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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 19, 2014 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the bay, maybe 70s in the south bay and east bay. lets check on the roads with gianna. >> winds could cause problems on the roadways. high wind advisories for most of the bay area bridges including the done barton bridge. no delays to report now but wind conditions there. wind advisories reported for the san mateo bridge as well as the bay bridge but so far light traffic this early monday morning. elsewhere if you plan on taking mass transit so far so good, no delays. bart moving along. altamont pass, a few delays and windy conditions reported there as well. and an accident northbound 680 at sycamore valley still being cleared. the search is over for a pleasant hill construction worker, 31-year-old jason adams found in his truck in a parking lot, in reno 2:00 this morning. police are not releasing details about how he ended up there but say he was in good health. his friends and family have been searching for him since vanishing friday morning. developing news in berkeley, uc police are investigating how a dead body
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ended up near a popular hiking trail. a walker on grizzly peak came across the body yesterday afternoon. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly joins us from the berkeley hills with what we know so far. >> reporter: hikers spotted the body shortly after 2:00 yesterday. it was about 100 feet below a popular lookout here that is just right off of grizzly peak boulevard. hikers tell us this area is scenic and beautiful but the trails here can also be tricky. the body was found 100 feet below a graffiti-covered boulder that is alongside grizzly peak boulevard. it's a popular lookout spot where hikers sometimes like to stop to take in views of the bay. fire crews naked down the berkeley hills sunday to bring up the body and investigators look over the car probably left behind by the victim. but so far there are no known witnesses so police can't be 100%% sure what happened to that victim but they do know this spot has been deadly before. >> about a year ago, at that time we did have witnesses that
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saw individuals climb up the rock and fell down. this person found in a very similar area. >> reporter: no identification on that body but police say it is a hispanic male in his 20s. in the berkeley hills, mark kelly, kpix 5. police say so far there's no reason to suspect foul play. even as firefighters gain ground on the san diego wildfires governor brown is now warning california could be in for its worst fire season ever. cal fire has already responded to more than 1,500 fires this year compared to about 800 during an average year. peak staffing started the first week of april rather than mid-may as usual. the state now has 5,000 firefighters at work and the governor is connecting the fires now to climate change. >> we got to gear up for it. as the climate changes this is going to be a radically different future than was our historic past. in the meantime all we can do is fight all these fires. >> today the governor will speak at a climate change
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conference hosted by the university of california. closer to home kpix reporter roberta gonzalez is keeping an eye on the fire danger. she's live in danville with the mobile weather lab. >> roberta, with thunderstorms in the forecast people need to be extra cautious especially on mount dea blow? -- diablo? >> reporter: yes, we're at the base, it's currently 55 degrees, skies clear and we do wake up this morning with a threat of fire danger right here in the danville area as well as in walnut creek. let's go back to the month of september. that is the last time we had a recent fire in this area. boy was it a fire. when all was said and done nearly 4,000 acres were scorched in the mount diablo area. it was deemed the morgan fire. that's because of the morgan fire territory all went up in smoke. fast forward to eight months later, in may, and firefighters are telling me that the fire season never ever ended here in
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this area due to the lack of rain, due to the situation we stand in today which is a drought situation. so, what do homeowners need to know as we enter this brand new workweek here in the bay area? first stop, we have a threat of thunderstorms in the forecast on tuesday. so officials are telling me as a homeowner you need to get outside and you need to start doing some work around the home. first off, make sure that you prune your tree tops because the wildfires do jump tree to tree. also, if you have any debris around your home like leaves, make sure you clean all that up as well. and clean everything about 30 feet from the home. make sure you have that stacked wood from the winter season away from your home, any propane tanks as well and speaking of doing yard work, in this drought situation a lot of people are letting their lawn go brown so make sure it's trimmed down to the lowest level. therefore you're doing your job during this fire season. it's currently 55 degrees at
