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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  January 27, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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fitting within five years. >> reporter: that was state senator mark desonier saying they may spend more money on the $6.000000000 span. >> we're told we will get a world class product. >> could be right or wrong, only time will tell but the state has already spent 25 million fixing one problem with faulty bolts on the stand. cost more than twice as much as initially expected. now cal tons spends $10 million and counting to test the rest of the bay bridge's bolts. >> got sandbag, sheets of steel on top. >> reporter: the tests are done heren a back lot of the construction site. not exactly livermore labs but they say it will get the job done. >> taking rods from the bridge and we submerge the ends in a highly corrosive salt water
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bath, essentially. >> reporter: so far, the results are good. >> reporter: we have a few more months of testing to go and then we have the answer to it. if we replace bolts more than we have done already, it will be costly. one thing we do know -- >> all the costs come in higher than expected. that's just the case. >> reporter: in a new twist, we learn the dismantling of the old bridge runs months behind schedule as well. does that mean more money is this. >> we don't know yet. >> reporter: here's another irony, ken. one of the reasons there's been a delay in taking down the old bridge is because there's still workers and work sites from the new bridge on treasure island and there's not room for both operations at the same time. >> you know, phil, it's a wonderful span. i'm on it twice a day, the new bridge i'm talking about, but it's getting frustrating. i mean, we're 6.5, 6.4 billion now, how high is this going to
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go? >> reporter: it remains to be seen but as we said, when it comes to this bridge, you can bet it's not going to be anything close to what you estimated let's cross our fingers and hope for the best. we'll check in a few months. >> we'll check out the test in a few months. phil matier, thank you for that. breaking news right now. a bull is on the loose in roener park and charging at people. >> you can see their flashlights flickering there in the distance as they continued their effort. take a look at this video from just 20 minutes ago. the bull charged full speed ahead at someone trying to corral him. the animal ran him right over. there he goes. the person was successful but the bull got away still attached to its horns, very stubborn. it was reported on northbound 101 in the center divide. authorities stopped traffic as they chased the animal down and then the bull ran into
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neighboring yards where it now continues to run wild. we'll stay on top of it. a plan hatched in the 1970s may help water from flowing to east side businesses. the east bay emergency water rest serves. >> reporter: gray skies have people wondering if the rain is on its way. planning for a possible water shortage this year. >> reporter: while they'll ask customers to con serb, the news isn't all bad because e.b. mud has a little known water source. the freeport regional water authority with sacramento county that allows people to pipe water from the sacramento river to east bay reservoirs like this one in saab pablo.
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>> under certain circumstances. >> in dry weather and looking like a dry year. >> reporter: the freeport facility was completed in 2010 but about 40 years in the making. court battles held up construction until 2004 under the agreement e.b. mud paid half the $900 million construction cost but can only take water in times of drought emergency and when they turn the pumps on for the first time, the average bill will increase about $6 a month. but they say that beats the alternative. >> in the 1977 drought, we had to ask customers for a 35% cutback on water use and we heard rations at that level is hard on customers and the. >> throughout the bay area, no one doubt it is need to conserve. >> it's really extreme. how can you not know what's happening and have some concerns? >> i lived through the '70s where you had to ration. they put your name paper if you
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didn't. we'll do what it takes. >> reporter: e.b. director will consider when and if to begin pumping from freeport and they say with the new water and conservation measures, they could continue normal delivery even if it doesn't rain until 2015. in berkeley, jon ramos, kpix 5. >> east bay mud has a contingency cost to cover the loss and the loss of revenue from people conserving. customers won't end up paying more even though they use less. >> reporter: santa clara is the latest agency to cut back because of the cutback. to help the plan to inject more money into the rebate program. how can you save? a high efficiency washer, get a $200 rebate or $125 for a high
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efficiency toilet. >> it will add up and we could save more than 10% if everybody does their part. it really does add up. >> a program administrator for the water district said half of residential water use goes to landscaping: to see how bad the drought really is and find resources for saving water, go to not a drop of rain. there hadn't been any in 16 days now and even then a small sprinkling. rain is finally in the forecast. >> we've had just a few drops of rainfall, if that, in the last month. finally, things look like they're changing. in the north bay, high temperatures not nearly as
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warm. 14 consecutive days with a record high every day. that ended today. berkeley, 59. we have rain close by. the ridge of high pressure and as it moves out, the storms have the chance to get closer. look at the rain to the north. this. sprinkles in the north bay. the storm after the one that's could you describe right now, that one will make it here. talk about how much rainfall or how long the rain will stick around. that in your weekend forecast. >> tonight, police say they know how a bay area teen of accused of making a weapon of mass destruction got materials for the explosives. in belmont where the 19-year- old went to high school.
