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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 5, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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tens of thousand were stunn when a stunt pilot crashed and died at travis r force stunt pilot crashed and die ever. >> lesson, thank you. >> thank you, liz. we begin at 4:30wi tens of thousands stunned when a stunt pilot crashed abdied at travis air force base over the weekend. noticed the timing was off. >> down early this time. >> the pilot went upside could be earlier than expected. moments later, you can hear the
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spectators reactions as the plane glides down an open field. >> stay right where you are. we have had an incident. >> he was performing anserine verted with a ribbon: i can't give you details of how high the ribbon was but it was fairly close to the ground when he was flying. first, white smoke and then black smoke. died at the scene. >> i honestly didn't know what to start thinking.
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the winds blew at 18 to 19 miles per hour. >> the winds are horrendous. they were changing the patterns and things they were doing in the air. because of the wind. the f.a.a. is here examining the wreckage. in fairfield, i'm diaw lid. >> a well known aviator from half-moon bay. >> eddie andrini has been flying since he was 16 years old and performing in air shows for the past 25 years.
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>> reporter: his friends say he lived to fly. >> an extraordinarily talented pilot. flown several of our planes around here and recently, they fired the b51 which was his pride and joy. >> pictures of andrini at the airport. the news came heavy here. >> how you doing, eddie? he was a highly regarded gentleman. it was a shock today. we heard and people started crying here. >> reporter: george said andrini lifted spirits when he went in here. >> not just a great pilot but a great guy. a man who would take the shirt off his back if you needed it. i have just have to smile because the guy brought out in the best in everybody. love the man >> the man loved his airplanes including a mustang. >> he bought the p51 recently
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and just a joy for us to see the plane coming up to the fuel station, one of them. just a wonderful play. >> there's even stories about putting on mini air shows for kids. >> very devoted to everybody. especially the kids. we wanted to introduce him to aviation. >> reporter: don knapp, neuse. >> the council of air shows inducted andrini and stay with kpix 5 and the latest on air and online. it is 4:34 after a beautiful weekend. we have a smidge of a chance. we can see a couple of scattered light showers. today will be the cooler temperatures, winds picking up. breezy towards the coastline and then stay cool in spots. especially approaching the beaches. we could see sprinkles mainly to the north today but otherwise, temperatures down
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50s towards the coast. 60s in the bay and mid 60s, maybe upper 60s in warmer spots inland. cool and brisk out towards the coastline. 61 in san francisco and 67 in san jose. let's check out the roads now with elizabeth. >> next overnight, we had a full freeway closure. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll masa. at the bay bridge into san francisco, the san mateo bridge but both look like they've expired now. here's a live look at our bart map anyway.
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they're off to a nice start. a dublin police officer shot and killed a man when thansed a domestic disturbance call. a sheriff's deputy will need reconstructive surgery. >> it's the castro valley apartment building. >> bracing for more fallout
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from a local incident making national headlines. you may recall been back in 2010, some live oak high school students stemming from the t- shirts they wore on cinco de mayo. don knapp. >> reporter: a newly constructed fence surrounds morgan hill's live oak high school. >> it's usually a barrier and we interpret it as a barrier to keep out the first amendment. >> reporter: the right to prohibit students from wearing mesh flag t-shirts. >> i don't believe there's any need in america to suppress
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told to turn inside out or go home. latino student supporters planned a counterdemonstration. morgan hill police would not comment but issued a press release saying despite the contrary message depicked, there will be no protest. those on cinco de mayo and we the people morgan hill, willing to go along. >> i have a problem with you trying to silence my freedom. >> giving us his impression of
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the flag issue. we can fly the flag on every day. >> protesters andless tomorrow, there may not be that many kids. some indicated they keep their kids at home. in morgan hill, don knapp, kpix 5. >> the morgan hill unified school district recently released a student made video intended to promote peace and unity. it reads: "united at the roots.. we are all different live oak students created a banner with hand prints on it. united at the roads, all different branches and the same tree. police search for the gunman who attacked an elderly couple in their sunnyville
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home. suffers from early stage alzheimer's, talking to someone in their home on saturday. when she went down to check it out, she walked right into the man on his pistol. he got away with jewelry but she was able to fend her off when she went for her cash. >> what do you think if someone did this to your mother? >> the same man visited the home the day before on friday and couldn't understand but seemed to be asking for a job. it is 4:40 now. >> the location of the body are not consistent with it.
