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tv   KPIX 5 News at Noon  CBS  May 21, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. don't make us have to sleep with our guns. don't make us have to sleep, you know, in fear. >> he raped 40 women between san francisco and los angeles and now the outrage over his pending release has made its way to the bay area. good afternoon, i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. we begin with that developing
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news. we just learned the so-called "pillowcase rapist" christopher hubbard is already getting death threats on social media. authorities now afraid of vigilante justice upon his release. kpix 5's cate caugiran with the major push now to keep him behind bars. >> reporter: these women wrote thousands of letters signed petitions and protested, finally their voices will be heard after driving 350 miles from southern california. >> our concern is to stop this guy from coming to our town. >> reporter: wednesday morning, a santa clara county judge opened the floor to testimony from the public. >> all the women are in fear, the young girls are in fear. they are terrified. >> reporter: they are talking about 63-year-old christopher hubbard, dubbed the "pillowcase rapist," hubbard admitted to sexually assaulting 40 women in the 1970s and '80s. he has been locked up since 1996. a judge decided to release hubbard to lake los angeles, a desert community in southern california, where a landlord has agreed to let him live in this small white house. >> we don't have the security.
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we don't have the streetlights. we don't have the safety. we have two sheriff patrol cars. they are not in the area? one gets called away? we don't have backup. >> reporter: these women part of a community group to keep hubbard out of their neighborhood. they say 900 sex offenders already live in the antelope valley. >> this is the second time. we're dumping ground. >> reporter: the message to the judge will include this warning. >> hubbard is not cured. he will offend again. and if the judge does release him down to our community or any other community, there will be a crime. >> reporter: if the order stands and hubbard makes the move to southern california, he would be closely watched with round-the-clock security for the first 30 days and would have to wear an ankle bracelet 4/7. cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> and we spoke with courthouse officials who say it's not likely the judge will change his decision. this was just an opportunity for the public to voice their
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concerns. four people are dead this noon in an accident involving a tour bus and big rig. it happened early this morning near the arizona border just west of blythe. police say the truck jackknifed spilling a load of pipes on i- 10. when the driver swerved to avoid the debris, the bus went over the embankment. four people on the bus were killed, seven seriously injured. the highway is shut down in both directions. and new at noon, a critical clue in the search for the man who shot two hikers near read bluff killing one of them. the men were on the iron canyon trail last friday when a gunman robbed and shot them. 69-year-old francis gregory a visitor from massachusetts died. this morning, the tehama county sheriff's office released a sketch of the suspect. he is described as thin, 6 feet, black hair, moustache. a reward is offered for information. one city's campaign to get tough on bullying has come up short. the city council in southern
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california has rejected a plan to make it a crime. david begnaud on the emotional testimony before the vote. >> the motion fails. >> reporter: three of five carson city council members voted against criminalizing bullies. a city councillor offered the ordinance to make bullying punishable with a fine. first offense would have been $100. second offense $200. and a third could have resulted in a criminal misdemeanor charge. >> there has to be something else that we can do other than criminalizing it. [ crying ] >> reporter: before the vote, councilmembers heard from nancy vega. she says her brother was a victim of bullying and committed suicide. >> i feel that my brother would still be here if something like this would have been done. [ crying ] >> reporter: it was clear even before the vote was taken, there was some opposition. one mother passionately told the council, there are bigger
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priorities. >> we need you guys doing something else. let us parents take care of or the school will take care it. when they are 18 and they go to jail, then the system will take care of them. you guys do not need to get involved. >> reporter: the city council will now go back to the drawing board to seek advice from experts and residents before trying again with a new proposed ordinance. david begnaud for cbs news, in carson, california. concord police are looking for a teenaged groper. this is a sketch of the suspect, who appears quite young. he is described as 5'6" with short black hair. three women have been assaulted on a walking path between north and south larwin avenues once in march and twice earlier this month. >> terrible. i wish out development in the park would post flyers about it and tell the residents who live here. >> concord police think suspect either lives in the area or have some connection to it. new video out this noon reminding voters of a bay area
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lawmaker's disgraced past involving grand theft. kpix 5 reporter anne makovec on the latest jab in a heated state senate race. >> reporter: the dramatic music sets the stage for a public callout via youtube of state senate candidate and former assemblywoman mary hayashi of castro valley. the video was taken at niemann marcus in union square in 2011 and edited by her opponent's campaign. it shows what appears to be hayashi picking out clothes, going into a dressing room with a bag already in her hand, then paying for some of the clothing at a store register and being confronted by security guards on the sidewalk outside. >> you have to draw your own conclusion about what happened. >> reporter: that's hayashi speaking to the editorial board of the "san francisco chronicle" earlier this month. >> i did not shoplift $2,500 of goods. i offered to pay for them immediately. i apologized to them. i tried to tell them that, you
