on today. >> all right, mark kelly live for us in san francisco, thank you. also developing this morning, the family of jajah has one more week to find a care facility to take care of the brain-dead teen. kpix 5's cate caugiran live in the newsroom now and cate, an alameda county judge gave the family a new deadline in the last-minute reprieve yesterday. >> reporter: that new deadline came an hour before children's hospital oakland was allowed to turn off 13-year-old jahi mcmath's ventilator. it was scheduled to be turned off last night but a judge granted the family a reprieve after the family filed a restraining order. it was filed along with nearly 100 pages of documents and a video that the family says shows jahi responding to her mother's voice. mcmath was declared brain-dead after she underwent a tonsillectomy. >> i believe my daughter is alive. i don't care what they say. she's moving. and if you go in a room and with your child and you talk to
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your child and even though they say your child is brain-dead and they respond to you and they move, you're going to believe that your child is alive. >> the family raised more than $20,000 to move jahi mcmath to new york state to a care facility, but that requires a tracheotomy for breathing and to insert a feeding tube. the hospital won't perform medical procedures on a dead person. the family says they did find a licensed facility in new york state as we mentioned and proper transportation to move her once everything is approved. >> cate, has a facility been in touch with children's hospital oakland? >> reporter: no, michelle. the hospital spokesman says no, it hasn't received any confirmation that another hospital is willing to take the young girl so again, we'll just have to see how it unfolds. >> thank you, cate caugiran live in the newsroom. happening now an entire town in north dakota is urged to evacuate after this massive crude oil fire erupted. a train carrying the fuel derailed and blew up yesterday. about a half hour west of
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fargo. the fire has burned through the night sending thick, black smoke into the sky. the town of casselton should evacuate because of the toxic fumes. there could be flooding in low-lying areas around the bay area. there are high king tides around the new moon tomorrow night. this morning's high tide is expected to be more than 7 feet above sea level. tomorrow morning's should be at least as high. in bay area headlines, a san francisco judge says he will make a ruling by the end of the week on the accreditation for city college of san francisco. lawyers for the accrediting commission for community and junior colleges took their fight to court yesterday saying they were right to pull city college's accreditation next july. the city of san francisco is suing to overturn that. now that the rush of the holidays is over bay area nonprofit organizations are in need of volunteers. the san francisco and marin food bank said it's short almost 3,000 volunteers for the
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next two months. new this morning, a worker at boston's logan airport was killed on the tarmac overnight. investigators say the driver of a truck was backing up at the airport's cargo terminal when he hit the 59-year-old man. the driver was taken to the hospital and treated for stress. police say he did not appear to be impaired but was tested for drugs and alcohol. happening today, singing and walking arm in arm, passengers of the ship that stranded in ice in antarctica are stomping down the ice to prepare for a chopper rescue. you're looking at some new video shot by the trapped passengers. the group got stuck while on a research expedition. three icebreakers have been unable to reach them, as well. rescuers are expecting a break in the weather today. so that's good news. they plan to airlift those people out. >> so they are preparing a helipad so the chinese helicopter can reach us. >> there is enough food and the
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ship has heat if rescues fail again today. only 52 passengers will be airlifted out. the 22 crew will remain on board. time 6:08i it's already next year in some parts of the world. the celebrations happening right now. >> a giant strawberry mishap almost spoiled one city's new year's eve tradition. how tonight's celebration has been saved. >> we are starting out with more clouds around the bay area this morning. but does that mean we have any rain coming our way? we'll talk about that coming up. >> the bay bridge toll plaza looks great. no delay right now approaching the pay gates. we have some street closures in san francisco due to a one- alarm fire so we'll tell you the latest on that. but first, we still want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. continue to ask a question or share a gripe by e-mailing or you can tweet me at #ewengerkpix, and watch to see if your question gets answered on air every friday morning. we will all be right back. ,,
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[monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. service tomorrow. that's because the streaming rights ll have run out. netflix is deleting more than 80 movies and a handful of tv shows from its streaming service tomorrow. that's because the streaming rights will have run out. and netflix is trending this morning. also trending, challenger disaster audio. critics are blasting beyonce for using an audio clip of the 1986 challenger explosion in her new song, xo. carly ray jepsen the call me maybe singer is broadway bound playing cinderella on stage february 4. tim tebow espn hired the former quarterback as an analyst. new year's is trending. this is times square, ready to ring in the new year tonight.
