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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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morning show. it is 4:30. and no one is more halfier than mr. lawrence karnow. >> i'm fired up today, guys! lots of sunshine coming our way for the weekend today we still have a lot of clouds out there, even a couple of sprinkles early on. but you know what? we have mother's day coming up. we have to make it a good forecast. we'll have more on that coming up. >> the pressure is on. we have some fog out the door. visibility is limited this morning across the golden gate bridge. we do have an accident in lodi. we're also watching it on i-5. we'll have your friday morning commute coming up. >> thank you. armed, dangerous on the run he could be in the bay area. kpix 5's andria borba reports a former cal fire chief wanted for killing his girlfriend may be near the santa cruz mountains. reporter: escorts, double life, murder and a firehouse. this guy is being sought, cal fire battalion chief orville fleming. the body of 26-year-old sarah douglas was found in this
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sacramento home last week. >> there was a big fight, a lot of blood everywhere. it looks like a sheet wrapped around her neck. >> reporter: his friend and family call him mo, married to a woman in fresno but engaged to sarah a former escort he met on "" he took off in a state issue cal fire truck ditching it three miles away from the murder scene. investigators in sacramento consider him armed and dangerous and say he is a man with means including the codes and keys to every cal fire affiliated station in the state. cal fire says they have changed codes around the state. but mo is on the run and knows the santa cruz mountains, yosemite and the sierra very well and has skills to stay in the wind for days if not weeks. >> all those things that a survivalist or an outdoorsman type of person like we know he is can actually survive and hide much longer. >> reporter: the state fired mo not because he is a fugitive but because he missed work for
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five days straight. that combined with a warrant for his arrest makes him very dangerous in the eyes of detectives. >> he had a lot to lose. that gives him a lot of motivation to act erratically. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. apple and microsoft dropped their opposition and so did a number of state senators and that means a bill to require kill switches on smartphones is moving on to the assembly now here in the state. the senate passed it 26-8. the goal is to help prevent scenes like this here. a crime wave of thefts as one lawmaker calls it. the new technology would make phones inoperable if they're lost or stolen. >> obviously, it's going to take some time for the thief in the street to understand that the phone he is stealing with no longer be marketable. but i believe that in a period of two or three years, we'll see a tremendous shifting in behavior. >> cell phone robberies currently make up nearly two third of all the robberies reported in san francisco. the bill would take effect in
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july of next year. an intersection in san francisco continues to be a dangerous place for pedestrians. a car hit a 20-year-old woman in the crosswalk at sunset and yorba yesterday afternoon. the impact broke her shoulder. police cited the 25-year-old driver for failing to yield. in february a car hit and killed a 78-year-old man at the same intersection. his shoes were scattered at the scene. the city is planning to install a traffic light at that spot. happening right now, president obama is in san jose and much like his previous trips here to the bay area, he is here to raise money. kpix 5's betty yu with the mixed welcome the president received as he rolled into the bay. [ chanting ] reporter: president obama's motorcade rolled into san jose for a fundraiser for the dnc at the fairmont hotel. guests paid $32,400 a plate and $5,000 to get your picture taken with the president at the
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event. yahoo's ceo and a tech venture capitalist hosted the dinner. a not so welcoming crowd greeted the president outside the hotel chanting people over profit. they are against the proposed new section of the keystone pipeline which would run from canada to the gulf coast. >> we are against the keystone pipeline simply because it's absolutely dirty fuel. >> you need to save the earth. instead of having spills and people dying of cancer. >> reporter: the president's first stop was a los altos home of biotech analyst ceo of the genetic testing startup 23 and me. she hosted an exclusive tech roundtable for people who paid as much as $32,000 to attend. betty yu, kpix 5. from raising green to going green, the president will visit the mountain view walmart today to highlight that company's energy efficiency around 9 a.m. we'll carry his remarks live at our website, 4:34 right now. let's check the weather.
