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tv   KPIX 5 News at 630pm  CBS  June 1, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm PDT

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to keep fighting for balanced budgets. live from the cbs bay area studios. this is kpix5 news. now at 6:30. his san francisco apartment was literally a ticking time bomb. now the question is, where is ryan chamberlin? good evening. kpix brian webb joins us with new details on the nation wide manhunt, brian? >> reporter: the search shifted. now, every law enforcement agency in the country is
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looking for this man. in an investigation that began right here in russian hill in the small apartment down in an alleyway behind this green door. >> reporter: yellow crime tape covering a green door. that is all that is left after a 15 hour search by the fbi where they say they found dangerous explosives. >> reporter: her apartment shares a wall. she heard a lot of noise coming from that room over the past week but the neighbor she knows does not seem dangerous at all. >> i would talk to him when he was -- we ran into each other. frequent. he was always pleasant, polite. >> reporter: the fbi paints a different picture of the 42- year-old ryan chamberlin. they say behind the tall man with the warm smile say dangerous suspect on the move who should not be approached, even though he has not made any
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specific threats. >> we don't know the intent or motive yet. with that said. it is an ongoing investigation. so, again, i want to harp on the fact that there is no threat to public safety. >> a man, armed and dangerous. hiding explosives in his home to pat richa it is all confusing and out of character for the friendly guy who lives next door. >> -- patricia it is all confusing and out of character for the friendly guy who lives next door. >> i was surprised. >> reporter: the fbi thinks he might be driving a white nica altima with california or texas license plate. and, again, the fbi warns if you see him, do not approach him. >> live in san francisco, brian webb, kpix5. >> anyone with information about the suspect should called the fbi or 911. a memorial service is
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underway for david wang, one of the bay area student who's died in the santa barbara rampage. we go to fremont where he is remembered, sharon? >> reporter: yes, you know, the pastored that people came here today to give david's parents hope but it ended up that the parents gave people hope and comfort. [music] >> reporter: about 400 people remembered the 20-year-old uc santa barbara computer science major who was stabbed to death a week ago. the memorial held at harbor lake church held where david played basketball and graduate two years ago. his parents spoke for 15 minutes, sharing their struggle to accept the senseless killing of their only child. >> the hardest thing for me is
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to be alive. i prayed to god that why did this happen to me. god he didn't give me an answer. [indiscernible] >> his father said they felt dead themselves but their community anding faith in jesus christ sustain them. they describe him as a straight a student, a wizz at computer games and got the highest scores in the math sat but never bragged about it. if david were in the room he would tell them that life is precious and do what you can to stop the violence. live in fremont, sharon chin, kpix5. the california primary election is two days away and there are a couple of close races in the bay area. in south bay, things are
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heating up in the 17th district. conna taking on 7 term and fellow democrat. >> he is vulnerable. he is one of the 10 most likely to go on roll call. you go outdoors you see it. people want change. >> reporter: campaigning, it is working. yes. that is what it is. our congress. >> reporter: in the 15th district, another high profile fight between two democrats. freshman representative is up against state sepb at majority leader. and there is a republican on the ballot, the top two will fight it out in november. don't be surprised if you see one name on tuesday's ballot that does not belong there. the first secretary of state name appears along 7 others. the ballots were printed before he was indicted on corruption and conspiracy charges? he formally with drew his name
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after his arrest in march. the voter information guide includes a pledge by him to fight corruption. the officials in oakland are reviewing 7 years of police disability retirement after learning that a former officer may have abused the system. the x-cop is -- the ex-cop was receiving benefits while he was working as an fbi agent in boston. they plan to look at the list of people that took medical retirement with requests for background checks. it will help them identify anyone who may of claimed disability and then got a job somewhere else. it takes money to access money. what would you give for the chance to pick warren buffets brain? if you are willing to give enough, you can help out a charity. we are along for a ride as
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hundreds of athletes escaped from alcatraz. the forecast is all washed out. the details after a break
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right here. my parents were immigrants. and they taught me that with hard work, anything is possible. i earned a scholarship to mit. and worked across party lines to get things done. i'm alex padilla. i'll protect voting rights for everyone. and make it easier to start a business. so we create jobs and opportunity for all californians. what should we order? (announcer) alex padilla. secretary of state. buildings at a walnut facton yuba county. nearby residents reported hearing explosions as the flames rad through the buildings last night. firefighters were
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there all night. some were l there this afternoon -- put out hot spots. the state senate has approvn increase in california's mim wage. the measure would bump the figure up to 11 dollars an in 20-15... 12 dollars the the state senate approved an increase in in california's minimum wage. the measure would bump it up to $11 an hour. $12 the following year and $13 in 2017. it go to the assembly. the current minimum wage is $8 an hour. now, a chance to have lunch with warren buffet. the 15th time he auctioned off one of the private strategy sessions. all of the proceeds go to a big bay area charity. >> reporter: they raised as much as $3.9 million from a single fundraiser with warren buffet. when it started 15 years ago it was not him who had the idea. it was his wife. the late suzie buffet. a member and volunteer at glide
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church. the reverend remembers the conversation well. >> she said look, why don't we have a bidding on a lunch with you. and he agreed and we agreed and then it took place. >> reporter: the 15th auction launches at 7:30 p.m. on ebay. it starts at $25,000. and the winner gets a lunch in new york city with the omaha billionaire. reverend williams talk about it three days ago, gaging his excitement. >> i told him, now, are you ready? >> he said i am always ready. he is a very funny guy. >> reporter: money raised helps their many programs from sheltering the homeless and healing the sick. >> everybody has the responsibility of sharing their gifts and their money. and, he -- he does what he believes in very strongly. >> reporter: he may be be the star of the auction and the lunch but if not for his late
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wife, suzie, their annual fundraiser never would have taken off. >> she was an angel. she was honest, she was doing so much in regards to affecting the lives of people. >> reporter: back to you. >> the bidding on ebay ends on friday. last year's winning bid was just north of $1 million. more than $2,000 bicyclists left on a crusade. the big boost they are getting from social media. [ male announcer ] now get more of what you deserve. visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase.
