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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 4, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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together. liz is back from -- you're back from a big week off too. >> i know we were in vegas right? >> that's right partying it up -- just kidding. >> that's the stories we need to hear. >> i love it. >> come on. well, welcome back guys. have a -- interesting weather coming our way it looks like the next couple of days. check this out. low pressure sliding over the sierra nevada some thunderstorms there maybe a few coming here and more about that coming up. and we already have a few b.a.r.t. hiccups this morning, 10, 15 minute delays on the daly city line. this is out of the stop in several directions. we'll tell you more about that plus the bay area drive is all coming up. and a vegas report. thank you. developing news now from southern california. a major clean-up is underway this morning after severe thunderstorms flooded streets and triggered mudslides. >> cbs reporter ko im reports emergency crews are still trying to reach people who are stranded. >> reporter: roads in the san bernardino mountains quickly returned into rivers of mud.
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this fan nearly disappeared. >> our cabin was -- you open up the door and just take a step out. and it was like -- a river. >> reporter: the mudslides wiped out anything in their path from cut off roads. officials say mud and debro covered roads trapped thousands of people. more than 3-inches of rain fell in some parts of southern california sunday. >> it was raining so bad that that entire mountain slid down. >> reporter: at least one person died in mount ballotdy. crews there were swept away in swollen creeks and hot tubs were pushed on the roads. emergency crews are now working to clean roads. ko im for cbs news. >> the flooding spread across southern california into nevada. there's a flood warning near -- flash flood warning near las vegas until 6:30 this morning. keeping cockles eye on the sky today -- a close eye on the sky today. more dry lightning is expected and lightning probably started the fire that burned eight homes near bernie in shasta county. houses of people have been told
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to evacuate as the fire moves towards the north and the east there. long-term care hospital in bernie moved dozens of patients to redding. the fire has burned more than 40 square miles so far. crews don't expect to get a line around it until august 20th. and firefighters battled a small grass fire in newark last night and it burned about three or four acres and trawl brush off -- tall brush off stephenson boulevard. no buildings were threatened and it was likely accidental. all right, 4:32. our first check of weather. i was coming in and there was a little bit of moisture on my windshield. >> yeah the little drizzle out there this morning. here come the monsoonal clouds again. so yeah out the door we go. you can see some of the clouds rotating over the sierra nevada but just the flooding into southern california. a chance of more flash flooding i believe across the high country today and some thunderstorms there and maybe a wandering thunderstorm coming our direction. not until later on this evening
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and tonight. out the door though, michelle said a little drizzle outside. 50s and 60s now. by the afternoon a lot of clouds out there and a little bit of sun. 60s and 70s inside the bay and plan on low to mid-60s out toward the coast. all right let's check on the roads now with liz. over heading to the bay bridge toll plaza it's pretty clear. it's 4:33 in the morning. that might have something to do with it. but overall we're not even seeing any major delays in the cash lanes. all right i want to update you on this b.a.r.t. situation. we got another b.a.r.t. alert. looks like now the delays are up to 20, 25 minutes, this is out of daly city in the pittsburg and dublin direction. this could take a jump if it looks like the problem is an equipment issue. again right now we're hearing just the delays out of daly city. goaden gate ferries, caltrains and a.c.e. train number 1. however everything else is pretty clear. one more live look outside, the golden gate bridge where everything is flowing nicely for now and they have several
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lanes open in the commute direction and plenty to not slow you down out of sausalito. and a quick check of 880. this is a live look enrough dot koa and everything is pretty good for 238. in fact a 15 minute drive time between 238 and the maze. back to you. new this morning a spectacular fire on the pier in martinez overnight. the end of the public dock for the old ferry terminal at the martinez marina. the terminal no longer used and firefighters say the damage was contained to the pier and the surrounding pillars there. the cause of the fire still under investigation. a scare in the sierra foothills. water started leaking from a dam on twain hard lake into the county after the dam suddenly cracked. there were fears it could fail. one family was enjoying the start of their vacation on the large rock when they felt a violent shake and then noticed the fish were getting longer
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and called 911. a flash flood warning was issued. >> started moving from the back of the rock forward. we all started scrambling and started screaming to get off the rock. we have put a reverse 911 -- below this mark. and down the river to just be aware of increased water flow. >> the lake level was lowered 10 to 15 feet so state geologists and engineers could get a closer look at the crack. the lake will probably be closed for the rest of the summer season. new pilot program kicks in again today in san francisco. silicon valley shuttles will share some bus stops with a muni transit systems. the major tech companies news the shuttles to -- use the shuttles to bring their employees to and from work from the city. protesters blame tech workers for raising the cost of living in san francisco and insist they should live near their jobs. >> rather than coming into someone else's state,
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displacing them. transplanting them to where they can afford and then moving in. >> i think there needs to be more of a -- conversation between the two sides i guess the sort of glass wall that's going on right now. >> shuttles will pay san francisco $3.55 for each stop they make. the shasta county sheriff's department confirms human remains found friday are those of an accused murderer featured on a national tv show. the remains of shane miller were discovered near petrol yea. more than a year after his wife and two daughters were shot to death at their home in shingletown 200 miles away. the case prompted a massive man hunt across northern california. miller's truck was found last year not far from his remains. he'd recently been featured on the cnn series "the hunt" with john walsh. >> when he went on the run, it was probably northern california's biggest man hunt and they found the bunker where he had over 100 weapons.
