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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  April 30, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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neighborhood side streets like those going in at hunters point development limited to 20 feet of clearance. but the fire department says they need 26 feet and the extra 6 feet could be critical! >> we need to make sure we can get down streets particularly when we're building a new project. >> we had a tough time this day. >> reporter: as an example, the chief points to the recent massive construction fire in mission bay. >> it's one thing to navigate to get there. but once you're there you have to strategically position the rigs. >> go! >> and you need more clearance so that they n get by one another. >> reporter: narrow streets also mean more crowded streets which is also affecting public safety in the city these days. >> more cars on the road. there's more bicycles on the road. and there's more pedestrians. there's just more congestion. we pride ourselves on getting to the scene of emergency calls within 3 to 5 minutes. it's getting more towards the five-minute range because it's tough to navigate the city streets. >> if the fire department believes that 20 feet of clearance is in the enough for them to get around safely we
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need to look at whether fire trucks need to be smaller. >> reporter: what does mayor lee have to say between the fight between pedestrian and fire safety? at this point, not much. >> i have to leave it to the experts. >> reporter: the problem is that both sides have experts saying that their side is right. narrower streets, less pedestrian fatalities, slower traffic. narrower streets and this site here in mission bay where i think you all remember we had that big fire the outcome might have been a bit different. elizabeth? the. >> yeah. and it raises very interesting debate phil because when you're fighting a fire in san francisco, as we've seen, time is of the essence. the buildings are so close together many of them are very old. firefighters have just seconds to get there to make sure it doesn't spread to another building. >> reporter: that's right. and create even a bigger disaster. on the other hand, narrower streets means more land for the buildings they are trying to build. >> thank you. new at 6:00, it is home to
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big-time tech money and silicon valley workers just scraping to get by. now some of the city's long- time low income renters are getting slapped with eviction in thes. len ramirez reports from east palo alto with how they are fighting back against powerful landlords. >> the building has an electric short. >> reporter: john says his east palo alto department is in disrepair. besides the porch light, cabinets are warped and needs paint. he is a construction worker and his girlfriend is an unemployed child care provider. they say they only stay because the rent just over $1,100 a month is all they can afford. >> it should be decent living. >> reporter: they have lived here eight years but when they were a little short on the rent, they got a notice on their door then a housecall. >> somebody came knocking on our door with unlawful retainer for an eviction. we had to be out by a certain time. >> reporter: the landlord equity residential which owns
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1700 units in east palo alto under the name woodland park eventually dropped the case. >> we are located in an area that has tremendous pressures. >> reporter: but city councilman says equity the largest publicly held landlord in the nation gives out hundreds of three-day notices to families every month in east palo alto. >> these corporations are predatory on housing. their bottom line is just to speculate highly for profit, appropriate, profit. >> reporter: he helped write the city's rent control ordinance 30 years ago. it caps rent increases at 2% for homes built before 1988. it's what is saving and at the same time targeting mr. kabaz who pays about $1,000 less than his neighbors because of rent control. >> i think what they are trying to do is they are trying to get on the facebook people in especially with the new facility they are building. they want to get all them so they can charge top dollar. >> reporter: how does that make you feel? >> they are discriminating against a certain type of people, working class of people that work hard but can't
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afford, you know, expensive rent. >> reporter: leasing office here in east palo alto but no one there was able to comment and so far we have not heard back from equity's headquarters located in chicago. reporting live in east palo alto, len ramirez, kpix 5. new tonight we're learning the tsa reviewed security at the san jose airport just weeks before that teen stowaway jumped the fence and caught a flight to hawaii. the tsa concluded that security including the perimeter fence met the agency's requirements. that review took almost three months to complete. but at a hearing today senator barbara boxer wondered how thorough it really was. the head of the tsa defended the review. the teen managed to scale the fence plus go undetected for seven hours. a big bay area water district is doing something it's never had to do before. it's tapping the sacramento river to deal with the drought. so will customers notice any difference?