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[ male announcer ] to celebrate, visit your local benjamin moore dealer today and get $50 off every $250 purchase. visit your local benjamin moore dealer today
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globe took over the waters and streets -- of san franciscos morning. the "escape from alcatr prison break. a good one. more than 2,000 athletes from around the globe took over the waters and the streets of san francisco this morning. that water is freezing. the escape from alcatraz started with 1 1/2 mile from
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shore. 18 mile bike raise and then an 8 mile run through the city. talking about a bike race, thousands of bicyclists hit the road heading to l.a. to raise money to fight aids. how social media is giving them a boost. >> reporter: like the disease itself the fight against aids begins in darkness. then, the lights come on and you realize you are not alone. >> welcome to aids run/cycle. >> reporter: the ride from san francisco to loss loss is the single largest fundraiser in the fight against aids. this year they did not disappoint. raising a record $15 million. they get the power of social media to raise donations in ways never before imagined. >> now t is almost all on-line and so many people raise tons of money on facebook. even riders who raised $25,000
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on $5 pledges on facebook. amazing. >> reporter: last riding 18 years ago. back then the gay community was still struggling to make people care about aids. but now, technology has connected us all. making it harder for the world to cast a blind eye towards it. >> 18 years ago when i did it. we were in the depth of the aids crisis and a lot of people were dying around us. the fact that 18 years later we still have this, we have more work to do. >> reporter: so, they got back to work. this time they have hope. earlier this year, researchers announced modern drug therapies are stopping infected people from spreading the virus and may even prevent noninfected people from getting it at all. >> those things combined really are game changers with fighting hiv and moving towards the end of the epidemioic. >> the end of the epidemic.
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the goal all along. it may never be possible to win. >> it will take 7 days for the riders to complete the grueling journey. in the weather department. it really warmed up inland as it remains frigid along the shoreline. everyone will cool down tomorrow. we will go out and look live to the hills of the hayward fault and show you the numbers. still in the 80s inland. sanfrancisco, though, just 64 degrees n. between, santa rose a75, nice. up in sonoma county, 8:00 tonight, the numbers will tumble into the 50s around the shore and around the bay for $60. if you are heading inland t can be beautiful. the temperatures upper 60s and clear skies f you are inland and away from the low clouds you are in a good place for
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watching the space station overhead. south/southwestern horizon and you can see it slowly, gently gliding, what looks like a star. it will be visible for a total of 6 minutes. so, just before 10:00 tonight, that is always fun. think about what is going on out there in space. sheer what is happening way out some space. the high pressure, getting nudged aside by the low pressure. off of the pacific northwest as it goes to our neck of the woods of the trough will dig out the colder temperatures, yes, not gold but not as warm as today. coming down 15 degrees inland and warming it again on tuesday. not a cooling trend on the coast. it is chilly. look for mild readings on tuesday. coming up, we will cool it down tomorrow. we will get fog and drizzle by the shoreline. a warming trend coming in on the bay area on tuesday.
