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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning, everyone. it's wednesday, "hump day." may 14. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm michelle griego. time now is 6:00. you can expect more record high temperatures today as dangerous heat continues across the bay area. we have team coverage of the heat. kpix 5 reporter cate caugiran is in dublin where cooling centers will be open today. but first we'll go to meteorologist lawrence karnow in the weather center for a look at the blizzarding temperatures. this is going to be one for the record books today. we are going to see hot weather again i think shattering many records around the bay area. high pressure sitting overhead. those offshore winds continuing to blow. it is a very mild start to the day. so we are expecting that record heat. heat advisories again around the bay area posted until 8:00 this evening. temperatures are expected to soar into the 90s and even triple digits in some of the valleys. out the door we go. we have clear skies now some very, very mild numbers for
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this time of the morning. 63 degrees in san francisco. 60 in livermore. and 58 degrees in san jose. keep in mind, the air is very dry. so it is going to heat up in a hurry. about 100 degrees in concord today. about 96 in san jose. and about 94 degrees in oakland. 93 a record in san francisco. a lot of folks are looking for a way to keep cool. cate caugiran is in dublin with more on cooling centers. >> reporter: lawrence, we know that several different warnings have been issued as a result of this sweeping heat wave. cooling centers will be open again today for anyone looking to beat the heat. the dublin public library the senior center, air-conditioned community centers and other facilities in bay area cities will all be open for people who neat to get out of the heat. combine today's weather and vehicle exhaust and it will be another "spare the air" day
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third day in a row for the bay area. this is video out of dublin. in addition cal/osha warns employers to protect workers who will be spending most of the day out in the heat. now, health officials stress that heat-related illnesses can be avoided if people take the proper precautions. live in dublin, cate caugiran, kpix 5. another check of your "kcbs traffic" this morning coming into san jose. we have an accident a slight location change initially reported by tully but sounds like it's closer to story road and you can see those delays 35 miles per hour approaching that accident scene. it's fire crews blocking two lanes. and so it's about 12 minutes right now according to our road sensors between 280 and 237 but there are some backups even behind that. 280 looks clear. and the guadalupe parkway coming through downtown. those look great. not so great the bay bridge. once again, this is our second straight morning they have been turning on the metering lights on the earlier side. today the earliest we have seen so far this week at 5:45.
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we called chp. they just said they saw a higher volume of traffic heading into san francisco from the east bay than usual. and so they switched those metering lights on a little earlier than normal as well about 15 minutes earlier than normal. so if you're used to crossing the bay bridge, you're going to get hit with this. if you are expecting an easy commute even though it is a "spare the air" day, obviously people are not paying attention. they are not using mass transit as much. might be a good idea to use bart, systemwide all trains on time. back to you. an exciting discovery off the san mateo county coast. chopper 5 spotted a small pod of whales. looks like two adults and one calf. this is off martins beach. the one involved in a court fight over public access. we are told by the california academy of science experts that these are gray whales. it's a time of year when most mothers start migrating north with their calves. cool. and it is another "spare the air" day today. video from chopper 5 over mount hamilton yesterday shows how
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poor the air quality was. >> pretty thick. happening today a landmark here in san francisco is about to open to the public for the first time in months. anne makovec joins us live in the newsroom with more on the newly renovated kaity tong. anne. >> reporter: the 81 -- coit tower. anne? >> reporter: the 81-year-old tower has been being upgraded since november getting rid of lead paint and fixing plumbing. the most intricate work murals that have seen wear and tear over the years. the tower was built in the '30s. when lily hitchcock coit died she left money with instructions to beautify the city. the murals depicts scenes in california. the artwork was commissioned by the government. the first publicly sponsored art in the government. >> with the work of art it's become a museum and that's what in part has motivated all of to us push the city harder to treat it like a museum. >> among the work that's been
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done, cracks on the outside walls repaired, windows replaced to keep out moisture and inside there are new protective barriers in front of the newly enhanced murals. the renovations cost $1.7 million paid for by san francisco residents' tax dollars. the re-opening ceremony begins at 11:00. live in the newsroom, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> the renovations paid by a ballot measure that was approved by the voters in san francisco back in 2012. as more local governments approve bans on single use plastic grocery bags there's now a move for a statewide ban. the bill from state senator alex padilla still in the early stages in the legislature. today it will be considered by the assembly's natural resources committee. if approved it will advance to the assembly appropriations committee. police are looking for a man accused of sexual battery in berkeley identified as 50- year-old roger lopez. a uc-berkeley student says he groped her near people's park.