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the base of mount diablo. it's extremely dry. we'll stay on top of the weather situation here from the mobile weather lab. >> thank you. we've got developing news about california's latest athlete, the horse california chrome. that won the first two legs of the triple crown but there could be a problem with winning the third race, the belmont by a nose. kate? >> reporter: it depends if new york officials allow california chrome to wear a nasal strip in the upcoming belmont stakes. the horse has worn nasal strips to help him breathe easier in the kentucky derby and preakness but it's against rules in new york where the third race is run. california chrome's owner and trainer will need special permission to use those strips in the belmont. >> this is going to put a little pressure on new york because california chrome is going for the triple crown. and there's going to be over 100,000 people at the races that day. it's brought a lot of
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attention. this horse is now really popular in america. kind of the america's horse. >> california chrome has worn a nasal strip during his current six-race winning streak. the horse only wears it during races, not training. so far the new york state gaming commission nor the new york racing association stewards received a request to use the strips, commission officials say they plan to take a look if that request is received. >> what happens if the officials deny that request? >> we're told if they deny the request owners or trainers say they could scratch the horse from the race. abandoning his triple crown bid. the scandal at veterans administration hospitals may be worse than first thought. a new report says since 2001 the agency paid out millions to settle claims of delays in treatment. wendy gillet has more. >> reporter: white house officials say president obama is determined to investigate and resolve the problems that
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have surfaced involving treatment delays at veterans administration hospitals. >> the president is madder than hell. and i've got the scars to prove it. we're going to get to the bottom of those things, fix them and ensure they don't happen again. >> reporter: as many as 40 patients may have died at the va's phoenix hospital while awaiting treatment. but on sunday the dayton daily news reported the number of deaths at va centers across the country may be much higher and that the agency paid out more than $36 million to settle claims that may be related to delays in treatment. >> there are a lot of veterans who rely on this system and we -- they deserve as much transparency as possible. >> reporter: the allegations have ignited a growing political scandal for the obama administration. there were calls for the va secretary eric shinseki to resign. another top official stepped down friday. >> it's got to stop at the top. i mean, it's a an
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accountability. if it was the ceo and we've heard many ceo's lately of major corporations stepping down, if this was a military, you would be relieved of duty. >> reporter: allegations of schemes to cover up treatment delays in at least eight cities. congress will vote wednesday on legislation that would make it easier to remove or demote high-ranking va officials. >> the veterans administration has not commented. it oversees about 1,700 hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and other facilities. that makes it the country's largest health care group. 5:08. popular 1950s singer jerry vale has died. he was at the top of the charts for more than a decade. his recording of the star spangled banner in the 60s was played at sporting events for years. he died at his palm desert home surrounded by family and friends. he were 83 years old. time now 5:08. a bigtime business deal could have a major impact on the way
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you watch your tv programming. >> welcome back to earth for the space x dragon. where the space shuttle stopped. >> and in the afternoon maybe a few scattered showers. we'll talk about that coming up. >> the winds affecting the morning drive and an update on the accidents.
