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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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everyone is cheering. good evening. i'm ann nota opening night at levi stadium was a big hit with the fans, but not everyone is sharing it. good evening. i'm ann nortarangelo. >> reporter: you know, brian, parking problems around levi stadium have been questioned. neighbors saying they were worried spillage would end up in their neighborhood about, they say, they were absolutely right. >> reporter: for the city of santa clara and the 49ers, the first sporting event, a san jose earthquake game was a goal. >> it went pretty good. pretty pleased about it. >> reporter: don't tell that to the residents of california impressions neighborhood.
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they did not find the levi's home opener to be rivetting. >> this place turned into a parking lot. >> reporter: on the san jose part of the stadium sits california impressions. it is about a mile from the stadium. >> parked right in front of the garages, you could barely walk through. everyone with football or soccer jerseys walking through here. >> reporter: it was the unflux of the rowdy fans these neighbors feared. it got noisy around 10:20 on saturday night. >> right in front of my home they are yelling at each other, how they liked the game, blah, blah, blah, leaving they left a. [indiscernible] in front of people. i had to clean that. >> reporter: there are signs everywhere that says no stadium parkway. tow away zone with, there are none on the san jose side. >> i would feel more secure if there were signs saying no parking for stadium.
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it was regulated by, you know, the cops or something. something needs to be done by the football organization or the local police. somehow it was missing yesterday. >> reporter: an estimated 45,000 fans watched the earthquakes game on saturday. 70,000 are expected on 49er game days. neighbors tell kpix5 they are not looking forward to kick off. >> i would say at least i saw 70 to 80 extra cars, maybe more. 2-3 circles, multiply that by 2 or 3. >> reporter: yesterday, the head of vp stadium operations here said that parking and traffic issues are their number one priority going into the august 17th with the 9ers vs the broncos when they are expecting a large crowd here. the people in the neighborhood just want san jose police to stop people from clogging their streets, back to you. >> all right, thank you. firefighters knocked down a small grass fire tonight just
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outside of the newark city limits. it burned 3-4 acres of tall brush. it is unclear how the fire started. investigators say it was likely accidental. hundreds of children are stuck at a church camp tonight after rain swamped the town in san bernardino, county. mudslides covering forest falls, in some places, the flows are 8 feet deep. so bad that firefighter his to be evacuate friday one of their -- evacuated from one of their own stations. people can not get in or out of forest falls. it could take days before it gets cleaned up. the rain came down at the rate of 2 inches an hour in the southland. the san bernardino mountains are drenched. a lot of drivers got stuck on muddy roads. at this point there are no reports of anyone hurt or missing. kpix5 high doppler radar zooms in. some of the moisture you are seeing here will lead north and lead to our chance of
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thunderstorms. details when we cover the forecast in a few minutes. new at 11:00, a grizzly discovery on a california riverbank ended the search for a cold case killer. shane millers remains were found in shasta county more than a year after his wife and two daughters were found shot to death in their home 200 miles away. miller was the only suspect. miller's truck was found last year not far from where his remains were discovered on friday. dental work confirmed his identity tonight. miller recently was featured on "the hunt" with john walsh. >> when he went on the run it was probably northern california's biggest manhunt. they found a bunker where he had had over 100 weapons, 50 assault rifles, and he had unmasked 100,000 rounds of ammunition. so, the people in that area, not only wanted justice for sandy, for the mother and i
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will say it again, these are the guys that i hate the most. the people who prey upon children, but who could shoot their 5 and 8-year-old daughter to death? >> he used to host "america's most want wanted" he said this case was one of the reasons he came back to television. officers were followed a home invasion suspect this morning when the suspect took off. he hid out in a yard near 105th and eads avenues for hours. the police called the sheriff's department in to help. one of the deputies later shot and killed the suspect. the deputy is on standard leave tonight. both departments are investigating the shooting. the authorities in southern california admit tonight they shot the wrong man during an 8 hour standoff between the sheriff's deputies and a paroleee. >> i have seen it all. like i got my kids out. i am frying fry -- i am trying
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to get out. my dad walked out, the deputy shot him. >> it happened in l.a. the paroleee was holding a woman hostage in the house, the deputies tried to get the family out. the suspect opened fire. the deputies fired back, killing the homeowner. eventually a s.w.a.t. team stormed the home and killed the suspect. crews hope to have repairs complete by tomorrow on that huge water main break that ruptured near the ucla campus. it left a sinkhole on the famous boulevard strip of land. workers nearly are finished with the repairs to the ruptured line. here is a first look at the hundreds of cars that were toed -- were towed out. more than half of the cars were totaled. so many wildfires are burning in northern california the governor declared a state of emergency. this allows him to call in the national guard for help. as carter evans shows us, not just the golden state that is
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going up in flames. >> reporter: wind-whipped flames along the oregon/california border range out of control. burning three homes and threatening hundreds more. nancy and her husband rent out cabins on their property. they returned to find them burned to the ground. >> the whole time we lived here it has been a fear. and to have reality it is kind of -- it is a big shock. >> reporter: in northern california at least a dozen new fires broke out this weekend where dry lightning, temperatures over 100 degrees, and a severe drought have made the already bad fire conditions even worse. lightning caused at least one new fire in central washington. right in the shadow of the worst wildfire in washington state history. the carlton complex fire burned for nearly three weeks. destroyed 300 homes. it is now 82% contained. >> not again. >> reporter: joan winser had moments to escape the latest fire in washington.
