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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 24, 2014 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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live from the cbs bay area's studios. this is kpix 5 news. wyoming cold hard cash in the bay area and tonight the rush to find it >> live in san francisco, this is not your typical treasure hunt, is it >> >> reporter: no , it is not. we are talking about power of social media . >> it began last night from twitter account at hidden cash. >> the tweet contains clues that
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the benjamin stash all over in san francisco. >> we ran and down the road and we got there and there were a lot of people around there looking at what's already been taken. >> we got there four minutes but it was too late >> the anonymous owner grew looking for cash. >> they were checking twitter and said right outside the plaza, somebody hiding $100 bills and right out here. i guess we were too late. >> he found 20s hidden cash. >> i donated, it is one of my favorite charities. the identity of the bay area's
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leprechaun is unknown. . they want to do some good >> i kind of wish i can do the same thing. i don't know if i necessarily would if i had that kind of money but i like to think that i could. >> the only request from the millionaire is post a picture of yourself on twitter. what does this mystery donor have in mind? >> i thought it was an easy way to turn something fun into something good. >> reporter: if you want to get your hands on it, donations around the city are being snatched by this loyal twitter follower. this man says he's going to continue to hide cash all over the bay area this weekend. gain more twitter followers. >> hidden cash, by the way and
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also indicated tha speerment is ams also expanded to san jose. alameda and contra costa county says they will not hold immigrants for the federal government. one of the main players in the corruption scandal, kpix 5, live. >> music, mingling and drinks. it could be any friday night happy hour. but, take a closer look at the swag. but, this is not just any party . it is part pr campaign and part fundraiser for a one kind gangster. >> the purpose of tonight's
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event is hoping to get contributions. >> for the guest of honor that's behind bars without bail who's charged with money laundering. >> this is a guy that's an admitted gangster. >> people do change. >> hi claims that he has changed and they're representing him pro bonal. >> this guy does not have money and we are doing it for him. >> at least a few people willing to donate. >> you came for the t-shirt. >> i did. >> mostly out of morbid curiosity. >> that's interesting. you don't get to see that everyday. >> the other side is facing setbacks. the lawyer is now under a gag order that could hurt his chances to get a fire trial. they're hoping fundraiser in the
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community center. >> if we can get community support and contributions, that's important. >> kristen airs, kpix 5. >> his attorney will ask for a bail hearing in the coming weeks. kpix five survey showing the south bay company is well ahead of the pact in the race of the 17th congressional district. it is over a week for the june 3rd primaries. mike honda has 20% over is challenger. but, nearly a quarter of the vos polled are still undecided. >> they'll tell you with that many undecided and incumbent well under 50%, he's vulnerable. when he
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goes on the door, you will see it, people want change >> honda's teven seven term terms incumbent with no comment. >> i was shocked really. >> patrick was stuck with the same company for 32 years. this notice states that his gas at home is too risky to ensure and it won't be renewed. >> my guess is because of the droughts and i understand it is happening to a certain degree but now i think they're over reacting. >> patricia lives a block away. her insurance gave her a similar letter, she had a tough time finding new coverage. >> i am frustrated and you can drive around and see
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everybody maintaining their property and keepin brushes away from the dwelling as much as we cannot. we cannot cut down all our trees >> here is another example why this area is considered high risk, all this open space is feed away from home. the homeowner behind me had their policy renewal denied. >> in some cases we see insurance having a higher concentration risk. some people are seeing arenew value services. >> it is taking patricia almost two months to find an insurer after getting rejected by four companies. >> we need people to be ware and speak up and that this is not the only neighborhood that's affected. >> the department encourages homeowners to come to they
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want to help find coverage. the battle is brewing over union city over a house plan development. a home wants to turn 60 acres of land along mission boulevard into apartments and strip mall and an alzheimer's hospital. there was protest tonight and the people worried about the development is being bigger than what's being proposed. >> we work for 20 years to protect it and now we are faced with another attack to development. >> the home has collected signatures to put the development up for a vote, if it qualifies it will be on the november's ballot. traffic on the bay bridge finally clearing out tonight. traffic glided into a halt and backed up in