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following us on twitter at #cbssf. it's alread 2014 in new zealand. it's the largest city of auckland a big fireworks show started at midnight from the sky tower. >> beautiful. two hours later sydney, australia had fireworks over the harbor with one million people showing up for the spectacular show. they launched fireworks from the four sails of the city opera house for the first time in more than a decade. >> new york city crews practicing the giant crystal ball drop tonight. millions will pack the square and many more with watch tonight. oakland police will be out on the lookout for people firing off guns or fireworks in their city. they will be using shotspotter sensors to search for gunfire and other illegal activities. violators could face a $1,000 fine. here in the city, muni will be providing free bus service and will offer rides starting at 8:00 tonight through 5 a.m. tomorrow if you are out late and out and about on new year's
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eve. in harrisburg, pennsylvania, people ring in the new year with a massive strawberry drop. at a harness malfunction led to an untimely crash of the former 80-pound fiberglass berry. event coordinators made a new strawberry to drop from the hilton hotel tonight at midnight so the show will go on. i mentioned right before break that there was a one- alarm fire burning in san francisco. fire crews are out there at fulton and laguna streets. we have news crews on the way to the scene but expect some delays around that area. it's a two-story building residential fire. i think i said one alarm. so it was first reported around 5:45 this morning and our radio partners kcbs said there are no injuries reported. except for that, everything else is quiet around the bay area including westbound 580 no
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delays through the altamont pass and in fact it's hard to spot even one yellow traffic sensor anywhere you go. traffic is that light all around the bay area. 14 past the wind turbines to the dublin interchange. so here you go, here are your drive times including the eastshore freeway. only 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. so we are not seeing a drop of slow traffic through berkeley heading toward powell and emmyville. overnight roadwork has long since cleared. and again we are not expecting them to need the metering lights this morning for the morning commute so you catch a break getting into the city this morning for work. so far no big delays anywhere all across the span. bart systemwide on time and they are going to be running those trains late into the evening and into the early- morning hours until 3:00 tomorrow morning for new year's eve revelers. golden gate ferries, still running on the holiday schedule this morning. muni metro and caltrain are actually offering free rides later on tonight after 8:00. so that's good news if you have to be out on the town later on
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this evening. westbound 4, 60, 64 miles per hour, these are live traffic sensors showing you the current conditions right now from antioch into concord. obviously, no brake lights, looks that way all the way down southbound 680 into walnut creek and if you are a silicon valley driver, this is what it looks like on westbound 237. problem-free leaving milpitas between milpitas and sunnyvale. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for your forecast now, your new year's eve forecast, here's lawrence. >> getting excited about that, 2013 winding down, a lot of clouds outside right now, unfortunately, doesn't mean any rain for us. this is going to be the driest calendar year on record since 1949. pretty amazing. so the clouds -- 1849. pretty amazing. so clouds working their way in. the king tides get to about 7.1 feet at 9:48 this morning in san francisco. could likely see some flooding along the embarcadero. then it goes the other way minus 1.5 feet just after 4:30 in the afternoon and running very low. so you get the idea, we are going to have some high tides today and low tides in the
6:17 am
afternoon. this afternoon, it looks like sun and clouds "spare the air" indeed. looks like they are seeing some poor air quality outside. then starting out the new year on the dry side. yup, looks like it will stay dry for the foreseeable future. high pressure just too strong. several systems off the coastline just can't break down that ridge enough to bring any of the rain here so going to stay dry and around much of the state. 68 degrees hazy sunshine into fresno this afternoon. 62 into monterey bay and about 53 degrees in lake tahoe. i think as we head toward the afternoon, we are going to see those highs running in the 60s here again today very mild outside maybe even some mid-60s inside the bay and valleys. next couple of days we are going to see warmer weather into the new year, getting near 70 degrees on thursday. cooling down slightly sunday into monday. new year's eve forecast, chilly at the embarcadero. midnight temperatures dropping down to the 40s but a great night for the fireworks. sunrise 7:25, sunset at 5:01.
