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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 22, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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onshore push and breezy with gusts over 30 miles per hour in parts of the bay area. but a promise of high pressure building overhead and some warmer temperatures on the way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and they just cleared a stall in the altamont pass. it's approaching grant line. we still have a little bit of slowing through the livermore valley. they are clearing overnight roadwork so you may get caught in that if you leave now. full look at your travel times coming up. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. some breaking news now in salinas where anger over an officer-involved shooting escalated into violence. a small protest yesterday at the si of tuesday's shooting grew to hundreds of people by the evening. then at 9 p.m. police were called to a nearby shooting. officers were greeted by a hostile crowd, one officer was hit in the head with a bottle while performing cpr on the victim. the victim died. the officer was treated at the hospital and released. the initial protest was sparked by this officer-involved shooting on tuesday. salinas officers responded to a call from a woman who said a man had threatened her and
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tried to kill her dog. police found the man with gardening shears. officers say they had to shoot after taser efforts failed to subdue him. 4:31. an east bay ice cream vendor is suspected of selling drugs out of his ice cream truck. 62-year-old kelly brown from oakley was arrested at a gas station yesterday in brentwood. he is a vendor for kelly's ice cream. police caught up with him at an arco station at balfour road. someone gave them a tip that an ice cream man tried to sell them drugs. >> 62 years old the last person you think would do a thing like that. glad they caught him. >> the ice cream man selling drugs? >> yeah. you know, nowadays, i guess anything is possible. but it is shocking. >> brown was charged with possession of suspected methamphetamine. san jose police are trying to identify the armed robber in these pictures. he barged into a san jose liquor store and immediately
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got a little hairy. the robbery happened at clyde's liquor on north capitol avenue may 9. andria borba reports the robber fled in a silver toyota that had a yellow and black paper license plate. [ screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: the robber starts with the "f" word and it gets worse. with the butt of a shotgun bashed into a man's face and customers forced to the ground. >> now! now!! >> reporter: with hoodie up and shotgun shouldered, the suspect demands cash from the clerk, goes to the back of the store and then again to the front. >> put up the [ censored ] money! put up the [ censored ] money! >> reporter: and drops "f" bomb after "f" bomb at the clerk until the register is unloaded and makes a run for it. andria borba, kpix 5. southern california woman is free 10 years after she was kidnapped as a teenager. stacey butler reports, police say kidnapper forced her to
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marry him and then have his child. >> something is not right here. >> reporter: neighbors in this bell gardens apartment complex are shocked when this man was accused of holding a woman captive for a decade. >> who would have imagined he would do that? have somebody for a long time. >> reporter: do you believe it? >> i don't believe it. >> reporter: the case came to light monday when police say the alleged victim who used the name laura artiz filed domestic violence charges against her husband. police say they contacted him after she reached out to her sister for the first time on facebook and her sister convinced ortiz to report her abuse. police say ortiz told them she was abducted 10 years ago from a santa ana park by her mother's then live-in boyfriend. police confirmed her mother filed a missing persons case
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hours after the girl disappeared. investigators say he sedated them and forged identity documents for them. for 10 years police say he sexually assaulted her, beat her, forced her to marry him and bear his child. >> he convinced her that her family didn't care. >> reporter: neighbors paint a different picture of an affectionate couple so in love, they were trying to have another baby. >> he even bought her a car. he even bought the mom a car. [ indiscernible ] >> she had her and out of the blue get hold of her family and now i'm in danger?! it doesn't make sense. >> reporter: in los angeles, stacey butler, kpix 5. >> this case draws an eerie comparison to the jaycee dugard story. she was 11 when phillip garrido kidnapped her in 1991 at south lake tahoe. he held her captive in his backyard in antioch for 18 years. this is the house in 2009 when dugard was finally found. this is what the house looks