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know, i made a mistake of invade vet tenthly being outside the store. >> reporter: she pled no contest to misdemeanor grand theft two years ago and was sentenced to three years' probation. the security tape was posted by her campaign opponent for the senate district 10 seat bob. political analysts say it's a bold move before a primary election coming up on june 3. >> these are big guns that you would roll out right before a general election if you were confident that this is who your opponent was going to be in the general election. what this shows us is that there's a bit of fear that between independent voters and republicans, that by could you ski and hayashi are fighting over the same people and trying to get to the general election in the fall. >> reporter: it a three-way race. and by the way, hayashi will still be on probation when the general election takes place in
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november. live in the newsroom, anne makovec, kpix 5. in other bay area headlines now, a vigil will be held later tonight for the san leandro high school senior hit and killed by an amtrak train on monday. witnesses say brittney silva was wearing earbuds and texting and didn't hear the train coming. a memorial of flowers and candles is growing where she died near hesperian boulevard. tonight's vigil is at 8:00 at the high school, san leandro high. 280 drivers beware over the holiday weekend. a stretch of the highway will be shut down from tomorrow night until tuesday morning southbound lanes from king street to pennsylvania avenue on-ramp. caltrans needs to replace broken hinges in the roadbed that allows it to flex during earthquakes. student at bryman college in san jose back in class today. the school abruptly closed on monday in a dispute on rent for the building. the for-profit campus reportedly owed the landlord thousands of dollars. we're told both sides are
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working now to resolve the issue. if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable. >> the president speaks up about the va hospital scandal. what he said but who the situation is being handled and what he didn't say. >> and another danger in the air. where germs could be lurking next time you fly the friendly skies. coming up. >> hi, i'm meteorologist lawrence karnow. we are in tiburon at st. hilary school and we are in weather school. do you guys like weather school? >> yeah! >> all right. we are going to talk about that and your forecast when we come back. ,,,,,,,,
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ithe part of us that a littwants to play,on. wants to be mischievous, wants to run free,
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all you have to do is let it out. find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. anot ch giant the target i ♪[ music ] any says hackers have hit another tech giant. this time, the target is ebay. the san jose-based company says
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passwords and nonfinancial information were taken. ebay is asking users to change their passwords. the website also owns paypal, but says there is no evidence that site was hacked. and los gatos-based netflix is setting its sights on europe. the video streaming company announced a major expansion plan today. it will extend its european offerings into germany and france this year. it could be a tough transition since amazon has already made inroads on the continent. new at noon some tough words from the president as he publicly addressed the va hospital scandal for the first time. mr. obama saying he will not tolerate misconduct in the care of our nation's veterans. craig boswell on what he stopped short of doing. >> reporter: president obama summoned eric shinseki the head of the va to the oval office to discuss the growing scandal inside the department's medical system. >> i want to know the full scope of this problem. >> reporter: as many as 40 veterans may have died at the va medical center in phoenix because of delayed treatment and now va investigators are
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looking at 26 other facilities. whistle-blowers claim administrators in some hospitals kept secret waiting lists to hide how long veterans were waiting to receive care. >> if these allegations prove to be true, it is dishonorable. it is disgraceful. and i will not tolerate it, period. >> reporter: the american legion and some republican lawmakers have called for secretary shinseki to step down. the former army general is staying on the job. white house deputy chief of staff rob nabors also attended the oval office meeting. the president assigned him to oversee the va's investigation. >> i want to know what's working. i want to know what is not working and i want specific recommendations on how va can up their game. >> reporter: nabors flies to phoenix today for meeting with the director of the medical center there. on capitol hill the house plans to vote this evening on a bill to give the va secretary more fire to fire and demote senior managers. the bill is expected to pass. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> the va investigation is due
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in some time next week. happening today, long lines of visitors turned out to see the 9/11 memorial museum in new york city as it opened to the public for the first time. last week the museum held a dedication ceremony exclusively for victims' families. displayed inside are thousands of artifacts including pieces of the twin towers and images of the tragic day. visitors hyenas find tributes to each of the nearly 3,000 people who died. also in new york city today, after a year-long hiatus because of federal budget cuts, fleet week is back in the big apple. three navy ships and two coast guard cutters floated into new york harbor to launch a celebration of sea services. fleet week events run through next tuesday and include ship tours, parades and other festivities. apparently it's not just the air inside plane cabins that's dangerous, so is everything you touch in the plane. researchers put mrsa, e. coli bacteria germs on tray tables arm rests and seat cushions. they were still there after a week.
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>> i'm not surprised. i try to not focus on that stuff, though. otherwise, i'm not going to go anywhere. [ laughter ] >> just make sure i wash my hands and i don't touch my face, my mouth, my nose. >> mrsa lasted longest on seat back pockets while e. coli survived the longest on the arm rests. we're told the airlines now are working on ways to minimize the risk. and right now, some live pictures from arizona where hundreds of firefighters are battling a wildfire between sedona and flagstaff. you can see all that smoke as a result of those wildfires. resorts and campgrounds have been evacuated because of the smoke. about 200 firefighters and other personnel are working the blaze. there are no reports so far of injuries or structures burned and the exact cause of the fire is not yet known. but authorities do believe it was human-caused. mobile weather is out and about in tiburon. i think lawrence karnow is hanging out at st. hilary's with a bunch of weather students. how are we doing?
