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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  January 22, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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what happened in the moments before the accidental shootg death of a bart police offir at the h today we're learning about what happened in the moments before that accidental shooting death of a bart police officer at the hands of a colleague. good afternoon, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. still a lot more questions than answers right now about what went wrong at that apartment where the officer was killed. our cate caugiran joins us live
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from bart headquarters with some new information. cate. >> reporter: now, frank, michelle, there are still more questions even after that entire press conference, bart police and alameda county sheriffs wrapped up an hour ago at bar police headquarters. today there will be an autopsy. here's what happened in the moments before the sergeant was shot and killed. he was with four other detectives two uniformed bart officers and an alameda county deputy to conduct a probation search at john henry lee's dublin apartment trying to recover a stolen laptop and other items. officers knew that lee was in custody and not at home at the time. only sergeant smith and three other officers went inside. an hour into the search, alameda county sheriff's office says an officer fired a shot killing submit. chief rainey of bart police emphasized the officers are highly trained and it's not
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unusual for them to conduct these types of searches. >> the work is dangerous. there's nothing routine about it. some things are more dangerous than others. and going into someone else's home is probably one of the most dangerous things that we can do as law enforcement. >> reporter: as far as the officer who said killed smith, his name won't be released until next week. the chief said the officer was extremely upset. he is on administrative leave during the investigation. back to you. >> cate, we know that some of the officers are required to wear those lapel cameras. did any of the officers have one on? >> reporter: uniformed officers are required to carry or wear those cameras when they're out but had detectives, it's an option. we asked if there was any officer inside wearing cameras
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they didn't answer. they said the investigation is pending. hopefully that's one of the details that will be answered when the full report is released . >> thank you. >> sergeant smith was a 23-year veteran of the department and in charge of the detective unit. he leaves behind a wife and young daughter. vallejo police arrested a naked woman this morning after she allegedly shot and killed a man at a mobile home park. it happened just before 6:00 this morning on san miguel road east of i-80. the victim was shot in a home and died at the hospital. s.w.a.t. teams helped police arrest the woman who allegedly tried to flee with no clothes on. a man is dead and police do wounded. it happened at went worth and international. a passenger armed with a handgun ran out of an suv during a traffic stop. the officers and police dog pursued the man and at one
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point both officers open fired. the person driving the suv escaped. california's economic resurgence is already threatened. in his annual state of the state address governor jerry brown said the severe drought is a warning of things to come. kpix 5's anne makovec has more on the governor's dual message. anne. >> reporter: the governor applauded the fact that california is making a comeback but point out the stark threats posed by uncertainty in both the economy and the environment. >> what a comeback it is. >> reporter: the governor praised the people of california for improving our economy and passing measures to increase taxes ending years of painful deficits. >> a budgetary surplus in the billions. [ applause ] >> in the billions. [ applause ] >> but don't spend it. that's the point. >> reporter: brown is hoping for a constitutionally protected rainy day fun for inevitable disasters like the drought emergency he declared last week.
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>> we can take this drought as a stark warning of things to come. >> reporter: cutbacks could be mandatory. >> right now it's imperative. >> reporter: he is continuing to try to reduce the state prison population by sending state prisoners to county jails and equalizing public school funding. he only briefly mentioned the $68 billion high-speed rail project which is unpopular with the public. tom del beccaro says it under sold the speech to economic longevity. >> the number one issue should be a need to keep jobs and to give a 2,000 word speech, it's the wrong priorities. >> brown delivered more state of the state addresses than any other governor in california history. as to how this compares, it will be up to you. >> thank you. the drought is getting national attention now. the house speaker john boehner
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and three republican colleagues are in california to discuss the drought today. they are expected to announce emergency federal legislation to stop the controversial restoration of the san joaquin river through 2015 and would pump water out of the delta and form a committee to tackle long- term water issues. another person died from the flu in san francisco. the death was confirmed late yesterday. the person is described as not elderly, an adult. this is the second death blamed not flu in the city this season. at least 25 people have died from the virus here in the bay area. millions of americans along the eastern seaboard are stuck at home today as another massive storm dumped more than a foot of snow in some spots. communities from philadelphia to boston are hardest hit. you're looking at video now from the streets of philadelphia. the system is moving off the coast but the freezing temperatures will continue to dip lower.
