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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> tonight, we learned clippers owner donald sterling has cancer. >> christin ayers is as the oracle tonight where the game wrapped up a half hour ago. >> reporter: and fans are still streaming out. many of them celebrating and pumped that the warriors pushed it out to game seven, but shocked to learn that donald sterling has cancerment listen to their reaction. >> well, you know, it is emotional, but i still feel for the guy getting cancer, we are all people at the end of the day. >> it is never a good one when people have cancer. it is unfortunate. i hope he recovers from cancer and at the same time, realizes that what he said and his actions maybe weren't the best. >> reporter: that news a
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sobering development tonight in the sterling scandal, but it did not put a camper on the warriors big win. la clippers owner donald sterling leaves the beverly hills restaurant after he was caught on tape making a slew of racist comments. >> will you sell. >> reporter: he had no comment, even as the national basketball association upped the ante, announcing that they will pursue his termination. they agreed to move forward as quickly as possible. his exgirlfriend appeared in public again wearing her signature visor shielding her face. it was not she who leaked the recording, but a friend. the conversation was recorded
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legally in her condo. now sterling is still facing the possibility of losing his team. the 30 team owners in the nba will have to vote by a 3/4 majority to allow that to happen. looks like they will be meeting again next week. reporting live, christin ayers, kpix5. >> one other big development in the sterling scandal tonight, the head of the los angeles chapter of the naacp has resigned giving him a lifetime achievement award. in vallejo, a man had to fry open the jaws of a pit bull that bit his three-year-old daughter on the head. she should be okay. the dog belonged to a neighbor who is cooperating with police. animal control officers took the pit bull away. and andria borba tells us about who dogs in brentwood that went around biting people. >> reporter: tonight, those two dogs are in the custody of the
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contra costa animal services, but not before injuring two people in this brentwood neighborhood and tearing the neighborhood apart. brentwood police officers say these dogs caused these injuries leading to this confrontation. >> you want to know what he did to my wife? >> it's not a pit bull. it's a mastiff. you don't need to get to my face. you don't know what it is doing to my daughter. >> reporter: it began this morning when two dogs got out of their yard and went on a rampage. >> i was walking my dog when these two giant dinosaur sized dogs decided to make mine a snack. >> reporter: he put his dog on a truck to fight off the other pair. >> one of the dogs went for my finger, i pushed him off. the other went to my leg. >> reporter: then one of the
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dogs went after jeff wax's wife carolyn. >> one grabs bobbie and the other went after her. she tried to save him and the other was biting her legs. >> reporter: she needed stitches on her face, leg, and possibly has a broken toe. they captured one dog and pinned the other down in frank powell's backyard. >> they hit him with the tazer. >> reporter: and tensions boiled over. >> my wife was just coming out the front door to walk the dog, and they attacked her and the dogs. >> reporter: in brentwood, andria borba, kpix5. >> both brentwood dogs will be held for a ten day rabies quarantine. another day of record heat, but that is about to change, huh? >> it is going to change. cool down is coming, not after another day in record heat in oakland. san rafael, a record high.
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concord, 93 degrees. livermore, the hot spot. even the coast was pretty warm today. pacifica 84, san francisco, six six degrees cooler. we had an offshore wind. we say good-bye mini heat wave, cooler weather is coming. we will talk about how cool coming up in a few minutes. tonight, the city of livermore means business, they are saying people cut 30% of their water use or pay 35% on bills. customers who are successful will be rewarded and their bills reduced and we have the results of the last snow survey of the year, one word, dismal. look how brown it is. the snow pack is only 18% of normal. this may day is finally winding down after mostly peaceful rallies across the bay area. hundreds of people turned out in san jose, oakland, and san
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francisco, in san jose, marchers started ton east side. walked to city hall. took the attention to immigration reform. we talked to one woman who is legal and watched agents deport her undocumented husband back to mexico. she has five kids. >> it is hard, we need to have two jobs, especially for me. i'm a single mom. it is hard. >> reporter: blanca says soaring housing prices made it a struggle. we noticed minor problems in san francisco. a crowd blocks 16 and mission during the evening rush hour tonight. police had to make a couple of arrests and the crowd dispersed. we learned late tonight that a woman from santa rosa died while zip lining on maui. 20-year-old patricia robaliza.