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a lot of fun to be had out there tonight and roads will be dry of any rain at least. >> all right. okay, lawrence. thank you. hackers have been stealing customer credit information from a san francisco sandwich shop. representatives from witchcraft located in soma say card hackers broke into their system in august and had access through october. customers are told to monitor their accounts. witchcraft's 15 new york locations may also be affected. 6:18 now. it has been so dry here in california, some of its buried secrets are resurfacing. reporter george warren takes us deep into folsom lake. >> reporter: every once in a while folsom lake reveals its secret that nearly 60 years ago, lake water flooded what was left of the gold rush town of mormon island portions of which have emerged as the water level drops. >> it's a shame that the lake is this low but it really is interesting to see. >> we have been talking about coming down here for years and lake keeps getting lower so we
6:19 am
figured this would be a good time to check it out. >> reporter: it appears visitors have largely respected the state park's prohibition against scavenging. recovered artifacts have been neatly placed on stones and tree stumps. >> what do you think? >> pretty cool. >> reporter: the good weather and the break from school have turned the dry lakebed into a popular family field trip. >> we wanted to show the kids, because we have been here on boats and, you know, had fun water skiing and everything, but we have never seen it like this. it's a little eerie, to be honest. you have to kind of see it with your own eyes. >> reporter: who knows what more folsom lake has to reveal. >> that was george warren reporting. the lake will likely drop even more in the coming weeks to a level we haven't seen since the dam was built in the 1950s. it was an easy win for tennessee against virginia last night. but there's one basket that stole the show. the long shot next. good morning, everybody. ahead, a local high school dunk from friday night that we just are going to rewind and watch
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over and over again, and why a couple of players colin kaepernick and clay matthews will not collide next sunday in green bay. alabama ,,,,,,,,
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been saving people money for over 75 years. oh... dear, i've dropped my tea into the boston harbor. huhh... i guess this party's over. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. our play of the day... time. running out in the first good morning, everybody. it's been happening like a annual tradition. the day after the nfl regular season when the fire sale of head coaches begins. the case of cleveland, they couldn't wait until yesterday. >> yeah! you're fired! >> black monday, mike shanahan let go by the redskins.
6:24 am
jim schwartz in detroit. leslie frazier the vikings. greg schiano gone in tampa. and sunday, the browns fired rob chudzinski after just one season. carlos rodgers number 22 in right has an injured right hamstring. we don't know the results of an mri but his status for sunday's game with the packers unknown. remember nfl week one? that's when clay matthews hauled down colin kaepernick out of bounds. not going to happen again because matthews is out with a broken thumb. and mack brown coached his final game for texas last night at the alamobowl. two pick sixes by his quarterback mccoy did him in. oregon beat texas 30-7. farewell to mack brown. cameron oliver, that is a man shot to dunk at the classic. grant beat crespie final of 61- 58. that was cameron oliver. oh, by the way, the tournament mvp. see, we bring a little bit of it all to you this morning.