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she said she was walking along dwight way monday night when the man yelled at her, ran across the street and grabbed her. lopez is a registered sex offender. a third-grader is removed from his fremont school for sexually harassing a classmate. kpix 5's betty yu reports the victim's mother says she got action after she passed out flyers to other parents. >> reporter: the flyer warns that your child may be at risk. we're talking about a 7-year- old boy accused of sexually harassing an 8-year-old classmate at hirsch elementary school. >> he grabbed her private areas and then came behind her and like was making motions that he was having sexual intercourse with her. >> reporter: kim white says this happened twice in the last six weeks at the fremont school. the first time she said the school suspended the boy for one day. the second time, she said the principal gave her two options. the boy would be transferred to a different classroom, or her daughter could switch schools. that's not all that upset her. >> then she asked me why my daughter didn't punch him in the face. so from there, i told her my
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daughter would not be coming back to campus as long as the boy is here. >> the allegations were taken very seriously. and after meeting with the parents, a decision was made that the boy will not be returning to that school. >> reporter: kimberly says she is grateful for the decision but still filed a formal complaint against the principal. she kept her daughter at home since last week. and she isn't thrilled about coming back. >> i don't know if it's that she's afraid. i don't know if it's that she's ashamed. i don't know if that she is embarrassed. i just know that she really doesn't want to. >> reporter: in fremont, betty yu, kpix 5. >> we're told the boy will be allowed to attend another school in the district. authorities are not ready to return a young oakland girl back home to her mother after a strange series of events. her mother tells kpix 5 she dozed off on monday and when she woke up her 7-year-old daughter disappeared. well, it turns out the girl went into a church on
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international boulevard on monday night. a woman from the church took the girl home and called police the next morning. >> this is my first time hearing this. and i don't know why they won't bring me my daughter. they won't tell me you know -- this is kind of weird now. the police won't call me. they won't tell me they found my child. they wouldn't do nothing. >> at this point police are not revealing why they are holding off on letting that little girl go home to her mother. wig discovery near haiti could solve a 500-plus-year-old mystery. >> this is neat. an underwater explorerrer says he found christopher columbus a long lost ship. it looks like like just a pile of rocks but the explorer says this is actually the wreckage of the santa maria lost in a storm in 1492. and this long tube in the rocks there says matches the cannon columbus had on the ship. >> columbus described in his "diario" over and over lombards. lombard is a 15th century
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weapon a cannon that columbus used on board the santa maria. >> so literally a smoking gun? >> literally a smoking gun. >> the shipwreck was found in just 10 feet of water. a lot of experts are skeptical. the next step will be a full excavation of the site. right now rescuers racing to free more than 200 people still trapped inside a coal mine that exploded in turkey. more than 230 workers were killed. nearly 800 people underground at the time. those who died were overcome by carbon monoxide. this is some video from actually inside the mine. you could see how man of the miners helped each other out. it happened during a shift change so there were more people in the mine than usual. time now is 6:09. it's higher education about getting high. the new marijuana themed university just starting in colorado. >> reporter: good morning. it certainly is not just the weather that is hot. it's also our oakland a's! we have weather and sports together as the news continues on kpix 5.
