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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5pm  CBS  May 26, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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sorority house. >> emotional. >> sophomore jesse white was just a block way. >> he felt alone but it is such a welcome place. could have been anyone of us. that is what's scary the most. >> reporter: and, the university is scheduled to hold its memorial, allen, tomorrow at 4:00 p.m. pacific. >> finals were coming up for them, time. those were put aside. what about the resources for students? i'm assuming there is all sorts of counseling available? >> reporter: yeah. classes won't officially be held tomorrow. the university has asked professors to come in there anyway to be there for students. not only professors, bacons horse as well -- but counselors as well. >> all right. thank you. exclusive reporter brian webb just spoke with the bay area student who was directly in the gunman's line of fire. brian. >> reporter: dillon was born and raised right here in
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pleasanton. student at santa barbara city college. friday night, he was grabbing food with friends. the next thing he knew he was scrambling for his life. >> pow, pow, pow, pow. i stopped for maybe two or three seconds. it picked up again. went for about 15, 20 seconds. he was almost smiling like he was happy about what was going on. i'll remember that face for a long time. if you look at the video, the builts are coming over my head breaking does he recalls as i am sliding on it. i go straight to the back. i called my mom right away. i was like i don't know what's going to happen. anything that does happen, just know i love you. it was small pops in between. i thought he was outside the store trying to get in. the first few bullets that came through hit the martinez kids. i took my shirt off and applied
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pressure to stop the bleeding. >> was he alive when you got to him? >> no. he was pretty much not breathing. we were doing what we could. that's why it kind of shook us all up. he had no target. he wasn't shooting at him. it just happened to be him. people don't just do that. people don't just write 141- page manifestos doing this. you can't blame him because the kid seemed like a manipulator. he can pretty much tell you anything you wanted to hear to get his way, you know. i feel like it hasn't really set in yet, how big of a situation it is, but i'm just happy to be alive right now. >> reporter: dylan says he didn't know any of the victims or the shooter, liz. he says he plans to go backston the next couple weeks to collect his belongings and plans to go back to city college next semester. >> the interview was
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remarkable. what really struck me was how calm he was given a he had just experienced. >> reporter: yeah. probably a little bit of shock. he admits he doesn't feel like's completely sunk in. he know this is is something he will have to deal with for a long time to come. >> the video is incredible. you can see him diving underneath the bullets. >> reporter: amazing video. when you hear the part about him going to the corn, first thing he thought of, i need to call my mom, maybe say my final good-bye. that was pretty chilling. >> brian, thank you. all three of the young men killed in the apartment were uc santa barbara students from the b. two were from san jose. the third from fremont. kpix 5's len ramirez at leland high school in san jose where one of those victims had graduated a couple years ago. len. >> reporter: that's right just a couple years ago. there are students here who still know him and came by here to offer their remembrances
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today. >> george chen was 19 years old and a graduate from santa barbara. two of his friends from the class of 2012 came back to campus today. they were angry that the life of their buddy who they last saw on garage withuation day was cut short so violently. >> horrible to think that someone did that to a guy that did absolutely nothing wrong. >> like chen, 20-year-old james chang was also a victim. stabbed multiple times in the apartment they share. chang and chen were both students at uc santa barbara according to their facebook. the distraught parents left for santa barbara this morning to bring his body back to san jose. a long-time neighbor said the tragedy is hard to believe. >> weird that i just saw him tore day e. now it is like he's gone, you know. it's weird to see someone you see on a regular basis, and
