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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 2, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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it is the latest lawsuit involving these two tech giants, a few years ago a separate jury ordered samsung to pay apple $930 million after finding it used apple technology for its devices. samsung is appealing that verdict. >> thank you. only on 5, a political candidate is now an accused criminal. prosecutors say she is trying to cheat her way into office. we are live in san leandro with the charges. >> reporter: kathleen knox is facing six felony counts, she is running for office in all me da county without living there. in fact, this voter registration form says she lives here in san leandro. as you can tell this, is a business and not a home. they believe she believes in
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contra costa county. she vowed to fight waste and fraud as the controller. but the district attorney is calling her a fraud, saying she lied about where she lives. knox claims she lives at 1345 clark street in san leandro, so we paid her a visit. >> reporter: i want to see if katy knox is here. >> does she live here? >> she is not here and i have no comment. >> reporter: turns out this is a business that she owns. the rose gate assisted living facility. neighbors say she doesn't live her. >> i don't see her here except to run a business, i might see her here once every two or three weeks. >> reporter: investigators believe knox lived at this danville home. neighbors say she lived here several years. >> she had a couple different parties. i know her children are always present. so yes, as far as i know, she definitely lives in the house
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across the street. >> reporter: her neighbors say they had no idea she is running for office in all me da county. >> it is a shocker it is her. >> the district attorney on thursday charged knox with six felony counts including perjury, and she could spend years behind bars. others have been sent to prison about lying where they lived. >> by the way, we could not reach knox for comment today. the election for the auditor/controller position is in june. no word on whether she plans to pull out of the race. for now, live in san leandro, kpix-5. the district attorney says kathleen knox will be in court on monday. a person has been killed in
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a collision in san jose. this red car is one of those involved in the crash. another was taken to the hospital with major injuries. that accident happened about 4:00 p.m. police are still there investigating the scene. a veteran pilot says a community airport in the south bay has better security than the international airport. juan ramirez on the search for a hi tech solution. >> reporter: there could be a high tech solution. there could be a low tech solution. san jose international is the cradle of high technology. they feel they should be able to solve the problem of airport perimeter security. >> reporter: as airports took
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off and landed, a small crowd surrounded the airport. they came to look over eight square miles of fencing around the airport. >> reporter: a teen has raised a question of whether the requirements are high enough. >> reporter: they are launching a test project to find a high tech solution. he has heard from companies that have ideas with motion detection and heat sensing technology. >> there are opportunities to have pilot programs to see how technology can better secure our airports. >> san jose would be one of the first airports to test it, but a potential low tech solution is being ignored. >> what is missing is san jose, it is ironic that the hillview has a higher fence than san jose. it is made of iron and cannot
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be penetrated with wire cutters. >> you can see the spikes on it. you try to climb over, i would not attempt it. >> so far it is only built around 3/4ths of the airport, and is more expensive, but the congressman said fencing upgrades need to be backed up with technology. >> we don't have a way to detect what happens when someone comes across. that is the problem. >> reporter: the congressman said despite there being cameras all over the airport, none of them actually picked up the teen penetrating the outer perimeter and getting in the secure area, so the airport will be installing more security cameras to give them better coverage. >> swallow says he is ready to take the proposal to homeland security. in the meantime, the government accountability office will conduct a nationwide assessment of security needs.