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>> record heat around the bay area many of those records going to be shattered all cross the area but we have some big changes coming our way now, too. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and fire crews continue to block two lanes of 101 coming into san jose and unfortunately it's causing a big old traffic jam. we'll tell you all about it coming up. but first we want to know what's driving you crazy during your commute in addition to the traffic. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. orning: cannabis in the classroom. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,
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a new marijuana-themed colle in colorado is hosting class in denver. new this morning, cannabis is the classroom. >> a new marijuana themed college in colorado is hosting classes in denver. cloverleaf university offers courses in cannabis
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cultivation, infusion and marijuana business. the university says its courses are accredited by the colorado supreme court board for continuing legal education. >> their football team is not very good. >> no, i don't think so. new this morning, justin bieber comes to the attention of police once again. this time it's at a miniature golf course in los angeles. tmz says bieber demanded a woman's cell phone so she could delete pictures she may have taken from him. she refused and said he reached into her purse to retrieve the phone. the incident is being investigated. trending now josh reddick using the classic slow jam from wham as his walkup song for monday's game against chicago white sox and who wouldn't by the way? a's take on the white sox again this afternoon. 12:35. spring heat. it's going to be hot. follow us at twitter at #cbssf. liz, that song has been in
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my head all morning. >> i know you were going to ask me if i heard it. i was going to google it on youtube so i could be prepared for this. >> wham. >> got it. [ laughter ] >> george michael. >> let's go outside. we are tacking about spring heat. that's trending. that's my personal theory that there's more traffic congestion on these hot days and more accidents so be extra careful. northbound 101 at story road, delays begin at tully just past that 280/680 interchange. drive time is 11 minutes from 285. guadalupe parkway fine. once again, they turned on the metering lights early. yesterday it was at 5:48. today it was at 5:45. backups extending to the macarthur maze. no incidents
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just higher volume of traffic maybe people trying to avoid the heat later on this morning. live look at our sensors through antioch. the red ones popped up approaching "a" street. past the antioch exits things look better out into pittsburg- bay point. westbound 580 through the altamont pass, delays begin in tracy like usual and then the heaviest delays are to about north flynn and then just kind of sluggish now all the way out into dublin-pleasanton. it is a "spare the air" day so you're encouraged to stay off of the roads this morning and all day and use mass transit instead and so far now bart is back on track no longer seeing any delays there. ace trains 1 and 3 very good. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." more on this sizzling forecast, here's lawrence. yeah. that's going to be the peak of the heat today. hot temperatures around the bay area and along the coastline, maybe some mid areas, maybe some 90s into santa cruz. we are off and running on what looks like a very hot day ahead. warm temperatures to beginning already in spots this morning, into the 60s in san francisco.
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it is 60 even in livermore. 59 in oakland and 58 in san jose. so the temperatures starting out very mild early on this morning. and by the afternoon, running well above the average. average temperatures usually in the 60s and the 70s today almost 30 degrees above the average at 93 in san francisco. that would be a record high. another possible record at 94 in oakland, 96 san jose, 96 santa rosa. the peak of the heat today then changes begin to kick in as we see the fog and low clouds begin to return maybe tomorrow. at least along the coastline. and then some much cooler air coming in as we look toward friday and the weekend. but not today. offshore winds continuing. we are going to see that record heat as that air sinks and approaches the coastline. it's very dry, too. with that big ridge overhead it's going to compress all that air down near the surface. so the pollutants getting trapped down below means another "spare the air" day today. tomorrow some relief with the sea breeze. 90s and triple digits into the
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south bay today, mid-80s into pacifica and half moon bay, 100 walnut creek, 97 benicia. inside the bay as high as 93 in alameda and 94 in kentfield. your sunrise time 6:01. sunset 8:12. over the next couple of days, the temperatures going to start to cool down first along the coastline and the bay. much cooler weather on the way for the weekend. that fog is going to feel so good. i can't wait until that sea breeze kicks in. >> i'll enjoy the heat for one more day. kpix 5 reporter roberta is live at coliseum this morning. >> yes. the a's take on the white sox this afternoon. roberta, you have some tips to stay cool. >> reporter: one of them is leave the umbrella at home, michelle, because that's always one of those dicey questions, you're not quite sure so i checked in with the fine folks at the coliseum and oracle, umbrella are prohibited. it's a big no. that's not good if you want to
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ward off the effects of sunstroke because it's not just the weather that's hot. our oakland a's are sizzling hot, as well. in fact, let's give you some game highlights from last night. check out these folks. they are busting a move. they had a lot to cheer about. we had drew pomeranz on the mound for the good guys. five shutout innings for the second straight start. he struck out 8. then we had our main guy josh reddick, two- run shot that gave the a's a 4- 0 lead. but that was just warming up. brandon moss hit two home runs. he drove in five runs last night. that's big! and it made it an 11-0 game last night with our number one oakland a's in first place in the american league west. first off, if you are heading to today's game at 12:35, we have some five beat-the-heat tips for you. first, hydrate, hydrate. that means drink lots of water and electrolytes and then secondly, a hat. you definitely need a hat, the
6:20 am
bigger the better. third, lather on the sunscreen. fourth, make sure you take some shade breaks and then also wear some light-colored clothing, the great karnow and i put our heads together and came up with 94 degrees. that will be a record here at coliseum where oakland a's play host to the chicago white sox at 12:35. go a's! if you want more information on weather, go to reporting from the coliseum in oakland, always the first to arrive to a party, roberta gonzales, kpix 5. thank you. magic johnson responds to the attack by l.a. clippers owner donald sterling. how the basketball legend took the high road, at 6:30. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, this is a great time to be a baseball fan in the bay area. hopefully, this weather is going to hold out through october the way it's going. a's go for six in a row while the giants try to remain
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undefeated against the braves coming up. ,,,,,,,,
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the play o' the day. good morning, everyone. with the victory last night against chicago, the a's would tie the giants for most wins in the major league. everybody in rhythm these days at the coliseum. for the second straight start, drew pomeranz pitched five shutout innings. he strikes out the former cal bear marcus simeon for one of his 5ks. oakland up 4-0 in the 3rd inning, but then! josh reddick goes deep for a two-run home run! they go on to win 11-0 matching the giants' major league- leading total of 25 wins. bad moon rising at at&t.