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airports are trying to recover after canceling 3,000 flights yesterday. today more than 1400 were canceled and more are expected. >> i think i'll make my connection in dallas to get to salt lake city on time. but it's like a ripple effect once one plane is late or cancelled another one is going to you know -- you're not going to get where you need to be on time. >> air travel is starting to get normal on the west coast. 30 flights coming from back east have been canceled at sfo. most were scheduled to land this morning. things are smooth at san jose and oakland airports. new details about last fall's deadly shooting at l.a.x. it turns out minutes before the gunman opened fire, two armed lapd officers left for breaks without letting their dispatcher know as required. the officers were outside terminal 3 when police say paul ciancia began shooting, killing a tsa agent and injuries three others. another vigil planned tonight in santa rosa in memory
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of andy lopez. a sonoma county sheriff's deputy shot and killed the 13- year-old three months ago. tonight's vigil includes a march starting on corby avenue and ending at the memorial at west robles and moreland. the popularity of electric cars is exploding especially in the bay area. and now there aren't enough chargers to go around. kiet do has the electric etiquette you need to know. >> reporter: the first commandment of electric vehicles, thou shalt not unplug thy coworker's car. nationwide, there are 170,000 electric vehicles or evs but only one charger for every six cars which brings up the second commandment, thou shalt not be a squatter. when you're done, get out. break the rules, and get ready for so-called charge rage. what would happen if there were no structure in terms of who gets to charge? [ laughter ] >> chaos. [ laughter ] >> reporter: at info blocks in
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santa clara, there are 27 electric vehicles but only 6 charging stations. their solution? book the spots where two-hour windows using microsoft outlook for two-hour windows. sharing means it's a never- ending cycle of musical cars but the ev etiquette helps keep the peace. >> as people come into the group they rapidly learn what the rules are and how not to break them. because when they do, they actually kind of get shamed into doing the right thing. >> reporter: the folks at chargepoint in campbell who make the charging stations have a more casual policy. they know to swap places at lunchtime. >> do what's right and harm in. apply the golden rule. do unto others. try and be respectful of others. so it's all about just understanding who your coworker is and doing your part. >> reporter: the number of electric vehicles is set to double by the end of two 15. but just remember, ev drivers are considerate people who aren't afraid to use a little peer pressure and public shame.
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in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5. the world's best surfers are on alert. mavericks could be called at any time now. organizers have issued what they call a yellow alert meaning there's a good chance the world's famous big wave contest could happen friday. strong swells have been breaking in recent days and the waves are expected to get even bigger by the end of the week. coming up next, security forces in russian looking for terrorists who may target winter games and today learning more about threats directed at the u.s. >> we know now who will sing the national anthem before the seahawks-broncos super bowl game at metlife stadium and this year the nfl is breaking from tradition. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow in the kpix 5 weather center. well, the waves are on the rise. but the fire danger is on the rise, too. we'll talk about that coming up. ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,
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to death during anti-govern protests in ukraine today. prosecutors say the victimse ion. there at least two people were shot to death during anti- government protests in the ukraine today. prosecutors say the victims were shot with live ammunition. there's a criminal investigation under way to determine who is responsible. demonstrators have been out in the street for weeks now and today's deaths are the first since the protests began. people are angry over the government's decision to shun the european union for closer ties to russia. international leaders kicked off a peace conference on syria today and right from the start, syria's foreign minister hijacked the talks going on in switzerland. he refused to cut short a long speech. the head of the syrian opposition wants president assad out. secretary of state john kerry echoed the calls for assad to step down. talks are expected to continue. more than 130,000 people have
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died during the conflict in syria. security forces in russia are in a race against time to find terrorists who may be planning to strike at the olympics coming up. with just over two weeks to go now, russian authorities are on a manhunt to find islamic extremists near sochi. russian president vladimir putin says 37,000 troops are protecting the games but that's not enough for this couple, who aren't going to watch their olympic son compete. >> our concerns out there for security and seems like every day there's another concern and all that. >> the united states olympic committee as well as olympic committee in at least five european countries have received emails making terrorist threats. the pentagon officials say transport planes will be on standby at u.s. bases in germany just in case americans want to leave the olympics. investors are cautious after a mixed bag of earnings reports. the dow is down 32 and a little bit of change. you can expect to see a
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little something different during the national anthem at this year's super bowl. [ opera ] >> world-renowned opera singer renee fleming will perform in new jersey at metlife stadium. she will be the first opera singer to sing the anthem at the super bowl and bruno mars headlines the halftime show. >> they better wear jackets because it might snow. >> it's going to be cold. >> i understand she sung for the world series before and had trouble with the lyrics. >> oh. >> that's scary on the world stage, with the super bowl the most watched thing ever. >> hopefully she is going through the lyrics right now. >> you bet she is. around the bay area today, looks like another very mild day outside as high pressure sits overhead. the storm track staying well to the north. a little bit hazy if you are stepping outside but the temperatures running a little warmer this morning. 66 in livermore. 63 in san jose. and 64 degrees in consumer
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report. 64 in santa rosa right now. 64 degrees in concord. strong gusty winds in the north bay hills, up to 40 miles per hour. it has been extremely dry. now humidity is going to be less than 25% so be very, very careful. well, around the bay today, we'll find a lot of sunshine outside and some mild temperatures. then tonight mostly clear, a bit breezy in spots, windy in the hills, especially in the north bay. and then sunny and breezy weather likely to continue the next couple of days. this ridge strong enough to hold this massive storm off the coastline at bay and send it well to the north. it is generating some pretty impressive swells out there though and so the next couple of days you want to watch out for that. temperatures around the state into the 60s in the central valley, 68 degrees into monterey bay and 61 in yosemite. those swells really starting to build into tomorrow. we have a high surf advisory going into effect for tomorrow as well could see some 12 to 15- footers with an occasional 20- footer rolling in along the coastline. temperatures for today expect to be well above average.