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>> it is just a wall of smoke, just coming this way. it was fast. it was incredibly fast. >> reporter: her home was spared but hundreds more remain under evacuation. >> i never thought that i would want to see the first snow fly but i sure do. it is so dry. >> reporter: and there is little chance of any relief any time soon. carter evans, cbs news, loss loss. relief workers are flooding into china to help with earthquake relief. more than 2500 military personnel are hoping to locate victims after a large quake struck this afternoon. at least 381 people are dead. 1800 are hurt. >> reporter: rescue crews in this remote town had in china
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worked through the night carrying survivors from the rebel of a magnitude 6.1 quake on their backs. other his to be taken away on makeshift stretchers with iv bags hanging from sticks. close to 400 people are dead and 2,000 are injured after a quake hit the region of the province sunday afternoon. people north of the capitol city were seen running into the streets as buildings shook. about 12,,homes there, many of them old and made out of brick -- 12,000 homes there, many of them old and made out of brick, are reduced to nothing. thousands of soldiers are now in the disaster zone trying to reach an, as yet, unknown number of missing people. rescuers are racing against the clock to find those who may still be alive in an area where communecasion and power have been cut off. heavy rainfall in the region, making rescue efforts more
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difficult, is expected to continue for days. relief is on the way. the red cross society of china made equalities, jackets, tents for those who are homeless. both the u.s. and u.n. have offered their condolences and say they stand ready to assist. back to you. >> the u.s. and u.n. are both condemning the bombing of a -- the u.s. and u.n. are both condemning the bombing of a high school used as a shelter in israel. dozens are hurt ask 10 -- and 10 are killed. they agreed to a 7 hour cease- fire but hamas says it is a no go. the unrest in the middle east sparked a pro israel rally today in san francisco. hundreds of people chanted and waived flags in civic center plaza. we spotted one man holding a palestinian flag at the rally.
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the crowd marched down-market street. i was screaming. >> i ran. as fast as i could. >> it sounded like a bomb exploding. tonight, the community is keeping a close eye on a cracked dam. rescuers who airlifted an injured hiker to safety say an iphone app likely saved his life. how california prison inmates are finding an escape from life behind bars. ,,,,,,,,,,
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water started leaking from m on twain harte lake in tuol
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county -- after the dam sudy cracked. there were fears it could fail. kelly ryan talked to one family water started leaking from a dam. after the dam suddenly cracked. kelly ryan talked to a family who heard a loud boom and ran for cover. >> it was like a bomb went off. >> reporter: steve and his family were enjoying the start of their vacation on a large rock near the dam when they felt a violent shake. >> starting moving behind the back of the rock, forward. we started scrambling and screaming to get off of the rock. >> i was screaming. >> i ran as fast as i could. >> reporter: the parents notified lake management. the operator of the dam noticed water leaking through the cracks following the large booms and a flash flood warning was issued just in case things got worse. >> we put a reverse 911 system, letting the citizens below this mark and down the river to be aware of increased water flow. >> reporter: the beach and the
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lake were immediately shutdown. >> it was open and people were here. at this point, it is locked. >> reporter: the lake level is being lowered to engineers and geologist can get a closer look at the crack. they say it is 150 feet long and 150 feet wide. just a day before people who live here is a they had their annual water carnival with 300 people on the rock. if what happened on sunday happened during the carnival it would have been chaotic. >> it sounds dramatic but it was exactly like a move flee it will be closed for the season, likely, when the inspection continues. an injured hiker lost overnight in the washington wilderness, has an app to thank for saving his life. rescuers hoisted him to safety in king county from terrain too rugged to reach on foot. they were searching for hours when the man's wife accessed his find my iphone app through
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her phone. it led right to him. >> we would still be search figure we did not have the information, he was not able to describe where he was. >> as the team got closer they spotted the hiker's headlamp. he was flashing it trying to attract their attention. he is expected to be okay. well, we have been talk sog much about levi stadium we should get a look at what it looks like all lit up at night as we go out live. we got fair skies around the bay area inland, near the shoreline, overcast skies, san josea, partly cloudy right now. 61 degrees in the city, it is 57, concord, 60 degrees and in oakland, 61. balmy night in the bay area, forecast out the door tomorrow morning. you see the coast, we are expecting drizzle. there is drizzle coming through the golden gate. that will be with us tomorrow morning. around the bay and inland, mostly cloudy skies, the temperatures will be near 60 degrees. and here is how it looks now. the thunderstorms that have been rolling all weekend long in the southland with upwards