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you said it was going to be nice. >> it should be a gorgeous weekend ahead. today clouds and light showers overnight. but it looks like that is winding down now. still, some of that precip leaving behind some moisture in the atmosphere and a little fog, as well. you can see this cold front sliding through the state bringing some snow to the high country, as well. here in the bay area, we have a couple of scattered showers left over most of that in the south bay mountains and diminishing now. we have some fog out there, as well. it's thick in spots. watch out for that. the temperatures now generally in the 50s. as we head toward the afternoon a little more sunshine today up in the 70s inland. you will see a lot of 60s inside the bay and 50s and 60s toward the coast. more on the weekend forecast in a moment. right now let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> i mentioned that accident near lodi. out live all the southbound lanes of i-5 are shut down in thornton. like i mentioned it's near lodi. what happened was a fatal accident involving a big rig. it happened around 1:30 this morning. a car was actually going southbound in the northbound
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lanes when it collided with that rig. sadly, the wrong-way driver did die at the scene. so right now traffic is being diverted off of the freeway southbound at peltier road. only one lane is closed northbound. you can get by in the northbound direction but they are hoping to completely clear the freeway by about 5:30 this morning. but obviously, a lot of emergency crews still out there in lodi. all right. let's go out closer to home and out to the bay bridge. no delay coming into san francisco. the only roadwork we spotted was eastbound heading into oakland. and once again the marin county drive looks great except there is some fog this morning blanketing the golden gate bridge. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. police in fremont want to know, has someone stolen your bike recently? they found 26 of them inside a vacant home. they have been running the serial numbers through a database but no hits. so they took these pictures hoping to reunite the bikes with their owners. if you think one of them is yours, call fremont police or check the photos on their
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facebook page. a not so welcome sight at an east bay shopping center last night. southland mall in hayward was crawling with cops. they spent much of the night doing a drill to prepare for a possible shooting or terror attack at the mall. actors joined first responders for the drill but it's what they were doing was top secret. >> we are not going to discuss too much about the actual trainings going on inside other than to say that we are preparing with all first responders, fbi, police, fire, ems, for incidents including active shooter incidents that could occur within a mall. >> they say it's all in the interests of keeping communities safe if the absolute worst does happen. dozens of women from china and taiwan are coming to the bay area to have their babies. kpix 5 found online ads for so- called maternity homes in foster city, fremont and san jose. linda yee with a story you'll only see on kpix 5.
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reporter: a curious 2-year- old with unusual beginnings. >> how are you? >> reporter: he is a tie juan east boy who was deliberately born in the u.s. just like his older brother. [ non-english language ] >> the third time i was afraid but the doctor and nurse were [ indiscernible ] speaker so i could communicate with them in chinese. >> reporter: the parents told us over the videophone why they wanted the child here. >> the kid is a u.s. citizen and he can get the education in the u.s. as well as to get the benefit that a u.s. citizen can get. that's why we decide to do it. >> reporter: they are part of a growing number of expectant couples who come to america to grab that prize, instant u.s. citizenship for their baby. it is a right guaranteed in the 14th amendment to the constitution. but some say it's exploited in what's become a birth tourism industry. dozens of chinese agencies
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advertise package deals costing upwards of $30,000. >> that's a pretty outrageous fee. those are fees that people pay smugglers along the u.s./mexico border. i think that those folks are being taken advantage of. >> reporter: but chinese couples who can afford it believe they are taking advantage of a better future for their children by buying a four-month stay in a so-called maternity house. they get a bedroom and single- family home shared by other pregnant women. all meals and transportation to the doctors and hospitals are included. after birth, the baby goes home to china with an american passport. what's not included? the plane tickets, the tourist visa to the united states, doctors and hospital fees, which could mean thousands of dollars more in cash because foreign visitors don't have medical insurance. maternity boarding homes in southern california drew protests from families who did not want businesses in their neighborhood. that pushed some homes north to the bay area. here in san jose, one of the
