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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  May 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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traffic and weather. how are we going to do? >> you guys like fog and drizzle? >> love it! >> good, we have some of that out there right now! [ laughter ] >> fog early on but today we'll have a lot of sunshine in the afternoon. we'll have more on your holiday forecast coming up. >> and in the maze may see in the east bay we have a number of problems, accident eastbound 580 an accident plus roadwork. we'll tell you more coming up. >> but it's friday. >> it's friday so it's all good. >> a lot of people may have today off, too,. >> that's right. >> i can think of four that don't. >> yup. right, frank. [ laughter ] santa clara county is taking on the big drug companies. the new lawsuit claims drugmakers are pushing highly addictive painkillers for profit. kpix 5 reporter linda yee reports the suit filed in orange county accuses five companies of false advertising, unfair competition and creating a public nuisance. reporter: the centers for disease control have called it an epidemic, prescription
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painkillers now the leading cause of drug overdoses. two counties in the state blame the drugmakers for touting the benefits of the narcotics and trivializing the deadly side effects, specifically addiction. >> we have seen increases in overdose deaths. we've seen babies born with opiate withdrawal. >> the focus of this lawsuit is on holding the pharmaceutical industry accountable for their deception ensuring that doctors and patients have accurate information when decisions are being made about their care. >> reporter: experts in drug treatment agree america has become reliant on painkillers. but they say taking them away from people who are already addicted will push them to street drugs like heroin. >> opiates really are miracle drugs, no doubt. at the same time, they carry risks. >> reporter: san francisco health department substance abuse degree dr. phillip coffin has no opinion on the lawsuit but he says the real issue is getting lost. >> we need to not be scared to prescribe opiates when it's appropriate. but we need to not use them as
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the first line agent for most pain syndromes. >> reporter: dr. coffin says physical therapy is better pain management but insurance companies won't always pay for it. but the counties are resolute in their fight against the drugmakers. >> for the past two decades, these companies have used the tobacco playbook to deceive doctors and patients about the risk and benefits of prescription painkillers lie oxycontin and percocet. >> reporter: linda yee, kpix 5. >> we contacted one of the biggest drugmakers named in the suit, perdue pharmaceuticals. a spokesman said in a statement, they have not seen nor received a complaint from the county so they have no comment. construction well under way on the southbound 280 here in san francisco. the freeway was shut down last night at 9th and fourth and king streets at 9:00, rather. it will be closed until 5 a.m. tuesday morning. all southbound lanes shut down past mariposa to the pennsylvania avenue on-ramp. crews will use that time to
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replace hinges. this is the first of three planned closures for highway 280. the next one set for the 4th of july holiday. a man shot and killed a man tuesday afternoon in salinas. video is disturbing. police trying to stop 44-year- old carlos mejia after a woman reported a threatening intruder in her home. officers say they shot him because they were worried what he might do with his garden shears if he got to a busy street and bakery nearby. >> our police department has shown they don't care about us as human beings and they are willing to shoot us. >> the officers are concerned with the damage that that individual can do with this weapon not only to themselves but to the many innocent people around him who were absolutely defenseless against something like this. >> the salinas police chief says he will send results of an internal investigation to the fbi and u.s. justice department. this is the city's third fatal officer-involved shooting since
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march. it is called operation nail polish. kpix 5's andria borba test us manicurists and pedicurists are part of the largest billing fraud case in santa clara county history. >> reporter: the sign outside says spa but the santa clara county d.a.'s office was more beauty treatment than medical spinal alignment. enter operation nail polish. the premise was simple according to d.a. investigators, walk into the spa, ask for a manicure and pedicure and never pay. >> her insurance company would bill for various chiropractic treatments. >> reporter: an undercover treatment got her fingers and toes painted on nine occasions while her health insurer was billed two thousand dollars. >> we do believe that this is not an isolated incident and we believe 90% of this treatment in this particular location are fraudulent. >> reporter: christopher, a deputy insurance fraud d.a. says his agent wasn't the only
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one getting pretty and pampered on the insurance dime. >> mostly they are getting nontherapeutic massages, pedis and facial as well. >> reporter: to the tune of $7 million of false chiropractic charges. four employees were arrested as part of the year long investigation including dr. tracy lee, the head chiropractor and owner believed to be the brains of the operation. in san jose, andria borba, kpix 5. >> four people arrested could face up to 24 years in jail and they could also be forced to pay back those insurance companies. 4:35 right now. let's get a first check on weather. >> we are getting ready for the holiday, yeah. foggy and drizzly. don't you love it? [ pause ] >> no! >> we are starting out with fog and low clouds and usually when it's a layer like this that's moved on sure it's going to burn off early and i think that's what's going to happen today. starting out with clouds early on and that drizzle. need the windshield wiper at the coastline today giving way
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to sunshine except at the beaches. probably some clouds locked in there. clouds over the bay now. temperatures in the 50s outside. a little drizzle inside the bay, as well. toward the afternoon sunshine and some warmer temperatures especially for the valleys not a whole lot of change along the coastline but as high as 86 in santa rosa, 86 in livermore, maybe up to about 88 in toward brentwood and antioch. all right. let's check on those wet roads now with elizabeth. >> thanks, lawrence. we already have a couple of problems including the overnight roadwork. so all that kind of combo can slow you down at least at the maze. it is an accident where the car landed on its wheels eventually. eastbound 580 to 24, so it is counter-commute by the 24/980 interchange. they have two lanes blocked so you may find a bit of a delay. the sensors not showing much off the bay bridge or just are traveling in that area in oakland. in the commute direction we have that usual roadwork that we have seen the last couple of