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we sent don ford to find out. >> reporter: simple, isn't it? cool refreshing water. but east bay m.u.d. says this stuff is special. it's imported. >> it's the first time we have had the opportunity to bring in water from the sacramento river. >> reporter: using a recently completed and somewhat complicated series of pipes, pumps and canals, east bay m.u.d. is getting five billion gallons of new water. that's enough to fill the oakland coliseum 24 times. and after traveling 130 miles, the water popped out of these pipes right here on san pablo creek. water gushing nonstop from three pipes. normally san pablo creek is a damp ditch this time of year. now full of sac river washing rushing into san pablo reservoir. the reservoir is 85% full. east bay m.u.d. says they will now fill it to
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the top 100%. with temperatures approaching 90, there's only one question. >> hot day. >> would you like to jump in? >> i might. >> reporter: eileen knows a lot. >> we raised it 450 feet, 19 miles, 6-foot diameter pipes and pumps. >> reporter: how did you memorize the numbers? >> i'm an engineer. >> reporter: there is still a drought and 1.3 million east bay customers are being asked to conserve by 10%. >> it's delicious. there's no other drink i would rather be drinking right now. >> i don't know about that. [ laughter ] >> it's work hours. [ laughter ] >> reporter: in orinda, don ford, kpix 5. >> so how does it really taste? well, east bay m.u.d. gm says you won't notice a hint of difference even with sacramento river water making up about 20% of the blend. water to this heat wave that's brought near record temperatures to the bay area.
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chief meteorologist paul deanno in pittsburg with today's highs. paul? >> reporter: 94 degrees in pittsburg. that's toasty today. not a record but certainly 20 degrees above average. san francisco 90 degrees downtown today. not a record but the warmest day since october 2 of 2012. it has been a year and a half since we have been this warm in san francisco. look at other highs and how they compare to what is average. that san francisco high of 90 is 26 degrees above formal. oakland you did hit a record of 91, 24 degrees above average. san jose 93. santa rosa 91 for a high. here are your current temperatures outside. this evening, it is still in the mid- to upper 80s. san bruno 89 and livermore still 90 degrees. they are playing t-ball behind me and the kids are drinking a lot of water because it is still very warm outside this evening. we'll talk about a cooldown because there's a big one coming and coming soon. i'll have that for you in 10 minutes. kpix 5's ryan takeo joins us from fremont with how people have been dealing with the
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summer-like temperatures. ryan. >> reporter: summer-like is right, allen. 91 here in fremont at fremont central park. one thing we notice, we'll just kind of check out the video here at the park at the playground, one thing that we notice is here is a way that some parents have been handling the heat by letting the kids play out on the playground while they're watching and staying cool in the shade. >> i was playing with him but, uhm, you know, it's pretty hot so now i'm in the shade. and he found a friend that goes to school with him so now he is playing with him. >> reporter: you couldn't handle it so you pawned him off? >> yeah. yeah. so now he gets time with his friend and i get time on my phone. [ laughter ] >> reporter: that's one way to deal. also here in the east bay, downtown oakland hit a record high of 89. no doubt it felt more like august than it did april. live in fremont, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. the high temperatures prompted cal/osha to issue its
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first heat advisory of the year with a reminder to anyone working outdoors to drink plenty of water and take breaks in shaded areas. hundreds of thousands of people in san jose will get sample voting ballots in the mail but something will be missing. the registrar of voters forgot to include the opposing argument for measure b, the library parcel tax. if approved, measure b would renew a tax for city libraries. officials say they will be mailing more than 400,000 people an additional letter that explains the opposing argument for the measure. oakland's former city administrator just landed a job in the south bay. deanna santana will take over as the city manager of sunnyvale starting in june. she is credited with helping stabilize oakland's government and dealing with the "occupy oakland" protestors back in 2011. santana stepped down last month from her post in oakland after three years on the job. a well-known bay area golf coach accused of murder-for- hire. tonight, neighbors tell us
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about the suspect and his wife. >> the trouble isn't over for one former owner of the clippers. how he is also accused of cheating his workers. >> and how a new implant here in the bay area can help battle alcoholism.
