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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6pm  CBS  May 29, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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behind the dodgers at $2.1 billion. balmer has ties to the seattle area, which has raised questions as to whether he would try and move the clippers. he has said he plans to keep that team in los angeles. of course, this is all tentative and needs the sterlings to sign off on it. and that's where it gets complicated. shelly sterling was given the green light to negotiate a deal. but donald sterling has been flip-flopping. now, at first, he appeared to dig in. he wasn't going to sell. then he had a change of heart. and that changed again this week when sterling promised to quote fight to the bloody end to keep the team. now, the sterlings certainly have plenty of suters to choose from. espn had been reporting a potential super group of owners might be in the works, one led by music mogul david geffen, oracle ceo larry ellison and oprah winfrey. and the group also apparently includes two guggenheim executives. now, if the deal with steve balmer moves forward, it would need the approval of the owners
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of the other 29 nba teams. three-fourths of them would have to vote yes. but you can bet elizabeth that would be a slam-dunk. balmer is worth $20 billion. >> yeah. i was going to say, dennis, money talks. i know the sterlings are holding on for dear life but it will be very interesting to see what they'll say to this. thank you. bryan stow's mother was the first witness to take the stand in his beating lawsuit. stow's family is suing the l.a. dodgers claiming a lack of security. but reporter randy paige says defense lawyers made it clear, they plan to put part of the blame on stow himself. >> reporter: brian was not with his family this morning. his presence here on tuesday and wednesday during jury selection took its toll according to the family and the brain injured former paramedics needed a day of rest. inside the jury listened as both sides offered their opening statements. bryan stow's lead attorney thomas girardi told the jury the two men who would later
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assault bryan stow were assaulting giants fans as early as the second inning. all of this harassment foul language, yelling and screaming throwing stuff assaulting people, there was no security there, girardi told the jury. girardi said there were still no security personnel in sight when bryan stow was attacked by louis sanchez and marvin norwood after the game. it wasn't a fight, girardi said, when you walk out of the stadium and you're smashed in the back, that isn't a fight. that's an assault. and if they, the dodgers, had done what they were supposed to do when in the preceding three hours the assault never would have happened. girardi told the jury that frank mccourt and the dodger are responsible. but the defense says we claim the injuries are caused solely by the conduct of mr. sanchez, mr. norwood and mr. stow. fox said bryan stow was also being aggressive while watching the game and after the game, fox said, stow directed a
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comment towards sanchez which prompted a shove and later the attack. mr. stow was injured, fox told the jury, as a result of a testosterone and alcohol-fueled flash firefight that occurred in parking lot 2 that night. you're going to hear this happened in a matter of second and that the large amount of alcohol consumed by mr. stow played a role in this. and while stow's attorneys claim there were no security personnel in sight, the defense told the jury the dodgers spent more on security for the game than any other opening day in dodger history. the first witness to be called to the stand by the plaintiffs bryan stow's mother elizabeth. she provided some emotional testimony saying she was by her son's bedside for months while he was in a coma. she testified his first sound issued 8 months after the beating was a sob. but she said there have been improvements. that he is now able to go to see a movie once or twice a week, able to take a few steps with his walker. but she said he is still unable to use the restroom by himself and can't tie his shoes.
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in downtown los angeles, randy paige, kpix 5. >> bryan stow is seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages from the dodgers. big names from entertainment to sports and politics are gathering in san francisco tonight to bring awareness to gun violence. the event is raising money for a campaign called, no guns allowed. snoop dogg, joe montana and ronnie lott are among those in attendance. they aim to find solutions to our nation's battle with gun violence. >> this is affecting all of us and it shouldn't be until it hits somebody in your family or someone that do you something about it. we're all family. >> the group is asking congress to reintroduce background legislation to stop people with mental health records from buying guns so easily. tonight we're learning that santa barbara sheriff's deputies knew about the disturbing online videos posted by elliot rodger weeks before he went on a rampage at ucsb. but they didn't look at them. his parents knew about the videos, as well.
