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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  August 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> all they had to do was cut a hole in the fence. tonight, serious questions after another security breach at a pg&e substation. >> betty yu asked how could this happen again, especially at the same place? betty? >> reporter: we know this place is staffed 24 hours with security personnel. and heat the thieves were successful. they cut open the fence you see behind me with the caution tape and they made it into the construction yard. these fresh tire tracks in the brush suggest the thieves simply drove off with the construction equipment. among the stolen property, possibly two tampers like
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these. >> the detection alarm was tripped and we want to know what exactly the steps were taken after that. >> reporter: so what happened after the alarm sounded in the middle of the night? that is what pg&e is trying to figure out tonight. we know the sheriff got the call at 7:30 this morning. pg&e said human error is the apparent cause of the security breach. when you have the public safety in your hands, is there room for human error? >> first of all, we take these matters very seriously. that is why we are getting to the bottom of what happened. >> reporter: the sheriff's department has been here before. it is the site of the high provile sniper attack last april when someone knocked out 17 transformers. since then, pg&e committed to spending $100 million on security improvements at several substations including this one. part of the overall plan was to improve this kind of fencing. >> if you fend $100 million here, people will say this
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shoulden have happened. >> certainly and we take these matters extremely seriously. nothing is more important than the safety of our customers. >> reporter: detectives spent the day collecting evidence and reviewing surveillance video. >> the scope of it is challenging. >> reporter: the sheriff's office is asking anyone who has seen anything suspicious overnight to give them a call. we should note no customers were affected and no infrastructure was damaged. live in santa clara county, betty yu, kpix5. and there is a $250,000 reward for information leading to an arrest in last year's vandalism. for people living on sonora pass road in vallejo, these flames got too close for comfort, the fire started at 3:30 this afternoon. a helicopter made repeated water drops. firefighters were able to keep
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it to about ten acres. two hours later, it was out. no homes were damaged. tonight, two boys and that really is what they are, boys, are under arrest. police tell len ramirez not only did they get into several homes, they killed one family's dog. >> reporter: the makenzie family found their dog sparky whimpering upstairs after their home had been vandalized. he had been beaten with a golf club. they took him to the vet and he had to be taken down. >> i thought how could anyone hurt a little tiny animal? he was a 15-pound dog. he wasn't going to hurt them. what was the point? >> reporter: police say the burglary an the beating was committed by a 13-year-old boy who broke into the house with a 14-year-old boy. these surveillance videos are from a neighbor around the block. the makenzies say their dog who was ten years old was doing his
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duty. >> he was being a good boy trying to protect his home. if you were a human, if he was a human, you know, you would have done the same thing. >> reporter: police say the teenage suspects were arrested last night and booked in juvenile hall. charges are burglary and callty to animals. they said very little had been stolen from their house making the attack on the dog seem more senseless. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. >> police have linked the teenagers to three other burglaries. tonight, the davis police department is giving back its armored vehicle. when the people learned the city had one, it created an uproar, to the city council voted to return to sender, back to the military. police said you never know when you might need a mine resistant ambush vehicle to deal with the crowd, but leaders didn't buy it. >> this represents something that i think will lead to mistrust that will lead to a sense of fear. >> surplus military equipment
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is available to any city. all it has to do is ask for it. >> it starts now. the unrest in ferguson, missouri raised questions about whether police need all that heavy military equipment. critics say the police there have really looked more like they are headed to war, not to deal with protesters. tonight, we have a better idea of how much damage the napa earthquake did. $300million. and that's just private homes and businesses in the city of napa. that doesn't include public buildings, roads, bridges, or any economic fall out. building inspectors have their hands full. they have to check 800 buildings. more than half of the broken water lines have been fixed. but customers still don't have running waters. $10million has been donated to a relief fund. and people who own these cars are waiting to see if they
