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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 21, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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accidentally discharged and shot him had 10 plus years experience. you're taking live at the scene right now. the alameda county coroner's office is on scene right now. as we said, at 1:07 this afternoon, b.a.r.t police were serving a probation search on a man who they believe was at the center of several robberies on b.a.r.t trains in recent months. at 1:59 the call went out for help with the alameda county fire department. that is when it was believed this officer was, in fact, shot. now, there was one shot fired from what we have been told so far. but according to jd nelson at the alameda county sheriff's department, it is not unusual that these officers went into this apartment here with their weapons drawn. 234-6789, it's protocol -- drawn. in fact, it is protocol. >> that is pretty standard. because you're going into a situation where you don't know
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what's going on. and this person, my understanding, is wanted for some robberies. obviously, robberies are pretty serious felony. so you would have your weapon out. >> reporter: now, kpix5 has learned all of the b.a.r.t police officers were, in fact, wearing ballistic vests at the time. there were four b.a.r.t officers inside this home in dublin when the shooting happened. there was a dublin police officer outside. of course, very tragic accident. the suspect they were looking for, in fact, was not home at the time of the search. likely with all this commotion not coming back any time soon. we're told this scene will be active out here for hours as they try to figure out exactly what happened out here. live in dublin, andrea borba kpix5. >> our coverage continues with brian webb who is at the alameda county coroner's office in oakland. brian, what are you learning
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there? >> reporter: ken, we have seen several touching scenes this afternoon. the most recent one here at the alameda county coroner's office. you may be able to see behind me a few officers out back probably still in shock after all that has happened today. let me show you video from a half hour ago. the fallen officer brought here by police escort. a van carrying the body backed right up to the rear door of the building. officers from alameda county sheriff's office and oakland police forming two lines on either side standing at attention as the body was brought inside draped in an american flag. we should note that they waited to do that until other b.a.r.t officers could arrive. they were a little bit behind the first group. this is where the autopsy will be done as soon as possible. now, let me show you video from chopper 5. similar scene as the fallen officer's body was taken from the hospital just after are 5:00. this is right outside the
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emergency room. again, the officers there standing by. the american flag, a show of respect. sadness that this officer died in the line of duty today. this is what it looked like as the body was driven from the hospital here to downtown oakland. a procession of motor vehicles leading the way. lights flashing, cars pulling off to the side of the road. maybe not as large or as long as we have seen with the funerals offallen officers, but you definitely get the same feeling today with everything we have seen this afternoon. again, a big part of the investigation, ken, will happen here at the coroner's office with the autopsy that will presumably be done as soon as p possible as they try to figure out everything that happened today. ken. >> brian, we as the public, we don't realize that these officers, law enforcement of all types put their lives on the line everyday. they serve search warrants, probationary searches, things like that. normally, most of the time, 99.9% of the time they go off without a hitch. today, the exception. >> reporter: and we forget that
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they are human beings, too. we saw a few tears pack there. they worked with this guy and felt a lot about him, obviously. >> tragic accident today. brian webb in oakland. thank you. >> b.a.r.t just rights fur leased a statement saying the entire organization is deeply saddened by this event. we ask the public to keep the officer's family in its thoughts and prayerest. of course, we will continue to monitor the late. we will bring you another live report at 6:30. the mta just approved a pilot program to continue letting private shuttle buses use muni stops in san francisco. but mark kelly shows us proa are angry -- protesters are angry saying these tech companies are taking over the city. an ordinary bus stop, a regular commute until dozens of protesters took over eight between market and mission. two private shuttles, facebook google headed down the
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peninsula held hostage for 25 minutes. unsuspecting riders now late for work. >> this is frustrating. test of it is all blown out of proportion. >> protesters are angry over the rise of these shuttles in san francisco. there are 35,000 boardings a day just in the city. and, protesters say the private shuttles hold up their public muni buses making them late for work many times, too. >> for two years, these buses have been able to get a free ride on our muni bus stops. >> eventually, the peaceful protesters moved freeing private shuttles, but then it was down the street to the san francisco association of realtors where a second major concern, the rise of evictions came in focus. we found one worker who sympathieses with the protesters. >> i understand myself. i have a nice apartment in the city. pay a lot of represent that other people may not be able to afford it. >> reporter: e. >> in san francisco, mark
