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tv   KPIX 5 News Saturday Morning Edition  CBS  May 10, 2014 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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a former cal-fire chief on e run. the basket e revealing new tests in a murder investigation. why it points to a former calfire chief on the run. the basket exploded and debris started falling to the ground. >> a hot air balloon explodes mid flight and the search this morning for survivors is growing frantic. what witnesses say happened right before the disaster. plus the clippers under new management. how the nba is putting new pressure on donald sterling to sell the team. it is 7:00 on saturday morning, may 10th, thanks for joining us, i'm anne makovec. >> i'm mark kelly. we got a clear start this morning, but i guess a little windier this afternoon. >> yes. we are going to see some major wind within the next few hours. right now let's take a live look at the bay bridge.
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it's going to be a pretty sunny day. you can see it's mostly clear, a few patchy clouds there in the sky and temperatures in the low- to mid-50s all around the bay area at 7:00. so throughout the day we're going to see some of those clouds hanging around, the winds really moving in this afternoon under sunny skies and a major, major warming trend ahead. we'll have more details in the your seven day coming up in a few minutes. a calfire chief on the run. his text messages to his wife have emerged, sent right after his girlfriend was found murdered. well, yet another strange turn of events. it appears the calfire plan chieferville mo fleming was texting his estranged wife. andrea barbor reports on the moments that investigators say he stabbed and strapgled his new fiancee to death in sacramento county. >> first, can we put us and our family back together? she replied, you already hurt me so bad, i'm over it, never going back to a cheater, never.
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mo texted this back, come and pick me up, we're supposed to grow old together. oroville mo fleming has been on the run for a week now, a retired fbi profiler doesn't think mo was headed for the santa cruz mountains, yosemite or sierra but is looking for anonymity. >> his only best chance is to find a big crowd to blend into and try not to stand out. >>reporter: weddock thinks mo was headed to l.a. or mexico and probably already sporting a new hairdo. and while a 55-year-old man with obviously dyed hair might be odd, it's not as strange as the final text from mo to his wife, time stamped after sarah douglas' time of death, you should have came and picked me up. that thought puncuated with a sad face. >> andrea borebor reporting. that former fbi agent in andrea's report believes one of fleming's friends will eventually rat him out, whether or not it's before he leaves the country is anyone's guess. developing news in
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virginia, a search for wreckage this morning after a hot air balloon caught fire and crashed. police say the balloon's gondola caught fire with three people inside after it apparently hit a power line. a witness on the ground saw the flames on her way home about 8:00 p.m. local time and she describes the chaotic scene. >> and you could hear them screaming, please, dear god, sweet jesus, help us, we're going to die. oh, my god, please help us, please help us. >> several other balloons had landed safely, but everyone looked up into the sky to see that, a fire. this all happened during a kickoff event for the mid- atlantic balloon festival. the rest of that festival has now been canceled. the asiana aircraft is back in the news this morning. a san francisco firefighter is suing the department. she claims she's not responsible for the death of a teen who died that day. >> don't go in there. if anybody is in there right now. >> now, the firefighter who you can't see in this video says she's being wrongfully blamed for killing one of the victims.