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71 degrees in morgan hill. 69 in san jose. and about 66 degrees in san mateo. east bay numbers up in the 60s and also the low 70s. then inside the bay, you will see plenty of hazy sunshine, 70 in oakland, about 69 in novato and 69 in santa rosa. next couple of days the temperatures may cool off just a little bit. windy tomorrow. then they calm down it. a few more clouds coming our way on friday and into saturday. for the most part things will be mild for at least the next five to seven days. all right. checking this out, your sunset tonight is at 5:22. sunrise is at 7:20. but yeah, be careful. tonight i think a windy night in some of the north bay mountains. of course, everything is just unbelievably dry. so yeah, be careful. >> it is cooling down. we are in the 60s now. >> isn't that nice. [ laughter ] >> a little consolation. the grammys will be handed out this weekend and today we are continuing our look at the contenders for album of the year. today's nominee sarah ber
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reallies. >> sarah is a classic old school singer-songwriter in the mold of a carole king, billy joel, james taylor or laura nero. >> i think everybody is surprised that the believed unrest was nominated in this category. it wasn't a huge hit album. and she only really had one major single to come off of it. >> she has sort of been this kind of like quiet little secret for years now. her song "brave" which she cowrote with another writer is a slow burning success story. >> it's a different place in the discussion. that was a right song to be out there. >> the coolest thing is that.
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>> they are writing notes and stories about what brave has inspired them to do in their lives. >> when you're up against katy perry and miley cyrus and lady gaga, it's easy to get overshadowed and she has been relatively speaking. even though she keeps writing great songs. she is somebody who just wants to you listen to her songs. >> pretty good. and she is from eureka. >> remember, kpix 5 is your home for the grammys. watch the show this sunday at 8 p.m. right here on kpix 5 followed by a special edition of the news at 11. meanwhile, coming up, the winter weather hitting the east coast turns a passenger train into a polar express. more on this unusual commute coming up. ,,
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look for when shopping for potatoes. the snow storm that hit thet it's a staple of many diets. today stephanie tantillo shows us what to look for when shopping for potatoes. >> reporter: today we are going to talk about potatoes. we see them all over the place. they're our favorite, hearty and one of the best comfort foods around. let's talk about selection and storage. when you see potatoes in the store, firm skin, no eyes and sprouting meaning it's bad. if you see green, that poisonous, you definitely want to avoid that. they should feel heavy in the hand. throw them in a cool, dry place not the refrigerator but avoid sunlight or heating. there are so many ways you can prepare them but the skin has nutrients so try not to peel it
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if possible. i like to boil them and in the pan with rosemary, lemon and olive oil and you will will have a beautiful and mayonnaise-free potato salad. i'm stephanie chuang with -- i'm stephanie tantillo with your tip of the day. the snow that hit the east coast made for one of the most bizarre commutes ever. >> here it is. take a look. riders weren't only dealing with snow outside but inside the train. this train was headed to washington, d.c. from baltimore. and as you can see, there's ice on the doors, windows, and even snow on the floors. looks like the heater wasn't quite working. it's a miracle the polar express even made it to its destination. >> chilly. >> apparently it did. the makers of jelly belly jellybeans have something big on tap. a new flavor that has candy lovers buzzing ,,,,,,,,,,
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[chris]still smoking up a storm? [tom]yeah.pathetic,isn't it? [chris] ever try to... [tom] quit?of course! my best time was six days. the worst was ...uh...23.4 seconds. [chris] so can i ask you... [chris & tom] why are you still smoking? [tom] [sarcastic] "it's so much fun." [chris]why not call the smokers' helpline? the program's free,and... [tom]and they'll tell me..."you oughta quit." [chris] not so. just tell them you're ready to quit. then,they'll tell you how. [tom] really? you wouldn't have that number on you,would you?
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from one victim of target's massive security breach.. t nightmare that could happeno anyone. that story and well, her credit was turned upside-down in a matter of days. the nightmare that could happen to anyone. that and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. you may have tried some odd jelly belly flavors before but there's a new one you may want to get your hands on. might like this one. the fairfield company is adding
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beer flavor to its unique list. it resembles the taste of a german hefeweizen. they don't have alcohol in them. they just taste like it so anyone can enjoy it. >> what do you think, beer flavored jellybeans? >> do they sell it by the six- pack? i'll take a case. >> do you eat them on a hot day? >> i don't even know what a hefeweizen is. >> hefeweizen. >> you can give it to your 5- year-old. >> there's no alcohol so you could. >> have a great afternoon while we figure this out. captions by: caption colorado ,,
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>> liam: i can't believe this! hello! anybody! power's down! stuck in here! hello! >> hey, how you doing, man? >> oliver: what's so fascinating? >> wyatt: check out that baby. >> oliver: is that yours? >> wyatt: yeah. >> oliver: nice wheels, man. >> wyatt: i just bought it. taking hope on a little trip. >> oliver: things must be going well for you. >> wyatt: yeah, they're getting better all the time. >> oliver: something to be said


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