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brian? >> reporter: liz, he graduated and he stood out because he was russian and liked making bombs and detonated a few around here, according to police. carle month high was buzzing, first time accused of making a weapon of mass destruction. >> people were like, i can't believe it. he was kind of quiet, but yeah, surprised. >> 19-year-old vladsov was force arrested for a marijuana growing operation but when altoona, pennsylvania, police searched his apartment. they say they found a suitcase with a bomb and bomb making materials like potassium mai trait, fuses, and containers of compressed air. russian born stayed home with his family for several years. friends and neighbors called him kind, quiet, and a little
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weird. >> he's weird, but like, he's not weird. weird thing to say, but yeah. i don't know. i liked him. >> reporter: pennsylvania police say he told him he ordered the materials off the internet to, quote, blow things up but planned to do it in an open field, not to hurt anyone. >> he was actually, genuinely. i think he was intrigued with chemistry and all that and it led them down the drain, you know? >> reporter: police in pennsylvania wouldn't give us details about bombs that might have gone off in california and san carlos police didn't return in california. they're now with him in pennsylvania. live in belmont, brian web, kpix 5. >> his next court battle is february 5th. a driver hit and killed a 6- year-old girl in san francisco. the family of sophia leo blame
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it had ride sharing company for the deadly new year's eve crash. the leo family was walking in a crosswalk when an uber x driver hit them. the driver did not have a passenger but should still be liable since he was logged in the uber app waiting to accept to get a fare. >> there is a california state that is unlawful to have an instant messaging service or to use instant messaging on your phone while driving. that's what uber is, instant messaging between a passenger and the driver. >> it only ensures uber x drivers when they have a fare. since they didn't, they're claiming no liable. the driver, facing charges of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence. other bay area, the string
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of assaults over the week. the man on the bicycle groped two women saturday night. they were not seriously hurt and then fended off two men who attacked her. the bomb squad had called in scott street in the pacific heights when a container filled with flammable liquid was found in a port apotty. that prompted the evacuation of nearby homes. treated now as attempted arson. san francisco saw a string of porta potty fires. he tossed his delivery over the fence. it was a all caught on tape. the homeowner said the package had something frag ill, but fortunately, nothing was broken. no comment from ups so far. doctors warning the patients will die. dire predicament at a bay area hospital prompting some warnings of catastrophic consequences. >> a man trying to break up a
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fight loses his life. twin brothers arrest affidavit a birthday party melee. >> are bad teachers protected by the state of california? the trial that could change educational equality. ,,
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county may be forced to clo its doors this year, putting tens of thousands of peoplet risk. new tonight, a financially troubled hospital may be forced to close its doors putting tens of thousands of people at risk. ann notarangelo with the doctors facing it. >> reporter: emergency room doctor's words, 40,000 people went through these doors at doctor's medical center last year. that's 60% of the e.r. traffic in the region and no matter if you're rich or poor, you'll most likely brought here for a heart attack or stroke because of its central location
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and then there are people who like this e.r. >> because we're so efficient, patients like to end up in the emergency department. you can get all the labs done, everything you done right here in the e.r. >> a huge expense contributing to the ongoing $18 million annual deficit. >> we've become so good at finding short-term solutions and pulling the rabbit out of the hat that the public believes it can keep this hospital open indefinitely. the issue is, we have no more rabbits out of the hat. >> it's been resuscitated by state or other hospitals. >> 80% of patients at this hospital are medicare and medical where we receive less than the cost of providing care. >> reporter: only less than 10% have full paying insurance, far less needed and 10% with more insurance. obamacare means more are covered but hospitals are reimbursed less. a loss of $2.5 million.