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the coroner says 16-year-old ye ming yaun died when she was run over by a rig. the suit claims it was another vehicle that hit and killed the teen. the san francisco fire department has not commented on the lawsuit. a morals clause is causing controversy for some east bay catholic school teachers. under the new contract, teachers are expected to behave in a certain way in their private lives. the oakland diocese head by michael barber wants teachers to live up to a strict lifestyle. he says the teachers are expected to abide by those rules outside the classroom. >> which would forbid them from being gay, from speaking out on issues from around lgbt, of using contraception or any of the many other things that he, in his interpretation of catholic doctrine views as immoral. >> students started a petition on hoping to
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convince the diocese to give their teachers more freedom. a spokesperson for the oakland diocese says the bishop is only updating the contract language. mixed views on president obama's visit to the bay area. the president left behind some hard feelings, especially among those who normally back him. >> in mountainview, mr. obama became the first sitting president to visit a wal-mart store. >> asarlan ramirez reports, that led to a backlash among leaders and a prominent bay area democrat. >>reporter: president obama came to wal-mart in mountain view to praise the company for installing solar panels and finding other ways to be more energy efficient >> more and more companies like wal-mart are realizing that wasting less energy isn't just good for the planet, it's good for business. it's good for the bottom line. [ chanting ] >>reporter: but outside much of the energy turned against the president. workers and labor leaders were sickend by the picture alone, obama inside a wal-mart, a company repeatedly accused of
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worker abuses and paying poverty wages. >> i would probably be in his office in about, oh, under 30 seconds. >>reporter: robert reich is the former secretary of labor under bill clinton and now professor at u.c. berkeley. he posted on his facebook page, what numbskull in the white house arranged this? >> wal-mart is the biggest poster child in america for keeping wages low. >>reporter: it put leaders in an unusually friendly position with the president. >> i am very, very disappointed in him today, and, really shocked that he would do something like this. >>reporter: few wal-mart workers joined in, saying they still have to rely on government assistance like food stamps and medicaid to survive. >> they find ways even if you make a little bit more, they still cut your hours so that you're still making so much less than it takes to survive. >>reporter: although wal- mart's efforts to save energy have been significant: >> you have to keep both messages in mind, and you can't step on your message about the
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minimum wage and low-pay jobs by praising wal-mart. >>reporter: reich says obama missed a chance to leave silicon valley with more than one thing on the agenda. len ramadas, kpix 5. former presidential nominee mitt romney is breaking with the republican party on the issue of raising the minimum wage. speaking on msnbc on friday, romney says republicans should get behind it. that's because the party is in his words all about more jobs and better pay. earlier this month a bill to raise the minimum wage to $10.10 an hour failed in the senate. only one republican voted yes. happening today, nurses and other workers will hold a public meeting on efforts to save doctors medical center in san pablo. they say the closure of the dmc would create a health crisis in west contra costa county. voters have rejected a partial tax called measure c, putting the medical center's future in doubt. today's meeting starts at 10:00 a.m. in the hospital basement. public safety is a top priority for oakland city
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leaders today. they're holding a series of town hall meetings to gain feedback from the public. the aim? how community members can work with police to make oakland streets safer. on today's area -- today's area 3 meeting takes place at brenthar middle school. the cal football team has sus pended one of its top players who is now accused of attacking a man and kicking his dog. police say demara drew beat up that man in the middle of the day on tuesday right across from boat law school. the victim's injuries are serious enough that drew now faces felony charges. the pressure is on for l.a. clipper's owner donald sterling to sell the team. the nba named a new ceo for the clippers. cbs reporter teri okita with the details who will take over for the embattleled owner. >>reporter: the nba has named richard parsons as interim ceo of the los angeles clippers. the former chairman of citigroup and time warner will oversee the franchise following the lifetime ban of owner
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donald sterling. the league has forbidden sterling from participating in any way with the team after he was heard making racist comments on a leaked audio recording. >> yeah, it bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >>reporter: parseon ss a long- time corporate executive and also a member of president obama's economic advisory team. in a statement nba commissioner adam silver said parsons will bring extraordinary leadership and immediate stability to the clippers organization. the nba is now trying to force sterling to sell the team which he co-owns with his wife, shelley. in a statement, she called parsons an ideal choice to run the franchise until the ownership issues are clarified. in los angeles, teri okita, kpix 5. still ahead, homeowners across the bay area getting million dollar offers for their homes. one caveat, though, the homes aren't for sale. how it works for one family now living in their dream home.
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plus an inside look in the biggest gun battle in u.s. history and it started with an heiress in the bay area. we'll be right back.