6:25 am
giants hosted the braves. 6th inning atlanta up 1-0. freeman with a base hit. jason hayward tries to score. hunter pence throws on the money have been out but buster posey did not put the glove on the runner extending the inning. bad play by the giants catcher. braves win 5-0. multiple reports stan van gundy will be hired by the detroit pistons. the martinez native will be the head coach and president of basketball operations. apparently the warriors wanted him as a coach but not as president of the entire organization. so van gundy is out. who is next on the list? we'll have an update at 6:00. stay cool, everybody. a's big blowout win could have been by a bigger margin if not for the play of the day. yoenis cespedes at the plate is going to drive the ball deep to
6:26 am
center field. bottom of the 6th, chicago's garcia going back, but no home run. pulls it back into the yard. and two teams finish the series today at the coliseum, game time 12:35. play of the day. 6:26. it doesn't take much to start a fire in this heat. coming up, firefighters battle flames across california. >> reporter: the bay area getting another round of sun and dangerous heat. i'm cate caugiran live at a cooling center in dublin. we'll have more on the resources you will want to know about to keep you safe. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. with the warnings now being a deadly virus from the arabian peninsula makes its way
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to u.s. soil. i'm anne makovec live in the newsroom with the warnings now being posted at american airports including sfo. >> an overhaul of california's medical marijuana system faces a key vote today. the impact it could have on patients and bay area communities. >> all lanes just reopened now on northbound 101 in san jose we still have a big delay. more coming up. good morning, it's wednesday, may 14. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 6:30. it's heating up outside. today is going to be another scorch. cate caugiran is in dublin where cool centers will be open but first lawrence karnow is in the weather with a look at the blazing temperatures. >> it's going to be something else, the hottest day of the week record-breaking temperatures around the bay area. high pressure of course sitting overhead and those offshore winds, so that dry air sinking and really heating up as it approaches the coastline. heat advisories are up once again until 8:00 in the evening
6:31 am
hours. temperatures in the 90s even the low 100s so check on the kids and the elderly. those folks most susceptible to hot temperatures. out the door we go. it is a very mild start and a clear beginning to the day. temperatures already in the 60s into san francisco, also into livermore. 59 in oakland. 56 in concord. now, this afternoon, these temperatures getting downright hot in spots. triple digits in the valleys. you will see plenty of 90s, many records inside the bay and even out toward the beaches, wow, what a day it's going to be in pacifica, about 85 degrees. well, a lot of folks are looking for a way to keep cool. we have one idea, we have cate caugiran at a cooling center in dublin. how are you doing, cate? >> reporter: i'm good. right now it's pretty cool. i know that's going to change dramatically over the next few hours. triple digits will be here in dublin. health officials say heat- related illnesses can be prevented if people find a way to beat the heat. there are resources for people who need them. colling centers will be set up -- cooling centers will be set
6:32 am
up across the bay area in senior centers and community centers designed so you can pop in, get a little relief. it's also going to be another "spare the air" day. so that means we're looking at more pollution. this is video over dublin. today's weather combined with vehicle exhaust will key arizona more haze that we saw yesterday. on top of that cal/osha is also concerned for workers who will be spending most of the day outdoors. they have cautioned employers to inform and protect those employees who will be spending the day in the heat. cate caugiran, kpix 5. a check of your traffic 101 in dublin, it's slow, an earlier accident. you can see it's 14 minutes between 85 and 280 but all lanes are now clear. northbound 101 at story road, it's backed up to capitol expressway. big backups this morning at the bay bridge. heads up trying to get into san francisco from the east bay.