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like now. the new owners bought it for $41,000. they put a lot of work into it. it's now worth about $230,000. today crews will fog for the west nile virus. mosquitos have tested positive for the virus. spraying starts tonight at 11:00. crews will cover parts of campbell and west san jose including the santa clara valley's medical center area. all right. let's check the weather. a little windy coming in. >> the winds blowing pretty good a strong sea breeze, drizzle too along the coastline and inside the bay. toward the afternoon, clouds clear out. temperatures are going to be actually a little warmer today. still, we are looking at low clouds and fog surging onshore. that low continues to spin showers over the sierra nevada and the central valley. that's going to go south and east to the bay area throughout the day so things will be changing over the next 24 hours i think in a positive way. temperatures this afternoon will be a little warmer. maybe some mid-80s in the warmest spots inland. 70s inside the bay and patchy
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fog 60s toward the coast. out over the bay now we are looking at numbers mainly in the 50s this afternoon. some warm sunshine 82 degrees in fairfield and livermore. about 81 in napa. 78 in san jose. and 63 a little breezy in pacifica. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. >> thank you, lawrence. thank you, lawrence. we just got off the phone with caltrans a couple of minutes ago. the macarthur maze roadwork is clear now. that connector ramp is open westbound 580 to eastbound 80. heading to the bay bridge, it sounds like that roadwork is still there. the left lanes blocked incline to the tower. it won't slow you down much, though. here's traffic heading into san francisco at the bay bridge toll plaza. all clear all across the eastern and western spans. here's a live look out to the golden gate bridge now. and obviously, just a few headlights right now coming into san francisco. they haven't quite done the lane changes yet. getting more four southbound lanes getting open to traffic coming into san francisco. all through the macarthur maze now the roadwork is cleared, everything is moving at the
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speed limit. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." michelle has some more traffic news now. >> yes. there is more traffic news. a major four-day highway closure begins in san francisco. southbound 280 between king street and the pennsylvania avenue on-ramp will close tonight at 9:00. that means mariposa, sixth and king street on-ramps will all be closed off to traffic. the highway reopens at 5 a.m. tuesday morning. crews will use a four-day closure to replace a bridge hinge. your best bet out of the city will be highway 101. northbound 280 will be open during construction. that portion is slated for shutdown over the 4th of july and labor day weekend. it is 4:37. a state senate primary race in the bay area has become a mudslinging contest. it's between two democrats current assemblyman bob wieckowski and former assembly member mary hayashi. as kpix 5's ken bastida reports, some newly released video shows hayashi shoplifting clothes from a store in san
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francisco. >> reporter: this is mary hayashi while she was an assemblywoman. looks like she is just doing some shopping on nieman marcus on union square. at this point, security cameras had already locked in on her. she goes into a dressing room. but look, she already has a bag in her hand. she also had company, a security guard that tailed her. hayashi then goes to a cash register and appears to pay for some of the clothing. but once she leaves the store, security guards stop her and take her back inside. hayashi pleaded no contest to shoplifting charges and a judge sentenced her to probation. but when she spoke to the "san francisco chronicle" editorial board earlier this month, hayashi was defiant. >> no, i did not shoplift $2,500 worth of goods. i offered to pay for them immediately. >> reporter: but her explanation doesn't end there. >> you have to draw your own conclusion about what happened. >> reporter: the shoplifting video was put together and
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posted online by her opponent in the state senate race. assemblyman bob wieckowski. his campaign has gone as far as to create a website called mugshotmary. they are both democrats which is why our politicalanalyst says he is going all in by launching this type of attack. >> these are big guns you would roll out before a general election if you were confident this was your opponent in the general election. ken bastida, kpix 5. >> also on the ballot several others. the two top vote-getters face off in november. there is a big turnout at a memorial for a san leandro high school student hit by a train. students and faculty brought flowers to the school last night and made donations in honor of 18-year-old brittney silva. >> this is really sad because she was about to graduate and knee it affected a lot of
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seniors. we already lost another senior which is really bad. this is just really heartbreaking to know that one of our classmates died. >> police say silva was wearing earbuds when the accident happened monday and didn't hear the train coming. cal/osha investigating the death of a worker at a north san jose construction site. it happened yesterday at sierra road and north capitol avenue. investigators say a man was unloading sheetrock when he fell some three stories down. he was pronounced dead at the scene. a high-tech tool police use to pinpoint gunfire can also listen to conversations people are having on the street. kpix 5's christin ayers obtained one recording that put a killer behind bars. >> reporter: first the gunfire. [ shots ] >> reporter: then the final words of a dying man. [ inaudible ] >> why you shoot me like that, dude! >> right before he was fatally executed, he yelled out, uhm, the suspect's nickname. we were able to get the suspect identified through that