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are salvageable. they were in a car park under a complex. a high school football coach in fairfield busted. lavon hayes was arrested for allegedly embezzling thousands of dollars from the football program. it is money supposed to be used for equipment. tonight, his wife says it is all lies. >> that is what people do right? they did it to jesus. why not him? >> the coach is out of jail on bond. the high school has placed him on administrative leave. all of us driving along bay area freeways are used to seeing billboards an other ads, but nothing like what christin ayers tells us is in store for drivers. >> reporter: from 880, it doesn't look like much. a cluster of poles in an overgrown lot in the tesla plant. but soon, this is going to be one of the biggest signs in fremont. >> i think it is important for us to say, here is tesla. here they are in fremont and we are very proud of them. >> reporter: the sign will
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practically scream it with a rendering of a tesla convertible 40 feet tall and 200 feet wide. roughly the length of five school buses. >> i think it is cool. >> i don't mind. advertisement brings business. >> reporter: but others worry the sign will be a nuisance and a hazard. >> it will distract the drivers on the freeway. especially during the nighttime. >> reporter: fremont has strict regulations against billboards and signs are supposed to be no taller than 20 feet, but the mayor would like to see the planning commission make an exception for a company that has brought big jobs and economy to fremont. >> i want them to know they are in fremont and the tesla plant is here. >> reporter: the planning commission is expected to vote on the sign at a meeting tomorrow night. in fremont, christin ayers, kpix5. now, tesla tells the planning commission the sign will be static. no blinking lights or moving images so it shouldn't be a
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distraction to drivers. lyft and uber might be at war with one another, but they agree on one thing. they support a bill requiring them to have insurance. drivers won't have to rely on their own personal insurance while waiting for passengers. all the bill needs is for the governor to sign it. it would kick in next july. both lyft and uber are based in san francisco. part of the city's transportation into a tech metropolis. but does all that tech mean there is not as much room for tulips? roses? orchids? >> reporter: you can buy just about any flower here at the mart every day of the year since 1956, but it looks like some changes to the landscape are on the way. it is the place to go for fresh cut flowers. bouquets, arrangements. >> it would be heartbreaking honestly, to lose the flower market. >> reporter: about 100 small business owners make up this
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san francisco institution. but for how long? >> it would hurt a lot of people and their families. >> reporter: the san francisco flower mart has been at sixth and brandon for over 50 years. now kilroy has plans to turn a third of this into an office campus for tech companies. >> it is nice for the city. >> reporter: some city leaders held a rally today to denounce what they fear will mean evictions. >> and they create jobs. these are green jobs, sustainable jobs. >> reporter: kilroy released a statement saying they plan on keeping the flower mart here at this location. it is just that nobody knows anything about the new market. who will stay and who will be asked to leave? many of the businesses here have leases that expire in four months. >> business owners like so many other businesses need certainty to grow and thrive and flourish here in san francisco. >> reporter: politicians are promising a fight. the businesses have started a
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petition. they are hoping flower power gets them some answers. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> the supervisor told the crowd she will soon propose legislation that could delay the development, but not stop it. a nine-year-old with an uzi accidentally killed her shooting instructor. tonight, we will show you the video that suggests what went wrong. >> plus more on the strange lights many saw after the earthquake. can't say thank you enough. you have made my life special by being apart of it. (everyone) cheers! glad you made it buddy. thanks for inviting me. thanks again my friends. for everything, for all your help. through all life's milestones, our trusted advisors are with you every step of the way. congratulations!