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weeks. the connector ramp from westbound 580 to eastbound 80 is closed for the next 20 minutes. you can loop around and make a u-turn in the bay bridge toll plaza parking lot. of course, we have been talking about this since yesterday. late last night around 9:00 they closed the southbound lanes of 280 between king street and mariposa. it is going to be closed the entire holiday weekend until about tuesday morning hopefully in time for the tuesday morning commute. and here's a live look outside with the fog and drizzle lawrence reported. and kind of inside -- it's moving in and out of our camera now on westbound 580 through the dublin-pleasanton area. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. we are hearing two very different sides of the story involving a bay area mother and alleged bully. garcia-bratcher made her first court appearance in santa rosa yesterday accused of choking an 11-year-old boy at an elementary school last week. delia's lawyer says she is being framed and just asked the boy to leave her daughter alone
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and didn't touch the boy. >> my client is a folk hero to people all over the world for standing up to her daughter. >> you make her sound like the mother of the year. >> she is the mother of the year. >> she is the mother of the year! she did nothing wrong. she confronted the bully. what is wrong with that? >> the district attorney's office is still investigating and has not filed any charges. the mother is due back in court next month. the sonoma county water agency is getting creative when it comes to providing drinking water during the high demand summer months. >> they are it. the county is putting up an inflatable runner dack on the russian river near forestville. kpix 5's don ford shows us how it all works as they put pickup a rubber dam. >> reporter: the russian river is low. it is a vital part of the drinking water system in sonoma county. >> operations, carl speaking. >> reporter: at an undisclosed location the sonoma county water agency is carefully monitoring the drop and with realtime data in hand, they know it is time.
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>> we are currently inflating a dam on the russian river. >> reporter: a giant rubber inflatable damascene here in time lapse as it rises from the river bottom. it will create a small temporary lake preserving precious water for the summer. it's not quite full yet. you'll be surprised where they got it. >> it's actually with something that was manufactured over in japan sent over on a both out of kobe. >> reporter: really? >> and it has to be replaced periodically. >> reporter: not that often. this is only the second one in nearly 30 years at this location. with walls three and four inches thick, it creates an 11- foot-deep mini reservoir that supplies almost half of the summer supply. whose idea was this to come up with this contraption? >> some really smart person came up with this idea. i don't know who it was. >> reporter: there is major seismic work happening here, too. the old fish ladders are being
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removed and levees are being strengthened. they say in six weeks, the dam will be fully inflated. at that time, the water will back up as much as three miles. in sonoma county, don ford, kpix 5. >> the water agency is spending more than $10 million to ensure fish can pass safely through the dam. thousands of people are ready to get out if a fire moves closer to their homes in arizona. the fire closed a main highway between sedona and flagstaff and forced some business evacuations but other businesses are trying to get the word out they will be open for the memorial day weekend. higher humidity and a chance of showers are expected to help firefighters today. the fire blamed on human activity started on tuesday and has burned about 12 square miles. no buildings have burned. and no injuries have been reported. time now 4:40. a brain tumor left her in a coma. her miracle delivery a healthy baby boy. that amazing story coming up next. >> plus, the silicon valley company getting ready for round
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two of some major layoffs and why they are making the cuts. that and more when we come back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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thousands of graves in arlin national cemetery yesterday. the third egiment performs a symbolic remembrance and memorial day approaches. soldiers placed flags at arlington national cemetery yesterday. third u.s. infantry regiment performs the flags in tradition every year at this time dating back to 1948 and then remove each flag after the holiday. in all, more than 220,000 flags are in place right now at both gravesites and niches for cremated remains. the head of the va will give president obama a preliminary report next week on investigations into 26 hospitals. marlie hall reports the secretary is sending a message this memorial day weekend to the nation's veterans. reporter: veterans affairs secretary eric shinseki took to the va's website thursday vowing to do more for the nation's vets. he said in part, the va is
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redoubling its efforts with integrity and compassion to earn your trust. but trust in shinseki is waning amid allegations some va medical centers created phony waiting lists to hide long delays in treatments for veterans. in a cbs news poll, 45% of americans surveyed said they think the va secretary should step down. house speaker john boehner says he is considering calling for shinseki to resign. >> these are men and women who served our country and -- [ voice breaking ] >> -- we can't just let them down. we've let them die! >> reporter: president obama's deputy chief of staff rob nabors met with the staff at the scenic medical facility where as many as -- phoenix medical facility where as many as 40 vets may have died waiting for care. marco rubio is pushing the senate to approve a bill passed by the house this week that would give shinseki more flexibility to fix the problems. >> one of the things he doesn't have is the power to fire executive leadership in his own agency. we want to give him that power.