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then just like something like that happens and you're like wow. >> reporter: because the students who were students here with both the victims are now juniors and seniors, there will be grief counselors here, allen, tomorrow, to help students when they come back to school if they want to talk to counselors about this tragedy that happened to one of their classmates. all right, len, thank you. a third bay area victim grew up in fremont. kpix 5's ryan takeo is at the student's former high school. >> reporter: david wang graduate here in 2012. he was a young man of exemplary character and high academic keith who loved basketball and was beloved by faculty staff and students. david wang was one of the suspect's roommates as well. he was one of the three victims killed before friday's shooting spree. a neighbor who lives next door
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says the family kept to themselves, but he added david was kind and generous. he said david even offered to help his son with his math home work. >> actually i came to know him. he is one of my neighbors. >> reporter: the neighbor found out david died like the rest of us, from the news. he has not talked to the parents yet. they left for santa barbara earlier today. live in fremont, i'm ryan takeo kpix 5. well, one of the survivors who was bad luissa injured is also from the bay area. nick lives in alamo and goes to the university of the pa sing he was in isla vista visiting friend when he was run down by rodger'smw. he understood went surgery saturday. both of his legs are broke. the other three uc santa barbara students who were killed are 20-year-old kathryn cooper and 19-year-old veronica
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weis. they were members of a cor -- sorority. martinez's father is lashing out at leaders in washington, d.c. he says congress failed to tighten gun control control after the sandy hook shooting in 2012. >> these things will continue until somebody does something. so where the hell is the leadership. where the hell is these people we elect to congress we spent so much money on. my kids dade because nobody responded to what occurred at sandy hook. it is bad enough that i lost my 20-year-old, but i had 20 years with my son. that's all i have. >> a u.s. senator from connecticut is calling on congress to focus on improving resources for mental health care following the shootings. coming up in our 6:00 hour, we will hear from more people who knew the victims of the tragic shooting. also, today, president obama honored fallen service
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members during a memorial day remembrance at arlington national cemetery. >> the observances included the traditional replaying ceremony. carried extra significance because this year marks the 150th anniversary of the cemetery. >> over that century and a half, in times of war, in times of peace, americans have come here to pay tribute not only to the loved ones who meant the world to them, but to all our heroes. >> the president also paid respects at the tomb of the unknowns. here in the bay area, people join the nation in remembering the sacrifices of our fallen soldiers. >> a military aircraft fly over and vet remarks were some of the highlights from the ceremony at san francisco's national cemetery. now in its 146th year n. someone of the nation's largest
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memorial day observances. in san jose, several american flags decorated oak hill memorial park. dozens of veterans gathered to honor their fallen comrades and the young men and women currently serving the country. bag pipes and patriotic songs also fill the air at the cypress national park cemetery. many veterans also attended. names of the fallen members of the service were read at the event. the count down is on until road work on 280 in san francisco is complete, but not until giants fans endure another major back up for the third time this holiday weekend. giants player hunter pence's most prized possession stolen. the unique reward to get his scooter back. sunshine all throughout our holiday weekend, including today in san jose. we're looking for clouds. we are finding zero out. there there are some temperature changes to talk about, though. find out which days will be the
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chilliest, coming up. ,,,,,,
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of a bay area freeway re-ops on time. our mike sugerman spoke to some who call the partial 280 cl inconven construction crews working nonstop to make sure part of a bay area freeway reopens on time. our mike sugerman spoke to some who called the partial 280 closure a giant inconvenience. mike. >> reporter: yes, they did, liz. friday, saturday, sunday. ed to it's monday. i think people finally caught on that traffic is not so bad -- hello, how are document not bad at all -- you. here is the reason why. the ramp is closed to highway 280 at fourth and king. closed all the way down to 25th. but for a time, traffic was mess. >> -- a mess. >> it was a beautiful day for a ball game, but wait until you go home. >> it was horrible. >> just getting out of the parking lot took almost as long as a trip home might take. >> took almost an hour just to get out of the park alone. >> out of the parking lot?