6:25 am
have a good day, everybody. virginia, tennessee giving us our play of the day. time running out. first half tennessee's antonio barton pulls up inside half court says i want three! got it! knocks down the big three ball from downtown. tennessee goes on to win it by 35 points. your play of the day. 6:25 now. a new gun law set to take effect in a few days has people lining up to get their before the year ends. the new requirements and why some people say they're an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: i'm mark kelly live in san francisco where a high-speed chase topped 70 miles per hour. coming up, how it started and how that chase came to an end. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and now, police are urging residents of a your realtime captioner is mrs. linda m. macdonald. a train derails in north dakota sparking explosions there and now police are urging residents of an entire town to evacuate. >> plus, two terror attacks have rocked the same russian city in two days. the security concerns now overred that doing the upcoming olympics games. >> plenty of clouds, no rain. will that change for the new year? we'll talk about that coming up. >> one of our only slow spots traffic-wise castro valley. we'll explain why coming up. >> and good morning, everyone. it's tuesday, it is new year's eve, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. developing now, jahi mcmath remains on a ventilator this morning at children's hospital oakland. yesterday an hour before the 13- year-old brain-dead girl was scheduled to be taken off the
6:30 am
machine, a judge stepped in and gave a reprieve. the family now has until january 7 to find a caring facility for the teen. the girl's mother says her daughter is moving and responding to her voice. but several doctors say there's no hope for recovery. kpix 5's mark kelly is on the scene now of a developing story where a number of crime scenes had to be checked after a high- speed chase. and mark, the pursuit ended in a crash at golden gate park. reporter: it did. it started a little bit before 9:00 last night in the potrero hill neighborhood but let us give you a live picture of where this crash ended. this is the southeast corner of golden gate park at a small skate park on waller street. now, the chase started when a 30 patrol car tried stopping the suspect in potrero hill. when one officer walked up, the driver sped up winding through several neighborhoods for miles and miles. during that chase, one officer fired a shot that hit the suspect's car. the suspect tried to run after
6:31 am
he crashed. but he was quickly caught. >> with so many crime scenes that we have to look at the vehicle accident or collision scenes, the officer-involved shooting scene and here where the vehicles collided. >> reporter: so the suspect is in custody this nonlife- threatening injuries. we are also told one of the officers involved in the pursuit was also injured but those injuries are also nonlife-threatening. we could expect an update later today. live at golden gate park, mark kelly, kpix 5. >> we still haven't been told the original reason why the officers approached the suspect. 6:31 on this new year's eve. let's find out how the holiday roads are happening out there. liz, what's going on? >> it's "holiday light" around the bay area. it was hard to find a slow spot but we found one westbound 580 by castro valley boulevard there is an accident blocking a
6:32 am
lane and you can see some slowouts, the traffic jam behind it. towards 238 in the castro valley y, everything else is moving at top speeds. here is a live look at the nimitz freeway. everywhere else is quiet. northbound 880 only 15 minutes right now between 238 and the maze. and if you are heading through the macarthur maze, heading out of the caldecott tunnel, this is what it looks like on 24 in oakland near telegraph. everything looks good. we saw some bart trains also moving along that stretch. and all trains are running on time. westbound 580 even through the altamont pass, this is how you know it's a holiday. everything looks great so far through the livermore valley. no brake lights all the way out towards the dublin interchange. in fact, all your drive times still in the clear up and down the nimitz and the eastshore freeway no problems yet through berkeley. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for more on your forecast, here's lawrence. >> plenty of clouds moving overhead this morning, liz, even low clouds, fog down below. we are not seeing any rain for
6:33 am
the end of 2013. going to be the driest calendar year on record since 1849. so this afternoon we have a mix of sun and clouds, the temperatures still mild. maybe slightly cooler than yesterday, 50s, low 60s coastside. you will see mid-60s inside the bay in the warmest spots, and mid-60s in the valleys. out the door right now, chilly in spots down to the 30s and also the 40s. skies partly to mostly cloudy to begin with. just hovering up above freezing as you make your way into santa rosa and 33 and 39 degrees in san jose. this afternoon, looking at 65 degrees in livermore. 61 in san rafael. should be 62 degrees partly cloudy into santa rosa. and 63 degrees in san jose. coming up, we'll have a look at the new year's eve forecast in a bit. back to you. >> thank you. right now a town in north dakota is urged to evacuate after a train carrying crude oil exploded nearby. you can see just how big that fire was. it burned through most of the night and as susan mcginnis reports, all that toxic smoke is so thick investigators haven't been able to get close