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kpix 5's cate caugiran with how they tried to stop the shooting. >> reporter: on the night elliot rodger brought terror and death to the streets of santa barbara, his parents in separate cars raced to try to stop him. cbs news' john blackstone sat down with the family's friend. >> in each car they are listening to the radio and they are hearing there's been a massacre in santa barbara. they then talk about a black bmw. elliot has a black bmw. he knew his son had caused this. >> you had met elliot? >> yes. i did. he was a boy that was unbearably removed. he hardly joined in conversation. and when he replied to something, he looked startled. i thought he was the loneliest person i had ever seen in my life. >> i have been forced to endure an existence of loneliness,
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rejection and unfulfilled desires. >> does the family themselves feel a sense of responsibility? >> inwardly think we must do when something like this happens. but i think where they can be at peace with all this and it's the truth is that since he was 9 years old, they have tried to help him. they are mourning more for the innocence that didn't return on friday night than the life of their son. >> reporter: last months, the shooter's mother alerted the santa barbara sheriff her son may be a danger. the deputies determined there was no reason for concern. >> do they blame the sheriff's department for not being more aggressive? >> no blame. i haven't heard one word of blame. elliot fooled everyone for a very, very long time. and, you know, ultimately, that's what he did with the police. >> reporter: cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> astaire says rodger's parents spent years trying to manage their son's mental illness. tonight more than 1,000
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people are expected at a candlelight vigil in san jose for 19-year-old george chen. he was among those killed in the santa barbara massacre. chen will be honored at leland high school where he graduated in 2012. new at 6:00, it's wilderness, farmland, it's public, it's private. it's one of the most beautiful places in california. but as allen martin shows us, it's also a little complicated right now. >> reporter: very complicated. we're talking about point reyes national seashore a unique and beautiful place that finds itself under a cloud of hard feelings. >> the ranches out here have been excellent stewards of the land and it's really because of the ranchers that we have this amazing national park. >> reporter: if california truly has happy cows, these are those cows. and they have been grazing above these stunning shorelines since before this was a park. >> in some cases we're working with the fourth generation of ranchers out here which is a really wonderful and unique situation fortunate park service. >> reporter: but the park service is working on a new
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long range management plan for the ran of land and has some people restless. >> i think they get nervous when change occurs. >> reporter: most ranchers were happy to express their concerns, none were willing to talk on camera. >> they like just to farm, take care of business. they are not much on news media. >> reporter: so they referred us to stacey carlson, with the marin county agricultural commission. and like the ranchers, he points to one major problem. >> you know, really boils down to takes a lot of labor for the farmer and his family to have to manage with and around the elk. [ noise ] >> reporter: yes, the actually elk which were introduced to a reserve on tomales point in the late '70s. since then they have spread beyond the preserve and across the park. at first it was just the wilderness area. but now, they are roaming, eating and making baby elk in
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the pastoral zone which is designated for ranching. just yesterday we spotted these elk a few hundred feet from these cows. and the ranchers say those close quarters will put them out of business. >> they knock down fences. they feed on pasture. they get into the water supply. they interfere with milking, animal production. >> reporter: another source of tension here, federal regulators push to close the drakes bay oyster company. that fight is now headed to the u.s. supreme court leaving a trail of hard feelings in the park. >> there needs to be reconciliation here. the ranchers are looking for building that trust with the park and the public. >> this is really about strengthening the ranching and we're really excited about the prospect moving forward. >> reporter: the elk about as welcome as the news media, apparently. as for moving forward the land use plan will be released next year. the park service is taking public comment until monday
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night. if you have any thoughts, go to the park's website as soon as possible. >> i love the way everybody talks in sort of really general terms. nobody wants to get too specific about anything. uhm, at least of which the ranchers who don't want to even appear on camera to talk about their problem. uhm, afraid of upsetting the landlord, which happens to be uncle sam. >> right. >> so it sounds like a problem with trust out there? >> yeah. it's trust. it's very, very tense. some of those ranchers are very nervous. the park service does understand that. that's why they are doing a lot of this outreach trying to ease the tensions, get those ranchers to see the plan as a chance to solve some of the problems and hopefully move forward so they can stay there and tourists can have access too. >> any ranchers want to talk, you'll talk to them? >> happily. >> yes. allen, thank you. in the south bay, the drought is becoming more and more visible. this dried up pond is the only supply they have in the morgan hill area for drinking water. all of it comes from the underground water table.
