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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 1, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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on the hood of this car to get them out of harm's way and then that was -- then that was it. uhm -- >> reporter: the police were so worried when the dogs were on the loose, they had a "shelter in place" at a local preschool. they were able to corner the pit bull and police say they had to taser the dog because it charged them in a backyard here. we're live in brentwood, i'm ryan takeo, kpix 5. happening right now, thousands of people have organized rallies arnd the bay for may day otherwise known as international workers day. ken bastida in the newsroom with the massive demonstrations right now on the streets of two bay area cities. >> reporter: a lot going on a rally in oakland taking over several blocks. hundreds of people are marching through the streets holding signs. we have a live picture from chopper 5 right now. they are stopping traffic as they make their way to fruitvale plaza. now, the group is calling for
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realization of all undocumented immigrants as well as an end to police violence. included in their message is a push for worker rights. similar story in san jose. a group started at our lady of guadalupe church and is on the move to city hall. a major issue today there is immigration. activists calling for a change to deportation laws. one speaker said, 5,000 kids are in foster care right now from their parents being deported. >> think about the reality of this country's immigration policies for each of those 5,000 children who have had their parents taken away without any good policy justification. >> reporter: well, one recent case grabbing headlines three children in richmond are without their mother. antonia aguilar today after she was deported to mexico yesterday, that comes as a big
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shock to her children. just as representative zoe lofgren submitted a private bill to help her case. aguilar lived with her children in the u.s. for 11 years. let's go back now chopper 5 over oakland. we are going to keep an eye on these may day protests. so far very peaceful. people taking may 1st to go out to similar rallies. two years ago, one of these rallies turned violent. activists say today they have planned a very peaceful march. we'll keep an eye on it. from the newsroom, i'm ken bastida, allen, back to you. >> thank you, ken. united we stand, divided we fall! >> and in san francisco, thousands of people skipped the 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to remind their employers things need to change. with picket signs they demanded better pay, working conditions and fair labor laws. his family never gave up their fight for justice. now a major break in the murder of a young oakland man. charles butler shown here on home video was parking his car on an oakland street back in
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2011. he accidentally bumped another car while parallel parking. that sparked an argument with two people. he was shot and killed just blocks away. yesterday police made a second arrest in this case. cartier hunter is now behind bars. another man has previously been booked. today santa cruz became the first city in northern california to implement mandatory water rationing. len ramirez live with what people could have to pay if they go over their limit. len. >> reporter: well, there's water everywhere here in santa cruz as you can see. but it's not the kind that the city needs. and so these very tough restrictions went into effect today restricted that some people already say that they are unwilling or unable to make. 77-year-old barbara anderson saves water when she can capturing bowls and buckets that used to waste while she waits for hot water to come through. >> doesn't take long for it to
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get hot. >> reporter: it's not even a gallon. but right now, every drop is precious especially for someone whose passion is for plants. >> to water them just directly that way, that will save some water. >> reporter: will it save enough? mandatory rationing takes effect today for the santa cruz restricting single-family homes to 249 gallons per day. customers using more will be fined $25 for the first 10% over. $50 for each 10% after that. it's about 60 gallons per person per day. >> a lot of families are already using 60 gallons or much less and there are other families that are using a lot more so some families it will be difficult. >> reporter: like mrs. anderson. despite her conservation she has been 18% over her ration and here's why. she has a very big yard filled with flowers, dogs and a lot of grass. >> i am from iowa and i like my grass. >> reporter: the city's restrictions are designed to provide enough water for indoor use only.