6:33 am
they turned those metering lights on early once again this morning a 5:45. so it's been backed up into the macarthur maze. any approaches 580 already slow from 24 for a while now. highway 4 also very sluggish and suddenly it's not just through your antioch exits. it's kind of continuing into the pittsburg-bay point area. really all the way out to willow pass exit. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. kirker pass road open again this morning after a big grass fire along -- between concord and pittsburg. it started when a car knocked down a power pole. this happened yesterday afternoon. 15 acres burned. kirker pass road closed for several hours but back open this morning. people were allowed back into their 20,000 homes near san diego last night. they had been forced out by a wildfire spread by some strong santa ana winds down there. but the winds died down after dark. basketball legend magic johnson is responding to comments about him made by los angeles clippers owner donald sterling. >> what has he done, can you
6:34 am
tell me?! big magic johnson. what has he done? >> that was during an interview with cnn's anderson cooper in which sterling apologized for racist comments he made. johnson responded during his own interview with cooper. more on that from kpix 5's christin ayers. >> reporter: it was magic johnson's turn to speak out on the donald sterling scandal one day after the disgraced l.a. clippers owner attacked magic over his hiv status and said he should be ashamed of himself. magic took the high road. >> it's sad. when i saw that interview, it's sad. it really is. i'm going to pray for this young man. i hope donald, uhm, can see the mistake he has made and the people he have hurt along the way. >> reporter: magic contradicted the claims he did nothing for his community. in two decades the magic johnson foundation has raised $20 million for charity and handed out millions more in scholarships. >> i just wish he knew the facts when he's talking.
6:35 am
but he's a man who is upset. and he's reaching. he's reaching. he is trying to find something that he can grab on to, to help him save his team and it's not going to happen. it's not going to happen. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> johnson said he forgives sterling but he doesn't think nba plans or the fans want sterling or any of his family retaining ownership of the clippers. developing news now. health advisories are now posted at 22 u.s. airports about middle east respiratory syndrome, known as mers. one of those airports is in the bay area. more now from anne makovec who joins us live from the newsroom. >> reporter: sfo is one of the 22 airports posting warnings. only two people here in the u.s. have confirmed cases. but the concern is that they were both on airplanes and the virus is contagious. middle east respiratory syndrome, known as mers, is a virus linked to 140 deaths in saudi arabia since 2012. a third of the people infected
6:36 am
die. the warnings posted in 22 airports here in the u.s. say the risk is low and that people who get sick within two weeks of being in the arabian peninsula should call a doctor. both patients confirmed infected here in the u.s. have recently been to saudi arabia. they are both expected to recover. but this is the first time the virus has been documented in this country and these warnings are being taken seriously. >> i think the airlines have to be very cautious about that because you can be exposed on the plane. >> reporter: of the two people that have tested positive for mers, one lives in indiana, another in florida. and both are healthcare providers who traveled overseas and then came down with the flu- like symptoms. middle east respiratory syndrome has no known treatment. health officials are still trying to track down people who may have come into contact with those two patients in the u.s. anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> test results from some of the healthcare workers who came in contact with one of the patients are expected back later today. happening this morning,
6:37 am
preliminary hearing scheduled in san jose courtroom for san francisco 49er chris culliver. he is charged with misdemeanor hit-and-run and felony possession of brass knuckles from an incident that happened in march. investigators say culliver struck a bicyclist and threatened a witness with brass knuckles. he pled not guilty. lawmakers could pass a bill to regulate medical marijuana in california. the bill was approved by a public safety committee last month that regulates the industry from growers to the dispensaries. the bill also calls for a new department under the alcohol and beverage control to monitor the pot industry. if the legislation passes, local cities will be able to tax medical cannabis clubs. it is 6:37 on your wednesday. a couple of kids are recovering this morning after a fun afternoon goes horribly wrong! what happened after a child's bounce house blows away with the kids inside. >> reporter: and there is a new push to make the san jose fire department more efficient.
6:38 am
let's just call it the firefighter shuffle. i'm kiet do. we'll explain coming up in a live report. >> and the market just opened up about 10 minutes ago. let's check the big board. you can see the dow is down about 33 points. coming up, we'll get an update from kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers out there send us your questions about their health and well-being. email or our web page at we'll have our pet expert give you answers every friday here at noon. >> let's check your pollen report for today: >> we'll have more news and weather when we come back.