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nickname. >> reporter: it's how the shooter johnson was identified that is making waves four years later. the voice you heard was recorded using this, a shotspotter device designed to detect gunfire. >> it's very rare that we actually record conversations. >> reporter: police say the only way a shotspotter can record your voice is if you are standing directly underneath the shotspotter talking loudly in the critical seconds after a gun has been fired. but privacy advocates say that's not the point. >> we have been told by opd for months that it does not record audio. lo and behold it records our voices. >> reporter: a lawyer for the oakland privacy working group claims oakland police have never publicly confirmed shotspotter's ability to record voices until this public safety meeting last week. >> you can capture voices. >> reporter: why wasn't opd clear from the onset of using shotspotter about its ability to record voices? >> i don't believe that we were unclear. i believe that at all the public hearings that i have
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seen when asked about the technology, we were forthright. >> reporter: but the attorney worries there's a culture of secrecy at the police department as evidenced by the opd's use of the stingray. the department signed an agreement that prohibits it from talking about stingray. >> bring this stuff out into the open. we know technology is amazing and it's getting better. let us have some input into debating whether it's appropriate. >> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. >> the shotspotter is not continually recording. it's only activated once there's a burst of gunfire. oakland police say there's been no misuse or abuse of the shotspotter's voice recording capabilities. it is 4:42. we are just getting started here on a thursday. president obama vowed to get to the bottom of allegations of delayed care at va hospitals. 24 hours later how he is backing that up. >> a tornado, flooding and hail. the freak spring storm hitting parts of the country. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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workers descended upon mcdonald's headquarters in k brook illinois yesterday. ty were demanding higher wages. people showed up in dozens hundreds of fast food workers descended on mcdonald's in illinois. people showed up in dozens of buses and met with riot police. hundreds of people were arrested. it was planned for yesterday to get shareholders' attention. they are meeting today. developing news from northwestern china. 31 people are dead in an attack blamed on muslim separatists. two suvs crashed through barriers and drove into crowds at an open-air market in the capital of [ non-english language ] region of china. attackers threw explosives out of their windows and crashed head on and exploded. president obama says he knows people are angry and now he wants some answers. after allegations of delayed care and preventable deaths at va hospitals across the nation, susan mcginnis reports, members
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of congress will question the head of the va today about what went wrong. reporter: veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki heads to capitol hill today to meet with senator dick durbin about issues at va medical facilities that some claim cost vets their lives. >> i will not stand for it. >> reporter: president obama says he wants to know exactly what happened and he wants the problem fixed. the president expressed support for shinseki and had this to say when reporters asked if the secretary should step down. >> if he thinks he let our veterans down then i'm sure he is not going to be interested in continuing to serve. >> reporter: many in congress are calling for the former army general to resign. >> i respect his sacrifice. i respect what he did. but it's under his watch that we are in this situation in the hospitals! out in the western part of this country! >> reporter: as many as 40 veterans may have died waiting for care at the phoenix va hospital. it's among at least 26 va medical facilities nationwide
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now under investigation after reports of mismanagement and delayed care for vets. gulf war vet joseph kramer of florida was told he had a cyst on his brain two months ago. he says he is still waiting for a diagnosis. >> i'm just -- i need have an operation to take it out? what? i don't know. >> reporter: secretary shinseki is due to give president obama a preliminary report next week. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> president obama's deputy chief of staff rob nabors is in arizona right now investigating. he will meet today with the interim chief of the va system and leaders of the local service organization there. yesterday the house approved a bill to give the veterans affair secretary more power now to fire senior staff within the agency. take a look at what slammed the denies area yesterday. large hail moved through. it looked like a spring snowstorm.