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50 assault rifles, and he had amassed 100,000 rounds of ammunition. so the people in that area. not only wanted justice for sandy for the mother, and i'll say it again, these are the guys i hate the most. the people who prey upon children. but who could shoot their 5 and 8-year-old daughter to death? >> walsh became an anticrime advocate after his son adam was murdered back in 1981. the long time host says miller case was one of the reasons he returned to television. the sheriff's deputies on paid leave after fatally shooting a man in east oakland. [ sound of gunfire ] >> shots fired. >> police found the home invasion suspect car near 105th early yesterday morning. officer called the sheriff's department for help and shortly after the suspect was spotted, one of the deputies shot the suspect. so far investigators are not revealing exactly what may have led up to that shooting.
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deputies in southern california mistakenly shot the wrong man during an eight hour standoff. >> i seen it all. like i got my kids out. i was trying to get my parents. my dad walked out. you know, the deputy shot him. >> it happened friday night in the l. a. suburb. a parolee was holding a family hostage inside their home. and deputies tried to get them out. the suspect started shooting. deputies returned fire when someone appeared at the front door. but it was the homeowner and not the suspect. eventually a s.w.a.t. team stormed the home and also killed the suspect. the very latest developments in the middle east where israel and hamas militants are almost five hours into a seven hour humanitarian cease fire. but as cbs news' susan mcginnis reports not all the fighting has ceased. >> reporter: the israeli military started a seven hour humanitarian cease fire this morning. but officials say the truce
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does not apply to any areas in gaza where troops are still operating. israel says it will respond if it's attacked during the window. the latest cease fire follows international pressure to halt the fighting. israeli ground troops started leaving gaza on sunday. military officials say they've destroyed most of the hamas built tunnels linking gaza with israel. >> we have descaled down some of the presence and indeed urge palestinians to come back to their homes in certain neighborhoods. >> reporter: before the lull in the fighting an air strike near a united nations school where 3,000 palestinians took refuge killed ten people sunday. >> this is very clear under international law that these are premises that are protected. the sanctity of which has to be respected by all parties. >> reporter: israel claims it was targeting three terrorists. the united states says it is appalled by what it calls a disgraceful attack. susan mcginnis, cbs news, washington. >> a second american with the ebola virus will soon return from west africa. a government official in
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liberia says the medical evacuation team will fly nancy writebol to the u.s. tomorrow. she will then receive treatment at emory university hospital alongside one of her co- workers, dr. kent brantly. he was admitted there on saturday. time now is 4:40. opening night at levi's stadium was a big hit with the fans this weekend. but not everyone is cheering. >> and what's cool about your school? or your summer camp? e-mail your nominations right here at we might come out and feature your school or your summer camp on the program. we'll be right back on this monday morning. ,,,,
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are dead after a powerful earthquake s at least 400 people are dead after a powerful earthquake struck southern china about 12,000 homes collapsed yesterday. and one single town thousands of soldiers are now in the disaster zone trying to reach the survivors who are still trapped in the rubble. the earthquake monitoring agency in china put the magnitude of the earthquake at about 6.5. big earthquake. tap water ban is now in its
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third day in toledo, ohio area after tests showed toxins still contaminating lake erie there. residents are scrambling for water. the mayor says the most recredit tests show a positive trend but there's still a lot of cause for concern there. the ban affects more than 400,000 people in ohio and southern michigan. crews hope to wrap up repairs today on the massive water main that ruptured near the ucla campus. tuesday's break left a giant sinkhole on sunset boulevard and workers are nearly finished fixing the ruptured line and they started repaving the street. near the first look at some of the mud caked cars that were towed out of underground garages on campus. they were taken off-campus where owners can get a look at the damage. more than half of the cars are totaled. you know you're in l. a. in westwood and probably the last thing you think is going to happen. >> just going to have a huge flood right through there. gosh. >> you know the campus is kind of -- the campus is kind of a u. shape and all the water
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funneled right down there and the paw lee pavilion is at the bottom of the u. and just got wiped out. >> how are we doing? >> we are doing good. i am doing great. i'm fabulous. >> a good morning? >> how about that? it's early though but it looks like we are going to have an interesting couple of days outside. the monsoonal clouds are coming back in and sweeping back in our direction. you see a lot of the rain that's making its way across the sierra nevada now with the pocket of some flash -- possibility of some flash flooding there and eventually the moisture heads in our direction probably not until later on this evening and into tomorrow. in the meantime though a lot of clouds outside and we've got some drizzle to start with this morning. some mild temperatures again this afternoon and then warmer weather later on this week it will return to normal. but right now low pressure sweeping right up along the california -- or sierra nevada and that will be with it more -- bring with it more thunderstorms in that direction. some fairly humid conditions also going to continue that way and temperatures in the 80s and 90s into the central valley. 69 degrees in lake tahoe with