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he remains new thorchg, unidentified remains of victims -- new this morning, unidentified victims of 9/11 are back at the world trade center site. the remains were removed at dawn today from the chief medical examiner's office in manhattan. they'll be kept behind a wall in the national september 11th memorial and museum. that memorial is set to open to the public in about a week and a half. well, it's almost 40 years ago that the city of los angeles was rocked by one of the biggest police gun battles in its history. >> pat harvey takes us back to the day that all started with a famous heiress kidnapped from the bay area. >> little old lady comes up and she says are you looking for all those white people with guns? >>reporter: what happened next actually took root months earlier. >> there's been a big kidnapping on the west coast. the victim is patricia hearsest. >>reporter: it was february 1974 when a self-style militia
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kidnapped heiress patricia patriciahurst and it took a shocking turn whenst joined her kidnappers. >> i'm beginning to feel that the fbi was rather i get killed. >>reporter: she next showed up on a san francisco bank surveillance video, participating in a robbery, armed with a semiautomatic weapon. with the $10,000 they stole, the sla headed to southern california where they shot up an inglewood sports goods store. in a bid to get survival supplies, the getaway had gone bad. >> the community at that time was about 95% black and they offered up all kinds of information to our detectives. >>reporter: information that led police to 54th and compton and to the yellow house with white trim with the intriguing possibility that patricia hurst might be inside. al percentato and ron mccarthy,
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retired lapd colleagues directed the on-scene s.w.a.t response. >> i could hear a lot of pro fannity, saying we're not going to give up. it was about 26 commands given to them to surrender. they opened up with gunfire that was unprecedented in los angeles police history. [ gunfire ] >> they were just so loud and so many rounds at one time going off, it sounded like a bed sheet being torn, being ripped. >> and they had fully automatic weapons. >> they converted semiautomatic weapons to fully automatic weapons. >> lapd had semiautomatic. >> we had semiautomatic weapons and a 38 revolver. >>reporter: police deployed tear gas. >> a lot of the tear gas being tossed would bounce off the window and roll down to my
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feet. i was trying to kick them away from me. >>reporter: law enforcement soon realized the s.l.a. members inside the house were determined to fight to the end with people in south l.a. trapped in the middle. >> don't cry, don't cry. >> they ran out of ammunition, and so -- >>reporter: ran out of ammunition? >> oh, yes. ran out of ammunition in five minutes. >>reporter: oh, my. >> i think albert fired more rounds than anybody, and i think he had 594 rounds. >>reporter: law enforcement decided to throw more tear gas into the house which touched off the large amount of ammunition inside. >> the chopper is overhead, observing the fire, it's raging. >>reporter: eventually the house was engulfed in flames. >> the obvious conclusion is that the los angeles police have indeed found the nesting place of the east liberation army and there's not much left of it now. >> there's not much left of it now, bob >> so the standoff went on for two hours. six s.l.a. members died. police believe over 9,000
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rounds were fired. and as it turns out, patty hurst wasn't in the house. she was captured, though, 16 months later hiding out in san francisco. >> what a story. switching gears and checking our weather forecast for today because we are on the cusp of a major warming trend. a live look right now from our dublin cam. you can see a mostly clear start to your saturday. what to expect as we move through the day ahead, patchy morning clouds. they'll be moving out this afternoon. we are going to see a lot of wind this afternoon, less wind tomorrow, warmer temperatures on mother's day and that is just the beginning of our warmup. our highs today you can see 60s along the coast, low 70s inland. it's going to feel pretty similar to yesterday, maybe a little bit cooler, it'll feel at least because of those winds that will be whipping across the area. and check out your seven-day forecast, warming trend starts tomorrow. we're going to end up in the 90s inland later on this week, sunny and 70s along the coast. the warmest day looking to be
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wednesday. well, new this morning same-sex couples in arkansas could start getting marriage licenses today. a judge ruled late yesterday there's no rational reason for the state's constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. the arkansas attorney general is asking the judge to stay the ruling during an appeal. well, that's despite the fact that the attorney general recently said he personally supports gay marriage. the nfl could make history today by drafting its first openly gay player. decision day has arrived for missouri's michael sam, my alma mater who came out as gay. the 2014 draft will expect with rounds four through seven. the question now will he be selected in the draft and what team will give him the shot of being the league's first openly gay player. this morning we have another example of just how hard it is to find a place to live. nowadays people are walking up to homes, offering to buy them. and as elizabeth cook shows us, this is happening even as those homes aren't for sale.
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>>reporter: tucked away on this quiet street: >> we spent almost a year looking for a place. >>reporter: will and java odonell and their two daughters are savoring their new home. the couple bought it without having to outbid a single soul >> this is absolutely a dream come true for us to find this beautiful home that we can raise our children in and stay in san francisco. we are extremely, extremely happy. >>reporter: but how did they do it in a city where the need is great and the pickings slim? >> we have less than 500 units on the market right now in san francisco and we need thousands to meet the demand. >>reporter: after a year of being beat out on every property they wanted, the odonells made a big change in strategy. they switched realtors and bought a house that wasn't even for sale. realtor mary mcpherson dug up hundreds of properties pulled off the market years ago. on the list, a quaint victorian in lower pacific heights. the owners lived in texas, the odonells sent them a personal
7:19 am
note. >> we wanted the owners to know that we weren't an investor, we weren't trying to scam them. we wanted them to know that we were a family. >>reporter: then? >> she made a really compelling offer, the seller couldn't refuse and they got their house. >>reporter: the couple paid about $1 1/2 million for the three bedroom, three bath house, hundreds of thousands of dollars more than the old listing, but less than comparable properties. >> they gave us an opportunity to get a great house, less than we would have otherwise. >>reporter: leaving this family with a very happy ending. elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> as elizabeth reported, the sellers got more than the $1.5 million that they were originally offered and they did not have to go through the usual process of staging or prepping their home which is quite a hassle or holding open houses. well, pomp and circumstance will play in hundreds of -- as hundreds of thousands of students are graduating today, but the bleak job news they face after walking across the stage. i'm so sick of this car.