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because of this very unusual situation, the santa clara valley water district is bringing in water through a canal. and if things get worse, people will definitely notice a big change in their bills. >> so you could expect as water levels drop, for example, they could expect increase pumping costs, uhm, potentially, uhm, any well, you know, as the water level drops, the efficiency of the pumping will be reduced, uhm, and so we're working closely with them. >> morgan hill already has strict regulations on water usage. people can't just wash their cars in the driveway and can only water their yards on mondays, wednesdays and fridays. coming up an update to a story you saw only on kpix 5. a bay area man diagnosed with 20 tumors is denied insurance coverage. now how the company is responding. >> and their graduation stage burnt to a crisp a day before the big ceremony. who police are blaming for this high school mess. >> we are live at the fair
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tonight in antioch. coming up, your weekend forecast as we say good-bye to may and hello to june and we're going to try something live on television that's never been done in the weathercast before. hang on for 7 minutes. we'll show you live coming up. ,,
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pepper jack. hey pepper jack. ruff ruff, ruff ruff. he's a spicy one. annnnnd... delicious.
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mayoral race is heating up.x california primary is less than a week away. a south bay mayoral race is really heating up. kpix 5's len ramirez with the last-minute push to sway voters. >> my name is colin. >> reporter: it's less than a week in the primary in san jose. they are calling tens of thousands of likely voters for the mayoral vote. >> we are calling voters to see if they can help us get out the vote. >> reporter: out of a crowded field our exclusive poll finds two candidates have broken away
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from the pack. county supervisor dave cortes. >> makes me nervous because i'm used to being the underdog. >> reporter: and sam liccardo city councilman. >> we are feeling great. we are out there in the neighborhoods. >> reporter: the poll shows cortes ahead with 26% ahead. liccardo 20%. three others are in the back of the pack. the two leaders are both lawyers, both have been councilmembers and both italian- american families have been influential for generations but they have different approaches when it comes to solving san jose's biggest problem, public say. >> what we need to do is stop police officers from leaving. there are some things about measure b that need to be tweaked to make that happen. it needs to happen in a hurry. and we need to restore trust. >> we can restore safety and services in the city if we're willing to be innovative and do things different. we can spend marter, not more. >> reporter: this primary is noted as being one of the cleanest in san jose for a long
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time. only the top two will go to the november runoff. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. >> sam liccardo the front- runner in fundraising as lenny mentioned has raised almost $800,000. dave cortese has raised about $626,000. madison nguyen has raised $477,000. last night we told you about a sonoma county man's battle with cancer and his insurance company. jeffrey rusch has nearly 2 dozen tumors in his body. and a letter from his insurance company brought on another devastating blow. anthem blue cross initially told him they would deny coverage for treatments because they weren't, quote, medically necessary. since our story aired last night, his family says they heard from anthem and were told not to worry about the costs. >> i would call saving my husband's life medically
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necessary. >> so far, anthem hasn't commented on the case. jeffrey and his wife estimate they have paid about $100,000 in premiums. an update now on a touching story that we brought you last week, a woman in a coma giving birth to a healthy baby boy. the baby's dad says the health is improving and so is his wife's. when we caught up to dad, he just had gotten back from taking his new son to a doctor appointment and he knows he has extra responsibilities with his wife in the hospital but doesn't mind. >> it's a lot to juggle taking care of two people who need that kind of intensive attention, care and love. but i am very, very happy to be the guy that gets to give them that love. they both deserve it. >> brian says his wife is still in a coma but she is improved enough that she could be released to the hospital -- from the hospital on monday. she would be transferred to a
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rehab facility. there is a scramble to replace the roseville high school graduation stage one day before the ceremony. now, here's the reason why. a scorch mark on the football field shows where the stage was burned down earlier today. two teenaged boys have been arrested for starting the fire. police say the arson was not a senior prank. damage is estimated at $20,000 for the stage and $50,000 to replace a logo on the field that was also burned. volunteers are donating time and materials to replace the stage and save the graduation ceremony. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is at the contra costa county fair this afternoon with mobile weather and a cooldown on the way. hi, paul. >> reporter: yeah. and we also have a world exclusive. have you ever seen, i haven't, a weathercast done from inside a bumper car? while we're playing bumper cars my friend justin is going to turn, we're going to go. we're going to be doing the