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macarthur. the mess from the 28 closure trickled on to. here is a look at what's closed off because of the work on 280. the ramps on king street are all street down. they're not supposed to be reopened until tuesday morning. crews plan to install a steel and concrete median that'll separate northbound and southbound traffic and help preventing head on collisions. it will be much a better situation and it will give drivers confidence while driving across the bridge to have a physical division between two lanes of traffic. it is safety rules. >> the project has been in the work for more than a
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decade. this will mark the bridge's first construction closure. two planes come within seconds hitting each other and how it happened and the common factor and other close calls. in the state, in the 80s and lows in the 50s. something will happen tonight,,,
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ruled "christopher hubbart" be let out of a state mental hospital. he'll be living in palmdale... and have a rapist is going to be released in california. christopher hubbart will be led out in the state's mental hospital. he will be living in california and have a monitor on him. hubbart is responsible for 40 rapes but may have committed many mother. we are learning two united airlines jets came in seconds hitting each other in houston that happened earlier this month. cbs reporter jeff, takes us to it. >> it happens around may 9th, united flight 601 was on runway 9 taking off and another united plane just departed on runway 15 left. the controller instructed the pilot 601 to make a right turn and puting plane on
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a collision course before realizing his mistakes. >> stop your plane, 601. >> basically, went directly over each other. that's what it looked like from my perspective. i have no idea what was going on. >> the incident is the third near midair collision in recent weeks. on april 24, at new york international airport, two planes had a collision of even closer. within seconds of a disaster, emergency warnings kicked in and one plane descended while the other went up. the faa says planes got close to
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each o nearly --faa 's spokesperson says all events are different and unique. there is no trends and similarities. cbs news at reagan national airport. the donald sterling scandal maybe nearing an end. tonight david has the later. >> donald sterling is giving up his ownership to his wife shelly sterling. sterling has been banned from the nba and fine $ed $2. 5 million to a girlfriend. >> the nba appointed a new ceo for the clippers and
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said it would force sterling to sell the team. clippers can be worth more than $5 million. >> i don't know if he's giving up the fight. he says a long legal fight would devalue the team's sales price. >> what you are seeing is not sterling saying oh, i don't prefer litigations, it is him recognizing the business realities that would mean even if you were to win in litigation, he would lose on the business run. the business of the nba going on and the league is moving forward with a hearing on june 3rd which the owner could terminate sterling and his wife ownership of the team. los angeles. >> adam silver says he has the support of the others to force the sterlings to sell.
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well, someone won't be getting their 9 new shine any yacht. . the yacht started to lean and went into the water. while it did not sink and six people on board, they were trapped and others broke the windows to freeze them. the yacht will be salvaged and the coast guards are looking at why it flipped. take a look at this as lightning hit the world trade towers. this is parts as thunderstorm hits the tower. well, all eyes to the sky tonight. this is a live look in oakland. the where stron mers are hosting a meteor shower. it is the first time that we'll
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be seeing this particular meteor shower. >> we are not shower human meteors to expect. some predictions saying it is 100 per hours and others say it is a thousand meteor showers. >> a thousand million per meteor. s. s, that's a lot. >> the good news and bad news thing is we are getting a lot of fog. the winds turning to the north. we lost the fog but now we have the clouds coming in. the timing is horrible. after midnight, hang on after mt , skies will clear considerably and we'll have good chance of seeing stuff on the sky. i want to show you pictures now where we have clear skies going on the golden gate
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bridge. a lack of fog, near the city we thought you will have the worse viewing but you will be as good as anybody else. the meteor shower, the best viewing is now between 1:00. although you will see some at 2:00. we don't know how many will be there. give it a peek and look to the north and you will have a chance to see some meteors in the next couple hours. forget the 60s. it is the 90s. spots that'll be popular this holiday weekend, saturday is 89 and sunday 91 degrees, sunshine and warm both days. we have a big bridge of high pressure building in slowly. tonight it was a west wind keeping us foggy. many of you will wake up to fog or low cloud cover. the sun will be out earlier and