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these women who did not want to be identified said the animosity does not discourage her. [ non-english language ] >> a lot of reasons for me to give birth in the u.s. one is the environment in china was not so good. >> reporter: they are investing in a future that promises freedom, top schools and success. as one website promises, your child could be the founder of the next high-tech company just like apple. in san francisco, linda yee, kpix 5. >> businesses are supposed to apply for conditional use permits and that requires public hearings. san jose supervisor [ non- english language ] told linda he was unaware the homes existed in his city and now is looking at new laws to govern them. 4:40. there is new audiotape of the clippers owner donald sterling and this time he sounds ready to protect what's his and insists he is not a racist. >> you can't force someone to sell property in america. i'm a lawyer. that's my opinion. how could you think i'm a
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racist knowing me all these years? how can you be in this business and be a racist. do you think i tell the coach to get white playerses ? >> it turns out donald sterling might be better off dying before he sells the clippers if he hangs on to the team. he could save his family over $200 million in estate taxes. fans of the raiders and 49ers have some new players to read up on this morning. >> yeah. they got some good ones especially the raiders. they added their defense at the draft in new york last night with fifth overall pick. khalil mack was ranked as one of the top two defensive players in the draft. he wasn't considered a top prospect out of high school. here's some sound. listen to this. >> the oakland raiders selected khalil mack. linebacker, buffalo. >> there he is. he is out of the university of buffalo. and he is a top player. so good luck to the raiders with him. 9er fans meanwhile had to wait a few more hours to find out
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who they would get for their team. it didn't seem to bother the fans. they gathered in san jose san pedro square for the official draft party. their pick was a little known safety from northern illinois. >> the san francisco 49ers select jimmy ward defensive back northern illinois. >> wow. >> i think this kid -- >> this is the second year in a row the 9ers have drafted a safety in the first round. time now is 4:42. back to court in a beach battle in san mateo county. the silicon valley billionaire who may be called to take the stand. ed. >> and palo alto in the spotlight and on the big screen. the local celebrity who will star in the story about his alma mater when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and rescue the more than 270 teenage schoolgirls kidnapp developing now, u.s. officials are now on the ground in nigeria to help find and rescue the more than 270 schoolgirls kidnapped from their dorms three weeks ago. britain, france and china are
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also helping. the islamic terrorist group boko haram claims it took the girls and they are threatening to sell them. american intelligence sources say the students may have already been split up and taken out of the country. this morning, house democrats are deciding if they will boycott the next investigation into the deadly attack in benghazi, libya. house republicans are planning their 8th probe of the attack that killed ambassador chris stevens and three other americans. earlier investigations have blamed the state department under then secretary of state hillary clinton for an inadequate security at the outpost. one billionaire who rubbed elbows with the president tonight could be in court. opening statements over the battle of martins beach began yesterday in san mateo county. a surfing group is suing vinod khosla for blocking access to the popular beach south of half moon bay. khosla bought the property in 2008. the latest in several lawsuits. surfers say khosla is violating the california coastal act.
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he has been ordered to testify today or monday. also happening today, a new movie puts a bay area high school in the spotlight. kpix 5's betty yu says, it was all inspired by actor james franco's short stories about some pretty wild years in palo alto. reporter: high school kids party, having sex, and generally behaving badly in palo alto. the latest film from james franco, who had his own share of wild times growing up in palo alto. his mom shared these pictures and her memories of those years. >> he was a risk taker. he was -- he got himself in a lot of trouble and, uhm, ha, and it wasn't fun, uhm, to watch. in fact, it was, you know, it was really hard to watch. >> when i started writing about teenagers, the material was just more alive. >> hotties. he wants to get it in with april. >> reporter: franco is a graduate of palo alto high school and he says the stories in the film are all based on
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his experiences here. so we asked some students is life at palo alto high school all sex, drugs and hollywood? >> i don't think so. >> no, not at all. >> reporter: from "american graffiti" -- >> where were you -- >> reporter: -- to american beauty -- >> curious. >> reporter: -- with kids in between, the more lurid side of teen life in america isn't exactly new territory. but what is new is america's fascination with life in the land of facebook and google. >> silicon valley is the cradle of innovation. >> reporter: and the kids who live here are well aware of that reputation. >> you always hear about like rich kinds and like rich people and -- rich kids and rich people and we are the rich kids and rich people. >> people want to see what life is like other than the fact there are fairly wealthy people living here in the suburbs with perfect lawns. >> reporter: if you want to know what it's like to be a teen in palo alto don't consider this a documentary. >> no, i think palo alto is like a much more normal place than he makes it out to be in the movie or at least from the trailer what i know about it.