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the live video game streami service for one-billion- dollars. twitch, google's youtube division is expected to buy the live video game streaming service for $1 billion. also trending, bay to breakers, a kenyan man was the first to cross the finish line in san francisco's annual tradition. runaway goat, authorities in maryland finally capture a runaway animal that forced a school to go on lockdown. it was a goat. mark twain, a state panel, rejected a bit to name a cove in lake tahoe after the author. and justin timberlake took home seven awards at the billboard award last night. >> i was still on the goat. how about traffic? save me. >> i was like -
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to the roadways now, there's a couple things to look out for. the good news is northbound 680 at sycamore valley, that accident in the clearing stages. you can see green on the sensors so speeds should be moving along through there. traffic flowing freely. hopefully things are clearing on the right shoulder. elsewhere, dealing with windy conditions but they did just caning the high wind advisory -- cancel the high wind advisory for the bay bridge. we have a wind advisory still on the san mateo bridge but so far an easy ride between 880 and the 101, 15 minutes to cross the span there. and looking at the golden gate bridge, so far so good, no delays to report out of morerin county. an easy ride and no wind advisory on the golden gate bridge. dunbarton bridge is affected as well. altamont pass, busy, slow and go conditions there. gets a little better once you
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hit 680, then a few brakes lights on the connector there. if you plan on taking mass transit, bart looking good, ferries on time. cal tranreporting in delays this morning. on the suit bay, traffic very light, so far so good this monday morning. 101 no wrecks to report. looks like highway 17 at 280 also moving along as well as gad loop parkway -- quad loop parkway. windy conditions. going to be whipping up especially into the afternoon, breezy outside now but by the afternoon. pretty blustery especially along the coastline and we've got low pressure dropping into our neighborhood. there it is along the coastline. making it's way into northern california. slowly sliding in our direction. not a lot of energy with it but could see a couple of scattered light showers, a slight chance as the system moves through. more clouds and unsettled weather the next couple days if you're headed out it's going to be cooler again today.
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quite a few clouds and the winds will be whipping as we head in towards the afternoon. maybe 30 mile-per-hour gusts out fear the coastline -- near the coastline. 29 miles per hour this morning. 70s and 80s still in the central valley. chance of showers the further north you go. partly cloudy and 64 in the monterey bay. computer models showing clouds moving through, then the whole area of low pressure drops a little closer. that may bring you a couple of scattered light showers mainly over the mountaintops in the bay area but you get the idea. a little unsettled in tomorrow as well. with that in mind temperatures down a bit. 70 degrees in san jose with partly cloudy skies. 69 in mountview. and a cool 62 and breezy in pacifica. numbers up in the 60s and low 70s. then looking at breezy conditions in the bay about 64 degrees now -- 59 degrees and cool and wind in bodega bay. next couple of days, winds a little unsettled. by wednesday most of the clouds begin to depart. by thursday and friday more sunshine. next weekend, not that we're
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looking forward to it already, but lots of sunshine and maybe some off-shore wind. that could make for a very nice weekend. >> is that not a holiday weekend? >> that is a holiday weekend! big one. >> memorial day! >> that's right. it is. >> it's a holiday. >> it's monday though. >> thank you. it's 5:16 now. the space x dragon is finally back home on earth. >> it's splashed down in the pacific off baja, california yesterday. the commercial cargo ship left the iss just fire five hours earlier. it brought back 3,500 pounds of science samples and old equipment since nasa ended the space shuttle program. this is the only way the agency can get cargo to the space station and not burn up re-entering the earth's atmosphere. apple and google are calling a legal truce. in a joint statement the two companies say they are ending all lawsuits against each other. they also agree to can collaborate -- collaborate on
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patent reform. it doesn't appear to cover apple's legislation against samsung which uses google android software on its smartphones. at&t says it's going to buy dirce tv for $48.5 billion. the merger will make at&t the second largest paid tv provider in the country behind comcast now. at&t and direc tv expect to close the deal in a year if the government approves the terms. more mullah for the matterhorn. as disneyland raises admission prices. >> the giant try to go into their first day off since may 1st on a winning note. the as may never want to leave cleveland. >> what is cool about your school? e-mail your nomination. the day involves a belated mother's day gift..,