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the thunderstorms. 83 in yosemite. the next 48 hours a lot of clouds coming our way and into the evening hours a chance of an isolated thunderstorm. some of the moisture making its way intact into the bay area. a little bit unsettled over the next couple of days. 70s and 80s into the south bay and 60s along the coastline and east bay temperatures up in the 80s in most spots and then inside the bay a mix of clouds and a little sunshine. 65 degrees in san francisco. and 62 and cool in daly city. next couple of days have a little bit unsettled. the possibility of isolated thunderstorms back to sunshine and warmer weather on wednesday, thursday and friday. all right, let's check on the roads now with elizabeth. thank you lawrence. and outside we go. and still mass transit update. keep coming in unfortunately with b.a.r.t.: right now they're calling these major delays now and they keep kind of stepping up the delay. just out of the daly city stop in the pittsburg bay point and dublin directions. they say there's an equipment problem on the tracks. again major delays typically means a half hour maybe more
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but it seems to just be passing that one line. so we'll keep you posted by the way that a.c.e. train number 1. just getting first reports of a nine minute delay out of the central valley. again two things delayed from mass transit. on the roads though things are free flying. a live look at the golden gate bridge and no problems right now out of sausalito into san francisco. and if you're traveling 880 close to the 15 minutes or so that southbound commute. a few lanes blocked from overnight construction. still going on on the approach to davis. out of oakland into san leandro. drive times however, both directions about 15 minutes between 238 and the maze. and we're starting to see a few slowdowns the usual ones coming out of tracy right around mountain house and continuing to north glen. but a pretty good drive so far through the lamb ravel out to -- livermore valley out the dublin and pleasanton. no metering lights yet. it's pretty clear into san francisco. that is a check of your latest kcbs drive to work.
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frank and michelle back to you guys. okay thank you. opening night at levi's stadium a big hit with the fans. but some of the neighbors, well, they're not so happy. kpix 5's andria borba checked on the problems around the new stadium. >> reporter: for east santa clara and the 49ers, the first sporting event at levi's stadium a san jose earthquakes game was a goal. >> of all intents and purposes it was pretty good. pretty leased about it -- pleased about that. >> reporter: don't tell that to the residents of the impressions neighborhood. they didn't find the home opener to be quite so riveting. >> this place has turned into a parking lot. >> reporter: on the san jose side of the levi's stadium just across the river, this californian impression. it's about a mile from the stadium. >> park -- on the garages, because then you walk to and everyone with football or soccer jeers walking over here. but those are the people who live here. >> reporter: it was the influx of rabid fans these neighbors feared.
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it got noisy around 10:to saturday night. >> right in front of my home they're yelling at each other and by leaving, they left a -- right in front of it. i had to clean that. >> reporter: on the side of the river on santa clara, there are signs everywhere that say no stadium parking, towway zone, there are none on the san jose side. >> ill feel a little bit more secure if -- you know even parking and it was actually mitigated by the cops or something needs to be done by the organizations of football organization. all the local police. and somehow that was missing yesterday. >> reporter: an estimated 45,000 fans watched the earthquakes' game saturday. 70,000 are expected on 49ers' game days. neighbors tell kpix 5 they aren't looking forward to kickoff. >> i would say at least i saw 70 to 80 extra cars maybe more. and there are two circles so multiply that by two or three.
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>> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. a hiker who got lost in the washington wilderness has an app to thank for saving his life. rescuers hoisted him to safety from terrain too rugged to reach on foot. they'd been searching for hours when the man's wife accessed his find my iphone app through her phone. well, it led right to him. >> still be searching if we didn't have the information off his phone. because he wasn't really able to describe where he was. >> as the team got closer they spotted the head ramp of the hiker and he is expected to be okay. time now is 4:49. it could be the feature of -- future of commuting across the bay or at least a really funny way to get around. take a look. we're live ahead for biking on the bay. >> does the number wardrobe though. and we want to invite you pet lovers out there nice and early on to monday. -- this monday. send us your questions about they're health and well-being -- their health and well-being. just e-mail or facebook page and we'll have our pet expert give you an
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answer every friday at noontime. back in a moment. ,,
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plenty of clouds around the bay area today. some drizzle along the coastline and inside the bay this afternoon. we'll see a mix of sun and a whole lot of clouds. 70s along the peninsula. about 78 in cupertino. 75 in sunnyvale and in the south bay 76 degrees if maybe some 80s towards morgan hill and also into gilroy. now a lot of monsoonal clouds going to continue to move across the skies and may even a few 80s in the east bay as high as 86 degrees in antioch. 84 in walnut creek. and about 81 degrees in benicia. in the north bay some partly cloudy skies. temperatures up as high as 91 in yucaipa. 77 in sonoma into san francisco it will be cool today. plan on about 65 degrees and a whole lot of clouds.