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it's forcing mrs. anderson to draw a line in the sod. >> it may not look as green as it is right now but i won't let it die. >> reporter: that's going to mean fines for you, probably? >> yes, it probably will. i'll pay it. but not willingly. >> reporter: and those overage charges will start showing up in people's bills in the may bill cycle. reporting live in santa cruz, len ramirez, kpix 5. this could be a glimpse of our future. the final snow survey of the season today in the sierra and it doesn't show much relief in sight. like the past surveys, there's more bare ground than snow actually. the snowpack that fills state reservoirs is just 18% of average. another day of near record heat. meteorologist paul deanno took the mobile weather lab to pacifica. big changes are on the way. >> reporter: yeah. we're looking for the first sign of that onshore flow returning and it's here. it's still sunny. there's no marine layer whatsoever and it's still very beautiful outside with
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temperatures in the 70s. but gone are the mid-80s that we had in pacifica yesterday. we're out here live and yes, the signs of change have already reached the coastline. let's take a look at the highs for today. still well above normal with a new record set in oakland. you were 20 degrees above average with a high of 87 today. san jose not a record but you were the one spot to hit 90. santa rosa 88. san francisco 83 degrees. 7 degrees cooler than yesterday but still 19 degrees above average. where are we right now? we're at 81 in mountain view. half moon bay at the airport you're still 85. pleasanton hot. we're still toasty inland. 94 pleasanton, 90 san ramon, 90 concord. novato now 86 degrees a little cooler than yesterday. napa and berkeley 81. so the first sign when a heat wave ends is that areas of the coastline or near the water begin to cool off and we are seeing that now. and that cooling will begin to spread inland over the next 24 to 48 hours. so today is the last hot day. coming up in weather, we'll talk about how long the 90s will stick around inland and
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wait until you see how chilly it's going to get over the weekend. details coming up in 10 minutes. back to you. >> i felt a cooler breeze at 1:00. thanks, paul. we are just learning a committee of nba owners voted unanimously to force the sale of the l.a. clippers. it happened during a conference call this afternoon. of the committee vote starts the formal process and it would ultimately come down to a vote of all the owners. donald sterling could be out if 23 of 30 teams vote yes. sterling was spotted going out to dinner last night in beverly hills. it's the first time he has been seen since a racist audiotape came out that got him banned for life from the nba. the nba tried to oust sterling back in 1982, also over an audiotape. sterling made comments at a luncheon insisting that the team finish last so they could get a good draft pick. he kept the clippers. we have a live look at the
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court inside oracle arena tonight. teams warming up for game 6 of the play-off series 2009 the clips and warriors. l.a. leads the series 3-2 games. at 6:00 tonight we'll have fan reaction to the sterling scandal and what fans would like to see happen to the clippers owner. other bay area headlines, a new lawsuit is looking to do what protestors have done in recent months. put the brakes on the google buses in san francisco. it says the buses violate the law seeking to stop the program. an overturned dump truck created a mess to be cleaned up. the solo accident three northbound lanes of 680 near auto mall parkway in fremont. it took three hours to clear it up. the truck driver had minor injuries. strippers take to their legal briefs. exotic dancers say they're underpaid. now they're taking as a bay area club to court. the naked truth about their lawsuit. >> my god! ah!!
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ah!! >> helpless screams as people watch their cars collapse. the sinkhole that swallowed a city block. >> did you think it was just going to be all fun and games? >> well, from senior prank to jail. high school students pay the price for a joke that went too far. ,, ,,,,,,
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san bernadino county. flames are ripping through the second high winds are keeping firefighters grounded while battling a fast-moving fire in san bernardino county. flames are ripping through rancho cucamonga for the second day today. water-dropping aircraft are not permitted to fly because the wind's so strong. the fire has burned 1,000 acres. crews have it about 10% contained. an evacuation order for 1600 homes has been canceled. fire officials say residents should be ready to leave at a moment's notice. the identity of the pilot killed in the plane collision over san pablo bay has been released. 33-year-old david everett plum
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lived with in rockland. his body and the plane were recovered during a salvage operation yesterday. the husband and wife in the second plane in sunday's accident were not injured. a couple of developments today with that missing malaysia airlines plane. there was a new wave of anger in beijing as passengers's relatives were told to go home. many of them screamed or cried when the airline announced it was closing assistance centers. a preliminary report on the plane only adds to the confusion about what really happened. it says controllers in vietnam reported the plane missing 17 minutes after it dropped off the radar. cell phone video just released shows the heartbreaking final moments as the ferry sank off south korea on april 16. some of the high school students who were killed are seen huddle below deck. some are asking what to do. others are heard wondering if they will die. the video was on the mobile phone of a 17-year-old student
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whose body was recovered. the boy's father released the video to the media. a prison explosion sparks a fiery confrontation. >> my son has not been accounted for! >> the anger and chaos in the race to round up inmates. >> plus, structuringling strippers band together to take their club to court. what they are demanding. ,,,,,,,,
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baring it all... in court. they've filed a lawsuit agat their employer. mike an with the disput some south bay strippers are baring it all in court. they filed a lawsuit against their employer. mike sugerman with the dispute over how they get paid and why they say they are getting shortchanged. >> reporter: in a world that bares its soul and many other things -- hello? -- a san jose strip joint is being very -- conservative. i'd like to pay $15 to come in. no? why not? you won't let me in? likely because the pink poodle is being sued by the very strippers that people come to see. although when we were here, nobody was coming in. they locked the doors. they're open. they really don't want to talk. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: strippers here want to be paid at least minimum wage. right now, clubs tend to charge