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dog: get four years get four years interest-free financing on the entire tempur-pedic cloud collection, even a queen size sealy gel memory foam mattress for just $497. the memorial day sale is ending soon. what a day it's going to be
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record-breaking highs, 80s toward the beaches if you can get there. waves strong at the coastline. temperatures heating up inside the peninsula. mid-90s into sunnyvale. 97 campbell, 101 morgan hill. east bay temperatures also going to be soaring in the 90s and the triple digits this afternoon. many records are going to fall all around the bay area. 99 in san ramon, about 100 in walnut creek and 99 in pleasant hill. in the north bay, those offshore winds already blowing even bodega bay, 80s, warm day for them. san francisco about 93 degrees probably a record downtown. thank you, lawrence. time now for a look at what's coming up a little later on "cbs this morning." >> gayle king joins us now from new york. good morning. >> reporter: hello, you guys. who was that just giving the weather report? he sounded so happy telling you that it's 90 and 100 degrees. >> that's lawrence karnow.
6:43 am
we call him the great karnow. and he is taking a bow right now. >> reporter: hello, great karnow! you guys skipped spring and went to summer. hello. good to see you both. ahead, disturbing signs a deadly disease may be spreading in the u.s. dr. holly phillips on the possible dangers of mers. plus, what you didn't order from amazon. how is it that some customers could be paying for brand names and then they wind up with the cheap stuff? the fakes? and jackie kennedy's thoughts on her marriage, life in the white house and her husband's assassination. they are all revealed in newly uncovered letters written to an irish priest. mark phillips takes a closer look at new insight into your history. the news is back in the morning. we'll see you at 7:00. back to you guys. >> all right. a fascinating story about jackie o. okay. thanks. see you at 7:00. >> reporter: but frank, this is the thing. >> go ahead. >> reporter: you think if you write something to your priest that nobody will ever see that. so we were talking about that
6:44 am
today. that's a little uhm -- >> privacy issue. >> disturbing. >> confidential. >> but we'll be watching. >> reporter: that said, i want to know what she said. i do want to know what she said. >> that's a very good tease. so we'll be tuned in. thank you. >> see you. 6:44. soaring meet prices led to a big jump in producer prices last night. here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a bit more pressure coming to our paychecks in the coming months. the labor department's producer price index which tracks wholesale side inflation was up six-tenths of a percent in april. it was up 2.1% over the past is it months. biggest gain in over two years. food costs leading that charge higher up 2.7%. largest gain of food costs in over three years. meat prices were up by over 8%. that could influence where the fed eventually goes on raising its benchmark interest rate. yahoo is buying a mobile messaging app called blink. kind of like snapchat in that
6:45 am
it allows users to have their photos, texas and video self- destruct after a certain amount of time. no price tag on that. snapchat recently settled with the ftc that it allowed users' photos to stick around longer than expected. mobile message apps big after facebook picked up "whatsapp" for billions. >> the dow is down 45. nasdaq down 8. s&p off by 3 points. michelle and frank, back to you >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs news. parents watched in horror as a bounce house blew away with the kids still inside. kpix 5's elizabeth cook reports two of those children are now in the hospital in upstate new york. >> i rook out and see the bounce -- i rook out and see the bouncy -- i look out and see the bouncy house go up, and it landed in the middle of the road. the one hit the road and the orelanded on the car and the ground. >> reporter: a girl who was
6:46 am
also in the bounce house when it went up escaped with only minor scratches and bruises. the two boys were not as lucky. they fell about 15 feet. >> by the time the ambulance got here and everybody and they rolled him oat every over and put him on the stretchers, his face and whole front of his body were covered in blood. >> reporter: after the boys were thrown from the house, it continued to travel hundreds of feet. witnesses say the owners of the house had put it up correctly and staked it securely in the ground. >> the parents were out there too and i mean, anything that could have been done wrong was not. everything was done properly. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, kpix 5. >> both those boys are now hospitalized with serious injuries. now a story you'll see only on kpix 5. san jose has one of the most thinly staffed fire departments in the nation due to budget cuts and now there's talk of reducing the number of firefighters on each engine. kiet do on why city leaders think that plan means better
6:47 am
service. >> reporter: it could be san jose's unofficial motto: do more with less. >> in reality it's do less with less. >> reporter: right now, san jose fire shows up with four people per engine. it doesn't matter whether it's a huge blaze or minor medical call. but with a tight budget, mayor reed said in his state of the city address it's time to rethink four-man teams. >> another option is to follow the rest of the fire departments in the county who deploy three firefighters on an engine. >> reporter: the mayor is talking about neighboring agencies like the santa clara county fire department, who assign three people per engine. so in san jose, it might work like this. the city has 30 fire stations, shown with the red markers, each with four-man crews. in theory, if you take a firefighter from each station and regroup them, would you have 30 firefighters to put on to 10 engines which you could then redeploy around the city. >> that staffing change alone would allow us to open all our fire stations, eliminate our brownouts and improve response times in medical emergencies.