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>> her car got billed for someone else's ticket. making sure your old vehicle doesn't come back to haunt you. ,,,, hey there. did you select these things on purpose? not a color found nature. there's nothing wrong with tha. i can hear your arteries clogging. ok. no. this is tap water. i can't let you buy this. oh. crystal geyser please. crystal geyser. bottled at the mountain source.
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surprise!lcome back. crystal geyser alpine spring water. crystal geyser. crystal geyser. news flash, it's bottled at the source. news flash, we sell it in cases. oh. thank you. oh no no no. crystal geyser. bottled right at the mountain source. poll finds more college gra today may not be heading of >> we got three color pasta which i love, so much flavor and color and you get the three different vegetables going on here. >> what we did is made the pasta. we cooked that aldente. we took it out of the pot and
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sautied it with lemon and parsley. >> i like that. >> whether you do that with the past dla salad, it gives it a nice crisp. in the same pan afterwards we sautied some sweet onions, with a lot of oregano. we mix those in. those are the only things to cook in this whole thing. then we'll add in yellow grape tomatoes, a little bit of salt for seasoning and bell peppers. >> a little bit of mozzarella here. >> and on here we put some pepper flakes and black pepper. could you squeeze a little bit of that lemon on there as well? >> sure. >> a little bit of lemon in the pasta, but that's it. >> stephanie, like always, absolutely beautiful. thank you, bella. ah, so, so nice too. new this morning, a new poll finds more college grads today may not be heading off to work right after graduation. as thousands of graduates receive their diplomas this
7:24 am
month, only 11% surveyed say they have a job already lined up. that number is down from the 16% of graduates who said they had jobs last year. most grads surveyed say they'll get a job in their field in due time. when you sell an old car, you probably figure that's the last you'll hear of it. but on the consumer watch this morning, julie watts explains how that old clunker could come back to haunt you. >> it's like the car from hell. >>reporter: samantha santana can't forget her old v.w. gulf. >> we sold it well over a year ago now. >>reporter: mainly because she keeps hearing about all the violations its wracking up. >> i thought it was a joke at first. >>reporter: since january, santana has received notice that the car she no longer owns has wracked up five toll violations and a ticket from the city of berkeley. but santana is the one getting the bills, berkeley even sent her to collections. >> it's crazy. >>reporter: crazy because she says she's found -- filed a release of liability to the dmv
7:25 am
within five days as required by state law. but the dmv says it's incomplete because she didn't include the buyer's address, even though the dmv's own website says you don't have to. >> it happens all the time. >>reporter: consumer attorney mark anderson says an increasing number of people are getting billed for their buyer's mistakes after they sell the car, ranging from tickets to towing and storage fees, often because one or both don't file the appropriate paperwork with the state. >> we're not into paying the buyer's bills. >>reporter: anderson warns while sellers aren't legally responsible, your buyer's debt could end up on your credit report, so don't ignore the agency or company sending you the bills. >> i have the proof that you don't own the car. >>reporter: that proof is the notice of transfer and release of liability and while the dmv says as a courtesy it will accept the release of liability when the address is not known, there is also a disclaimer that says missing information could disqualify your liability
7:26 am
exemption. >> i'm so sick of this car. >>reporter: something santana says she wishes she realized before she sold the car. julie watts, kpix 5. fasttrack has now agreed to forgive the toll violations. we do have some calls out to the city of berkeley. but the dmv is warning that you should always get the name of the buyer and the buyer's address and also keep a copy of the release of liability. buyers are required to register the car within 10 days but many of them don't. if you have a consumer problem, call 888-5-helps you. mold in the ceiling, holes in the floor. you won't believe how much you will have to pay just to rent this bay area apartment. we'll be right back. >>reporter: here's a clue for you this morning. we all know i'm a huge sports fan. "where's roberta" as the news continues on kpix 5. [ wind howling ]
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_ _ _. good morning, i'm mark kelly. i'm anne makovec. it s satuy may 10th. welcome back. just about 7:30 on this saturday morning. good morning, i'm mark kelly. >> i'm anne makovec, thanks for joining us, saturday, may 10th. goes to go -- it is going to be a sunny day around the bay area. >> a little windy this afternoon, but we're definitely starting things off with a beautiful start today, very clear out there. here's a live picture. you got the oracle arena there in the foreground. we'll see low- to mid-50s, mostly clear start, some patchy clouds out there, but all in all not that bad. so here's your headlines for