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sending debris everywhere. police say a big rig barreled into this jack-in-the-box restaurant sending debris everywhere. police say it happened after the rig crashed into another car today in siris near modesto. you can see the cab of the truck totally destroyed. scraps of wood and glass piled on top. crews could barely hoist open the driver's side door. nobody was hurt. flights out of l.a.x. were grounded this afternoon because of a computer failure. the problems also caused some planes already in the air to be diverted elsewhere. two planes that took off from sfo had to return because of the technical issues. right now, lax says travelers
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should expect one-hour delays for all departures. and about 90 minutes ago salvage crews raised the wreckage of a small plane that plunged into san pablo bay. it went down sunday after colliding with another plane midair near the richmond bridge. a large crane hoisted the wreckage onshore with the pilot's body on board. it's unclear what happened. the other plane landed safely. a golf instructor already behind bars accused of molesting some of his students but the story has taken a sinister turn and now involves a murder-for-hire plot. ann notarangelo is at the jail in dublin with the new allegations and some alleged targets. ann. >> reporter: yeah. and ken, andrew nisbet has been in jail here since december when he was arrested on molestation charges. now he is in even more trouble. andrew nisbet lived in this livermore home with his wife and two dogs right next to a school. his wife moved out two weeks
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ago. >> just a sweet young lady. >> reporter: but her husband sits in jail facing 75 counts of sex crimes and now murder- for-hire. former neighbor thea shirley never met nisbet but has already come to the conclusion. >> i think he is not a real nice guy, you know? >> reporter: the 32-year-old nationally recognized golf instructor is accused of abusing students between 2007 and 2012. >> the fact that he worked here and i play golf here, you feel shocked. yeah. he seemed like a normal person. >> only two players at a time are playing in pga junior league golf. >> reporter: an informant inside the jail tipped off investigators that nisbet wanted his alleged victims killed. a court document explains an undercover agent posed as a hit man and went to the jail when nisbet offered to pay up front to get rid of two alleged victims. >> i was pretty shocked. i mean, being a golfer, it was just you don't expect somebody that you could run into at a
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golf course to have done those things. >> reporter: now, investigators say when they searched nisbet's cell they found letters detailing this plot and also found directions to one of the victim's homes. they won't say exactly how much money nisbet may have been willing to pay to carry out these murders. in dublin, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> nisbet now faces three counts of solicitation of murder. he is due back in court june 10. the fate of donald sterling as the l.a. clippers owner will be determined by the rest of the nba owners. and if he is kicked out there are plenty of people who want n big names have expressed interest in taking over. oprah winfrey, billionaires david geffen and larry ellison may team up for the purchase. also contending, billionaire ricca russo boxer mayweather and p-diddy. >> i wouldn't discount anybody at this point. there could be a pr problem if
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they only chose the highest bidder. >> they are won $525 million. some say there could be a new owner by next october. that's a big suit if donald sterling doesn't file a lawsuit to stop it. cbs reporter randy paige with some accusations that donald sterling has failed to properly pay some of his employees. >> reporter: donald sterling is facing allegations that go beyond issues related to his ownership of an nba team. >> we are alleging he cheated department managers out of their rightful pay. >> reporter: michael morrison is one of the attorneys representing two former apartment managers who allege sterling was paying them for 13 hours of work a week when work documents show they were actually putting in more like 40 or 50 hours. >> you're doing maintenance. you have maintenance records. you're going to the apartments to solve problems, you know, it could be 2 a.m. and someone saying, my plumbing is on the fritz. you're having a paper trail.
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you're calling someone. you're taking care of the problem, you're sending it to the office. they are violating overtime laws, minimum wage laws and in a deceptive manner. >> reporter: donald sterling's attorney offered a written statement, the lawsuit involves the claims of two disgruntled managers. the statement goes on to say, property managers are not required to work overtime and are not allowed to work overtime without advance approval of their supervisor. the defendant believes that the allegations will be disproven and that all of the defendant's pay practices will be found to be lawful and appropriate." attorneys for the plaintiffs are asking a judge to rule that the case can be maintained as a class action so that it can include more of sterling's current or former employees in the case. the woman whose voice was on those recordings with sterling v stiviano was spotted walking her dog today in
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beverly hills. she is still behinding behind a visor and even chatted with a neighbor before going back inside her home. switching gears, meteorologist paul deanno is live in pittsburg where he is sweating it out with a little baseball game. >> reporter: nothing better. there is nothing better than little league baseball! especially teeball. these kids are adorable. it's an epic battle tonight in the pittsburg little league. you have the dodgers on the field. the a's are up to bat. just had a single. this gentleman on first base number 16 for the a's. good night for baseball but the kids have to stay hydrated. foy that the coach of my son's baseball team said bring some extra water and that is good advice. it's simple things like extra water can get you through a toasty day and speaking of toasty, this was the warmest day in san francisco in more than a year and a half. 90 in downtown san francisco. santa rosa 91 a record.