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good morning. windy conditions us a work your way out the door. use caution as you cross the bridges. we'll look at the altamont pass coming up. you guys are always
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complaining about your schedules but today the giants are going to have their first day off since may 1st. now, before the day of rest san francisco looking to avoid a three-game losing streak to the marlins. blanko making a new friend before the giants game. a 3-0 and pablo sandoval goes deep, third home run of the year. brian pitched seven shutout innings and the giants win 4-1. as ran circles around the indians in cleveland this weekend. brandon shovels down the line to score coco crisp. the next batter doubles in two more. the as win 13-3. lebron james saying high to his former coach. james and the heat trailed the entire game versus indiana. the lay-up and foul. indiana wins game 1, 107-96. believe it or not joel's
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blackhawks, they actually won that game against l.a. chicago put it away in the third. jonathan turned on the red light and it's 3-1 over the canes. as and giants by the way, 28 wins apiece and lead the major leagues but what are we? may 19th? it's their first day off. i never want to hear you complain about your schedules again. >> excuse me, do we complain? >> we do not. >> we show up to work. our play of the day involves a belated mothers' day gift for an 80-year-old great great grandma from kansas. janice connors decided to go skydiving. it was on her bucket list apparently. and many more. she crossed it off with a 10,000-foot tandem jump there. she says she doubts she'll ever do it again. nice landing but once was enough. how much fun was that? there you go, grandma, the play of the day. she looks a little tired. for the runners the bay to
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breakers is a giant mobile street party but neighbors complain about the crowds, noise and of course the big mess left behind. this year organizers prove they were paying attention. >> kpix 5 reporter john ramos shows the path to the bay to bridgers never did run smoothly. >> reporter: this was it, the year it was going to straighten up and go according to plan. which is why the race started 25 minutes late. >> a few delays in some equipment. we wanted to make sure it was in place prior to the race starting. for the safety of the race. >> reporter: organizers were all about safety this year. so runners were herded on to side streets in what they called corrals. and when the race finally did start, if you missed it that is ok. because they started it again. and again. every time a new corral was opened up. honestly that didn't seem to dampen the mood much. >> in england this is like maybe 2,000 people.
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we're like whoa! all these people. it's crazy. i mean, just look at this. you can't ignore this. >> reporter: this year there were bans on alcohol and nudity, which met with limited compliance. and no wheel devices were allowed which left parents shoulderrering a lot of responsibility. >> we usually do it with a doggie stroller but they changed the rules. >> reporter: things looked really different at the top of hayes hill. alamo square park was completely off limits. in fact the entire procession was walled off from the surrounding neighborhoods. >> look at it. knuckleheads out here drunk. if you babysit them along the strip you're good. >> it's a big problem. but we're getting the exercise, we're walking the whole way. >> reporter: people still enjoyed themselves but attendance is less than half that of three years ago.
5:25 am
>> san francisco is the best city in the world. get a life, have fun it's one day a year. bay to breakers is a cultural institution, we love it. >> reporter: in san francisco, john ramos, exp 5 police made a total of 28 arrests mostly for public intoxication. at least three runers were taken to the hospital for injuries and work crews picked up 10 1/2 tons of trash. visitors to the happiest place on earth were not very happy over the weekend. >> without warning disneyland raised the price of a single-day ticket for visitors ages 10 and up to $96, that is up from $912. if it goes up by 4% again neck year it will hit the $100 mark. the cost of season passes and parking also went up. 5:25 now. she has not even confirmed she's running but hillary clinton is already a major target when it comes to the 2016 presidential race. just ahead, why her age and health are suddenly an issue. >> here's an unpleasant
5:26 am
thought. coffee and fungus on a monday. turning out to be a real problem too. what is being done to prevent coffee rush from costing consumers a lot of money. >> one of the hottest congressional races in the country, is about to get a bit more interesting. live report coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of cake. i was told there would be cake. get a free quote at brown, california wildfires may be done for now but on the program this morning a serious warning from governor brown about the months to come. >> also ahead -- a grisly discovery in a popular