7:30 am
today, clear, patchy morning clouds and then we'll clear up and have a mild afternoon with some gusty winds. and then a major warming trend is on the way. we'll tell but that in a few. developing news this morning in virginia. police are searching for wreckage right now after a hot air balloon carrying three people caught fire and crashed. reporter chelsea perrick talked to a witness who saw the balloon's gondola burst into flames. >> the meadow event park is straight through the woods. >>reporter: carrie bradley was driving back from the grocery store friday evening when she and her two children spotted this image. >> it was the most horrific thing i have ever witnessed. >>reporter: her daughter snapped this photo of a hot air balloon on fire along luther glenn road >> it appeared that it was trying to land and there was another balloon in the way that was actually smoking as well, but it was already on the ground. >>reporter: state police tell cbs 6 the accident was first reported a little before 8:00 on friday night. police believe the balloon hit a power line after taking off
7:31 am
at the mid-atlantic balloon festival. bradley says she saw two people jump out of the basket. >> and you could hear them screaming, please, dear god, sweet jesus help us, we're going to die, oh, my god, please help us, please help us. >>reporter: bradley also heard an explosion. >> so it was kind of like a pop, but when that happened, the basket exploded and debris started falling to the ground. >>reporter: all are sights and sounds burned into bradley and her children's minds. >> i can't imagine what those people are going through, you know, to go to this festival and be so excited about a good day and making memories with their family and then not coming home. >>reporter: a spokesperson for the mid-atlantic balloon festival tells us that the remains -- that the remainder of the event has been canceled. in caroline county, virginia, i'm chelsea perrick for cbs news. >> that festival was scheduled to begin officially today, but it held a special kickoff event yesterday for a limited number of people. now the event that chelsea just
7:32 am
mentioned has been scrapped. there's more information this morning about what caused a deadly mid-air collision over san pablo bay. an ntsb report says it happened after a hawker sea feury plane was taking some pictures of the golden gate bridge. the hawker pilot radioed the pilot of the cessna he was going to pass him low and to the left. the cessna pilot responded he thought it would make a good photo. well, thinking he had the space, the hawker pilot went to pass, but the report says he felt and heard a thump and realized the two airplanes collided. he pulled up and looked over his shoulder and he observed the cessna inverted and going down. the hawker pilot says he flew to his home airport in ione. now, crews pulled the cessna out of the water three days later, along with the body of the 33-year-old pilot. it could take months of investigation before the final report is released. we are learning the nigerian military had four hours warning that a mass kidnapping was going to happen before hundreds of girls went
7:33 am
missing. a report by amnesty international says security forces didn't react because they were afraid of a fight with bokaam extremists. they are the rebels who kidnapped 276 schoolgirls. they say they will sell those girl noose slavery. a team of u.s. and british officials are currently leading a rescue effort. new this morning, michelle obama is calling the kidnappings an unconscionable act. the first lady says she and president obama are outraged and heartbroken over last month's abductions. >> i want you to know that barack has directed our government to do everything possible to support the nigerian government's efforts to find these girls and bring them home. in these girls, barack and i see our own daughters, we see their hopes and their dreams. >> now, mrs. obama describes the group responsible, boka haram as grown men attempting to snuff out the aspirations of young girls. president obama encountered protest from labor unions during his latest bay area
7:34 am
visit. >> when america's work is under attack, what do we do? [ chanting ] >> hundreds demanding higher wages outside the wal-mart yesterday in mountain view. president obama praised wal- mart for being the largest -- country's producer of on-site lower energy. >> for him to stand by wal-mart today when so many families are suffering, especially in silicon valley because of a gigantic income inequality problem, it's just outrageous. >> despite the protesters, a lot of other people, several dozen gathered inside the store for the chance to hear president obama speak. well, there are not too many people who would want to live in this filthy run down place, no thank you. but this $6,200 apartment is proof the bay area rental market is out of control. kpix 5's brian webb finds an apartment where rent has
