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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 13, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. paul deanno's in the weather center tonight - paul. paul weather paul weather paul wrap paul wrap tonight we are hearing eveno >> if you thought today was hot, just wait. >> we're talking about temperatures topping 100 degrees for some of you. we have to shut off the influence of the entire pacific ocean to get a heatwave around here. that's what this ridge of high pressure will do. it began today but really takes hold tomorrow and wednesday where much of the bay area surgeon a heat advisory including the south -- is under a heat advisory including the south bay and oakland, san francisco, inland temperatures hitting triple digits,
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especially on wednesday, widespread 80s in san francisco starting tomorrow. this will be 15 to 25 degrees above average. we likely will see record highs wednesday, but this really isn't that uncommon for may. as a matter of fact, last may we hit 90 degrees six different times away from the water. we may do it two or three time this week. we'll talk about hot how -- how hot we're going to get and how long it will last. tonight we're hearing even more from l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. >> i'm not a racist. i've never been a racist. i'll never be a racist. >> then he kept talking and he's not doing much to help his case. >> no, he's not. in an interview that turns bizarre and rambling the l.a. clippers owner made a series of personal attacks on nba great magic johnson. >> what kind of a guy says he has sex with every girl? then he catches hiv?
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is that someone we want to respect and tell our kids about? i think he should be ashamed of himself. i think he should go into the background, but what does he do for the black people? doesn't do anything. here is a man who -- i don't know if i say this. he acts so holy. he made love to every girl in every city in america and had he aids and when he had aids, i went to my synagogue and i prayed for him. >> reporter: sterling also said people of his jewish faith have done more for the community than magic johnson. >> i spend millions on giving away and helping minorities. does he do that? that's one problem i have. jews, when they get successful, they will help their people and some of the african americans, maybe i'll get in trouble again, they don't want to help
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anybody. what has magic johnson really done for children's hospital which kids are lying in the hallways. they're sick. they need a bed. what has he done for any hospital? what has he done for any group? i don't know. maybe he's done a lot. i know he's successful in business, but i am not interested in business anymore at all. pipe interested in helping people. -- i'm interested in helping people. >> magic johnson just tweeted his response. he said i'd rather be talking about these great nba playoffs than donald sterling's interview. >> the nba commissioner is apologize dogma logic johnson tonight. he says the board of -- to magic johnson tonight. he says the board of governors is working to move as quickly as possible. a dead dock was lying in the street almost a week -- dog was lying in the street almost
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a week before it was picked up. this photo is a dog at 92nd and international by the post office, sat there for a week. someone reported the dog to police last tuesday. it was not picked up until tonight. opd says we apologize for the delayed response, are working diligently to address staffing shortages at the animal shelter. a pizza delivery car crashed into a muni bus tonight at 9:00 at gary and jones in the tender loan. the delivery guy was driving that black car witnesses tell us. >> the car hit the bus. he was coming down too fast. everybody was sitting here talking and looking at the bus. you can determine that the bus ran a red light. >> an ambulance took the pizza driver to the hospital. nobody on the bus was hurt. sheer madness near the golden gate bridge today.
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i'm not exaggerating, folks. drivers are getting caught off guard by a new detour. we caught drivers doing some stupidly dangerous things. cbs5's joe vazquez shows us what is going on out there. top in thick traffic, s traffic . in >> reporter: look behind me. you can see this barricade back here. if you're on this side of the barricade, you can make it to the left san francisco exit. if you're on the other side, check it out. you have to go all the way across the golden gate bridge and pay a $7 toll to come back. some folks today made a different decision that was yet risky and illegal. , take the turn. it's going to . if you our cameras were rolling today as car after car missed their exit and then tried this, coming to a complete stop in thick traffic, then darting across that traffic in a dangerous last ditch attempt to stay in san francisco. but watch what happens to this prius. >> oh, my gosh!