6:34 am
to evaluate the magnitude of the blast. >> reporter: >> reporter: explosions sent flames and thick black smoke billowing into the sky after a train carrying crude oil derailed near castleton, north dakota, about half hour west of fargo. >> we were taking a nap and then all of a sudden we heard this big boom and we ran outside and seen black smoke and then orange smoke. >> reporter: as night fell monday, local authorities warned a shift in the winds could push potentially toxic fumes from the blaze over the town of casselton. >> there's a very heavy plume of smoke and carcinogen coming from the burning wreckage of the cars. >> reporter: police urged all 2400 residents to evacuate. >> just grab whatever and leave. because they were like outside my house waiting for us to leave. >> reporter: officials with bns of railway company believe a train transporting grain derailed and hit the train carrying crude oil sparking the explosions and fire. a team from the national transportation safety board is on the way to help figure out what caused the accident. crews are letting the blaze
6:35 am
burn itself out so investigators are not expected to get close enough to gather evidence until later today. susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> there were no reported injuries, but health experts say breathing in the fumes from crude oil can cause red itchy eyes and coughing. four family members including two children have been found dead in a southern california home. fontana police say a 16-year- old reported his family members were dead in the hope last night. the -- dead in the home last night. the victims are a boy and girl 10 and 12 and man and woman about 35 or 40. officers found firearms in the home. investigators are not releasing any more details. today more than 5,000 police officers spread across volgograd, russia, after two attacks in two days killed 34 people. authorities have canceled new year's eve celebrations and have asked residents not to set off fireworks. there's concern worldwide that
6:36 am
attacks also could be carried out 400 miles away at the winter olympics in sochi in february. four fresno teenagers accused of shooting a teach remember charged as adults. three of the suspects pleaded not guilty yesterday. police say they were trying to steal computers from edison high school. investigators say one of the teens shot steven garrow after they saw the teacher during the attempted heist. now all four are being charged as if they had pulled the trigger. >> because of the way the law is structured, we can charge people who are an active participant in the crime with the gun and the results of using the gun. >> if convicted, the teens could be sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole after 26 years. bay area gun shows expect to be very busy today ahead of a new law on rifles and shotguns beginning tomorrow the state will keep records of who buys long guns. it used to destroy that
6:37 am
information just after 5 days. now gun purchases will have to be registered with the state. business is brisk in one shop in san carlos. >> they know their driver's license information, their basic information, is passed on to the government. the government knows they have a long gun but they just don't like the idea of them nothing exactly what they have. >> police say the new law will help track down guns used in crimes. >> not dissuaded or discouraged. >> not everyone wants to see this kind of rose parade float. >> the market just opened up. let's check the early-morning numbers. so far, looking good. we'll get an update from moneywatch reporter marlie hall.
6:38 am
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6:40 am
and, tomorrow morning, the attention will turn back to golden state -- for the rose parade. all eyes on new york city for the big new year's eve celebration. tomorrow morning the attention turns back to the golden state for the rose parade. volunteers in pasadena are
6:41 am
scrambling to put the finishing touches on all those floats. melanie woodrow tells us one float in particular will make history this year. >> reporter: after danny leclair popped the question to aubrey lutz, he had one more. >> do you want to get married on a rose bowl float? >> did you ever imagine not only that you would get married but that you would get married in the tournament of roses parade? >> never. >> reporter: 12 years ago they met in what each describes as love at first sight. >> we started talking and i recognized his accent and i said, you're from south africa. >> reporter: this was their first look at their wedding venue atop a giant wedding cake. aids healthcare foundation sponsored the float. >> i can't think of a better example of dreams coming true. >> reporter: now they will share their dream with the world. >> i have 80 million of your closest friends at your wedding. >> reporter: a day leclair's parents weren't sure they would see. >> proud of them.