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instructor, andria borba has new video. >> reporter: the nine-year-old girl taking aim at an arizona gun range. uzi in hand. >> there you go, forward, just like that. >> reporter: when everything goes terribly wrong. >> all right, pull on it. >> reporter: in an instant, instructor charles vacca was dead. >> the loss of life, you have a child nine years old that already has a fatality on her heart the rest of her life. >> reporter: scott jackson, chief instructor of the bay area firearms training team says there are no national standards about how or when to introduce children to weapons. as a general rule, scott won't train anyone younger than 12. scott says the uzi the girl was using is known for being hard to control in automatic mode. >> if this was fully automatic, you would have to concentrate to keep it down because it would try to walk up. >> reporter: his clients always learn first not supporting the weapon themselves with it resting on a weighted bag. >> reporter: the first thing we
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are going to do is put one round in the firearm. >> they fire one, it would atmatically be unloaded if they panicked. >> reporter: then we asked scott about this 18-year-old getting praised by an instructor after firing an automatic weapon for the first time. >> that is up to the instructor. >> reporter: as you can see in the video of the nine-year-old girl, the instructor has his hand on the girl's back, not on her shoulder and he is on the opposite side of the uzi. >> scott tells andria borba he has been getting calls from other instructors. they are trying to find the best way to avoid more fatalities. a caters ceo is at the center of an animal cruelty case. desmond hague went into an elevator with a dog and kicked
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the dog so hard it lifted off the ground. >> animals are defenseless, they can't defend themselves. >> he is ceo of center plate, a company that caters to many sporting places including levi stadium. hague has to donate 100 grand and serve community service. the 49ers have this to say. we believe his actions are not reflective of the efforts an service of the hundreds of center plate employees working to give a tremendous experience to our fans at levi stadium. the city of oakland is investigating a noose found in the bed of a truck. it was found by city employees. >> there have been issues going there quite some time. >> is it racial tension? >> i can say yes. >> over what? >> hiring practices. just to name one for an
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example. >> promotions? >> exactly. >> now police are reviewing security cameras at the yard. we have more on a story we first told you about last night. reports of strange lights in the sky right after the napa earthquake. tonight, cate caugurian found two women who walk us through what they saw. >> reporter: laura and rachel nelson jumped when the napa quake shook their house, but they also got another show from mother nature. >> it was just a flash. like out of nowhere. >> i had no idea what it was. i thought it might be, like, power lines or something. >> reporter: as the two girls looked out their window, they say the bluish white lights continued for a few seconds, but then as soon as the shaking stopped, so did the lights. >> at first i thought it was like a transformer that blew up or something. >> but we don't have any up there. >> reporter: scientists call these earthquake lights. >> what they are, are a consequence of the stresses building up deep below in the earth, seven miles in the case
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of napa valley earthquake. >> reporter: it typically happens before or during an earthquake. stress builds up quickly sending an electric current through the surface. >> it was cool. >> reporter: cate caugurian, kpix5. >> not everyone is convinced. >> here is what other scientists told us at usgs today. >> these were reports in the middle of an urban area where there is so much disturbance, flashing lights, explosions, fires, all sorts of things happening. it is really hard to separate what might be real earthquake lights from these other processes. >> well, for all the latest updates on the cleanup and the damage from the quake, head to our website, we have some very aware people out there. >> yeah. >> it is amazing, just the processes that go on with this planet and we hope it is done
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shaking for a while. that's the hope and prayer. it is down to 11%, the chance of a significant aftershock and it continues to decrease. a peek outside from earlier tonight. we have the on-shore flow returning. no clouds, and then there it is. the marine layer creeping back into san francisco bay overnight tonight. so a cloudy start in oakland, san francisco, fremont, lows around 60, san jose, 59. napa, 56, maybe you are headed to the beach the next couple of days. you may want to witness, but stay out of the water, those significant waves headed our way. perhaps not as bad as southern california. look at these monster waves, all that water being shoved on shore in southern california as a result of tropical storm marie. big storm, strong storm. big waves and strong waves. and actually one surfer died today from going in there and getting caught in a wave. so back on our weather map, the