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>> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. >> palo alto opens today in new york and l.a. and will hit bay area theaters next week. now a local angle to the movie, but james franco stories should be wild. >> i liked him in spider-man. >> he was good. he is a great actor. we have a very important forecast this weekend. we have mother's day coming up. we want to get that one right. today kind of a transitional day. we have some clouds out there now even some leftover sprinkles this morning. our hi-def doppler radar is tracking the system. you see some of the sprinkles over the south bay mountains but those will soon dissipate. got some fog out there, as well. that's something to watch out for as we'll see those clouds slowly begin to break up. i think the winds will kick up into the afternoon so again, it will be on the breezy side. but what a weekend it's going to be especially on mother's day. that's when that offshore wind is going to be kicking in. and we're going to see some great weather ahead. sea breeze will be blowing especially gusty at the coastline.
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70s and 80s in the central valley, 64 monterey bay. clouds early on this morning. this afternoon, they are going to blow away. we'll see winds kicking up. then some patchy fog returning to the coastline early tomorrow morning. and then it looks like some very nice weather as we head in toward the latter part of the week hot next week. 50s and 60s toward the coastline line, 70s in the east bay. inside the bay about 66 and breezy in alameda, 65 sausalito. next couple of days, temperatures going to slowly warm up. but really warming up a good 10- plus degrees on sunday on mother's day with that offshore wind getting hot next week with some of those temperatures maybe in the mid-90s, liz. >> nice. i like it. good for mothers everywhere. mother nature stepping up. the richmond/san rafael bridge, there's been a lot of overnight roadwork especially eastbound the past few overnights and it looks like everything is clear right now as you can see from our sensors, everything is pretty much in the green showing speeds above 40 miles per hour
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between richmond and marin county. we'll show you some other bridges. this is a live look. the roads may be slick from yesterday's rain but for right now everything appears to be moving at the speed limit but that kind of ghostly image means things are damp. so anyway the drive times still holding steady about 13 or 14 minutes out of hayward take you to the peninsula. and here's a live look at the nimitz now. 880 in oakland. no overnight roadwork to slow you down. hayward to downtown oakland exits everything is still in the clear. westbound 580 we are actually beginning to see a few delays already out of tracy. but it looks good once you hit the altamont pass, livermore valley. the drive time still in the green 14 minutes between those wind turbines and the dublin interchange. i want to show you some of the routes heading toward the bay bridge or in the east bay through the macarthur maze. westbound 24 looks good out of orinda through the caldecott tunnel and bart is also on time. by this time they should have more than 25 trains systemwide no delay in fact all mass transit so far good to go. remember kcbs when you hit the roads at 106.9 fm or 740-am. that's your latest "kcbs
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traffic." frank, michelle, back to you guys. new this morning that sierra nevada couple that found more than $10 million worth of gold coins in their backyard in coffee cans are showing off their stuff. they are on display at the nevada county fairgrounds in grass valley through tomorrow. the coins dating back to 1847 are the highlight of an old west show. the anonymous couple found 1400 coins buried in rusty cans while walking their dog on their property in the sierra nevada foothills. coins are enticing a lot of folks looking for their own pot of gold. >> it was like the great treasure hunt, wasn't it? it's what we all dream of, finding, hell, a dollar on the ground, nevermind $10 million worth of gold. >> the couple is expected to sell most of the coins. the display coins are under tight security and you can check them out for just $7. >> just $7. 4:51 now. fans getting carried away at a morrissey show. what happened after one, then two, then a whole bunch of fans stormed the stage. >> family feuds. why a california family is so
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embarrassed by their performance on family feud.