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kelly, kpix5. >> the pilot program allowing the muni company to use for the last 18 months. they will have to pay $1 for each stop they make. rape kits sitting untested in the bay area right now allowing offenders to roam free until their process. now, a new proposal to solve that problem. a new bill introduced today sets time limits on processing sexual assault evidence. >> it is extremely important. and it gives the victim a sense of security, a sense of closure, a sense of acknowledgement that what happened to them was a crime. >> heather marlo's rape kit took more than two years to be processed. an audit turned up 1900 untested kits in alameda county alone. it is being called an epidemic in contra costa
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county, human trafficking. in 2011, there was just four cases prosecuted. last year, that number jumped to 32. one of those cases involves a victim ann notarangelo spoke today in a story you will only see on kpix5. >> no 15, 16-year-old girl gets up today and says she will be a prostitute. >> but that is exactly what happened to stephanie, we are calling her, when a so-called boyfriend under the out to be a pimp who victimized her for two and a half years. even though she was living with her parents, her home life wasn't great and she was an easy target. >> i was a mess. i found a guy who would stay with me and that's what happened. >> it is a similar story for many who end up victims of human trafficking in what's becoming an epidemic in the b. it involves girls and boyce. the vast majority of whom live in urban areas. >> there are a lot of vulnerable youth. loot of accessibility. they can be moved around.
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>> stephanie got out of the life for a while but was lured back. >> i was doing that for a couple months until the rich land police arrested me. >> the police arrested her and her pimp. >> it is only in hindsight stephanie considers that the day she was rescued, at the time she did not want to leave the life. >> he had my mind so controlled. i felt i needed him. >> she was introduced to counselor are also at community violent solutions. a nonprofit that offers victims of human trafficking support and guidance but stephanie refused to cooperate with police or the counselors. >> even though you don't want to be in that life, you don't want to sell your body, it is still hard to let do of the whole thing. >> it took weeks before she opened up. and it is still not an easy road, for her or the people who try to help her. >> our cars have been followed by exploiters. that i have say they are their girls. so they call on the phone. i know where you're a. i know
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which car you're in. >> escaping takes years of hard work and patience. >> it is like deprogramming. >> today, stephanie is in school and calls herself a survivor, not a victim. each day she sees imannals of her old life, girls like her, on the streets. >> so many young girls out there. babies. >> in richmond, ann notarangelo kpix5. >> stephanie testified against her former pimp last summer. two months ago, she saw him again at his sentencing. he got four years in prison and will have to register as a sex offender from now on. another candidate is throwing his hat into the ring for the california governor. he announced that he is in the race. he is a moderate republican who has never held office. he is also pro choice, pro immigration reform and favors same sex marriage. says he even voted for president obama in 2008. the 40-year-old was born in ohio. he is best known as being an
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architect of the nation's bank bailout. he also holds an mba from the hearton school the university of -- warton school in pennsylvania. democrats site public records. party chairman burton says in a statement today, quote, neal needs to start telling the truth about his voting record it's time to come clean with the voters of california. potential jurors may not be removed from a trial solely based on sexual orientation. a federal appeals court said striking someone from a jury pool because he or she is day pop constitutes unlawful discrimination. the decision came from an anti trust and contract dispute between two rival drug companies over the price of a popular aids drug in to 11. new schools could be combing to an area in san jose that desperately needs them. the state is selling part of
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the developmental center. len ramirez tells us the schools will come as a relief to students who have to travel quite a distance just to get to class. len. >> reporter: that's right, ken. you know, they have been going a very long distance just to get to school. the name here has long been associated with a state mental institution that was operated here for almost 100 years. but now in the future it may be more well known as a place for schools. >> 7th grader adam lee lives a block from his school in santa clara, but all through his school years his parents had to drive him 25 miles away all due to overcrowding and strictly enforced school boundaries. >> how was that drive for you? >> at least i could sleep in the car. >> but the wake up call was really for the schools. for the last foyer years, santa clara unified and the city of san jose have been working to