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weathercast at the contra costa county fair. let's do it, man, go -- oh-oh. oh, here's the first bump. here we go. let's talk about some weather while we're moving around in the bumper cars. always a kids favorite. 86 in livermore. 85 your high today in concord. morgan hill 84. san jose 83. prepare for impact! oh!! 81 in fremont. and 72 your high today in san francisco. if you are coming out to the fair all the way through sunday, a little bit cooler. today will be the warmest day but out toward antioch, sunny and 80 degrees. the good guys get together in pleasanton saturday and sunday, sunshine highs in the mid-70s. and the classic car parade and festival saturday in san rafael a sunny afternoon maybe some morning cloud cover, 70 degrees. let's take a look at your satellite review. high pressure is moving away. it was close to us today limiting the onshore flow. that will allow a stronger sea breeze to move in starting tomorrow which will bring back cooler and cloudier conditions especially to the coast where fog will move in as soon as
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tonight. high temperatures tomorrow, oh!! not as warm as today. redwood city 70. mountain view 72. san jose 76. and fairfield 77 degrees. san rafael 70 degrees. a little cooler tomorrow all throughout the bay area. your extended forecast, the seven-day forecast, right through the weekend, right around 80 inland. not as warm but still pleasant near the bay. mid-60s at the coast. upper 50s with partly sunny skies at the coast. 60s near the bay. highs next week around normal. hanging out with bumper cars at the fair. i'm about ready to lose my lunch but that's beside the point. i'm watching because you can't see me because justin is driving like crazy. there we go! back to you guys. [ laughter ] >> justin, you're never getting a license, okay? [ laughter ] >> looks like the kpix 5 garage. >> bye! >> it does. wow. i recognize some of those moves. i think they were targeting them. still ahead, google gives the public a glimpse of its
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workforce. and diversity is not the company's strong suit. >> plus the hidden cash scavenger hunt moves south and how supporters can decide what's given away next. ,, gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets.
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about a free career fair at moffett field. veterans who need jobs are getting extra help thanks to nasa. kpix 5 reporter don ford tells us about a free career fair at moffett field. >> reporter: dozens of big name companies are looking to hire. and they are specifically targeting our nation's heroes. >> facebook's here to hire great talent and we know veterans are some of the brightest people in the nation. >> reporter: ralph is a navy vet looking for work. >> so far i have a few promising contacts. >> reporter: it's not just veterans. audrey is looking for work to help support her disabled husband. >> everybody has open arms for us and i'm very grateful for that and i'm just hopeful -- i have gotten a lot of tips. >> reporter: a sergeant served
6:24 pm
10 years in the marines. paralyzed in a motorcycle accident, he has been looking for work for five years but remains supremely confident. >> i feel that i can perform anything i put my mind to. the wheelchair is in some cases not a hindrance but an ability to perform it better. >> reporter: one booth stood out from the crowd with more people than any others. >> moffett nasa is hiring. >> all different physical sign ends, physicists, astronauts occasionally once a year you can apply to be an astronaut physical sciences. >> reporter: maybe not today. in mountain view, don ford, kpix 5. >> more than 50 companies participated in today career fair. for the first time we are getting a look into who makes up the workforce at google. as anne makovec reports, the tech giant is struggling with diversity. >> reporter: watch any episode of hbo's program silicon valley
6:25 pm
and you'll see four white men techies and one pakistani-born programmer. a look at google's numbers shows that picture is accurate. the company is dominated by white men. 70% of google's workers are men and 61% are white. in google's tech sector, males dominated even further at 83%. and at the leadership level, almost 80% are men. and 72% are white. asian workers are the second most populous demographic at google. blacks make up only 2%. >> shame on them. >> reporter: that's the reaction we got from some google users. >> when you do a search, it just pulls up all sorts of information. and so the mindset of people is that, okay, they cover all the bases. internally are they covering all the basis? >> reporter: the group code 2040 works to bridge the divide. >> a lot of it is unknown by us. they don't know that they are doing it. >> reporter: google admits we're not where we want to be when it comes to diversity and
6:26 pm
it is hard to address these kinds of challenges if you're not prepared to discuss them openly and with the facts. >> they are lower than average but i think other companies if they reveal their numbers will give us some more realtime stats so we can work together to find a solution. >> reporter: finance says it is looking at disclose -- facebook says it's looking at disclosing its data but first wants to share that information internally. in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. >> google announced it will partner with the center for social impact to try to improve its workplace diversity and today jesse jackson and the rainbow-push coalition commended google's decision to release that report. you can take a closer look at the numbers by going to our website, coming up in our next half hour, san francisco offers george lucas a new spot for his museum but neighbors say not so fast. why they argue it's not the right fit. ,,,,,,,,
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my dad worked as a short order cook. right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state.