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she was an employee of the company where the accident happened this morning. she fell more than 100 feet. the safety inspectsers are on the scene so see what happened. tonight, the feds are calling out uc berkeley for the way they handle the sex assaults on campus. princeton, vanderbilt, and harvard also made the list. the department of education is telling the schools to address all the issues or lose federal funding. the feds say one in five college women will be sexually assaulted before graduation. >> the president and the vice president both strongly called for greater transparency and a movement for us too change campus culture so we are making sure all of our students are case. >> they say they are fully cooperating with the investigation and committed to making improvements. new cell phone video shows the final seconds of the south korea ferry that sank.
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the footage shows several high school students who appear to be relatively calm at first, perhaps unaware of the danger they were in. some of them were singing, even cracking jokes as the ship began to lift there. a 17-year-old boy took the video with his phone. he later died when the ferry capsized. rescuers found the phone when they recovered his body. it could take another year to find the missing malaysian plane. meantime, a preliminary report says the plane was off the radar for 17 minutes before anyone noticed. report also indicates some confusion after vietnam controllers reported the flight vanished. it tooked malaysia seven hours to respond. tonight, malaysia airlines told the families of the passengers to go home. it is not going over well with many. dozens of families have been staying in local hotels for daily briefings. it the airline says it will keep in touch with families through telephone calls,
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messages, and the internet. tonight, some doctors are calling it a wonder drug. it can save the lives of people who are seconds from death. all of a sudden, the car disappeared. a sink hole swallows an entire city block.
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a new video that supposedly shows him smoking crack aga. this time in his sister's basement just last >> to anight, the mayor of toronto is headed to rehab. a video shows him smoking crack again, this time in his sister's basement. this is a green grab from the video a drug dealer said he took. now heroin addiction has reached epidemic levels in many parts of the country, but linda yee found out many addicts are
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recovering. >> reporter: it's a miracle drug. >> it makes me feel more safe. >> reporter: naloxone is the ant dote for heroin overdose. >> if it wasn't there, he would be dead for sure. >> reporter: daniel gave it to his brother who was overdosing during the critical minutes waiting for paramedics. heroin addict brad overdosed three days in a row. naloxone saved his life three times. >> i floated out of my body to the parking lot in salt lake city utah. i was like wait, what's going on here? then i could see the guy hitting me with the naloxone. i crawled back into any body and woke up. >> reporter: opiate overdoses block signals from the brain to the lungs and breathing stops. naloxone restores that signal. it has been used to save lives for decades by paramedics. now it is being given to
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friends and families of opiate users in case of an overdose. police are starting to carry naloxone to save lives. some say this just gives heroin users a free ride. >> would you rather have them dead? >> reporter: san francisco is one of the first cities to give naloxone to addicts. this is where doctors saw the most dramatic turn around from 150 deaths a year in 2002 to 10 deaths a year now. dr. phillip kaufman of the san francisco health department says it is not just for heroin addicts anymore. >> reporter: we are prescribing it for risky drugs. >> reporter: anyone taking prescription opiates like vicodin is at risk for overdoses especially in houses with children. >> so to get naloxone into the child and get them breathing right away while you are waiting ten minutes for an
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ambulance to arrive, maybe life saving. >> reporter: so the push is to prescribe naloxone along with the painkillers because household accidents now make upmost of the fatal overdoses. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix5. >> the fda recently approved a hand held injector for naloxone. these guys busted into a store, took an entire atm. ripped it off the wall, dragged it outside. this is the third time an atm has been stolen in the area two weeks. police think the same crooks are behind each one of these thefts but they don't think they are cashing in because in this isolatest step, the machine had about $700 in it. >> no one is laughing to night after a high school senior prank puts 62 students in jail. the students in new jersey were rounded up, handcuffed, and