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get a school development deal done to keep up with the population explosion. >> we are projecting that enrollment over the next 10 years will increase by over 31%. >> now, finally, a break through. the state of california has agreed to sell part of the old development center to the school district and the city to a named preferred joint partner. the two have formed a partnership to build one k through 8 school, one high school and a park on the property. many of the old buildings will be preserved. >> it really is one of the last big parsell's of land north of the bay shore that is available to build new schools for our students. so it is one of the last viable options. >> neighbors say the schools can't be built fast enough. every where you look, big apartment buildings and condos are springing up. e it will only be a matter of time before these new comers will be ready for school. >> new school here would be a relief to the parents here so
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they don't have to drive as long. the classes here are pretty crowded, too so it would be helpful. >> reporter: the school district will now have to pass abound measure to help raise the needed funds to build. either way, it will be about five years before those schools come into fruition. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. looking to the future of the former home of the 49ers. the transformation coming to candle stick. plus, the first bay area county joining the governor when the call to conserve water. another record setting day throughout the bay area. vacaville, 72. why a bay area chain just
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we'll create a solution customized just for you. and you can manage it all right from the palm of your hand. future. a multi-billion
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dollar plan will bring hous well, we're saying good-bye to candle stick park and looking forward to the future. a multibillion dollar plan will bring housing, shops and an entertainment venue to the area. algins us with a look at what's in store. >> reporter: we are getting our first look at what candle stick point will look like without candle stick park. the company selected to develop both candle stick and hunter's point shipyard released a video showing what's in store for the more than 700-acres. >> we've said bye bye baby. >> the mad house at candle stick. >> we relived the catch. we even managed to conjure up a certain warm fuzzy feeling for the stadium fans love to hate. now it's time to pull back the curtain and see what's coming to candle stick point. >> i think we'll get the building some time between august and october of this year. and then some time between october of this year and
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february of next year, that building will be coming down. >> bonner and urban released this 30 second video to give us some idea of how candle stick and hunter's point will transform over the next decade. >> there will be parks, housing. there will be housing for a variety of incomes and family styles. there will be a bike trail. i think it will be a very fabulous addition to the city. >> there's more than 700-acres included in this two-part development which includes both candle stick and hunter setpoints shipyard next door. 100-acres will be parks and open space. almost a million square feet will be developed into retail and office space. and, there are plans for 6,000 homes on the candle stick property alone which supervisor says is badly needed for her district. >> you have at market rates, below market rates. this type of a mixed income
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community. that's what you're -- that's the direction you're trying to go in. >> reporter: now, how long it takes to demolish candle stick is how they take it p down. that depends on what they find there when they start poking around for those environmental studies. >> yeah. the 800-pound gorilla in the room, hunter's point is an established neighborhood in san francisco. prewar housing there. how is that going to coexist with high-rises and all this modern things going on? >> reporter: it remains to be seen. but voters did talk about this. actually, back in 2008, voters approved what was called prop g. the bayview jobs parks and housing initiative. that kind of out lined what should be done with this property once the shipyard and the 49ers moved out. people are hoping there will be some trickle down effect. that is neighborhoods around will benefit. >> such valuable land right now. >> reporter: it is. >> thank you, allen. everyone is being asked to
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voluntarily cut back on their water use because of the draught emergency. but in marin county, the mandate has gone into effect. kpix5's don knapp is live where people are used to hearing the call of concern. don. >> reporter: that's right. water cutbacks mean dead grass. deja vu for many. this isn't the first draught. >> most of the water marin county uses comes directly from runoff. and without rain, runoff quickly runs out. now with rose anywheres dropping, the water district is calling -- reservoirs dropping, the water district is calling for cutbacks. >> we are asking people to conserve. >> that is cut water use by 20%. not easy in a county where water saving landscape in the norm and folks deal with draught every few years. >> we got rid of the lawn when the draught came and put all concrete in. >> so you have really conserved