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>> reporter: another prius comes along and sideswipes it. both driver there's to -- drivers had to go to the hospital. still it didn't stop. more cars and even a muni bus doubled back against traffic. officials put up extra concrete barriers. >> caltrans are working on reconfiguring the roadway and some of the signs. >> reporter: let me show you how to avoid this mess. if you're on lombard headed toward the golden gate bridge and want to take that last san francisco exit, this is what you have to do. as you're approaching the bridge and once you get out of the tunnel move over to the right hand lane because it is coming up quickly and here it is, a quick right and you're able to exit that last san francisco exit. if you do miss it, don't try this clever maneuver. don't just pull over, hang out for a while and get out and try to negotiate with the cops. it won't work.
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we're back live. you can see this is a one-way street. in the last hour we've been watching probably about three cars coming back down the wrong way down the one-way ramp to the last exit. this is day one of about a month long temporary projects. it was a disaster. let's see how day two goes. joe vazquez, kpix5. here's another crazy case of road rage caught on camera. this is dashcam video. you can see 1 vehicle run another right off the road up ahead there. witnesses say a woman in a pickup truck 20 after the driver of a sedan after -- went after the driver of a sedan after that driver cut her off. as you can see, she lost control of her truck. neither driver was seriously hurt. san francisco is having big problems with its new emergency dispatch system. the city spent $3.5 million to upgrade the system and improve communication between the 911 center, police and fire. the information is in bits and pieces... there's a piece of i down there, the upgrade is making matters worse. ne..
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and pen >> they can't exactly obtain the information needed to respond to call for service. the information is in bits and pieces. there's a piece up here and another down here, so i have to scroll down and information is not consistent. >> police and fire departments are back to square one using their own radios and pen and paper to make up the difference. emergency management officials tell us the issues are being worked on and overall emergency response has not been affected. tonight some surfers and fisherman are taking on a silicon valley billionaire over this beach. this is martins beach just south of half moon bay, very popular place. andria borba tells us this fight is about more than epic waves. it's one of the most important fights over access to the coast in years. chain clinking 20.39 little fish, good >> the trial happening in redwood city is all about this 25-foot gate behind me and the beach hidden on the other side. th vinod claimed he didn't remr and couldn't recall a out beach >> it's nice little fish, good meat. >> reporter: but to get that
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fish from the pacific coast waters of martin beach, this san mateo fisherman had to jump the gate and walk across the property. the sun microsystems cofounder took the stand today. our cameras weren't allowed in court and he didn't want to talk in the hallway. under oath he claimed he couldn't remember or recall any conversations about beach access. an attorney for the surf rider foundation says that's a lie. >> his intent all along in our opinion was to build a private residence there thinking that he could close this down, a beach that's been open for 100 years. >> reporter: this is video of martin's beach on a much foggier day. it's beloved in san mateo county. >> well, it's a pretty nice beach. i'd like to be able to go on it. >> reporter: in recent years he's had people arrested for trespassing and filed lawsuits over access and property rights. >> i really don't know the rules on the whole situation
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whether he's allowed to close it or not, but i think it starts with you close one off. they might close others off. >> the trial is expected to take about a week. tonight, this is w also tonight mexican drug smugglers bail when they run into trouble at a bay area beach. tonight this is what they left behind. >> tonight meet the bay area mother who single handedly mother who single handedly fought the chinese ,,,,,,
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home that later exploded and burned. you can see the a police officer was shot to death in new hampshire after responding to a domestic disturbance at a home that later exploded and burned down. flames were shooting out of a roof and all of a sudden the explosion rips that home apart. it was leveled within an hour. authorities believe the gunman, the owner's son, is dead. we are seeing new evidence of drug smugglers moving north to the bay area. you're looking at about 1,000 pounds of pot left on a san mateo county beach. betty yu shows us what granola bars and instant noodles had to do with that much weed. >> reporter: it looked like a well thought out plan, a huge fuel tank, plenty of extras, two engines and a waiting suv on land to deliver the drugs, but when the car got stuck in the sand this morning, the smugglers ditched the sand, boat and the pot, more than 1,000 pounds. this 30-foot fishing boat is