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for the a.c.a., it may provide the saving grace. >> the affordable healthcare act presented the opportunity for us to affiliate with a larger institution. >> reporter: they talk to ucsf about the partnership and tax measure which voters approved twice before. this county report estimates that if this e.r. closes, wait times in other emergency rooms likely increase from 10 to 12 hours. stand alone urban hospitals are a dying breed. this is the only one left in contra costa county. >> people will die. it will be a matter of, do we care if people die? >> reporter: in san pablo, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> it's requesting money to keep medical center open. quote, we shire mutual concern about access to underserved residents of richmond and west
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contra kosta county. some are fed up with going to class only to sit there while the teacher does nothing. dave lopez with how teachers are hired and fired. >> this is not to be superintendent of schools and create teacher evaluations. >> reporter: ralph true is asked by the couple -- the way teachers can be fired in the state of california. >> we sat in class coloring and watching youtube videos. it was frustrating to show up wanting to learn and have a teacher who didn't want to teach. >> reporter: the teacher she referred to still teaching and cannot be fired buzz of the current protection teachers have with tenure and seniority. >> i have witnessed the construction that's correct and
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they are employed. >> reporter: john dae see was the first witness to call. he has long complained how difficult it is to get rid of teachers who simply should not be in the classroom. >> we have employees, mostly teachers and we intend to address those and other instances, we're in the process of addressing that. >> reporter: at the heart of the lawsuit is teacher tenure. in california, new teachers serve a two-year probationary period. if they're hired for a third year, they're tenured which basically means they have a job for life, even if their performance in the classroom falls well below expectation. the plaintiffs want that tenured period to be much longer. >> i think this is part of a national effort to demonize teacher unions and do away with the protections we've got the last 40 years. >> that's what the attorney with federation of teachers argued today in court saying tenure after two years does work. >> the evidence will show the tenure rate dropped
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significantly and many districts employ affirmative policies so none goes through the crack. >> reporter: david welsh is paying the bills for the lawsuit, excess of $3 million. >> high quality lawyers, so you can imagine it's not cheap. >> reporter: this is not a jury trial. the judge alone with the decision and expecting to hear testimony from both sides. dave lopez, kpix 5. >> other states have abolished or weakened union backed protections, so administrators have nor flexibility to fire bad teachers. we've public talking a lot about different water companies, districts setting up drought programs right now. this could really be a key time for us. if this rain starts to come. >> it's like mid 4th quarter. down by two touchdowns, we need to score something now. we need some rain. turn the quarter now.
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mother nature said maybe, maybe we are. there's rain in the forecast. chopper 5 is up. look at that. beautiful shot looking from san rafael back towards the beautiful city of san francisco. looking gorgeous on monday night. yes, it is cloudy and yes, we did not have record-breaking temperatures but it's part of the package and we'll have a cooler and wetter air mass. wouldn't be surprised to wake up in the coast lien. livermore, 67. san jose, you hit 64. oakland's high. and san francisco, 58 degrees. that's rainfall on high-def doppler. most rain in the north and a sprinkle or two. tomorrow morning, not as
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chilly. oakland, around 50 tonight and san francisco, only dropping down to 52. so change is coming. the ridge of high pressure is still there but not the whole picture. it's where the ridge of high pressure is. it was blocking everything and now pushed down to the south allowing some of the rain into the northern california. we were more humid today. that's the first change and then the ridge gets weaker and moves farther away. the next storm that rumbles through here will make it to the bay area and we see 0.25 inches to 0.50 inches of much- needed rainfall. cloudy, yes, but dry and mild. concord, 67. it will feel cooler but still about 10 degrees above average. 66 and san francisco for your tuesday. wednesday, mostly cloudy again. late wednesday, the rain moves many thursday and a soggy day. find the umbrella soon. where is it? i don't know. low 60s. friday, a couple of showers
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around. we will dry out for the weekend. i had a number of people ask, okay, is this the change? is this going to be where we get storm after storm after storm? is it going to flip from this to this? probably not but had to start somewhere and get some rain and that is what we got this week. the high out of the way and let's get going. that ridge needs to go to combo. >> we like it. violent crime that led to the arrest of twin brothers. >> how bart changes its policies after the friendly fire death.