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>> yes. >> here is the reason why. highway280 southbound, the smart way to get out of the park were save victims fans has been shut down all weekend to fortify it against earthquakes. >> we have replaced the hinges. the hinges on this freeway were about 50 years old. obviously, during that time, the seismic standards changed. >> they picked the three-day holiday weekend to do the work because they figured fewer people would be using the road. we wondered, why doing the work when 40,000 giants fans would be packing the park right at the tend of the roadway. >> we reached out to the giants and they reached out to their fans. it has been very noticeable, the traffic for the friday night game and start night game was fairly normal. >> it's ridiculous. everybody know there is is a game and they are all coming to see it. it backs everybody up and delays them. >> why not a weekend when the
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park is dark. they needed a long weekend. despite traffic jams reported yesterday, still a lot more on even giants weekends. >> reporter: about an hour ago they poured more cement. they still have to line it and paint it and strike it. 5:00o'clock tomorrow morning, maybe a come hours earlier. liz. >> mike, were they talking about tear down part of 280 to open up land to housing? >> reporter: they did. you wonder why are they fixing it up if they are going to tear it down. >> right. >> reporter: that is mayor lee's idea to get more housing. that is still a couple more years ago. they have to get this thing earthquake safe. >> better safe than sorry. mike, thank you. the family of a fallen soldier still coping with the devastating loss. encouragement they offer for other families on this memorial day. in a city that's not usually phased by crime, this is surprising. the bizarre confrontation that sent two bay area construction
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workers to the hospital this holiday weekend.
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homeless man. s walked up to the two san francisco construction workers are in the hospital after being stabbed by a homeless man. those workers walked up to the man and asked him to stop urinating at the construction site. that is when the homeless man stabbed them both one of the workers is in serious condition. the homeless man was arrested.
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police don't believe a shooting involving people leaving a concert at the concord pavilion was ran. do shots rang out just before 8:00 last night near oak wood road walnut creek. a man pulled up and opened fire. >> he got out, shot several more times into the passenger side of the vehicle which is were the male was sitting. >> the man is in critical condition. the woman was treated and then released. police got so many 911 calls after the shooting, the system was overwhelmed. they hope witnesses call back with information. well, of course memorial day is when the nation stops and remembers our fallen warriors. kpix 5's ann notarangelo speaks to a walnut creek family who is comforted that their loved one is not forgotten. >> i remember my heart stopping in disbelief screaming. my legs giving out from under me. and then dropping to the ground
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stopping uncontrollably. >> she shared her story in walnut creek civic park. the moment she found out hi 23- year-old son shaun was killed in an ambush in afghanistan november 9th, 2007. >> it does seem like yesterday. >> corporal was awarded two purple hearts and two bronze stars for his heroic actions in two different fire fights. his daughter zoe was born three months after he was killed. >> she was cheated of experiencing firsthand his love for family, life, friends, his country and god. >> nearly seven years after his death, shaun's family has finally heard the hellish details about the assault. but those raw moments of pain are close by. >> i just broke down because it's like i don't have any new pictures of my son. you know, and i won't ever have any new pictures of my son.
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>> two roxanne, shaun will forever be a youthful man. but time doesn't stand still and the family has navigate the delicate balance of honoring shaun and living life. >> the minute i chose to move on, i involved them and said hey, look, this is what's going on in my life. >> shaun's widow has found love again. and they made it clear to everyone in the park just how important that is. >> you go through life and things change, but especially for zoe it's important that she knows who her dad is and what he did. >> that's what memorial day is to them. they will never forget their soldier, and they don't want us to, either. in walnut creek, ann notarangelo, kpix 5. >> two of the men who served with shaun say they owe him their lives and they named their sons after him. a very special honor this memorial they for a family who rescued a future president during world war ii. ted robinson is 95 years old
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now. but as a young man he raced to a sunken navy boat. that boat was a pt-109. its skipper john f. cbs evening news difficult robinson sailed through enemy-controlled waters to save kennedy and his crew. the u.s. s hornet paid tribute to veterans going back to world war ii. the tradition honoring those who died in the battle was done. speakers also reminded visitors that china was a u.s. ally in world war ii and assisted u.s. pilots in the famous raid on japan in world war ii. kind of a somber mood, but it was beautiful weather. >> reporter: it was perfect. anything outdoors was great. we had some of the best weather in the country. wasn't terribly hot. that will continue for the foreseeable future.