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strippers rent to dance for tips. >> positivivity and, you know, no shame approach to sexual stuff. >> reporter: a precedent was set several years ago in san francisco at the lusty lady where strippers unionized then bought the place. the lusty lady went out of business last year. strippers here didn't want to talk, either. there aren't a lot of strip joints left because of internet porn. and today, for as long as we were here, the pink poodle had no customers either. in san jose, i'm mike sugerman, kpix 5. >> there have been several other attempts to change the strippers' pay and many previous cases the dancers have won. uc-berkeley one of dozens of schools facing a federal investigation over the handle of sexual assault complaints on campus. the department of education released a list today of 55 colleges nationwide. that list includes cal, usc, harvard, princeton. it's part of a white house push
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to crackdown on sexual violence on campus. if a violation is found, schools could lose federal funding. a cal spokesman says the school is fully cooperating with the investigation. and while much has been done, there's always room for improvement. no one's laughing tonight after a high school senior prank put 62 students in jail. the students in teaneck, new jersey, were rounded up, handcuffed and hauled away in vans. police arrived to find the school trashed! students urinating in the hallways, graffiti on the walls, even hot dogs taped to lockers. many left the police station in tears dodging cameras. >> i know he thought it was fun and games but it's real life. >> it's a yearly prank that's done. the police should not have arrested all these kids. >> some students faced a judge in their school sweatshirts. 24 of the students who were over 18 were charged with burglary and criminal mischief. the school is also considering its own punishment. a massive natural gas
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explosion destroys a florida jail killing two inmates and injuring more than 180 people. authorities combed through the debris this morning. glass windows shattered, walls torn apart, it happened in the booking area of the escambia county jail overnight. that facility houses 600 inmates. right after the blast, authorities couldn't account for three of those inmates. >> my son has not been accounted for! how do you think family members are feeling that their kids have not been accounted for?! and i seen more than two body bags come out there was! >> everyone is now accounted for. inmates were taken to the hospital or nearby jails. my god! ah!! my god, ah!!! >> that does not seem real, does it? cars trees, the whole street collapsing on to the train tracks. this is in baltimore. it happened yesterday after a torrential downpour. things start to move kind of slow motion there until the
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road just can't handle it anymore. despite the screams, no one was hurt. that same storm system brought more than 6" of rain in two days to new jersey. cars stranded in the high floodwaters people canoeing across town. dozens of cars were stuck in this parking lot. that looks kind of more like a big lake, doesn't it? in philadelphia, a city bus kind of turned into a submarine. the storms that pounded much of the country this week have finally moved out. paul deanno seems to have [ indiscernible ] spending a nice gorgeous day. >> calls his own shots. >> you have it -- there's a secret you sort of figured out, spending the day at the beach. >> hey. here's the deal. here's the question you have to ask: why not? why not? because there's two reasons. one, the weather is awesome outside! why would you want to be inside the studio when we have the choice here with the mobile weather lab? number 2, we break heat waves with temperatures dropping at the coast first. we are doing weather here. as you look at the beach which is packed with lots of folks
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enjoying a beautiful day, yesterday in pacifica we were 85 degrees. that's because we had that true offshore wind but today, in both santa cruz and pacifica, we're still warm. but we're not as warm because we're just seeing the beginning. we're just seeing the start of that onshore push that will cool us all down over the next 24 to 48 hours. this is a live look at your temperatures outside. now, we're still 94 inland. 94 for livermore. 86 san jose. 87 santa rosa. not as warm today in san francisco where the current temperature is 81. but that's funny to say not as warm and 81 because yesterday, we hit 90! overnight tonight, mainly clear skies, should be a beautiful night. pacifica down to 53. concord 54. fairfield 51. and santa rosa down to 47 degrees. here is the setup. today we still had a strong ridge. we still had temperatures in the 90s inland but we're seeing that change. the change specifically is the ridge beginning to move out being shoved down to the south, kind of muscled out by an approaching area of low pressure. so the same ridge that gave us the hot weather will give us
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cool weather this weekend simply because it's in a different location. it will give us an onshore flow over the weekend. that will drop our temperatures bring back some morning cloud cover as that low pressure approaches the coastline. what to expect? another mostly clear night tonight. mild overnight again. it will still be warm inland tomorrow. we are dropping things down 10 degrees. that's still well above normal. it will be significantly cooler near the water starting tomorrow with everybody cooling down widespread cooling coming up this weekend. it is friday tomorrow. these are your highs. notice the changes. san francisco, down to 72. oakland down to 77. san jose 84. concord 87. santa rosa 80. and pacifica where i'm standing now the high tomorrow will not hit 70 degrees. here is your seven-day forecast. we're warm one more day tomorrow although not as warm. saturday and sunday much cooler 60s near the bay low 70s inland with morning cloud cover. and next week the first full week of may it's going to feel more like onshore flow patterns
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with highs 70s inland, 60s in the bay and 50s at the coastline. out here in my opinion this is the best day right when the heat wave begins to break down you're not super hot, the fog has not come in yet, you have all the sunshine, but you don't have the heat. so, liz, yes, this is why we chose to come down to pacifica today. and it is quite beautiful outside. and we're going to stay here every minute we can through our 6:00 newscast. >> that's all right. we'll be right here. why would we want to be in here when we con be -- when we can be out there? >> come visit! fastrak frustration. drivers wrongly accused of cheating tolls and you won't believe what it took to get one woman off the hook! ,, ,,,,
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kpix 5's da lin is on the ground in oakafor today's may day march. da. >> reporter: liz, that large group of protestors now over on foothill boulevard. they were marching right here on international boulevard.