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hiking spot in the berkeley hills. >> remember last week when we had those recordbreaking high temperatures? we don't have to worry about that for some time to come. looks like outside today some partly cloudy skies, even a slight chance of a couple of scattered light showers and the winds, they will be howling into the afternoon. we'll talk about that coming up. speaking of the winds, that may affect your drive this morning on some of the bay area bridges including the san mateo bridge, also of course it's busy along 580 through the altamont pass, windy there and you can see a live look at 580 at 680, delays there too. details coming up. good morning, monday, may 19th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm frank malacoat, it's 5:30. cooler winds and calmer temperatures have been a big help. they are getting control of the wildfires that destroyed 47 holes, all evacuation -- homes. all evacuation orders lifted but four fires still burning this morning. meanwhile governor brown is worried this fire season will
5:31 am
be especially bad due to the drought. kpix 5's keig -- cate garrett with more. >> reporter: governor brown is planning to focus on agriculture today in second sacramento. >> reporter: the wildfires in san diego county last week causing a $20 million in damage killing one man, only the beginning. >> humanity is on a collision course with nature. >> reporter: governor jerry brown says california could be in for its worst wildfire season ever after years of drought he says climate change is to blame. >> as we send billions and billions of tons of heat-trapping gases we get heat and we get fires and we get what we're seeing. >> reporter: cal fire has responded to more than 1,500 fires this year compared to about 800 during an average
5:32 am
year. it went to peak staffing much earlier this year, the first week of april instead of its usual start in mid-may. the state now has 5,000 firefighters and earmarked $600 million to battling wildfires. that may not be enough. brown says thousands of additional firefighters may be needed as we try to adapt to our new conditions but building a political consensus won't be easy. >> i think republicans need to recognize that it's an important issue to people. and to strike the right balance. and the common ground is making sure we're not making pollution worse not only in california but worldwide. >> reporter: republican strategist tom del beccaro referring to his business restrictions that sent manufacturing to places like china as many other republicans deny climate change altogether. but brown says the time to act is now. >> we got to gear up for it and as the climate changes this is going to be a radically different future than was our historic past.
5:33 am
in the meantime all we can do is fight all these fires. >> reporter: governor brown went as far as to indicate the republican party is in denial and that california was getting ready for the worst. new this morning, a pleasant hill construction worker missing since friday has been found alive and well in reno. 31-year-old jason adams was found sitting in his truck in a parking lot around 2:00 this morning. police are not releasing details about how he ended up there but say he was in good health. adams' friends and family have been searching for him since he vanished friday morning. develop news now -- in berkeley where a man's body was found off a popular hiking trail. uc police are trying to figure out how it got there. kpix 5 reporter mark kelly joins from us the berkeley hills to explain exactly where and when the body was found. mark? >> reporter: michelle, hiker found this body around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. it was about 100 feet below a popular lookout here off of grizzly peak boulevard. hikers here say the trails are
5:34 am
scenic, beautiful with the great view of the bay but they are also tricky. for hikers the views near grizzly peak boulevard are unforgettable. >> buddies like to backroad. it's wonderful viewing of all the bay area. >> reporter: but sunday one hiker saw something no one wants to find. the body of a man alongside a trail. >> i have attempted -- it's slippery, so if you're not careful you can fall and hurt yourself. >> reporter: police say an inidentified man in his 20s was found at the base of a graffiti-covered boulder. another person died falling off the very same rock in 2012. no identification on the body from police but they do say it's a hispanic male in his 20s. they don't suspect foul play at this time. >> mark, you mentioned another person died in the same area. >> reporter: police say that was back in 2012. the difference between that incident and this one back in
5:35 am
2012 police actually had witnesses who saw the person climb the boulder and fall off. police say no witnesses this time at least no one has come forward just yet. live in the berkeley hills, mark kelly, kpix 5. 5:35 now. checking the weather on this monday. as we kind of -- look towards that big holiday weekend. >> can you believe it? >> already. >> it's a holiday weekend. >> by the time we get there i think the weather is going to be great. between now and then it could get interesting. low pressure is dropping into the bay area. bringing with it a few clouds and helping to kick up some of the winds. pretty breezy in spots already, gusts to 29 miles per hour at sfo, sustained at 20 miles per hour there. 29 now in san francisco. as you make your way to the delta it's going to be breezy there, winds likely to pick up into the afternoon. a blustery day especially along the coastline and mountain gaps. those are some of the clouds we're looking at. if you're heading out the door temperatures not that bad, mainly in the 50s. looks like as we go toward the afternoon maybe low 70s, the