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we'll get warmer temperatures and we'll have a pleasant holiday weekend as the low pressure moves out and the ridge of pressure moves in. gradually warmer through the weekend and watch out for an afternoon breeze, it will be a comfy one, it is coming from the ocean. we'll hit the 80s in campbell and morgan hill and walnut creek tomorrow at 85, pittsburgh 87 and a warm day to start off the holiday weekend. alameda sunshine in the morning. memorial day looks pleasant to get outside. 90 inlands and 70s near the bay. we'll cool off a little bit and pleasant and close to average and no heat wave and very nice getting outside. >> cannot wait, it is going to
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start in a little less than 30 minutes. what just started is cherries season. believe it or not. don't blink, the cherries harvest is only in mayor june. this year the supplies are very short. trees are small because of the t . that can mean higher prices for cherries at the store. still ahead, the bear takes still ahead, the bear takes the,,,,
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bears putting on quite a show. first, he performed the balance the act near a roof of an apartment ing and he took a stroll on the roof and climbed down the tree. he sprinted out of the neighborhood. and people stopped by to snap ps . ,,,,,,
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responded. brian dozier in the 4th. bottom forth now, brandon hicks, swinging and back and track and gone! giants win 6-2 of their 30th wins for the year. san jose's championship filling in for manager. it was the blue jays' night. got him on the board, 2-0. a's had its chances but could not close. jet lowrie tapped out in the 9th inning. jays win 3-2 and the a's suffering the second straight loss. there is jerry rice junior wearing 83. still topic
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a. the linebacker, aldon smith. >> you are saying that decisions have not been made? >> i cannot add more. there is no speculations. why cannot you understand that? >> time for friday niepth. san jose wins 51. number 4, i am going to be at the ball game at the giants next weekend, can i go all out like that. number 3 -- brent lowrie chose them widely. number 2, buddy reed, can he get there? oh yeah. number 1, watch this, bubba
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find your inner minion only at the despicable me minion mayhem ride at universal studios hollywood. pick your climate, what do you think? do you want? >> we got anything you want this weekend. choose what you want and there l be a climate that fits you. >> big plans?
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>> announcer: the following program is sponsored ,,,,,,,,,,,, by operation smile. every year, hundreds of thousands of children are born with cleft lip and or cleft palate. >> dr. bill magee: why should any child, anywhere on this planet, have to live a life of misery. >> kathy majette: a lot of people think that children that are born with these deformities are cursed. just imagine a life alone, that nobody wanted to be around you.
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>> norrie oelkers: and we had children coming in for screening with brown bagover their head. they're never allowed to leave their house unless they have a bag on their heads. >> kathy majette: some children don't live, because they have problems with eating, and drinking, and die of malnutrition. >> mel: and they see us as their last resort. >> dr. jill gora: every child deserves a fair chance at life, >> peggy stillman: it may only take an hour to do something that will change their lives forever. >> noreen kessler: and you just see a whole new person, a whole new beginning. it's almost like they're reborn. i can't think of another word but phenomenal. [ music ] >> roma downey: as a mother, i would do anything i could to help my child live a normal life. and i'm sure you would, too. but what if you couldn't do anything? what if you were totally helpless? that's the situation for hundreds and thousands of parents in developing countries whose children are
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born with cleft lip or cleft palate. in the united states, these deformities are corrected shortly after birth. but in many countries around the world, these children are left untreated and are shunned. [ music ] [ children's voices ] >> roma downey: i'm in le loi hospital. the volunteer operation smile medical team has come from all over the world to perform surgeries, and parents have brought their children here, hoping that they'll be selected. nine-year-old sut has been ridiculed and rejected all his life. sut isn't even his real name, but that's what he's been called from the day he was born. sut means harelip; a terrible name for a child born with a cleft lip. he's from a very poor family who could never afford surgery. when he was 5, he went for his first day of school.


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