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party got out of hand. a san jose state student who trie break up the brawl.. ended getting stabbed. as our len ramirez reports-- both brothers are charged wh homicide.. len. being. >> san jose state student ended up getting stabbed. both brothers are charged with homicide. len? >> this was san jose's first homicide of 2014. it happened outside a young woman's 21st birthday party at
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her home right here on sun crest avenue in east san jose. this case is the fourth in san jose and happened early sunday morning. a 22-year-old san jose student, richard, was stabbed and killed, apparently, while trying to break up a fight at the party and spilled out on to the sidewalk. the victim was invited guest of the woman turning 21. the police arrested two brothers who were not invited to the party but were friends of someone who was. 18-year-old ann tong and duck tong were tracked down and both have been charged with murder but they're not giving out specifics as to each brother's role in the killing. i think through independent suspect interviews and then evidence that was gathered at the scene, i think they were confident that we have the
6:26 pm
individuals that are responsible. >> reporter: murder investigations outside party scenes can sometimes be difficult because there's usually drinking involved and that can sometimes cloud the recollections of witnesses, but in this case, police say they are getting good cooperation from the people who are at the party but still looking for anymore information that can help piece this thing together. anyone with information on this homicide is asked to call the san jose police department. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> the 21-year-old party host let them know she was having a party and there would be loud music. coming up in our next half hour, the new rule on bart police, after the accidental shooting death of one of the officers. >> and we went to the home of a teacher who put the pot in pot luck. >> imagine suffering a migraine that lasts for years. how a bay area woman suffered in prolonged pain and how photography helped in the healing process. ,,
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like unusual bruising. pradaxa may increase your bleeding risk if you're 75 or older, have a bleeding condition or stomach ulcer, take aspirin, nsaids, or blood thinners... ...or if you have kidney problems, especially if you take certain medicines. tell your doctors about all medicines you take. pradaxa side effects include indigestion, stomach pain, upset, or burning. if you or someone you love has afib not caused by a heart valve problem... ...ask your doctor about reducing the risk of stroke with pradaxa. prompting the agency to taka hard look at its policies. the probe into the shooting death of a veteran bart pole of ut the agency taking a hard look at their policies, probing into the shooting death of a barton police officer under way but already, bart is making a change to how it conducts its investigations. juliette goodrich is live with more on that and the officer who was involved in the so- called friendly fire tragedy.
6:30 pm
juliet? >> reporter: a lot of changes now to bart policy. kenton announced mike maize was the officer who fired the fatal shot killing his partner sergeant tommy smith. >> mike maize, he's an experienced well-trained officer. obviously, something did not go the way we wanted it to go. >> reporter: detective maize is a 26 yearlong veteran of law enforcement. he's been with bart pd for 14 years. prior to that, spent 12 years with miwagapd.