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lots of afternoon sunshine similar to. this although we will go on a little bit of a roller coaster ride tvs-wise. san francisco is sitting at 65 and sunny. sunshine in stand but with less of that ocean influence-- in santa rosa, but with less of that ocean influence. 74 on saturday. up to 83 yesterday. ed to's high so far 81 degrees in the santa clara valley. very comfortable overnight. good sleeping weather. kids will be back to school tomorrow for a couple weeks. redwood city 51. san jose 53. we are now getting 14 and a half hours of daylight this time of year in the bay area. it is all about where the ridge of high pressure is. this time of year there is always going to be rage close. where it is determines our weather. it is basically right over top of us right now leading to our warm weekend. tomorrow, kind of gets shoved
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out of the way by this low pressure in the pacific northwest. we will not see any rainfall, but the rim being pushed to the south enhances the on shore flow. the ocean temperature is cold, as it always is. low 80s away from the water. then, that ridge moves back closer to us. by wednesday and thursday, less of the on shore flow. the ridge is moving. so our temperatures will be a moving target as well w. to 10 degrees cooler for us tomorrow. sunny and dry every around for the rest of the week. an even stronger on shore flow. details on that in the 7 day. tomorrow, back to work. concord 79. san jose 76. very close torch but not as warm assed to. palo alto, you will hit 74. hayward, 71. right around 80 degrees for dublin, pittsburgh, antioch,
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fairfield. pleasant hill, 79. little cooler in the city. 65 in san francisco. clear lake 80 degrees with sunshine tomorrow. extended forecast, we warm it up on wednesday and thursday. then, we cool it back down. look at next weekend. we're trending cloudier and cooler. even inland highs will only be in the mid 70s. every afternoon will be nice. >> yeah. really windy seems like. >> reporter: it has been. we ear getting to that time of year -- we're getting to that time of year where we are caught in between. >> are you guys sneezing, too? >> reporter: oh, yes. >> the allergies are going crazy. >> reporter: pretty much since february, right. >> yeah. >> reporter: allergies have been very bad. >> thanks, paul. giants player hunter penn doesn't have a ride to work. he says someone stole his scooter.
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what are you up to? just playing hide the cheddar. can i play? it's more of a one person kind of game. i won.
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into a semi-truck. watch as the train comes barreling addresser in madera captured incredible cell phone
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video of a train slamming into a semi truck. watch as the train comes blowing through. miraculously, nobody was hurt. the truck had apparently gotten stuck on the tracks. the driver had already escaped. the crash is under investigation. a scooter near and dear to the heart of hunter pence of the san francisco giants has been stolen. this is what the battery- powered scooter looks like. he loves his scooter. calls it one of his prized possessions. he uses it to commute to at&t park for ball games. a signed bobble head that shows him riding the scooter. the scooter was by the roast house on the embarcadero.
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a super lottery ticket was purchased at the safeway in noriega. now for a look at what's ahead on the cbs evening news. >> jim axelrod is in new york. jim. >> reporter: hi allen and liz. memorials are springing up as yet another american community are mourning victims of a massacre. were there warning signs in santa barbara? we will have continuing coverage right after kpix 5
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newsroom. new at 6:00 tonight: he dodged the bullets. he saw the shooter. more of exclusive interview, with a area survivor - of the santa barbara killing spree. plus: teachers saying children we throwing up while taking anm some call it child abuse. why some students are getting so sick... taking a test. allen and liz. thanks ken. i'm ken bastida in the kpix 5 news room. . new at 66:00, he dodged the built. more of our exclusive interview with one of the survivors of the santa barbara shooting spree. >> children were throwing up while taking an exam. some call it child abuse why some students are get -- abuse. why some children are getting so sick taking a test.
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allen, liz. >> i heard of anxiety, but whew. all right, ken, we will see you in 30 minutes. thanks for watch us at 5:00. the cbs evening news with axelrod is next. >> and, remember, the latest is always on our website at n nd bob as ukraine's president elect offers an olive branch to moscow, a major battle breaks out over an airport seized by pro-russian rebels. charlie d'agata s test on the standoff. allen pizzey on the pope's final day in the middle east, a show of unity among christians, jews and muslims. and honoring a nation's heroes. >> these americans have done their duty, they ask nothing more than our country does ours. >> axelrod: david martin on how arlington is keeping a solid commitment. captioning sponsored by cbs


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