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tornado warnings were issued. three twisters were reported in aurora, one in watkins. no one was hurt. there were numerous flight delays and a number of neighborhoods are cleaning up some significant damage. i still own a house there. my neighborhood was hit hard. >> i know. we were checking back and forth. i imagine you were on the phone quite a bit with family. >> yeah. some of my friends, all of their windows were broken. >> is that right? scary stuff back there. i had a buddy send me video of the hail, as well. he was glad he was driving the company car because that is some big-time hail. they could see inch and a half hail again today. so yeah, looks like a chance for more severe weather in the denver area this afternoon. out the door we go. here, we have some nice weather coming our way after some patchy fog this morning. that area of low pressure that moved through the other day slow to move out and still bringing some showers into the central valley even over the sierra nevada for today. still we're starting out with low clouds and fog and some drizzle this morning. by the afternoon, becoming mostly sunny and slightly warmer. that trend will take us right into the holiday weekend so our holiday is looking very, very nice. high pressure continuing to
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build in overhead today and temperatures will warm up. so yeah, maybe some 90s in the central valley today. still a chance of a few more showers especially in the morning in the high country. things settle down this afternoon. low clouds and fog onshore even drizzle along the coastline and inside the bay. tonight that will surge back onshore and be in play tomorrow morning. so we are going to keep the fog in place in the late night and early-morning hours. lots of sunshine in the afternoon. 70s and 80s in the south bay today. 60s toward the coastline. patchy fog and breezy there. about 82 degrees in livermore. 81 in pleasanton. 79 in walnut creek and sunny this afternoon. 66 in san francisco. and about 78 and sunny in santa rosa. next couple of days, headed toward the holiday, looking very, very nice. slightly cooler on memorial day. then cooler temperatures through the middle of next week. let's check the roads with elizabeth. everything is looking great so far. a lot of the overnight roadwork has been actually picked up ahead of schedule including the macarthur maze. that was picked up shortly after 4:00 typically picked up
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closer to 5. so there you go. here's a live look outside. san mateo bridge traffic the right side of your screen commute direction westbound 92. drive time now 13 minutes to take you out to 101. they also cleared that earlier overnight roadwork through the livermore valley. we are seeing slowdowns though that started early out of tracy and continuing through the altamont pass. we have that one earlier stall at grant line. it's long since cleared but again there may still be some activity on the shoulder or maybe it's just traffic getting an early head start this morning. so here's a live look at the sensors along the peninsula, 101 and 280 still moving at the limit. we are going to be talking more about that southbound 280 closure heading out of san francisco throughout the morning but again that closure begins tonight at 9:00. here's a live look at our sensors in the east bay. once again this roadwork the macarthur maze roadwork westbound 80 eastbound 80 westbound 580 to eastbound 80 all cleared and at the bay bridge, just some slight delays. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. happening at a the new harvey milk stamp will be
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dedicated at the white house. the stamp is being released today on his 84th birthday. the stamp image is based on a circa 1977 black and white photograph of milk in front of his castro street camera store. milk became one of the first openly gay elected officials in the country when he won a seat on the san francisco board of supervisors back in the late 70s sites. less than a year later he and mayor george moscone were killed. time now 4:51. v stiviano the woman behind the donald sterling scandal is back. this time, she is talking to dr. phil. she is telling a whole new version of the story. >> and the 79-year-old is taking care of some unfinished business. what makes this graduation a long time coming when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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let's fly around bay area today. more sunshine this afternoon. starting out with patchy fog and drizzle along the coastline and inside the bay. lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures into the south bay. 70s and low 80s toward the afternoon. so yeah, looks like the weather is going to be shaping up over the next couple of days and this ridge of high pressure slowly building in. so how about 81 degrees today in pleasanton? 80 in danville. 84 degrees in antioch and 79 degrees in concord. a little breezy this morning in through the delta but those winds likely to continue to blow as we head in toward the afternoon. still sunshine and 70s into santa rosa, 76 san rafael and 66 downtown san francisco. and we have a problem brewing in san jose. we are getting first reports coming in of a possible accident with a big rig and car. sounds like it's partially blocking a lane but we are seeing slowdowns already on northbound 101 just before the story road exit. full look at your "kcbs traffic" is all coming up.