6:48 am
♪[ music ] >> reporter: the san jose firefighters union is fighting back with a media campaign. they blame the slow response times on the layoffs and station closures from back in 2010. san jose also has one of the lowest numbers of firefighters per capita and fire stations are on average 6 miles apart. the union says to model three- man rigs after smaller cities as their map shows you would have to build another 31 fire stations. that seems a little crazy. >> therefore, you cannot reduce from 4 to 3. you cannot reduce because firefighter safety will be compromised. fires are going to get bigger. and the true outcome is we're going to continue to not make response times. >> reporter: the fate of the fire department could be determined by the next mayoral election. front-runner dave core tastecy is the only candidate who thinks reducing down to three men per rig is a bad idea. >> we shouldn't be playing that kind of russian roulette with firefighters safety. >> reporter: since 90% of emergencies are medical calls, the fire department is over
6:49 am
deploying. >> we could be more efficient and effective if we're willing and the question is whether or not we have the will. >> i want to be able to open all the fire stations to provide adequate services and if that means we have to go from four firefighters to three firefighters, that is the right way to do it. >> reporter: and back here live at fire station 33, which is relatively new and has been closed for a couple of years now, the fire union says before doing anything drastic, let's try reactivating, restaffing some of these closed fire stations and engines and then we'll talk. michelle? >> kiet, the firefighters union is not okay with the three-man squad. but we understand they are fine with the idea of a two-man squad. >> reporter: yeah. you know, both the city and the union, there seems to be growing support for these rapid response two-man teams that are in smaller vehicles because the vast majority of these calls are medical in nature. if done right they say it just might work. live in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5.
6:50 am
6:49. a check of traffic, liz. how are we doing? >> we have accident number 2 now if you are counting on 101 heading into san jose. the first one cleared so that's better news. now we have a new one approaching hellyer so if you are trying to get into san jose, you will be waiting for a while just trying to get to the 280/680 interchange. a gorgeous morning shaping up. here's a live look ought our beautiful golden gate bridge -- look at our beautiful golden gate bridge. traffic flowing nicely into san francisco. we are not seeing traffic tie- ups. westbound 92 a few delays behind the pay gates of westbound 92 but once you get on the span it's getting more crowd you but still moving at the speed limit for the most part all the way out and over the high-rise. westbound 580 drive time is nearly a half hour from the altamont pass to the dublin interchange. the slowest speeds are right there through the livermore valley. highway 4 is always backed up, but today it's even unusually slow on our sensors. you can see it from antioch and just kind of one long line of continuous brake lights all the way out to concord even
6:51 am
bottlenecking for a bit in bay point. we had an earlier crash at loveridge this morning. it is a "spare the air" day. it is hot out there. and so you're encouraged to stay off the roads and use mass transit. ride a bike if you can. but bart, systemwide, is on time. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." with the forecast, here's lawrence. just driving into work today into san francisco at 3 a.m. it was already 70 degrees. pretty amazing stuff. yeah, looks like another very hot day ahead. this likely is going to be the peak of the heat clear skies all the way to the coastline right now. that ridge of high pressure sitting overhead. now into the 60s in san francisco. 60 in livermore, 509 in oakland. -- 59 in oakland. a very mild start to the day and with that warm air these temperatures going to be heating up in a hurry. numbers usually in the 60s and 70s this time of year. we are going to be about 30 degrees above the average in san francisco. that will be a record if we hit 93. 94 also a possible record into oakland. 96 in san jose. and also into santa rosa. this is going to be the hottest day of the week. and then looks like things
6:52 am
change for tomorrow. a return of a little bit of a sea breeze so we'll can down along the coastline and inside -- we'll cool down along coastline and inside the bay. cooler weather is on the way but the air is heating up today sending temperatures soaring. and, of course, the air quality will be suffering. that's because that high pressure ridge sits over the top of us and compresses all the pollution down to the surface. tomorrow we should see a little relief, as well. temperatures are going to be soaring into the 90s and even some triple digits into the south bay. to get to the beach what a beautiful day there. some 80s along the coastline. 90s and triple digits in many of the valleys. inside the bay as high as 94 degrees in berkeley. 97 in the napa valley. about 93 degrees in petaluma. looks like the next couple of days we are going to watch those temperatures beginning to cool down. but it will be another hot one for tomorrow at least in the valleys and then much cooler weather coming our way that fog and low cloud cover is going to roll back in and i think after today, that fog, that sea breeze is going to feel so good.