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hauled away in vans. students urinating in hallways, graffiti on the walls, even hot dogs taped to lockers. many left the police station in tears dodging cameras. >> i know you thought it was fun and games, but it is real life. >> it's a yearly prank that is done. the police should not have arrested these kids. >> the students faced the judge in their school's sweatshirts. many of them were charged with burglary and criminal mischief. the school is considering its own punishment. tonight, we have proof of how hot the bay area real estate market is. new numbers show bay area home prices are up almost 23% from just a year ago. in san francisco, places on the average are going for about 20% over asking price. hard to believe. once upon a time, you could buy for five figures. tonight, on throw back thursday, we look at one house in pleasanton. it is just so happens to be the
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house our juliette goodrich grew up in. >> reporter: if these walls could talk. my parents bought this pleasanton house in 1973. here is what it looked like then. that is me and my little sister. and now, aaron and his three siblings live here. >> my bedroom was that one. >> reporter: 41 years ago, my parents bought this house for $56,000. 22 years later, they sold it for $350,000. and on today's market, it is worth. >> $850,000. >> reporter: the market now is not like my parents market 30 to 40 years ago. >> for instance, in 1980s , the interest rates were in double digits, as low as 11% to 15%. >> reporter: home prices then compared to now have a lot to do with trends, interest rates, and income levels. >> comparing in 80s , our
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average income, the medium income was $20,000 as the we approached the 200s , it changed. >> things look different now. >> across the street, when i lived here, that was a field. so i would ride my horse in that field there. >> i did not know that. >> reporter: as the trend in home prices continues to change and go up year after year, a childhood home and its memories, then and now, still hold a lot of the same meaning. >> what does the home mean to you? >> a place where you are with your family and pets. where you hang out with your friends. >> reporter: in pleasanton, juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> i just want to say, who sleeps in my bedroom now? well, some crazy video tonight of a sink hole that swallowed an entire block. >> this is incredible. even cars disappeared.
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>> oh my god! [ screaming ] >> it is weird. watch the street lights go down. just amazing. a rainstorm caused the road in baltimore to completely collapse. cars plunges over the edge of a sidewalk and into the giant sink hole. chip reed says people just watched in horror. >> reporter: people described hearing a rumble and what sounded like thunder. >> it seemed to slowly but surely, it was sinking. >> reporter: as the grounds collapsed, the wall structure and sidewalk caved with it swallowing trees, lam posts, and parked cars. >> everything parked on that side of the street is on. >> reporter: emergency crews evacuated 19 homes and inspected gas and power lines. drivers returned to their parked cars hoping to find them where they left them. some were lucky, others were not. the debris and chunks of road way fell onto a nearby railroad
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stopping train traffic. it is not clear what caused the ground to cave in. officials say the harsh winter contributes to weakening the roadways. >> unbelievable. just incredible. well back here at home, luckily, we don't have to deal with that right now. we are just kind of enjoying this heat wave. >> our extreme weather was the heat. 25 degrees above average, and now done. cooler tomorrow. weekend, below temperature. we will take a peek outside, show you what is happening. a mild night. this is part of our live neighborhood network. 68 degrees. pretty warm. 65 in vallejo. we are at 66. at san francisco state university, it is 60 degrees. rainfall, you heard about the snow pack. 18% of normal. we are pretty much done with adding to our rainfall totals.
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we have only had two inches of rain or more in may in san francisco twice over the past 57 years. so rain, not so much and there is zero rainfall in my forecast for the next zone days but there is a lot of weather changing. temperatures is what we are talking about. high pressure was to the north. we got an offshore wind. we were in the 90s again tomorrow. kind of muscle out by an area of low pressure to the north. we are not going to see the rain in oregon, but the rain shovering the high down to the south. it will be to the south over the weekend. on shore flow, the oceans in the upper 50s . the air above it is also chilly. that's the air we will have over the weekend. so much cooler weather moving in. it will be warm, not hot, tomorrow. especially inland, we will still be in the 80s , but widespread cooling. lit be only 72 in san francisco. rarely do i say only 72.