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they're waiting confirmation for decomposed and no obvious signs of foul play there. eastbound 580 near rigana boulevard in richmond. the suv hit the center divider and so far, no words of any arrests. there's a new push in san francisco to restrict short- term rentals offered by web sites like bb&b. the heated battle over home sharing. >> reporter: web sites like air b&b are exploding allowing visitors to stay at private homes for an agreed upon rate. the problem? it's illegal in san francisco and the city has been trying to figure out how to regulate the so-called sharing industry. >> money is changing hands. middlemen are taking cuts. i don't see any sharing, just renting.
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>> reporter: dale is behind the proposed ballot measure to handcuff the magistrate. he speck, concerned that she were rental it is cut the available of long-term rentals among other problems. >> thoses are complaining about not copping true all the time and landlords cruise their insurance when they find out they're going on in business. >> reporter: people benefit too. many smoke encouraging legalization. >> in a city that's really expensive, right? >> for some, it's a way to afford with skyrocketing rent. >> my husband and i talked numerous times. if something happened, we lose our job. first thing bedo is air b&b our home. >> the measure would restrict short-term rentals to commercial zoning requiring permission from homeowner association and reward people who inform the city when hosts are breaking the rules and the
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listing company would have to verify that someone offering their home is registered with the city before that listing goes live. gather 9700 signatures to get this measure opt november ballot. anne makovec, kpix 5. >> supervisor david chu is planning to seek wide but not tuareg stege store with the city. the san francisco school board talking about clothing today. a school board economy is i didn't wanted to continue updating the district's dress and parent's standards: the issue was released by matt heene. one specific item he wants to aaddress is a ban on hats or head coverage. disturbing new information at 5:45 on what may have caused the south korean ferry disaster. documents related to the cargo. >> and the big top.
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what happened when the holding of the acrobats fell. coming up. ,,,, [♪]
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tokyo on sunday. this surveillance camera capturee shaking. it went on for a full 20 seconds. the 5-point-8 magnitude quake w felt across a wide area. a few minor injuries were reported -- my from falls. but there was no major damage. the passenger ferry that sa off south korea and dangero overloaded, and not for the first time... new documents reveal the coy was ordered a year ago to ld less cargo. but the ferry w carrying nearly four times its limitn it sank last month. three cargo handlers have been arrested on suspicion of negligence divers retrieved dozen more bodies today... bringing the number of confd dead to 260. . investigators are trying to figure out what caused an accident... that seriously injured several performers the ringling brothers barnud bailey circus. c-b-s news' wendy gillette has the late from rhode island. these eight acrobats were so wow the crowd with this 'la- than-life' performance at t dunkin donuts center in providence yesterday. but c to four- thousand people in attendance, many of them children, were left horrifi when the 'hair hang act wet horribly wrong:
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one scheduled for this morning. all aerial acts will be grounded when performances resume later today. >> authorities are now trying to figure out why the metal frames supporting the women fell ant 40 feet on to a dancer on the ground. >> within the next 20 hours, i
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believe with the help of osha, the state and local officials have a good idea. >> reporter: 11 people including the nine performers involved were taken to the hospital, but all are expected to survive. cbs news, providence, rhode island. happening today, a bay area racetrack wants to get your heart pumping for a good cause. sonoma raceway hosting a high- speed blood drive from 1:00 until 6:00 this afternoon and get to ride with a 12 turn course before giving blood. walk-ups are welcome and be 17 years old with a valid id to donate. >> that ought to pump you up before you give it up. >> all the blood afterwards. one time, i did and it was unbelievable. very scary, but a lot of fun if you like a thrill ride. that's one to go on. around the bay area, lots of sunshine coming our way next