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of 4 inches plus of rain just continues to sit and spin over this part of the state. and with low pressure that is going to kick a little bit inland, those thunderstorms will edge north because this is a perfect corridor of the flow of the moisture with the low here, the high out to the east, provides the perfect channel to sweep all of the moisture from down here over the top of the low and bring it towards the bay area. we will get clouds out of it. we could stand the possibility of a few showers and thundershowers for tomorrow, late tomorrow, and then through tuesday. future cast bears it out. you can see a lot of high clouds through the bay area tonight. freezing at midday tomorrow. you can see a fetch of subtrop cal moisture coming down from the southeast. there is not much indicated in terms of rainfall. as the day goes on, plenty of moisture in the form of clouds coming in over the bay area, with that, the possibility of a shower or thundershower. but, the models are terrible at handling the moisture in terms of forecasting what happened. be aware that we have a slight
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thunderstorm chance, late tomorrow, through tuesday. it will be cool and breezy at the coastline. then, beginning to clear it out and warm it up by midweek. for tomorrow, the numbers are a little cooler than average for this time of the year. fremont, 75 degrees, 77 at palo alto. not going to be cool but it is going to quote unquote just be 80 degrees in sunnyvale. over at the shoreline, middle 60s, pacifica, half-moon bay. fairfield, 68. san ramone the same. santa rosa, 75, and 63 degrees out in san jose. a slight shower chance for us late tomorrow, going into the
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afternoon hours of tuesday. slight chance, wednesday, thursday, friday, warming it up, clearing it out. plenty of sunshine the latter half of the week. things will get interesting in the next couple of days in the bay area in respect to the bay area. for the first time in awhile maybe rain. we will see. >> all right. singing the jail house blues. [singing] s hitched -- >> after the break, the unusual rehab program helping california inmates. and talk about taking the phrufrplg. a couple gets hitched -- taking the plung, a couple gets married 12,000 feet up. can the quarterback resurrect the his career under jim harbaugh. and the golf ball that
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dislodged a diamond in a wedding ring. that is all coming up on "gameday" ,,,,,,
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ron jones shows us: they're a grouch california prison inmates is finding an escape from life behind bars. >> ron jones shows us they are doing it through music. [music] >> microphone, check. 1 ... [music] >> reporter: it is the opening act at vacaville's state
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prison. >> 1, 2 ... [music] >> reporter: music rarely heard beyond these concrete walls. because of years of good behavior, these level 2 inmates are given the privilege of performing their passion. >> gives me a sense of calm. >> reporter: some in their 50s and 60s, incarcerated since they were teenagers. with the hope of rehabilitation. >> god gave me a gift and a talent. >> reporter: and talented they are. [music] >> reporter: everything here from jazz to old school r&b. >> reporter: country. [music] >> reporter: heavy metal. [music] and gospel. [music]
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>> reporter: and even some jail house blues. [music] you would never know you are standing among men convicted of violent crime. some have no chance of getting out. >> it is an escape, for sure. >> reporter: escaping is not tolerated here but through music. they are reminded daily of what got them here, many take responsibility for the people they victimized and families they destroyed. some are giving back beyond these prison walls by offering music lessons to young prisons just passing through. >> don't give up. keep accomplishing. [music] >> i was not expecting them to be that good. >> yes. pretty good. >>and they have a captive audience. >> oh. >> we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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adaptation earned 94-million dollars. that was far aheadf estimates. and -- far ahead of its challengers. "guardians of the galaxy" earned $94 million. ahead of the estimates. and far ahead of the challengers. "lucy" a woman with mind-
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bending powers, was a second with $18 million. the james brown biography, get on up, opened up in 3rd place. "ghost busters" franchise may get a reboot. "variety" reports that there may be a new project. to shake things up, there is talk of all female cast of ghost busters, who are you going to call? >> i want to see that. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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