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weather will be sunny in the afternoon. mid 60s and the rougher surf will arrive here friday. here is what is going on. we are watching the tropical storm. it is weaker, but it is a big storm. a lot of moisture and that wave energy coming here all the way from southern california. the worst places to be will be the south facing beaches around maverick. that is an area that will see some rough surf. as for the rainfall, the tropical moisture, there's a lot of it, but this ridge of high pressure will not budge and the rainfall will not make it here. but we will get the clouds as soon as friday night. it looks like one weekend day will be cloudy. that will be saturday with sunshine returning on sunday and monday. so the low clouds and fog rolling back in tonight, if you like today's weather, i think you will like tomorrow because it is basically the same and the clouds from marie will impact your weekend likely getting here as soon as friday afternoon. look at the temperatures compared to normal. everybody once again within one
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degree of what is averaged. 82 degrees, sunny. fremont, 79. perhaps a little morning cloud cover in hayward. danville, 92. brentwood, 93. fairfield, 90. berkeley, lots of fog for you in the morning. afternoon sunshine. 83. trending cloudier for two days. friday, and saturday. if you want the sunshine for the holiday weekend, we have two days for you. also trending a little cooler, but staying very pleasant, very dry, but not bad to get outside any of the next seven days. >> sweet. tonight, this california high school student says he lost out on a full scholarship to college because his high school made a mistake. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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high school student from gog to the university of his dr. he says he l >> a software problem kept a high school student from going to the university of his dreams. >> he says he lost out on a full ride to stanford. lincoln tu was a finalist for a scholarship with a 4.67 gpa. he figured he had a pretty good
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shot. but then he got a letter. his application was rejected because it was incomplete. his high school had technical problems and failed to submit his transcript. >> i think considering the fact i was rejected purely because they made a mistake made me really upset since they refused to admit they made the mistake. >> instead of going to stanford, lincoln is going to ucla on a full ride. not so bad. well talk about a fashion fail. >> european company zara is recalling a t-shirt. some say the shirt looks too much like uniforms the nazis made jewish prisoners wear in concentration camp. they tweeted this apology. they say it was inspired by the sheriff stars from the classic western films and is no longer
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in our stores. well, both bay area teams with 9th inning drama. that's what i'm all about. and buster posey picked the perfect time to continue his home-run tear! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> mr. burns here with sports. a good night for the giants. >> you bet. the giants in a groove right now, buster posey helped madison bumgarner with a couple of home runs last night. well tim hudson allowed just one run against the rockies. tied at 1-1 in the second. buster posey singles left. that will score angel pagan. the giants lead 2-1. then the ninth, justin morneau tied it up at 2-2 with his r.b.i. double. okay, don't worry. bottom of the 9th inning, buster posey, we like to call that a walk-off. a two-run blast and the giants win it 4-2 to stay a game-and-a- half up in the wild card race. we will show you brian day, the kpix5 sports producer in houston. as and astros tied in the 7th
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inning. that is jose altuve scoring a run. the astros go ahead. eric sogard tied it. brian day? he loves it. two batters later, sam fuld. a two-run shot. the as go onto win 5-4. oakland is one game back of the angels going into a four-game series in anaheim. there is apparently an 80% chance of rain, paul, maybe thunderstorms. but head coach sunny won't make paul deanno happy with his opinion of the weather! >> it's the weather. i mean heck. i've been at practice plenty of times where there was a 100% chance of rain and there is not
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a cloud in the sky. so i will be a weather man in my next life. >> you going to take that? you going to take that? >> his name is sunny. >> top five tonight. number 5, the darn hair gets in the way. look at that. stuck in the racket. but she won the u.s. open match. look at this. champions league soccer. ericson, the impressive strike along goal. number 3, oh, what a catch in left field. alex gordon in kansas city. ridiculous grab robbing kurt suzuki. number 2, danny despalso. the double play. and number one, college football tonight. abeline white-out to marcus thompson. take a bow. that's a great grab. they did lose to georgia state 38-37 in a thriller, but oh, we
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love the fact that college football is back. san jose state goes tomorrow night in fact. >> who are they playing? sparty and the campaign in the west coast. north dakota. who you got? >> and the reason brian is in houston ... >> 49ers and texans tomorrow. >> softball. [ laughter ] we'll be back. okay? ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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