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george lucas' museum... alo o waterfront. now at 6:30, strong opposition to a plan to put george lucas' museum along the san francisco waterfront. >> san francisco is offering lucas prime real estate. it's near the bay bridge across
6:30 pm
from piers 30 and 32. >> da lin reports people living near the piers are not so happy with the idea of that new neighbor. da. >> reporter: that's right. mayor ed lee sent this letter to george lucas this afternoon offering this parking lot here for his museum. but this lot right behind it is a large condominium complex and tenants there are saying that not in my backyard. >> reporter: the lucas cultural arts museum would be built on this 2.3-acre site known as seawall lot 330. from the google earth image, you can see it's a triangular shaped parking lot right next to a 23-story high-rise condo. >> i'm against it. >> reporter: alex lives in the building. he was happy when the warriors abandoned the site to build an arena elsewhere. now he worries a busy museum would cause too much congestion. >> i commute a lot too having to deal with that traffic on a daily basis, i would prefer to avoid that than to have a museum built next to my house.
6:31 pm
>> reporter: aside from traffic, some homeowners worry it could block their view of the bay. but mayor lee's spokesman says this is the best site and traffic shouldn't be a big issue. >> one reason would be the america's cup and we moved traffic very well during that event. >> reporter: representatives of george lucas two weeks ago toured this parking lot and piers 30-32. the lucas team seems more interested in this lot because it would take millions to stabilize the piers. >> we thought our waterfront is an iconic location. it's surrounded by merchant businesses. there's already a museum down there. >> reporter: lucas plans to spend $700 million on the museum. >> this is an opportunity that comes once in a great, great while. this is a significant personal investment by mr. lucas. >> reporter: chicago also wants the museum. they offered a site next to their football stadium. now, how bad do san francisco city leaders want it?
6:32 pm
mayor lee this month called george lucas to personally wish him happy birthday. i guess anything helps to give an edge over chicago. live in san francisco, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> lucas museum spokesman sent us a statement an hour ago saying, quote, we want to reiterate our deep appreciation to the mayors of both san francisco and chicago. we won't speculate on potential sites or their specifics. the museum team is analyzing all the options now presented." a decision is expected sometime this summer. the election season is ramping up and it's hard to cut through the clutter of those negative ads. kpix 5 reporter john ramos on how a project from bay area college students could change the way voters see candidates. >> reporter: things have been quiet on the campus of the college of marin since the semester ended. but on the campaign trail, things are as loud as ever. >> now honda slinging mud launching false attacks.