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we will bump it up in the latter half of the week. heading out of sfo, winds out of the west at 30 and high of 65 at the airport. in the los angeles, then, the southland, 75 degrees will do it. denver, 84. out in the bay area. tpol. san jose in the low 70s. san jose at 73. nice and warm at 77 degrees. over in the east bay, speaking of the fault, 75 degrees and 79 degrees at brentwood, plenty of sunshine in pleasant hill tomorrow. 74 degrees, taking the tour up to the north bay and seeing it in sonoma and 73 degrees in santa rose a. going to the shore things cool off. in the city tomorrow, downtown, 61, sunset district will be just 59. extended forecast, cooler tomorrow, then,ed with, thursday, friday. now, if you like the heat you
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will get some. you might have to wait a day or two. now, all right, thank you, brian. another impressive day. at this point looking like the best free agent acquisition by any team in the off season. we will tell you more about him. the a's and giants making it look easy. the giants, they go for the national league champs, we are next. ,,,,,,,,,,
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gridlock. teacher layoffs. and a 60 billion dollar budget deficit. that's what john perez faced when he became
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speaker of the california assembly. so he partnered with governor brown to pass three balanced budgets, on time. for the first time in thirty years. today, the deficits are gone and we've invested an additional 2 billion dollars in education. now john perez is running for controller, to keep fighting for balanced budgets. owns the a's like clayton kershaw owns the giants. we was 8-1 with a 0.87 era aga oakland.. bench coach chip hale signi
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the chip and chili bowls they ge away today... chili davis t other half of the equation.. a run alre 8-1 with a 0.87era against oakland. chip signing the chip and chili bowls they were giving away today. a run in the 3rd and singles through the hole, two run comes in to score to give them a lead, 2-0. 7 rbis in the series for donaldson w that, gray had the luxury of teaching. 4-2 in the 5th now, check this out. now, why the look? he got the pitch, put it into the bleachers. the 4th time this season he has gone through that tunnel. gray was not his absolute best on the top of the hill. he was on the offense. watching them cover 1st base. touching the bag, all in one motion, 6 and 2 thirds ins,
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improving 6-1 on the season. now, recording near big league best 6th sweep of the season. >> hopefully people take us for granted. >> last year it was kind of -- it seemed like everyone was saying, can they do it again? and this year i think people are not overlooking us. >> nobody is taking the a's for granted. that is for sure. the giants finish off may with a national league best 19-9 record. the first two months are any indication there will be no june smoon around. i am not sure who this selfie is for. but, now, for the first time here, it looks like his back is okay. rbi single in the 1st. 3 hits today. an an error prolonged the inning. 2 more runs scored. leading 4-0. 3-4 filling in for moore.
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6-0 giants in the 3rd. >> look out. >> tim hudson, 89 mile-an-hour fastball hit craig in the back of the helmet. he stayed in the game. hudson, collecting himself to get out of the bases-loaded jam. grounded out and immediately they two over to see if he is okay. the guy say class act. he struck out 6th. won his 6th game and lowered the average to 1.75. the second best in baseball. college world series. beating youngstown state to avoid elimination. they were down a run when wayne taylor hit a pinch hit, 3-run home run. they win 10-7. they still beat indiana again to advance to the super regional game tomorrow. pga, final round. now, going out, early, making a charge to the top of the
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leaderboard with an 8 under 64. watson began the day with a lead. he will have his share of it until his 15th hole. he hit his tee shot into somebody's backyard. he was a third place finish. look at the dog looking for the ball. now, this bird was needed on 18 to force the play. we got overtime. and maybe he had too much time to make the play off. his shot ends up in the creek. i tone care how fast he runs after that golf ball, unless he has scuba gear, he will not find it. now, did not find the water but he found a person in the lake. somebody had to step up to make a shot, finally. the 22-year-old, motzioma. now, getting the par that earned him his first pga tour win. nascar, danica, finished 23rd in dover. it may of felt like a race
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downtown san francisco. jamie mcmurray, a pothole, lap, 160. that gives us a 20 minute delay at the track. when it resumed jimmie johnson put on another khreupb -- a clinic. he is warming up, guys. and dover, by the way for the 9th time in his career. he had his earliest exit at the french exit since 2004. the biggest win of his career. knocking off the grand slam winner in 5 sets to advance. on the women's side, advancing. game day tonight, war areiors new head coach steve kerr. his pather was assassinated and his sister wrote a book "one family's response to terrorism" he opens up about his father tonight. a fighter who just staged the biggest upset in fighting history is from sacramento. >> wow. >> you guys are big fans of the
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ufc, right? >> come on. >> yes. love that. >> one thing you did not know about dan, a big fan of the ufc. >> yes. no highlights of the fighting, are you. >> >> absolutely. >> that is at 11:35. his mother encouraged him to get in. >> a neat woman. >> yes. "60 minutes" is next. ♪
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and ford >> we need to make a stand right now that our schools need to be the most important thing we have in this country-- not wall street, not capitol hill, our schools. >> yeah. >> pelley: frank hall doesn't want to be known as a hero, but when you react the way he did during a deadly school shooting, it's hard to call him anything else. i saw a young man firing into a crowd. i just stood up, shoved my table out of the way and started after him. >> pelley: the emergency plan is to get all the kids out of the hallways, get them all into rooms and shelter in place. frank didn't do that. >> he didn't. he acted as a father. >> martin: the f-35 joint strike fighter is the pentagon's newest warplane and its most expensive


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