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new at 6:00, a bay area hospital closed down, but taxpayers are still paying for it. and will be for decades. turns out earlier this week, we told you about palm drive hospital shutting its doors. we did some digging and were surprised to learn that taxpayers are very much on the hook. our reporter has the explanation. >> reporter: palm drive hospital is no more, but they are still paying the parcel tax for it. >> all the voters, stepped-up. >> reporter: they approved a ballot measure a few years ago. the home owners have to pay $170 a year. >> reporter: two bonds, totaling almost $21 million. and the bonds will not be fully paid off for years. one ends in 2030, the other
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2035. >> they have to show many, many lives saved. >> reporter: nancy dos is on the board. some of the money pays down the debt and is helping to settle the bankruptcy. >> reporter: why should trust you. >> we need to look at the fantastic quality of care that the hospital board delivered. >> reporter: she says kaiser and sutter hospitals are able to get more money from insure companies, making the rural acute care model outdated. after bankruptcy, hospital leaders will work on a new business model, like urgent care, but that will take months. da new tonight . >> the hospital leaders say the lack of patients was another big reason why the hospital failed. it averaged only about nine patients a day. san francisco is trying to counter chicago's pitch to
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house george lucas' museum. he wanted to build it in the persidio. it would showcase movie items and his art collection. they decided the site was unsuitable but offered to find another location. mean time, chicago wants the project. that city had an event last week to make a pitch, but san francisco mayor ed lee is not giving up. he released a statement saying "i will not let go easily of such a significant private investment but one of the world's most prominent film makers." he wants a short list by the end of the month. 400 law enforcement officers took down 13 massage parlors behinding prostitution rings behind their doors. the signs say the sheriffs closed it down. it was a six-month
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investigation. search warrants were served and 18 people were arrest. >> a woman tried to fly out of the airport with 18 pounds of marijuana in her luggage. the stash is worth about $100,000. a fire in san francisco's ocean view neighborhood destroyed four homes this morning, cell phone video captured the flames firefighters were dealing with fog and smoke this morning, making it hard to see more than a dozen residents lost everything they owned, two people were hospitalized for smoke inhalation. planted by u.s. president, then reduced to a stump. how a bay area redwood was rescued from the dump. plus sex on wheels. tonight, the hookup truck is here in the bay area. . mobile weather, the ferries are moving from san francisco to all me da. so is the wind direction, the
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the answer - theodore roose - who visited th . quick trivia question. who was the first sitting u.s. president to visit california? the answer, theodore roosevelt. he visited the bay area in 1903. a century later you can see the legacy of the visit thanks to the efforts of one woman. >> it suffered through so many things and is still here. it is hanging in there. >> at masona lake county park, a crowd gathered in the shade
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to honor this redwood tree and the woman that saved it. in truth, this is not the actual tree that roosevelt planted in 1903. the original tree was not planted in this park. it was planted here, about five miles away, on winchester boulevard, only to be cut down in 1963 to make way for a gas station. lillian brannon, who is now 90, was not having it. >> she found out where all the debris had gone. >> it took some digging at a dump, but they found the remains. >> they said lady, here is your stump. >> from that stump, a new sapling spawned a second chance. a tree reborn, that now stands 50 feet tall. now, in the shade of that tree, a plaque recounts roosevelt's
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visit to a small california town, and lillian bran non's remarkable effort to keep the history alive. teddy roosevelt, the man who gave us our national parks, once said that when he was in california, he was west of the west. now, thanks to a handshake across time, roosevelt's legacy lives on in something that could not be more identifiably californian. >> as long as the rest of you take care of it, it is in your hands. >> one of the coolest things ever. if you want to see the tree, and the plaque that was dedicated today, it is right by the administration building at the county park. a new and unique bike lane is now open in san francisco that a cyclist going against the flow of traffic. it is short but badly needed. sicklists are separated from
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traffic by a six foot wide raised island that is landscaped. it connects two of the biggest bike routes in the city. >> this is unlike any other bike lane that a lot of people have ridden on. this is a european design, something that other major cities are starting to implement and we are excited to see one implemented in san francisco. >> today's ceremony coincides with the beginning of bike month. brace yourself for a bumpy right. scientists are saying turbulence will be worse this summer and in the future. >> dropping, bumping, it was pretty bad. >> it really felt like when we were going down that we were on a carnival ride. >> sandy and tiffany say their latest flight into burbank was terrifying because of turbulence and they are not
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alone. this cell phone video on a recent flight to denver shows a flight attendant being knocked to the floor because of bumpy air. two months ago, a united flight from denver to montana sent several passengers to the hospital. >> they can't get it to stop. they are requesting medical attention at the gate. >> we were tilted on our right side and started to plunge and everything flew out of everybody's hands. >> a day later, it happened again. this time on a pacific flight from san francisco to hong kong, these photos from inside the cabin showed debris scattered all over. >> scientists say increases in carbon dioxide are causing more volatility in the jet streams. >> you will have a greater
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incident of turbulence, stronger turbulence. >> reporter: the specific kind of turbulence is known as clear air and cannot be detected. it creates bumpy pockets. in burbank, whatever the source, sandy and tiffany are not fans. >> i was sitting in the middle, so i grabbed everybody's hand. it was pretty scary. and more turbulence could actually mean more expensive ticket prices because jets use more fuel as the pilots maneuver around the sky. a cool and beautiful day across the area. we are live in alameda tonight, hey, paul. >> chilling out on the rocks by the ferry terminal. it is all about the wind
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direction. the sun feels just as good today as the past couple days, but the wind direction is different. behind me is the wind from the east. the past two days we had wind coming from my back to san francisco. we had highs well in the 80s. tonight, you can feel the breeze coming from the bay, from the west. the onshore flow is back and the big mountain of cloud cover is providing an awesome silhouette of the downtown san francisco sky line that is ready to move in overnight tonight. cooler weather is moving into the bay area. we got a taste of it today. highs were still warm, well above normal. livermore 88, concord 86, san jose 84, redwood city, 83. oakland 76, and san francisco, 66 for a high today. weekend events, we have the cinco demayo festival saturday.