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oakland hit a record 91. san jose 93. what a glorious night to watch a giants game. giants-padres at&t park we'll cool down to the low 70s and upper 60s for the first pitch. clear, mild, great night for baseball. i'll throw in tomorrow giants are home, too. lows tonight upper 50s san francisco and redwood city. concord 59. santa rosa 56. it begs the question why? why are we so hot? this is the last day of april. when you get an offshore wind crazy things can happen. a ridge of high pressure centered to our north which is somewhat rare for this time of the year is giving us an east offshore wind and that's why we have no ocean influence whatsoever so it was 85 at the coast today. but as soon as we do grab that ocean influence, it will cool down. that's going to happen as soon as friday. one more hot day tomorrow, the ridge will be shoved to the south by an area of low pressure which is building to our west. that brings back the onshore flow. and it's not going to be as mild starting friday. but it will be a warm day tomorrow. hot for livermore. high of 92.
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mountain view 87. santa rosa 85. now, san francisco cooler because we'll get a little bit of an ocean influence tomorrow but still very warm. 78 degrees. san jose tomorrow 89 degrees. friday we're all 10 degrees cooler. another 10 to 12 degrees cooler on saturday. and then by sunday with morning cloud cover even inland we are barely going to make it to 70. slight chance of a shower in the north bay on monday. next week a whole different ballgame weather-wise but 70s inland and 60s near the bay. so we are heading back to normal. we have little league baseball tonight. the action, watch the ball, got past the pitcher! guy jumps on it, two kids jump on it! teeball is awesome. they are braving the heat here in pittsburg, high of 94. great baseball. a's and dodgers t-ball here in pittsburg. paul deanno, back to you. >> they are so cute. they get so into it. >> absolutely. nervous about using your facebook log-in to sign into apps and websites? what the social media company is doing to protect your
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doctors who prescribe it clm it really works. so does an actor -- whose battl bo a new treatment for alcoholism is now in the bay area. doctors who prescribe it claim it really works. and so does an actor whose battle with the bottle began in childhood. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: in the hit show "growing pains," jeremy miller played the smart-mouthed little brother and found fame at a young age. but he also found alcohol. >> at 4 years old i used to run around after my grandparents' parties and finish off all the beers. >> reporter: by 20, the actor told me he was a full-blown alcoholic. rehab, support groups, hypnosis, nothing worked. he even considered shock therapy. >> that's how desperate i was. i was ready to have them fry my brain to get rid of this. >> reporter: instead, jeremy tried this, a drug that gets
6:24 pm
implanted under the skin. inside the syringe, an old drug in a new form. >> what we use is a specially compounded formulation of this fda-approved medication. >> reporter: the old drug is naltrexone. it blocks the parts of the brain that feel pleasure when you drink. but instead of a pill or injection, it's a time release version surgically implanted near the belly button. >> it's a very quick well tolerated outpatient procedure lasting roughly 15 minutes only under local anesthesia. >> reporter: the implant releases a slow, steady dose of the drug into the body over a number of months. not everyone is wild about it. >> we get concerned about how long it will be used, what are the long- term effects, how effective it will be. >> reporter: keith this roeder is with the national council on alcoholism. schroeder is concerned with the implants patients will only delay their recovery. >> at some point you have to deal with it, you have to learn to deal with cravings. >> reporter: but dr. the doctor
6:25 pm
at at the start fresh recovery clinic offers the implant. he says when combined with the coaching program, success rates are above 85%. >> there's no magic bullet. it's just a very effective tool. >> reporter: jeremy is now a patient advocate for company. he has been clean and sober for more than two years. >> it's not a part of my life anymore and i honestly couldn't -- i mean i could not be more thankful that it's not. >> well, the implant and the six-month life coaching program, and they recommend that you do some sort of coaching program with this implant, costs about $27,000. not all insurance covers it but the clinic says it won't turn anyone away. more for information go, to our -- for more information, go to our website,, click on "links and numbers." another fiery crash involving trains carrying crude the same type of explosive crude bound for the bay area. >> plus, how a hazardous problem that shut down a bay
6:26 pm
area school is traced to a pool. >> and check your coins. why one penny could be worth 80 bucks. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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crude oil derails.