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water a lot. >> we try to, yeah. >> now they're going to ask you to cut back 20% more. >> we all have to pitch in and do it. if we're out of water, we're out of water. >> today, marin residents use 600 gallons per day. about the lowest in the bay area. even before the governor called for volunteer conservation, marin county decided to tap into its reserves. drawing water from marin lake only two times in the last decade. without it, they could be facing mandatory cutbacks as soon as as april. lauren learned to conserve. >> take short showers. don't take baths. >> and you cut back on irrigation. that is a third of marin county typical water use right there. marin county water district says a third of customers have leaks they don't know about. >> if they could repair the leaks, that may well be 20% right there. >> marin will pay some
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customers who save. $100 for folks who buy water saving toilets and $100 to water saving washing machines. >> reporter: the cutback will be voluntary. but on april first if the water level drops, it would be mandatory. level right now 43,000. pretty close. reporting live in marin county, don knapp, kpix5. governor brown has urged everyone in the state to voluntarily cut back on their water use by 20%. look at this. maybe 5% of snow. brown all the way to the peak. scary. >> the east coast is inundated right now. >> it is a tail of the haves and have notes. >> reporter: the folks back in philadelphia, new york, washington, d.c. with their snowfall and their never ending winter. it started around thanksgiving. it is directly correlated to ours because there is a huge area of low pressure which is feeding all of these snowstorms back east. it is that low that is not
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moving. ahead of our ridge that is not moving so everything is stuffe stuck in place. they are stuck with a little bit too much winter. 14 states currently under freeze and snow warnings back east. for using loo at those highs -- us, look at those ice. we are stuck with this. i know loot of folks would say it is sunny and warm. but we could use a little bit of rainfall. oakland, record shy. sonoma you hit 73. livermore, redwood city around 70 degrees. a fire weather watch is in effect for those of you in the north bay hills. winds will pick up tomorrow night gusting 252035. a red flag warning is likely to be issued for tomorrow night at some point in time during the day on wednesday. so our pattern is stuck. there is that huge high pressure. our ridge will not move if it doesn't move. so we will stay dry for at least the next week. there are signs, i'm talking
6:23 pm
february, signs that ridge will finally move out. but not to salvage van. january will likely go down as the record driest january in bay area history. tomorrow, record highs. 70 with shine. concord, you're 70. oakland, 71. 14degrees above average. little cooler along the coastline. san francisco 66. pacifica 64. napa, your high tomorrow, 71. thursday, still sunny and warm. friday, a little bit cloudier. mid up toker 60s. the weekend, dry. sunny. maybe play golf over the weekend. >> gosh. >> reporter: top of next week, talking 70 degrees. folks have been visiting wine country saying wine country is mopped because it is so sunny. people that were going to vacation in tahoe aren't. they are saying we're going to wine country because it feels like april. >> top story in 2014 has been the weather the u.s. is all messed up. >> reporter: nobody is normal. everybody is out of whack in some sort. >> crazy. >> thanks, paul.
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check for a quarter million dollars. a small bay area retail chain got a big surprise today. it was awarded a check for a quarter million dollars. >> kpix5's day cogeron explains p what made the business so special that it beat out thousands of other applicants if that are grant. >> reporter: this is the owner of the five different stores. its purpose is to provide health and wellness alternatives to the lamborghinity no. -- latino. the purpose of the program is to help small american businesses thrive. >> for companies who support
6:27 pm
small businesses, means a lot because this is not a loan and this is not an investment. it is a gift. they actually became a reality so we have very happy. >> executives from chase and google helped present the award. there were 35,000 applications. his business was one of 12 selected as part of the national campaign. in addition to the $250,000 grant, he and his the employees have bin sited to a tend a two- day marketing -- been invited to attend a two-day marketing workshop. kate cogeron kpix5. coming up in our next half hour, we continue to follow breaking news. a b.a.r.t officer shot accidentally and killed by a fellow officer. we'll have the latest. another 1-2 punch of heavy snow and frigid temperatures in the nation's northeast. when b.a.r.t riders will be able to hop onto a car unlike any other. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, the great american novel.