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we'll have temperatures in the mid 60s. the wind direction has changed, the ridge of high pressure with the clockwise flow around it moved to the south, so the same ridge that gave us the heat is now cooling us down. low pressure is now off the coast and will keep the rain to the north and enhance the onshore flow. as we go through the weekend, the flow picks up and temperatures will drop further. highs tomorrow, napa 72, san jose 72, and the big drop is away from the water. and oakland, 69 degrees, with sunshine, not as warm because of the onshore flow. the seven day forecast, cooler on sunday, and as you head to next week, cooler on monday and tuesday. wednesday, thursday, and friday, the onshore flow, and temperatures do climb back to 80 away from the water.
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what a great vantage point, you can see san francisco. speaking of boats, that's a huge barge passing by here right between oakland and alameda. it is a gorgeous evening, but the wind of change is moving in. temperatures dropping as we head to the weekend, live in alameda. back to you. paul, thank you. the country's top taco can be found in san francisco's mission district. they are ranked number one, according to the daily meal. two other shops made the top 50. the daily meals surveyed more than 200 food writers to put together is list. so where is your favorite list to grab a taco? post on our facebook page or send us a tweet. sex for people on the go. tonight, the so-called hookup truck has made its way to the bay area. bay area original. . and a golden eagle is set
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streets tonight for those oe oking for a quic . well, this next story is a real bay area original. a new concept is rolling in the streets tonight for those on the go, looking for something. only on 5, kpix-5's brian webb shows us the hookup truck. >> reporter: the hook up truck may be coming to a street near you. like a no-tell motel on wheels. it offers consenting couples a movingly intimate experience for $75 for a half hour. it includes a bench, strap, mirror and camera capability. it is all the erotic dream come true. the truck will be legal, clean,
6:24 pm
and fill the needs of adventurous adults. >> this is not hurting anyone, if anything, it keeps people safe. >> reporter: can it be legal? >> well, it seems that it is legal. >> reporter: this lawyer says a rolling sex mobile could come with a warning label of legal issues from health and public nuisance concerns to fears of prostitution, not to mention the insurance, or may be the bay area's new way for a little nookie. >> it is a good story for the bay area. >> i'm happy for people that see it in a positive way. >> reporter: the hookup truck will be in oakland and the mission district. i'm brian webb, kpix-5. >> it is unique. >> in ways we have not thought
6:25 pm
of. coming up in the next half hour. >> she and her dad attacked by loose dogs. tonight, the previous investigation at the house where the dogs got out. plus, we found something on craigslist with an unusual purpose. how a drug can save your life if you are seconds from death. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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. you are watching kpix-5 news. now at 6:30, donald sterling breaking his silence. he has told a magazine he wished he paid off his former girlfriend and the woman he made racist comments to. nba owners want to take his team. randy page on why that is no slam dunk. >> reporter: according to a "new york times" poll, 55% of those polled support the $2.5 million fine and lifetime ban from basketball. that number drops to 49% when they say he should sell the
6:29 pm
team. does the nba have the legal right to force the sale? this law professor says maybe not. >> the nba has very specific guidelines that would allow them to force a sale of the team and at least as i read those guidelines, i didn't see a specific, specific language that would authorize the sale in the event of bad conduct. >> the professor says donald sterling could have some other options as well. >> as i understand, it is owned by a trust. perhaps he could transfer it to a family member or just to other beneficiaries of the trust, so that he was no longer the owner. >> reporter: then, there is the option of divorce. >> if he and his wife were to get divorced, i guess it is feasible his wife could wind up with the team and pay him for the team. then he would no longer be the order. >> finally, he says the lifetime ban and reaction from sponsors, players, and coaches