6:42 am
very honored to have aubrey as a second son. >> very proud. >> reporter: there has been backlash including calls to boycott the parade. >> we are not dissuaded or discouraged. we're absolutely grateful that we can be part of this conversation and really educate people. >> we're focused in love. we're standing in love. and that is why we're on top of this giant cake. >> reporter: dressed in their finest. >> we will both be in handsome ted baker suits. >> reporter: and beaming with pride. >> that was melanie woodrow reporting. the float will also feature a lesbian couple who have been together for 42 years and legally married for five. >> reporter: if you signed up for health insurance through the "covered california" website, don't forget to pay. people who enrolled for coverage starting january 1 need to pay by january 1. invoices should be going out this week from insurance companies. but if you need to see a doctor
6:43 am
before that, don't worry. >> if someone needs care in the beginning of january they will be covered as long as they pay by january 10. that health plan will reimburse them for any care they receive as long as they get in-network care. >> so far about 400,000 californians have signed up. a quarter of them did it over the past four days. the last day of trading for the year is under way on wall street. so far, so good, too. cbs news business analyst marlie hall joins us live in new york with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. there's just one day of trading left before we ring in 2014. the markets opened just about 15 minutes ago -- 15 minutes ago. the dow is up 23. nasdaq up 9. facebook remains the social media of choice for adults. with 71% using the website in the u.s., that's according to a new study by the pew research center. that survey also found 73% of all adults online are now a member of a social network.
6:44 am
also, more adults use professional networking site linkedin and photo pinup site pinterest than twitter. if you got a new tablet or smartphone for the holidays and immediately started downloading apps, you're not alone. according to new data from mobile analytic firm flurry, christmas day apps downloads set a record this year increasing 11% compared to last year. games and social apps were the most popular. and 2013 was a big year for recording artists on tour. according to a report by poll star, the rock band bon jovi had the most successful year grossing almost $260 million. beyonce was the second biggest touring artist of 2013. she took in nearly $189 million on the road with her tour, which just ended last week. frank, michelle? >> bon jovi? >> that's surprising. >> they are keeping busy. still got it. marlie hall, thank you.
6:45 am
happy new year. a holiday i think liz actually found a kind of a slow spot out there, right? >> we did. we found one in castro valley. i'll take you to that accident there in a minute. first, we're talking mass transit and everything is on time and on a regular schedule except for golden gate ferries, they are operating on a holiday schedule this morning. so check their website for the latest information. bart has 51 trains and they are all on time. bart is also running until 3:00 this morning for the new year's holiday. westbound 580 approaching castro valley boulevard, this is that accident that frank just mentioned. still there, kcbs sky one actually flew over a few minutes ago spotting the lane still blocked but it looks like just some minor delays right now approaching the scene just behind it and tow crews are out there now. so they should be clearing that here pretty shortly. here's a live look at the bay bridge. still no metering lights. they have not had to turn on those "meet the press" in a while. they have been catching a break between holidays so they likely will not turn them on at all this morning and problem-free all the way into san francisco
6:46 am
if you are traveling the incline out towards yerba buena island. a lot of fog reported in the south bay. apparently only a quarter mile or less visibility parts of 101 we saw it earlier in our traffic shot. 280 looking good though through downtown. no delays. and the guadalupe parkway also moving at top speeds. if you are a silicon valley driver once again here is a live look westbound 237. maybe a little fog on our traffic camera there as well as you head towards zanker road. 8 minutes on 237 between 880 and sunnyvale. if you are any questions -- if you have any questions on your morning drive once you hit the road, tune to kcbs radio 740-am and 106.9-fm. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." for your forecast, here's lawrence. >> all right. we are looking at some changes today although not big changes. not going to see any rain but we have a whole lot of clouds outside right now and elizabeth mentioned some fog showing up, visibility a quarter mile into san jose. still the king tides will be the concern likely going to see some flooding possibly along the embarcadero expecting to reach the max there at almost
6:47 am