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all right. let's fly around the bay area today. it looks like it's going to be blustery at the coastline winds kicking up and more sunshine by the afternoon. and getting ready for a very nice weekend ahead. some 60s and 70s as you make your way into the south bay this afternoon. in the east bay starting out with some clouds this morning even a couple of sprinkles again and a little fog, too. temperatures by the afternoon though under mostly sunny skies if the 60s and the 70s. and our friends in the north bay will start to clear things out after some rain overnight. looks like temperatures going to be very nice into the afternoon and in fact mostly sunny skies, 68 in santa rosa. a little breezy though as you make your way into san
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francisco. about 65 degrees. and checking the bay bridge right now on this friday morning everything looks good heading into san francisco. one lane still blocked eastbound heading to the east bay. but so far, no delays in your drive time in either direction. a full look at your "kcbs traffic" coming up. the british singer morrissey got quite the welcome at a concert in san jose. fans got too excited during the second encore on wednesday night. some of them dodged security guards, got on stage. one guy tackled him while trying to give him a hug. morrissey ended the concert and wasn't hurt. a northern california woman is talking about her big flop on the family feud. she had a little trouble coming up with love at the right time. watch. >> fill in the blank a married couple might be deeply in what? you said ? >> marriage. survey said -- >> beep. >> whoa!
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>> love was the number one answer. >> oh, no. despite going into the final round with a very big lead, the family from stockton could not even come close to wrapping up the last 18 points. >> a lot of my answers i think were good. i think they were good answers. they just weren't the right answers. [ laughter ] >> how much family grief is there? >> there's a lot of family grief. yup. i don't know if i'll be invited to christmas this year. so we'll see. [ laughter ] >> they threatened to make me walk home from georgia. [ laughter ] >> it's good stuff, though. look at that. anna says she got thrown off when she gave the same answers as another family member and she got the beep. sorry, wrong. >> she only needed 18 points. >> zeros across the board. >> poor thing. >> sorry, anna. >> they will still love her. >> it's friday. and it is 4:56. the hunt is on for a former cal fire battalion chief accused of
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killing his fiancee. more on his double life and why he is so difficult to catch. >> president obama will be here at this walmart in mountain view in just a couple of hours and protestors will be ready with their picket signs. i'm kiet do with a live report coming up. ,, ,,,,,,
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griego. at least a big fight and a lot of blood everywhere looks like a sheet wrapped around her neck. >> armed, dangerous, on the run. cal fire battalion chief orville fleming accused of killing his girlfriend. now there is word he may be in the bay area hiding out in the santa cruz mountains. >> the president will be speaking about an energy savings plan at walmart in mountain view today and labor activists are not happy. >> walmart is one of those employers that exploits workers, hands them a job application with a food stamps application. what kind of employer does that? >> let's hope that president obama has an ear for what they're complaining. >> bay area native james franco
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has a new movie coming out this weekend. the subject? teens gone wild in palo alto. >> he got himself in a lot of trouble. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. 5:00 on your friday. big weekend is here. it's mother's day. and did you deliver, mr. karnow? >> yeah. i think we will. got to get through the next couple of days here but today we are starting out with a lot of clouds early on, still some leftover fog, drizzle and sprinkles outside. if you are heading out there now, the cloud cover continues to roll on through. but hi-def doppler radar showing you heaviest amounts now sliding further to the south. but as we look in toward the bay, still some patchy fog out there. a little thick approaching the coastline. the temperatures generally in the 50s and rather mild today. but by the afternoon, it will be breezy near the coastline, 50s and 60s for highs there, becoming mostly sunny inside the bay. lots of 60s and some 70s showing up in the


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