6:30 pm
make it difficult for sterling to hold on the team, even if he is legally allowed to. >> there is no accounting for subornness, but from a rationale business perspective, the marketplace is creating a situation where it is putting a tremendous amount of pressure on donald sterling to sell the team now to the highest bidder, rather than keep it and let the value deplete over time. >> reporter: so will he say? so far, donald sterling is not talking. randy page, kpix-5. here is what happened when a reporter asked the other woman about sterling and his health. >> did you know that donald sterling is fighting cancer. >> i love your sandals? where are they from. >> reporter: banana republic. why are you wearing a shield. >> why are you holding a microphone? >> she has not said much about
6:31 pm
the scandal, other than she was devastated when sterling was banned for life by the nba. well, we're learning more about the two dogs involved in yesterday's attacks in brentwood. the owner had not properly secured them and that is why they got loose and bit two people. one victim had just stepped out on her porch to take her dog for a walk when they pounced. >> they came up on my porch and the black one attacked my puppy. it could have been worse. he is my little baby. >> this woman broke her toe and needed a dozen stitches after fighting off the dogs. animal services came out to the house last year to check out complaints the dogs had been neglected. there is a man hunt tonight
6:32 pm
for a cal fire battalion chief wanted for murder he allegedly stabbed his fiance. the body was found at the couple's home. >> out of nowhere, she said something to the effect that i'm scared, and you could hear him on the phone, and then sara started to scream and the phone went dead. >> his truck was found in elk glove. they are searching for him. gabriel allejo is acuted of stabbing to death a woman in her apartment. police were called to the home by a neighbor. she had three children, there is no word on a motive. san francisco police using a new tool to help them catch bicycle thieves. craigslist. they posted this ad along with the faces of several suspects, included in the ad is a message
6:33 pm
to crooks selling bikes on the site that says don't be surprised when you go to meet the seller and it is one of us. >> the idea here is to put people on notice, especially bike thieves on notice, that we are doing this program now, your face is going to be on craigslist, and if you buy a stolen bike on craigslist you are subject to arrest as well. >> a san francisco bicycle collison estimates that 11 bikes are stolen every day in san francisco. a bitter sweet good-bye as a golden eagle was released in the wild. why he has a special place in the hearts of caretakers. >> reporter: it has been a long road for this golden eagle, but today she returns to the wild. eight months ago, her skin was infested with mites so bad she
6:34 pm
could barely fly. she was rescued and taken to the raptor center. today, after months of treatment, her body is healed, but to keep her relaxed during some last minute measurements, today she wears a special hood. talons several inches long and a wingspan over six feet. and a gps tracking device is attached to her with a custom- made harness. >> she is ready to go. >> reporter: the neighbors noticed. squirrels and rabbits are an eagles favorite snack. they will take larger animals, too. for the researchers, it is an emotional time. but is time has come. >> what a beautiful first
6:35 pm
flight. it will take her a few minutes to get her bearing, but she looks like she is on the right path. >> although golden eagles have a big range, they expect the one they released to hang around in the canyon for a few weeks. researcher rappelled over t top of t . two baby falcons are being welcomed at san jose city hall. a bird researcher banded the birds. the birds have bands on them for science research. a horse from yuba city is the horse to beat in the kentucky derby. meet california chrome. the owners will be there for the real race. california chrome has won six of his last ten races. >> gorgeous animal.
