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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 28, 2014 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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a campus mourns. the university of california santa barbara remembers the six students killed in a deadly rampage while the father of one victim issues a call for action. >> it should be not one more. mid east shifts. the united states moves closer to deeper involvement in the syrian civil war as president obama announces it's time to turn the page on the war in afghanistan. >> now we're finishing the job we started. the first lady and the gop get into a food fight. michelle obama and house republicans clash over nutritional standards in school meals. and donald sterling gets ready for a showdown with the nba. the los angeles clippers owner plans to fight the league's attempt to force him to sell the team.
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captioning funded by cbs this is the "cbs morning news" for wednesday, may 28th, 2014. good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. two american citizens are recovering from injuries when a u.s. consulate vehicle is attacked in western afghanistan. the u.s. embassy in kabul says the americans were attacked as they traveled on the main rote to herat, afghanistan's third largest city. they were injured and are being treated at the hospital in the city. president obama plans to withdrawal u.s. forces from afghanistan by 2016 is being criticized as short-sided by critics. the president will discuss foreign policy at today's commencement at the u.s. military academy. he's expected to announce a deeper american involvement in syria. susan mcginnis is in washington. susan, good morning. >> anne-marie, good morning. the president will use this
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speech to west point grads today to chart a new course on u.s. policy, a policy that will bring u.s. troops home from one conflict but head into another. president obama will talk to grads at west point today about their futures, and he'll outline a few tour for u.s. foreign policy. the white house says the president is considering authorizing the use of u.s. troops to train syrian rebels to overthrow the president. >> we cannot only responsibly end our war in afghanistan and achieve the objectives that took us to war in the first place, but we'll also be able to begin a new chapter in the story of american leadership around the world. >> reporter: as part of his withdrawal plan, 32,800 troops currently in afghanistan would be reduced to 9,800 at the start of next year. that number would be cut in half by the end of 2015.
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in a joint statement, senators john mccain, lindsey graham, and kelly ayotte said the president's decision to set an arbitrary date of full withdrawal of u.s. from afghan is a monumental mistake. >> we have to understand it's not a perfect place and it's not america's responsibility to make it one. >> so far hamid karzai has not signed a security agreement needed to keep a limited new ber of u.s. troops in afghanistan. by the end of 2016 fewer than 1,000 troops will remain in afghanistan. more than 2,100 have been killed since the invasion led in 2001. well, coming up on thrjs secretary of state john kerry will discuss the u.s. withdrawal from afghanistan and the syrian civil war. the state department is recommending that all americans leave libya immediately.
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the department says the security situation in libya remains unpredictable and unstable. several groups have called for attacks against americans. the "uss baton" carrying 1,000 americans has moved into the mediterranean. the school was closed yesterday as the six victims of friday's deadly rampage were remembered in an emotional service, but the sadness of their deaths was mixed with anger and calls for tougher gun laws. one victim's father told lawmakers, i don't care about your sympathy. do something. bigad shaban has our report. >> reporter: the roughly hour long service included musical tributes to the victims and heartfelt messages from their families still in mourning. among the speakers was university of california president and former u.s.
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secretary janet napolitano. thousands united for the university of california santa barbara to honor the students elliot rodger murdered during a ten-minute killing spree. richard martinez's son chris was gunned down at a deli. martinez says politicians have failed to protect the public. >> that's why chris and these other kids died. it's unbelievable we're at this point. too many people have died and it should be not one more. >> reporter: investigators say rodger stabbed his roommates. he then killed katherine cooper and veronica weiss outside the sorority house. their try delta sisters paused for a moment. the service here at the campus stadium came just four days after rodger's attack, but he dubbed it as, quote, day of
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retribution for years of rejection from women. janet napolitano said the six students should be remembered for their lives, not their deaths. >> it's important that we do not let the arithmetic of this atrocity define them. >> reporter: flags flew at half-staff throughout all ten usc campuses throughout the state while all makeshift spots including this wall. it signifies the campuses's recovery and mourning. edward snowden says he was trained as a spy and worked undercover overseas. in his first network tv interview, snowden tells cbs news he was highly trained in electronic surveillance. last year he leased documents regarding a program used to gather e-mails and phone calls of millions of americans.