5:36 am
warmest spot, low 60s south toward the coastline and plenty of 60s inside the bay. we have lots of company this morning along 580, no accidents, business as usual. just a busy monday morning commute. westbound 580 from the alta month pass, most of the delays again on the westbound side so headlights headed to the interchange there. the maps in the area, you can see a lot of yellow and red as you work your way westbound 580 out of tracy. give yourself extra time. looks like we're seeing a few extra cars at the bay bridge as well. no metering lights yet and pretty easy ride as you work your way towards the maze. most closely watched congressional race in the nation is in the silicon valley district. former obama administration official ro khanna is challenging longtime incumbent mike honda. >> kpix 5 is live in san jose as ro khanna releases his last
5:37 am
tv ad before the june primary. >> reporter: that new tv ad hits the airwaves today with 15 days to go before the primary. as much attention as this race has been getting it's interesting to note that the two have only faced off once. it happened about a month and-a-half ago here in fremont at a league of women voters forum. that is pretty much it. it's become a fast and tight race. ever since district lines were redrawn. there are more indians, filipino, vietnam knees and chinese voters in the region. what is more, a lot of the labor support that honda enjoyed in years' past is now outside his district. congressman honda serving six time in the house declined all debate invitations. ro khanna's new ad is a counterpunch calling honda out. >> first, mike honda stubbornly refused all debates. now honda is slinging mud. >> reporter: the attack ad denounces honda as a politician of the past and calls ro khanna
5:38 am
an upgrade for silicon valley. we reached out to honda's campaign which has e-mailed a statement. from 900 million dollars inle from funding to the bart extension to millions of dollars in grants for homeless veterans. honda has a strong record for delivering for all the people of his district. that is what matters most in this campaign. the primary is june 3rd. live at ro khanna headquarters in fremont, kpix 5. there's speculation about whether hillary clinton will run for president again. karl rove last week brought up her concussion and blood clot in 2012 as a potential liability. others are saying her health is relevant but not the only issue. >> health and age is fair game. it was fair game for ronald reagan, for john mccain. i think the more important thing for me as leader of the party is what is hillary clinton's record? as secretary of state?
5:39 am
benghazi? boka haram, syria, russia? those are going to be the issues. i'm not questioning her health. what i'm questioning is, is whether or not it's a done deal she's running. she would not be human if she did not take this into consideration. she'll be 69 at the time of the 2016 election. if she gets elected and serves two terms she'll be 77. >> reporter: hillary clinton only recently admitted she's considering a run for the presidency but insists she's not made any firm plans. president obama is angry about problems that the nation's -- at the nation's va hospitals. as many as 40 patients at the phoenix va hospital pause have died because of delays in treatment. the dayton dayy spp news says it may be much higher. >> the president is madder than hell. i've got the scars to prove it.
5:40 am
we're going to get to the bottom of those things, fix them and ensure they don't happen again. >> there are allegations of schemes to cover up delays in at least eight cities one va official sat down friday and there are calls for the va secretary eric shinseki to resign. futures trading suggests a lower opening when wall street starts the new week. >> jill wagner of with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the merger between at&t and direc tv is moving forward. yesterday at&t agreed to buy the satellite provider for $48.5 billion. the justice department still needs to approve the deal if it happens the combined companies would become the second largest paid tv operator behind comcast, time warner cable. those two announced their proposed merger earlier this year. we'll keep a close eye on u.s. home sales and federal reserve will release its
5:41 am
minutes this week. on friday the dow closed 44 points higher. the nasdaq added 21 points. there are reports that youtube will buy a popular video game streaming company based in san francisco. called "twitch." variety says the deal could be worth $1 billion in cash and it's the most significant since google bought youtube in 2006. twitch lets users watch live videos streamed from playstation and x box consoles. going to see mickey and minnie mouse will cost more. a week before memorial day disneyland raised its entry prices. a single-day ticket to disneyland park or disney, california, adventure park now $96 for those 10 and older, a $4 increase. >> think about it, if you go to a ski resort with a family of four you're going to get nailed $100 a ticket. >> i remember when tickets were like $50. >> that was a long time ago.