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called a ponga and popular with mexican drug traffickers because they can make long runs, go fast and hold a lot of drugs. the words on the boat suggest it was manufactured in mexico. >> this is the northernmost landing that we've had. we've had at least two in san mateo county, two in santa cruz and other four in monterey county. >> reporter: the cape taken with the marine towing -- captain with the marine towing company is getting used to getting these kind of calls that are more typical along the southern california coast. >> they just finally got these things coming this far north. the first one i did was last year. >> reporter: he's picked up five in the bay area in less than a year. he finds the same thing inside every time. here's a look at what else they left behind. we're seeing a lot of rain gear on board, also a look at when they ate. there's a lot of instant lump, mexican junk food, gray nole --
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lunch, mexican junk food, granola bars, hotdogs and dishwashing soap. homeland security says the reason this drug smuggling has increased in recent years up north is because they've busted so many operations down south. that's why most drug runners are willing to make the long trip for an extra shot at escaping. also tonight dozens of people demonstrated in palo alto in support of those kidnapped girls in nigeria. people banged drums, danced and prayed. reverend jesse jackson was also there. today the kidnappers released the first video of the girls since the terrorists took them from a school almost a month ago. the captives are dressed in conservative muslim garb. the terrorist leader claims the girls are safe and will be returned in exchange for militants held in nigerian jails. tonight we have the extraordinary story of a bay area woman who convinced the chinese government to do the
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right thing. sharon chin shows us beijing never quite met a woman like jenny bowen. aya's heart. "clip 0018 at 16:47:15 i saw what a family' child. she just look >> reporter: jenny and richard bowen adopted maya. she was nearly 2 and silent scarred for life from an orphanage in china. >> she was like a little shell of a child. >> reporter: one smile, one song, one hug at a time the couple gradually opened maya's heart. >> i saw what a fell's love does for -- a family's love does for a child. she just looked like a normal kid. >> reporter: ginny figured why not offer loving familylike care to all of china's orphans abandoned in the country's one child population control policy. four years ago she approached the government with the same
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determination she employed in hollywood. >> would you let me partner with you so that i and other adoptive families like me can give back in gratitude? >> what made you think that the chinese government would open its doors to you? >> it wasn't easy. i'm not going to pretend it was ever easy, but it's been extraordinary. >> reporter: extraordinary because china allowed her, a foreigner, to launch a year long child nurturing programming in two of its own on everybody najs. soon -- orphanages. soon beijing was sending delegates to see the transformation for themselves. >> all the institutional behaviors were falling away, the head banging and indiscriminate affection. >> reporter: jenny's new book wish you happy forever details her crusade of compassion. >> you're doing such a great job. >> reporter: the last 16 years her nonprofit has trained tens of thousands of chinese welfare
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workers to love accidentally care for more than 100,000 orphans. this board member credits jenny's tenacity. >> for helper to do what she's done with the chinese government in a very socially sensitive area and to have the impact and build, she doesn't take no for an answer. >> reporter: half the sky is now training of welfare worker and administrator in china to nurture 1 million of china's orphaned and neglected children. >> i'm really proud of china to have opened its doors like this. >> reporter: only because one mother dared to dream big, sharon chin, kpix5. >> jenny bowen is this week's jefferson award winner. you can see more of her story wednesday night at 6:00 here on channel 5. snow fell in the rockies. it feels like summer in the bay area, but look at this. this is colorado where 3 feet of snow fell in the rockies,
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several inches also falling in denver. here at home governor brown is letting the lawn outside the state capitol die to each everyone a lesson about conserving water. it would be a good idea considering the temperatures the next couple days. >> green to brown in very short order when you're talking about 100 degrees and no rain in the forecast the next several days. live look outside, clear night, mild, great shot of the weather building. palo alto 90 degrees, danville 89, foster city 87, richmond 76 and today will likely be the coolest of the next four days. we'll start off with a mild night, mid- to upper 50s, vallejo 57, san jose 58, redwood city 50 five, sunrise 6 -- 55, sunrise 6:52. wednesday we'll be 5 degrees
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hotter, 101 degrees, the first triple digit temperature in livermore and our inland community since last september 9th. high pressure building in. the same ridge of high pressure giving us the warm stuff coming down, denver, there's the snow in the rockies and utah and wyoming. for us it's all about the heat because the ridge is centering itself to our north. chilly air out over the pacific. once the winds flip back on friday, many of you away from the water will hit 100 degrees on wednesday. temperatures well above average through thursday, but cooler weather will be back in time for the weekend. tomorrow 15 to 20 degrees bow average. san francisco your average is 67 -- above average. san francisco, your average is 67. fremont will hit 92 tomorrow.