6:33 pm
isn't it time to put the old politics aside? >> reporter: so how is an undecided voter supposed to decide when they don't know the candidates and all they hear is negative stuff? >> because nothing exists today to allow people to easily learn about the skill sets and a little bit about the personality of a given candidate. >> reporter: so college of marin trustee challenged daniel smith and his political science classmates to do that. they began filming videos and posting them on a website called, incumbents and challengers were asked an identical series of questions designed to shed light not on issues but on the candidates themselves. >> i think ethics are important no matter what office you're in. >> wow, that was a really good question. even one said i wasn't expecting that at all. [ laughter ] >> i haven't had that question
6:34 pm
asked yet. >> reporter: the camera work is a little rough at times and it can be confusing when candidates respond to questions that are not included in the videos. but project workers hope the idea of a neutral site with thoughtful answers can shed some light in a heated campaign. >> so ultimately, temperature we continue to move in this direction, and the momentum continues, the community will just revolt and say, they are going negative. what do they have to hide? >> reporter: at the college of marin, john ramos, kpix 5. >> has already had 1700 viewers in just a couple of weeks. the plan is to expand the program to other colleges across the state just in time for the november general election. the bay area girl who made it to the national spelling bee is now out. neha konakalla was still standing until late this afternoon. the 14-year-old is from sam lawson middle school in cupertino. she was tripped up by the word
6:35 pm
tagalioni. but it was a good run. making it to the elite group of 12 finalists? kpix 5 was proud to sponsor the local spelling bee. congrats to neha and all of our bay area spellers. good job. >> she did remarkably well. hitting cash fever has officially swept the state. now the anonymous man behind the exiter handle #hiddencash is bringing his scavenger hunt to l.a. the craze started last week when he began hiding was of bills across the bay area. last night cameras caught several hopefuls searching for the cash in an l.a. park. mr. hidden cash says he hopes his social experiment will inspire others. >> the timing that i'm going to be in l.a. for the next few days and i want to do some drops here and get the city excited about finding money and just the idea of giving back. >> and it's not just cash anymore. the mystery money man asked twitter followers to vote on
6:36 pm
whether they want burning man tickets or a travel scholarship instead. still ahead, cheap airfare is great if you can get a ticket. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch, the ads that now have southwest forking over a lot of cash. ,, ,, female narrator: through sunday, it's posturepedic through sunday, it's posturepedic versus beautyrest with up to $400 off. serta icomfort and tempur-pedic go head-to-head with three years' interest-free financing. mattress price wars end sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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on the consumerwatch, julie southwest airlines is in big trouble again for deceptive advertising. on the consumerwatch, julie watts explains what the airline promised that got it into trouble. >> reporter: you might have seen those southwest ads for 59- dollar fares. but have you ever been able to actually book one of those deals? the department of transportation says southwest advertised those $59 fares but didn't make any seats available at that price. the ads ran last october for flights from atlanta to new york, chicago and l.a. and southwest is now slapped with a $200,000 fine. it's the second time this year the airline has been charged with a violation. federal rules require airlines to make a reasonable number of
6:39 pm
seats available at the advertised price. the airline said it was a mistake. and a south bay family is off the hook tonight for a $700 at&t phone bill. cathy wanted to get an international cell phone service for her parents for their trip to new zealand and she said an at&t rep told her if she signed up for a plan she would get a free international plan for her parents as a gift. >> a gift, are you sure? he is like yes, i want to give a month free of international so they can enjoy themselves. >> but it turns out the calls weren't free and can this i -- cathy got a bill for almost $700. consumerwatch called at&t and it agreed to forgive the charges for the international calls. and here's another way to cut costs, buy cheaper nail polish. many women pay top dollar for high-end nail polish like a $27 bottle of chanel. but consumer reports tested it
6:40 pm
against a number of cheaper drugstore brands and the pricy polish chipped the same day it was applied while a $2 bottle of sinful polish from walgreens looks, quote, very good after seven days and revlon's $6 polish still looks, quote, good after day 10. >> and remember, if you have a consumer story idea, give us a call 888-5-helps-u or head to a different kind of physician is enjoying a renaissance in california. some believe these doctors might cure what's ailing our healthcare system. sharon chin reports. >> reporter: elaine is studying to become a doctor. >> what i want to do is to go into family medicine. >> reporter: that's great news since there's such a looming shortage but ho won't be an md. she will be a doctor of osteopathy. >> it's a philosophical approach that we have that starts really day one. >> reporter: osteopathic
6:41 pm
medicine use touch to diagnose problems and hands on techniques to correct them >> thank you. your patients in a way that -- to touch your patients in a way that can help their bodies heal. >> reporter: but hold on to this. a startling number of medical students is now pursuing a degree inosteopathic medicine. >> there is room in the medical world for medical doctors and for dos. >> reporter: the seen year provost of the western division of a university in vallejo, here more than 5,000 individuals applied for just 135 slots in her "do" school. more than half the graduates go into primary care. >> the affordable care act will be relying more and more on our programs. >> reporter: under obamacare, millions of newly insured californians will be looking for doctors and they will be more likely to accept underserved communities and medi-cal. >> a lot of students are brought here because of that. >> reporter: as for ho, she