5:42 am
>> i guess there's a new option on facebook. it may be getting a little more personal. tell us about that. >> reporter: that's right. if you have facebook you actually may have noticed it. the social media company added a new button that lets users ask about your relationship status. if one of your friends leaves their status private or empty you can now request to find out what is up with their love life. >> all right. jill, thank you. >> i will not be pressing that button. it's 5:42. some new details comomg in about california chrome's quest for the triple crown. what the new york racing association is deciding about the use of the nasal strips. >> and the agricultural problem that could force you to pay more for coffee. ,,,,,,,,,,
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♪ oh, yeah [ whistling ] [ male announcer ] discover your new orleans. start exploring at [ woman ] and i love new orleans! the obama administration are expected to announce crimin ese military breaking news. officials from the obama administration are expected to announce criminal charges against chinese military officials today. they are accused of cyberespionage by hacking into private sector companies to gain trade secrets. attorney general eric holder is expected to reveal the indictments later today. officials describe the case as the first of its kind for the u.s. government. we're going to find out in a couple of hours if california chrome will run in the belmont
5:46 am
stakes in new york and has won two of the three jewels in horse racing's triple crown including the preakness over the weekend but there could be a problem winning the third. the horse has worn nasal strips to help him breathe easier during both the kentucky derby and the preakness but those strips are against the rules in new york, with the third race, the belmont stakes, that will be run in three weeks. >> this is going to put a little pressure on new york because california chrome is going for the triple crown. and there's going to be over 100,000 people at the races that day. and it's brought a lot of attention, this horse is now really popular in america. kind of the - america's horse. >> california chrome's owners and trainer will need special permission to use the strips at the belmont. we're now just getting word that the strips will not be an issue but the official ruling is expected around 9:00 this morning. i'm sure while the racing industry says yes, please let them use it. horse racing is not as popular as it used to be. if you get a triple crown winner it could make a big
5:47 am
difference. 5:46. let's check the roads. >> you're not racing anywhere very fast on the freeways. at the bay bridge, no accidents, but looks like traffic is building as the morning commute heats up. give yourself a few extra minutes as you head out again no metering lights yet. a little slow on the incline as well. we have windy conditions this morning to contend with. windy on the bay bridge, no advisories there, that was cancelled. windy on the san mateo bridge. you can see very light traffic westbound 912, 880 -- 92, 880, 101, 13 minutes for the drive now. elsewhere this morning, along 580, heads up, still slow and go conditions there. good news, no accidents but again very busy as you work your way out of tracy. through the altamont pass all the way to the cub lynn interchange, and connecting with 680. southbound 101, no delays now, nice ride to the golden gate bridge. as you cross the bridge to san
5:48 am
francisco traffic moving nicely there. easy ride this morning. also in the south bay as far as -- so far so good, no accidents to report. guadeloupe parkway, no delays. and looking at the travel times -- >> no delays on northbound 87. through the peninsula, good news, no reporting along 101. looks like 80 good as well -- 280 good as well. this could be a very interesting day ahead. we've got low pressure dropping in towards the bay area. we could even see a scattered light shower outside. overall looks like the clouds begin to move in now. looks like they will continue
5:49 am
to rotate on through. the winds are beginning to pick up outside. so yeah, it could be an interesting day ahead here. much different than what we had a week ago. we had record highs. so plenty of clouds this morning, partly cloudy in the afternoon. a slight chance of a wandering scattered shower. i think the best chance in the scenario comes over the mountaintops. more clouds, unsettled weather for tomorrow and maybe into early wednesday as well. the area of low pressure is going to slowly work its way toward the bayer area. you can see not a -- bay area. you can see not a lot of energy with this system but may be just enough to spark a couple of light showers. the winds and cooler temperatures are the main story especially along the coastline. around the state, still 70s and 80s in the central valley. 64 in the monterey bay. watch as the system gets a little closer. you see a couple of scattered light showers beginning to pop up over some of the mountaintops and we could see some of that into early tomorrow morning. a little unsettled into tomorrow as well. looks like around the bay today, notice cooler temperature, 50s and 60s