6:31 pm
chief would not warn if the officers' cameras were on or off. >> this is an active ongoing investigation where you'll have very far reaching implications for everyone. >> reporter: in the meantime, detective maize is on administrative leave. one day after her husband, sergeant tommy smith was killed, kelly smith, a k9 bart training officer talked to kpix 5. >> if you're lucky to find the love of your life, hold on to it. i did, i cherished every moment we had. not only my family, but his family. there's another officer's family out there grieving. i just hope the community
6:32 pm
respects and supports everybody involved. >> reporter: bart p.d. is currently reviewing and changing some of the policies. there must be written approval before the searches are executed. it didn't happen last week. there was a manager but not written approval. that will be an immediate change. the police chief says it will take 30 to 40 days for the investigation to complete. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. >> public viewing held tomorrow for sergeant tom smith from 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. in hayward. his funeral will be on wednesday morning at 10:00 a.m. on the neighborhood church of castro valley. a first grade teacher is accused of poisoning at her pot luck, with pot. many got sick back in november and as brian reports, she was recently put on administrative leave. >> very sad. matthew turner is a wonderful
6:33 pm
school and a wonderful school community and i'm sorry that this is happening to the whole school community. >> reporter: the school superintendent, janice adams, said she called after the thanksgiving break. the turner elementary school principal talked about people getting sick at a pot luck dinner party. >> one of the party goers was rushed to the hospital with severe reactions. >> reporter: that's when a police investigation began. investigators say teresa badger admitted to putting marijuana in some of the party food. police arrested badger at her house friday. counselors were there to help students and teachers hope. >> we're trying to keep things as positive and long as possible for us. >> reporter: the superintendent met with a few dozen parents this morning talk about their concerns. parents wondered why badger was not put on administrative leave until last tuesday. the district waited for the police investigation to end. >> it took a while.
6:34 pm
the investigation was inconclusive for a while and it took time. i said to my husband, my gosh, that school is right down the street from us, basically. yeah. i was shocked. >> reporter: parents are still in shock. >> but they're saying if it is true, in fact, it was disturbing. >> there's no sign of badger, just the sign on the front door that said go fishing. the next stop is court. badger is due back in court in a couple of weeks and then face three poisoning charges. brian, kpix 5. >> they spent parents a list of ways to explain the situation to their children. >> take a look at this video. a bull on the loose in roner park charged somebody completely running them over. the chopper 5 caught the whole thing on video. there's the bull. he got a rope tied to him and there he goes knocking somebody down. the person was trying to lasso the animal. as they said, got it around its neck and the bull went off with the rope and this update,
6:35 pm
authorities had to kill the bull we're told now after trying to catch it over an hour. they had no choice. it was running around that neighborhood. a dangerous situation that has finally come to an end. news tonight on a story that we have been following for a long time, a ground breaking legal agreement will end the use of harmful flame retardant chemicals in furniture and children's products. center for environmental health reached the landmark agreement with more than a dozen companies. west elm, tax, and other leading companies agree to make safer furniture without flame retardant chemicals, some known to cause cancer. we proposed a complete list in the settlement at passiers aboard a royal caribbean cruise ship have become so sick, the centers for disease control are stepping in. cbs reporter koh im said it's
6:36 pm
pointing to norovirus. >> reporter: there's seasickness and then the nasty stomach bug that sickened more than 600 people on the royal caribbean's explorer of the seas. the mayor of eastern pennsylvania is a passenger and said crews are trying to disinfect the entire ship. >> they've been all out wiping everything down, they're wiping down the walls. the railings, seats, the lounge chairs. everything. >> reporter: federal health officials from the disease of control and prevention up on the u.s. virgin islands and cut the ten-day cruise short and head back to court. royal caribbean said the sick people on board are taking over the counter medications and getting better. doctors tell cbs news the usual suspect in the cases is norovirus. >> it spreads easily because the bug or virus itself is so hardy, it can live on services and people don't wash their
6:37 pm