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said he worked all levels of the government and disputed government claims that he was just an analyst. >> i worked for the u.s. intelligence agency undercover overseas. i worked for the national intelligence agency and i worked for the defense as a lecturer where i developed sources and methods for keeping our information and people secure in the most hostile and dangerous environmentals around the worlding so when they say i'm a low levels systems administrator and i don't know what i'm talking about, i'd say it's somewhat misleading. >> he was on the run last year and has been granted temporary asylum in russia. tabd search for three men missing in a colorado mudslide has been called off. a giant wall of mud slid off three-quarters of a mile. at the center it's several hundred feet deep. the area remains too unstable to
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continue the search. and this morning flash flood warnings and watches are posted for southeast texas. at least one death is blamed on the severe weather. yesterday heavy rain and hay moved through san antonio. some areas got up to 5 inches of rain. 12 construction workers were injured when a tent collapsed on them. and a fast moving wildfire in california has injured five wildfires. it burned through 2 square miles in two days. this morning it is 20% contained. about 50% of residents were urged to evacuate. coming up on the "morning news," if you don't speak the language, there's an app for that. a look at a real-time conversation translator. plus -- >> all of a sudden everyone started screaming move, get down. >> a freak construction accident in new york badly injuries a passerby. you're watching the "cbs morning news." this is so ridiculous.
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york city sidewalk. a woman was cut on the leg and arm by a three-foot blade. it blew off a circular saw workers were using to cut into the pavement. the construction site has been shut down while the city investigates. on the "cbs moneywatch" now. skype removes the lang barrier, and character in.
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jill? >> asian markets perked up on gains by wall street. tokyo's nikkei rose a quarter percent. hong kong's hang seng added 1%. a rise in consumer confidence and an increase in home prices sent the dow higher. the dow climbed 69 points, the nasdaq climbed 51 points and the s&p rose 11 points. for the first time ever, the average pay package was above eight figures. it jumped almost 9% to $10.5 million. anthony petrello was the highest paid executive pulling in just over $68 million. microsoft plans to break the language barrier. later this year they plan to
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roll out the plan. >> could you change the green to light? >> at first the application will be able to translate just a few languages like german to english and available only on microsoft windows. and that california couple who found buckets of gold coins buried in their backyard are cashing in. the coins date back to 1847. several were auctioned off last night in san francisco. one valued at $4,000 sold for $15,000. the remaining 1,400 coins could bring in as much as $11 million. anne-marie? >> pretty sweet. from now on when i go for a walk, i'm going to be looking straight ahead of me. well, the donald sterling saga continues. the los angeles clippers owner vows to keep control of his
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. los angeles clippers owner donald sterling plans to fight the nba for control of his team. sterling answered the league's formal charge against him saying the nba has no root to force him to sell the team. sterling was banned for life and could have his ownership terminated over racist statements he made to his former girlfriend. he said those were illegally recorded and never meant to be made public. they'll decide next week whether to strip the clippers from sterling. in the nba playoffs it was game four in the western
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conference finals in oklahoma he scores 40 points and hands out ten assists while mvp kevin durant adds 31. the thunder win, 105-92 to tie the series at two games apiece. and in the nhl's eastern conference finals, montreal survives a scare and avoids elimination. the canadiens blow a three-goal lead over the rangers, but less than a minute after new york ties the game, rene bourque scores his second goal of the game to give montreal the lead. they finish with a hat track and win 7-4. they lead the series three games to two. finally, 50 cent or fitty if you like he rapped the lee, "do you want to be rich, i'll show you how" threw out the first pitch at the mets game last night in new york. as you see it was a shade out of the strike zone.