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that crash is reigniting fes here at home.. because 'crude by rail is set now at 6:30 a fiery explosion after a train carrying crude oil derails. that crash is reigniting fears at home because crude by rail is set to roll through several bay area neighborhoods. allen martin on this latest disaster. allen. >> reporter: incredible video, ken. today's tanker car crash happened in lynchburg virginia 100 miles west of richmond sending flames and smoke into the air. it was headed to chicago when it derailed. 14 tanker cars, four falling in the river and going into flames. the city decided to let the fire burn itself out. the national transportation safety board now sending investigators to the scene. but here in the bay area, there is a possible plan for phillips 66 to run railcars full of explosive fracked crude oil from oakland to berkeley to richmond and emeryville and down south to its santa maria
6:30 pm
refinery. berkeley is fighting that plan. >> i can't even imagine what would happen if there was a major derailment and explosion right at this pharmaceutical plant. it would be devastating. >> reporter: safety concerns heightened last july when an oil train derailed and exploded in quebec. 47 people died. 30 buildings were incinerated. there have been 8 significant oil train accidents in the u.s. and canada in the past. year involving these trains hauling crude oil. >> we broke this story a few weeks back of the and this is exactly what people who are against this have been warning about and it happened again. >> reporter: another example. >> very, very volatile stuff. thank you, allen. developing news tonight, a fast-moving wildfire is proving to be a big challenge for firefighters in san bernardino county. crews have protected more than 1,000 evacuated homes so far but as tom waite shows us, strong winds are preventing crews from using airplanes in
6:31 pm
this firefight. >> reporter: conditions out here were absolutely horrific today. the powerful winds blew this fire around making it very unpredictable and very difficult to fight. take a look, you can see it's still burning here at the base of the rancho cucamonga area mountains. the fire is still burning. firefighters still trying to get a handle on this. it has been very difficult. the good news is no homes have been damaged in the fire as erratic and as difficult as this was to battle, firefighters managed to protect all of them. we had wind gusts out here between 60 and 80 miles per hour according to the u.s. forest service. so they were definitely having to contend with some conditions that are not typical here except for during the fall. right now, they are continuing to try to get a containment line around this fire. but it is very hard as the conditions out here remain a little gusty at times. so firefighters taking their time as they cannot use any aircraft because of the gusty winds, they have to do this all from the ground. reporting from rancho cucamonga, i'm tom wait, kpix
6:32 pm
5. seven schools were shut down today and 1100 homes evacuated. parts of southern california will remain under red flag warnings for high fire danger tomorrow night. students at napa high school got an unexpected day off today. kpix 5's john ramos on how a chlorine problem at the pool managed to clean out the whole campus. >> reporter: it looked like summer started early at napa high school today. the place was locked up and deserted. the fire department closed the school down when at about 7:00 this morning maintenance workers reported a strong acrid smell in the air. >> it smelled really bad, like, i want to throw up it was, like, really strong and, like, i didn't want to enter school. >> reporter: the smell was coming from the school swimming school. it turns out a car accident overnight knocked out power in the area and the pool's pumps shut down. >> the power outage caused that automatic system to malfunction and way too much chlorine got put into the pool. >> reporter: the fire department ordered the campus to be closed for at least three
6:33 pm
hours to allow the gas to dissipate. but as kids began arriving at school, a decision was made. >> leaders made a decision that the smell was strong enough and the respiratory problems big enough that we closed school. >> reporter: by 11 a.m., the smell was gone. but by that time, so were the students. are they going to have to make up this day at the end of the year? no. because very quietly the district builds in a few extra minutes of instruction every day in case of emergencies. only in california can you get a snow day because the swimming pool breaks down. in napa, john ramos, kpix 5. >> a lot of kid got their wish today. sea critters are uncommon in lake merritt in oakland but someone spotted this stingray swimming there. a woman snapped this picture and posted it on instagram. the california bat ray likely
6:34 pm
came to the area to look for food. facebook is starting the anonymous log-in. at a developers conference in san francisco, ceo mark zuckerberg said users can try out apps and browse websites through facebook's anonymous log-in. basically it means you don't have to create a personal log- in for every app that you are interested in trying out. >> this is going to let you try apps without fear and then if you want you can always sign in with your real identity to personalize the app a bit later on once you're more comfortable using that app. >> the new feature is being tested with a few developers and will roll out in the next few months. a penny saved could earn you 80 bucks this weekend. a sacramento coin club has dropped four rare pennies into circulation. the coins are 1909 pennies minted in san francisco. they would have an s on the front below the year and with the years on the back and find
6:35 pm