7:35 am
doubled despite its condition. >>reporter: a quick tour of the apartment shows it leaves a lot to be desired, mold on the ceiling, holes in the floor, cracks in the walls. it hasn't been updated in decades. >> but if you look at the condition of this apartment, it's not worth $6,200 a month. >>reporter: that's more than double the $2,900 they pay now. the guys who have lived here for five years got a 60-day rent increase notice after the new property owners took over in december. >> it does make me sad because this is a house where, you know, a lot of musicians and artists live. >>reporter: higher rents are hitting area businesses too. at cafe international downstairs, rent went up 8% from last year, now at nearly $eeght,500 for 2000 square feet. >> rent increase, kicking people out. >>reporter: the coffee shop owner of 20 years tells me most of her customers can't afford a $10 coffee, so all she can do is work harder. >> a lot more hours and a lot
7:36 am
more sweat and blood. >>reporter: you just have to work harder to pay the rent. >> much harder. >>reporter: dry rot here on the windows. >>reporter: the musicians upstairs have been hit with a drum full of legal paperwork, so they are battling back with lawyers of their own over lease agreements and rent control. >> so if their primary motive is to make more money off the internet, that's not good enough reason for us to live. >>reporter: from apartment renters -- >> thank you. >>reporter: to business owners, all feeling the pinch for profits, sweeping san francisco property and probably coming soon to a neighborhood near you. brian webb, kpix 5. >> there is, however, one bright spot in the dark housing market. san mateo celebrated the grand opening of delaware pacific in affordable rental apartment community. rents range from $520 for a one bedroom to just about $1,200 for a three bedroom unit.
7:37 am
[ inaudible ] we have 20 to 25% poverty, there's no excuse for that. we have to remember that. we have to keep doing something about it. >> now, the wait list, though, for those units is now closed. more than 23,300 people have already applied for -- 2 dlrks 300 people have applied for the units. donald how the nba is moving head. people are letting them go. >> these bay area bunnies were saved from death row, but there is a bigger problem they have to face now. and when young people can't afford to go to the doctor, meet one physician who makes house calls to a number of bay area schools and he's this week's jefferson award winner. ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
problem?" it's when parents surprise their kids with bunnies, only to disco ey're too much tr have you ever heard of the easter problem? it's when parents surprise their kids with bunnies, only to discover they're too much trouble. >> kpix 5 juliet goodrich tells us how one group is now coming to the rescue >> want to come play?
7:41 am
>>reporter: these bunnies have been spared from death row. >> we had a lot of adoptions in february and march. >>reporter: thanks to the house rabbit society in richmond, the bay area's only bunny shelter. the only problem, they are at capacity, currently housing 40 rabbits. >> so we're getting a lot of phone calls right now about people finding stray rabbits, baby rabbits, so either people don't know how to take care of them and they're escaping or they're ending up unwanted and people are letting them go. >>reporter: everyday they get a list of bunnies from bay area shelters slated to be euthanized. many of them unwanted easter pets. the house rabbit society tries to make space as fast as it can. >> this is waffle and he's 9- month-old and he wouldn't be alive today if it wasn't for the house rabbit society. he has two sisters. they were adopted last week and he's got -- well, he's got three brothers. you may have seen them. they're tv stars. they are on a 24-hour bunny cam, shown on animal planet's
7:42 am
live web page. but like waffle, they also need a home. >> somebody is going to walk in the door and absolutely fall in love with waffle. >>reporter: in richmond, juliet goodrich, kpix 5. >> on the animal beat, if you're looking for some fun today, how about a little pandamonium. he's making his first public appearance at the san francisco zoo today at 10:00 this morning. he is a rare 11-month-old red panda. technically he's more closely related to the raccoon family than a black and white panda, but either way look at him in and that striped tail. he's adorable. so here is a look at our forecast for this saturday morning. here's a live picture of the transamerica building right there. we got a clear start in san francisco, some patchy clouds out there, but it's going to be low- to mid-50s if you're heading out the door early this morning. later on we got a clear patchy morning, clouds, a mild afternoon. it is going to get windy, though, in the bay and along the coast, less wind, warmer come mother's day.