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so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can the east bay.. where ities are trying to figure out how a bart officer.. accidentally shot an e. know at 6:30, we take you back to our breaking news out of the east pay where authorities are trying to figure out exactly how a b.a.r.t police officer accidentally shot and killed
6:31 pm
his partner. this happened while the officers were serving a probation search warrant at the park sierra apartments in dublin. kpix5's andrea borba has been there all afternoon. andrea, what are you learning now? >> reporter: at this moment, the shooting was called in to alameda county fire. as you can see, at 6:30 tonight, they are still out here investigating, anticipated to be out here for hours. what we have recently learned is that the deceased officer in this case is a 20-year veteran of the b.a.r.t police department. and, the man suspected of shooting him is a 10-year veteran. they, of course, were in that apartment serving a probation search warrant on a man suspected to be tied to several robberies on b.a.r.t property and on b.a.r.t trains. now, jd nelson of the alameda county sheriff's department tells kpix5 it is not at all unusual or out of the ordinary for another agency to be
6:32 pm
serving a search warrant in another city. >> it is not an uncommon occurrence. b.a.r.t officers and officers from other jurisdictions do searches nor cities. protocol is to notify that agency where you're going to let them know you're going to be there. which they difficult one of the dublin police officers was in fact here outside when this all occurred. >> reporter: now, we have been told that there were four b.a.r.t officers inside that home when the shooting occurred this afternoon around 159:23: 1:59 -- 1:59. we have also learned the single shot fired is the one that, of course, killed the officer just this afternoon. we are learning much more about this case as the hours do by. as soon as we though more, we will bring it to you. live in dublin, andrea borba, kpix5. >> andrea, thank you for that. >> i want to two to joe vasquez now. he joins us where the fallen
6:33 pm
officer was first taken. joe. >> reporter: julia, just a short while ago i spoke with a man who identified himself as the brother of the fallen officer. what he told me is he said his brother was a 42-year-old man, a veteran police officer from a law enforcement family. in fact, his two brothers and his own wife are cops. the fallen officer's wife is a b.a.r.t police officer according to the brother. the brother tells us the victim was a great guy, had a wicked sense of humor. a huge 49ers fan. in fact, the family got together this past week. the brothers were talking about how they are near retirement. now he is gone. b.a.r.t chief made a brief statement a short while ago. >> with a heavy heart i have to announce the tragic loss of the first officer killed in the line of duty in the history of the b.a.r.t police department. at approximately xiv today, members of our detective unit were conducting a probation search in the city of dublin
6:34 pm
when the officer was fatally struck by gunfire. our condolences goes out to the extended family and friends and b.a.r.t family and entire b.a.r.t district. the alameda county sheriff's department will be conducting this investigation. we ask that everyone please give us a chance to catch our breath, breathe. we'll be doing an update probably tomorrow morning. but no questions tonight. again, our condolences go out to the immediate family. and, please, keep me in your prayers. thank you. >> reporter: the officer leaves behind a young taughter. his wife and mother are also here according to the brother. they are surrounded by law enforcement who are paying their respects. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> absolutely heart breaking.
6:35 pm
all right. joe, thank you. also, a long and tense stand off in san jose ended with a suspect surrendering to police. police say a man attacked two officers near san jose city college. happened about 8:30 this morning. that suspect then took off running and barricaded himself in a nearby apartment. s.w.a.t. officers surrounded the building and evacuated everyone inside. >> we're happy that it ended peacefully. no officers were injured. >> the suspect surrendered to police about four hours later. pack east, round two of winter's wrath. another storm is tightening its grip around the midwest and east coast. cbs reporter danielle nottingham is getting a blast by winter firsthand. she joins us live from washington, d.c. thank you for joining us. danielle. >> reporter: julia, yeah. this storm is packing quite a punch with the combination of winds and snow. private or not, the snow is slowing down -- believe it or not, the snow is slowing down. but what's up next, the bitter
6:36 pm
cold. the east coast about to get slammed with wind chills in the single digits. >> snow shovels and plows are getting a work out from the midwest to the northeast. frigid temperatures and snow are causing accidents, closing schools, and canceling more than 2500 flights. >> we expected the snow. as long as you expect it, you can live with it. >> indiana officials temporarily shut down this 60- mile stretch of interstate 65 because of icy conditions and several accidents. testifies rough going in several states for those trying to get and from work. snow at washington, d.c. delighted tourists from towne southern california. >> we have the palm trees and the beach so this is a very nice different side of weather for us. >> reporter: but others visiting the nation's capital were not happy to see much of the city shut down. >> we were supposed to tour the white house, tour the capital, things like that. we haven't been able to do it because all the government
6:37 pm
offices are closed. >> hazardous conditions are moving up the east coast. new york city could see up to a foot of snow. northeast can expect the low freezing temperatures through the weekend. >> reporter: forecasters say deaf yeah and parts of new england could get up to 14 inches of snow today. live in washington, danielle nottingham. juliette, back to you. >> i know you have been an east coast reporter for a long time in dc. can you recall a winter like this in your history of reporting out there? >> reporter: yeah. you know, they come and they go. sometimes they seem few and far between. i know here in washington, d.c., forecasters say so far today most areas have gotten somewhere between 4 and 8 inches of snow. for washington, d.c., some of the heaviest snowfall in three years. so, this isn't the biggest, but it is so big it stretches a thousand miles.