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thank you, liz. 49er linebacker aldon smith has changed his plea from not guilty to no contest on dui and weapons charges. smith will be sentenced in july. he could get probation or jail time. prosecutors were quick to point out though this is not a plea deal for a reduced sentence. >> not more lenient but like i said before, there is an acceptance by the court that the defendant has admitted responsibility early in the proceedings and that's something to consider. it's important that aldon smith stepped up today and took responsibility for both cases. >> the plea could affect smith's season with the 49ers. he could be suspended by the team or the nfl. smith, of course, missed several games last season after checking into rehab. new this morning, an event in the central valley more than 60 years in the making. >> alisha graduated from turlock high school last night. she is 79 and was supposed to graduate back in 1952. but she left school at age 16
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to get married. she raised five children and later saw her family expand even more. >> i have 12 grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren and one great-great-grandson. >> amazing. she never had any regrets. two years ago, though, she decided to take care of unfinished business and she took the classes online to earn her diploma. >> congrats. >> great. 4:56. protestors in salinas clash with riot police after officers shot and killed two people in 10 days. the very latest on a very volatile situation. coming our way. >> a southern california woman is free 10 years after she was kidnapped as a teenager. the details on how she finally escaped her captor. ,,,,,,
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anger over an officer- involved shooting shooting in salinas escalated into violence. a small protest at the site of tuesday's shooting grew to hundreds by evening and another
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shooting victim died in an incident nearby. >> the ice cream man selling drugs? >> yeah. uhm, you know, nowadays i guess anything is possible. but it is a little shocking. >> a bay area man is accused of selling a lot more than ice cream out of his truck. >> four years he had her? and then just out of the blue get a hold of the family and, oh, i'm in danger? it doesn't make sense. >> police say a southern california kidnapping victim endured a decade of physical and mental abuse and now the woman is safe and the suspect is in jail. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. captions by: caption colorado good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 5:00. a little weather, a little traffic. and we got a big weekend coming up, lawrence. >> yeah, we sure do. want to get the weather right and it's looking good. we are starting out with low clouds and fog this morning.
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a little drizzle, too. and breezy right into the delta. so out the door looking gray early on but don't let that fool you. we have a lot of sunshine coming our way and the temperatures will start to warm up, maybe some mid-80s in the valleys today, a lot of 70s and sunny inside the bay, couple of patches of fog and breezy along the coastline into the 60s. out over the bay right now you have some clouds and some drizzle. the temperatures running in the 50s across the board. by the afternoon, about 81 degrees in napa. 78 in san jose. and should be about 66 degrees a little breezy into san francisco. all right. let's check the roads with elizabeth. and once again a reminder, they are replacing those hinges on a stretch of highway leaving san francisco southbound 280 between king and mariposa closes tonight at 9:00 and will remain closed through the holiday through tuesday morning unless they pick things up ahead of schedule. but you will want to use 101 as an alternate. if you are in that area, expect bigger delays than usual throughout the weekend there as well on 101. all right. so right now, everything is


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