7:43 am
so looking forward to that as we head into a warming trend. highs today 71 redwood city, 72 santa rosa, 70 in oakland, 72 down in san jose. and over the next seven days it's shaping up to be a beautiful mother's day tomorrow, and then it's going to get warmer. we could be seeing 90s inland as we get into the middle of the week. young people on the peninsula who can't afford to go to the doctor now have some new options. >> kpix 5's sharon chen tells us it's all thanks to this week's jefferson award winner. >>reporter: when the big blue coat rolls in, setup takes about 45 minutes, then the teen health van is open, the doctor comes to you. >> i'm just going to listen to your heart. breathe normally. >>reporter: dr. seth emmerman is the doctor and founder of the health van, helping people like 22-year-old sandy with checkups and more. >> i was having trouble with headaches and migraines. i'm thankful that they're here.
7:44 am
>>reporter: the teen health van stops twice a week, reaching homeless and low income 10 to 25 years old, mostly at schools from san francisco to san jose. the 18-year-old community outreach van of lucille packard children's hospital offers comprehensive, primary care for free. >> the kids that we work with, a lot of people have given up on them, but we haven't. >>reporter: since it started, the teen health van has seen more than 4,000 young people and more than 15,000 -- in more than 15,000 visits and dr. amerman says it's making a difference. >> we know that we can help turn these kidses' lives around and we see t. >>reporter: today the doctor is atlas altos high school. they encounter problems like alcohol and drugs, anxiety and depression, risky sexual activity, poor nutrition and lack of immunizations. >> your blood pressure, how's it going? >> it's great. >>reporter: 17-year-old lori
7:45 am
hypothetical seen a doctor in years, so -- hadn't seen a doctor in area years, so they are thankful for the man they call dr. a. >> it's happy to still be safe. because there's no other type of health insurance that we can get. >>reporter: 7/10 patients come back for care. las altosvice principal says the students trust dr. a. >> he's so loving and caring and so genuine. the kids understand that he's there just to make their life better. so for providing free healthcare for underserved young people, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to dr. seth amerman. sharon chen, kpix 5. >> you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online at good morning, everybody. is that a good morning for the giants, that batting order, tough blow last night for them and that was before they beat
7:46 am
the dodgers, and if this was a game show, wait until you see which team got a new car. here's another clue for you this morning. ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. "where's roberta" as the news continues on kpix 5. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
7:47 am
♪ well i love a rainy night.♪ ♪ i love a rainy night ♪ i love to hear the thunder, watch the lightning ♪ ♪ when it lights up the sky. ♪
7:48 am
♪ you know it makes me feel good. ♪ ♪ 'cause i love a rainy night.♪ yoplait with flavors the whole family will love. it is so good for a night in. clippers. current owner donald owner was b he league... an the nba is wasting no time in naming an interim ceo for the l.a. clippers. current opener donald sterling was banned from the league and the nba is moving on. richard parsons is a long-time corporate executive and also a member of president obama's economic advisory team. the nba is try to go pressure sterling into selling the clippers after he was taped making racist remarks. >> if you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people. >> sterling's wife, shelley, who co-owns the team says she approves of parsons as the new
7:49 am
ceo. hey, good morning, everybody. if this was las vegas, the raiders become up seven with each roll. yesterday's nfl draft to spotlight a guy they had targeted as qb1. fresno state's derek volvo, popular pick to get the raid -- derek carr popular pick to get the raiders started. he threw for more than 5,000 yards last year and picked right in a raider nation dominated region, fresno. before the draft started, they traded for bills wide receiver sam johnson, san francisco native, 3 1,000-yard seasons, burning, blazing speed. he'll make a difference in that offensive attack. bad night for brandon bell last night, against the dodger, broke his left thumb on that pitch in the 2nd inning. he was swinging the hot bat too. no telling how long he'll be out. but the other brandon, brandon crawford, a two-run jack in the
7:50 am
5th. giants beat dodgers, they're 6- 1 against the dodger blue this year. eight shutout innings and he had plenty of innings. brandon moss, back-to-back jacks on consecutive pitches and they beat the washington nationals a final of 8-0. that'll do it this saturday morning. i'll be back later on in the day with a whole bunch of stuff. see ya later. >> we wouldn't expect any less. now it's time to find out where's roberta. >> yeah. the clues so far have been sports, food and fun. here's roberta to take us there. >>reporter: good morning, everyone. with this week's edition of "where's roberta," we take you to the historic municipal stadium. come on along, we got a treat for you today. it's baseball in san jose. that's right. san jose giants baseball at historic municipal stadium and
7:51 am