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>> reporter: shinseki told cbs news that he has no plans to resign and he believes he has the full confidence of the president. marlie hall, cbs news new york. hewlett-packard is getting ready for another big round of layoffs. as many as 16,000 employees could lose their jobs by october. the palo alto company made the announcement after putting out a lackluster earnings report. the move is expected to save the company $1 billion a year. hp just finished laying off 34,000 employees. meg whitman says she doesn't anticipate further cuts. a uc-berkeley grad says she spilled hot coffee at this drive through in oakland in april. she says employees refused to help her. the employees say they didn't call 911 because it's against company policy. the suit asks for damages for
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injuries. no comment from in-n-out. lots of barbecues for this memorial day weekend. >> a lot of people going out of town maybe a little camping. >> who's working today? that's the big question. >> just us! but glad to be here today. it looks like the fog moved well onshore. we are seeing some drizzle again to start out the day but i think here comes sunshine and warmer temperatures away from the coastline. by the afternoon the clouds going to retreat. we are going to see plenty of sunshine and again a little bit warmer outside. then a mostly sunny holiday weekend some of the inland valleys moving up to the 90s 60s and 70s toward the coastline. high pressure slowly working onshore warming things up a little further today. an onshore breeze temperatures cool there. heading to the central valley you're looking at mid-90s into sacramento. 94 fresno. partly cloudy skies in the high country and 70s and 80s and
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dry. around the bay area, you have some clouds rolling through early on. we have some drizzle out along the coastline. going to see more high clouds overhead but not going to be able to get rid of the clouds entirely along the coastline over the weekend so cooler temperatures there. 80s away from the coastline and the south bay. 60s toward the beaches. east bay numbers moving up into the mid- to upper 80s in some spots by the afternoon. so starting to crank up heat wise at least inland. about 75 degrees in oakland. 71 in san francisco. and 66 and breezy in daly city. next couple of days, we'll watch those temperatures warming up. cooling on memorial day. more cooling the end of next week. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. back to the macarthur maze our problem spot now with an injury crash and overturn. eastbound 580 by the 24 interchange is counter-commute so no big delays in the area on our sensors. but a heads up if you are traveling there because two lanes are blocked. and they have been since we have been on the air at 4:30
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even before that the accident was reported. we have the "all clear" from chp and caltrans for the overnight roadwork in the maze may see westbound 580 that eastbound 80 connector has reopened even a little bit ahead of schedule. unfortunately, this is right on schedule. southbound 280 remains closed between king street by the ballpark and mariposa street. and it will remain closed while they do retrofitting over the long holiday weekend. here's a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. lawrence says there will be a lot of fog and drizzle so maybe windshield wipers. he agrees. this is a live look heading into san francisco. everything is pretty quiet right now, though. you can see all across the span even though they still have those left lanes blocked the incline to the tower and i was told the fog is moving in and out of this camera. so we may not be able to use this later so for now everything is at the speed limit through the livermore valley and the drive time is only about 14 minutes and i have not seen any lanes change trucks drive through yet across the golden gate bridge. we'll let you know when they do but right now approaching the toll plaza they have three
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lanes in each direction. that is your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. a woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy in san francisco despite being in a coma since march. melissa carlson of fresno had surgery to remove a benign tumor months ago. she suffered a seizure during the procedure. part of her brain was damaged and she went into a coma. but yesterday, she delivered her baby by c-section at uc-san francisco. >> she was making eye contact with the baby. her eyes were wide open. and that's fairly new. she grabbed brian's cheek. i say she grabbed his cheek. she grabbed his cheek with her hand and she pulled his face down to her face and she gave him the first hug that he has had since this trauma. >> brian landon is the husband and father. his wife's long-term prognosis is unclear but with every positive development doctors tell the family to keep their hopes up. >> wow. the southern california woman allegedly held captive
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for 10 years is speaking out. she says her husband kept her away from her family. his lawyer says the victim is lying but as polo sandoval reports police are standing behind the woman's story. >> reporter: fear and deception, police in southern california say their suspect isidro garcia used both to hold a young woman captive for nearly 10 years. the victim doesn't want to be identified but is speaking out for the first time. >> i'm so happy and [ indiscernible ] to be with my family. that i want all the time all the time i cry for her, for them, more for my mom and my sister. [ crying ] >> reporter: visibly emotional she reunites with family she hasn't seen in years. she told police she was drugged and taken by garcia who was her mother's boyfriend at the time. police believe the victim is from mexico and was in the country illegally. they think garcia used that to convince his victim to keep quiet all time. >> tells her that her mother
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doesn't care, that she can't go to the police because they are going to deport her. >> reporter: the victim tells police she was forced to marry garcia when she turned 18. investigators say she even gave birth to their child. the mother and victim's identities are being protected due to claims of repeated sexual abuse. the suspect's neighbors were shocked. >> she always seemed happy and she always makes good parties for her. and everything. >> they would be happy, kissing, holding hands. then she comes up with this now? why does she take so long to do it? >> that was polo sandoval reporting. garcia was in court yesterday but did not enter a plea. his bail is $1 million. time now on your friday is 4:51. three people rescued from a cliff near morgan hill have a little explaining to do this morning. why shortly after getting to safety, they are still facing some trouble now. >> a retired oakland cop with a bad leg collects more than $50,000 in disability. so how did he manage to get a job as an fbi agent?