6:42 pm
plans to spend more than 10 minutes to examine a patient. >> you can see patients in their environment in their state of minds and to aid them in their healing process. >> reporter: critics claim osteopathic medicine has little science to support it. but "dos" are licensed by the state of california and they are represented by the california medical association. sharon chin, kpix 5. >> to be licensed in california, "dos" must graduate from an accredited 4 year medical college and have one year of postgraduate training. one minute they were taking tourist pictures and then they heard a noise. and then they saw this! >> the glass cracking under their feet. hear about the big scare for these northern california cousins. >> it is the dinner hour at the county fair here in antioch. sunshine today, but will the sunshine last through your weekend? your forecast coming up. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, who is the most hated man in america? hint. people were not allowed to vote
6:43 pm
for ken bastida. the a's stage another furious 9th inning comeback and why a new raider is happy that he is 2,000 miles from home. >> more money. >> don't blow it by switching the dial. sports coming up. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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tallest buildings. re it is not a sound you want to hear when you're staring down 103 floors from one of the world's tallest buildings. reporter rob mcallister on the sudden scare for two tourists from northern california. >> reporter: there they were in the glass box known as the ledge at willis tower. >> we decided to take a sitting picture so we could get a good angle shot of the floor and the background. >> reporter: seemingly hovering 1300 feet high with nothing but the windy city below, the family from stockton decided they were ready to go. >> we started to stand up at the same time and it was at that moment that we start hearing the noise and start feeling the crackling of the glass. >> reporter: stomachs churning it took them a second to comprehend what was happening. >> we could see the glass
6:47 pm
actually just like a spiderweb immediately just light up. shattered. completely shattered. crawled off whatever we could to get immediately off the ledge. >> reporter: alejandro felt he narrowly escaped death on his first visit to the building once known as sears tower but building officials say it looks worse than it was. in a statement they write, this coating does not affect the structural integrity of the ledge in any way. occasionally the coating will crack as it is designed to in order to protect the surface of the glass. >> i know i was never really in any type of danger, but at the same time, in that situation, you're thinking you're going through. >> reporter: alejandro is looking intord to coming back to the central valley where the buildings are a bit smaller. despite still being a little shaken he says he enjoyed his visit to chicago. >> i have been told that second it was a very good experience. >> reporter: rob mcallister, kpix 5. >> can you imagine standing on that? >> i think everybody was about
6:48 pm
to fall through at any second, it was going to happen, paul. >> that was scary. >> reporter: you know, yeah, the elevator can always be a scary ride. i know what's happening now. you guys are hungry. i know it happens every day when i'm on the set. we're at the contra costa county fair in antioch. garlic fries, $6. big bubba's bad barbecue turkey legs, ribs tacos, ceviche, bananas, leave the diet at home. but i'm here to tell you weather-wise to please bring your sunscreen because sunshine will stick around although temperatures will be dropping. beautiful shot of downtown san francisco. san francisco down to 60 degrees. the sea breeze is kicking in. 67 san bruno. oakland and san jose in the low 70s. livermore around 80. overnight tonight chilly in the north bay, santa rosa drops down to 48.
6:49 pm
tomorrow morning in san jose 52. san francisco 52. vallejo 53. high pressure which inched closer to us today giving us less of the on shore flow and milder weather very quickly begins to move away. it's shifting out of here. so that will allow an area of low pressure to build to our north that will kick up the sea breeze once again and a stronger sea breeze with more of the ocean influence. one it will be cooler and two it will be cloudier especially near the water. we are clear inland tonight but coastal fog will be back when you wake up tomorrow morning. widespread cooling for the entire bay area even away from the water for friday. and then temperatures this weekend will level out right around what they should be for this time of year so we'll call it seasonal temperatures this weekend. high temperatures tomorrow upper 60s for you in hayward and san mateo. los altos topping out at 71. concord, livermore, 75 for you so not as warm. still pleasant. antioch 79 toward the fair here petaluma hitting 70. much cooler in san leandro tomorrow. 66. napa your high 75. ukiah and lakeport mendocino and lake counties highs in the
6:50 pm
mid-80s. you will have the least ocean influence tomorrow. extended forecast pleasant through the weekend although chilly near the water with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine mid-60s for you there. low 80s inland. and then next week we hit that sweet spot. we will not be hot. we will not be cold. and we will have afternoon sunshine with temperatures topping out in the 60s near the water and 80s inland. back out here live, it is the dinner hour, ramping up toward the weekend, 100,000 people or more expected at the fairgrounds between now and sunday. that is your forecast. sports is next.