5:50 am
along the coastline. maybe about 70 degrees in san jose today. 68 palo alto. 65 breezy hayward. as you head inside the bay, blustery in san francisco at 62. 63 sausalito. 67 in petaluma. your sunrise time for today is 5:57. sunset 8:16. and looking out over the next couple of days that low continues to wander on through. that will bring with it a couple of clouds, a slight chance of a scattered shower, even an isolated chance of a thunderstorm rumbling by but not a lot of energy with this system. by wednesday the weather begins to improve. as we head in towards that big holiday weekend i'll tell what you, we've got high pressure building in overhead. we may very well see an off-shore wind develop so you may not have to go anywhere. you could do a stay-cation and enjoy the beautiful weather all the way from the coastline to the valley. it looks very nice. >> you may get good e-mail this
5:51 am
week. very unusual. >> really. with all the bad e-mails i get. a popular 1950s singer jerry vale has died. his high tenor voice and row -- romantic songs put him at the top of the charts for more than a decade. he died at his desert home surrounded by family and friends, was 83 years old. time 5:51. you may never have heard of coffee rust but the problem could cost you more for that regular. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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potten count today not too bad. medium category through wednesday and thursday. as you work your way through the altamont pass, it's windy, delays reaching all the way to 680. looking at the bay bridge, coming up. >> a devastating plant disease could mean higher coffee prices. >> the impact is serious enough that the u.s. government is now stepping in to help fight the fungus. as susan mcguinness reports it's spread to at least five central american countries. >> reporter: coffee rust is a highly contagious fungus that affects different coffee varieties but the popular arabica beans are especially susceptible. >> in the worst form it destroys the trees and prevents future years from agricultural output on the farms. >> reporter: coffee rust hit hardest in guatemala, el
5:55 am
salvador, honduras, panama and costaica. >> it's bean around for a long time. we believe that hotter and drier growing conditions related to a changing climate is making it more prevalent. >> reporter: many imported high end coffee beans are grown on small farms like these in guatemala, by farmers who can't afford fungicides and lack special training. researchers predict unless it's brought under control soon coffee rust will stall production in affected areas by as much as 40% in coming years. at least a half million jobs could be wiped out, severely impacting those dependent on the income. >> reporter: starbucks and green mountain currently beefed up supplies to avoid raising prices. it's the smaller boutique coffee house that's may feel the jolt. today the u.s. government will announce if $5 million partnership with texas a & m's university world coffee research center will work to try to keep the fungus from spreading. 5:55.
5:56 am
in the next half-hour, california chrome may be breathing a little easier. the announcement that may put the horse back in the the running for the triple crown. >> i'm mark kelly live in the berkeley hills where the body of a man was found down a popular overlook. what do police say happened? ,,,,,,,,,, and then cover the papi.
5:57 am
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,,,, a hiker stumbled across the berkeley hills over the weekend, above -- across the body of a hiker over the weekend, above the uc berkeley camping pu -- campus. >> jerry brown says this could be the worst wildfire season ever. four wildfires are still burning near san diego as firefighters get a handle on the situation.
6:00 am
>> whoa! look at all these people. it's crazy. >> the 103rd be aual bay tobreakers a huge hit despite a false start. there are safety concerns so there were huge delays. a kenyan man was the first to cross the finish line. time to check on the roads. >> we've got a bit of a backup all the way to the maze at this point. slow and go through there. squeezing through the incline as well. a little sluggish in that area. windy conditions also around the bay area affecting your drive on some of the bay area bridges. so far the speeds are moving pretty nicely ben


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