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venetia will hit the 90s, 86 degrees in san francisco, toasty, berkeley 87, napa 94, tomorrow sunshine, 92 degrees. first time this year i put that triple digits on our seven-day forecast, wednesday inland 101, a little bit of cooling thursday. friday significant cooling. by the weekend we're back to normal, temperatures in the 90s and 100s away from the water both tuesday and tuesday. 101 wednesday afternoon inland. not a multiple choice. coming up in someunder age college students ,,,,,,
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state capitol aims at making underage drinking at u-c das -- legal. a bill making its way to the state capitol aims at making underage drinking at uc davis legal. it's called the sip and spit bill for the university's wine making class. students under 21 would be allowed to taste the fruits of their labor but not swallow.
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it's not considered a free pass for underage drinking. >> this bill would allow us to provide the students with wine to taste and for them to taste it without any legal consequences. >> this would not be groundbreaking legislation. 12 other states currently allow their underage students to taste. the bill goes up for assembly vote the end of the month. seems rapper jay-z may have more than 99 problems tonight. >> he was caught on camera brawling with beyonce's sister. it happened in an elevator. it happened in new york last week right after the doors closed. beyonce's sister starts punching and kicking jay-z. it's not clear what started the fight and afterwards she and
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her sister leave in a separate car. the a's and the giants both home at the same time. could the a's stop the home run leader?
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meet tyler colvin who was cd two big heroes for the giants tonight, one you know about. the other you don't. meet tyler colvin called up from the minor leagues on saturday. in his first at bat against the braves he put it into the drink, solo shot and the giants take the early lead. it was turn back the clock night for that man. tim lincecum struck out 11th pitch. tied game in the 7th inning and tyler colvin again, a shot past freddie freeman at first. two run score and the r.b.i. triples. looks like colvin is the hot hand in the left field.
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former acetaminophen slugger harold baines tied at 1-1 in the 5th. 3-1 lead, his eighth of the year. chavez was brilliant, allowed just one run in the 9th, but the rookie slugger jose abreu. a's win five straight. spurs race out to a 3-0 lead against the blazers. damian lillard from oakland 25 points took his shot in the 4th quarter. they win 103-92 to stave off elimination. no nba team has ever come back from an 0-3 series deficit. bruce boudreau, in anaheim in a pivotal game against the king. they win 4-3 and have a 3-2 series lead in the battle of
2:08 am
california. houston chronicle reporter john mcclain was convinced the texans would pick a quarterback in the first pick of the draft. they didn't. he paid the price. >> a few months ago i said that if the texans didn't draft a quarterback in the first round i would eat the chronicles draft day front page, so here it is. the end for a career- playo >> better than a big mac. lebron james had a monster game in brooklyn. he needed a free throw at the end for a playoff career high 50. he missed it. miami still beat brooklyn. no. 3, we've uncovered video of ken bastida's tee shot at the channel 5 golf tournament. -- rangers rookie and it's
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newscast is tomorrow mornin 4-30. david letterman is next with harry connick, jr.
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