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>> reporter: yes, i am. in fact, frank, i have taken over school today at st. hillary and we are having weather school and if you guys enjoyed learning about the weather -- >> yeah! >> -- i love these kids. they have been great! some great second graders here learning all about the weather today. what a nice day here. started out with fog but getting plenty of sunshine now in tiburon. who wants to come up here and help me do the weather today? how about if we have you come on up here? what's your name, sir? >> colton. >> colton, come on up here. i want you to help me tell the weather today. this is a cool car huh? i'd i like to have one of these. you want one of these, too? >> yeah. >> you would be boy, the biggest guy on the block if you have one of these. hey, what's the temperature here today? can you see? >> 66.1 fahrenheit. >> that's very good. what about the barometric pressure? >> 29.90. >> that's right. high pressure now beginning to build in and what about is it very windy out here, can you
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tell? >> uhm -- >> see the winds there? >> 4.1 miles per hour. >> so just a gentle breeze. so are you getting excited for vacation? >> yes. >> me, too! good job on the weather. high five! nice job, colton. stay right there. all right. i wanted to talk to this young lady. she is getting ready for vacation. where are you heading on vacation this year? >> tahoe! >> you're headed to lake tahoe. but what's really your favorite kind of weather? >> uhm, winter. >> winter. and you like the what, the snow? >> yes. >> yes. and we talked about how everybody likes the different kinds of weather and what's neat about the bay area is we get all kinds of different kinds of weather. now, today, it is working out pretty nice. we have a lot of sunshine out here today, of course we started out with plenty of low clouds and some fog early on. but that's beginning to clear up around the bay area now and pulling back to the coastline. i think the fog will hang out toward the beaches today. otherwise, high pressure building overhead and the temperatures will be warming up over the next couple of days. probably going to start to get hot in spots.
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i think those temperatures are going to soar in the afternoon maybe some 90s over the weekend. all right. here we go around the bay area today. you're going to see temperatures warming up in the 70s and even some low 80s around parts of the bay area especially inland. i think we are going to see some great weather ahead. these temperatures going to heat up even further the next couple of days. and then it looks like we are going to see temperatures into the 70s in the south bay and the east bay going to see some 70s and low 80s and as you get inside the bay breezy and some 60s. so here's how we are going to play it. it looks like we are going to see some changes coming our way. some warmer weather, your sunset tonight at 8:18. sunrise tomorrow 5:55. if you like the sunshine and the warm weather, well, it is going to be fantastic! we have warm weather getting a little hot this weekend. and guys, you guys here at st. hilary's are all famous! thank you for joining us. wave to the crowd back there, guys! all right. back to you in the studio. good job, guys! you look fabulous on tv! >> a little weather star. >> i know.
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weather stars. very cute. well, it is never too late to lose weight. the proof in a new health report. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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street" this summer... weekends, it well, it's official. you won't be drying your aunt from iowa down san francisco's crookedest street this summer if you have an aunt in iowa. >> or uncle bob from oregon or
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whatever for a couple of weekend. it will be off limits for four weeks starting june 21. the mtc says the summer crowds are creating a safety hazards. taxis and residents will be exempt. as we get older it's harder to lose weight but it may be worth the effort. a study in the medical publication lancet found overweight and obese adults found health benefits no matter the age. cardiovascular problems like blood pressure and diabetes all declined as the pounds disappeared. the study followed more than 1200 men and women since their birth in the 1940s. it is the perfect garnish and it's kind of tasty, too. the fresh grocer tony tantillo is shopping for flat leaf parsley. >> reporter: well, today's tip of the day is going to be here with the produce market -- i love walking the market and looking at what's fresh -- is
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this beautiful italian flat leaf parsley. i love it for garnish and great in so many different dishes. it releases beautiful oils right into the recipe into that pan. but selection and storage are very, very important. oh, smells so nice. let's talk about selection. when you buy it green all the way around. very important. now, flat leaf parsley almost italian parsley same name has these flat leaves. free from yellowing whatsoever and it has to feel nice and fresh. when you bring them home, open up the plastic bag so they will breathe and enjoy it within two or three days and that's it. and the best way to get all the flavor? rip it. don't cut it because the oils that are in there, you lose it in the blade of the knife. if you rip it, it goes right into the pan. flat leaf italian parsley shouldn't be a kitchen without it. i'm tony tantillo and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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one little problem. there's no water to fill it! the coming up tonight at 5:00, a bay area city builds a brand- new million-dollar pool but they have one little problem. they don't have the water to fill it up. the drought dilemma. that and more coming up tonight at 5:00. finally a big honor for tara the cat who became famous for chasing off that dog who was attacking a 4-year-old boy. with human help she threw out the first pitch at last night's bakersfield blaze baseball game. have opposable thumbs. media
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from as far as germany, jap, russia and brazil were on hd for the ex >> cats can't really throw a baseball because -- they're cats! >> they don't have thumbs. >> exactly. media from as far as germany, japan, russia and brazil were on hand for the extravagance. here's the video that made tara a worldwide heroine. there she is chasing off the dog. now she is chilling in bakersfield. she is a star. >> tara is tough. i wouldn't mess with tara. >> that's it. have a great afternoonp afternoon, everyone. take care, folks. ,,
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