one and you bring it to the coin show you will get $80. organizers admit it's a ploy to get people to show up but they add you never know. some loose change could be worth a small fortune. >> i work with a gentleman not too long ago that had coins, he wasn't sure what the value of them were. they turned out to be worth over $40,000. >> well, what makes the penny so rare is the san francisco mint only produced them between 1909 and 1958. there aren't too many in circulation. still ahead, google's promise to stop scanning millions of email accounts. and also in tonight's consumerwatch, a pleasant surprise you're going to see in your next pg&e bill. >> 5, 6, 7, 8. >> getting into the groove in their golden years. ♪[ music ] >> how these bay area seniors are being inspired by a retired accounting instructor. >> i enjoy seeing people learning things. i always have. >> coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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collection practices are on on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains how some predatory and abusive debt collection practices are on the rise. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains how even some companies are using the court system to illegally collect debts. >> reporter: this is a new report out of the center for responsible lending. they find one in seven people are being hounded by debt collectors and most of those debts aren't even owed. it starts when collectors buy up old debt from a bank with little or inaccurate documentation. the center says debt collectors often make harassing phone cause and threat using abusive language and when those illegal tactics don't work they file a lawsuit legally. now, consumers often don't show up in court because they never got a notice or can't afford representation. so the debt collectors win the judgment and can legally free the bank account garnish wages or report to a credit agency.
6:39 pm
the center for responsible lending is asking for more federal and state oversight of debt collectors. google announced today it will soon give students a bit more privacy. the company says it will no longer scan the emails of students and teachers who use the company's popular app for education service. the company previously scanned emails to help personalize ads for students. more than 30 million students and teachers and administrators use apps for education which includes things like calendars and study tools. google is also under fire for routinely scanning emails of gmail users. and even though the air conditioning may be cranked up today don't be surprised when your april pg&e bill is lower than expected. it's no mistake. the state's utilities are giving customers automatic climate credit averaging $35. it [ indiscernible ] and other industries [ indiscernible ] greenhouse gas emissions with cash. you will get another credit in october. if you have a consumer story idea or complaint, go to
6:40 pm and send us an email or call us 888-5-helps-u. >> thank you. coming up next, how a retired accounting instructor is stepping in to help keep seniors happier and healthy. >> reporter: good evening, meteorologist paul deanno we're talking about very warm weather outside for little league baseball. we are live tonight in pittsburg with the kpix 5 mobile weather. we'll talk about much cooler weather and when it will arrive next. i'm andrea nakano live at the tank where we are just minutes away from the puck dropping and the critical game 7 between the sharks and the kings. we'll have a full preview and we'll also give you an update on pitcher aj griffin's condition after he undergoes tommy john surgery and we'll also talk about the upcoming battle between the warriors and the clippers. it's all coming up in sports. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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they're just $3.99 each. breyer's ice cream is $2.99. and start the fiesta. corona is just $11.97 a twelve pack. there's more savings to love... at safeway. instructor who knows his way around numbers is today coug to a different beat. one that promotes fitness among seni citizens. award winn he is a retired accounting instructor who knows his way around numbers and today he is counting to a different beat one that promotes fitness among
6:44 pm
senior sittens. kate kelly on this week's jefferson award recipient. >> 5,,, 8. >> reporter: you don't have to be good with numbers to follow along in russell breslauer's class but it helps to count along. for eight years, russell has taught line dancing classes and you couldn't find more appreciative students than at the golden gate park senior center in san francisco. >> i enjoy dancing in his class. fantastic. i tell everybody about it. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: from mambo to other dances, his enthusiasm for dance is infectious. >> i enjoy seeing people learn things. i always have. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: for 30 years, russell taught accounting at chabot college but always had an interest in international folk dancings. once retired he volunteered at the senior center where he exchanged his study plans for step sheets. >> i do one of these sheets for every class. >> reporter: for beginning line dancing classes, he creates
6:45 pm
spreadsheets with links to youtube videos. and his nanopod brings an international flavor to match the diverse community. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: from latin pop -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- to chinese music -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- there's something for everybody. victor lee is program coordinator at the golden gate senior center where three to five hundred seniors visit daily. he says without dedicated volunteers like russell, there wouldn't be the variety of activities that are so important. >> he brings a connection with the seniors. they get to socialize with other seniors. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this is a lot more challenging than it looks. not only are you getting exercise, you're also using your memory to remember the steps and your brain to learn them. ♪[ music ] >> you're mixing a whole lot of things, physical, mental -- ♪[ music ] >> reporter: -- emotional because you're working with music. i love it. and so do his students. thank you very much in recognition of all that hard work that we all benefit from.