this stadium has been a part of family fun for generations. >> over 70 years old, 1942. >>reporter: you're known for your famous delicious concession stands, but you're also known for your murals. >> we really stamp the traditional feel, the traditional look and it's a part of what this stadium is all about. >>reporter: many major league players have passed through muni stadium, but now it's the future prospects that call this stadium home. >> i remember going to games and walking back through here and seeing all the familiar things i used to enjoy as a kid. so for me i'm just really grateful to get the chance to play here and be a part of this team. >>reporter: first round draft pick chris stratton tells us what he likes about playing at muni stadium. >> it has to be the fans, coming out here each and everyday and get the loud screaming fans in the game, it's a lot of fun. >>reporter: what has actually stayed the same since 1942? >> the structure is pretty much the same shell. >>reporter: what is the newest attribute to the stadium? >> as you go down the 3rd base
7:52 am
line, we have expanded our martinelli's v.i.p. deck. we can host up to 250 people and leading into the v.i.p. deck, we've expanded our restaurant row which we now call paypal alley. you can order ahead and your food will be waiting for you instead of having to wait in line. >>reporter: i certainly hope to see you out here at the ballpark. and in case you're wondering, ticket prices are $7 to $16. what a deal. if you'd like more information about the san jose giants, municipal stadium or muni stadium as they call it, you can visit us online at until next time, everyone, take care of one another. >> looks like fun. a bay area teen's prom proposal you may remember went viral because of a special appearance and now he is back with another breaking bad video. ,,,,,,,,
7:53 am
raising the federal minimum wage. welcome back.
7:54 am
here's a look at the stories trending this morning. first we got mitt romney. he recently pushed his support on msnbc for raising the federal minimum wage, broke with republicans. hot air balloon, three people riding in one over virginia are still missing after the balloon caught fire. and in arkansas, a judge struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriage. weekend ceremonies have already begun. and nfl draft, the league could draft its first openly gay player, michael sam as early as today. and clippers, the nba selected a new interim ceo for the team in the donald sterling racist fallout. you can follow us on twitter at cbssf. we have a lot to talk about on kpix5 this morning tomorrow morning with monica lewinsky speaking out with her former affair with -- about her affair with former president bill clinton. our political insiders explain how it could be a good strategy move for hillary clint's
7:55 am
presidential bid. >> i think that secretary of state hillary clinton has got to appreciate the fact that whatever would be a problem for her a year or two years from now is being aired out when she's not even on the stage. believe me. if i had to stage this for hillary, i would do it exactly the way it's being done. >> benghazi -- >> that is tomorrow at 7:30 right here on kpix5. phil mattier will be here and it'll be mother's day. we have a big show planned. in the meantime a last look at the weather forecast for your saturday >> it's looking like it's going to be a beautiful mother's day too, so plan something outside. as far as today we got 67 in san francisco, 61 in pacifica today, 72 down in san jose, 72 also up in santa rosa. now, it's definitely going to get warmer starting on mother's day and warmer throughout the week. by the time we get through the mid week, we could see some 90s inland, 70s along the coast, so it's going to be absolutely beautiful this week. so here we have washington and the a's playing each other,
7:56 am
6:05 this evening. it's going to be mostly clear and breezy, 65 degrees. and that's what we're really going to have to watch out for later on today, the wind is going to kick up a lot like yesterday. >> that sounds like it's going to be a little pesky, otherwise a gorgeous day. a bay area teenager got his dream prom date after he got some very persuasive help. >> if you don't go to the prom with steffen, then maybe your best course of action would be to tread lightly. maddie, would you go to prom with me? >> that was "breaking bad" star brian cranston, asking teen steffen montana. his date said yes, thank goodness. it gets better. recently the couple got to meet the star in new york city. >> even though he has clothes like that jacket, you still -- [ laughter ] >> she doesn't love him for his sense of style.
7:57 am
so cranston sent the teen on an all-expenses-paid trip to the big apple and met him back stage at a broadway show >> that kid obviously has some major connections to pull that off. check out this photo, the california highway patrol in contra costa made an unusual rescue yesterday. a little dog found on 680. the chp tweetd this photo of the rescue. that little dog is doing just fine. >> i don't know what that is, but it's cute either way. that is all we have for you today. hope you enjoy the rest of your sunny saturday. >> yeah. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. we'll be back here with phil matier starting tomorrow morning, so enjoy the rest of your saturday >> have a good one. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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