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couple of days. there's a slight chants chance of sprinkles and a bit on the breezy side the next couple of daysment days. we start to warm up. we have breezy conditions in the coastline through some of the mountain gap and some rotate to the far northern part of the state and rain, the further you go, the better chance for showers. expect showers in eureka today and in redding. a couple of scattered light showers. 70s in the central valley. here's your system, not much energy with it. we see passing clouds, a mix of sunshine and maybe a couple of sprinkles here and there, but not much and then the system moving out of town and then settled down for tomorrow. breezy into pacifica. breezy in the 60s and inside the bay, cool and about 59 degrees in daily city. next couple of days,
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temperatures warm up a few degrees. another weak system slides through with partly cloudy skies into thursday. much sunnier and brighter weekend ahead. all right. let's check out the roads now with elizabeth. >> if you're riding mass transit this morning, everything off to a very nice start. bart started. they've got 27 trains and all reporting no delay and we also checked number one leaving tracee with no issues. if you are hitting the roads, you may find areas of road work including the marina, reportedly still have two lanes blocked that should be wrapped up by about 5:00 this morning. i would ignore that travel time at the bottom of your screen. not sure why it said zero but should be 15 minutes. we're not getting reports of roadwork northbound. it looks clear into downtown oakland exit. if you're traveling in the east bay, looks like the eastbound lanes of 80 starting around buchanon and several lanes
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blocked. cruising along to the livermore valley. right now, everything looks pretty quiet. we were also watching accidents within the last few minutes on westbound 92 at foster city boulevard. all lanes are back open. you can see the shot there from heyward out to the peninsula. that's your latest kcbs traffic. back to you guys. >> thank you, liz. happening today, tickets go on sale at the candle stick park. >> it will be the last public event at the stadium with a meeting with the wrecking ball. tickets begin through another planet entertainment. 4:51. jurors going back to work in the apple/samsung legal fight. what they'll be trying to decide coming up. >> a south bay continuing in a national chess tournament. what they call the secret path to success.
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the winds will be kicking up today. a slight chanceover showers today, mainly to our north. still, it will be cooler. downtown 280 and guadalupe parkway.
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travel times plus a check of the rest of the bay area. traffic is just minutes away. last week, jurors in san jose ruled in favor of specific patent issues. they awarded samsung $158,000 and apple $119 million. they'll be back in court today to continue deliberations on a minor issue that could mean more money for apple. early voting begins today for the statewide primary election on june 3rd in san francisco. anyone can cast a ballot at the department of elections on the ground floor, city hall. open weekdays. others include elections division in san mateo and the reporters office in redwood city. well, san jose teenagers competing in the nation's largest and most prestigious chess tournament this week in st. louis.
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>> 13-year-old ashrifa has become one of the best. she won the national championship for her age bracket the past two years and the keys to success are focus, concentration, and practice. >> it's like an adventure. >> in what way? >> like, finding new ideas, thinking differently. >> pretty good. she said her goal is to learn for more experienced players. she had to get special permission to skip two weeks of school for the tournament. >> it's 4:00 after 56. federal investigators looking into what caused a small plane to crash at the air force base. we learn about what caused the pilot to die in the accident and what played a role in his death. ,,,,
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and i'm frank mallicoat an air show crashed kill add beloved bay area pilot.
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>> we're not blowing this out of proportion. we don't really, i mean, we don't want it. >> short-term rentals offered by web sites by air b&b, the home sharing. >> good morning. it's nearly 5:00. kick it off with weather. >> a few clouds. it looks like either a slight chance of slight sprinkles
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outside. it will be cool and breezy. that will be the main concern. temperatures really coming down near the coastline. 50s there. see a few 60s in the bay. it's traffic time. elizabeth? >> westbound 92. we've been watching it. the lanes are definitely back open at boston city boulevard. it looks okay on sensors an drive time holding steady at 15 minutes out of hayward but only one of the only accident scenes at 4:30. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. should be clear including eastbound 80. the drive time at the bottom of your screen is westbound, but the eastbound in alba any, had


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