hand. >> royal caribbean said all of its passengers will be reimbursed for the shortened cruise. coming up, a debit at bill -- debilitating migraine pain and how she's coping. >> opening up the space. >> you can tune in tomorrow night for president obama's state of the union address tomorrow night on kpix 5 followed by a special 7:30 newscast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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5-percent in after hours trg after a disappointing sales report. profits and revenue exceeded analysts' expectations. afterhours trading after a disappointed and analyst expectation. it sold fewer iphones and ipads
6:40 pm
has been as wall street expected. reported first quarter earnings of $14 billion. the stock is trading at about $520 a share. san francisco photographer who suffered severe migraines for four years is is using her talent to document her painful journey. cbs reporter adriana wine gold shows how her photos help humanize chronic pain. >> reporter: smells were making it difficult to speak. >> neck pain and so it just felt like it. >> reporter: the same medication keeping those
6:41 pm
blinding headaches makes her forget words. >> all of the sudden, all of my words were gone and it was incredibly frustrating and i just felt dumb. >> reporter: rachel began keeping a list of the lost words and whenever she saw something to trigger her memory, she'd take a picture. it's at the david school of medicine where rachel spoke to medical students and helped them understand chronic pain from a patient's perspective. >> we do not think of disease as an isolated thing, but rather, we think of a patient as some of its parts of the whole experience of being alive. >> reporter: rachel is hoping her pictures will help humanize the horrific pain of migraines, so doctors have a better understanding of what patients are going through. reporting in westwood, adriana
6:42 pm
winegold, kpix 5. >> rachel published the photos in a book she released last fall. >> as much open land as there used to be. some are adjusting. how they're coping with scarce space. >> soccer weather outside the past couple of weeks. maybe you've gone outside to enjoy the 70-degree temperatures. that's gone. the sunshine is gone. could rain be next? find out which day is looking wet. that's up next in your forecast. >> i'm den coming up, if you haven't been to a super bowl -- >> it's kind of like, nerve- wracking >> a bay area hockey team turns off its ice. >> they use their terms rivally game. >> and you split over the plays of the weekend. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [ sports announcer ] here's another one, alyson dudek.
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hales corners, wisconsin. nice pass by alyson dudek. can she hang on to that spot? and she does! [ male announcer ] with the u-verse wireless receiver, your tv goes where you take it, allowing inspiration to follow. ♪
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[ dad ] looks pretty good, right? [ girl ] yeah. [ male announcer ] add a u-verse wireless receiver today. ♪ expensive. and some sports, like soccer, require a lot of it. believe it or not, open space in premium, it can be expensive and some sports like soccer require a lot of it. >> reporter michelle shows what's gaining popularity. >> reporter: it's fun and fast and locally, its popular is
6:46 pm
exploding. especially muck those who consider soccer their sport and soccer teams, the game of soccer or foot. there was a patch of dirt, a waste of space. all that changed with the installation of an artificial tush of field with something called football. >> everything is just so small. and everybody is just so tight which makes you think faster and it is just all about your technical feet. >> i was really stoked about it. i like this space around, like, you can go to a field like when you're done, you can play indoor and have like a sesh.
6:47 pm
>> played in south america for years. in southern california, they're in high demand and footsil are indoors and outdoors and on basketball and tennis courts. van guard university put $75,000 into the construction of these three courts. >> with the addition of the football courts, i can't believe they said, hey, that's a great cement lab. that's usable. can we use that for parking? like, no, soccer training. >> the ball is smaller and heavier and emphasis is on passing and foot skills, and decision making. >> i feel the space is tough to come by now adays. the players are happy. >> reporter: in costa mesa, michelle gile. >> sun is shining out there in l.a. >> there was a nice shot of may here in mid january. >> i know. change is coming.
6:48 pm
>> thank goodness. we felt the change today at the beginning. this is not going to be an abrupt grassroots. that would be very bad if we made this up in a week or so. it took a long time to get in it. good evening to you. in san jose, you're cloudy today and barely made it to 60 degrees. you had a record setting 71 yesterday. much cooler today. sfc, currently 54 degrees and santa rosa down to 54. oakland, 59. it was cooler, cloudier, and more humid today and there's finally some rain on the radar. kpix 5 hi-def doppler up to the north. those watching us in mendocino and sonoma county, you may get a sprinkle or two. this guy is going to be a hit but we have a miss coming up later in the week. we're not be clear. mountain view, waking audiotape 46. vallejo, 50. and sunrise, 8:15 in the morning. the big ridge of high pressure is moving out.