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things went a little better for the team though. the mets topped pittsburgh, 4-2. when we return, school lunch showdown. first lady michelle obama defends nutritious meals for kids amid efforts to roll back regulations. ♪ (announcer) from the company that invented litter, comes litter re-invented. (woman) hey! toss me that litter! (announcer) tidy cats lightweight. all the strength, half the weight. they'll wanna eat it rightgonna away.od
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and country crock stirs in easily, to give mashed potatoes that rich buttery flavor your family loves, everytime. welcome to crock country. police are trying to piece together what lead to a wild shootout at a busy gas stat as mourners honor students killed in the santa barbara rampage...we're learning abt troubling past incidents of suspected gunman. donald sterling fights back. why the embattled clippers r says the n- b-a has no righ. to take his team. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:3 good morning. it's,,,,
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. a food fight between first lady michelle obama and house republicans over school lunches. as david bag noe tells us mrs. obama is pushing back against lawmakers who say the guidelines are too restrictive. >> reporter: first lady michelle obama responded to critic os testify school nutrition program calling for efforts to roll back
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the effostandards unacceptable. >> the last thing we can afford to do now is play politics with our child's health. >> reporter: it requires schools to provide more foods and whole grains and limit sodas, sugars, and fats. mrs. obama met with officials tuesday and said the guidelines are working. >> we sometimes have to take fruits and vegetables off their tray because they have them so piled up. they would wave guidelines if they lost it for six months. >> they will be given nutritious mea meals. >> reporter: 650,000 kids in los angeles get all three of their weekday meals at school. >> i don't see how feeding our kids better food could have any impact effort. >> reporter: the first lady said efforts should be helped to help
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struggling schools make changes. david bagnell for cbs news, los angeles. president obama got to meet with several students yesterday. one helping build and design electric cars and another create add robot that threw mr. obama a basketball. he con fenced when he was in school his science projects weren't that successful. >> one year i accidentally killed some plants that were part of my experiment. anothe ♪ ♪
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a program started by a student at m.i.t. encourages middle school girls to learn math by learning to dance. listen to how it works. >> reporter: in cambridge, massachusetts, these middle school girls are learning much more than new dance steps. they're learning math from karen, a senior at m.i.t. >> now, 3 as. >> we say x is a sin and y is a little hip-hop or something. a simple choreography might by 3 x plus y. >> reporter: well aware of a shortage of women in sciences
4:26 am
sinha develop add program to reach middle school girls. it's called shine which is exactly what it prepares them to do. once a week after school the girls go downstairs to dance. then upstairs to put pencil to paper, even markers to glass. >> when they go upstairs and they have a mental block about how i don't understand how to solve this equation. we say, think about what you did at the dance studio downstairs. >> so it is a process of breaking down concepts that girls can get their arms around. >> exactly. and more than just get their arms around. actually throw their bodies into and physically do. >> reporter: students like katherine cunningham are tested at the start of each eight-week session and again at the end. >> do you think you understand now that it's a question of how things are explained as opposed to the idea itself?
4:27 am
>> yeah. they explain it really clearly and then they like milwaukee su make sure hand then they do a lot of examples, which is good. >> this year sinha says there was a 3 un% improvement. marlene giovany is all in. >> before i used to say, i don't like it. now i don't want to say i don't like it because it really isn't all that bad. >> reporter: these girls are learning a vital lesson. don't lehtonen box them in to any stereotype. >> what we really want to teach these girls is those boxes they feel that it might be in are completely imagenary. >> reporter: and in the process they're shattering the idea that girls and math don't add up. jim axelrod, cbs news, cacambridge, massachchusetts. >> well, coming up after you local newews on "cbs this morning," more on p president obama's troop drawdown in afghanistan. we'll get the latest lead to
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injuries. and forbes unveils its annual list of the 100 most powerful women. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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your realtime captioner is linda macdonald. good morning. it is wednesday, may 28. i'm michelle griego. >> we are off and rolling. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 4:30. and lawrence karnow is up first
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with a little weather. >> nice and clear. good, it looks like it's going to be a great day ahead. the winds will kick up not quite as windy as yesterday. still breezy around the bay area. cooler weather we're coming right back. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and so far, so good, traveling through the macarthur maze roadwork is still out there. westbound 580 to eastbound 80 is still blocked but you can move around in the bay bridge parking lot. more coming up. >> on a "hump day." >> right, already. >> thank you. 20,000 people gath to honor the victim of friday's murder spree in isla vista. betty yu shows us how families, friends and classmates are remembering the six students who were killed. >> reporter: at a memorial service to honor the six victims murdered during a 10- minute killing spree, there was a grief, tears and a call for change. >> not one more!! >> reporter: richard martinez' son chris was shot dead in the deli that night. he asked the crowd in santa


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