6:38 pm
sit has an effect from virginia up through maine. >> well, we thank you for reporting for us. danielle, live in washington, d.c. thank you. sfo is reporting 57 flight cancellations today. still ahead. how the manhunt for a suspected bay area burglar came to a bizarre ending. when beautieders will be able to hop onto a car unlike any other. grammies airing this sunday night right here on kpix5. that, of course, is follow bid a special edition kpix5 news at are 11:00.
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you score little victories every now do it with dinner. land o'lakes sauté express meal starter, with herbs, spices, butter and olive oil. it's one step, no prep, and so good they'll ask for more. land o'lakes sauté express san jose police arrested a of a dramatic cliff rescue pacifica. a driver plunged 300 feet da cliff in the area of manor d heathcli firefighters we are getting word of a driver plunging 300 feet down a cliff. firefighters went down the hillside and pull the driver out of the car.
6:41 pm
a helicopter lifted the driver to safety. san francisco police arrested a burglar suspect after he was found hiding in an elevator shaft. alarm company alerted police about a problem at a medical marijuana dispensary. about 2:24 morning dozens of police moved in surrounding this strip mall. officers say the suspect broke in through the roof of the building. suspect grabbed a pretty good haul from that dispensary. here is a look at what police found on him, they say. police telling us the suspect was treated for some minor injuries after being cramped in that elevator shaft for three hours before he finally surrendered. some other bay area headlinest. a suspect shot to death by chp after a high speed chase in oakland is identified as a 19- year-old antonio mestas. he was spotted driving a bmw without plates. he crashed into two parked
6:42 pm
cars. officers spotted the suspect when they say he came out waving a gun. small grass fire burning about an acre near fish ranch road in clairmont. no word on how it got started. cover california enrollments have surpassed the 600,000 mark. but there are still a couple demographics that aren't quite meteorologist meeting expectations. state officials say so far about 625 are thousand people have signed up for a plan under cover california. only about a quarter of those are in the 18 to me-year-old group. only about 30% of enrollees self-identified as latino. still ahead, where you will be able to ride a b.a.r.t train unlike any other. fire danger going back up. yes, i know. january. winds will increase and so will that critical fire danger. is there any hope for rainfall? we need some. we'll talk about it, coming up.
6:43 pm
i am dennis o'donnell. coming up, jim harbaugh meets the media for the last time. tennis' best player meets his match. e an interviewer plays match maker. >> who would you take? >> her answer, coming up.
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new oakland airport connect was unveiled today... this th the b.a.r.t trip to oakland's airport is about to get a whole let easier. the main attraction of a new connector was unvailed today. this is the car passengers will travel in. taking an elevated journey over commute traffic to just outside the airport terminal. its improved technology, too. travelers can push a button to call for a car and push a button to begin the trip. >> this project is not just for now. it is also for the future. the bay area is one of the top global destinations for tourism and business. so having excellent transportation systems is paramount. >> the new system has a $484 million price tag. and, all though it still needs a lot of fine tuning, b.a.r.t expects it to begin operating this fall.