10:00 this morning at 7.1-foot tied. that's big time. in the afternoon we get other way minus 1.5 feet around 4:30. so flooding around the bay today. looks like as we head toward the afternoon it will be a mix of sun and clouds. the bay area air quality management has issued another "spare the air" day. and then starting the new year looks like on the dry side as high pressure is just too strong and we have several systems that continue to pound on that ridge just not enough to break it down. one up in the pacific northwest bringing them some rain, it will bring a few clouds into our direction but that's it. clouds and no rain. out at sfo not expecting any delays. partly cloudy skies this morning and into the afternoon. if you are headed around the country, grab the thick weather gear. it will be cold and snowy into chicago today, about 17 degrees there. 35 some snow likely in new york, as well. then you have 53 degrees partly cloudy in houston and 56 degrees in denver. around the bay today, you will see highs generally in the 60s, although 50s and low 60s out toward the coastline with a little bit of a sea breeze. next couple of days into the
6:48 am
new year we'll warm up the temperatures. in fact, near 70 degrees by thursday in some of the warmest spots. cooling off but no rain in the latter part of the weekend. all right. if you are heading out at the embarcadero here's your official new year's eve forecast. partly cloudy skies, a little chilly, the temperatures going to be dropping off to 40s by the midnight hour so if you are heading out and i know you probably will, you guys are late night revelers -- >> raise of hands of who will be up at midnight tonight. >> none of us. we be lucky to make the east coast ball drop at 9:00. >> i'm going to try 9:00. >> maybe. >> yeah. we'll see. >> maybe not. 6:48 now. some target shoppers are finding it very difficult to return gifts in the latest obstacle following that retailer's major security breach one woman telling kpix 5's julie watts she got kicked out of a store when she tried toic ma a return.
6:49 am
>> i thought target would be able to give me a cash refund in light of what was going on with the credit cards. >> her returns were 27 bucks. but after talking to two customer service reps a manager told her she was out of luck. >> he said there was nobody else i could speak to. >> reporter: he offered her a gift card and when she insisted on a refund -- >> he told me he would have to leave the store and called the security guard own and then he physically blocked me from walking through the store. >> reporter: she says he was she was so shaken up she left without returns or money and asked us to conceal her identity. but what jo didn't know and no one at target bothered to tell her is that she could have had her purchases refunded back to her card even though she no longer had it. >> your card issue will do what's called bridging. the old account with the new account. >> reporter: he explains why while you can't make purchases with the canceled card you can still use it for returns and
6:50 am
any credits appear on the replacement card. back at the store eye different manager said he couldn't comment on how she was treated the first time around but apologized and agreed to refund the money but jo says she is still waiting toker an apology from the first manager who threw her out over a $27 refund. julie watts, kpix 5. >> by the way target hasn't returned our calls so it's unclear why that first manager wouldn't give her a refund in the first place. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." on this new year's eve, norah o'donnell has the big chair duty and joins us live from new york. >> reporter: good morning. as the country braces for another round of rough weather we are going on board as a group of nasa scientists tries to forecast the next major storm. plus we are going to talk to forbes magazine senior editor here with your best investment options for 2014. and then you know our eye-
6:51 am
opener right? it begins the show that fabulous compilation of all the cool stories out there? we are doing one for all the major stories of 2014. -- of 2013. don't miss t and then it. and then a doctor will join us on hangover cures. happy new year, guys. >> we'll be in bed early. >> all right. norah o'donnell, thank you. >> well, you can use it for the weekend. take care. 6:51 now. vending machines are about to change the way you grab a snack on the go. the new feature that may have you opting for something he will healthier. >> and an oakland teen declared brain-dead is still on a ventilator. ,,,,
6:52 am
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the town of casselton, north dakota to get out. a train carrying crude oil deraile five things to know at the :55. officials have urged residents in the town of casselton, north dakota, to get out. a train carrying crude oil derailed outside of a town and exploded in a ball of fire. multiple cars are burning sending thick, black smoke billowing into the sky to. firefighters say they will let the fire burn itself out. new video shows the moments after former formula 1 driver michael schumacher was injured. amateur video shows a helicopter with schumacher taking off from the french alps. he was skiing on unmarked slopes when he fell and hit his head sunday morning. schumacher remains in a medically-induced coma. doctors say there's a slight improvement this is condition after two hours of surgery yesterday. >> a worker killed in boston on the tarmac after being hit by a truck at logan airport. the driver was backing up at the cargo terminal when he hit and killed the 59-year-old man. the driver was taken to the