6:49 pm
i told you all along, there have been storms out there. they're not just coming here. the ridge was blocking everything up to alaska. in this case, the first storm of the week is the ones to give us the cloudy cover outside today. most of the rainfall stays to our north. we call it storm number one. storm number two is later this week. what storm number one is going to do for us, jack up the humidity. temperatures not as warm. the ridge moves farther away from us. good news, storm number two gets here wednesday night when the rain finally makes it here. this is not going to be a huge rainstorm or a gully wash. may only be showers for most of you, but bottom line is we have rain to talk about for the first time in about two months. i've rolled futurecast out as far as it can go, 72 hours and it stops at about 2:00 in the afternoon on thursday. pick the town closest to you. this is a start about 0.25 inches rainfall for concord and an eighth of an inch for san jose. the farther north you go, 0.50 inches of rainfall.
6:50 pm
that's what we expect from wednesday night through friday morning. you may get a few sprinkles in north bay tonight but the main storm of the week, if you will, will get here late in the day on wednesday. for tomorrow, tuesday, still above normal but not as warm. concord, 57. cloudy day. 58 degrees. oakland, 66 and san rafael, 65 degrees. here comes the rain wednesday night and on and off rain throughout wednesday. good news, rain continues in the friday morning. good news. will it rain for five straight days in no. saturday and sunday, the sunshine is back and next week, we likely start off dry but it's a storm. rain in the forecast for the first time in a long time. dennis just walked in with sports for you in about two minutes.
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" " will be even bigge >> with the super bowl comes plenty of attention. he never made it with the 49ers. he did with seattle. >> it's nerve-wracking. look at all of these people here to interview us. nobody came here to me in my locker. >> many aday for russell wilson who clearly made the right decision choosing football over baseball, but he's not the only seahawk to hear his name called recently in the major league baseball draft. wide receiver golden tait was the giant pick in 2010. >> baseball is awesome, but i would only get up to bat once
6:54 pm
every hour. i catch a fly ball or make a diving catch once a week, maybe, but i feel like in football, i can expect the game at any moment. >> i'm going to say me since i've earned mvp for two charity softball events. >> that matters. richard's agent said his loud mouth quarterback from stanford who made $550 grand in football could make upwards of $5 million in endorsements. >> that's the result you're going to get? don't you ever talk about me. >> the more they talked about him, the better. sherman is also a free agent after next season, becoming one of the highest paid quarterbacks in all of football. he can talk the talk but denver defense knows he can walk the walk. there's no plans in a war of words with the region of boom. >> if you let them talk, it
6:55 pm
will get work. you can't be focused on what somebody is saying to you. >> the san francisco bulls just wish they had a sliver of the nfl contention for a hockey team. it's folding after failing to find the new ownership group for high rent. led to their demise, bulls who played the home game lasted less than two seasons. no intended problems in san jose where daryl shutter and the king in town to face the sharks. first meeting since injured in that collision with dustin brown last month. it was only added to fuel the rivalry that he did his best to down play. >> the rivalry game -- >> you must be doing the nbc thing if you're using their terms, rivalry game. there's an excitement level. there's a history, obviously, with us. meeting in the playoffs, two lost or three of the last four years. they're not that far removed
6:56 pm
from being stanley cup champions. that's always a challenge for us. >> should be a good one. highlights or the late show. if you're busy buying a dresser this weekend, here's what you missed. >> would anybody object to letting oklahoma enter the slap dunk contest? everybody with the 360 there. morris wasn't quite as explosive off the ground. he had it into the bird man and a rematch last year's finals. detroit shots missed far from the most accurate shooter in the nba, but this will take it to another level. a new wrinkle to this year's probowl teammates playing against each other. browns wide receiver chaz gaudin takes the reverse and gets flipped by browns safety. fortunately, gordon lands on his feet. here he is. the best play you made and miss. >> cops off and that will do
6:57 pm
it. three points. >> what have we seen? what have we seen? what have we seen? >> hit the full court shot to overtime. would regroup and beat the pilots and the guys in the play by play was also does kcbs radio. >> you mean steve? >> no, that's dave. dave louis who does all weekend sports sometimes as well. d.-lou. >> pretty much had that game over. >> it was a brilliant job of capturing the moment. >> it was amazing. what a great play. good for him. all right, for news 3 throughout the evening, all for our web site, see you at 11:00. gressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today.
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