6:53 am
>> yeah. >> in the next couple of days. >> we are all going to welcome it. >> absolutely. stay cool. >> yeah. thank you, lawrence. it is 6:53. coming up, after six months san francisco's coit tower finally ready to re-open its doors. the major renovations coming up next. >> reporter: as you heard lawrence say, record-breaking temperatures heating up the bay area today but that sunshine does come with a strong warning from health officials. we'll have the details when we return on kpix 5. ♪ ♪ thank you! thank you! dedicated bankers born to go the extra mile. you've been such a big help. it's what i like to do. so you can choose a bank where helping people comes first.
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female narrator: it's posturepedic versus beautyrest it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars are on now at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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when la sends sales rep steve hatfield the ready for you alert, the second his room is ready. you know what he brings? any questions? can i get an a, steve? yes! three a's! he brings his a-game! the ready for you alert, only at! you get out of it, what you put into it. always use gas that cleans. chevron with techron. care for your car. miners trapped underground turkey five things to know at the :55. rescuers are struggling to reach miners trapped underground in turkey this morning. more than 200 people are dead following a coal mine explosion and fire. officials say close to 800 people were inside the mine at
6:57 am
the time of the explosion. magic johnson says he doesn't hold a grudge against donald sterling. the embattled owner of the clippers. he dismissed sterling's claim that he has done nothing in the greater l.a. area. johnson says he supports the nba's efforts to remove sterling as the owner. a san francisco landmark reopens today after undergoing major renovations. the 81-year-old coit tower has been closed since november. crews have been making major repairs to the building's interior and exterior and restoring murals. the ceremony is at 11 a.m. a 7-year-old oakland girl reported missing yesterday but is not home yet. authorities aren't returning her to her mother. the girl went into a church on international boulevard monday night. her mother says she dozed off and when she woke up, her daughter was gone. you can expect more record high temperatures today as dangerous heat and air pollution continues across the bay area. it's another "spare the air" day. video from chopper 5 over mount hamilton yesterday shows how
6:58 am
poor the air quality was. i'm cate caugiran and several health warnings have been issued as a result of this sweeping heat wave that's affecting the bay area. we know that cooling centers will be open again today for anyone looking to beat the heat. the dublin public library and community center as well as other facilities in the bay area will be open for those who need relief from the heat. combine weather and vehicle exhaust and you get another "spare the air" day with pollution, third in the row for the bay area. we can expect to see more of that haze we saw yesterday. this is video out of dublin. cal/osha is warning employers today to protect workers who will be outside. they want to make sure that they will be safe. health officials have stressed that heat-related illnesses can be avoided if people take the proper precautions. cate caugiran, kpix 5. and the heat advisory still in effect today until 8:00 in the evening. that's when the sea breeze should kick in.
6:59 am
but yeah, clear skies to start all the way to the coastline, these temperatures very mild to begin with, 60s already. by the afternoon 100s in the valleys, 96 san jose, 94 could be a record in oakland and 93 a possible record into san francisco. by tomorrow, we start to cool down maybe some patchy fog returns to the coastline. expecting a whole lot of fog as we head in toward friday and this weekend should be much cooler and back to normal. we're not even at quite 7:00 yet and we already have a number of problems already on the roads including in san jose on the guadalupe parkway good. northbound 87 two lanes may be blocked approaching almaden so watch out for a traffic jam approaching curtner. highway 4 a mess more than usual. look at that all red sensors approaching willow pass. there were a couple of earlier accidents in antioch and the bay bridge is really stacked up including all the approaches. the metering lights once again were turned on early. >> before we go, a little
7:00 am
shoutout to 9-year-old alexia! she is a big fan of the morning show. >> have a great day. good morning to our views in the west. it is wednesday, may 14, 2014. welcome to "cbs this morning." a massive rescue effort unfolding right now. crews are struggling to reach hundreds of trapped coal miners in turkey. >> the mers outbreak turns into a nationwide alert this morning. the government is rushing to find hundreds who may have been exposed to the deadly virus. >> plus the landmark court ruling that could affect google. >> but first at look at your "eye opener," a look at the world in 90 seconds. >> health officials rush


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