6:56 am
hospital for stress. police say he doesn't appear to be impaired but was tested for drugs and alcohol. the u.s. is offering more support to russia as it prepares to host the winter olympics in sochi. two suicide bombings killed dozens of people in volgograd. about 400 miles from the olympic site. the attacks are believed to be the work of islamic terrorists from chechnya. russia has spent an estimated $51 billion for the games. starting next year about 5 million vending machines nationwide will be required now to display calorie information. the calorie count will be displayed next to the snack choice. this update won't be cheap, either. the cost to the industry would be over $25 million initially and about $24 million every year after that. i'm cate caugiran live in the newsroom. a judge grants jahi mcmath more time on a ventilator. now the family of of the brain- dead teen has a week to move her. relief from a last-minute reprieve. >> i'm not trying to hold on to
6:57 am
a corpse. that is a live girl in there. >> reporter: an hour before children's hospital oakland was allowed to turn off jahi mcmath's ventilator, an alameda county judge stopped it. the family filed a restraining order along with nearly 100 pages of documents and a video the family says shows jahi mcmath responding to her mother's voice. >> i believe my daughter is alive. i don't care what they say. she moves. and if you go in a room and with your child and you talk to your child and even though they say your child is brain-dead and they respond to you and they move you're going to believe that your child is alive. >> reporter: attorney christopher dolan says the family found a facility in new york state that will take the 13-year-old but the hospital is not cooperating. >> what we're hoping is when the facility is locked in, that this hospital will do the procedure or let someone come in and do the procedure. what baffles me is they say that jahi is dead. but they won't give us her body. >> reporter: ed pros yours are feeding and breathing tubes.
6:58 am
children's hospital oakland has refused saying they won't perform procedures on dead people. >> my daughter is alive. she's warm. and i go in there and let her know all the time. we won today. it may be a small victory. we only got a few more days. >> reporter: the hospital spokesman says they have not received any confirmation that another facility is willing to take her. live in the newsroom, cate caugiran, kpix 5. we have new video from ind indonesia. mound sinabung erupted -- mount sinabung erupted six times this morning after a lava dome in the volcano collapsed yesterday. the government's alert status is at its highest level almost 20,000 people evacuated from the area since a series of eruptions began a few months ago. before that, the volcano had been dormant for four centuries. mount etna in sicily is also at it again. it's spewing lava and ash into the sky. loud explosions are heard. no one is in danger. mount etna has been active over the last few months. this is the 20th eruption this
6:59 am
year. a final check of your "kcbs traffic." we are cruising right along this morning. so far, so good up and down the nimitz freeway northbound and southbound. traffic volume is definitely down to the normal commute. a lot of folks sleeping in gearing up for holiday reveling tonight. all lanes are open westbound 580, castro valley boulevard, one accident we have seen so far this morning blocking a lane. kcbs just drove by and says all lanes are own, no longer in i delays. fog and visibility down to a quarter mile in the south bay but traffic moving well overall on 101 and 280. looking good and feeling good on 2013, maybe a little early, huh? but looking good out there as well. a lot of clouds right now moving across our skies going to see more of that throughout the day unfortunately no rain in the forecast. temperatures expected to be in the 60s in most spots today. new year's eve, should be a dry new year's eve weather-wise. new year's day lots of sunshine. >> was that coffee or eggnog
7:00 am
over there. >> eggnog! >> this is from sydney, australia. happy new year's eve! >> happy new year! captions by: caption colorado good morning to your viewers in the west. it is tuesday, december 31st, 2013, and welcome to "cbs this morning." a bitter cold end to 2013. temperatures nose dive for millions and there could be a huge snow heading for the northeast. and an entire community told to get out after massive explosions in a train derailment. the toxic risk to thousands this morning. plus, beyonce accused of insulting memories of american heroes. controversy over her new song and the "challenger" disaster. first a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> very heavy plume of


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