6:46 pm
we want to present you with a jefferson award for public service. >> thank you very much. [ applause ] >> reporter: this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to russell breslauer. kate kelly, kpix 5. >> and the crowd goes wild! [ laughter ] >> russell just turned 69. he and his wife of 44 years ellen have no intention of slowing down. and you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online anytime you want at >> they had some pretty impressive moves, i'll say. >> i like the music. >> i like the music, too. looked like they were having fun. paul deanno is having a lot of fun. he is at a teeball game in pittsburg. how's it going? >> reporter: yeah. [ laughter ] i love baseball. i love watching kids play baseball. and the best baseball to watch as a spectator teeball! these kids are having a great time. dodgers in the field, a's up to bat. let's see what happens. we have the coach pitching a little bit, a little underhand pitch the kids getting a little instruction on hitting.
6:47 pm
it's so great seeing the most pure baseball perhaps there is. five and six years old, out there having a good time. we have now better weather. it's a little cloudier not as warm out here in pittsburg. it was 94. we're now down to 86 degrees in pittsburg but a very warm day today. and a couple of things i want to point out. number one, oakland you hit a high of 91 today. a record high for downtown oakland. san jose 93. i really want to focus on that 90 though in san francisco. it was two halloweens ago the last time that we were this warm in san francisco. october 2, 2012. the last time we were in the 90s officially in san francisco we did it again today. tomorrow will not be as warm. but still well above normal. these are your current temperatures outside. as you hear the parents cheer a good hit by the a's! san jose 88 degrees. oakland 87. livermore 90 right now. santa rosa 85. san francisco 85 degrees. we'll cool off tonight but not down to what is normal. we normally get down to the 40s and 50s.
6:48 pm
tonight 50s and 60s. san jose 60. fremont 60. livermore upper 50s. san francisco only dropping down 58 degrees overnight tonight. as for why this is happening, it's a big ridge of high pressure offshore winds because the ridge is centered to our north giving us an east wind. the ocean sitting at 57 degrees but it doesn't matter when the with -- when the wind is coming out from the east and pushing to the west. it will change when we get a west wind. low pressure will get here friday shoving that ridge down. when that happens we get the onshore back and it won't be as warm after one more hot day tomorrow. we're clear and mild tonight. one more warm to hot day tomorrow. friday cooler by 10 degrees and cooler and cloudier this weekend. highs tomorrow morgan hill back to the 90s. 91. san mateo 87. half moon bay a high of 78 degrees tomorrow. not as warm as today but nice at the beach. antioch, pittsburg, 94 again. dublin 91. pleasant hill in the 90s.
6:49 pm
sausalito beautiful sunshine high of 79. san leandro 83. sonoma 87. up north we find cloverdale with a high of 93 degrees and lakeport 88 degrees with mainly sunny skies. here is your extended forecast. mainly sunny skies with highs in the 90s tomorrow inland but look at the change on friday. mainly sunny 10 degrees cooler. 10 degrees cooler again on saturday. highs inland mid-70s by saturday. even cooler on sunday with widespread morning cloud cover and a chance of a couple of morning showers on monday up in the north bay. so much cooler next week. one more hot day coming up tomorrow. we'll bring you back out live. the a's are still up to ba here's the pitch! oh, he hits it down the third baseline, seven kids come at it. the throw it first is -- oh!! bobble it! i think it caught it in time. i call him out. we'll see what they say. no official replay like they have in major league baseball. having fun out here in pittsburg. sports next.