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he brings his a-game! la quinta inns and suites is ready for you, so you'll be ready for business. the ready for you alert, only at! la quinta! epidemic levels in many parf the country. but linda yee found out.. thanks to a wonr drug... fewer addicts are o-ding... and tonight, docts want to give this drug to pe . heroin addiction has reached epidemic levels in many parts of the country, but there is a wonder drug that is helping fewer addicts to od and tonight doctors want to give it to people to take home. >> it is a miracle drug. noloxone, also known as narcan, is the antidote for a heroin overdose. daniel gave it to his brother while waiting for paramedics. this heroin addict overdosed three days in a zone and noloxone saved him three times. >> you look at the situation,
6:39 pm
and i was like wait, what is going on here. i could see the guy, you know, hitting me with the narcan, when he did, i woke up and said oh, my goodness, what is going on here. >> opiate over doses stop breathing, and narcan reverses it. they have used it to save lives for decades, now they are giving it to families and friends of opiate users in case of an accidental overdose, police are starting to carry it to save lives. some say this gives heroin users a free ride. san francisco is one of the first cities to give the narcan and narcan to people. this is where doctors saw a dramatic turn around, from 150 deaths in 2002 to 10 a year
6:40 pm
now. >> dr. philip kaufman of the san francisco health department says the drug is not just for heroin addicts any more. >> we are not prescribing narcan for risky patients. they are prescribing it for risky drugs. >> anyone taking drugs like vicodin is at a risk for an overdose, especially where children may accidentally swallow them. >> so to get narcan in the child and get them breathing right away, while you are waiting 10 minutes for an ambulance to arrive may save their life. >> so the push is to prescribe narcan along with the pain killers, because household accidents make up most of the fatal overdoses. the fda recently approved a hand held injector that makes it easy to administer narcan. still ahead, how much gas prices could plunge in the next few weeks, and also coming up tonight, how google is using its same-day delivery service to learn something about each
6:41 pm
bay area neighborhood. . it is friday evening, and we're doing weather outside because we have big weather changes. we are at the alameda ferry terminal. it just came in and so did the onshore flow. we'll talk about how chilly it will get in the next seven days coming up. and in sports, the 49ers made a decision on its troubled superstar defender, job security of the san jose sharks head coach, and a warrior says why his team will win tomorrow night in an historic game 7, all here in 12 minutes. ,,,,,,,, so what we're looking for
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. the weather is sponsored by bass kin rob bins. a settlement may be in the works for hundreds of accident victims involving hundreds of gm cars. >> reporter: in talks again today, the compensation experts met with an attorney
6:45 pm
representing 300 clients with personal injury claims. no specific cases or dollar amounts were discussed but it is clear gm intends to settle. the ignition defect is a public relations disaster for general motors, linked to 13 deaths and 32 accidents. they will also have to repair. the switch can suddenly shut a car down, disabilitying the power, steering and brakes. gas prices topped four bucks a gallas month, but there may be relief at the pump. gas prices are expected to drop 40 to .50 a gallon by july 4. experts say it is a sign of more price drops to come, just in time for the summer road drip season. and as more and more shoppers are saving gas, they are leaving shopping to google
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express. the seven-month-old delivery service is gathering more and more information about their hoping habits and they vary by neighborhoods. customers in the marina district buy the most protein powder. the mission district buys dog food. palopalo alto buys nutella. and by the way, cat food and hot sauce are also top buys. remember, if you have a consumer story, give us a call or head to our website, apparently tech users are into rock climbing. >> nutella is not random?
6:47 pm
my goodness. thanks, julie. paul is in alameda right now. i thought you had nutella for lunch. >> here is what we have. we have a big temperature change, despite the fact it is as sunny as yesterday, yesterday, it would have been near 90. but now as the ferry is taking off, we are sitting at 65 degrees. that is a 25-degree drop in a day. but we do that all the time around here. all we are doing is changing the wind direction and bringing back the onshore flow, which did happen today. let's take a look at the other temperature drops. san francisco, 66 for a high. that is not bad for the second day of may. it is 18 cooler than yesterday's 84. oakland 89. today 76. 13 degrees cooler. san jose, 92 yesterday, and today 84. and livermore was warm at 88 but seven degrees cooler than 95. the temperatures in san francisco, 59 degrees, oakland 69 degrees, livermore is at 81,
6:48 pm
san jose 72 and san bruno 66. lots of 50s overnight. a few 40s in the north bay. concord starts the weekend at 53. maybe an early little league game tomorrow at san jose. so, the wind direction changed, that is because high pressure changed where it is located. it was up to our north giving us an east or offshore wind. why did it move? there is a big low pressure area in the pacific northwest, a couple hundred miles from the rainfall. it has an impact on the weather. the low is what shoved the ridge down and that's why we will have a strengthening onshore flow over the weekend. what to expect? partly cloudy overnight, along the coast line, cooler with a mixture of sun and clouds and cooler sunday as the temperatures drop for a third day on sunday.