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that large group going pretty fast right now as i mentioned over to foothill boulevard. it's about 500 people within that group that may day march. things have been very peaceful thus far. a lot of police officers following them. the only problem right now traffic problems. very congested around this area a lot of buses being diverted and will we'll continue to monitor that large group of proceeds now marching down southbound foothill boulevard here in east oakland. and we'll continue to monitor this. for now live in east oakland, i'm da lin, back to you. >> thank you. fastrak been around a long time but we still get complaints from drivers who say they're wrongly accused of toll cheating. kpix 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts shows us the difficult road one driver faced trying to deal with her problem. >> reporter: cynthia slater says there's no way she drove her car across the bay bridge without paying the toll. >> i always pay my toll.
5:25 pm
>> reporter: they say someone driving her car did twice. first slater got a $25 fine and a notice of toll evasion on a day she said she was nowhere near the bridge. >> and i was perplexed, i mean, mainly because that particular monday i was home. >> reporter: and fastrak's evidence of slater's crime? well, it isn't exactly clear. >> it is quite a dark image. >> reporter: john goodwin of the metropolitan transportation commission admits the light on the toll equipment wasn't working the evening this photo was snapped but insists it's good fluff to make out her plate -- sort of. >> the k is a bit problematic. >> reporter: meanwhile, as she was fighting that violation, slater got a second one for not paying on a day she did cross the bridge but swears she paid cash. >> it felt very kafkaesque. >> reporter: she is not alone. >> there is no way i could have been on the bridge. >> reporter: lindsey says she was wrongly targeted for toll evasion when the system mistook an actual offender's license plate for hers.
5:26 pm
in that case goodwin said the license plate frame was to blame. >> an e will be read as an f because the bottom of the frame is cut off. >> reporter: but fighting fastrak mistakes wasn't easy. lindsey appealed twice. >> i'm at a deadened. >> reporter: so did slater before we got involved. fastrak has now dismissed the violations something slater says should have happened months ago. >> i just felt it was completely their incompetence. >> reporter: now, fastrak claims its error rate is 1/10 of 1%. so about 33 mistakes per day. and while fastrak couldn't say why the valid appeals were repeatedly denies is suggests asking to have your case escalated to the call center manager on to the parent company. if you have a consumer problem call us 888-5-helps-u. we'll be right back. ,,,,
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police fear public safety i jeopardy.. why s i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight, police fear public safety is in jeopardy. why some california convicted criminals are being released early. plus -- >> it's going to feel very vibrant, very alive. it's not going to feel like a big open void. >> in a city with a reputation for crime how a struggling real estate jewel is being transformed. plus we're keeping an eye on tonight's may day protests going on. we'll have the latest tonight at 6:00. allen, liz? >> thank you. thanks for watching us at 5:00. the "cbs evening news with
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scott pelley" is next. captions by: caption colorado >> pelley: tonight, >> pelley: tonight, fire and rain. in the east, record downpours bring neighborhoods to a stop and cause the earth to move. in the west, drought fuels the fires. don dahler, mark strassmann, and bigad shaban are on the severe weather. the federal government names colleges that may not be doing what the law requires to fight sexual violence. maurice dubois has the list. video is discovered of the final good-byes before more than 200 high school kids died in a capsized ferry. >> mom, i love you. dad, i love you. i love you both. >> pelley: and dr. jon lapook returns to the daly's. for six years, he's followed carol's descent into alzheimer's and mike's rising resolve.


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