6:47 pm
push a butt top, and then it pose. >> you -- button, and then it goes. >> people will say it is two more buttons to break. >> yeah, they will. >> push a done, done with this. rain. >> reporter: doesn't work that way. i am looking for that button. if so, i will patent it. make a lot of money. here is a peek outside. sf o, record high today. 68degrees. mainly clear. you will be down to about 48 overnight tonight. what a nice shot. those lights are pretty spectacular. we are told you will never see the same thing twice. the lights are always doing something different. concord, 58. oakland, record high today. 61 in san francisco. san jose 60. santa rosa 61. north shore, surfers, they are always doing their thing there. enjoying a beautiful day. surf is up in hawaii. surf may be up. mavericks may be getting going
6:48 pm
around here coming up on friday. temperatures are pretty comparable to hawaii. save the money and just hang out right here. there is nothing on the radar. we are always scanning looking for rainfall. we have had incredibly dry and incredibly warm month. in livermore, your average high in january is 57 degrees. so far this january, 10 degrees warmer. the average high in livermore so far this month, 67 degrees. that is normal for april. it is not normal for january. so, if you say it feels like it should be easter outside, you're really not that far off. oakland tonight 45 degrees. livermore, you will drop down to 37. fairfield, 36. santa rosa, 37. we have a storm system to our south. cloud cover for the south land. no rainfall for us. two different storms will scoot by to the north kind of just hitting that wall in the atmosphere. little bit of shower activity. we have a force field
6:49 pm
surrounding the bay area which will not allow anything to get close by. pack east, snow. cold, ice, freezing rain in houston, texas. for us, nothing but sunshine. until next month, now what will happen next month, the ridge will still be there. it just needs to move. that is all we need. we will eventually get some rainfall moving in. but ails mentioned, that's likely february. it is likely not going to happen month. which will make van the driest month ever. extreme fire danger will be high thursday and friday as the winds pick up. so watch out for that. also, rough surf if you're heading to the beach. that's great news for the may have rickeys. they want to get things going. 72 for livermore -- mavericks. they want to get things going. campbell, warm as well. antioch, danville, dublin, pick the town. you will be near 70. alameda, 68. napa 71 in the middle of
6:50 pm
january. thursday, warm g. friday, warm g. little bit cloudy over it could with. do something outside. close to 60. i still do not see a drop of rainfall for the next several days. changes are coming. just not yet. hold hon for sport -- on for sports about two minutes away.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
chancellor cannot go to the bowl, the good news: he'll s. some news conference are hard to say. >> never with jim harbaugh. he always finds the silver lining. there is more good news. the seahawks win means they cannot go to the pro bowl he will be replaced by 49er safety reed. jim harbaugh spent 24 minutes in his final meeting with the media today. >> i have not experienced a good loss. if there is one, i'm not aware of it. >> two days later jim harbaugh was ablated mitt what we all thought while watching the nfc championship. >> it was one of the best games i have ever witnessed as a coach or player. the players played their [bleep
6:54 pm
]. >> and play delay did. many are injured. >> we have healing ahead. grueling rehab ahead. i have great faith of bowman to continue to be great. >> we know there can only be one team. >> so, how do you evaluate a team that set the bar as high att as the 49ers? not quite an a, as harbaugh would say. instead, he chose his words
6:55 pm
carefully. >> it was a fabulous year of football. i thought the way our super bowl b push year of football. can't say super bowl push, but it was -- the players play -- superbly. >> and, jim harbaugh was right after a. alex smith is a pro bowl quarterback. former 49er was named as an injury replacement for bray difficult he led the chiefs to the playoffs just one year after kansas city finished 2- 14. amazing turn around for him. tennis' first major of the year hasn't quite gone to form. two of the top seeds have already been knocked out of the australian open on the men and women's side. >> novac had won three straight open titles. he hit the ace to send the match the a fifth set, way over the four-hour mark. this time, the big serve by djokovic who hits the return wide. while he final librax through,
6:56 pm
he beats d for the first time in 15 tries and advances. 19-year-old boushard has become the first canadian born player to reach the finals. last year she was ranked 145th. >> you're getting a lot of male fans here. they want to know if you could date anyone in the world, sport, movie, i'm sorry, they asked me to say this. who would you date? >> justin bieber. >> okay. >> no. >> out rage on the set. >> no. all right. sometimes the most challenging part of the game for the miami heat is to make it through the post game interview. no one is off limittest from video bombs, but they may have out done themselves.
6:57 pm
anyway, roll the tape. >> you can take it from me, either way food can help make you a better athlete. >> oh. >> like a champion. >> i eat fruit and vegetables everyday because it gives me the energy i need. >> look at that. going to be tough for the first lady michelle obama video bombing a dunk. hoop held by lebron james. >> justin bieber. >> yeah. you guys were shocked at that. >> i don't think my kids will even say that. justin timberlake. >> amazing how quickly you can fall from grace. >> tell you what. >> all right. thanks, dennis. for news throughout the evening. the latest is always on >> you can see the rest back here tonight at 11:00. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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