6:51 pm
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tillamook marionberry pie ice cream right nows i'll explode into creamy happiness. wha? oh. tillamook ice cream, tastes better because it's made better.
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the a's have had one of thet in baseball through the fir0 games of the season..b t 2-14 with runners the a's have had one of the most prolific offenses in baseball for the first games of the season but today they went 2 for 14 with runners in scoring position and left 14 men on base and check it out o they still had a chance to win, check it out. a's down 1-0 at the bottom of the 4th. punto hits the stanley steemer shot. the a's have the lead. if that's one sure bet on oakland's roster it's josh reddick's glove. whoops. tigers 3-2 off chavez. in comes jim johnston and out goes victor martinez. that's a fair ball. two more runs score on the double. john some's e.r.a. is 6.55. how much longer can you trot johnson out there? could the a's come back two
6:54 pm
days in a row? off joe nathan, reddick into the gap. yoenis cespedes is home. and the tying run is on second base. now, let's flashback to last night. nathan blew his fourth save of the year with josh donaldson delivering the walkoff home run. so could jed lowrie be the hero today? tying run at second base. no. grounds out to end it. the tigers hang on to win the finale 5-4 so they split the four-game series. despite the loss, the a's still have the best record in the american lead through 54 games. detroit is two games behind them. got to wonder if these two teams are going to meet in the post-season for the third straight year. as we he told you earlier in this newscast the times is reporting that steve balmer the former head of microsoft has won the bidding war to bit clippers at a record price of billion which should help donald sterling pay off that $2.5 million fine by the nba, balmer buying it for $2
6:55 pm
billion. sterling was voted the most hated man in america by a research poll beating out bernie madoff, o.j. simpson simpson and justin bieber. memorial in ohio better none as jack's tournament. 7 of the top 10 players in the field this week doesn't include phil. vintage lefty out of the bunker on 13. holds it out to save par. that would have been a great time to just call it a day. mickelson would end his round with back-to-back double bogeys and he shot an even round 72. rory mcilroy is hot playing loose after winning last week in england. he had two eagles on the back nine. mcilroy 9-under 63. how did he get so hot after breaking off his engagement? obviously devastated. french open 41-year-old sloane stevens looking to pick up the torch for the american tennis ander is vina and venus were knocked out yesterday. she defeated her opponent in straight sets to advance to the
6:56 pm
third round. nfl, lamarr woodley is one of many new faces in raiders camp for practice this week. after playing 7 seasons in pittsburg, the linebacker expects his new home to be a little more profitable. >> hardest transition is me being from michigan having family be able to come up to the game so now with less tickets, mean more money that i be saving. [ laughter ] >> don't have to worry about people calling at the last minute saying they coming to the game bus you can't just drive up you have to fly up. it's graduation season. nobody is happier to get their degree than manhattan basketball coach steve masiello who had to go back to school after a background check showed that he lied on his resume' having never graduated from college! manhattan placed him on unpaid leave in april while he enrolled. pacers guard lance stevenson was fined $10,000 for his latest flop as he continues to try to get under the skin of lebron and the heat.
6:57 pm
and at one point stevenson even blew in lebron's ear which was so over the top, all king james could do was shake his head and laugh. >> either one of you thought about blowing in someone's ear as defensive tactics? [ laughter ] >> blew in my wife's ear before. that was a defensive tactic. [ laughter ] >> nothing wrong with a little blow every once in a while but what happened there is he had -- at one point stevenson even went into the coach's huddle. it's a mind game. >> sometimes it is. >> and it actually worked because the pacers 3-2 series lead now for the heat. >> all right. >> didn't seem to affect lebron much though. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather are always on our website, this is the "name your price" tool. it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece of ca i was told there would be cake.
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