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concord, 87. fremont, not as warm, high of 80. 85 in san ramon, still warm in pittsburgh. high of 87. 65 in daly city. that is a change. mill valley, 84. alameda, 75. windsor, 85 degrees. extended forecast, look at the weekend, nice, not bad, but certainly not as warm. mid 70s inland. next week, we continue the cool trend. we kind of hit the near or a couple of degrees below normal mark all the way through next week. need the rain, not geting the rain, want cooler weather, getting the cooler weather. >> sounds good. thank you paul. well this story is blowing up online. introducing the hooka truck. about to start rolling through the bay area. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ they just change boots.. that's why we made the all-new jeep cherokee. with an exclusive 9-speed transmission and 31 miles per gallon highway. so you can keep going. but joe vazquez tells us ... 'inside >> this will have people looking out the street the next of the week. from the outside, it looks like an ordinary white box truck. >> it's not. joe vasquez tells us inside the hook-up truck is a whole
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different story. >> reporter: the hook-up truck is getting ready to roll through the streets of the bay area. the owner tells me all you have to do is make a 30-minute appointment, and go inside for sex. the nondescript box truck has a private room inside. there is no bed, no bedding, to keep it as sanitary as possible. instead, there's a custom built bench covered with vinyl. contraceptives and birth control are available. >> what do i think about that? i say get a hotel room. grow up, go home, get a hotel room. >> no truck? >> no, come on. >> it is safe and convenient place to do it. so i think it is awesome. i think go for it if that's your thing, do it. >> reporter: emerson says her lawyer has checked and as far as he can tell, the hook-up truck is legal. no permits or inspections are needed. joe vasquez, kpix5.
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>> the owner says once they start charging people, it will cost between $75 and $150 per half hour. live at oracle, where will be a game seven saturday night? the warriors in a must win situation tonight. highlights and reaction coming up tonight. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> he is back from the islands, dennis o'donnell has tonight's sports report in oracle arena. dennis? >> reporter: hello guys. it looked like they would have to suit up to night after injuries and foul trouble decimated golden state. winner go home, and the joint was hopping. the nine-point advantage in the first quarter. second quarter, jermaine o'neal suffered a knee injury and would not return. but chris paul was also dealing with a hand injury. curry races up. lay up. fourth quarter, six-point warrior lead. david lee fouled out.
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buries the tough jump shot. the foul on blake griffin. seven-point warrior lead. matt barnes hits the wild three to tuck the golden state lead to one, but it was too little too late. curry misses the free-throw on purpose, and the time expires. they force the game seven on friday night. they win 100-99. let's hit the locker room. >> the way this team conducts itself, in spite of everything we have gone through, all the lies, all the adversity, all the sources, i could not be prouder. because what we are doing collectively speaks against it. >> you think about your availability for saturday night. anything short of a guy coming back. >> when you are at home, you
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can't rely on home. it doesn't work. it will be great to be at home. we will be back at our safe haven now, and the fans will give us great energy, but you still have to perform that's the bottom line. >> and it turns out that nothing has been solveed in the western conference because the team that would be the next warriors opponent, we don't know either. kevin durant was called mr. unreliable by his home newspaper, the oklahomamachinen. so he did something about it. they force a game seven. also on saturday night, oh yeah. the newspaper, by the way, they apologized. pacers president larry bird storming through an elimination game in atlanta. a tied game with less than one minute to go. david west put the pacers season on his back. they force the game seven as well. the as travel to boston for their weekend series with the
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red sox. so what did josh reddick do with his time off? he went to watch the rays and the red sox. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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