6:49 pm
around the region we go, palo alto 71, half moon bay 65 with limited afternoon sunshine, and fremont in the upper 60s. bay point, pittsburgh, low to mid 70s. san ramon 70. the big change tomorrow is away from the water, a dozen degrees cooler. kentfield 71. and subtract a few more degrees on sunday, a few more on monday and tuesday, with highs in the upper 60s away from the water and the onshore flow will decrease an temperatures go up, by the end of the week, no rainfall. i had to show you this picture here. the river of air known as the marine layer is now enveloping san francisco. first the coast, then most of the city, then the financial district, and you can see the cloud cover and the marine layer moving in because the
6:50 pm
weather pattern changed and the heat wave is finished.
6:51 pm
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female announcer: sleep train's interest free for 3 event ends sunday. it's your last chance to get three years interest-free financing on beautyrest black, stearns & foster, serta icomfort; even tempur-pedic. plus, get free delivery, and sleep train's 100-day low price guarantee. but hurry! sleep train's interest free for 3 event, ends sunday. ♪ sleep train ♪ ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ . well, here we are. that time of the newscast where we get to talk at this time of the year about, well, you know, we got basketball, and we have
6:53 pm
baseball, of course, but something starts off the sportscast a little differently. >> it goes to show you, if you can make a play on a football field and you are a superstar, all bets are off. football up top, in the business of winning football games, prime objective of the 49ers decided to pick up the contract of linebacker alton smith. despite the offfield troubles, giving a false bomb threat at the airport. it will keep him in a 49ers uniform until 2015. had they not picked up the option, smith would have been a free agent after this season. other to the nba. the warriors are still after live. both teams struggled offensively. they forced their first game 7 since 1977. one of the best players for the
6:54 pm
warriors has been green. 14 points, 14 rebounds last night and i asked him today, before they left for los angeles, about the tough task of guarding blake griffin. >> it is a battle. i have been raised that way by entire life to battle, and never give in to anyone regardless of who it is. he is a very good player. at the end of the day, i feel like i can stop anyone. >> the underlining side story is that there is some perception that you are fighting for your head coach over there. isn't that ridiculous? >> just like everyone else, we've heard it as well. he is a guy that we all love. he put everything into this for us. we have to make sure that we give it all we got, leave no stone unturned. that's how we looked at it. you have to give everything you got. you got 48 minutes for all the work we put in to give everything we got. >> we'll leave it with this,
6:55 pm
get out of here with this. why will the warriors prevail saturday night? >> we're going to be the more aggressive team. at the end of the day, that is what is important. we have not been as aggressive on the road as we have been at home. that is typical. but we have to approach this game, and come out more, be the more aggressive team, the more physical team, and we'll be fine. >> go get em, 23. he has terrible balance for a professional athlete. he was trying to dance with my legs. >> jermaine o'neal reacting to this shoulder block. his status is uncertain with the knee because of the block by baby davis. >> anything short of a guy coming back, anything short of that, more like how i play.
6:56 pm
>> all right. sharks head coach todd mclelland's job is safe. he completed his sixth year. for the rest of the team, they are reeling from the epic collapse, losing four straight games after being up 3-0 on the kings. >> this is not a nick or scratch. this is an open wound. >> it is the worst loss of my career, and, yes, i'm not going to get over this for a long time. this one hurts a lot. >> you know, the way we played in the first three games, and then, you know, what we did in the last four, it is mind- boggling. i think i will lose sleep for the next couple months for sure. >> the hurt on this one resonates so deep. and i don't think it should go away. i don't want it to go away for
6:57 pm
anybody. >> probably 10 days ago, you know, you are on cloud 9. and now it is time to say good-bye, and it is tough, because we had a close group of guys here, and you don't want something that was special at the time to go by like this, and it is hard time for everybody right now. let's end on a high note, please. congratulations to san francisco's anna hulitan. she won a mixed martial arts debut early this morning in the philippines, a third round tko of aya sabre in the cage. tough girl. had . see you at 11:00, i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] [cheering and applause] steve: how you folks doing today? thank you very much. thank you for coming. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. well, we got a good one for you today. we got a family returning for the fourth day with a total 21,465 bucks. from ringgold, georgia, it's the keefe family. [cheering and applause] and from right here in atlanta, georgia, it's the sweeten family. [cheering and applause] everybody's here trying to win theirself a lot of cash and a shot at driving out of here in a brand-new, head-turning ford fusion. let's go.


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