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all right. let's fly you around the bay area today. starting out with some low clouds and drizzle outside. the temperatures warming up though in the afternoon a way from the coast. we'll see lots of sunshine inside the bay. some 70s and 80s into the south bay going to be a little bit warmer this afternoon. maybe as high as 85 in morgan hill. 86 gilroy. east bay temperatures will be hot. maybe in the upper 80s in toward antioch and brentwood about 83 degrees in danville. concord checking in at 83 also 86 into fairfield. in the north bay, could strike 90 degrees at clearlake. 86 in santa rosa. as you make your way back into
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san francisco, sunshine this afternoon. about 71 degrees. three people were rescued after they tried to climb the anderson reservoir near morgan hill. they got stuck. crews came in with a helicopter and rope to lift them out but the people could be in trouble. it's because you're not supposed to climb the dam. a former oakland police officer has been collecting thousands of dollars in disability benefits all while working as an fbi agent. >> you may wonder how is that possible? as kpix 5's christin ayers says, the city of oakland is now asking that very same question. reporter: when fbi agent and ex-oakland cop aaron mcfarland shot an associate of the boston bombing suspectses at this florida home last year, he was collecting a disability pension from the city of oakland. he retired from opd in 2004 for medical reasons. for the past 10 years he collected more than half a million dollars in tax-free disability pension payments most of it public money.
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kpix 5 has learned exclusively from a source inside the department that when mcfarlane left opd he was facing the possibility of being fired. instead, he opted for medical retirement. but even on disability, mcfarlane was able to pass an fbi physical that requires that agents be in excellent physical condition with no disabilities which would interfere in firearm use, raise or defensive tactics. now the city of oakland has confirmed it's investigating the matter and will take further action as appropriate. christin ayers, kpix 5. 4:56 right now. for years, it's been known as the ugly bridge. a magnet for graffiti vandals. coming up, is there finally a solution to prevent it from becoming an eyesore again? >> reporter: today will be the first step for drivers in the maneuvering around the 280 shutdown. i'm cate caugiran live on 280. we'll give you some travel alternatives coming up. ,,
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they do not care about us as human beings and they are willing to shoot us down like dogs. >> a community is on edge after police shot and killed a man they say was a threat. people in salinas have been protesting while police work to explain their actions. >> drivers trying to get out of san francisco don't have 280 as an option this morning. the entrance to southbound 280 by 4th and king streets was shut down overnight and won't be back open until tuesday morning because of repair work. >> do you support razor wire? [ laughter ] >> i support any solution that keeps kids with too much testosterone off those bridges. >> constantly covered in graffiti, officials in san jose work to figure out how to keep the bridges clean. >> hundreds of firefighters are working to contain a massive wildfire in central arizona. the flames have already burned thousands of acres. >> from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado
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>> it is out of here! your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is 5:00. time for a little weather and traffic and we have a bill holiday weekend, lawrence -- we have a big holiday weekend, lawrence. >> yes, we do. a lot of people getting ready to enjoy the great outdoors or get out of town, a little barbecue. today cool to start with, low clouds and fog and drizzle outside early on today. a whole lot of sunshine coming our way i think for the weekend ahead as we are going to see high pressure continuing to build overhead. cloudy skies in many spots. temperatures in the 50s. this afternoon becoming mostly sunny temperatures heating up away from the coastline. well into the 80s maybe some upper 80s into brentwood and antioch. about 86 in fairfield. 86 in livermore. about 8 degrees and sunny in -- 81 degrees and sunny in san jose and 66 with patchy fog in pacifica. let's check the roads with elizabeth. and we just got the "all clear" a couple of minutes ago for this accident in the mado


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