6:50 pm
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scoop it. pour it. blend it. [ blender whirs ] no matter how you make it, you'll love our endless variety of beverages. baskin-robbins cappuccino blast®. customize yours today. roll q: a date with anaheim the sharks will go back to time to check out sports. andrea nakano at the s.a.p. center. let's go sharks! >> reporter: yeah. let's go sharks. many expected this series to go to seven games but not after the sharks went 3-0 against the
6:53 pm
kings to start off this series. now if sharks want a date with anaheim, they will have to win this must-win game, game 7. now, tonight niemi will get the start instead of stalock. he started monday night after niemi was pulled midway through game five. despite losing three, san jose is feeling confident heading into a winner-take-all game at the tank. >> we talked about having home ice. actually throughout the year. the difference that it may have made last year. and how you get here, uhm, whether we take the first three and then get the next three or we trade games all the way through, we're at game 7. and that's all that really matters. and one game for all the marbles. >> the sharks will need to get their top three forwards going tonight. pavelski, thornton, couture combined for one game in the last three games compared to 11 in san jose's three wins. now, the kings will have no problems playing the villain role tonight but they want the
6:54 pm
sharks fans to get a little creative. >> i just can't wait to get it goes. it's unbelievable atmosphere in that arena. you know, when we come on the ice they are going to be booing us like crazy right off the bat, gets the goosebumps going and gets you excited for the game and gets you excited to hopefully beat the team in that rink. >> like that beat l.a. stuff? >> it's whatever. i don't think it's the best chant i have ever heard. [ laughter ] >> some guys like it because it's so ridiculous almost. >> not even a good chant. [ laughter ] >> there are two other game 7s tonight in the nhl. first flyers and the rangers. daniel car sill low who was a healthy scratch in game 6 gets new york on the board and they beat the flyers 2-1 to advance to the second round where they will face the penguins. to the nba now. the warriors hope to play in game 7 of their own this weekend but first they will
6:55 pm
need to take care of game 6. the clippers beat the warriors last night to take a 3-2 series lead. and nobody had a bigger bounce- back game than deandre jordan. the l.a. center who was scoreless in game 4's blowout loss set a new play-off career high with 25 points and 18 rebounds. >> he called me or text me right after, you know, we got back to l.a. and said that that wasn't me and i will be back. and i didn't know he meant "that." but, uhm, i'm going to make sure he texts me tonight. you know, that would be great. >> i look at it if we tighten up the mistakes that we made, uhm, and we like the clippers we are one, one game away, one win away from forcing game 7. to the diamond. a's pitcher aj griffin will miss the rest of the year after tommy john surgery earlier today. griffin has been sidelined since the end of spring training and joins derek parker
6:56 pm
on the shelf with season ending injuries. now, an odd story for this wednesday. florida state quarterback james winston was caught stealing crab legs from a store. he also plays baseball from the seminoles. he is suspended indefinitely from the team. the jersey may be different but the name on the back is still the same for donte whitner the former 49er safety who signed with the browns in off season has decided against legally changing his name to donte hitner. >> i didn't want to go through changing like credit cards and mortgages and cars and -- they want me to do all this stuff. i can't sign all this paperwork again. >> but you considered it. i considered it until he told me i had to go through so many documents and sign all these papers and change everything off for one letter change, rather not. >> it's easier to stay as whitner. a historical note for you.
6:57 pm
it was 20 years ago today that jamie baker scored the game winning goal for the sharks in game 7 against the detroit red wings and so in this case, the sharks are hoping that history repeats itself again this time against the l.a. kings. reporting live at the s.a.p. center, andrea nakano, back to you. >> all right. very important game. >> one of those games where a win erases everything bad instantly. >> got to the do it. sending good vibes. for news throughout the evening the latest news and weather are always on our website, and on our facebook page. >> our next newscast at 10:00 on the cw, cw 44/cable 12. check us out there. and you can see us right back here on kpix 5 at 11:00. facebook anytime. you can tweet us anytime. we'll tweet you back. captions by: caption colorado i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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joey fatone: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. steve: hey, welcome to the show. thank you for coming. audience: [cheering] steve: thank you very much. whoo! whoa, what a crowd! hey, welcome. welcome to "family feud," everybody. boy, what a brand new refreshing audience today we got. this is great. i'm your man steve harvey. we got going for you today, folks, returning for the second day... from brooklyn, it's the mack family. and from chicago, illinois, oh, man, i love it there, the mcmahon family. audience: [cheering] steve: everybody's here, trying to win theirself a lot of cash and the possibility of driving out of here in a head-turning ford fusion.


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