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and checking your east bay drive times if you're about to hit the roads, looks pretty clear on the east shore freeway even though you will still hit overnight road work near buchanan in both directions of interstate 880. a mill valley designer wants you to commute across the bay? good luck, it's called the water bike. basically a bike strapped to some pontoons as you can see. it's made from a combination of aluminum and advanced composite material. despite its signs it's very user-friendly. >> i would really have tried to accommodate the user and the user experience in the best way possible. and make it something that's fun and easy. getting in and out of the water is ten minutes. this isn't a very complicated thing to put together. >> despite all the high-tech features, the maker says any neighborhood bike shop could make easy repairs on it and each bike the price tag though -- not cheap. about $6,500. might be a little too early fortous commute in that. >> i can't imagine --
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>> need a head lamp too. >> with a dress and heels in thinning. >> where's michelle? >> not on that. a group of california prison inmates is finding an escape if life behind bars. >> ron jones shows us they're doing it for music. ♪ >> reporter: it's the opening act at vacaville's state prison. >> one, two -- ♪ >> reporter: music rarely heard beyond these concrete walls. because of years of misbehavior, these level two inmates are given the privilege to perform their passion. >> gives me a sense of calm. >> reporter: some in their 50s and 60s incarcerated since they were teenagers. it's a state sponsored program with a hope of rehabilitation. >> god give me a gift. >> reporter: and talented they are. there's everything here from
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jazz to old school r&b. ♪ country. heavy metal. ♪ and gospel. ♪ and appropriately, even some jailhouse blues. ♪ you'd never know you're standing among men convicted of violent crime. some have no chance of getting out. >> it's an escape. for sure. >> reporter: escaping not tolerated here. -- is not tolerated here, except through music. they're reminded daily of what got them here. many take responsibility for the people they've victimized and families they've destroyed. some are giving back beyond
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these prison walls by offering music lessons to young prisoners just passing through. life lessons on how to avoid coming back here. >> don't give up. keep pressing, keep accomplishing. very nice. sound good too. it is 4:56. on your monday. torrential rain and mudslides trapped more than 2,000 people in a southern california town. coming up next we're going to take a look at the big mess as rescue efforts are underway. >> and we get our first look at the niners' inside the new stadium with a public training session. open up later today. i'm kiet do, we've got a live report coming up.
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by the football organization or the local police. >> many people living near the 49ers' new stadium are not happy with how the first event
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was handled. neighbors had to deal with rowdy fans, illegal parking and a huge mess from fans attending sunday's earthquakes' soccer game. it was raining so bad that that entire mountain slid down. >> one person is dead after thunderstorms triggered mudslides and flooding in southern california. roads are covered with mud, rocks and debris completely cutting off two towns in san bernardino county. scaled down some of the presence. >> right now a seven hour humanitarian cease fire is in effect between israel and hamas. israel began pulling most of its ground troops out of gaza yesterday. more than 1800 palestinians have been killed since the fighting began. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on kpix 5 news this morning. >> out of here! good morning everyone, i'm michelle griego. >> hi everyone, i'm frank mallicoat. nearly 5:00. got two words for weather -- monsoonal moisture. it's back. >> it is back again. boy it feels very muggy outside
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just the isolated chance we could see some thunderstorms later on this evening and into tomorrow. so here we go. you can see the storm system -- the flooding into southern california. things quieting down a little bit overnight. but we could very well see more of the showers developing and thunderstorms expected throughout the afternoon. temperature-wise out the door we've got drizzle and 50s and 60s right now. and as we look towards the afternoon, see a mix of sun and a few clouds and temperatures in the 80s still in the valley. and cool low to mid-60s out toward the coast with the fog. all right, let's check on the roads now with liz. the couple of breaking traffic notes. first traveling through berkeley the westbound 80 university avenue off ramp closed. there's a small brush fire and so police have had to shut off the off ramp there to the east shore freeway so crews can get it under control. the main lines of the freeway not affected and it appears right now our sensors are showing no big delay. still a drive time of about 178 minutes from the brito


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